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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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randy: breaking overnight a deadly crash in plainville. the information just in on one driver's mistake. >> chaos when a driver hits the supermarket employee, and that was just the beginning. the frenzy that followed in a waltham parking lot. randy: the president-elect sending out a thanksgiving message. his hope for the two women joining his administration on the eye for this thursday morning. emily: a grim scene in plainville after a deadly crash. state police just announced that one driver was going the wrong way. good morning, i'm emily riemer. randy: and i'm randy randy, happy thanksgiving, the other roads in the area will be dry this morning. rain is on the way for a bit
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that. cindy: good morning to you both and happy thanksgiving. starting off very chilly. if you are heading ready to head out, or going to take in the football games this afternoon, bundle up. it's 35 in town. we have got readings at the freezing mark on the south shore and plymouth. notice to the west it's a bit colder. you can see there were a couple of snow showers and flurries approaching on radar but they have been drying up so far. this band starting to fill in west of the hartford area, and this is going to be shifting eastward here over the next few hours. there will be at least the chance of a few flurries this morning. otherwise a lot of clouds. and the system here is off to the west, is going to bring in rain late in the day. for the football games this morning should only be in the low to mid 30s by mid-day. cloudy skies. still cool in the lower 40s. after sunset at 4:15 i think we are going to find rain developing. that means much of the day today will be dry. you can that here until 4:00, 5:00, and here comes that area
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it looks like rain and drizzle continue tonight. more on that time line just ahead. emily and randy. randy: breaking news on this thanksgiving holiday is getting off to a deadly start. emily: a fatal crash in plainville, and antoinette antonio is live with what we know right now. antoinette? antoinette: police are confirming this crash did involve a wrongway driver, and it was that driver who was killed. it happened -- it's hard to see but this is the stretch here's a look at the scene from overnight. this crash happening just around 2:00 this morning. the two vehicles were involved. one of them was going north in the southbound lanes of 495 when it crashed into another vehicle near exit 14. that's between route 1 and 95. the person driving the wrong way was killed. the victim in the other vehicle was taken to rhode island hospital. still no word on their condition this morning.
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driver who was killed got the, got on the highway in the wrong direction, and for those traveling this stretch of 495, all lanes are back open after being shut down for some time. that is the latest live on the foxboro, plainville line. antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: thank you, and there are questions after a wild scene plays out in a parking lot of a supermarket. >> this was the scene last night at the hannahford in waltham. an employee hit by a car. the eyeopener's sera congi is at sera? >> emily and randy, as you can imagine on the day before thanksgiving, this parking lot was packed with holiday shoppers at the time of the crash. police say that a driver backing out of a parking spot hit an employee who was pushing shopping carts. the driver then smashed into a parked car, but it did not end there. that car hitting four more vehicles. all the while people walking around in this lot were jumping
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>> how did she not see them? >> the person that was putting the cart away was dragged, when the car came in but they are ok, thank god. >> a lot of people here, luckily, all the response team, came in super fast. >> that employee was conscious and alert when he was taken to the hospital as a precautions. the driver of the car was also taken to the hospital but all of it just as a precautions. no one was seriously hurt. police are investigating whether the cause of mechanical problems or driver error. live in waltham, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: thank you. security in new york city is being stepped up ahead of the annual thanksgiving day parade. millions are set to line the parade route. traffic will be blocked off. barricades, including sanitation trucks full of sand in place, and some 3,000 police officers will be on the job.
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earlier this year. the department of homeland security is calling for spectators to remain vigilant. donald trump has a thanksgiving day message to the american people, a new video from the president-elect is calling for unity. erika tracking that and the trump transition. emily: the president is working through florida, delivering that message to americans as speculations swirl about his appointment. this morningsi hunkered down at the luxury resort in florida. wednesday he released this message on social media. >> it is my prayer that on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country. >> while white men dominated his early staff picks trump nominated two women to join his cabinet. south carolina governor nikki haley to serve as u.s. ambassador to the united nations and charter school advocate
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both are strong republican leaders but also the president-elect's first female appointments. neither were supporters of mr. trump on the campaign trail. >> donald trump is everything that we hear and teach our kids not to do in kindergarten. >> nikki haley, the youngest governor at 44, feels differently now. >> while i won't pretend to have always been president-elect's biggest cheerleader, i did vote for him. i was absolutely thrilled to see hi immigrants so the first minority selection but has very little diplomatic experience. devaas was a delegate for john kasich but is onboard with the trump team. to lead the commerce department mr. trump is expected to name 78-year-old billionaire investor will baraas who may be one of the oldest members of the tabnet as for david petraeus and former massachusetts governor mitt romney are believed to be in the
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spot. >> jill stein is calling for a recount. the green party candidate wants votes recounted in the battleground states of wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania. she wants the vote to verify before the 2016 presidential election is certified. stein received 1% of the vote in those states. randy: a boston lawyer at one time named one of the best eligible bachelor is facing rape charges again he is facing two counts of rape after a night out with another attorney and two girls ended at a beacon hill condo. this was on november 10. the victim reported the alleged attack two days later. >> mr. zerola is nothing more than a target. this is based on a foundation of lies and we vigorously look forward to our day in court. >> he has been through this
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each time he walked away. his attorney says witnesses will clear his name again. emily: a murder investigation is underway. 60-year-old todd downing was beaten to death in wentworth. an autopsy shows the cause of death was blunt force trauma injuries. police are focusing their position on two homes in the community. a roxbury man is charged with a wild this was breaking news on the eyeopener. 34-year-old vincent weeks accused of using his car as a weapon outside of a dorchester bar. four officers sent to the hospital and two dragged by the vehicle. all of those officers were treated and released. and a tribute on the ice for two boston police officers injured in a shootout. a tremendous show of support for them. those officers, they are at home this morning in time for thanksgiving.
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they have a lot for which to be thankful. >> handshakes and hugs for boston police officers rick santello and rick morris. both officers recovering from that dramatic and deadly shootout last month that almost killed them. >> i think that they are overwhelmed by the support but we are thankful that the recovery has gone well and they are home for the holidays. >> it was october 13 when a ambush, and a heavily armed man opened fire on the two until fellow officers could come to their rescue. among the heroes, the colleague who stood between the wounded officers and the gunman. >> here tonight police officer eric smith. >> friends, family, and local residents filled a rink on this night to show their support. they bought sweatshirts and raffle tickets. >> what a way to come up and
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know that we care about them. >> former patriot germane wiggins skated on the bruins team tonight, rick santello is a childhood friend. >> we grew up together. we played basketball together, so just comes from a great family. >> mayor walsh didn't skate on the team but he shares a personal connection. >> i have known matt for a long time. seeing him out here. and his wife and family, the last time i sa dad, i was in the hospital and they were not smiling tonight they are smiling. >> the commissioner says both officers still need time to heal, but he says that they are both excellent cops. he hopes that they will return to active duty. newscenter 5. >> a friend of aaron hernandez is suing cnn. randy: the photo that he says the network had no right to show, and the man here is sizzling and then sees flames shooting from his friend's pocket.
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fast but are the bargains all that they are cracked up to be? three ways to be sure you are getting a real deal. erika? erika: we are following breaking news in plainville, one person has died after a wrongway crash on 495 south. we do have a reporter on the scene getting more information. we'll bring it to you. cindy: the radar picking up on a couple of flurries. these will move through this morning, otherwise we're tracking rain late from the day. the full time line on that is ahead. first, take a look at the temperatures as you are r head out the door. it's chilly out there. below freezing in worcester. cloudy skies, 30 degrees right
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>> good morning. at memorial high, the football team, awesome, mannequin challenge here. >> how are they staying up there? >> there is so still, very impressive, guys, thank you for that wakeup call and we will love to see yours. just record it and upload it using our app. it looks like football games today will probably be ok. >> ok. if you are going to be going to watch, you want to bundle up because it's kind of cold out there this morning.
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small chance of flurries this morning. >> ok. >> getting there. no problem. you can see the radar right now, and it's picking up on that band starting to fill in, in the hartford area, and this is what we're going to be watching for the next few hours. it's not a lot but that's what's going to be moving through, so a low risk for a few flurries this morning. otherwise, mid-day hours are dry, and low risk for a couple of showers. it's towards evening that chance of rain is going up so keep that in mind if you are traveling about on this thanksgiving day. if you into northern new england, both today and friday will will be several inches of snow, so plan a more wintry weather up that way if you are doing some traveling. here's a system that we are watching. warmer air trying to work in, produce a lot of clouds, it was clear yesterday, the clouds came in, and we are lock in with these clouds the next couple days. you can see again, the showers and the flurries here, kind of approaching from the west so this is what we're tracking this morning. certainly cold enough to support the snow.
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we have got lower 30s around plymouth through the north shore, as well, boston right now is 35 degrees so if you are heading to the football games, don't expect much change. cloudy, chilly conditions. by mid-day we're in the lower 40s, and it's mainly dry. sunsets at 4:15, and at that time i think we're going to find the rain developing, but notice the temperatures do sneak into the mid and upper 40s. lower 40s, and barely 40 degrees the high today out in worcester. so notice as we go on into noontime, not much hapni through this morning. it's dry, as we get to about 4:00, 5:00, that's when we see the rain approach from the west, and it may be cold enough here in the berkshires and southern vermont for a bit of snow, and then things start to fill in as we get deeper into the evening through the overnight hours, there will be areas of rain and some drizzle, and that could be a little problematic overnight because look at the temperatures, north and west of 495, very close to freezing, so you get that rain falling with the temperatures near freezing.
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of the black friday deals. watch out for the pockets of some freezing drizzle north and west of 495. and going to keep the drizzle going throughout the day, and then we watch this system, it dives towards the coastline on saturday and may focus some heavier rain and snow to the north across northern new england. i think here in southern new england, we'll have a chance of rain early on, on saturday, and then we may begin to dry out. after we get towards about noontime, i think that the focus of the wet weather shifts to the north, so look actually, get some sunshine back here on sunday, and into early next week with brightening skies and temperatures warm up, too, could be back in the 50s here by the middle of next week. randy: a friend of aaron hernandez is suing cnn for invasion of privacy. alexander bradley says the image aired him recovering in a hospital bed from a gunshot wound to the face. bradley says that the injury was
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according to this lawsuit bradley is looking for 100,000 in damages. hernandez is serving life for the 2013 murder of an austin man, he is also facing a witness intimidation charge for allegedly shooting bradley. >> an e-cigarette ignited at a new york city wine store. the next second, fireworks. that injured man had burns to his hand and leg and he will require as you prepare for your thanksgiving meal you may be thinking about your black friday shopping plans. more than 74 million shoppers made purchases on black friday last year, and the number crunchers say that you want to save clothing shopping for another day. if that coat is not at least 50% off, you are not getting a good deal. but it is a great time to score a bargain on tvs, smart phones, and other electronics. be aware of bargains. forbes says some retailers will inflate the discounts by marking
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some wiggle room. >> when you see the price on the tag, don't settle for that, walk up to someone and say is this the final price? are there any more deals? i think that you will, surprised how awesome you can stack those two. >> the most discounted door busters will go fast. the good news, you don't have to leave home to get your hands on them. >> all right, if you are hungry, you might want to turn the sound down here. thanksgiving dinner, thousands the average american will eat 4,500 extra calories today, the worst offenders, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing, i know you love that. >> i do. >> and my favorite, pecan pie, loaded with sugar and fat, folks a slice of pecan pie adds a whopping 456 calories. 21 grams of fat.
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we don't care. tomorrow we will wear sweat pants and stay behind the desk all day. randy: plenty of people are going to be throwing around the football today getting exercise after the big meal. of course for some, it's a little more challenging. >> we will show it to you in eyepoppers. erika. >> and then at 6:30, pieces of history uncovered. what we're learning from newly discovered pieces of the original plymouth settlement. also neighbors risk their own lives to save a man in saugus. the brave decision that they flames. and we are still gathering information on an overnight crash on 495 and plainville, right now we know the driver who was killed was going the wrong way. the other driver is at a rhode island hospital, and we'll have
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>> 6:23. we are waking up to clouds and the radar is picking up on a couple of light snow showers and flurries. this band will be shifting eastward over the next couple hours, and as it does so we may see a few flurries, the temperatures are coming out of the 30s and into the 40s as we get towards late morning and
6:24 am
sunset, that's when i think that we're going to see the rain fill in, and that rain will be with us off and on into friday, and it looks damp tomorrow. we'll slowly dry things out on saturday. emily: it's time for the eyepoppers, and this first one is local. randy: i love coming upon this. it's cool, a flash mob from talented students in boston very nice. very nice. gifted students from berkeley entertaining shoppers in the pruitt shall center as the students are with the contemporary symphonic orchestra. emily: the turkey toss taking place in summerville. new england's most talented athletes throwing it for a touchdown. this event always is a good time, as you can see, and it
6:25 am
>> nobody killed. >> no one hurt in the making of that. >> right. >> college students, hitting a snag while trying to buy food for local families. the kind gesture savoring the day with their purchase was in trouble. >> and a disturbing trend on the rise at the university of new hampshire. the move getting a strong response from the school's president. >> after all, the election turmoil, it's understandable that many people across the country are nervous about their family gatherings this thanksgiving weekend. political discussions and clashing ideologies have proven to be very thorny subjects this fall. it's a recipe for difficulty, and perhaps continuing over leftovers, all weekend long. is your family among those declaring politics off limits for discussion this weekend?
6:26 am
that could mean extra helpings of football and in time for so many other topics, favorite family stories, holiday movies, theater and hit shows like hamilton. ok, maybe not hamilton. there is another way to look at this turbulent autumn, maybe thanksgiving comes as just the right time. and many voted for president-elect trump to express unease and anger over how they see the nation. others voted just as passionately against him because of his unprecedented style of leadership and how he may change the future. but a midst the angst perhaps we are fortunate to have these few days where we can take a collective breath and be thankful for the traditions and still bind us all, regardless of party and persuasion. whether or not your family chooses to engage in this stream of political dialogue, currently engulfing america, or take a break and find safer ground to share, we can all give thanks, we live in a country with the
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>> breaking overnight, a deadly crash on 495 in plainville, the new information just coming in. >> a wild scene playing out in a supermarket parking lot. >> the questions police have for the driver. >> a dramatic fire rescue on the north shore.
6:30 am
the heroes pulling a neighbor out of his burning home. >> new this morning, the powerball jackpot soaring to new heights, the million on the line on the eye. >> 6:30, and we have learned overnight that crash was caused by a wrongway driver. we will have an update in minutes. and we're looking across the disaikum bridge at this hour, light traffic on this thangi but rain will be coming a bit later. good morning and thank you for joining us. happy thanksgiving. i'm randy price. emily: and i'm emily riemer along with cindy fitzgibbon. so what's the timing of that rain? >> i think most of today is dry. it's going to be towards sunset or after that i think that we get in on the rain. emily: that's not bad. cindy: a lot of clouds out there this morning. it's cool, as well, and can't rule out a couple of flurries this morning. flurries, look at these temperatures. running in the upper 20s out
6:31 am
is just 30 in worcester or near the freezing mark. more shore, beverly, heinies to boston, in the mid 30s, and you can see on the radar, a couple of snow showers dried up earlier this morning, but now it's this band here, focused just west of springfield through the hartford area that's producing very light snowflakes and flurries, and this is going to be shifting east, so that's about it. at least for now other than the clouds we're going to wait for this moisture to catch up with us, and that will bring in rain towards this evening. so chilly with the clouds, mid low 40s, just cloudy skies. it's towards sunset that we get into some of that rain with the temperatures near 40 degrees, and you can see it here on the future cast. it could be cold enough by 4:00 or 5:00 in the berkshires for a bit of snow, and it's mainly rain, as this shifts in, and it will continue into the overnight hours tonight, so keep that in mind if you are going to be doing some traveling. >> breaking news, a deadly wrongway crash under investigation in plainville. >> it happened overnight on 495,
6:32 am
information. antoinette? antoinette: police say it was that wrongway driver killed in this crash that happened right here on this stretch of 495 and plainville, the driver of the other vehicle was taken to rhode island hospital. here's a look at that scene from overnight. this crash happening just around 2:00 on 495, in between route 1 and 95. the crash involved two cars, one of them was driving crashed into another vehicle at exit 14. the wrongway driver was killed, police have not released the condition of the other driver. and they have not said how or why that wrongway driver got on the highway in the wrong direction. state police continue their investigation. live on the plainville line, antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. >> antoinette, thank you, now to the other stories we're following on the eyeopener.
6:33 am
overnight developments. >> and questions surrounding a wild crash in waltham. this is the scene. a driver hitting a hannahford employee damaging six cars, that employee and the driver were taken to the hospital. police are investigating whether a mechanical issue or driver error may be to blame. a woman reported missing in middleboro has been found. police say lois harris left her home at 4:00 yesterday to go to the grocery store. she did not return. the 73-year-old was found overnight in east hamm. we are tol and security in new york city stepped up ahead of the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. millions of spectators are set to line the route. some 3,000 police officers will be on the job there. >> he was really confused. he was covered in smoke. or covered in soot. >> and neighbors coming to the rescue after this home goes up in flames. right now this fire at a saugus home is under investigation and two men are called heros for getting an elderly man out.
6:34 am
on midland avenue in saugus. neighbors knew an elderly man was inside, and that's when larry applegate and dave horvath sprung into action kicking down the door to rescue their neighbor. >> it took like four or five times because the smoke was so i can this, and we had to keep on running out to catch our breath, going back in. >> kicked off and he was laying right there, but unfortunately, he was bent around the door. so as i was kicking the door, trying to pull them at the same time. elderly man was alert and talking when he was taken to the hospital. no word on his condition this morning. right now, the president of unh is condemning a rise in hate related incidents on campus. president mark huddleston sending a letter saying the acts will not be tolerated. he says that several students, faculty, and staff had experienced racial slurs, spitting, bullying and vulgar statements on social media. people on campus say they are
6:35 am
>> people feel like there is an issue going on, and take out information, and then perhaps shelter and feel like they are in danger. >> the school is asking for all hate incidents to be reported to unh police. keene state college is investigating nazi graffiti discovered in the bathroom of a dorm. according to the union's leader a swastika was found burned into the ceiling on tuesday morning. the school has released a statement saying that an investigation is underway. after a statement was released stating that the police chief of the town had resigned. the chief, robert eaten has been on the job since march. he walked out, leaving his badge and hat behind. the next day a statement from the town was released saying that he had resigned. however he sent an email yesterday saying that he was staying on the job. the board has requested information from the chief involving an investigation into
6:36 am
conducting unlawful background checks into civilians. >> a security breach hitting the navy. >> crime putting thousands of people at risk for identity theft. and is his coming alive in plymouth. what could be the pilgrims original settlement. >> and we're still waiting to learn the names of the drivers involved in this morning's deadly crash in plainville. state police tell us one driver
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? dylan: i was un-athletic and very sedentary in my lifestyle. and then i found parkour and something about it clicked. then i stopped drinking soda and eating sweets and eating all the junk food. i was like if i eat these things i'm going to be heavier and i'm not going to be able to jump as far. my name is dylan polin
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cindy: welcome back, we're waking up to clouds, tracking that band of snow right there, this will produce a few flurries, otherwise mainly dry throughout much of the day, until we get past sunset. that's when the rain starts to move back in. lo 40s tomorrow, and it is damp, could be some icy spots, outside of 495 early tomorrow morning, and still rain around early on saturday. and we'll dry things out, and finally, some sun returning by the end of the holiday weekend. randy. randy: governor baker was serving potatoes and some kind words at the annual goodwill thanksgiving dinner. hundreds of people participated, and there were those who were lucky enough to rock out with the governor on the dance floor.
6:40 am
programs, which helps clients find a path to independence through work. >> and century's after the pilgrims arrived we are learning more about exactly where they lived in plymouth. >> archaeologists have discovered what is believed to be part of the original settlement and the eyeopener shows us the evidence. >> the burial site where the artifacts were found is off limits, but this is the work space. the inside lab for the boston >> the tourist experience is getting more authentic thanks to grad and undergraduate students who un-earth several artifacts at downtown plymouth. >> they found part of a skeleton were which the team has named constance, and found 17th century ceramic, a musket ball, and what probably is the most exciting for, a alsos, but hardest to see is stains in the dirt. >> a sign of how the village was, actually, built.
6:41 am
original address. >> this is the first time that they found 17th century post-holes. >> the miracle is the fact that there is something left after 400 years of development in downtown plymouth. >> the period musketeer standards but researcher un-earth an actual musket ball telling us more about the guns used. the remains will identify the type of cattle to graze the area. all of the newly found ceramics and other items are in a umass lab, but ceramic artifacts are always used as the mold for t plantation craft center. >> so those dishes and they can tell us what needs that they had and how they ate and how they prepared their food, and for every one day of digging there are several days of research. opportunity, there is a lot more to learn about these artifacts. in plymouth, rondella richardson, wcvb newscenter 5. >> really interesting stuff. still ahead, a few families, they have a complete stranger to
6:42 am
meal. randy: how she saved a day, and there is a chance to win the powerball jackpot.
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6:44 am
randy: good morning, and happy thanksgiving.
6:45 am
antoinette, with breaking news out of plainville and sera is covering a crash in waltham. emily: erika has the message from the president-elect, but first cindy with your forecast, and it's unusual you will be talking about something like there on thanksgiving. >> the hurricane season goes through november 30, so we're still in that, you know, that time, but this is a category 2 hurricane, bearing down on nicaragua and honduras. the winds are 100 miles per hour, this is a category 2, and it is moving westward, but that part of the world dealing with a hurricane here, around this time of year, and kind of rare, absolutely, we have got clouds here on this thanksgiving morning, and a little chance of a couple of flurries here in the next few hours, otherwise, i think it's dry in the mid-day, and low chance of showers this afternoon but really, this evening, that our chance of rain goes up, the system that we are watching producing a lot of wet weather through pennsylvania, western new york state, and there is wintry precipitation out that way, and you can see
6:46 am
the flurries working through connecticut and starting to fill in now just west of springfield, and very light. and this is going to be working through in the next few hours, so there will be perhaps a few flakes, but very low impact. it is 30 degrees in worcester. cold enough to support the snow. we have readings near the freezing mark, around lawrence and beverly and plymouth, as well, and 35 degrees in boston right now, and we should sneak up into the low 40s here as we go into the amp. you can see the cloud cover all day. low to mid 40s into the climb. if you are heading out to the football games it will be in the 30s. we get the wet weather in here late in the day, and it's with us through friday, kind of unsettled, especially during the day tomorrow, and you can see the clouds through lunchtime, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, that's when you get the rain coming in, could mix with snow out towards the berkshires, and notice how that rain fills in, and during tomorrow morning, there will likely be drizzle around, and with the temperatures near or below freezing, outside of 495, it could be icy through sunrise tomorrow, and before the
6:47 am
so keep that in mind if you are one of those folks. randy and emily. randy: breaking news, a fatal crash under investigation this morning. emily: it happened in plainville and the eyeopener's antoinette antonio is live at the scene with what we know right now. antoinette? >> state police say that it was that wrongway driver who was killed in the crash right here on this stretch. the victim and the other vehicle was taken to rhode island hospital.he overnight. the crash happening lat 2:00, on 495, here on the box for your, and plainville line, the crash involving those two cars, one of them was driving north into the southbound lanes of 495, when it crashed into the other vehicle near exit 14. the wrongway driver was killed. police have not released the condition of the other driver involved, and they have not said why or how they think that wrongway driver got on the
6:48 am
investigation this morning. live on the foxboro, plainville line this morning, antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. >> we may learn today what caused a driver to lose control in this parking lot of a hannahford supermarket packed with holiday shoppers. >> like huge crowds, everyone was not sure what was really going on. >> the dark colored car backed out of a parking spot and hit a worker collecting shopping carts. it did not end there. the driver hit five other cars and the metal corral for those carts. several people were jumping out of the car's path to avoid being hit. no one was seriously hurt. although the driver and employee were taken to the hospital as a precautions. police are investigating whether that driver made a mistake or if there was a mechanical problem with the car. live in waltham, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5.
6:49 am
from president-elect donald trump. >> it's my prayer that on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country. >> the president-elect releasing that video on social media while in florida with his family, still working on selections for his administration. he has tapped two women for his tabnet, most recently charter school advocate betsey devos to head up the department of education and south carolina governor nikki haley for u.s. ambassador to the u.n trump has y choice as secretary of state. still considering mitt romney, rudi guiliani and david petraeus. randy: 6:49, a scaffolding collapse in china killed dozens. a platform came crashing down this morning, at least 67 people are dead. others may still be trapped under the debris here, the accident is the latest in a series of major industrial accidents in china. they are being blamed on
6:50 am
economy there. and a sixth young student has died now from this horrific school bus crash in tennessee. investigates say that the bus driver had no trace of alcohol or drugs in his system but police say that he was speeding when the bus tipped and slammed into a tree. the driver, 24-year-old johnthony walker, he is in jail facing vehicular homicide charges. five children are still in the hospital. >> a wayne state university officer has died after being shot w police say 29-year-old colin rose died in the hospital. he was shot in the head while investigating car break-ins on tuesday night. police don't think that the officer was ambushed. a suspect is in custody but has not been charged. a teenager is facing manslaughter charges in connection with a crash that killed a classmate. 17-year-old john crowely is home after his court arraignment yesterday. police say 15-year-old kate mccarthy was killed when he
6:51 am
parked cars. another classmate was thrown from the car in that crash. she has spent months recovering from her injuries. crowely is due back in court in january. >> personal information on more than 130,000 navy sailors is at risk. the navy says a contractor's laptop with that data was stolen. the names and social security numbers of the service members had been accessed. the navy says it is going to start notifying all of the sailors about this breach and looking into monitoring serviceo >> two women reported being gang raped by baylor university football players have reached a settlement with the school. in a statement the school says that both women reported in 2015 they had been sexually assaulted by multiple football players several years earlier. baylor has come under fire over the past few months. they claim the school has ignored or mishandled claims for years. the terms of the settlement have not been disclosed. >> and disappointment among alzheimer's disease advocates
6:52 am
a drug company eli lilly says the drug has failed, there had been hopes that the treatment would slow the progression of alzheimer's disease but results show that it did not work any better than a placebo treatment. the alzheimer's disease association leaders say that they are incredibly saddened by this news. >> and baystate drivers don't have the best reputation but that distinction may no longer be true, a new skid based on national traffic safety data among the top ten best in the country. the state had the fewest fatalities per miles traveled and ranked in the top five for obeying the traffic signals. texas and louisiana drivers were tied for the worst. emily: the celtics come out on top after a battle in brooklyn. they are in a close game. that's when they build up the 12-point lead with four minutes left in the quarter. they take the game 111-92.
6:53 am
tomorrow afternoon. and patriots' tight end rob gronkowski back in pads and on the field. he took part in a limited capacity during the practice. the gronk missed last sunday's game in san francisco as he continues to recover from a chest injury. one notable absence, tom brady, he is expected to play on sunday against the jets at the meadowlands, and the team will be back on the field for an early practice today. >> boy are we showing the pumpkins some love, spending on everything from pumpkin 380 million since july. according to nielsen it's about the pie, though. americans have spent more than 130 million on pumpkin pie filling. another 8.5 million on pumpkin flavored controls, and even our pets, and this comes as a surprise, our pets, are in on the seasonal craze. we spent nearly 13 million on pumpkin flavored dog food.
6:54 am
>> and the powerball jackpot is growing again and it is now worth 403 million. the cash value 243.8 million. no tickets matched last night's winning numbers. five tickets are worth a million each but they were purchased in california, florida, and maryland. the next drawing will be saturday night. the annual thanksgiving day tradition nearly got derailed. >> but a shopper moved by the act of kindness stepped in to save it. every year new hampshire, collect food and money to help a dozen organizations feed hundreds of needy families, but there was a glitch at the register, and the credit card they were using had already been maxed out for the day. that's when shoppers saw what was happening and made a generous offer. >> a woman came over and asked them what they were up to, and they explained the thanksgiving project, and she offered to pay for the entire order, which was
6:55 am
just to know that love and kindness always wins is such an inspiration to me and my students. >> that thanksgiving project handed out nearly 500 food baskets this year. randy: it could have been the most embarrassing situation but the kindness of a stranger. >> that's what today is all about this time of year so very nice to see that. we have a lot of clouds, these are going to be with us all day long, and it is 35 degrees in boston right now. and dry for now. colder off to the west, just 30 in worcester. a little narrow band of light snow, springfield, now east of the hartford area, and this is going to continue to kind of just shift through. so not out of the question. you can see a couple of snow flurries or flakes, low impact overall, and it's going to be late in the day as this system catches up with us. we'll get into rain here in southern new england but if you are traveling north today, up across northern new england, there will be a few inches. snow through tomorrow, and particularly in the mountains. so for us, if you are headed out
6:56 am
month, it will be chilly, temperatures holding in the 30s by mid-day, we're in the lower 40s, still a lot of clouds around, and sunsets at 4:15, and that's when i think we're going to see the rain developing, temperatures will don't out later. you can see on the future cast as we move through the day, not a lot happening until we get to 4:00 or 5:00, and then watch this rain, could be mixed with snow in the berkshires, and fills in during the evening and into the overnight hours. we're going to keep the areas of rain and drizzle around, nothing heavy but i do want t you that outside of 495 overnight, notice how we dip down into the lower 30s. and that's where we are dealing with icy spots through the overnight and just before sunrise tomorrow, so if you are heading out to some of the black friday shopping, keep that in mind. and we're going to keep it damp throughout the day on friday, and weep watch the system approach. we'll have maybe snow across northern new england on saturday. we will have the chance of rain lingering into saturday and then we should dry out and get back to sunshine here by the end of
6:57 am
it does look like a little drier and brighter by then. >> not too bad. >> no. >> nice. >> thank you. >> we hope you have a great day, and happy thanksgiving from all of us here. >> you can watch us any time on the mobile app.
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good morning, america. double holiday trouble. two storms sweeping across the country right now, snow and freezing rain making roads slick in the east, a winter storm warning in the west. more than a foot of snow expected in some areas as millions of americans take to the roads and the skies on this thanksgiving security stepped up for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. 3 million people are expected to line the streets. sand-filled truck, thousands of officers on duty and at the ready concern that isis has called the parade a great target. you're hired. donald trump adds to his cabinet set to pick a billionaire investor as commerce secretary after naming the first two women to top posts as the president-elect calls for unity across the country this morning.


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