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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  November 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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impacted by this. it will be an isolated area. there's nothing going on right now on the satellite picture. notice to the west, no snow or make precipitation, but we have rain coming in. it is going to get called tonight. you throw rain on top of cold services, and you get the potential for freezing rain. it doesn't mean we will talk about the entire area having freezing rain, butis drop, but outside the city, this is where we will see the cold temperature setting up. that is why we are concerned about the freezing rain. we will more about the rain that follows coming up. ben: thank you. more on the breaking news out of ohio today. investigators are looking into whether a violent attack on the ohio state campus today was an act of terrorism. j.c.: police shot the suspect that after he allegedly plowed into pedestrians with a car and then stabbed multiple people.
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injuries. ben: within the last hour, the suspect has been identified as an osu student abdul razak ali artana, a man of somali descent. sources tell abc news they may have found a facebook post written by him expressing grievances over attacks on muslims. newscenter 5's shaun chaiyabhat has more from the breaking news desk, shaun? reporter: also according to abc news, that osu student with the same name as having a place to pray openly as a muslim. officially, investigators are still working to determine if he had any ties to terrorism. swat and fbi converge onto the ohio state university campus. this car, now at the center of the investigation. the attacker plowing into a crowd of people then using a butcher knife to stab more victims. the only thing that you can say, >>the only thing that you can say, based upon common knowledge, that this was done on purpose.
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knife. that was on purpose. reporter: a campus police officer shot and killed the suspect, identified as 18-year-old osu student abdul razak ali artan. a federal official telling abc news the suspect is of somali descent, and a permanent legal u.s. resident. police now have video tracking the car through the campus, before the attack. first reports of an active shooter on campus. the college tweeting run hide fight. students scrambled to barricade themselves in classrooms. >> people were like, don't go to campus, there's an active shooter, kind of shaken up i guess. you never think something like this is going to happen. it's mind-boggling. >> this is an ongoing investigation. i can tell you that we can prove to you that the suspect was by himself in a vehicle, and committed this act by himself today. reporter: again, still no motive named. those injured either suffering
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each of the nine victims is expected to survive. shaun chaiyabhat, wcvb newscenter 5. ben: breaking news out of new hampshire tonight. a little girl's death is being ruled a homicide. the two-year-old died hours after she was arrested the hospital from this home. an autopsy show she died from blunt impact injuries. the child did live in that house. so far, no charges have been filed. j.c.: the new hampshire mother seen in this disturbing video overdosing on the floor of a lawrence store as he daughter tried to help appeared in court for the first time today. newscenter's nichole berlie was there she joins us live from lawrence nichole? -- nichole berlie was there. she joins us from lawrence. nichole? reporter: in spite of the prosecution's reference to mandy mcgowan's prior history with drugs and request for a $10,000 bail, she was allowed to leave on her own recognizance. mandy mcgowan ran from cameras today, refusing to answer questions. just moments earlier, the young new hampshire mother had appeared in lawrence district court with her head covered,
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>> this is a defendant who comes before the court with a history of similar offense is. -- offenses. reporter: you may not recognize mcgowan's name but this video may help jog your memory. mcgowan sprawled on the floor of a family dollar in lawrence in september. unconscious from an overdose, her 2-year-old daughter crying, trying to wake her. the video went viral, her child was taken into state custody. >> the two-year-old child to wake her mother, as she's lying in the middle of the aisle in a family dollar store. this is an individual who clearly has a severe substance abuse problem. reporter: and today, her lawyer saying mcgowan is now more than 67 days into a drug treatment program. he says she's working to make a lasting change. >> this is a young lady who has obviously had an issue, she is dealing with that issue.
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reporter: may gallon does have to meet certain requirements, including random drug testing. she scheduled to meet in court in january. nichole berlie, wcvb newscenter 5. ben: it's back to work for president elect donald trump as he continues to meet with potential cabinet nominees. former cia director david petraeus arrived at trump tower in manhattan this afternoon. after their meeting, the president-elect tweeted that he was very impressed. the retired four-star general pleaded guilty last year to mishandling classified documents. reaching a plea deal with the justice department. president-elect trump with a twitter tirade this weekend . he is peeved over an election recount now underway in wisconsin. the president-elect claiming he did not win the popular vote because millions voted illegally , including in new hampshire. the state officials there tonight say that's not the case. newscenter 5's reid lamberty is live in concord, new hampshire tonight, reid?
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a case without presenting any -- any evidence to back up his claim. officials in new hampshire having a tough time affirming his case. roughly 2500 votes separated the pleasant -- president-elect and hillary clinton in new hampshire, clinton with the narrow granite state victory, but donald trump believes he won the vote here, tweeting yesterday, serious voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire and california. so why isn't the media reporting on this? serious bias big problem. dave scanlan: we don't see any indication that there was a significant widespread effort to circumvent the qualified voters of new hampshire. reporter: there is no evidence to support trump's claims, trump himself offered no evidence, the . the new hampshire attorney general's office confirms it is looking into only a handful of voter fraud claims, like improperly placed campaign signs, and people who voted in the wrong place. >> the only thing that could occur at this point is that if there is evidence to substantiate the claim that it presented to the attorney general's office so that they can follow up with an
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reporter: trump's claims followed a series of earlier posts in which he voiced opposition to recounts in wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania, proposed by green party candidate jill stein, new . new hampshire deputy secretary of state dave scanlan says issues that arise from campaigns are handled publicly in the state legislature. in fact several bills that deal , with elections have already been submitted for 2017. >> certainly, accusations like this could create a cloud or throw a question about the way things are done. new hampshire did conduct 15 recounts following this year's election. all of those involved state races, nothing to do with the presidential race. live in concord, new hampshire, i'm reid lamberty, wcvb newscenter 5. j.c.: right now, a driver suspected in a deadly hit and run in brockton is being questioned by police. this as friends look for a way to heal. newscenter 5's rhondella
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reporter: the owner of the bar says they are grieving as a community for the hit-and-run victim who died. the victims transplant to remember the man who was struck on the street. they say to come friday and saturday, and bring a donation so they can send his buddy back to his native honduras. >> we are going to miss a good person. reporter: carmen figueroa and her mom inez, visited sergio licona vallecillo before he died. sergio's only local cousin volunteers with them at brockton's family center food bank. hit him, he flew. >> the brain damage is too severe for him to come out of it. >> he had a big bruise. reporter: the last goodbyes to the 25-year-old heartbreaking as his 3 small children phoned the hospital room. >> the kids were talking to him, saying wake up, daddy. wake up, wake up from sleeping. that was the sad part.
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the middle in this violent hit and run video, from outside the spot bar friday, 1:30 a.m. >> seeing that video is terrifying. reporter: police found the gray 2012 jaguar that hit him over the weekend. the jaguar has serious front end damage. the driver yesterday turned himself in. the victim's friends are trying to recall the good times at the spot, hunter's. -- honduras. >> i remember sergio conley --, because i danced with him. he was very happy person. reporter: the district attorney is not identifying the driver, but charges are pending. rhondella richardson, wcvb newscenter 5 ben:. ben:thank you. police are identifying who is at fault for this crash in chelsea.
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around 1:30 a.m. at the corner of bellingham street and eastern avenue. firefighters say 3 people in the car were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. no passengers were on the bus and the driver was not hurt. j.c.: uber and lyft have agreed to comprehensive background checks on all of their massachusetts drivers. governor charlie baker's administration says the deal calls for the most stringent background checks for the ride-hailing companies of any state. they will begin in january and are slated for completion in early april. the administration says the agreement calls for the checks to be completed a year ahead ofc continue to fall here in massachusetts. aaa northeast reports a gallon of self-serve regular is now selling on average at $2.06 a gallon. that is the exact same as it was a year ago here in the bay state. seven cents below the national average. let's check your first alert traffic tonight. you are looking at the mass pike. traffic is slow. the headlights not moving very fast at all.
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doesn't look too bad. 31 minutes, mass after three. usually less than half an hour, but tonight 42 minutes. that traffic toward newton corner, 22 minutes now. further out the pike towards 495, it will take you 22 minutes. around 128 through the burlington and will bring area, that is first alert traffic on a back to work evening. j.c.: everybody is back. ben: next the discovery of an , explosive device outside a u.s. embassy. j.c.: the quick action in manila, when an ied was found in the trash nearby. ben: the driver who killed two people when he crashed a hotel shuttle van this summer was back in court today. the charges he now faces. j.c.: new at 5:30. a young family's home destroyed by fire overnight. the decision the homeowner made
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what's in your wallet? announcer: you're watching newscenter 5 at 00 prompted a major response at the u.s. embassy in manila today. it was about 500 feet from the and placed on the ground by someone driving a taxi. investigators believe it was planted by islamic militants. serious forces made big gains in aleppo today. government is trying to reclaim the former commercial capital to bolster thousands of troops to
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official morning of former leader fidel castro begins. thousands gathered to pay tribute. at the same time, here in the u.s., there are celebrations and political uncertainty. cubans lined up by the thousands in havana's revolution plaza, to pause and pay tribute to fidel castro. the first public memorial since the 90-year-old's death on friday beginning with a salute. marking the end of an era for the island nation he ruled for nearly half a century. >> cuban people. in my opinion, an important man in the world. j.c.: a somber reflection for the lowered flags, a glaring contrast to the celebrations by cuban exiles in miami. >> now that he is gone, there is an opportunity to really get behind those opposition leaders in cuba, so that we can secure better futures for the people of cuba and also for the united states.
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relationship between the two countries, highlighted as the first or commercial flight between the u.s. and come -- havana took off from miami. >> this is history. j.c.: coincidental timing, as cuba mourns, and the future under raul castro remains uncertain. president-elect trump says his administration will do all it can to ensure prosperity for the cubans. more memorial services for castro are planned throughout we planned for sunday. the white house says so far there are no plans to send a u.s. delegation. ben: drone footage capturing the damage from massive landslides that swept through two towns in northern italy. the landslides, triggered by floods that hit the region in the past few days. two towns near the border with france, monesi and piaggia, were badly damaged. the debris, cutting off roads and leaving houses inaccessible. that cnt is dealing with
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weather heading our way. mike: more like we are seeing just in case. the cold air is in place. you get rain on top of it, you get freezing rain. it is whether they will come together at the same time. there's a lot of water. ben: two days worth of rain? mike: yes. it will be a wet forecast. notice the temperatures. in the 30's and 40's. kansas city and minneapolis at 50. the one mayor wants to come in, but it is how fast you can dislodge the cold air.overnight tonight , the rain will not even get here. towards orange, 26 degrees for the overnight low. nashua pride 27. if the rain can move in soon enough, that is a concern for
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we have warm air surging with all the air coming through. there is a very unstable air mass. mild air will be filling up as well. the rain right now, off to the west. it will take a while to get in here. that is why i say the timing is a little tricky. the timeline is 4:00 a.m. to 10 a.m. light icing is possible. this is where the temperature will be cold. the key is, will the rain be able to move. before the cold air co just in case, just so you have a heads up. up to the north, it is a winter weather advisory. they throw in a little snow with a chance of ice. there's a little better opportunity. let me give you a breakdown. here's the map at 3:00 in the morning. gray skies moving in. when clouds moving, that will
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temperatures at pittsfield around 36. 6:00 a.m., little rain. we could get a pocket or two of cold air, and that would be the reason for the freezing rain advisory. 9:00 a.m., notice the temperatures are warming above the freezing mark. by 10 a.m., above the freezing mark. close to 50 degrees tomorrow. a lot tomorrow evening's commute is going to be slow. the water, southeastern parts of the state. by 11:00, scattered showers working their way out. by the way, part number two comes wednesday afternoon. there's more downpours going our way. looks like half inch to an inch of rain in the first batch.there may be a rumble of thunder to the south.
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that round moves its way in. row number two will develop. it will be moving into this is a little later into the day. i'm not worried about ice in the morning, but i do think as we talk about the wednesday evening commute, it is going to be a bit on the slow side because of all the water. let me show you what will happen. i do think things will be improving into thursday afternoon. temperatures well into the 50's. once the sun comes out, the temperature actually drops at the end of the week, highs in the 40's low temperatures. in the 40's -- in the 30's. the careful with those pockets north and west of the city. one or two of us may have a problem. after that, this is water in the forecast because the temperatures will be mild. ben: thank you. just in time, you needed to clear out for a special reason.
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will turn 117 tomorrow. j.c.: i can't even imagine this. emma morano is the last person alive born in the 1800's. she was born in italy on november 29, 1899. morano credits her longevity to the protein-rich food. she began eating three eggs daily at age 20 and has continued the diet for nearly a century. that's what did it, three eggs. ben: 1899. wow. the holiday season in full screen -- full sling. j.c.: does that stress you out? research finds the season has a negative impact on many people. what the experts say you can do to stay on a healthy track. ben: at 5:30, the pilgrim nuclear power plant has a shutdown date, but some say it's not soon enough. the protests held there today. j.c.: six student deaths in seven months at bridgewater state.
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ben: the world trade organization says that boeing has received billions in illegal tax breaks in washington state. the organization says the u.s. government must take action to end the breaks within months. the european union, which backs boeing's key european rival airbus, is commending the move. the e.u., calling it a landmark victory in a longstanding battle for contracts between the two aerospace giants. j.c.: all day long, shoppers have been scoring hefty cyber monday discounts. according to adobe, consumers have already spent $540 million between midnight and 10:00am eastern time. the company expects cyber monday sales to hit $3.36 billion this year. so far, the most popular electronic purchases include the sony ps4, microsoft xbox and samsung 4k tvs. toys are also hot-ticket items, and shoppers are snatching up lego sets, shopkins and nerf barbie products.
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we know the holidays are a source of major stress for some people. all that stress means less sleep. wellness experts say holiday stress is real, but we can help ourselves from getting overwhelmed by actually scheduling sleep and exercise. no surprise here. that holiday stress also can sabotage your diet. the experts recommend bring a healthy snack to parties and loading your plate up with nutritious foods first so that you fill up on the good stuff. another tip? keep a drink in your hand water. >> you have something in there, it is hard to eat because you want to shake hands and meet people. if you always pick up stuff with your right hand come up with a drink in your right here -- hand so you are not likely to do it. ben: dr. roizen says the key thing is to try and not let life get in the way of staying healthy. i kind of like to say that one month a year, as long as you don't go too crazy.
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a healthy meal at home and then you will not want the snack. 5:30. a potential connection between getting the flu during pregnancy and autism. the findings of a new study that goes against previous research. ben: plus, future relations between the u.s. and cuba. a closer look at the changes we could see with a trump presidency and the death of
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>> breaking news at 5:30. investigates are saying the knife wielding teen who attacked 11 people on the campus of ohio state university today was a student at the school. he has been identified at an 18-year-old samaly national. a police officer shot him to death during the attack. investigators are now determining if he had ties to victims is listed still in critical condition. >> also breaking news the death of a 2-year-old girl in new hampshire has been ruled a homicide. the child was rushed to the hospital yesterday an autopsy shows she died from blunt impact injuries. no arrests yet. >> president-elect donald trump met with former c.i.a. director david petraeus about the position of secretary of state.
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he pled guilty last year. >> the potential slim hear commute. >> here is the problem we have. notice the temperatures the overnight lows tonight. the temperatures in the 20's. below the freezing mark. we have the cold air in place, and the freezing rain out there. the rain is way back here towards cleveland. the question is, will it get here in time. well, the national weather service issued this a freezing rain advisory. see this. and the other thing about freezing rain, it is difficult to see. so if the ground is wet tomorrow morning in the area. be careful, it could be wet or icy. you will not know. from 4:00 to 10:00. once we are pest 10:00 it will be warming up and all rain. tonight's concern, no rain in the forecast. then we have round number one and round number two coming in. the next few dayserize gray.


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