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tv   News Center 5 at 400  ABC  November 29, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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>> downpours rolling through the state right now. maria: incredible video caught on camera. residents escape as their neigorhood goes up in flames. ed: a deadly police shooting in our area. why they had open fire on the susct. ed: right now it is an impact whether day. you are looking live in both directions. it is moving slowly. good afternoon. maria: we are here and the weather center with mike, tracking all of it. mike: the right home is going to
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let me show you. notice the band of rain moving eastward. we have this area of rain moving does taper but this is what is moving during the evening commute. justast of the south, as you look through the south shore, things are going to be slowing down. it is pushing offshore. we start to wind dow this is just the first round. as skies clear we will talk
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we will talk more about that second chancr rain coming up. ed: a bicyclist struck and killed by a truck maria: on a highway offramp. maria:police block off the highway wre the accident happened. that is where we find rhondella richardson with the latest. reporter: the vertive scene is at the top of this is the tual truck. along with a bicycle, police say it all happened at the top of the ramp. it was around 1:40 this
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they believe the bike lost control then hit the truck. the biker went down and was killed. the body was just removed. the bike is motorized pedal bike. they do not know about it or what happened here. they are trying to figure it out. the biker did die at the scene here. ed: breaking also at 4:00, a lawrence home destroyed by a three alarmire. flames broke out at the building on east haverhill street this afternoon. this is now all that's left of the home. firefighters say they did rescue a woman from the rear of the home, who didn't even know the fire had started. >> i did have one firefighter injured. it is not supposed to be serious.
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no word on what sparked the flames. more coming up at 5:00 tonight. >> everything. hit the gas. maria: they captured their wildfires burning in the eastern part of the state the huge fires causing incredible damage in gatlinburg, a mountain town popular with tourists. let's get to newscenter 5's ben simmoneau with the latest on the devastation there ben? anchor: 100 homes have been damaged or destroyed. the bulk of the damage has already been done. these images show the devastation left behind by the
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of the area's biggest tourist attracs, dollyit turned into ane armageddon, smog looking more like snow. owners trying to protect hotels and lodges. 10,000 animals are trapped. the fire is fan by strong wind, and the worst drought in a decade. downtown as the authorities order a mandatory evacuation. ground crew struggling to put out the flames. helicopters not allowed to fly. despite the drought firefighters were helped by some falling rain. it is significantly reduce the fires. an inch of rain is expected
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putting a damper on those flames. ed: aaron hernandez is suing. the bridge was never recorded. he was ultimately convicted and doing life for the murder of odin lloyd. po say tus station. police encountered the man and then shot him after a brief confrontatn. live with why the officer said he had no choice. >> thean was supposed to have a gun. he refused ords and continued to walk at them with his hands
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morning. the 911 call came in justefore 4:00. the man claimed to have had a gun, demanding money. the suspecte robber walked away and was spottedy police not 400 yards from the gas station he was aused of robbing. >> the individual had his hands in his pockets. he refused to show his hands. he moved back to create distance. one of the officers fired his weapon, hitting the individual. reporter: that men ler died. his identity is not yet released.
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is the one who fired his weapo both officers have been taken to the hospital mandated by protocol. mari the man charged in connection with the deadly hit and run in brockton faced a judge. nilton gonvclaves was driving the car that hit and killed sergio vallecillo on friday. gonclaves turned himself in sunday afternoon. in court lawyers for gonclaves said he heard screaming and yelling at the scene but panicked and drove away. vallecillo w a ed: right now, police are investigating after a man s found dead inside a home in manchester, new hampshire. officers initially responded to the home on thornton street for a report of shots fired. that was around 12:30 this morning. they found the body of a man, who lives at the home, with a gunshot wound. at this point, they're not sure what happened. investigators hope an autopsy will give them more information. a rally to support a 15 llar national minimum wage, supporters braving the rain to
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rallying peacefully at a park in east boston to bring attention to the cause. it is part of a national effort, there were rallies across the country today. this morning there was anoer protest at a mcdonald's in cambridge whe dozens of fast food workers were arrested. maria: now to the trump transition. the president-elect turninto credentials for transportation secretary. elaine chao is the choice. she seed as labor secretary under president orge w. bush. ch is the wife of senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. she was born in taiwan and moved to the united states as a child. the cabinet-level position requires senate approval. former massachusetts governor mitt romney will have dinner with mr. trump in new york city tonight. romney, still in the running for secretary of stapitete desis criticism of theresident-elect during the cpaign. this iromney's second meeting
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former cia director david petraeus, and former new york mayor rudy giuliani also in the running. a four day dr hunts underway in the blue hill reservation. the department of recreation says the area is over-populated with deer and it's causing damage to the reservation. and the hunt is part of a multi-year plan to reduce the number of the animals. protestors plan to rally at the site's check-in today, saying they will be a voice for the deer. and taking a look at first alert trfi this is downtown. the bridge slow. headlights are tryg to get through. brake lights everywhere. you have a little rain, more than a little rain. let's check the area. we will drive around and see what we have. it gets slow as you could
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the toll area, 495 is not bad. you can see 128 is a mess. it's only for 10 in the afternoon. dozens of soccer players die any plane crash. maria: still to come. what we know about the just before that plane went down. >> new information on the knife attack that sent nine people to the hospital. >> we have another batch of rain in time for tomorrow evening. how much rain to expect as we continue. maria: a lawrence home destroyed
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anchor: two flight recorders have been recovered at the scene of an airline disaster in columbia, a plane carrying a soccer team that crashed into the mountains. maria: they are imperfect condition and could determine why the plane went down killing
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as crews are move bodies from the crash site. you can barely make out this was a plane. incredibly there are survivors. 75 others were on board. many members of a brazilian soccer team on its way to a tournament. they were all killed. the brazilian president offered his condolences calling the the circumstances are under investigation. the britisaerospace r.j. 85 was near its destination flying from boliviao columbia. the final moments, the planewing circling several times. the soccer team poed this on
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, a 27-year-old said to be one of the survivors. >> he's the most badly hurt of those survivors. he suffered a spinal fracture. students returning to classes today. a student went on a rampage yesterday injuring 11 people. razak ali artan was shot dead by police one minute after his car and knife attacks began. his facebook post states if you want us muslims to stop carrying lone wolf attacks, then make peace. investigators are looking into whether it was a terrorist attack. ed: i'm happy to see this. a big glob of rain. >> right during the evening commute. all the way down to washington dc. >> there is a round to that
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is this knocking out the drought problem? anchor: it is helpg. let me show you what is happening. a third to half inch of rain. here the city officially goes down. the timi is a little bit tricky. up, not much of a wind chill to talk about. notice the heavier band. that is the one that is coming in. these areas here, adding more to
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downpour. in rhode island, picking up some very shortly. the cape has not had too much. that to your west is going to be tracking the next 35 min. you see those downpours. it offshore. anto the overnight hours it is all done. your morning commu doesn' look like it will have any issues. evening downpours, 38-48 degrees. mostly cloudy. by afternoon we adsome showers. we will have some rainfall.
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ice north and west of the city. temperatures into the 40's. some places 50. we may actually sneak the commute in. hours, as we head to the evening big clearing off. 48 degrees. then you get used to the sunshine. that storm system seems to be suppressed. pretty dry forecast.
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do you go with the gloves? maria: yes. we are out there for so long. and i am a wimp. ed: now you're not. people who run a marathon are not wimps. maria: still to come, why one of the country's most recognizable jewelry stores appears to be blaming donald trump, for recent sales woes. but first let's see what's new at 5:00 with ben. anchor: several breaking stories where a bicyclist was hit by a deadly crash. breaking news in lawrence. firefighters rescued a woman fromning a bur home. and honoring first responders.
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>> if you have been to fifth avenue in new york, you have trump tower here and tiffany here. maria: the high-end jeweler is near trump tower. they say nearby chaos has h adverse effect on traffi they seem to be referring tohe
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other traffic. maria: still ahead, we take you
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ma a new taste of italy rived in boston. eataly boston spans three floors.
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>>run for your liv. >>it t gas. hit the gas. threatening dolly pa'sbe lovethempark. the kiapped jogger.
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her a hair ortened. she weighed 87 ds. plus -- delitionby. >> the two women that goin a duelusing their cars as battering rams in a park lot. >> wait until you see whatthey did. then -- >> what we learned about the under ar line passenger banned for life. >> donald trump, baby. >> exclu she took the video sound the >> how much s wait? >> $8.. >> how to look great founder $10. that is incredible. >> now"inside edition" with deborah norville. deborah: helloeverybody, and thank u for joining us. acuations continue in etern tennessee ere out of control wildfireve threatened the area around dolly part's thempark. the park itself has not been


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