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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 30, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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4:30. i'm randy price. antoinette: i'm antoinette antonio in for emily riemer this morning. it's wednesday, november 30. right now on eyeopener, a hit-and-run in antoinette sends a man to the hospital. the search for the driver who dragged him for blocks and then took off. randy: a home burns in the city raced to help people escape. antoinette: former governor mitt romney sits down with the president-elect again. the night out on the the town for the former rivals. randy: good morning, cindy. >> i was going to tell you it's nice to see you. it's patchy, but locally it is dense. you might be driving and it's not so bad and all of a sudden you are in it.
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mile in town. look at orange near zero. this is where we have a dense fog advisory until 9:00 this morning. so just be mindful of the fact that the fog is out there this morning and will likely slow you down. we're running in the mid and upper 40s right now, even 50s on cape cod. yesterday's rain gone for now, but down to our south there is a new batch waiting in the wings. this will move in during the afternoon. clouds may break this morning and then fill back in. afterun temperatures in the 40s climb to around 50 in town, milder on the cape. we'll watch the rain spread in after drive starts this morning. by midafternoon, the rain is moving in and it looks like once again heavier downpours for the evening commute. get you on the roads right now. that fog slowing you down this morning. olessa, good morning.
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bridge, you're fine. let's go to the maps and check the rest. expressway north, construction clearing by the o'neill tunnel. along the pike, no problems. 93 looking good out of methuen to the lever connector. so far, we're expecting trains and buss to start o schedule. randy? randy: olessa, this is. the search at this hour for a hit-and-run driver. that person hit someone, dragging the victim. that went on f antoinette: the eyeopener's nicole estaphan live in antoinette with what we know right now. nicole? reporter: good morning. the victim has serious injuries this morning, but is expected to survive. it was around 8:45 last night that police say the victim was struck by a pickup truck near cottage street. he was dragged two blocks down state street and left near bay street. police say the drir never stopped, just kept going. people who live in the area saw this happen.
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>> i ran out and he was in the middle of the road. almost his whole lower body was exposed. sad. >> what was he saying? >> help, help me, help me. he was doing a lot of talking before the ambulance came. so people were trying to get him to keep talking, keep talking. reporter: he was able to give police a description that will hopefully help investigators identify the suspect. if you have any information, you're asked nicole estaphan, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: breaking overnight, a tornado touching down in alabama, leaving at least three people dead. more are injured there. the national weather service says the tornado touched down in the northeastern part of that state after midnht new information as it comes in. antoinette: other stories -- a cyclist is dead after colliding with a truck in methuen. state police say the truck and
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merrimack street. the man on the bike lost control when the light changed and he hit the side of the truck. the victim is a 58-year-old man from methuen. no charges have been filed. randy: search for a burglar in laconia, new hampshire. you see them here in a vape shop stealing. police say the suspect entered this shop through the basement. this is the great northern woods vape shop early yesterday antoinette: a former southbridge teacher plead guilty to child pornography charges. scott peeler of worcester was arrested last year. he was charged with attempting to buy live sex shows of filipino children online. he will remain behind bars until he is sentenced in february. new information this morning on the officer-involved shooting that was breaking news yesterday on the eyeopener. police now say the man who was
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video that went viral. police say this video right here from 2010 shows michael mcinnis robbing a 7-eleven. he prompted an elderly customer, hit him with the price stamper. police cornered him yesterday and fired when they say he refused to take his mcinnis died at mass general. >> he said my kids -- [crying] randy: families thankful to be alive after flames ripped through their lawrence home. this morning, we're hearing stories of strangers knocking on doors who are credited with saving lives. the fire broke out in this triple decker yesterday
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here, most escaped. firefighters trapped one woman trapped on the third floor. a stranger's knock alerted others to the flames and danger. >> he saved my mom's life and he saved my kids. [crying] thank god we are alive and we have more chances. randy: three people were taken to the hospital. the home was completely destroyed. antoinette: president-elect donald trump winning over massachusetts governor mitt romney. he's not the only one who seems impressed. the eyeopener's erika tarantal is here with moren that and the business making a deal. erika, good morning. reporter: tomorrow president-elect donald trump is expected to unveil details of an agreement with carrier. the air conditioning company tweeting it's pleased to be keeping nearly 1,000 jobs in indiana. the company had planned to move about 1,400 jobs to mexico. the effort by trump part of his pledge to keep manufacturing
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the "new york times" reporting this likely followed promises of easing regulations and overhauling the corporate tax code and some economic incentives from the state of indiana. meantime, all eyes were on new york city last night where trump and mitt romney met over dinner. incoming chief of staff reince priebus also there. it was the second meeting between trump and romney, who's being considered for secretary of state. >> i had a wonderful evening with president-elect donald trum affairs throughout the world and these discussions i have had with him have been enlightening and engaging. reporter: romney was a fierce critic of trump during the campaign. he now says he has increasing hope in his leadership. randy? randy: there's a new effort to tackle the growing heroin crisis in middlesex county.
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program to steer offenders to treatment. prosecutors are working with the lowell house to put referred defendants through a 16-week program which they anticipate will hel save dozens of lives. state lottery managers are sounding an alarm. antoinette: on the way this morning, the concern over slumping sales and that new plan getting some backlash from businesses. randy: called a miracle baby. the family counting their blessings after a little girl survived car. antoinette: smash-and-grab incidents on the rise. the theft causing more violent crimes on the street. cindy: it is dry, albeit foggy. but another round of heavy rain on the way later today and tonight.
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randy: new this morning, one of the two inmates who escaped from a california prison last week has been captured now investigators say laron campbell and three others covered a second floor window and rappelled to the ground using a bed sheet rope. two were captured immediately. the fourth escapee. antoinette: an arkansas mom is recounting the aftermath of a horrific crash. her baby thrown 25 feet from that car. this is really amazing here. seasoned first responders are amazed at where the girl landed unharmed. jakesia colson says it was the worst 15 minutes of her life as the firefighters searched the median off the highway for her baby. they finally found baby bryce
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i just started crying and thanking god for praying my baby -- not taking my angel away from me. she's my miracle baby. antoinette: police say the car seat that baby bryce was in was not properly installed. really is a miracle there. randy: amazing. antoinette: local police fighting crime from above. randy: the new proposal raising privacy concerns. a group of coworkers claiming a [laughter] randy: unfortunately. just how much each one will get and what the so-called tennessee
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>> 128 already dark as it is and then the fog. hello. >> you're driving and for a minute it's ok and all of a sudden it gets bad. the visibility could drop pretty quickly this morning. randy: continue for a while? cindy: the fog is. there's another batch of rain -- those are tornado watch boxes over the south. that's the moisture that's working in for this afternoon. so fairly dry this morning. but that's round two. round one yesterday, we had nearly an inch of rain in worcester, half an inch in boston. over an inch of rain on the cape. here are higher totals. south ow the morning hours are dry. even this afternoon, the rain really takes a while to pick up. i thin bring in another inch or so, maybe an inch and a half. this computer model is indicating our south. rain is on the way again. but here's the fog we're talking about this mor. visibility near zeckets is runng a quarter of a mile. so be careful of that fog. dense fog advisory to the west until about 9:00 tiniig 43 boston. mid 50s the cape. average high this time of year is only in the 40ie. ve the fog trying to break. that's what's helping produce the- ratures by 10:00 a.m. near 50. ew-now, holding in the pe c with your evening commute. that's a heavier band of rain with us until about midnight. there might be a break overnight, then we get downpours before dawn, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 tomorrow morning absolutely pouring. by 8:00 or so, the rain is out of here. temperatures in the 40s tonight. that's our springboard. as we see the clouds break for sunshine tomorrow, we're going to be mid and upper 50s, close to 60 degrees. tomorrow behind the system, winds pick up. soe'll get sunshine, but it's
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gusts 15, 20 miles per hour. the good news is we're drying tn t tomrow so that tomorrow night holiday lights, if you're heading to that, looks great. upper 40s, partly cloudy skies, dry weather expected. so good news for that. it is december tomorrow. looks like the first weekend in december, more seasonal with temperatures in the 40s. sunshine both days. maybe you're getting your tree, doing decorating, the weather olessa: we're in pretty good shape on the roads. you want to be careful of fog. here's a look at the pike by allston/brighton. the eastbound side heading to the top of the screen. no issues here. let's get to the maps. few more minutes on the construction on the expressway north by the o'neill tunnel. south of town looking good route 3, 24, 95 all nice and quiet. construction in the final stages on 24 north by 93.
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about 15 minutes 495 to 128. north of town looking quiet if you're traveling 93 from methuen down to the lever connector and so far, trains and buses expected on schedule. antoinette: this morning the hunt is on for these brazen thieves who used an s.u.v. to smash into a florida gun store. up to 15 crooks swarmed in, grabbing dozens of weapons. an abc news investigation found gun store in texas, this thief smashed through the door, then the case gone in just seven seconds. this year the pace of burglaries of this nature is at an alarming rate of more than one per day. randy: 11 minutes before 5:00. this controversy over a proposal to use drones to monitor high-crime neighborhoods in the city of new bedford. the new bedford police department currently has two drones. they are used primarily for
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could be an effective crime deterrent if used more extensively. >> i'm trying to bring a mechanm sending a strong messagthat we have another tool and we're going to use it to its fullest extent. randy: the police chief says she open to expanding the use of drones, but the aclu says the idea of raises privacy concerns. it says the police should have to get a search warrant before using the drone for lottery managers are sounding an alarm over sales. sales are trending down about 2% for this year. the lottery commission says the games are suffering because people don't carry around cash as much as they used to. they want to move the sales online. convenience store owners are opposed to that idea. right now only sales are banned and credit cards can not be used to buy tickets.
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oil-producing country meet. u.s. stock futures are higher. yesterday stocks ended higher. christmas cheer at the white house in the trending stories. antoinette: the decorating for the holiday season is just about done. the wreaths have been hung, christmas trees have been put in place. there are decorations throughout the executive mansion. first lady michelle obama giving military families theheme is the gift of the holidays reflecting the joy of giving. [singing] randy: he's going to be staying for the weekend in new england. kenny chesney adding a second day to gillette stadium for this coming summer. country music star's appearances in foxborough will be his only stadium shows in the united states next year. he'll be joined by special guest thomas rhett and old dominion
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august26. antoinette: they are being called the tennessee 20. 20 coworkers splitting that $420 million powerball jackpot. they came forward last night, all 20 of them work at an auto parts manufacturer. they have played as a group for years. finally paid off during saturday's drawing. they are splitting that jackpot about $12.7 million each. most say they do plan to stay on the job for now because [laughter] randy: showing up with a bentley at work antoinette: hey, guys, whoever wasn't in on this -- randy: next time antoinette: firefighters recognized for true acts of heroism. randy: i was honored to emcee the ceremony yesterday at worcester's historic mechanics haul. four firefighters who entered an
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>> these folks happen to be the ones who were there who heard the call and answered and responded to it. but if there's one thing i know about this community, it is a calling. certainly it's a profession and a well-trained one. but it is a calling. randy: firefighters from swat team were recognized for saving a man who was unconscious in a burning home. the man lost two sisters in t fire, attended the ceremony ye antoinette: must be amazing to be in that room with all of them. these are heroes, these are the guys who run towards the fire when the rest of us are running away. ndy: ahead in "news to go," police are on the hunt right now for a hit-and-runriver in the city of antoinette. antoinette: new on the eyeopener at 5:00, sales tricks getting you to spend more money.
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antoinette: good moing. 4:56. time for "news to go." randy: the search for a hit-and-run driver in the antoinette area. this was around 8:45 last night. police say the victim was hit by a pickup truck and police say that driver never stoppe just kept going. the victim has serious injuries but is expected to survive. antoinette: a new move from the attorney representing the blackstone mother accused of murdering her two infants. a motion filed calls for a suppression of any and all physical evidence that came from the execution of two search warrants at that home. erika murray's attorney claims the search of the home was illegally conducted.
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five-month-old babies were found in the house. there are no birth records. murray's live-in boyfriend was also charged in the case. randy: controversial trump advisory steve bannon will no longer appear at a harvard event. he was scheduled to speak about the presidential campaign along with kellyanne conway and clinton campaign manager. the boston globe reports a spokesman at harvard did not say a protest against him had been planned for tomorrow's event. antoinette: a tough loss for the bruins in philadelphia. they found themselve in an 0-2 hold in the third period. quickly tying things up. nothing happened in overtime, hehot went nine rounds. you see there, that is the game. 3-2 the final for the flyers.
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tree-lighting ceremony on the common tomorrow night. mayor marty walsh and none other than santa claus making special appearances at the 75th annual lighting. you n watch holiday lights hosted by our anthony everett and j.c. monahan live at 7:00 on wcvb. randy: always a beautiful event. antoinette: that's when you know the holiday season has kicked off. hopefully, cindy, good weather. cindy: considering the rain we had yesterday, we're getting another into tomorrow morning. so by tomorrow evening at 7:00 p.m. skies should be partly cloudy and look at the temperature. 48 degrees. that is about our average high this time of year. so that is certainly mild for a tree-lighting ceremony on the common. it is the last day of november, though. and this month overall, the first half was really mild. we're averaging the month about a degree above normal. yesterday we managed 58 degrees, first day above average in about nine.
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boston, about an inch or close to it in worcester. heavst rain was in southeastern massachusetts where we had more an an inch on cape code. despite the rain, we're still behind for the month. we're down still by a couple of inches for the month. and for the year our deficit is over 10. so we've got more rain coming in and we could use it. notice severe weather. these are tornado watch boxes out right now through parts of mississippi, alabama, into tennessee. and this is the system that's rk this evening and overnight that there's actually a rumble of thunder if this comes in. quiet to start this morning, but today is an impact weather day as we'll have another round of rain coming in. temperatures running in the lower 50s today. but notice as we get toward the afternoon hours, that's when the rain starts to pick on up. we're going to see the heavier rain come in during the late afternoon and evening hours as well. back to sunshine tomorrow and still around 50 degrees on friday. temperatures will trend cooler, more seasonal, but lots of
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weekend. we're going to break down the timeline on today's rain right now the eyeopener continues. announcer: now on newscenter 5 eyeopener. randy: a man dragged by a truck. >> details about the suspect killed by police in lynn. the crime he's connected to. >> president-elect donald trump winning over a fierce critic. the new comments from former governor mitt romney on the eye. >> good morning. this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. antoinette: also on the eyeopener this morning, wildfires raging in tennessee. look at this video. thousands of evacuated. we'll have more straight ahead. thank you for joining us. i'm antoinette antonio. emily is off today. randy: i'm randy price.


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