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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  November 30, 2016 12:00pm-12:28pm EST

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this is wcvb newscter 5 at noon. era: breaking news. a massive water main break in boston. multiple manhole fires leading to evacuations. the overnight break flooded roads and busisses. antointe: here's a look at videorom earlier. one about four where a fire spread underground from one manhole to another. smoke from that fire traveled
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acuations. if this started from a water main break hours earlier that flooded washington street. it was that water thcost circuits to short. >> the residual of thatater wo the nhole stem. short-circuited and we have a number of mholeon fire. inte: all of it appears to be under control right now. the co levels are back to normal levelsficiare stil is still shut down and will likely be shut down for the rest of the day. abt a dozen restaurts and businesses in chinatown are closed due to three to four feet of in wereir g with thoseinesse to make sure everything is safe and handled properly. we have more breaking news. house demoats have reelected nancy pelosi as their lder
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to 63. pelosi's n cos deste bitterss among some democrats performance in the elections.g ikvy ra:ean, gus w, evennderstorms pushing y an our the timing could not be worse. kellynn, you say thiss good -- this could be happening during the evening commute. kelly an: timing could be everything. tornado watchedown to the in tonight tking about the downpours and the threat of strong wind. into the evening commute.move with your afternoon, we do see some lig rainfall makibarely its way into downtown bostonprding along 495 and 128 as well. th is just t start of what is to come. n thmore o pipine as we see showers moving in from the south and wes going to be pushing into our area for ter this
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e cape. withhat with windowsbout itin miles per hour. 47 degrees right now and we won't get much war your afternoon fast includes 50 degree-mark.ching toward the you add in the winds and the rain it is going to feel chilly. ths the casroh tonight as well. we do see showers picking up in stth, cially after the sunsets tonight. th d toorrow morning. i will havthe latest on the timing, coming up. ettenew deils init draggedorev which a leed -th dri e withe. police tell mit state stree behind me a group of individuals on own to one another. there was an argumenand the
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police tell us they spoke with the driver this morning. he says heid not know he had another man dragging him nely two blocks. they he ca with them to thstation should phoneust out surgery with a sious leg injury. wistnesse say it was terrifying to see. >> iran out and he was in the mi of the road. holeowerody was exsed. people were ying to get him to keep talking nicole: the victim is expected to make a recovery here. police tell us they have yet tof you have information, gi police a call. aninte: new tt nood a, state police have identified the
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stped at a red light on ramp from 495 when police say thomas fazio of method best of truck. control hitng the the h ll uerinvestigation. erika: a major drug bust at an aparenncy. police seizing cash as this gund analf a pound of hiddenn sockand cookies mo00han ident bng hd on 000 bail on charges including opioid and cocai trcking. police have issued an arrest rqui sha comon similar charges. a major announcement from president-elect nald trump. says he willeave his business empire to his children to focus oing president. kennetutoneports the news comes as trump makes several
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the prent-elect is tapping wilbur rs as secretary of commerce. goldsachs exe steve mnuchin to serve asurysecrety. praising trump'w deal to keep 10000 -1000 jobs with carrie >> cannon road last time the kenneth: trump and pence will be in indiana to announce the deal. the first leg ofheir victory tour. they will end the day with a big rally in cincinnati, ohio. a plus for trump who broke read last night with mitt romney. possible secretary of state contender. the man who on called tra conrtist, fraud and a phony, now s -- >> i happeno vague aca' bestare ahead of us.
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kenneth: the better future f trouble, cost. the president-elect announced on itter he will leave his great business in total his children in order to fully focus trump said lal documents are being crafted which will taken completely out of the business operat to avconflicts of . ys hum will hold news conference in two we when he steps away from his business creative he takes qutions fr the pre it will be his first time since july. dc today. he wl discussranspoatn anmilita iues with general mark milley, the chief staff to the u.s. army. baker, congressman mike capuano and chr and petition sectary stephanie pollock wl meetith the head of amtrak. tomorrow, gornor baker will take part in a new national governors association seminar r new governors.erika: new detae
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lled h been seen before and surveillancevideo that went viral. theyeo fm 2010 shows michael mcginnis robng a 7-eleven in en. he rough up ore clk crafting an elderly customer to hit him with that price stamper. po say yesterday's ents d niassaulting a store crkr is time at the gulf son on th lynnway hihas t of h pockets didfired mcinnes later di at the hospital. clerk involved rok. residents in lawrence think will to be ivafter flames ripped throa home yesterday most of the 20eoplo lived one woman othe were able to thirfloowas rescued byfigh reads being cdited with knocking on othestores alerting them to the flames. >> he's a lifesaver. he saved my mom's life and he
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more are told e homes tota lo. cause has yet to be deteedrmin antoinetwomaa in concord, new hampshire forced to jump after flames break out at this apartment building overnight. crews found the fire burni the second floor and they say a woman jumped out of the window to escape. she was taken to the hospital injuries.ife threatening a of four residents are erika: osha has reached a deal with the circus coany involved in that adly tcollapsed in lancaster, new hampshire. walker international will play -- will pay $,000 in f. a father and daughtewere killed, dozens of others hurt. walker is out of business and says it will not resume operations unless it comes up with the conference if safety plan first.
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city. counsers met'malley and miele will are sponsoring the proposal that would require plastic grocerbags to be compostable or three millimeters thick. customers woulso charged are plor paper.g even if they aener ts month. th fnd beaten and chaid on the side of a road after ped being california. sa system starts to hiourway. kelly anne: i'll have the latest on the track of the next rainfall and how the evening commute will be impacted. erika: potential link between marijuana and alzheimer's with that has researchers urging doctors to take extra care in prescribing medical marijuana. >> a halhour of net the top ofhe hour. wser 5 at 4:00. casey monahan, eharding, newscenter 5 at 00, part of
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s propo traffic detours. flood after the water. seral manhole covers began smoldering. that smoke traveled nearby buildings raising co levels, a dozen restaurants andtabou businesses ichinatown are closed due to three to four feet of watern their basements. antoinette: five pe eople dead afr or across the spning tornado. wildfires ves as they continue to burn elizabr is trackin developments t nn. elizabeth: frolouiana to tennessee,eathnd struct in northeast alabama, tornadoess leaving imals to roam the
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or - wheelers that were near tilted over. elizabeth: in miissippi trucks and barn no match for strong windsusng ovesix the miles per hour. >> ' luc nobody was hurt heonig. it could be the other way. elabet in tennessee, the this as people begin to get a better look at the damage itas done after this raging wildfire swept t resort area. dollywood theme park is pying f the families affected by the fire including those whose homes were gutted. the cars a belongings scorched. the governor calling this the largest forest fire in aentury , resultin at least three deaths iforcing more tn 14,000 to scramble for safy. this man is still lookg for
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fire and i told he get o immediately. isotted. elizabeth: today in teessee that could be some relief for firefighters after seeing no rain for nearly two months. forecasters say there is alash flood warning with heavy rain expected in the area. erika: a ce du sereiwo is dead after being hit by a lift last night jbefore a the sh wasanced.sco. heady a telescopic lanuc people who bought tickets to last night's show will be reimbursed.rika: disturbi detailsut a californ mother found beaten and chained on the sid thead we. licerminerri papini was branded with some kind of messe, bruised and burned, her long hair chopped off. she sayshe wasbductedhi joing near her homthree
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who may haveanted toot only cut it off to change her physical appearance also to humiliate them, where herow erika: invgatorsre still connectionthe alleged crime. antoinette: six people are incua series of anti-terror raids police also seized a number of lives linked to a machete attack on t officers outside thisice stion st. the suspect in that attack, a man from algeria will shot and kied by poli. investigators have notevead s aarent nk to the suspec arrested today. erika: gman chancellor angela merkel and pope francis offering coolences followed the deadly lledkiearly an entire soccer team from brazil kig eoplmmeto e this week,
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fuelust minutes befo the cubans continue to mourn the death oformer present fidel castro. ousands arlini the streets as the cfin containing the reins of the former leader begins at ur-day journey across the country to stro's died last wk at t agef 90 funeral servicesl be held sunday, en a nine-day mourni period. aninettekelly ann cicalese is in we hanother round of rain so if you liked all that in yesterday here we go again. kelly anne: more oit coming way. we really could use it. i matter ofetting tough tha commute because we will be seeing heavier rain moving in this evening. a few drops moving through. light g as well along coastlin a look at rain impacts afar as travel. for this afternoon, dium impact seeing light range stretched eastrd through the area. the biggt impact to hold off
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commute at is where we see the likelihood of dours, strong and gusty wind and that conts overnight. by tomorrow we will see an early mornin rain mainly before the sun s tomorrow morning between 4:00 t 6:00 a.m. showers push off the coast as we dry out headingnto your thursday afternoon. the lht rainfall is stretching through. you can see that making its way into downtown boston especially ong the north shorehere arseeing theest widespread coverage as far as light rainfall. moving through to tma valley as well as new hampshire and you can see it stretches all the way to wtechuset ugh new york. have your showers sttching out of new jersey right now. that's going to bring downpours we headed into later this afrnoon and evening. it's kely gng to ick ound fh tvening ahead. temperatur right now are pretty mh as warm as they're going to be. maybe a degree or two warmer for this afteron.
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upper 50's. today likely sitting around the upper 50 degree-mark with luster at 51 degrees. struggling to get out ofhe 40's. that's the case for plyuth we will see high temperatures along the you move inland you cod see a fe upper 40's. tracking rainfalto the area. for the mid afternoon, ligra stt do by later this evening especially by the evening commute, there are those downpours approaching. they are going to strengthen and become more widespread especially for our local forecast as wee towardhe late evening. around 8:00 to 10:00 there'the heavy downpours. we could hear a rumble of thunder. the continues overnight and intw hours tomorrow morning. notice how as move into the sday morningommute a lot of us start to dry out and we stay dry as we head into
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impressive. that is top of what we have seeneten .5 inches to e inch in spots. that rain starts to shift just inim for theiday lights as we sebably cloudy skies and mperatures in the upper 40's. after topping out in the upper 5's in the height of the afternoon. a nice warm- tomorrow. at is we kick off the month d we're back into the 40's. erika: focusing on your health. searchhows young smokers are atn increased ri for heart attack. u.k. rearchers antoinett sty hundreds of adults undergoing trement for heart attack. nearly 50% were smokers. experts say those 50 and under were almost eight times more likely to suffer a heart aack than non-smokersr ex-smokers.but
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suggests marua mayncrease a perso's risk of zheimer's ase. majuana severely reduces blood flow area of the brain srupting memory formation. as a result they say doctors should prescribe marijuana for medicinal purposes should consider frequent cognitive testing on patients. now we do have some sad news to share. toinette: bobne ben teletubbies cvb's first generala bennt ssed away in newport each. he w 8yes old. he buicvb from the ground up in 1 it produced more than 60ours of locally produced progra inc. , at a time when most stations were ctent sibley to run local news and occasional cumenties.
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statn.elevision caby his election to hiseer was prestigiou badcasting d ble hall of fame. ent wcvb president and general ger bill find saysnntase brasting pioneer and legend respd equally by his staff an competo his imct on cal broadsting natiwi is hilegacy. we wl be rightack. we heard this growling sound coming fromur bast and our heating unit was blowing cold air. but n'woabout it, covers costly repairs. te cee problem was a loose blower belt or a faulty valve. he fixes all kinds ofngs like t
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erika: it is that time of year agn. the annual pops tradition. an of conductor steve- keit lockhart will play the first of 44 shows in one month in boston's symphony hall. erika:anta pau north pole home apparently officially for sale. the three broom two bathroom home is posted on zillow for $656,000. it boasts a ooeiling
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settinnd boasts sprawling mountain views. antoinette: that'ea 's a comes with the elves. boston getting ready for its official tree lighting tomorrow. mayor marty walsh and santa 75th annual lighting on boston common. you can watch at hosted by anony evett and jc monahan live at 7:00.
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>> as you may ow, when i'm not hosting "millionaire," host "the bachelor" d "the bachelorett and i am thrilled thatome of the great people i've met on those ows arhere that's rit.or charity. it'"ba's lor" fan favorites week on "who wantso be a millionaire. [cheers and applause] [dratic music] ? ?ome to "baelor" n favorites week on "who wants to be a millionaire." a wine maker and thelor from season 16 t's see what he's up tnow. froman franciscolifornia, please welcome b flajnik. [cheers and plause] what's up, brother? >> what's up, man? >> gd to see you. >> good to see you too. [cheers and plause] whoo! >> he'still got it. >> kinda. >> all that sexy, still got it. >> it's been a while.


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