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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  December 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:29pm EST

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>> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at no. erika: breaking news in sharon. life over the cona lodge on route one heading towards gillette stadium. lice have crime scene tape blocking off heart this motel. it's not ear exactly what happened. weave a crew at the scene. we will bring more information as soon as we get it. antoinette: a bank robbery suspect is in custody in florida after holding several people hostage. those 11 people have been freed
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it startt a credit union in jacksonville. an initial 911 call reported a bank robbery. second call indicated someone may have been shot but that turned out not to be true. we will bring you more details as thebecome available. erika: a horrific stabbing in brockton. this teenager accused of killing his own mother. antoinette: mccall asked on his life in brockton -- nicole estevan is live in brockton. nicole: disturbing details and what was a not much. 18-year-old fronts polities -- frantz polynice. inside that merrick avenueome yesterday police responded to a 911 call down polities sitting on the porch, his hands covered in blood, a knife by his feet. he told police "she is inside.
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face come in the as well as the torso. her body found neaa door in that home. several friends of the accused sitting in the courtroom today, all of them reacting in shock. >> he was at my house every day. he's a good boy. he just graduated with my s. just so hard for us to believe that this happened. we were just saying yesterday, where is hhe unbelievable. nicole: everyone we spoke with described pollyyni in courtce. -- antoinette: a brockton man is hospitalized after being tasered during a brutal home invasion. our partners at the enterprise
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through him to the ground, used a stun gun on him and tied him up with his own suspenders asking where is the gold. the suspect stole a box of coins before taking off. the minutes as he passed out for five hours before he was able to break free and call 911 erika:. cleanup continues in boston following a water main break. roads and businesses reopened after being forced to close yesterday. wire that crews have pulled from underground damaged by the fire from those manhole fires. also, city health inspectors are going through many of the restaurants here trying to get them back open. >> going to need two buckets. sera: stretching the go again at best reopening after a massive
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again. sera: owners i had all day -- luckily he did not store food in the basement which took on water. >> whatever prepared food that we had yesterday was contaminated. sera: washington street and chinatown turned into a river about five in the morning yesterday when a main ruptured, flooding the street. a about a dozen closed up shop. manhole followed on nearby kneeland street. water from the flooding short of high-voltage lines sparking hard-to-reach underground fires. crews are now preparing all the damage from both the wer and the fire. businesses are trying to clean up the mess and get things back to normal. >> it's just part of doing business. sera: this area is still very
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the good news is part of kneeland street has been reopened to traffic. washington street as well. you can see this as half o kneeland street open to two-way traffic. still very congested. if this is part of your commute you want to keep that in mind. antoinette: the case against a former meramec, new hampshire teacher accused of soliciting nude photos from a student is now in superior court. todd wiley is accused of tryi him naked photos of herself. investigators say he sent video of himself and other men to the victim. the 63-year-old is well-known at merrimack high school having taught there for 37 years. while he is free on $20,000 bail review faces years in prison but there is still the possibility of a plea bargain. erika: this new hampshire woman will be in court today accused in a murder for hire plot. claremont police arrested
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commuter rail delays in needham after a train hit a car. it happened at the needham heights station on west street. fire officials say that car was parked too close to the tracks. inbound trains were delayed with no injuries were reported. antoinette: a live look outside of her boston right now. a few clouds, molearstly c skies but strong wind after a couple of days ofn. seeing the sun breaking out. this is the kind of rain that we needed. this past november we did see a good amount of rainfall toward the second half of the month and this past rainfall helped. well into the 50's now. we will continue to climb as we head into the afternoon. right now, 57 degrees in downtown boston likely inching
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forecast, some of those winds picking up. 20 miles per hour occasional gusts between 25 to 30 possible for this afternoon. we are already seeing that as you head out now. lawrence, wind gusts at 30 miles per hour. a bit of a chill because of these wins in place. it's the first of december well into t upper 50's. can't complain with those conditions. sunshine is going to the coast at this point. as we travel to the next 12 hours clear skies prevail. eventually those warm temperatures this afternoon are going to cool down as we progress into tonight. seeing many spots falling into the 30's. a look at the track of the rainfall next into the area coming up. antoinette: president-elect donald trump and his incoming vp embarking on a victory lap. they will launch a thank you tour in ohio today, a key
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reports this comes as new name's surface in the race to fill several crucial cabinet spots. kenneth: president-elect donald trump's campaign promise. >> it's not presidential for the president of the united states to call up the head of carrier. kenneth: today trump taking a victory lap in indianapolis struck a deal with carrier to save 1000 jobs from going to mexico in the state where mike e a source told abc news regulatory incentive was a factor. >> he's not even been sworn in yet and has already showing us that he is a worker. workers thrilled kenneth: the washington democrats are asking for the details of the deal. one of the biggest critics, senator elizabeth warren. >> the first thing you learn what you're talking about deals is let's read all of kenneth:
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sanders wrote an op-ed trump as a -- has endangered the jobs of workers who were priestly safe in the u.s.. he is signaled to corporations they can threaten to offshore jobs in exchange for incentives. wisconsin starts its first presidential recount in 16 years. initiated by green party leader jill stein not expected to change the outcome. trump won wisconsin by less a percentage point. the first leg of trump must thank you tour will end in cincinnati ohio he will hold a campaign style rally. erika: we are just 14 days away until recreational marijuana becomes legal in massachusetts and the state has hit a snag. the governor's counsel has yet to certify the results of the question four ballot and the woman in charge of implement a legal marijuana, state treasurer deb goldberg casas there is a
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the senate president yesterday recommended that we look at the stabilization fund. i am not comfortable with that option and i think we have to look at all options that are available to us. >> are you not comfortable because of rating agencies have threatened to lower our ratings? >> that is correct. they have been very clear about that as recently as two weeks ago. erika: you can watch on the record sy antoinette: today gas will begin flowing for controversial pipeline in west roxbury despite pushback from residents in boston leaders. for two years there have been a number of protests and arrests tied to that pipeline. city officials including mayor walsh concerned about safety of the areao the globe says mayor walsh sent a letter to federal regulators accusing texas-based spectra energy of failing to share safety plans with the
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erika: new hampshire is seeing remarkable participation in its new safe station program. the program which again in manchester has already held several hundred people seek treatment for opioid addiction. the mayor of nashua says in just 10 days nearly 30 people have sought help and 13 of them went directly to one of the city's fire stations to find it. erika: the u.s. senate is expected to take up a bill to combat the recently passed by the house. the law would provide $1 million in state grants -- $1 billion in state grants to help prevent and treat addiction. a police officer in washington state shot dead outside a home. what we are learning about the suspect killed after an hours long standoff. antoinette: cleanup efforts underway after a dozen -- after dozens of tornadoes strike down south.
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how long before our winter chill returns? erika:erika: the hack that has infected nearly one million smartphones. antoinette: we continue to track breaking news right on the sharon walpole line over the a chronological on route 1. police have crime scene tape up blocking all part of that motel and officers on scene. not clear what happened just yet
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antoinette: we are staying on top of breaking news at her sharon right on the walpole line . sky 5's live over that scene at the econolodge on route one as you are heading toward gillette stadium. the right-hand side of your screen, police have one strip of crime tape up and there are officers on the scene. blocking off this part of the motel and we have this video just in from the ground. it's not clear what exactly happened and what exactly police are investigating but we will stay on top of the situation and bring you the new details as they become available.
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-- erika: a bank robbery suspect in custody after holding several people hostage in florida. it happened at a credit union in jacksonville. police say 11 people were held against their will, eventually released after two ours. we will bring you any developments in this case. antoinette: one of the first men to walk on the moon was evacuated from the south pole. 86-year-old buzz aldrin fell ill while visiting as part of a tourist group. the tour group said aldrin's conditioned on the first flight available out of that area and we are told he was in stable condition when he was transferred to a medical team. erika: the man investigators say killed a police officer in washington state is now dead. police shot and killed the suspect overnight ending a standoff. it started when tacoma officer was shot multiple times responding to a domestic violence call. the suspect then barricaded himself in a home for hours.
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a california jail has been captured. rachel lerogel -- cutting throuh general bars and repelling to the ground with a bed sheet. the three others have also been arrested. antoinette: reddish aviation experts will analyze the black box and flight recorders from the plane that crashed in columbia this week killing nearly an entire soccer team from brazil. ran a few will just miles from the airport slamming into a mountainside. 71 people were killed. six people erika: incredibly survived. cleanup continues in southern states after at least 13 tornadoes touched down leveling homes. five people died in the storms. seven others killed by raging wildfires. elizabeth hur is tracking the new problems in the aftermath of this.
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neighborhood, once home to families in alabama. >> we were all crouched down on the floor. let me live through this. elizabeth: this is all that's left of the day care in the town of -- it hard. the aftermath come equally devastating and residents are beginning to pick up the pieces. the florida panhandle also hit the coast. in georgia, strong wind ripped this large chunk of metal off the roof of this recycling center and tossed it a quarter of a mile away. in tennessee displaced residents are serving the damage from wildfires. the rain helped put out flames but with smoke still smoldering and destruction overwhelming,
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>> i've always believed charity begins at home. we want to make sure the dollywood foundation revised $1000 a month to all those families that have lost their homes in the fires until they get back up on their feet. elizabeth: president obama reached out to the tennessee governor and we are told scheduled assistance is on the way -- federal assistance is on the way. search efforts for people still missing continue. all the rain has moved out. kelly ann: that is actually why we are seeing temperature differences and also gusty wind moving into the area. compared to what they saw down there, nothing. this is still something we are feeling impacts from for today. when cycling to be a huge story. seeing winds gusting up to 25 to 30 miles per hour it the good news is the rainfall which is rather heavy at times last night as shifted to the north and east and is bringing a good amount of
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reporting up to five inches of snow already. the big question is, how is this rainfall helping with our drought monitor? the drought monitor has been measured on tuesday morning right before the heaviest of the rain pushed in. at this point it's not looking too different from this time last week as we are still about 10 inches below normal for boston. extreme drought area really unchanged from last i have a feeling as we headed to next week because of heavy rainfall we saw last night and early this morning with a start to see some changes for next week's monitor. temperatures are well into the 50's at least along the coastline with 57 in boston and 55 in plymouth. hyannis inching closer to 60. as we move inland we see if you 40's on the board. worcester at 49 degrees. 44 as we head out towards pittsfield green areas that will likely stay on the lower end of the scale this afternoon.
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well into the lower 50's to even near 60 degrees. keep in mind the winds as they cost to 25 miles per hour will make the upper 50's feel slightly cooler as we head into the afternoon. windy conditions blow through. rain shifting off the coast. staying dry. the big story is the wind. gusting up to 30 miles per hour heading down toward the islands. the rest of us c miles power as we head into the height of the afternoon and evening. we have the holiday lights and it's going to be perfect conditions. partly cloudy skies and although we are hitting highs in the upper 50's this afternoon tonight we're going to fall down into the 40's. just a bit of a breeze. as we take a look at the wind we will see occasional gusts 15 to 20 miles per hour especially as
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things take a change as we move into the weekend. temperature start to cool down into the 40's. close to where we should be for this time of year. next chance of rain holding off until next week and with that moving and we will see the chance of some flurries mixing in with that rainfall. something especially prevalent as we head into monday morning as we do see temperatures cooling down into the 20's. we have to watch for the chance of slick travel for that morning. we are the 40's and closer to where he should be for this time of year. erika: nearly one million android phones are infected after hackers entered those phones through illegitimate apps. antoinette: apps that are not downloaded from google play. the malware installs malicious advertising software that tracks users. google says it has walked 150,000 versions of the cyber attack and is warning consumers to stay away from uncertified
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erika: five sky 5 over the a collage on route one. police have a couple of pieces of crime tape blocking off a big section of that motel.
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investigating. we will stay on top of the situation and bring new details as we get them. we are in december now. christmas is going to be here before we know it. experts have tallied the cost of the items in the 12 days of christmas because we all want to buy them. these three gifts jumped in price this year. two turtle doves will cost you $375 up from $290 last year. 11 pipers piping and 12 drummers drumming were also slightly more. them, $34,363. antoinette: of a measly 200 $33 from last year. erika: i always wonder about the lords a leaping. boston's official tree lighting ceremony. mayor marty walsh and santa will be there for the 75th annual lighting on the common. anthony everett and j.c. monahan are hosting holiday lights live tonight at 7:00 on channel 5.
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. the hot cocoa not so necessary. we are seeing highs this afternoon in the 50's. we are falling into the 30's. we are staying dry with a bit of a breeze. antoinette: tune in for that
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