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tv   News Center 5 at 400  ABC  December 1, 2016 4:00pm-4:27pm EST

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announcer: now on news 5. ed: breaking news, patriots tight end rob gronkowski will have back surgery tomorrow, throwing the rest of his season into doubt. nichole: the brockton teenager accused of murdering his own mother faces a judge. and president-elect donald trump embarks on his victory tour what he said this afternoon at his first stop, a factory where he claims to have saved hundreds of jobs. announcer: wcvb now on newscenter 5 at four clock starts now. lynchie: breaking news sure to make patriots fans cringe . star tight end rob gronkowski out set to undergo major back surgery. and he may not be back unless the patriots make it to the super bowl nichole: sportscenter 5's mike lynch is live at the breaking news desk with new information.
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herniated disc. this will be the third disc procedure for gronk since 2009. there have been reports he could be back in 8 weeks but i spoke with a renowned spine surgeon here in boston who felt that was a lot to ask of a pro football player. gronkowski left the jets game sunday after diving for a pass and he had pain in his back. he originally thought it might be a hip injury but last night gronk underwent an mri and it revealed the disc was herniated he will have a microdisectomy tomorrow to repair the disc and is out for the forseeabl qwest i have to make sure i am ready to play. cut my grass before it have to cut someone else's. lynchie: one thing the surgeon if it's thsame disc he injured told the last time, its a bad , sign he could be looking at a fusion. ed: right now, guests at a sharon motel rattled, after shots are fired, and police barge into their rooms looking
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providence highway with the story, diane? reporter: officers have had this area, the parking lot at the motel blocked off with crime , tape after a shooting was reported this morning outside the motel. at officers were seen going door one point, to door to each room. lic say there were several befo 11:00.his morning justral when ty got here they did not find any victims, but walpole poce did find a gun in an area not far from here, off darwin lane that may or may not be connected to this investigation. that's according to police. we talked to one person staying at the mot said he was just getting out of the show ers ca to his door . >> next thing you know there is a gun pointed at my face. i am naked. just getting out of the shower. reporter: police say it's not clear how many suspects were involved.
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patrols at thosechools to make re students get home safely. nichole: right now, a brockton teenager in custody accused of murderins own ther. newscenter 5's rhondella richardson jois live in brockton with what happened when he faced a judge today. reporter the 18-year-old defendant was here th his parents and his grandmother. court papers say the mother was stabbed up to 15 times. the boy had blood on his hands. h'd re b was told by doctors that he was fine. frantz polynice , also arrested last night, is also charged with assault and battery with dangerous weapon he's accused of yesterday charging his grandmother and neighbor at the merritt ave home. he's accused of killing his 44-year-old mother. the mom a day earlier drove her son to the airport to send him to haiti and he refused to get on the plane they'd been arguing
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times around the face, neck, and torso. reporter: the victiwas a nurse. she'd decided to try and send the 18-year-old to haiti because court papers say he was acting strange. he hadn't slept in 8 days and wouldn't eat or drink athing.ree the fatal stabbing a little bater on to yo nichole: aso in brockton a local brutal home invasion.fter a loos the incident happeneyesterday at aomassausetts three masked men broke into the house threw the 71-year-old to , the ground, anused a stun gun on him. the thieves then tied him up with own suspenders asking, where's the gold? they stole a box of coins before taking off. the man says he passed out for 5 hours before he was able to break free and call 911. if you have any information, please call brockton police.
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soliciting nude photos from a student has been indicted. todd wiley is accused of trying to get the 16-year-old to send naked photos of herself. investigators also say he sent videos of himself, and other men, to the victim. the 63-year-old is well-known at merrimack high school, having taught there for 37 years. wiley is free on 20,000 dollars bail. he faces years in prison but there's still the possibility of a plea bargain. right now more progress in , boston following yesterday's massive water main break. roads and businesses on washington and kneeland streets continue to reop some restaurants were forced to throw out food after it was contaminated by flooding. crews are still repairing damage from the water and manhole fires sparked by shorted high voltage lines. >> a live look now over the city of boston, where the rain is finally over, but the winds were whipping today. this is the official holiday lights tonight.
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to write here on channel 5. as a gift to the night and even the day tomorrow, it is going to be very windy. it is 50 in boston. it was almost 60 earlier but it has cooled off. around 50 tomorrow. we will drop back into the 40's saturday. each of the next three days will be chillier than the one that precedes it. we had to the 30's for this night is over. nichole: new at 4:00, apparently all is forgiven from their bruising 2012 us senate race. today senator elizabeth warren surprised the political world. the democrat announcing she would support republican scott brown 's nomination as secretary of veterans affairs. brown has enterviewed for the best brown has interviewed for the trunk post. meanwhile donald trump embarks
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his election win. his first stop, a factory in indiana where he says he struck a deal to save hundreds of jobs. newscenter 5's ben simmoneau joins us now with more, ben? ben: nichole, lots of numbers tossed around this afternoon, but we now know at least 800 jobs will be saved at the carrier air-conditioning plant. the president-elect, and vice president-elect mike pence toured the indianapolis plant, cheered on by workers. there will still be some job losses, perhaps as many as 1200, in fact but united technologies, , carrier's owner, says it will re-invest in the plant to expand production beyond air conditioners. >> we can't allow this to happen anymore with our country. so many jobs are leaving and going to other countries. not just mexico, many countries. and china is making so much of our product. the goodwill that you have engendered by doing this all over the world, frankly, but within our country, you watch how fast you're going to make it .
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ben: carrier will also get about 7 million dollars in tax incentives. that's about $8,700 a job there. trump also admitted that his promise to save carrier was initially only a symbol, he actually thought it was too late to save jobs there. after his election victory he called up company executives, and worked out a deal. nichole: a recount has been ordered for the still undecided north carolina governor's race. the state's board of elections is calling for a partial recount of 94,000 votes in durham county. republican incumbent, governor pat mccrory, refusing to concede despite state attorney general roy cooper's 10,000 vote lead. mccrory says voting irregularities could change election results. ed: here we are december 1 and we are just 14 days until marijuana is supposed to be legalized in massachusetts and the state has hit a snag. one of the problems? the governor's council has yet to certify the results of the question 4 balloting. the woman in charge of implementing legal pot, state treasurer deb goldberg says there's even a more pressing
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>> we have no start up funds and the senate president yesterday recommended that would look at the stabilization fund. i'm not comfortable with that option and we have to look at all options that are available to us. >> are you not comfortable because the rating agencies have threatened to lower our ratings ? >> they have been very clear about that. ed: record sunday at 11 a.m. on now on news 5. harvey: and taking a look at first alert traffic. you're looking live at zakim bridge traffic is leaving town slowly. let's say it's been around the neighborhood. ed: mass avenue to route three
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1a ll tak27 minutes. if you're going 93 and noon court to have about 22 minutes. when you meet south is slow, headed into wellesley. 495, viewers of the dude off for 25 minutes. the storms are over across the southeaste part of the united states, leaving devastation in their wake. nichole: still ahead on newscenter 5 at 4, a look at the incredible damage, as residents return home, hoping to fin the uth pole. ed: what the legendary astronaut was doing down there, and why he had to be flown out lynchie: -- harvey: northern lead england some showers and flurries. chillier times are ahead. nichole: and we're following this breaking news. patriots tight end rob gronkowski out for weeks and set to undergo back surgery
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ed: right now, police identify the suspected bank robber, who held several people hostage inside of a jacksonville credit union today. deandre shuman is now in police custody. an initialall 911 cported a bank robbery. a second call indicated someone turned out not to be true.t 11 hostages were eventually freed after a two-hour standoff.
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series of deadly tornadoes and wildfires swept through several states. nichole: right now the worst is over, but the damage has been done. many returning to their homes to find nothing left. reporter: the view from the air, showing piles of debris and wood, all across this wood, all across this neighborhood, once home to families in alabama. >> we were all holding onto each other crouched down on the floor dear god please let me live througis. reporter: this, is all that's left of a daycare, and the town of rosalie, hit hard, so many homes and businesses here, leveled. in mississippi, the aftermath, equally devastating, and residents are beginning to pick up the pieces. >> a tornado warning. reporter: t flori panhandle, also hit with powerful waterspouts off the coast. and in georgia, strong winds ripped this large chunk of metal, off the roof of this recycling center and tosseit, quarr of a mile away. over in tennesse displaced resides, are surveying t
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smoldering, and the destructn, overwhelming, dolly parton w is frothe area is ready to help. begins at home beeved charity dollywood foundation provides $1000 a month all those famies that ve lost their homes until they get back up their et. nichole:redent obama h anwe are told federal assistance is also on the way, search and rescue a still on-going today, as cws look for survivors. nichole: -- ed: formeastronaut buzz aldrin d to be medicallevacd from the south pole. doctors say aldrin's health que deteriorated while visiting the area asart of tourist group. the 86-year-old is now at a medical facility on the anrctic coast, awaiting transport to new zealand. then they will evaluate from ther dr. say he is stable.
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the first one was neil armstrong as you all know. o bad right now out here? harvey: not really. look at the 62 down and new orbest in -- the fall of miles,t continues. it will be turning chillier in the days ahead. eg the wind blowing in at 21 miles per hour at this time. we have already dropped off the 40's. it is chilling and with the an hour in boston. only 30mile you can feel air masses ng achangi getting chilly. it is chilly around the eat lakes.
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saturday down a little for tomorrow and sunday down a little more. it looks like a dry weekend but a chillte tight and earlyomorro, temperatures generally in the 30's. ilstill be a slightly above average day but no mtoday. approaching 54 the c line but staying in the 40's. if we were really talking a very cold air mass at was moving green, u woulsee all snow showers. there is a mix going on in some the air is turning chillier but not a cold air mass ince. we'll have a good deal of sunshine tomorrow or mix of sunnd clouds in the interior. tomorroworng this is --
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saturday, similar story. a mixture of sun and clouds. saturday night through sunday, we produce a little more wind and clouds on parts of ce co here's a closer look at what we' talki about. you see the clouds on the outer half of cape cod. as a take out the next seven days for you, for tomorrow. it will bbreezy. right around 50rees f your empeture. saturday lks good. temperatures will be chilly. is chillier still. if you are thinking ahead of timebome o sunday, it will be chilly probably. right around 40 with a 10-15 mile per hour wind. there may be one or two minor
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system that will weaken as they move through here. a light mix will be possible either on moay otuesday. we see how it all a slightly greater greater of those two systems. more on that beginning at 5:00. ed:ore an a million google acunts have be hacked l to comop yo account safe. nich but first let's see what's new at 50 with ben. ben on nenat 5onight : we continue to follow the breaking news out of giltte stadium. rob gronkowski's season likel. he is set to have back surgery. we have the breaking detai his serious injury. so new at 5:00 police say he , livestreamed himselfpeeding and weaving through traffic before crashing his car. yeah the video that is now key eviden : caught on camera, a frightening scene on a new enan the investigation into what sparked this snowplow truck
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ed:egk at the numbers the tao finishing at 19,000. the s&p 500 was down. alsoyour enomy this unemployment ticked up again thursdaylast week. nichole: that's right t labor , dertays plications
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compared to last year. total weekly claims came in below 300,000 for the 91'st straig week, the longest streak since 1970. : at least googmillio accounts hav come enomised after hackers infected android smartphones. cybersecurity experts say the breach is from illegitimate rsionsf anoid ap instled on devices. the hackers have not yet tapped into users' personal information,ge g android owners to only download play store. nichole: new at 4:00, a wide-reaching government surveillanence pro effect. search warrant, for federal agents to search millions of americs' computers and cell phones. a bipartisan group of senators tried to stop the rule from taking efft, b republican senate leaders blockeduests for a vote. the justice depant new powers are needed to help track down cyber criminals. privacy advocates call i
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nichole: nestle claims it can
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?[ music ] ? the kidnapped jogger. was she the victim of a sex trafficking ring? this woman knows what it's like to be branded. >> i would absolutely say she
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trafficking. >> and victoria's secret pregnancy. look how they're trying to cover up her baby bump. then, kanye west 911. >> the call for help after kanye'ychiatc emergency. >> and lessons learned. >> what this latest airline disaster is teaching us about how to get out alive. >> you want to make sure you're wearing comfortable clothes if outrage over the family who left their pet at the shelter. plus, the viral video twins come to "inside edition." >> you' both funny. you oare. >> now "inside edition" with deborah norville. >> deborah: hello everybody, and thanks for joining us. investigators are still looking into the kidnapping of california mom sherri papini


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