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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  December 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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there have been rts heould be back in eight weeks. he felt that was a lot to ask of a professional football player. rocaskey left the jets game sunday after diving for a pass with pain in his back. he originally thought it might be a hit injury. -- a hip injury. he will have a microdiscectomy tomorrow to repair the disc future. >> nexmaupentality. there is a lot of weapons on this team and we play well together. whoever is out there, weill play with whoever it is. mike: ift is the same disc he injured la time, it is not a eat sign. he could be looking at the fusion. it is not a caer ander, but
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that makes for a longerecovery. ben: he fell and then from 2012 to 2015, he missed 18 regular season and playoff ges to ailments like a broken forearm, torn knee ligaments. he has artie missed three games this year with more to com nichole: breakingigraking disco. the eagle tribune repor a decapitated body has been found at the banks of the merrimack river. not clear what happened. scene and will bring y more asw. ben: breaking ond tr donalp transition to shington post and cnn reporting james mattis is the president-elect's pick to become secretary of defense. mattis led operations in the middle east until he retired four yrs ago. before get theob, congress
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at least seven years. niole: guests put out on alert afte gunshots were fireand police on the rooms at the eagle enolodgg the on providen highw. diane: offices are tryinto figure out what happenedut year after shots ring out oue this chronolical tell this mor. police say -- econolodge motel this morning. gunshots. they did not find any victims. while police found the gun about a mile away from this location, they say it may or may not be connected to the investigation. we talked to one man staying at the hotel is and he was just getting out of the shower when officers were pointing guns at his face. >> they were trying to come in
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them in. there is nobody in here. diane: police have not made any arrests in this case. they have increased patrols at three schools nearby. ben: the bucks in teen accused of stabbing his mother to that went before a judge today -- a brockton teen accused of stabbing his mother to death when before a judge today. rhondella richardson has more. mother, was trying to get her toom downstas. when he came down, he grabbed the kitchen knife and court papers say he said "leave me alone with your food." they struggled over the knife. 44-year-old monument and a was
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head and neck. her sunday and lenny's is charged with her murder. -- her son frantz was charged with her murder. >> grandmother said he was sick. the hospital released him and said he was fine. rhondella: port papers said he would not eat and was acting strange and his mother drove him to to haiti with an aunt. the family situation tense. the grandmother who witnessed the attack ran to the neighbor for help. >> he looked like a zombie. he really did. he was hunched over. his arms were just straight down.
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when he got out on the deck, he was standing there, just swaying back and forth. rhondella: court is also say the teen had not slept in eight days. the grandmother is staying with family tonight. wcvb newscenter 5. nichole: a new hampshire woman behind bars tonight after being charged in a murder for hire plot. claremont was arrested after police received a tip. prosecutors say that while staying at a domestic violence shelter, she told undercover police officers that she wanted a woman kidnapped, raped, and killed. harvey: some 30 warm temperatures, soaring into the 50's. ben: tropical weather!
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definitely mild. we have holiday light coming up tonight at 7:00. it will be in the 40's. you can always see it right here on channel 5 if you cannot make it in person. it is colder and gusty. gusts to 28 now in boston. the temperature will coast through the 40's. the wind will continue in boston. chile air around the -- c hilly air around the great lakes. ben: a 71-year-old brockton man says he was tased and tied up during a violent home invasion. juli mcdonald in live in brockton tonight. juli: fortunately, we are told he is in stable condition after this terrifying attack here
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home, the scene of a violent home invasion. 71-year-old michael has a body is -- michael is still in the hospital after he was stunned with a taser. neighbors say police and ambulance came to the house just before midnight. >> i was just shocked he was tied up for five hours. gold or something were coins or something. he doesn't have anything, really. it is just him. >> maybe somebody here already knew. they had probably been there before and they knew he was old and probably would not do much. juli: people who live on mass avenue are locking their own doors and bowing to remain vigilant. >> who is coming in and going
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because it is something very sad what happened to mike today. juli: the three suspects got away with old coins in the house. after the victim, neighbors and he is the kind of neighbors you would want to have, friendly and interesting. it is unclear whether those three suspects may have been familiar with him. nichole: new at 5:00, a man dreams light of video of a dangerous -- streams live video. ed harding has the video. >> rhode island state police say they got calls from onasi olio-rojas just moments before he crashed. it is all recorded. watch it. first of all, he shows the speed of the odometer and then he is on the road, between land, weaving in and out of lanes, goes back on the highway, breakdown lane, everywhere.
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second later, the video ends. olio-rojas hit the back of a garbage truck. he slammed into a concrete barrier in the middle-of-the-road. >> the videotape shows a blatant disregard for the operator -- that the operator has for anybody else on the roadway. ed: police expect him to bring a in needham this morning after a train hit the car, flipping it. inbound trains were delayed but no injuries reported. let us check your thursday evening drive home. traffic is moving slowly on the bridge. headlights going into the o'neill tunnel, taillights leaving town.
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minutes now. down the expressway, 30 minutes. there is a pike, 19 minutes. the southbound side of 128 from route 2, a little more than half an hour. 128 through burlington, 33 minutes up to i-93. a similar incident toward concord road, it is now 22 minutes from road. about a half hour. that is first alert traffic. nichole: victory tour for the republican presidential ticket today including a visit to the carrier plans where at least -- plant where at least 800 jobs have now been saved. trump hammering out a deal after
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there will be some job losses, but united technologies says it will reinvest in the plant to expand production beyond air-conditioners. pres.-elect trump: the goodwill that you have engendered by doing this all over the world but within our country, you watch how fast you are going to make it up. so many people are going to be buying carrier air conditioners. nichole: carrier will get $7 million in tax incentives from the stat a police officer shot and killed while responding to a domestic violence call. nichole: the community mourning tonight in two,, washington. ben: the damage left behind by the dozens of reported tornadoes. that is fire damage in tennessee. >> getting back to business in chinatown.
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? dylan: i was un-athletic and very sedentary in my lifestyle. and then i found parkour and something about it clicked. then i stopped drinking soda and eating sweets and eating all the junk food.
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and i'm not going to be able to jump as far. my name is dylan polin and blue cross blue shield keeps me healthy. nichole: new details on the discovery in lawrence. a decapitated body found on the banks of the merrimack river. that body is a male, about 17 years old. police are investigating. a large crime scene is set up right now along water street. ben: in the past 24 hours, another police officer fatally shot, this time in washington state and two more shootings in arizona and tennessee. officers carrying out their jobs. the violence is a growing
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colin rose. today, into,, washington. in procession of officers escorted the body -- today, in tacoma, washington, a procession of officers escorted the body. >> we love our police officers and we know every day, when they go into work, there is a chance they may not come home. his wife and refused to let her back into the house. >> they said they wanted to talk to him and gunfire started, and it was not him that started it. reporter: the officer was shot while inside the house. the suspect remained in the house for a tense 12 hours with two children before he was killed. there has been a 61% increase in
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in the line of duty since last year. police officers into other cities came under fire. in tucson, officers were shot at by the suspect. chattanooga police say one of their officers was investigating an abandoned building when a man came out, shooting, hitting him three times. nichole: tomorrow, the one-year anniversary of the san bernardino terror attack. 14 people massacred by syed farook and his wife. that is the worst terror attack on u.s. soil since 9/11. emailed suggests that farook and his wife were angry that he was required to attend a christmas party at his workplace. ben: at least five people have died.
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flames have claimed seven lives in that state. dolly parton is stepping in to help. >> i have always believed charity begins at home. we want to make sure the dollywood foundation provides $1000 a month to all of those families who lost their home in the fires until they get back up on their feet. ben: president obama has reached out to the governor of tennessee to ensure federal assistais people who are still missing after those fires. nichole: we wish the very best to all the people there. we have had amazing weather here. harvey: if we turn around, you will be able to see it is not really that cold until we take a bigger trip. then, it is cold. alaska, seven degrees below zero. we are ok. we are not getting back, at
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pretty mild stuff. start off the month of december, it is relatively mild in boston at 50 degrees. it feels chillier. you can see it is chilled out to the low 40's. that is the airport, 1000 feet up. it is kind of slow to reach ground level. we have 28 mile-per-hour gusts in boston. if you are heading to the holiday lights tonight at0, breezy. it will feel chillier than the 47 degrees. not really cold. if you cannot make it, you watch it right here on channel 5. if you look towards the great lakes, moisture coming in. some of it is no showers and some of it is rain showers. even though it is chillier, it is not really as cold as it could be at this time of the year. not unless the trend will be down day by day.
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degrees in boston. we are talking seven degrees cooler than today and in the 40's, off to the north, and to the west. chillier air to the north and west will be making its way in here slowly with time. overnight in boston, we drop into the 30's. tomorrow in boston, around 50 degrees. if you break it down during the course of the day, it moves to about 40 degrees by 8:00 a.m. and then the upper 40's. terrain of worcester county, it will be colder. saturday, the trend is down. if we break saturday down, 30's again in boston and low 40's and more cloudiness mixing with the sun on saturday. if the trend continues, sunday will be chillier still and that is what is what happened. we'll see some clouds in the hilly terrain of worcester
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clouds will be around each of the next two days. there is saturday. chillier air over the warmer waters means clouds for the outer part of cape cod. that is where it should be restricted otherwise the rest of us should see a great deal of fun. mainly clear skies over most of the region. that is pretty good news. i mentioned that trend in temperature or 40 degrees. patriots game, 39 degrees at 1:00 p.m., julie, not out -- chilly, but not outrageously cold. maybe a few flurries but probably not much more than that. there could be a second system trying to affect those around the middle of next week. if you notice where most of the real cold air is, it is headed
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slower for the real cold air to get here. eventually, it will because eventually, it always does. ben: that is true. welcome back. your healthy tonight, the confusion food labels often cause for allergy sufferers. nichole: the same delicious taste, but nearly half the sugar. this week's new invention. ben: a woman says dna testing
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nichole: we're health tonight, a new report is calling for a makeover of food allergy labels. the national academies of sciences, engineering, and medicine says the current ones do not really how consumers evaluate risk. the panel recommends the current
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says "may contain" be replaced with a risk-based one. the idea, determine a safety level for different allergens, just how much of a trace of peanuts or eggs or milk could most people with allergies tolerate. ben: there are an estimated 34 million people living with hiv aids since it was first and in a fight in 1984. more than 35 million people have died from it. fewer people died of hiv last year than at any point in almost 20 years. hiv infections are at the lowest point in 1984. more than 35 million people have died from it. since 1991. nichole: next, a longtime high school teacher indicted. the charges against him following the alleged solicitation of a teenager. ben:
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>> this is an editorial by the bc bbs -- with wcvb editor. >> in a progressive attempt to monitor internet activity and further protect its citizens,
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wants to purchase software, already proven effective in modern-day sleuthing. the city council and civil rights groups want assurances that the criteria and tools being used. lead to excessive profiling. both sides are taking recent steps to ensure success. we give our not to the bpd to move forward and capture the right balance. now that the majority of voters and opened the door to recreational pot, lawmakers are grappling with how this new reality will rollout. legalization takes effect this month but retail sales are not scheduled to start until 2018. development of a newly designated legal industry worth billions raises more questions than answers. what is the right tax to impose on sales similar to alcohol and tobacco? a plan grant fair access to
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those businesses with retail locations? it is said the devil is in the details. successful implementation requires lawmakers to carefully weed through the consequences of the voters directive. >> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter five at 5:30. nichol we continue following breaking news. ben: a decapitated body found in lawrence, on b merrimack river. police say it's a male, believed to be about 17-years-old. >> it was definitely a grisly discovery here this afternoon along the north side of the merrimack river. you can see the river bank has been taped off. police are confirming that a headless body was found in the
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houses side-by-side. police, investigators, and investigators from the ethics da office are assisting in the crime scene. it has brought in high-powered lighting and launched a boat into the merrimack to search for evidence. for those familiar with the city, the smart is not far from the lawrence boys and girls club of water street. no other information has been provided. police are not confirming if they believe the victim may be a 17-year-old or been reported missing. we will bring you all of the information as soon as it becomes available. this remains a very active crime scene. nichole: thank you. also breaking, rob on crusty will have back surgery tomorrow and if he makes it back at all, he won't like this. it probably will not be until the super bowl. he has a herniated disc and this will be his third back procedure


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