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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  December 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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more on what the surgery entails. as this is a common operatio but because of those past back surgeries, this one could be more comicated. >> whe we sesome of the disc material pushed out here -- >> i have been told b patients -- operations, women who ve delivered babies. when thehave nerve pain shooting down the legs, this is worse than anything else they have ever had. >> docto tharsll pain through a surgery that eliminates part of the nerves. >> we are making a small back, moving the muscles or.e making amall portion above, a small portion below and a small
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gronkowsk's third back surgery there is a chance at the relatively straightforward surgery could be more complicated. >> if this is at theame level as previous surgeries it can be he may b ed increased risk for another herniation. next thibrm doctor inot he stands good chance ofthat making a full recovery for several >> being young and motivated and in great shape, those three things together will help him out a lot. >> the doctor says that r most of uould probably be back to work and a week or so but because we a talking about rob gronwski and af the hits he tak that recovery would be much longer. >> and crim discovery. a decated mail found near
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think the victim may be. that body was found here on wate strt at the end of mccabe court, a narrow street at lea down to the merrimack river. police are confirming to me that a headless body was found around 3:00 this afternoon. that body is of a male who appears to be 17 years old. aressisting lawrence police with the investigatio merrimack to help poce sth for idence. thepot where the body was discovered is a couple hundred rds from the boys and girls club as yocan imagine, residents are absolutely shocked. >> it is sickening and sca to think th something like this could happen so cle to home.
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>> at this pointo other information has beenrothathe vi. poli are not confirming if the headle bre washat ung teenager reported missing about a month and a week ago. that boy's family and the his ther, and some friends who were down here were also toldth. ey are hoping does not confirm their worst fears at this point. this is a very active criminal investigation. we will bring you the details as toecome available. >> new at 6:00, take a look at the upper rit part of your screen newly released surveillance vid shows four boston police officers as they're hit by a fleeing car. two of the officers were dragged. it happened last week near dublin house, a bar in uph's corner. all 4 officers were treated for notenife-t injuries.
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about the aent a brockton teen had with his mom before he aldlstabbed her to death. newscenter 5's ondella richardson is live from the e. >> the mother had just come home from worki eht night shift, finished her meal and was being her son to comeat something. when he finally came to the kitchen, police say he grabb a kitchen knife and attacked. they struggled. everyone knowsim, he hangs around in the neighborhood and lives in back of u r son rdan is a best friend of 18yr old frantz polynice who's now held without bail for stabbing his ownother to death. mania meneide a nurse wa stabbed up t15 times >> i cried. fell to my knees.
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dealing the best we can . si and the court papers at released him said he was fine. >> court papers say he wouldn't eat or sleep and wascting strange and that his mom drove him to the airport tuesday to rn to hai with an aunt and he didn't get onhe pne. mother upset she lost the plane fare the family situation tense. yeday police found the mothereding to death in the merritt avenue home and the grandmother who witnesseth monteiro f hel >> he looked like a zombie. he was hunched over. s eyes were huge bugged out. >> we are shocked and pray for the family >> how is the grandmother? >> she is resting and wi family. she is not taking it well. >> the grandmother grabbed to
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she was going to throw the to defend herself if the sun came outside. >> brockton police searching for suspects in a violent home invasion that sent a 71-year-old to the hospital. three masked men stunned michael acciavatti with a ta then tied him up with s own suspenders. he was able to free himself ju before midnight and called police. >> i was tied up. for five hours. there are looking for gold, or coins, or something. >> the men did get away with some old coins from the mass ave home. it's unclear her th may have been familiar with the victim or the property. >> in an unexpected move, senator elizabeth warren says she supports scott brown to become donald trump's secretary
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challenged scott brown and won. it was a contentious race. today, brown thanked warrant for her public support. the idea of temporarily borrowing money from the state's rainy day fund is being floated around beacon hill. >> we spoke to the state treasurer deb goldberg, who thinks it's a very bad idea. >> senate president stan roseberg, the only top state official who voted to legalize marijuana, suggests borrowing money from the state's rainy day assure the new industry starts on time. but the woman who has to set up the system to regulate pot says it would jeopardize the state's bond rating. >> standard and poors have put us on a negative outlook a year ago. the rating agencies have been very clear that they feel we've been using the stabilization fund too liberally in the past. >> meanwhile, the date for legal possession and growing marijuana
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around the corner, december 15, as mandated in the law approved by voters last month. but the votes have yet to be officially certified and may not make that date. the secretary of state says frankly there are more important votes that have been to be certified first. having our folks vote for president of t unitestates the electors, and having our members of congress properly seated, is kind of more portan >> galvin said the official count has been slowed down by a new auditing system and a late election date that moved the deadline for overseas ballots to november 18. neither nor albert r were read. >> so if they do not certify by they can still grow it, but you will not have the ability to regulate. >> that's correct >> and galvin doubts it'll cramp the growing season. >> i also know that fertilizer works too. so it might help. >> and he said it with a straight face. as for when folks can buy pot in stores, that original start date of january 2018 could be pushed back. goldberg said it really isn't much time to set up a system that regulates marijuana from
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>> the so-called shoe bomber back in the spotlight. new at 6:00: why he's asking a federal judge to declare him bankrupt. >> why a massachusetts woman says she has proof a mountain lion was prowling on her property. >> a mild start to december but it is chilly across much of the rest of the country and then it gets real cold in parts of alaska. >> hopedale where he hits the street to find out
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>> caught on camera, a dangerous drive ends with a serious crash. a 20-year-old from rhode island hitting triple-digit speeds on route 6 in providence while streaming on facebook live. rhode island state police say
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drivers. his name is onasi olio-rojas just moments before he crashed. this is the view they had. he ianging lanes and accelerating and driving in the exit lanes. he finally hits the back of a garbage truck and then a concrete barrier. olio-rojas has serus injuries. police expect to bring a list of charges against him. >> richard reid, the convicted terrorist known as the shoe bomber, wants a federal judge to declare him bankrupt. reid was arrested at logan airport in december 2001, that's whenli miami was diverted to boston, after reid tried to ignite an explosive device in his shoes. reid claims that a quarter million dollar fine he's been ordered to pay is beyond his means. reid is serving a life-sentence. he currently has $6.43 in his prison commissary account. >> gusty air moving in for the
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forecast for the weekend plus a mountain lion in m >> friday on the eye, how does this sound, lose weight without stepping foot in a gym. >> three ways to burn fat.
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th way friday starting at 4:30. >> a decapitated body has been found on the banks of the merrimack river. newscenter 5 has learned it is the body of a male believed to be 17 years old. police are investigating if it is the body of a loc teenager who has been missing for about three weeks tie. boston winter makes its debut tomorrow at a skating rink. >> it will be even nicer once it is filled in. >> people out there have a great time. >> it is very popular at rockefeller center. harvey, is the weather going to turn more skating-conducive? is that the appropriate term?
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it is going to be getting colder. will probably still have some up and down in the temperature next week. i'm not positive we will be moving in here. certainly it will move into parts of the country. 50 degrees. it is still relatively mild in boston. holiday lights. it's about 47 degrees at about 8:00. catch your attention. we still got about 21 in worcester and 23 in lawrence. it will still be stirring up a little bit and the temperatu are chilling to the north and west. even trying to get us back to average is about all we will get. by the time we get to the weekend itself as the air is chillier north and west but not that cold for this time of year.
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sprinkles. with a legitimately cold air mass normally. these are your temperatures starting out tomorrow. the high temperature tomorrow will be about five to seven degrees cooler than it was today and it will still be a fairly gusty wind around. tomorrow it is about 50, and saturday at about 44. if you break on saturday, it will start out in the 30's but will only u each day it is running chillier than the day that precedes it. sunday will be chillier still. that is the overview of the next few days coming up. rainfall tuesday and wednesday combined. some places picked up a significant amount.
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cape hador on esy as compared to yesterday. arlington had over two inches and norse weymouth about 1.5 inches. tomorrow, mainly clear. this is where the air will be chillier because it is the type ofituation that is quite a bit chillier above. into saturday, more sun then clouds around b up for mainly clear days. a few clouds around the outer cape but most of the landmass looks nice. check it out. cold air in alaska but when it makes the move to the u.s., a lot of it will be in the cal u.s. before it gets here to the strt of the united states. patriots they looks liice, football weather. just enough of a breeze to make
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as you check it out, over the next seven days you will see there coulbe a few flurries on monday. maybe around thursday next week. >> a mountain lion like this one allegedly in massachusetts. it's only happened twice in the last twenty years. >> but new at 6:00, newscenter 5's shaun chaiyabhat talks with a woman who says she has proof it was on her property. >> he's blind in one eye. not surprising summit would be the center of controversy. >> i just saw him covered in blood. there was as deep cut here and a deep cut here. >> an injury in late june. anne marie zukowski, figured had to come from an animal. maybe, a mountain lion like this. but state experts did not agree. mountain lions not captured since the 1800's. and rarely seen. just two confirmed sightings in the last 20 years. >> i don't know what happened
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>> the state thinks summit injured himself by running into but at thedn'find was ast. ump oflood and hair further down, that'now tested positive as cougar. >> right about here i una chunk of hair that was that big, and it was stu it lighown and it was >> both blooanhair, confirmed by a dna lab at th university of florida to be a mountain lion. officials have yet to see. >> to get two tests positive on two different kinds of material taken at the spots pretty much unquestionable. >> how big of a deal would this be in the animal world? >> its a big deal in the animal world because the species has been absent so long. >> as far as the state's concerned, it's a big mystery exactly at happened, but they are open to new evidence. and this just might be enough. in petersham, i'm shaun
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sportscenter 5 powered by xfinit y. mike: in case you're just tting home and have not heard, rob gronkowski has a herniated disc in his back. i spoke with a renowd spin pro football was a lot to ask of the back especially for pro gronk had an mri last night that confirmethe rupture it will be it's the same disc he hadd if repaired in 2009 or 2013 he could be looking at a di ending but makes for aonger recove. gronk missed six games in 2012, he missed 11 games in toy 13 wiorearm and back issuesnd a torn acl and mcl in 2015, he missed one game with a knee bruise. this year began with gronk sidelined with a strained hamstrand it ends with chest injury followed by back surgery. we have some good newsonight out majorly race ball.
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last night. the all star gamwill no longer determine o has me field advae ri series. the pennant winning team with the best regular season record gets home field as it should be for highhi veere 49and make oury into the small town of hopedale whose boys cross country team has been producing extra large results for over a decade. this fall they had another histic run to glory. in this town of less than 6,000. from the heat of summer training til the chilly autumn days when you can feel winter's brth and the shadows ngthen, th ehopedale boys crs country teamr over a dece, winning state titles i005, 2007, 2014 for a fourthe thisall.
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i couldn't k any more of these boys. all season long this was tir goal, to go te top an did it in style. >> hs ate champion? >> it is pretty awesome. everyone comesp to you and ys congrats. it is good toe >> hopedale has . on paper ty have no business winning so my state tles agns you don't win championships paper. >> i don'know must be something in the water to have my good guys in this small town. >> it has been a huge part of my fe.i n't know whalife would be li without running. >> in addition to 4 state titles in 11 years hopedale has run away with 7 straight central mass c country championships . >> i think it is the dedicati anthe am atmosphere that we
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practice. >> in the championshipace oneo'd when his legs gave out from hydration overne hundr yards from the finish line and in true hopedale style. >> i the ground and started crawling toward the end, got up fell but made sure i pushed self tthe end. my last race in high school wanted to make sure i finished, >> does any part of you say,'m not going to do this? >> so it is true you guys do run , th tow >> yeah, iuess so. >> and running it with pride and success. we salute the dale boys cross country team division 2 state champs againnd ts week's -- >> high five! >> you can see the coach on the left. days before the state chamonship r, it w his 73rd birthday.
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probably 170 boys and they won the state championship. usually at thend he has football teams that excrete log, this can just as loud -- that screamoud. ose guys scream just as loud as any footbal team.
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>> maher w a santa claus. together?ever seen them i think that maher walsh is santa claus. >> holiday lights hosted tonight at 7:00.
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tonight, breaking news, retion pouring in this hour to donald trump's victory ur. his stop at carrier,ouncing he saved hundreds ofobrom going to mexico. just down the road, anoth factory set toclose. critics pouncing will president-electehe same deal also breaking the school in lown, the parts discered guns missing ahome. they rushed to t ol. th hostage drama. the bank robbery suspect holdg dozens atun point. inside their efforts and the armed ff. heiew from the disaster zone. the death toll now raising. this evening, the aouncemt from dolly parton.


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