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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  December 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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>> a deadly mystery after grim nd in lawrence. a decapitated body ound and e family fearing the worst. >> new video. the thieves on the lose now. >> gronk sidelined. the in jury that will have him out far week. >> why the surgery to fix could be trickier than usual. the start of a colder trep. how chilly with it will get. the high-speed chase posted on facebook ap the wild crash that brought it to a screeching halt. ed bre gronk's sobody is likely over. good evening. i am ped harding. >> i am nichole berlie. mike linch is here with new details. reporter: all right, nichole. good evening, everyone. they released a joint statement earlier this evening "we do not expect he will play for the remainder of the 2016 season,
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results." the statement reads after a hit early in the jets' game, rob began to experience significant ck and leg pain andorced him to leave the game and he did not return. the help of the medical staff along with a consultation, it rob's est-long term inteest to undergo srg tro address the lower back in vir. kes place tomorrow in los angeles. >> it doesn't help to loses a to not have gronk out there as the best players not in the line-umakes things challenging for us. that is wh the nfl season is. is about overcoming challenges and adversity. we have a lot of good player on theeam that will step in to fill the void and a big voided left by gronk. reporter: now brady and the conversation with gronk coming
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maria: john at walt is getting answers. john is live pin foxboro. john: nichole, doctors say those operationscould make this third surgery even more come klatted. >> the disc in-between the spine bone. reporter: it is operation he has been twice before. brigham dr. says it could make the third surgery trickier. if this herniion is at the same level as previous surger itould be more complex. it will be down. he may be at an increased risk. >> we don't know the specifics of the surgery the tight end the operation is prettyw. straightforward. >> wt we're doing is making a
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over and moina small portion of the bone above and below and a small portion of the joint >> he appears to be going to the locker room. reporter: he left sundagay's in the first quarter leaving fans worried about the future this season. >> this is it. this is the third back surgery now. um, hopefully he can recover from that. reporter: doctors say the vast majority of the surgeries are successful and the 27-year-old is a modelatient. motivated and in great shape. those three things together help a lot. >> i think there is a good organization around him. you kn, he is determined. >> now if you or i were to have surgy, we would be back to wo i week or so. for someone like rob gronkowski who takes a lot of hit,s obviously, over there is going to be much longer. >>bviously wishing him the ed: right now, a grisly mystery in ence.
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now police are trying to identify the victim. newscenter 5's jorge quiroga is live at the scene tonight. jorge: who the victim is and how he died still a mystery, but the family of a missing teen says the boy had been seen by the rivers edge behind this narrow alley where the headless body was found. news of the headless body found along the banks of the merrimack river drew relatives of a teen missing since november 16. the boy's dad looking for answers. >> they are still working on it >> i cant talk about it right > >what is your fear now athis point i am afraid. >> i hope it's not him . >> your son? >> yes, he is my son. rge: the grim discovery at the water's edge, me shtly before 3:00 in the afternoon residents watching police search the area were shocked. >> it is just sickening. it's scary to think that something like this could happen so close to me. kind of in shock. by boat and on foot, investigators scoured this
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was later found near the decapitated body in a statement the district attorney says foul play is suspected. >> my fear is that its him but i also feel bad cause this is somebody's son. jorge: friends and family have been searching for 16-year-old lee manuel paulino for two including along this stretch of the riv. back at the scene tonight. the ys dad says his son, a sophomore at lawrence high been down here with friend. the d.a. is not making a connection. it is confirmed by the medical examiner's of . >> he is telling me. he is praying it is not his son. a teen friends at school describe as a good kid. today, the district attorney's office is not releasing a cause of death until they are confirmed by the medical exam near office. live in lawrence, jorge quiroga, wcvb newscenter 5. >> thank. this is boston. this is the first night of december. pretty mild. not a bad start to the month.
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on the way. a little windy now. >> meteorologist: is windy. chilling out a little bit. there is a gradual trend over the next couple of days am we see the gusts 20 miles per hour in boston. a little stroker than that tomorrow. receipts a let's show more numbers. feels like 29 now in worcester. feels like 39 in boston. remember, morning, hunchtime, 61 in providence and new bedford. it has turned colder and tomorrow will be five to sev today. however, here is some real cold air building up now i alask and that is going to head to parts of the united states and i will let you know when and where and how that will affect us iluding the weekend forecast. ed? ed: take a look that video. two armed robbers storming into a lowell store taking aim at the clerk. this may not be the only store this pair has targeted. newscenter 5's mary salaa is live in lowell with the video.
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suspected targets. liquor store clerk manny toste back atwork tonight under the watchful eye of his boss. manny wasore last night around 9:30 when two masked men burst thru the door one of them armed with a handgun. the other, a sawed-off shotgun. toste put his hands in the air. and stepped away from the register. his boss says he did the right >> i don't want them to fight. the the first thing, i don't want anyone to get hurt. >> lowell police worry about the violence of the hold-up, one of the men was wearing the mask from the movie scream. both men threatened the store workers prodded them with their weapons. police worry that two men are still out there because investigators belie the pair actually had planned to rob a nearby gas station less thaan hour earlier wednesdanight. a clerk here at the gulf station on lakeview ave was dumping trash when he noticed two men in dark clothing just behind the
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wearing a scream mask. the clerk r ianide, locked the doors and called 911. the suspecon ft. but police now believe they are liquor store at gunpoint. they are looking at a possible connection. two masked men are wanted this, too. live in ell tonight, mary saladna, wcvb newscenter 5. >> new tonigh the donald trm tonight's stop is ohio. trump is confirming that this man retired marine general james mattis will be nominated as secretary of defse. mattis would need a congressional for the job. because retired officers must be out of uniform for at least seven years. newscenter 5's julie loncich is here with what else trump is saying tonight.
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in ohio, with trechoinmuch of what he said and promised on the campaign trial. but tonight, he vowed he would bring this country back together as supporters in the crowd called for hillary clinton to be put in jail. three weeks after the election, esident-elect donald trump launched his thank you tour with a rally in cincinnati tonight >> somewhere along the way, we started thinking small, and i'm asking you to dream big again. julie: earlier in the day in neighboring indiana, trump went indianapolis to tell hundreds of workerere he had just saved their jobs. >> people are crying. i mean, they're all crying. they're so happy, they're going to have a great christmas. that's most important. >> carrier became a symbol corporate greed when this video surfaced back in february when jobs were beelimed. workers 1400 >> to move production from our facility indianapolis to monterey, mexico. > at the ime, trump r
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after the victory, he called carrier's c owe. pickedded up the phone, how are you? >> wonderful to win. you know? 3:00 think if i lost, he wouldn't have returnedy m call. on thursday, carrier announced it will keep 1100 jobs in indiana. hargly in return for $7 millione by the state's governor by president-elect mike pence. but every job will not be saved. 600 are still going to mexico. senator bernie sanders sounding off. car you're parent company united technologies, which has billion dollar defese contracts still plans to close yet another indiana factory. wcvb newscenter 5. maria: a brockton teen charged withp stack his mother to death. his 4-year-old mother 15 types
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wednesday afternoon. the 18-year old suspect had recently been released from a the 18-year old suspt had recently been released from a hospital, where he'd b treated for depression. >> a brockton high grad who dropped out of nursing school. ed: a deadl collision between a duck bet andotor scooter last april prompted the changes. the bill prohibits duck boat drivers fromerving aznarrators. the fencesl be required and the governor has ten days to take action on the legislation. >> next on wcvb newscenter 5: >> the high-speed chase post on facebook. the wild crash that brought it to a screeching halt. peth meat following this downward tre in tempeture and when real cold air will be movi in to. >> a new warningfor wine the dangerous side effects just uncovered. ed: right now, rob gronkowski,
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that will also shall shootg joint statement tonight admit this season will be over. a back surgery, the third one for gronkowski, ta friday on the eye, how does this sound, lose weight witht steppi foot in a gym. >> three ways to burn fat. >> and sunshine se to make a comeback, just in time for the weekend, the welcome changes on
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>> caught on cram. en a dangerous drive. the river live on facebook. the man speeding at more than 100 miles per h >> the video cuts out as he slams into the back of a garbage truck. ? ? ? ? ? ? reporter: blasting music
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route 6 in providence weaving in and out of traffic reaching speeds, according to his speedoter, of well or 100 miles per hour. right hand. camera in his no seatbelt o he starts to hit speeds of 90mph which increases to 100 mph then you see several erratilane changes where he goes from high speed land to low speed lane to breakdown lane in and out of traffic. >> state police say olio-roj was heading east on route 6 towa i-95. erratically changing lanes. pass. other driverstg 911. >> the videotape just shows a blant disregard for anybody else on the roadway. we're very fortunate he didn't hit anybody else. >> rhode island state police verified the video by looking at dot meras. the trip did not end well for olio-rojas, who hit theack of a garbage a then the concrete brier in the center
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>> he was pinned in the vehicle. we had several inpendent witnesses come up and verify this was theehicle receiving calls on. onasi olio-rojas is still in critical condition in t hospital tonight. rhode island state police say he has a lengthy traffic record and will face charges for this. nichole: three people are dead after a pickup truck crashed to an wa wal-mart. the driver slammed through the doors of the store in pella, which is about an hour from des moines just after 10 this morning. investo thvictims' identities haven't been released. the driver of the truck is hurt. two hidden hostages gave a swat team in florida the distraction they needed to sto into a credit union this morning. lice say a 23-year-old man held 11 people hostage for two hours during a robbery in jacksonville. at one point, he put a gun to someone's head. when two people hiding tried to make a run for it, the swat team rushed in. no one was hurt, and the robber
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ben: anne marie zukowski says her horse summit received deep cuts from an animal she was sure was a cougar. but mountain lions are extremely re imassachusetts just two confirmed sightings in the last 20 years. zukowski, however, had evidence. >> i found a chunk of hair that was about that. it was stuck together a color. ed: a a lab at the university of florida confirms the sample is from a mountain lion. state wildlife experts are still looking into it. holiday lights glowing on the boston common. nichole: boston's official christmas tree getting a spectacular reveal tonight, and you saw it live right here on channel 5. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. [cheering and applauding] lit that tree! [cheering and applauding] ? ? ? ?
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? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? >> tha is how you ride the christmas tree. pretty mild tem force a all the people w came out to see this. ed: every ti i hear that siharvey, that was the bruins' muschen ways kid. isn't the beginning of december the beginning of meteorological indeed. yoareo crect. december, january, february, the we f that meteorologicalaverage. winter. we have gotten off to a mild start. afterall, was 5p earlier today in boston. was 61 in plymouth. 62 new hon done, connecticut. much above average ta to start. now december had average. the average high to start the month is 46. this is for boston. by the of the month, 38.
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nine inches. of course,very mildly so it is hard anything so i have quite a bit more. and west.ngs are higher north sunsets are a little bit tter by the end of the month. sp 44 degrees mperature now in boston. they, wind is 10 miles per . a little justier than that. it has gotten chillily to here it was earlier today. a different feel tomorrow morning. a lot cooler than it was anything close to that. chillier across the great lakes d that is our trend over the next couple of days. to show you the air is not that but even rain shower.showers that is proof that the air is not real, real cold airmass yet. temperatures in the 30's to start the day tomorrow then should top off around 5 boston. 40'sorth and est. that is about seven degrees cler than it was today. clouds. there will be sme at times in
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and could be operated again on saturday. overall, reasonable amount of sun over the next couple of days. each day a little bit chillier that includes sunday. we got dry weekend weekend to look forward to it. a lot of sunshine on sunday. a few clouds around he outer face at that time. the time we get to sunday pight. notice there there will be clds towest. some of those will drift across the skies monday.
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notice the trend in highs going down. sunday for the patriots' game. looks really nice. looks like it will be sun if i and sun if i and 39 and probably a 10 miles per hour wind. not too tough to take for early december then as w get to monday. it gets interesting. nothing more than few flurries. a weak system that will try to come at us along tuesday night aprobably just going to fall aparbefore it gets here. this is the cold front that will thursday of next week and following that, some of that cold air that will be building in the upper midwest and the plain states should be reaching out to the end of next week to the following weekend. this weekend looks like iwill be with about average. next weekend temperatures will probably be below average. nichole and eded?oks. >> thank you. you with il want topper that. ed: we're going to tell you
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the health benefits of drinking wine and there could be a drawbook the meetingoly glass of white wine. wine, but there could be a drawback to a nightly glass of white wine. nichole: a new studym melanoma. d red wine, or liquor wasn't found to researchers caution that this only ows an association between drinking white wine and cancer not a cause. >> mike lynch is back. back he is the operative word. gronk is facing surgery tomorrow. not a major procedure but the third time.
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>> yeah. he had one ? p is for privilege o is for ordinarily i wouldn't. l is for layers of luxury. a is for alll the way back. r is for read my mind. and i... can't see a thing.
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they released a joint up. this is the second straight year this hap pend. happened. him to play but will wait untilk after to make a final determination. more in los angeles, gronk will have surgery for hernnated isk. write, gronk began to experience
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the statement did not specify. the long pass. gronk played another series after he dove for the long pass here. by in the of the quarter, gronk was take taken to the locker ro. ey play on without gronk. here tom brady and jim gray. >> we understand the chal renning that i ahead and becomes more challenge when you lose such a great gronk, you know? i done think that any us are going to give up on what we're trying to accomplish. >> did you speak to gronk? >> no. pi have seen him the last few days. again, ou know, everyone is thinking about him and what he has gone through and a difficult sport. s hard to see people you care about and those injuries. has gone through the fair share but i know the results that he has and that wl never change with him. he will be as determined as ever
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>> sitting an plane on the six-hour flight to s angeles is no picnic other. you cannot sit down without standing up. >> ton the pbruins now to get treatment. it is not how you start but how you finish that counts. the won tonight's game in a shootout. no with a henderson out of norwood played at boston college. he gives the team 1-0 lead and something to care. here we go. under a >> drives. >> 41.5 to go! >> all right. they went to overtime. they went to a shootou both teams scored a goal and david scores right there. a piece of equipment lying on the ice somewhere down there. all right. we come down the other end and carolina cannot event or extend it.
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1:00. and a great piece of news for major league baseball. finally, part of the new collecti bargaining agreement reached last night. the all-star game will n longer determine who is homefield advantage. one of the silliest rules of all time. the winning team. the best regular season record gets homefield as it should be. wholeever wins theamerican league or the national lead. they get homefield advantage. >> amen. >> finally. >> one of th dumb >> just dumb, dumb, he has been all over that. >> from the beginning. you are right. >> all right. what do we have. we hit to the with weeke. a little bit chillier. really only back to normal. nothing crazy cold. pretty night bu chilly. and a little bit of wet weather mostlikely i think around wednesday and thursday next week. just after the seven days. much coer. much coer. much colder. any snow in the future? >> yes. am looking.
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street and two popular boston neighborhoods. the long-term goal of a new parking problem. pit starts at4:30 in the morning. >> meantime, have a great thursday night.
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"jimmy kimmel live"! tonight jake gyllenhaal hailee steinfeld the results of our youtube halloween challenge, and music from keith urban. and now, you know him you love him, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks to all you for coming. i hope you had a pleasant halloween.


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