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tv   News 7 at 5  CBS  January 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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tonight., plus details on a major warmup by the weekend. good evening i'm jean jadhon. norfolk southern corporation has announced disappointing financial results, and a cost-cutting plan that could eliminate two thousand jobs over the next four years. wdbj7's joe dashiell is following the story today, and he is in the studio with more on the railroad's announcement. jean, it was one year ago today, that norfolk southern announced it was closing its office building in downtown roanoke and consolidating or relocating 500 jobs. a year later, the effort to reduce costs and improve profits continues. the railroad announced financial results today. for the full year, profits were down by 20 percent. ceo jim squires also laid out a plan to save more than 650- million dollars a year by 2020, including the elimination of 2000 employees. jim squires/norfolk southern president: right now given current market dynamics, we are aggressivley bringing down
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fleet size. we are also pushing on fuel efficiency, closing or scaling back operations in yards and terminals and rationalizng secondary lines. all this is being done so that we can achieve target levels of profitablity. at the end of 2014, norfolk southern employed more than 29-thousand people systemwide. at this point, we don't know how many positions will be eliminated in western virginia. joe, is the decline of coal to blame for the company's disappointing results? jean, it's certainly a factor. the company says a weak global export market, record high temperatures in the east and low natural gas prices cut coal revenues by 20 percent in the 4th quarter. and the plan to downsize the railroad includes cutitng employees in areas affected by lower coal traffic. the bad news hasn't spooked investors, though. norfolk southern closed higher today on the new york stock exchange. police are searching
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blacksburg. nichole lovell, who is 13, was last seen early this morning on fairfax road. police say she is without her daily medication needed after having a liver transplant. nichole has a tracheotomy scar on her throat and was last seen in pink and brown cowboy boots. if you have any information, call the blacksburg police department. warm-upwe are looking at a refreeze overnight it's can be a cold night the skies are clear just a little bit were expecting some more clout cover later on tonight to move back in but we a lot of melting done today is the view live right now from radford high school with the temperatures have been in the upper thirties for most of the day right now somewhere live weather stations beguiling commune up forty one degrees lexington forty three forty one here wtvj one of the we
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five degrees now overallthis is can a be one of those patterns will get this front that's off the coast that is can a stay there some moisture writing along that we are expecting i drive forecast through the day tomorrow there's another front the will come in early friday that may bring us just an isolated mountain snow showers but until then it's all about the cold mornings and the warm-up during the day impact us take a look at those overnight low temperatures is can a be quite cold when you wake up in the morning relook annette temperatures right around twenty s about twenty four degrees across year in the rona valley notice their the afternoon we warm-up considerably into the mid- forties so the key tonight why to for slick spots anything that melted today specially in the mountains drains down into the roads see could have some icy patches tomorrow morning will talk more about that we can warm-up in the seven-day plannermayor today to talk about the water crisis. rick synder, (r)mi: more is getting done. we're going to keep doing more. we are committed to the people of flint. i have told gov. synder that flint residents should not have to pay for water they are not using. the n-a-a-c-p is calling for a long- term solution to the
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suggests hiring flint's youth to distribute water bottles for minimum wage, instead of the national guard. the national guard is reportedly cutting back door to door distributions. it was a professor and a group of researchers from virginia tech who helped bring flint, michigan's water crisis to light. wdbj7's justin ward explains how their extensive testing brought national attention to the contaminated water. michigan leaders say tainted drinking water and it's effects in flint aren't going away anytime soon, and neither is this research team from virginia tech. wednesday the flint's mayor said she hired marc edwards, a virginia tech professor, to oversee all water testing done by the state and federal governments. these doctoral students joined a group of about 20 to uncover the problem after a concerned mother noticed something was wrong but wasn't having luck getting her message across to officials. william rhoads/virginia tech doctoral student: "we found out about it originally when a woman living in flint named leanne walters felt that she
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lead in her water." she wasn't the only one. the group got more than one hundred samples of water from homes, compared it to water from detroit, and tested it in pipes. christina devine/virginia tech doctoral student: "at the end of week three it was already 18 times more lead in that water than in the detroit water." it all started in 2014 when flint moved its water supply to the flint river. the poorly treated river water stripped lead from the pipes - putting it right in the drinking water of people in the city. in october the city stopped getting water from the river. this virginia tech group traveled there several times to get samples from homes. rebekah martin/virginia tech doctoral student: "you know a lot of people from the outside are looking in saying why don't they just leave flint, why don't they just move? a lot of them can't and a lot of them just don't want to. they're not going to walk out on a community just because there is an issue. they're going to try to stand up and fix it." the reseachers have been called hero's for their work. william rhoads: "i think we can look back at what we did and be extremely proud of what we did." justin ward/wdbj7
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gained international attention because of the research. he and the team are sharing their findings with the virginia tech community thursday night. in blacksburg, justin ward, wdbj7" we're learning more about a deadly shootout in oregon overnight, which could help end the occupation of a federal wildlife refuge by armed men. this video shows fbi agents and police intercepting militant leader ammon bundy and several other militia members on a oregon highway, not far from where they've occupied federal land since the start of the year. shots were fired, and bundy was arrested a spokeman for the protestors was killed, according to bundy's father. "ryan bundy had been shot in the arm lavoy finnican had been murdered. cold bloodedly murdered." ammon's brother ryan was shot but is expected to survive. at least 8 people connected to the armed protest were arrested yesterday on a federal felony charge of conspiracy to impede officers.
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his armed followers took control of the wildlife refuge. they claim the federal government is forcing ranchers to sell their land. an investigation is revealing disturbing new details in the southern california jail break. the three violent criminals who escaped friday from the maximum security jail apparently got a head start. guards didn't notice they were gone for about 16 hours. authorities are wondering how mandatory day and night checks at the orange county men's central jail failed to reveal they were missing. lt. jeff hallock / orange county sheriff pio: the sheriff is extremely troubled by the length of time it took to determine that the three inmates, housed in a maximum security jail, were unaccounted for. the men reportedly got away by exiting from the building's roof and rappelling down. officials say previous escapes from this jail over the years also involved the roof. the sheriff's department is calling this a "design flaw." donald trump is facing more heat after deciding to skip
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debate in iowa. he is refusing to take part in the fox news debate because they wouldn't pull megyn kelly as a moderator. trump's closest rival in the polls, senator ted cruz, mocked the choice on twitter. the republican frontrunner fired back by putting out a social media poll asking his supporters if he should attend. only 56 percent said he should follow through with the debate. on the democratic side, all three candidates have agreed to add another debate in new hampshire ahead of the primaries. a professional basketball player from virginia is home again healing from a season-ending acl tear. but she didn't need to come back to recover. wdbj7's eamon o'meara brings us why she chose to come home for the procedure. (maryah sydnor, professional basketball player) i was going on a fast break, side stepped the girl, and the next thing i know when i planted, felt that typical pop they talk about. finland's maryah sydnor hoped it wasn't serious. but got the bad news from the doctor. (maryah sydnor, professional basketball player) i lost it in his office, i
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cry often but that was one of those moments where it definitely happened. it was especially hard because it would mean time away from a game she's played since she was five. (maryah sydnor, professional basketball player) basketball is kind of me. it's what i do, it's how people identify me, and it's how i identify myself. so getting back to doing that and doing what i love, i'm so excited! but rather than stay in finland, the professional ball player chose to have her surgery at carilion clinic in radford. (dr. christofer catterson, orthopedic surgeon, carilion clinic) i drilled holes into the tibia and femur where the old acl was and i passed the graft through those holes and fixing them in each hole alowing the patella tendon now to be her anterior crucial ligament. it's a decision she says was best for her. (maryah sydnor, professional basketball player) coming over here, i think, pretty much was the easiest decision and definitely the smartest. just having all of my family around as a support system. (dr. christofer catterson, orthopedic surgeon, carilion clinic) i think you want to have good communication between the teams, between the surgeon and the physical therapy department, as well as the athlete. it's ideal for that type of environment. and that's what she has, with her physical therapy also at carilion.
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physical therapist) next week we'll start some jumping and running and sports specific exercises and that's when it's really going to vary from the general population. it's also different because maryah is used to much more physical activity. (casey st. clair, physical therapist) the hardest thing maryah, i think, has been more dealing with the injury and trying to slow her down to get everything healed before we can push her back again. (maryah sydnor, professional basketball player) i feel like i could go run a mile right now, i'd love to. but that's not the case. but her doctors say, it will be soon enough. (dr. christofer catterson, orthopedic surgeon, carilion clinic) she's doing excellent, she's an ideal patient, she's extremely motivated, as most professional athletes are. in radford, eamon o'meara wdbj7. a follow up tonight: virginia's department of health is now alerting doctors about the zika virus. a new form of therapy could take some of the pain out of cancer treatments. and no debit card, no problem, new technology could make things
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the virginia the virginia department of health has sent a letter to all doctors in the state alerting them about the zika virus. the letter is meant to ensure all
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date on the zika virus threat. the letter recommends doctors advise pregnant women not to travel to zika affected countries. if women have travelled and they report symptoms of zika virus disease such as fever, rash or pink eye, testing is recommended. carilion clinic's chief of infectious medicine says at this point the virus is not a threat for people who have not travelled outside the country. dr. thomas kerkering/carilion clinic section chief, infectious disease: in the united states at this time there is not a reason to forego pregnancy because of this threat in other areas of the world the zika virus has been linked to an increase to microcephaly which results in children with an underdeveloped brain and skull. british scientists say they have found a revolutionary new therapy to relieve bone cancer pain specialists at the institute of cancer research used high- intensity focused ultrasound to blast cells into patient's bones that were
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the heat from the ultrasound burns the nerve endings and kills the pain. 9 patients were treated with the technique known as trial. dr. nandita institute of cancer research, royal marsden hospital) these patients have usually had all forms of other treatment and nothing is working. while doctors targeted bone pain instead of the cancer itself - they hope to eventually use hifu prostate and breast cancer cells a campbell county group is trying to year-old building that serves as a symbol for their community. the historic courthouse in rustburg was built in the 1840's. cases were tried in the building until the 19-80's, when a modern courthouse was built nearby. today, the exterior needs significant upgrades. everything from woodwork to bricks and windows need to either be replaced for restored. the building is maintained jointly by the county government and the campbell county historical society, which is raising money for repairs.
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the property into a museum and they want the building preserved for use by the community. rob merryman/past president: "citizens of the community are coming back. they are using the building and we would like to see it become an integral part of the community once again." the historical society has raised about 75-thousand dollars for interior work. leaders of the group have asked the board of supervisors to fund repairs outside the building. if you don't have your debit card., jp-morgan chase says you can still make a withdrawal. just use a smart phone! the bank is upgrading its entire fleet of atms this year. it says one of the perks to the new machines is a function that allows customers to take money out of their account by tapping their phones to the atm. the technology used is the same one that allows apple-pay and other payment apps to work. the bank says the technology allows customers to use the machine even if they do not have their card with them if warmer weather is what you'll looking
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weekend is full of it. complete details of your first alert forecast
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planfrom start to finish a lotta melting going on over the past couple days it will refreeze tonight know that's can a be the main concern because we have this temperatures will be dropping fasten will take a look at some of the snowiest month so we typically haven't and if you look back at the a past thirty years of the thirty-year averages february is consistently are snow we is month with the to linda 6.3 for that month and they can a drops off in the margin in april but not the question to get some march storms and even in april we get over the past couple years of a normal season brings about eighteen
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valley to so far here wtvj with measured thirteen. five just that into perspective temperatures in the forties right now across roanoke and lynchburg also the danville relook annette mid thirties as we had toward the west and also tore the allegheny highlands our front it's off that's the coast. this is can a stay here the jetstream is moving right along that front soaks all of the moisture will stay down here for the time being but tomorrow in the and him and and early fridays can arrive ride along that front and others us some thinking it we may have some clouds out of at a that but that's about it but the other thing what a sherry is how far this moisture is pretty much coming from sin all way off of the pacific it's and el nio pattern we been seeing with that pacific moisture come in all the way across mexico into the golf and the riding ride up the eastern seaboard that's why we got a pretty much socks full of moisture with that snowstorm there we had last week so got partly cloudy skies tonight again anything that melted today will refreeze with lows in the teens in the low twenties and very cold start a sherry the model here's below the
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front. notice how this rain it's close to us especially towards martinsville danville can't rely the sprinkle or two tomorrow but unthinking most areas will stay dry the clouds a move in during the afternoon and then by tomorrow evening they begin to move out as this low departs then on friday early in the morning another weak disturbance totally unrelated to the one off the coast and moving to the mountains that's can a bring a few isolated snow showers to the ski country maybe some flurries elsewhere that's about it a clear out and dry out for always through the weekend pretty much with a warm-up a big-time once by saturday and sunday so some early clouds on thursday then slow clearing their the afternoon looking at temperatures anywhere from forty and blacksburg thirty eight in hot springs in the low forties for roanoke lynchburg and also the
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arm-upif you're looking for to some warmer temperatures is committed at a great time for the weekend 40s which is about were we'd expect in the be for on thursday and friday and then by saturday sunday monday those highs he declined well into the 50s. in fact we could get sixties across the area as we get into next week just an isolated shower chance on monday and of course the groundhog pop in on the ground there hotspot on the ground there on tuesday. it is groundhog day with partly cloudy skies another shower chance coming up on wednesday shadow are no shadow will find out gene. we've artie had are snow the wednesday means it's time for hometown hoops weekly. today we'll meet one of the country's most highly touted recruits, and he plays in our
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basketball players in our area with more acclaim than virginia episcopal school's sacha killeya-jones. zac glover has the story of one of the country's top up- and-comers in this edition of hometown
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zac glover: recently named one of only 24 mcdonald's all- americans, virginia episcopal school big man, sacha killeya- jones is one of the top high school basketball recruits in the country. sacha killeya-jones, ves power forward: "it really takes you places that you never really thought you would go. i've been to la, vegas, new york. it's taken me all of florida, atlanta, and texas. i like going out there and taking on different teams every night. i like playing against the other top-ranked guys, and guys ranked ahead of me. you know, just go out there and compete with the best, and try to show yourself, improve yourself every time you go out on the floor." curtis staples, ves head coach: "sacha's a legitimate 6'10" with shoes off. he's able to face the basket, handle the ball. it makes him extremely hard to guard." zac glover: ves head coach, curtis staples, was also a highly-touted player coming out of roanoke's patrick henry high school, and went onto a successful career at uva. sacha killeya-jones: "he's been a nationally-ranked guy, he was at oak hill, a mcdonald's all-american, set records in college in the acc, went to the nba, played overseas. he's been everywhere in the basketball world you
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of the most common denomenators in our similar paths is just the work ethic. sacha works extremely hard, and i did the same growing up." zac glover: and while sacha was, at first, going to follow in his coach's footsteps by committing to play at virginia, he has since changed his mind, signing with kentucky. sacha killeya-jones: "i had just taken a visit to virginia, and i really liked it, and i still like virginia a lot. coach bennett was great with me, and i committed, and i didn't really think a whole lot about it. i started to think about it, and talk to my parents a little bit more. we figured we should just take a step back. i really thought, after my visit, coach calipari and kentucky would really be the best fit for me." zac glover: and though kentucky leads the ncaa with most players drafted since 2005, sacha says he isn't getting too far ahead of himself. sacha killeya-jones: "that's my goal, to get to the nba and get drafted. but i don't want to make too big of a leap. you want to focus day by day, and what's right ahead of you right now. so right now, that's a state championship." zac glover: in lynchburg, zac
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the market sank into triple digit losses today on wall street. the dow fell 223 points. nasdaq lost 99. and the s and p
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president is getting a lot of attention for his endorsement of a presidential candidate. jerry falwell junior is throwing his personal support behind donald trump. when falwell released a statement yesterday backing trump, his words made national headlines. falwell sat down with our tim saunders this
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local interview on the topic. you hear from him tonight on wdbj7 at 6. for the latest weather anytime, turn to our webpage at and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter for weather headlines and more at wdbj7weather. thank you for choosing your hometown news leader, wdbj7.
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