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tv   Early Mornin  CBS  January 28, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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the outage. good morning, it's just after 5 o'clock on thursday, january 28. watch for black ice followed by increasing sunshine and warmer temperatures. highs near 46. police in roanoke are looking for a
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investigators say no one has heard from jonathan kent since last week. his co-workers reported him missing on monday. call roanoke police if you have any information. police are continuing the search for a missing girl in blacksburg. nichole lovell , who is 13, was last seen yesterday morning on fairfax road. police say she doesn't have the medicine she needs after having a liver transplant. nichole has a tracheotomy scar on her throat and was last seen in pink and brown cowboy boots. if you have any information, call the blacksburg police department. police say the person wanted for killing a man and abducting a woman late last week in amelia county, died after shooting himself in massachusetts. investigators say it happened when police there tried to arrest dana william during a search warrant yesterday. now asking the
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abduction victim olene brooks. police say her husband, woodell brooks was found dead in their home. before the abduction, investigators say william zip-tied, duct-taped and held her family hostage at gun point. people in some neighborhoods across our area are concerned after going several days without getting their mail following last week's snow storm. w-d-b-j-7's khiree stewart spoke with those neighbors, and tells us what's likely causing the problem. 10:36:25 - 10:36:30 "just concerned about what could be coming in that i need to take care of." roy forbes sorts through several letters for the first time in days. he and others on ridgecrest drive said they haven't received mail since thursday... the day before last week's snow storm. 10:34:44 - 10:34:50 "we have bills and regular stuff that comes in that we need to pay and we just kind of wonder about them." 00:02:56 - 00:03:04 "our employees go to work. they try to get the mail delivered everyday. they're at the mercy of whatever the plow crews are able to do themselves." tad kelley is a spokesman for the united states postal service. he says part of the reason could have to
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near mailboxes, walkways, and some of the rural and secondary roads. kelley said they don't want mail carriers to risk slipping or falling on ice or snow. 00:08:29 - 00:08:41 "we see injuries rising because employees take a little bit too extra of a chance to try and make delivery. we don't want that to happen and i'm sure our customers don't want that to happen either." ((gfx over b-roll)) kelley suggests you make sure curbside mailboxes are clear of snow so mail trucks can approach the box. he says walkways should be clear of snow and ice to prevent falls... and roadside boxes should be free of any obstacles. forbes said it was frustrating, but he also doesn't want anyone risking their safety. 10:36:40 - 10:36:47 "i think it's evident when you look out there and see the snow that's piled up in front of the boxes, you can understand." khiree stewart, wdbj7 kelley said he expects all mail deliveries to be back to normal today.
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resigned. submitted his letter tuesday. martin was the case against randy taylor, who is serving time for the death of nelson county teenager alexis murphy. assistant commonwealth's will serve as the interim commonwealth's attorney until a special election can be held to elect a permanent replacement. a community in moneta is finding out the hard way, just how much they rely on the internet. residents and businesses say they've been without their verizon dsl internet for two weeks now. they weren't getting any answers so they reached out to wdbj7 for help, and verizon responded. check on it and they said the internet was down it back up that
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going on for two weeks. i call them everyday." o'malley: we've got so many people on the dsl network in that specific location and they're using that service so much that we've just reached capacity in that location" verizon tells us they are now expiditing the process to add new equipment and run new fiber into the area. the company expects everything to be in place and operational in about two weeks. however, residents and businesses will continue to see problems until it's finished. the mayor of flint, michigan says she's hired a virginia tech professor to oversee all water testing done by the state and federal governments. marc edwards and a team of researchers from virginia tech helped bring the city's water crisis to light after a mother discovered high levels of lead in her water. the team from blacksburg found alarmingly high rates of lead in the water - 18 times more than what was found in detroit's water. researchers are calling for more strict regulations on water throughout the country after working with this issue first hand. william doctoral student: "all this national attention that we're getting,
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going to help push the changes that we need to make in how we regulate and monitor for lead to make those changes." edwards and the team of researchers are sharing their findings with the virginia tech community tonight at seven in goodwin hall. it will also be streaming live online. three local organizations are now working together to make sure the underserved are given a chance at a better life. at a press conference yesterday, leaders of those organizations announced the creation of arch - which stands for, advocate, rebuild, change and heal was announced. arch is a merger between the non- profits, trust house and bethany hall with the help of united way of the roanoke valley. leaders say the collaboration of services will change lives. afira devires/ceo united way of roanoke valley "it's a positive thing for the health and human service sector, it's a positive for those who are needing that service, needing that intervention and it's actually a really wonderful thing for those who are investing in the work." ali hamed- moore/arch executive director "i'm hoping to see a bigger, stronger agency that can deliver more services to the most vulnerable people we
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started more than a year ago. black ice could be a problem on the roads again this morning. in your i-hometown traffic report, we'll let you know where the trouble spots might be. plus how a group in campbell county is trying to save a building that's more than 150 years old. and, a controversial plan to move two old slave houses is getting more attention in botetourt county. it's time for another season of the national syndicated concert series song we're live with host
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later on wdbj-7. 40s. isolated snows
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an accident is i-81 north in montgomery county. the route four-60 we're still seeing minor icy patches on roads in the new river valley and the none of those problem spots are on the highways or main roads, but you may run into slick areas on bridges and ramps. two construction you down this 29. in pittsylvania county, the southbound left lane goodyear boulevard ramp for another 45 minutes. there's also bridge work on route 29 in amherst county around north main street near the off- ramp. one southbound is closed there for the next 45 minutes. this is a live look at i-77 in bland county from a virginia department of transportation camera. there are no major problems on that highway so far this morning. a campbell county group is trying to preserve a 170- year-old building that serves as a symbol for their community. the historic courthouse in
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the 1840's. cases were tried in the building until the 19-80's, when a modern courthouse was built nearby. now the exterior needs significant upgrades. everything from woodwork to bricks and windows need to either be replaced for restored. the building is maintained jointly by the county government and the campbell county historical society, which is raising money for repairs. members of the group have turned the property into a museum and they want the building preserved for use by the community. rob merryman/past president: "citizens of the community are coming back. they are using the building and we would like to see it become an integral part of the community once again." the historical society has raised about 75-thousand dollars for interior work. leaders of the group have asked the board of supervisors to fund repairs outside the building. the botetourt county board of supervisors is creating a preservation advisory commitee to help with the relocation of two slave houses on the former greenfield plantation. wdbj7's noell saunders has an update on why some people still aren't happy about the
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botetourt county is need of the community help with one it's oldest historical sites. "the greenfield preservation advisory commission will consist of citizens, representatives from community groups, historical preservation groups as well as technicalogical experts" but that's not sitting well with cheryl sullivan willis. willis is a descendent of the slaves who lived on the property more than 200 years ago. "to move them somewhere else kind of takes away lose it all. it doesn't just kind of takes it away the historical value and authenticity that they have where they are right now" willis says moving the slave houses would affect many people. "it doesn't just affect my family members eventhough i am unconditionally biased because it does affect family members" when the greenfield land was purchased more than 20 years ago the intention was to make it available for recreational and education use with the majority of it going toward an industrial business
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botetourt county has altered that plan. "in seeking to balance the needs for historical preservation and economic development the board feels that they have made the best decision possible for the situation to balance all of those competing needs" willis says she was also concerned about the possible gravesites that may be on the land. but the county has insured that if graves are present with care. "we need to tell the whole story of our history" noell saunders, wdbj7 there is no set date to when the houses will be moved. both of them will be placed at at historical preservation site about a mile from where they originally stand. the roanoke valley governor's school is celebrating 30 years of excellence this year. students here spend have their day in normal curriculum classes and then focus on accelerated stem-based learning. during january, students don't have normal classes here. they concentrate on enterprised projects to showcase later in
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interested in the medical field, engineering, or students, their leaders believe they'll have a firm foundation for the future. cindy it shows the state of virginia and the roanoke students and working with these students everyday makes me feel hopeful and optimistic about the future." these projects will be showcased during a forum on february 6-th. a museum in our area is in desperate need of a new roof! how you can help, next. and calling all bus riders! a new survey is underway in the new river valley.
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they need your input. 539grab that heavy jacket hat and gloves once again was starting off in the teens and twenties yep twenty four roanoke forty two alanna thirty two chicago new york city coming in at thirty three
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colder than that with the melting that we had yesterday we also that refreeze overnight so again take it easy is you heading out on the roadways today would indices slightly warmer weather building in today tomorrow relatively cold can see there the weather bug site across our area all reporting temperatures pretty much in the teens right now so that's why we saw that refreeze overnight clouds in around the region will see those dissipating from time to time but would that coastal storm developing off the southeastern coast that will throw a few more clouds in our general direction will call it a partly sunny day so overall you can see on the fitness forecast sunrise seven twenty six be heading out for walker jog this morning deftly want to dress accordingly and watch out for that black ice and him we warm back up into the mid forties as we head through the
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start to thicken backup as we go little clipper system. that's can a rotate through the region that could squeeze out just enough moisture out of the atmosphere that we will see a few snow showers especially back in the mountains a west virginia tonight into early tomorrow morning but even to the ronald valley newer valley could see a couple snow showers drive through but you notice western facing slopes pocahontas greenbrier county the main area we a see some accumulating snow far southwest virginia in the highest elevations might see a coating to inch or so but that is about it partly sunny today pleasant temperatures in the mid 40s tonight we'll see snow showers especially in the mountains mostly cloudy lows in the twenties and low thirties seven day planner not bad friday but chilly forty one and then look at the we can mostly sunny highs in the mid to upper fifties low sixties possible on monday groundhog day tuesday fifty seven degrees with about a thirty percent chance for shower that will psych it's can a take place later on in the day so maybe y'll be enough sunshine that goal groundhog see his shadow we are danville needs a new roof! with the snow, ice and then the warm weather--- the roof is leaking water in its future education center. the director says they patch different parts of the roof almost every year. but right now, it's
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extremely important, for the growth of the museum, for the collections sake. for educational purposes, we definitely want to fix the roof. leaders say this will not be an easy task. the new roof will cost upwards of six hundred thousand dollars. they are working to find grants and have created a go-fund- me account. head to wdbj7 dot com for more information. do you ride public transportation in the new river valley? a group researching routes wants to hear about your ride. the new river valley regional commission is conducting a survey to find out which bus stops are used the most and what routes overlap. the findings and suggestions from the survey will help enhance the appearance and accessibility at those bus stops. elijah sharp/nrv regional commission planning director: "part of this process is for us to discover and really make folks aware in the community that there are these overlaps and ultimately that extends their service area and accessibility to public transit." there are four public transit systems in the new river valley. sharp says each transit system has found a slight
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the survey is available through february 5th. a link is on our website, wdbj7- dot-com. the virginia tech hokies try to snap a two game losing streak against louisville. we'll have highlights from last night's game, next in sports. and, work continues at levi stadium to
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super bowl. increasing sunshine and warmer temperatures. highs near 46. the hokies played another tight game in the acc last night and roanoke college fell in odac action. here's travis wells with highlights. good thursday morning everybody. virginia tech has dropped its last 2
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column against 16th-ranked louisville last night. the hokies hosting the cardinals for the first time since 1995, looking to snap a 10-game losing streak in the series. hokies rocking the pink shoes and pink trim for cancer awareness. early on, tech off to the solid start. seth allen gets to the rack for 2. he scored the hokies' first six points tonight. then it's jalen hudson, pushing ion transition, and how about the acrobatic finish that gave tech a 12-7 adavantage and the crowd was into it. justin bibbs then got freed up for a long 3 point bomb in the corner pocket. that tickles the twine. zach leday then goes right down the lane and banks it off the window. but the cardinals went on a 19 to 6 run to end the half. the hokies simply had no answer for damion lewis as louisville went on to win it 91 to 83. zach leday/scored 20 points vs. louisville: oh yeah, that was the game. they shot a whole lot of threes and made a whole lot of threes. that's not usually what happens so that was just random. we contested and played as hard as we can. we're just gonna keep on getting better and better and move on from
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allen/scored 26 points vs. louisville: they hit some big shots. they got going and got in a rhythm early and anytime you get in a rhythm and you're on the road, i feel like they got confidence too early and that's what it was. in salem, roanoke college hosted randolph in the odac. the visiting wildcats were in control from the outset. seth wimbish with the blow by and the hard earned bucket in traffic. reid jacoby then beats his man off the dribble for two more on the easy lay in and randolph led by as many as 15 in the first half. roanoke went nearly 12 minutes without a single field goal, this one on the dish from cj miles to dustin hassell for the reverse lay in. then just before the half john caldwell gets a 3 ball to go down. roanoke battled back to force overtime but randolph won it 91 to 86. have a great day everybody. i'm travis wells, wdbj7. the work continues on the super bowl stadium for next month's big game. take a look at levi's stadium, just outside of san francisco. yesterday workers added logos and hashmarks to the field.
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panthers and denver broncos will take the field february 7-th to determine who will be the n-f-l champion. this weekend pre- game and half-time entertainment will start rehearsing. don't expect to see donald trump at tonight's g-o-p debate in iowa. the "re-match" of sorts his main rival ted cruz is proposing this weekend. federal agents are trying to get the remaining armed occupiers to end their siege at a wildlife refuge in oregon. the charges the anti-government group's leader and several militia members are now facing. and, how the so- called "duct tape
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in seattle. on as planned, without donald trump. marlie hall has the latest from des moines, iowa, where the republican presidential frontrunner plans to hold his own event.
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just hours away...donald trump is still refusing to attend... clear wednesday night... in an appearance on fox news. (o'reilly) will you just consider, i want you to it. (trump) bill, this is much tougher being with you, because frankly you're smarter. this is much tougher than doing a debate with megyn kelly, believe (vo gilbert, sc -nat/sot- i got a very unfair question from somebody, but we don't need to talk about that at an event in south carolina earlier-- trump continued to take aim at the fox news host moderating the event. while in des moines -- chief rival ted cruz -- once again challenged him -- one-on-one: ted cruz) i'm going to propose a venue, western iowa tech, saturday night in sioux city, we already have it reserved. (marlie hall/ cbs news/ des moines, ia) while his republican counterparts are on the debate stage, trump will be here on the campus of drake university. even students who don't support the outspoken candidate are excited about what they're calling the anti-debate
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student body president, drake university) you him, but as an american citizen, it worries me if he's unable to stand up to one reporter it really how he's going to america great again. trump's camp says he'll hold a fundraiser for campus of drake university tonight. at least one veterans group -- the iraq and afghanistan veterans of america -- announced they will decline donations from the event. marlie hall cbs news des moines, iowa. the president of liberty university is explaining his decision to endorse donald trump for president. jerry falwell junior made the announcement on tuesday, and says it was a personal show affiliated with liberty. he says trump either him or the for the endorsement. falwell says he likes trump's business credentials and best person to improve america's economy. junior/liberty university president: "we're in such desperate straights as a nation that we need somebody who has
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a citizen falwell's endorsement does not apply to the rest of his family. his brother jonathan, who pastors thomas road baptist church, has put out a statement saying he presidential candidates. democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders was in washington yesterday to meet with president obama. sanders praised the president for "being democratic candidates, by not endorsing any one of them. the vermont senator says the two sat down to talk politics to domestic policies. sanders says they don't always see eye to eye, but president obama has always had his support. bernie sanders/(d) presidential candidate: "by and large over it is last seven years on major issue after major issue, i have stood by his side to where he has taken on unprecedented republican obstructionism, has tried to do the right thing for the american people." recent polls put sanders and clinton neck-and-neck in iowa, just days ahead of the
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w/stinger)) justgood morning kimberly good morning everyone once again yesterday we had temperatures in the forties of the snow continue to million those puddles in the roadways and then teens and twenties overnight everything refreeze a so use caution out there story for them form ronald 29 lynchburg danville 26 had out in the blacksburg area coming in in the upper teens a little farther outside of our area bristol twenty one charlottesville twenty five washington dc check it out only thirteen richmond reporting a temperature at this hour of twenty six we have some showers along the southeastern coastline that coastal storm we been talking about all week heading up toward the northeast staying away from our area but close enough will try to throw some clouds in our direction and him we have a clipper system
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showers in the mountains awest early tomorrow morning but overall today. not looking bad depending on your location, temperatures topping out mid degrees here and there over mentioned yesterday, temperatures look like they don't think winter is over by along so looks like by say mid average that cooler pattern comes back into play now are will snowiest month on average just meaning into that rainout even though the first week will be warm does mean the entire week will normal season for snow in roanoke eighteen inches so far we got and thirteen five now this is from friday and saturday storm alone forecast for today mid forties partly sunny for the roanoke valley lynchburg center virginia partly sunny head down toward southern virginia mid to upper forties with a mix of sun and clouds newer valley southwest your temperatures will be in the low to mid forties you see more clouds later today snow showers tonight highlands greenbrier valley west virginia you'll see some pretty good snow showers overnight but today not bad thirties and low forties 30s
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and clouds seven day planner partly sunny friday a chilly day and then check it out saturday sunday monday mid upper 50s. some lower 60s groundhog day could see a shower late in the afternoon but overall still looking good would, temperatures in the fifties river average high this time beard forty six would a be well above that and high some like occupation of a federal wildlife refuge in oregon. the anti-government group's leader and several militia members now face felony charges and will remain in jail after a deadly shootout with fbi agents and oregon state troopers tuesday night. leader ammon bundy's brother ryan was shot, and the militia's spokesperson lavoy finicum was killed. federal agents have set up road blocks and surrounded the refuge where the remaining armed occupiers are refusing to end the siege. dave ward/ harney county sheriff: "we don't arm up and rebel. we work through the appropriate channels. this can't happen anymore." greg bretzing/ fbi special agent in charge of oregon: "these individuals have chosen to threaten and intimidate the
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profess to love." ammon bundy issued a statement asking the remaining protestors "to stand down" and "go home." it's estimated there could be anywhere from 10 to as many as 3-dozen armed occupiers still set up at the refuge. in newly released documents, prosecutors claim boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev showed "the opposite of remorse" when he was captured. tsarnaev was convicted last year and sentenced to death for his role in the 20-13 attack that killed three people and hurt more than 260. at his sentencing hearing, he said he was sorry for the lives he took and the suffering he caused. prosecutors argued they should be allowed to use the statements to challenge the testimony from the penalty phase of his trial. the widow of an illinois police officer who killed himself last year and tried to make it look like a murder has been indicted. she's facing six federal charges for her role in her late husband's theft of charity funds. melodie gliniewicz turned herself in yesterday. her husband was accused of stealing thousands from a
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explorers program fund. he shot himself back in september, but made it look like he was shot by suspects he was chasing. police say the couple used the money to go on vacation. gliniewicz's atttorney says she was a victim of her husband's secret crimes. she's being held on 50-thousand dollar bond. a charleston judge has ruled that 600 residents will be called to court as potential jurors in the trial of dylann roof. roof is accused of killing nine during a deadly shooting at the emanuel a-m-e church. experts say the large pool is no surprise given how is. a computer will randomly select the participants from a list of locals who are registered voters, or have valid licenses or i-ds. a seattle mother is warning parents about the "duct tape challenge" after her son was seriously hurt. doctors say the teen after letting friends duct tape his arms and legs. taken to the hospital with multiple injuries including a brain sarah fish/skylar's mother: "when he fell, he hit the corner of the window frame. it
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eye socket and pinched off nerves in his eye." doctors say its unclear whether the boy will get his vision back in that eye. he says he's happy to be alive and hopes others can learn from his mistake. the company behind the high tech fitness tracker fitbit is being sued for fraud. according to the lawsuit, two of the company's heart rate monitors don't accurately measure your heart rate. that could be dangerous for people who need to keep close tabs on that information for health reasons. consumer reports tested fitbit's products and found that the fitbit charge h-r would give inaccurate readings during higher intensity workouts, depending on where the strap was put on the arm. testers say that if you follow fitbit's directions and wear the device in the right place, the monitor is correct. be careful as you head out on the roads this morning. your i-hometown traffic report is coming up after the break. we're chatting with song of the mountains host tim white about our
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next on wdbj-7.
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40s. isolated snows showers tonight. an accident is blocking one lane of i-81 north in montgomery county near the route four-60 exit. there isn't a backup yet, but you'll want to expect delays. we're still seeing minor icy patches on roads in the new river valley and the roanoke valley. none of those problem spots are on the highways or main roads, but you may run into slick areas on bridges and ramps. road work is scheduled to come to an end tomorrow afternoon in henry county. sandy river road is
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philpott highway to cozy lane. bridge work could slow you down on route 29 in amherst county. one southbound lane is closed around north main street near the off-ramp. it should re-open in about 20 minutes. southwest virginia and the appalachian region are known for bluegrass and old- time music heritage. song of the mountains, a nationally syndicated concert series in marion, will bring that music heritage to the rest of the country once again this year. wdbj-7's shayne dwyer is here with us this morning with song of the mountains host tim white. good morning shayne. good morning kimberly. song of the mountains brings that taste of culture to 52 million people every year. as you said with me this morning is host tim white, a man who has joined us here many times before. tim, this concert series has a long storied history, how did it get started and what did it develop into? (tim white): how does a taping work?
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why is this show so intertwined with southwest virginia?
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a little bit later this morning tim will tell us more about the upcoming season and perform for us too. it's the first time that transgender student federal court of appeals. says it's about more than just the use of a restroom. and a picture of the world trade center a nine- year- old drew is still treasured by one woman for
5:38 am
15 years after 9-11. tonighttemperatures this morning starting off on the
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air still locked up well into canada no worries for us anytime soon but still teens and twenties we get the snow mill yesterday causing some problems out on the roadways this morning 24 roanoke 33 new york city thirty two chicago down to atlanta reporting a temperature of forty two degrees a little bit closer home looking across the campus of virginia tech finding a few clouds out there temperature though on the chilly side 17 the good news is winds are calm so don't have a windchill to worry about this morning visibility not all that bad. we're finding a few low clouds here and there more the way of clouds streaming in our direction from the gulf of mexico we have that low that's developing right now that's can be heading up toward the northeast away from our area not really have to worry about any precipitation but will throw some clouds in our direction this afternoon and him we of a little clipper system driving in a later tonight that will bring some snow showers but if you find yourself outside predawn over the next couple weeks and you have clear skies checking i you mailed see five planets
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jupiter you start down to the south mercury will be right at the horizon and then start turning more toward the north jupiter will be the one highest in the sky something to check out that low exits frontal boundary comes through that clipper system snow showers other than that were finding relatively quiet conditions today partly sunny mid forties you notice a little bit warmer as he head toward martinsville and mostly cloudy couple snow showers here and there temperature twenties and low thirties and your first alert wtvj seven day planner forty one on friday and him we jump into the fifties over the we can mid to upper 50s in fact mostly sunny monday looking good and then later tuesday early wednesday a few rain showers driving to the area but temperatures still well above the 30 year average argued in richmond. this marks the first time arguments involving transgender students was presented to a federal court of appeals. last year, the gloucester county school board voted to deny gavin grimm's request for permission to use the boys' bathroom
5:41 am
grimm was born a female, but identifies of a male. grimm says this battle is about much more than just using a certain restroom. gavin grimm: "to me this is one way that the school is saying we don't believe that who you are is legitimate and that is something that is very offensive to me." the school also built several unisex private restrooms for all students to use. grimm's attorney says gender should be determined by psychology, and the way one feels and presents him or herself to the world. a decision on the case is expected within weeks. prices for coffee beans are at their lowest in two years, but experts say don't expect to save money. a pound of arabica coffee, like the type served at starbucks, has fallen by a third in just the last year. and officials in brazil say coffee farmers will have a larger than normal harvest. analysts say a rise in wages across the country affects all stores, even down to your local coffee shop. that will keep prices right where they are. if you don't have your debit card, j-p morgan chase says you can still make a withdrawal with your
5:42 am
the bank is upgrading its atms this year. one of the new updates planned is a function that lets customers take money out of their account, by tapping their phones to the atm. it's the same technology that allows apple-pay, and other similar apps to work. the bank says it doesn't replace the debit card, but allows customers to use the machine, even if they don't have their card with them. aaron lyles was just 9 years old, when he drew a picture of the world trade center during a visit to famous anthony's restaurant. 15 years later, he met the customer who has treasured the picture ever since. the simple drawing still packs an emotional punch for wendy jones. jones worked for the financial services firm morgan stanley in 2001. she lost friends in the september 11th terrorist attack on the world trade center. the drawing she first saw on the wall of the famous anthony's near tanglewood mall became a treasured keepsake. wendy jones: "as time goes, you still remember. it gets easier, but this picture has always been something that i have turned to." aaron lyles: "20, 30 minutes here at a table at famous anthony's, and to find out it's
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office for all this time, it's incredible." famous anthony's has been asking customers to share the restaurant. when company leaders heard from jones, they began searching for the artist. lyles doesn't actually remember completing the drawing, but says he's happy that it has held special meaning for someone else. how much would you pay for a picture of a potato? this photograph, taken by celebrity photographer kevin abosch, recently sold at auction for more than 1-million dollars. he's known for his portraits of famous people like yoko ono and malala yousafzai. he typically charges up to half-a-million dollars for his work. a european businessman reportedly bought the potato print for 1- million euros last year. if the sale is verified, it will be the 15-th most expensive photo ever sold. in hometown health, a new form of therapy could take some of the pain out of cancer treatments. plus, virginia's department of health is now alerting doctors about the
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what they're recommending for
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now on wdbj7 in 19-16, president woodrow wilson nominates the first jewish judge to the supreme court. in 19-73, a cease- fire goes into effect in the vietnam war. in 19-85, american recording artists gather to record "we are the world". on this day in 19-86, the space shuttle "challenger" explodes. and in 2006, actor clint eastwood is honored by the directors guild of america. watch for black ice followed by increasing sunshine and warmer temperatures. highs
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british scientists say they have found a revolutionary new therapy to relieve bone cancer pain specialists at the institute of cancer research used high- intensity focused ultrasound to blast cells into patient's bones that were causing them pain. the heat from the ultrasound burns the nerve endings and kills the pain. 9 patients were treated with the technique known as 'hifu 'in a clinical trial. dr. nandita desouza/institute of cancer research: "these patients have usually had all forms of other treatment, and nothing is working." while doctors targeted bone pain instead of the cancer itself - they hope to eventually use hifu as a tool to kill prostate and breast cancer cells the virginia department of health has sent a letter to all doctors in the state alerting them about the zika virus. the letter is meant to ensure all physicains are up to date on the zika
5:47 am
the letter recommends doctors advise pregnant women not to travel to zika affected countries. if women have travelled and they report symptoms of zika virus disease such as fever, rash or pink eye, testing is recommended. carilion clinic's chief of infectious medicine says at this point the virus is not a threat for people who have not country. kerkering/carilion section chief, in the united states not a reason to forego pregnancy because of this threat in other areas of the world. the zika virus has been linked to an increase in microcephaly , which results in children with underdeveloped brains and skulls. here's a look at what's trending on twitter this morning. michigan's governor has admitted that there aren't any plans to replace the corroded lead pipes in flint. experts say removing those pipes is the only way to stop lead from getting into the water supply. -------- klay thompson helped the golden state warriors get a win against the dallas mavericks last night.
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in the 127-107 win. -------- and, former supermodel tyra banks is now a mom! with the help of a surrogate, she and her boyfriend had a little boy. according to tmz, the little boy's name is york banks asla. blacksburg police are asking for your help in the search for a missing girl and a community in moneta has gone without internet access for two weeks. why verizon says
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so long to fix. abduction of a woman in amelia county is now dead. who they're now asking the public to help them find. flint, michigan's mayor has hired a virginia tech professor to oversee water testing. why flint's lead problem might lead to tighter water restrictions across the country. plus, it's national school choice week. in early years, the benefits of smaller, private schools, and how they could be more affordable than
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