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body inside. further investigation led them to another home a few blocks away. police say there was a person with a gun there who refused to come out of the house. after several hours of attempted negotiations, police entered the home and found five other bodies, including that armed person. police say all six people appear to be family members. a follow up now: police say the person wanted for killing a man and abducting a woman in amelia county, died after shooting himself in massachusetts. investigators say it happened when police there tried to arrest dana william yesterday. investigators are now asking the public for help finding abduction victim olene brooks. police say her husband, woodell brooks was found dead in their home. before the abduction, investigators say william zip-tied, duct-taped and held her family hostage at gun point. new at noon: the fbi is now involved in the search for a missing girl in blacksburg. nichole lovell , who is 13, was last seen yesterday morning on fairfax road. police say she doesn't have the medicine she needs after having a liver
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tracheotomy scar on her throat and was last seen in pink and brown cowboy boots. if you have any information, call the blacksburg police department. police in roanoke are looking for a missing man. investigators say no one has heard from jonathan kent since last week. his co-workers reported him missing on monday. call roanoke police if you have any information. we have a school announcement to tell you about this afternoon. riverlawn elementary in pulaski county closed at noon due to what school officials say is a heating issue. n sunday but we do have a weather blog site at fairlawn and river lawn elementary school look at the beautiful blue skies but was shut out the temperature there
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good thing our clothing and is still there virtually outside other places the woman in the twenties like lewisburg but we have risen now above freezing and went for thirty nine degrees and handle right now and forty seven degrees this afternoon towards galax improvements though on on the feasibility board fog has lifted so concerned with the slick spot, rose anymore this morning i was there they concern earlier today we're sandwiched between two systems one bringing a lot of ranging from georgia and south carolina that form will say to the south and east of moscow we are turning to our next system which is a clipper system and will sleep very fast of the masonry if you mountain snow showers for area as well as those gusting winds temperatures today will top of the low forties and we fall into the thirties and forties overnight so i am tracking a few mountain snow showers will have the virginia lottery will present 1 million dollars to a powerball winner in salem this afternoon. the ticket was point 5 billion dollar jackpot drawing at roanoke boulevard
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today the lottery will present the winner with her prize at the store. the presentation is at 1 o'clock. we plan to live stream it on our website, happening right now the virginia employment commission is holding a hiring event. companies like coca-cola, kroger, of roanoke are employees. brambleton center in it ends at 1pm. be sure to bring your resume if you attend. we have continuing on tonight's upcoming g-o-p debate in iowa. republican hopefuls will make their pitch during the last debate before the caucuses. weijia jiang is in des moines to explain why donald trump says he won't be among them. republicans will hold their last debate four days before the iowa caucuses...without front runner donald trump. trump says fox news host megyn kelly was unfair to him when she moderated the last fox news debate. (sot: donald trump/(r) presidential candidate) "i got a very
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we don't need to talk about that. we don't refuse to (laugh) i refuse that." nearly 40 percent of iowans say they could change their mind before monday and will be reaching out to those voters at the debate. (sot: sen. ted cruz/(r-tx) presidential candidate) "what doest say when donald tells the men and women of iowa my time is more important than your time." (standup: weijia jiang/cbs news/des moines, ia) instead of debating - donald trump will be here at drake university - where he will hold his own event. it will be part rally and part fundraiser for veterans groups. with susan sarandon looking on - bernie sanders called out hillary clinton's ties to wall street. sanders/(i-vt) presidential candidate) not in iowa tonight, she is raising money in from a philadelphia investment but hillary had her own star her...former clinton) breathing, change agent. the only person qualified by knowledge on social issues and political issues." the clinton campaign is banking on to her lead. weijia jiang, cbs
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. new at noon: danville police are investigating an accident that sent two people to the hospital it happened around riverside drive. police say a dodge left onto wild wings lane when it was hit by a dodge avenger. the driver of the caravan and a passenger were taken to the hospital. the driver of the seriously hurt. she's being charged suspended license and and failure to yield the right of way. ethan couch is being flown back to texas to face charges. couch is the teenager who used an "affluenza" defense in a deadly drunken-driving accident. he and his mother were detained in mexico last month, after police say they fled the country. authorities in mexico announced this morning that couch would be placed on a commercial flight to dallas, texas. couch formally ratified his decision to drop an appeal against deportation on monday. the standoff between an armed militia group and law enforcement at an federal wildlife refuge in oregon may be nearing an end. carter evans reports
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are now in custody, but several others are refusing to leave. this is a free-for-all armageddon. (narr 1) that's the message from one man still inside the malheur national wildlife refuge and he's calling for reinforce ments. (sot) (1110 ore oregon militia web videos) (11 10 29) they stop here, kill them! he and others end the armed occupation a protest over federal land ownership. this -- even as leader ammon bundy urges home. (sot mike arnold / bundy's attorney) (1630 ore oregon militia court sketches 0127) (16 44 03) mr. bundy wants everybody to remember that somebody died and this is not just about him right now. (narr 3) (gfx #4 in) bundy and several others tuesday when law enforcement stopped them at a road block (gfx #4 out) about 20 miles from the compound. bundy's brother ryan was injured and the group's spokesman robert 'lavoy" finicum was killed. finicum had recently told reporters, he'd 'rather die than be caged.' (sot finicum/jan usorstand "i'm going to not spend my days in a cell" (narr 4) supporters are calling finicum a martyr.
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(cliven sot) bloodedly shot him, they times. three or four after he was on the what kind of man shoots up? what (narr 5) but officials squarely on (sot greg bretzing / fbi special agent in oregon) (1100 ore (11 05 00) let me be clear. it is the actions and choices of the armed occupiers of the refuge that has led us to where we are today. (narr 6) (gfx sketches, then complain document quote) (gfx in) 11 people including bundy face felony charges of"...conspiracy to the united states through the use of force, intimidation, or out) (sot dave ward / harney county presser 0127) (11 11 52) rebel. we work appropriate channels. this can't happen anymore. (standup close news/burns, the remaining youtube video there are just five of them left in the all of them want to said that the fbi told for the arrest of one of the men that's there. and the other the government against that man. news, burns,
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spreading. the united nation's public health agency estimates there million cases of zika in the americas over the next year. the world health hold an emergency decide if the virus should be declared an international health emergency. health experts suspect the virus is responsible for a spike in the number of babies born with abnormally- small heads in brazil. dr. margaret chan/who director-general:the increased incidence of microcephaly is particularly alarming, as it places a heartbreaking burden on families and communities." the centers for zika is now in more than 20 countries, mostly in central and but u-s health experience with other mosquito- borne illnesses, they expect the small number of cases here to remain the c-d-c says nearly all u-s cases are among people who have traveled abroad. icon could temporarily become a quiet trickle. more than 750- thousand gallons of
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every second. but new york state might have to shut down most of the falls on the u- s side. it needs to temporarily block the water to replace two 115- year old stone bridges. the've been closed to the public since 2004, rotted and rusted from a century next to the falls. mark thomas / new york state office of parks: "either we replace them, or they're going to crumble into the river. if they crumble into the river, we're going to have an environmental mess to clean up." this isn't the first time the iconic falls have stopped flowing. in 19-69, the u-s army corp of water away from the months to study the effects of erosion. a big event for blue grass fans is coming and if you've been waiting on special delivery, old man you. what the post office is saying about
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storm. deliveries since last weeks snow storm. people who live on ridgecrest drive in roanoke say they received their mail yesterday for the first time since thursday. a spokesman for the united states postal service says part of the reason could have to do with snow piled near mailboxes. he suggests you make sure curbside mailboxes are clear of snow so mail trucks can approach the box and make sure walkways should be clear of snow and ice to prevent falls. he also says
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should be free of any obstacles. tad kelley: "our employees go to work. they try to get the mail delivered everyday. they're at the mercy of whatever the plow crews are able to do themselves." kelley said he expects all mail deliveries to be back to normal today. the botetourt county board of supervisors is creating a preservation advisory committee to help with the relocation of two slave houses on the former greenfield plantation. after heavy debates over the relocation, board supervisors are asking for outside help. creating the greenfield preservation advisory commitee are following the right these houses are preserved and not county leaders say accomodate "in seeking to for historical preservation and development the they have made the situation to balance all of those competing needs" there is no set date on the relocation.
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historical preservation site about a mile from where they originally stand. it's national school choice week, a chance to highlight diferent educational options for children in grades k through 12. in this week's early years, we're learning more about one of the several private schools in our area, pathway christian academy in christiansburg. its leaders say a private school education can be more affordable than you think. michael hurst/pathway academy principal: two or three years ago, virginia put in the capacity for a local foundation to support private have a foundation set up. families can apply for for their students and that this is another opporutnity. think that they private christian education and that's more and more not true. we've got a link to national school happening in our com. just click on this
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season of toe- and americana southwest virginia. song of the mountains is a live concert performance at a historic theater in marion, and those concerts are then re-broadcast on public television stations across the country. this year there are 12 concerts scheduled and some big name acts. host tim white says the series shows off appalachian culture across the country. (tim wright/song of the mountains host):"the music of our region, it keeps god, country family and all of that tradition in the love about bluegrass, the next concert is saturday february at the lincoln theater in marion. for ticket information visit our website wdbj-7 dot com. at what's getting attention on norfolk southern announced a plan two-thousand jobs over the next four and, moneta residents and businesses have been without internet there is a capacity issue with verizon's
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boy's drawing of the world trade center meaning to one famous anthony's fifteen years later he met the woman who says the comforted her all this time. you can find all of those stories on our website, wdbj7- dot-com. certain fruits may help control weight gain. and the
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details,what a beautiful afternoon looking across the roanoke valley for mill mountain camera a few high clouds streaming across the area that's because you're sandwiched between two systems the temperatures right now above freezing also something ecstasy around lunchtime hour forty five degrees right now roanoke thirty seven bloomfield thirty seven wytheville is already forty nine degrees in danville and thirty three) language for 45 right now roanoke 37 bloomfield 37 wytheville is already 39 in danville and 33) language for taking a lie can view at snowshoe mountain. views there and snow she is the snowpack on the ground will more snow is to come for them tonight that is because we are watching her next
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from the new glass rainout is producing some lake effect snow bands in places like michigan also back to wisconsin this system will sleep very quickly to the east and will make up against announced meanings and snow showers will develop across what west virginia mountains and all went down to the new river valley and parts of the mountain empire anthony development could make it to the blue red light dusting the possible maneuver for bowing to be simulating snow will stay across the country west virginia high pressure builds then friday afternoon putting an end to that snow machine then on friday we're also talking bout gusting winds that clipper system and bring it on strong winds between fifteen to twenty miles per hour from the northwest they could also cost between three to forty five miles per hour at times they do diminish the outcome friday afternoon's hearing or overnight lows
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i am featuring the chance for some15 to 20 mi./h from the cost between 3 to 45 mi./h at times they do diminish the overnight lows upper 20s) will do it and i am featuring the flurries and mountain snow showers possible by the day hold and the upper 30s and low 40s under a blend of sonic and when gospel like no week with the wind got potentially up to 43 5 mi./h in the morning but they do slowly die down from there so there is improvements on the way to and from work week, they said-tomorrow topping out in the middle furnace from blacksburg to marry and low stories for lewisburg and field below the new 40s and for southside will be a nice friday despite the strong breezes early friday morning we hold onto the fridays are forties excuse me come friday afternoon forty one we're hi dropping to twenty five overnight but look what happens on saturday and sunday low to middle fifties expected for the first half of the weekend and we talked out near sixty degrees come sunday low sixties arrive monday 60 come sunday low 60s arrive monday of when the sun and clouds in
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wednesday bringing some scattered showers and the cooler air arrives back behind it but when i say cooler centers say too many missing an important vaccine. those stories and more in today's hometown health. cancer centers an use of hpv vaccinations. the human papillomavirus can lead to cervical cancer and other three-dose vaccine is for all preteen girls and boys. but the american cancer society says it is underutilized... and has become a public health priority. eating plenty of apples, berries, and onions may help keep your weight in check. those are some of the fruits and vegetables with high levels of a natural compound called flavonoids. a study in the british medical journal finds that people who eat more flavonoids report less weight gain. a new study finds women who use indoor tanning have as much as a six times higher risk for
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cancer. jama tracked hundreds of patients... it found those diagnosed before the age started tanning as teenagers...and did it more older patients had. those are some of the day's top health stories. kc, cbs news, new york look out ken! barbie's getting a new a look. more about the iconic doll's
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barbie's got a new line of more ethnically- diverse barbies. mireya villarreal headquarters in california. commercial, 0:00- 0:04) "barbie, you're beautiful..." (narr) since 1959, millicent better known as barbie...has been a household name. at 11 and inches tall(grx of career
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has had more than 180 careers. (16;22;34;09) "i'm a barbie girl, in a barbie world." (narr) she's a pop culture icon (narr) but after decades of dominating the doll world...and just weeks short of her 57th birthdaybar bie's getting a makeover. (sot - evelyn brand gm of (14;34;52) "em: "we many thought of touch." (narr) unrealistic proportions, some parents wrong message (sot- jim silver, editor-in-chief of toys, tots, pets (12;18;30;25) there are people that are away from barbie resemble terms of their body type and more in tones. mattel recently new dolls with tones and hair now, they're adding 3 new types...curvy, the toy maker introduced the dolls to a group of 4 and 5 year olds.
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(17:06:06) they don't look like barbie. mv: they don't look like barbie? them have brown skin. (narr) the girls immediately noticed some changes, but her new body type wasn't one of them. (17;08;28;11) mireya: why did you choose her? my favorite color is blue. (narr) the next step for mattel is changing parent's perceptions. mireya villarreal, el segundo,
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button... ford says 2015 was a breakthrough year... the automaker took a big risk by revamping its best selling f- 150 pick up----with lighter, aluminum siding----and it paid off! ford says last year, u-s sales reached their highest level in a decade. and now each of ford's 53 thousand workers in the u-s will get a record profit- sharing check--- of 9 thousand three hundred
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on wall street... a higher open today after the dow and nasdaq plunged on wednesday. before the open... the labor departmetn says applications for unemployment benefits fell last week from a six month high... a sign of a stable job market. and facebook wants you to get more expressive... moving beyond the simple like button. the social media giant has been experimenting with six additional emoticons in some international markets... and now... anger, sadness, wow, haha, and love are going global. the emoticon for "yay" didn't make the cut./ and that's your cbs moneywatch report. for more follow me on twitter at jill wagner cbs. at the nyse, i'm jill wagner. . on wall street at noon, the dow was down 42 points. the nasdaq was up 9 points. weather summary here thanks for watching your hometown
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wdbj7. join us tonight at 5. you can also keep tabs on the weather by heading to our
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