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tv   News 7 Saturday Morning  CBS  January 30, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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(toss to lindsey) a person of interest 444and good morning ten good morning everybody if you woke up early this morning we saw with or just sunrise this photo taken in lexington from joy she tweeted this picture on a gorgeous picture sent all around you facebook and twitter temperatures are on the cold side middle to upper twenties from roanoke was for danville blacksburg uri twenty seven degrees along a live picture from her metal mount camera showing mix of setting up up there right now but we are talking about abundant sunshine friday afternoon to become a high-pressure system is in place and is located across the carolinas. so that means the backside of this high-pressure system will bring us the southerly and felt blessed relief. well oh well that's a really big h you
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argued with those southwesterly flow and nothing can add to very warm temperatures this afternoon talk about the shooting is in custody. carlton currier was arrested in fluvanna county, near charlottesville. investigators say they found a shooting victim near river field farm lane in faber yesterday morning. that person is expected to survive. the sheriff's office says currier is wanted on felony charges in another jurisdiction. those charges are unrelated to this incident. it's been three days since anyone has heard from missing blacksburg teenager, nicole lovell. she was last seen early wednesday morning. wdbj7's justin ward spoke with both her father and step-mother, who are more concerned than ever for her safety. david lovell/father: "right now i'm scared to death." david lovell is watching the clock - precious seconds passing by without his daughter nicole. the longer she's away, the longer she's without medication she takes after a liver transplant. david lovell: "at this point, i know she is sick. she's hurting. she's probably already into
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is shutting down as we speak. wherever she is." he last heard from her about two weeks ago - a short text message just saying hi, i love you, things are good. wednesday morning he got a call from nicole's mother in blacksburg saying she was missing. david lovell: "the only thing she said was the detectives are coming in now." her social media accounts are silent. nothing has been posted by her since she left. david says he's passing along information her friends have found online to investigators. david lovell: "there are things coming through. me and my wife are digging. my daughter, nicole's half sister in ohio is trying harder than anybody." justin ward/wdbj7 reporter: "and so are hundreds of police and search teams here in blacksburg. today they continued walking streets near her home, searched social media, and have used drones looking for any clues." this afternoon david and terri came to blacksburg too from their home in wytheville to find out more and help search. he wants nicole to
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can come to me. i'm not mad at you. i'm worried about you. your family is worried about you." police aren't saying if she left on her own or with someone, and neither is her dad. he just wants her safe return. terri lovell/step- mother: "we're running out of time." david lovell: "we're out of time basically." terri lovell: "we have to find her. we have to find her." in wytheville, justin ward, wdbj7 investigators in amelia county, near richmond, are expanding the search for a woman who her home more than a week ago. efforts will continue through at least the weekend in hopes of brooks. dana william, the abducting her, shot and killed himself as police in massachusetts say they moved in wednesday morning. investigators are now bringing in more resources to track william's movements. reporters will have a hard time getting information about a bedford county murder case until after the defendant goes on trial. judge jim updike has issued a gag order for everyone involved with the case of lloyd lee
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welch is accussed of kidnapping katherine and sheila lyon from a dc-area shopping mall in 19- 75, and later killing them in bedford county. yesterday, his lawyers asked for several motions and all were granted by the judge. welch's trial was continued and will now start october 18-th. it was originally set for march. mitigation, mental health and criminal specialists will assist the defense. and, the defense's billing records will be sealed until after the trial to protect witnesses, evidence and the integrity of the case. the commonwealth is seeking the death penalty. the father whose 3-year-old daughter died when his car collided with a train in elliston is now facing a more serious charge. austin lilly was orginially charged with involuntary manslaughter after police said a substance was found in his blood. but after looking at the evidence, prosecutors added an aggravated involuntary manslaughter charge. investigators say lilly's car collided with a train at a private crossing last march. his trial is scheduled for march 28.
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has been arrested on child pornography charges. sharing to clifton trent's apartment on floyd street. investigators got a found evidence of pornography. trent is charged with one count of distribution of child porn and 10 counts of possession. three former uva fraternity members are firing back in the lawsuit against rolling stone magazine over an article on an alleged gang rape. court documents filed yesterday were in response to a motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed against the magazine, author and publishing company. their attorneys argued that it is not the court's place to decide whether or not the claims made in the lawsuit are valid. the former phi kappa psi brothers argue the article identifies them with key details, even though they are never explicitly named. police are looking into a virginia teenager's death near the university of south carolina. investigators say rachel bandman's roommate found her in their off-campus apartment thursday. she was pronounced dead when emergency
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arrived. bandman was from glen allen. the coroner says an autopsy showed no signs of trauma. the cause of death will be determined when final toxicology studies are complete. police also say there was no sign someone broke into her apartment. (toss to lindsey) insert web discussion here upits courses out there kimmel live picture from rocky mount shows those clear skies in place but that did allow for temp use the fall fast overnight while you're waking up to temperatures in the middle to upper twenties from wytheville blacksburg roanoke and lynchburg isolated cold spots from martinsville to whisper and nineteen degrees meanwhile and a license for anyone to violate its thirty one degrees as well heading over to washington and lee were numbers are in the middle twenties two. twenty one degrees notice the call flow coming 20s dewpoint at 21 noticed of call flow coming from the southwest that the factor forecast today because
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on the way this after noon clear skies mainly east of the rockies everyone will enjoy the sunshine not the case that was in trouble last through california units washington oregon and moving into nevada and also into utah that's where the snow and our next-door system will arrive from coming tuesday into wednesday this week and i were just talking up the upper level results for our temperatures to ten to fifteen degrees above average were numbers today will reach the low fifties topping out in the upper fifties senior sixty degrees 60 come sunday and february begins very warm- the low sixties with little more clouds overhead so this'll be a warm answer january factor one is air that we seen so far this month on average we see a high of forty six degrees warmer statement purported though so far this month on january fourteenth@ fifty seven degrees are forecast for
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fifty nine confirming what is there so we have seen since the end of december for today temperatures will slowly rise into the upper forties the low fifties under that abundant sunshine clear 40s the low 50s. under that abundant sunshine, clear skies expected tonight in numbers faculty are forecast for today with highs right near fifty degrees in fincastle and forty ninth annual in lexington forty nine elevenths ten and fifty four degrees behind south boston fifty three degrees in gretna with mostly sunny skies traveling to new river valley temperatures read fifty degrees with a beautiful day for hijacking forty eight behind floyd fourier arlington and forty 49 is high in new castle skies tonight we are clear and column numbers either that or just above the freezing mark thirty degrees are low in blacksburg and thirty four in danville and not warm up continuous sunday monday we are finally never fifties and low sixties
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like 50s and low 60s groundhog more than 30 schools in virginia are becoming fully accredited. which school in our area is on that list. and a non-profit that helps the disabled in rockbridge county is running into some financial difficulties. how management is trying to keep the
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local transit leaders are looking to make it easier to get around the roanoke valley and they want your help. the roanoke valley-allegheny regional commission is working on short and long term plans to improve bus service. they worked on the plan for two years. their recomendations include new stops and adding sunday service. they want bus riders to go online, look at their plan and vote
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proposals. roanoke valley- allegheny regional "so at this point, sure we've hard the public haven't missed the commission is bring major bus changes. they will complete the plan this summer, then it will go to local bus can choose what to impliment. in what leaders call challenging areas of the state, danville public school's superintendent says there are ways to be successful. superintendent stanley jones says a new discipline program is seeing positive results and the new instructional stragety division wide is making progress. this comes, after one elementary school had its accreditation denied by the state. but even with the loss of accreditation on the horizon, when given the option, jones says not one parent moved their student to another school. stanely jones/ superintendent: "to me that says they love whats happening. they love the leadership at woodberry hills. they have developed a positive relationship with the facutly at woodberry hills. they like the climate there. they feel like their children
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there." jones says the school division continues to work towards improving instruction, behavior, safety and school climate. more than 30 schools in the commonwealth are on their way to becoming fully accredited. the virginia board of education granted the schools with "partially accredited: reconstituted school" status. that means they have been working to improve student test scores and the way they teach. staunton river middle school in bedford county is on the list and has come a long way. four years ago it was only accredited in science. dr. karen woodford: "each year we slowly improved our scores. we were accrdited first in math, and then we were accredited in history and we were only three points away from being accredited in reading last year which w as a big disppointment." a reconstituted school will go back to its "accreditation denied" status if it fails to earn full accreditation within three years, or if its annual application for partial accreditation is not renewed. three schools in buena vista, two in lynchburg, one in campbell, and
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the "partially accredited: reconstituted school" status. management at the rockbridge area occupational center says they've been feeling some of the worst effects of the economy since they've been in business. w-d-b-j-7's khiree stewart spoke to the owner and tells us why they're facing these challenges and what they plan to do about it. nats - cutting plastic ((b-roll over sot)) 11:30:23 - 11:30:34 "we're a small little organization in rockbridge couny but we provide an impact to a much bigger area." the executive director of the rockbridge center in buena vista. provides work for people with disabiltiies. 11:18:14 - 11:18:23 "it can be packaging, it can assembly of items, it can be dis-assembly of items we can do document funkhouser says they've recently lost more than 30 percent of their profit after one of their manufacturers on a product. he says several businesses they've
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either started outsourcing or left rockbridge county. 11:22:29 - 11:22:41 "that has been a big impact and has led us to more days that we are not able to bring employees in." to stay afloat, funkhouser says they've become more active in fundrasing and started selling their own items. 11:23:17 - 11:23:20 "we've gone into some jewelry production." "we're playing around with ceramics or pottery." he's asking for assistance from the public and other businesses to keep the people here working. funkhouser says they play an important part in the local economy... and the lives of people who might not be able to find work elsewhere. 11:27:03 - 11:27:13 "i think the people that we are employing would be at a greater disadvantage at trying to find work." "we're in a tough time, but we know where we want to go and we're looking to succeed." khiree stewart, wdbj7. funkhouser says they're holding a fundraiser at 2 o'clock on sunday at the hampton inn in lexington. click on this story at
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to find out how you can donate. when we return, we have a 2 month old puppy we want to introduce you to who's looking for her forever home. get ready to meet dolly on pet stories. and later on this morning in sports, we have highlights from
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around the region. meet dolly: dolly is a 2 month
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came to us from pulaski. believe it or not, inside this little 5.6 lbs frame comes a might bark. she is really quick and nothing but happy and playful. a great home for her is a family with the time to train her and keep her active. she will get along well with kids and other dogs. she has been spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, and tested for heartworms. dolly is all set for her forever home! meet dolly: dolly is a 2 month old spaniel/hound mix that came to us from pulaski. believe it or not, inside this little 5.6 lbs frame comes a might bark. she is really quick and nothing but happy and playful. a great
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family with the time to train her and keep her active. she will get along well with kids and other dogs. she has been spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, and tested for heartworms. dolly is all set for her forever home! meet dolly: dolly is a 2 month old spaniel/hound mix that came to us from pulaski. believe it or not, inside this little 5.6 lbs frame comes a might bark. she is really quick and nothing but happy and playful. a great home for her is a family with the time to train her and keep her active. she will get along well with kids and other dogs. she has been spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, and tested for heartworms. dolly is
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home! for more spca at 339-wags, or check out their website. our website -- just head to wdbj7
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thathow she was stalling on my dos like you wait for her find a forever
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felis running in the books and movies are still pretty quickly i temperatures this morning or in the twenties and teens in this afternoon were talking very warm temperatures with highs in the upper forties to low golden footballs are showing up at high schools throughout our region. this year the national football league is celebrating the roots of players who have contributed to super bowl history for its 50th championship game in february. we found one at pulaski county high school where gary clark started his football career when the program was just beginning to get recognition. clark's high school team made it to the playoffs and beat g-w danville, the number one team in the state in the late 70's. his number 80 jersey now hangs near the school gym. clark went on the play for the washington redskins and the phoenix cardinals. he played in two super bowls where his team won both. scott vest/pulaski county high school athletic director: "it's just an honor to have someone who has played in a super bowl, won two championships and somebody that is from our community. it's just something that we are really proud of." every high school where super bowl winning players or head coaches
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receive a golden football. last night's schedule was filled with high school basketball action all over our area. here's zac glover with more. good morning, i'm zac glover with your look at sports. the high school hoops season continues to roll along quickly with a couple of roanoke city-roanoke county match-ups last night. william byrd visiting william fleming friday night. and the terriers came out shooting it well. will culicerto dropping that one in the bucket for three. byrd opens up with the 12-3 lead. but the colonels would inch back in this thing. von saunders with the tough fall away. gets it to go. then just seconds later, it's saunders again. this time from beyond the arc. that's good for three. fleming certainly finding their rhythm at this point. tyrell adams with the nice cut to the basket for the easy lay-in. byrd though in the 2nd quarter would build a double-digit lead. devon kasey hits the three, but fleming would come all the way back to win it, 62-58. just across town, patrick henry playing
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hidden valley. the titans with the nicholas logan for ph, tying the game up. retakes the lead though, as it's joseph keenan the bump and still then it's deven done. he takes it straight to the hoop for the finish, and the titans are up by 4. coming back the other way, quishon calfee to terrell anderson working it underneath as well. but back the other way, will page knocks-down the 3 for hidden valley, putting them up by 5, but not so fast. patrick henry responds with a 3 of their own. rakwan manns beating the buzzer, cutting the deficit to two. and ph would go onto win it by two, 38-36. after being postponed because of the snow last week, the big orange wrestling tournament got rolling friday afternoon for the first of the 2-day event. while the field was trimmed from 33 teams to 17 because of rescheduling conflicts for some schools, the william byrd-hosted
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showcasing some of the best talent in southwest and central virginia. the blue demons of christiansburg are back for more and looking to defend their 2015 title, but have some tough competition to get past in the host team and others in the area. thomas kessler, william byrd head wrestling coach, "definitely christiansburg and ph. they have two strong teams. they'll probably have a lot of guys in the finals so it'll be fun to watch. the team's looking pretty good. we've been banged-up a lot of the season. adam catron at 170, noah harrilla at 152 and hunter kemper at 138 are all of our top guys so we're looking for them to place high in the tournament." the big orange tournament will wrap up this afternoon. we'll check in with the uva baseball team, coming up in just a bit. a house fire in pittsylvania county has left a woman dead. how a neighbor tried to help before firefighters arrived. more than 50 wanted people were arrested yesterday in montgomery county. how police executed the roundup. and hillary clinton's private emails continue to stir up controversy. what other candidates have to
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correspondence. trying to figure out what caused a deadly house fire in pittsylvania county. katie yeatts died after her home in gretna caught fire thursday night. she was 73. gordon farrell says he has lived next to yeatts for years. thursday night, he went out to walk his dog and couldn't believe what he saw. farrell says he tried to get her out by banging on doors and windows. gordon farrell/neighbor "the house was pretty much engulfed with smoke inside although the fire was on one end. and i was also afraid that if i opened the door it would create more air and cause it to burn faster and there wasn't anybody there to fight it just yet. so that was a concern too, i was afraid i'd do more harm than good." farrell says yeatts was very active in the community and will be greatly
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investigators say arson or foul play is not suspected at this time. more than fifty wanted people in montgomery county are in jail after a task force executed outstanding warrants across the county. the montgomery county sheriff says each person was wanted in relation to heroin, methamphetamine, and firearms violations. the operation also lead to 40 additional charges on top of the 70 charges these people faced. the sheriff says operations like yesterday's are all about making montgomery county safer. charles sheriff: "we want the individuals who are type of behavior to seek assistance, relocate, or face we're not going to deal with and all the other drug communities without putting up a major fight." around 50 officers took part in this while others were in blacksburg assisting missing 13-year old governor mcauliffe is defending his gun republican
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the new proposal includes expanded voluntary background checks and police presence at gun shows. it would also keep guns out of the hands of people with permanent protection orders against them. in turn, the agreement would reverse a policy that invalidated concealed handgun permits in virginia held by residents of 25 other states. andy and barbara parker, parents of our fallen colleague alison parker, say they are disappointed by the deal. andy parker/gun control advocate: "governor, i understand the nature of politics and the need for compromise...but you should not be willing to be - to recognize conceal carry permits from states with weaker standards." governor terry mcauliffe/(d) virginia: "not everybody is always going to agree, but you know what my job as governor is to do what's in the best interests of virginia citizens, how do we make ourselves safer. this action makes us safer." twenty survivors of gun violence sent an open letter to governor mcaullife asking him to reconsider. a special election
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arranged for the next nelson county commonwealth's attorney. but one man is already announcing his candidacy. blue ridge life magazine reports daniel rutherford made the announcement today. he unsuccessfully challenged anthony martin in 20-11. martin submitted his resignation earlier this week because he has accepted a job in the private sector. controversy continues over hillary clinton's private emails that contain top secret information. marlie hall explains how it's affecting clinton's campaign. just days before the iowa caucuses... republican presidential candidates saved their sharpest jabs for democratic frontrunner hillary clinton. this, after revelations -- the private home-server she used while serving as secretary of state contained close to two dozen 'top secret' emails: (sot ted cruz) material is classified top secret because revealing it in public could pose a grave threat to the national security of this country (sot marco rubio) anyone who does something like that,
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can never be commander in chief of the united states (gfx) 'top secret' is one of the highest levels of classification --- reserved for material that, if released, would cause 'exceptionally grave damage to the national security.' clinton's camp described the news as - 'over- classification run amok.' bernie sanders -- who's trailing closely behind her in the polls -- also brushed off the issue: (standup: marlie hall cbs news des moines, ia) despite being the oldest contender in the race -- sanders is drawing much of his support from millennials here in iowa and across the country who make up a third of voters. jacob mckay - a sanders supporter - will vote for the first time monday. he attended a 'what's a caucus' event at drake university where students simulated the political frenzy of the caucus experience. (sot jacob mckay / drake university student) i'm here to really get the nuts and bolts of the process down. in a process that takes several hours -- caucus goers on both sides will take to schools, gyms and other locations to choose a
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marlie hall cbs news des moines, iowa. a scam artist is targeting nonprofit organizations across virginia. the better business bureau serving western virginia says a person going by "kenneth mcfarlane" offers large donations to charities. he then sends fake checks to those targeted, but asks for part of the donations back. so far, three groups in richmond received and deposited fraudulent checks for nearly 40-thousand dollars. the b-b-b is asking that charities watch out for offers that seem "too good to be true." (toss to lindsey) insert web discussion here deniedyes temperatures in the about ten degrees above how phrase from what we typically see in january and what a perfect way to start off the day beautiful
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anderson this photo when is he was driving across allegheny county temperatures right now holding in the upper twenties very cool outside but luckily there is a calm winds along two points in the low 20s that'll change today as were talking about highs in the fifties and twenty four degrees are now good view twenty nine hertz and twenty four degrees and blacksburg twenty two in martinsville meanwhile amount empire is holding in the lower twenties from with the marian upper twenties in 20s in our higher elevations on creek 28 over obvious next few hours temperatures will rise into the upper forties and low fifties under abundant sunshine clear skies were expected overnight tonight it's all thanks to a race that's developed across the southeast and mid-atlantic bringing in all the southerly work so thanks to texas and georgia for bringing us those warm temperatures they will stay in the sixties while we will approach the sixtieth remark comes second half of the weekend temperatures topping out at forty nine degrees and blacksburg fifty two bloomfield fifty three
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two in lynchburg and49 in lexington on the warmest day that we've seen so far this month. temperatures tonight will be cool not to schools where waking up to this morning with numbers in the lower to middle stories under mostly clear skies next system does slang thinning out last bringing some places some snow in the higher elevations and rain in the lower elevations because a few passing showers monday afternoon as a weak boundary moves ruled out quickly exited by monday evening and another system will approach us tuesday night into wednesday and precipitation will fall just in the form of rain for no concerns in their winter precipitation just talking about plain old rain showers because temperatures are above freezing we will stay in the low sixties from the start of february the groundhog day can save you the body showers late in the afternoon and evening a high of fifty five degrees sixty once again on wednesday and would cool off back behind her cold front with highs in
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the twenties the likely we are still above freezing with arkay packaging is expanding in botetourt county. the company says it will invest 11-million dollars and create 50 new jobs. governor terry mcauliffe visited the plant on eastpark drive for the announcement friday morning. arkay makes high- quality packaging for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. the company plans to install new equipment and increase capacity to meet growing demand for its products. governor terry mcauliffe/(d) virginia: "they looked at south carolina, north carolina, georgia, florida and texas. they chose virginia. low taxes, business-friendly. i think all the things we talk about every day in building the new virginia economy, i think went into it." if you're interested in applying for a position at arkay packaging, we've included contact information with this story on wdbj7- dot-com. a mcdonald's manager in roanoke has received a global award for all of her hard work. geanina poff is the manager of the route 460- orange avenue mcdonald's.
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received the ray kroc award. it's a prize that recognizes the top performing mcdonald's managers globally. poff was one of 340 mcdonald's managers around the world to receive the honor, which includes a 25- hundred dollar cash prize and a trophy. she's been working for the company for 18 years. geanina poff/mcdonald's restaurant manager: "i've worked really hard to get this award. with the help of my team, managers and supervisors i was able to accomplish it. i'm really overwhelmed and excited." in april, poff will go to an awards gala in orlando, florida. hospitals around the country are in need of more nurses. how nursing schools are working to meet those demands. a 3-year-old from roanoke needs your help. how his life-saving heart transplant has taken a toll on his family. and doctors from carilion clinic are taking part in a basketball game
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in today's hometown health: nurses are in high demand nationwide according to health experts and nursing schools in our region are working to fill that need. schools like jefferson college of health sciences. it's making programs attractive to recruit quality people for the area's growing health care needs. as patients increase, so does the need for nursing professionals. with its stability and abundance, nursing careers are a top choice for many wanting to enter the medical field. right now, academic leaders are working to recruit and retain dedicated health workers. lisa allison- jones/jefferson college dean of academic affairs: "the way to bridge that gap is to bring more students into nursing so that we have more people who are well prepared to enter the healthcare arena." right now carilion clinic has over 100 open nursing positions and is eager to fill them. the mother of the lynchburg man recently shot by a security officer says mental health reform can't come soon enough. jonathan warner checked into lynchburg general hospital nearly three
8:36 am
help for his anxiety and bi-polar disorder. according to a search warrant, warner attacked two hospital security officers after growing agitated. he took a taser off one officer's belt and discharged it at the other, just missing him according to police. the family told wdbj-7 warner fired the taser, but not at anyone. ruth ann warner/jonathan warner's mother:"as of now to go into a hospital to get treated, he now walks out with more trauma which is post traumatic stress, and he'll never walk again, that's the result of the last hospital visit for mental health." warner says she has full confidence her son was not the agressor. she has been advised by her family and lawyers not to share what she thinks happened just yet. the hospital says it has no comment on the incident as it's a police investigation. a roanoke boy and his family need help recovering the expenses of a life- saving heart
8:37 am
3-year-old spencer lockard was diagnosed with an enlarged heart, a condition that is usually deadly for children his age. thankfully he received his transplant, but still has a long road ahead with more medical help and additional transplants needed. his family is hoping to raise enough money to pay his medical expenses far into the future. leslie ann lockard/spencer's mother: "our fundraising goal is $100,000 for him. that's the estimated cost for him." justin lockard/spencer's father: "and that can also go towards any of his insurance premiums that need to be paid. it will help him from her until he's, could be, 50, 60, 70, whatever." for much more on spencer's story and how you can help out, visit wdbj7- dot-com. doctors are trading the hospital for the hardwood. carilion clinic physicians will take on medical school students on the basketball court next week. we caught up with them at practice. they're getting ready for the 4th annual docs for morgan game to raise money for the morgan dana harrington scholarship to help medical school
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dr. jack perkins/emergency medicine physician: we know the students very very well. we teach them. we mentor them all the way thorugh medical school 10 we all want to win so yea it is competitive. harrington was murdered in 2009. she interned at the hospital where her dad works the summer before she was killed. supporters say her scholarship is one way to remember her in a positive way the game is next thursday night at 7 at patrick henry high school. wdbj 7's travis wells and karen loftus will also play! tomorrow is the deadline to sign up for health insurance this year under the affordable care act. if you don't sign up at healthcare-dot-gov by sunday at midnight you will have to wait until the next open enrollment period in the fall. people who live in virginia can also go to the website enroll virginia for assistance with the application and enrollment process. we spoke with a certified navigator to find out what you'll need. patrick kelly/affordable care act certified navigator: "you need to have an email address and a password, you need to know the social security number for everbody that you want to enroll and your total income information. that
8:39 am
income and some non-taxable income. social security, pensions perhaps may not be taxable under all circumstances. so, you need to have a sense of all of that." affordable care act experts recommend applying for insurance online due to the possiblity of heavy call volume. there's lots to do if you're looking for a good time this weekend. here's kianna price wade with your hometown happenings. the west virginia winter music festival kicks off today! the event features 40 bands performing on 7 stages in the 3 block area of downtown lewisburg. the festival starts at 6pm. tickets are $20. the shrine circus is at the berglund center in roanoke this weekend. show times are saturday at 10:30am, 3pm, 8pm and sunday at 2pm. adult tickets are $16. kids are $8. parking is $5. sing your favorite motown hits at the legacy motown revue. the legacy takes you back to the days of the drifters, the
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jacksons, earth wind & fire, the temptations, and so many more legendary icons! the legacy motown revue is tonight at the harvester performance center in rocky mount. showtime is 7:30. tickets are $22. the taubman museum of art we will host its third annual international wine festival at the museum tomorrow at 1pm. festival highlights include: sampling of 30+ wines from around the globe, expert food and wine pairings, tasting notes from seasoned wine stewards, live jazz, silent auction, and souvenir wine glass. tickets are available for $45 in advance and $55 at the door and can be purchased at the museum visitor services desk. and today its wdbj7 day at roa's elmwood on ice! from 11am-10pm, bring canned goods or non-perishable food items and get a free skate rental! donations will benefit feeding america southwest virginia. admission is $6. to find out more about these events and other things happening this
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submit your own event go to wdbj7- dot-com and just click on events. i'm kianna price wade with your hometown happenings and i'll see you next saturday morning. niceand the weather will certainly cooperate for any events that you have plans because planned because of the funding guide we are noticing a few clouds overhead note fairmont room for one elementary school hunter will be pretty outside though temperatures will top out in the upper forties and low fifties this afternoon with clear skies overnight numbers will drop into the authorities the warm structural continue into next week and factor warmest day will be on monday with highs in the low six after picking up the school's first national championship last season, the virginia cavaliers are ready to get back to work and make their way to another college world series. we have one more look at sports when
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the u-v-a baseball team is looking to pick up where they left off last year after an all-time great season. zac glover has more. good morning, i'm zac glover with your look at sports. it was certainly a season to remember for the virginia cavaliers baseball team last year. not only did they make it to omaha for the 4th time in seven years, but for the first time in school history, the wahoos won the national championship. uva is back at practice, the team using the indoor football facilities friday. head coach, brian o'connor is entering into his 13th season managing the hoos, and virginia is picked to finish second in the acc's coastal division, behind the miami hurricanes. we spoke to the team yesterday about officially putting a bow on last season, when they receive their national championship rings at a ceremony this evening at john paul jones arena. connor jones, virginia pitcher: "i'm excited for tomorrow. i think some of us almost forgot, because it's been so long that we
8:45 am
rings. we didn't forget completely, but i think it's good to flip back to the past and flash on some of those experiences. moving forward, and looking to this year, and trying to duplicate the season we had last year." brian o'connor, virginia head coach: "they're mature enough to be able to enjoy tomorrow night, to get their rings and celebrate something that they will always have, but also understand that they have to keep the task at hand, and continue to get better, and worry about this year." we are continuing to countdown to superbowl 50, which you can see right here next sunday on wdbj7, and while there are plenty of storylines to grab ahold of, there are many out there that will be rooting for denver's peyton manning to win the superbowl, potentially ending his career on the highest of notes. and though manning doesn't quite seem to be the manning of old, the carolina panthers know what they're up against. ron rivera: "you know, he's the consiment pro. he's going to know you, he's going to understand you, he's going to attack you the best way he knows. he's a very smart, bright football player. he's going to anticipate and do things based off of what he sees. you got to be good at what you do. you got to make sure, if
8:46 am
you're holding your disguise. he wants to undress the defense as quick as possible and get a feel for where they're going, and then he'll know where to attack. it is really a great chess match. so to me, it's about him playing the game, and then you have to be able to react to how he's playing." that's your look at sports, have a great day.
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