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tv   News 7 Saturday Morning  CBS  February 13, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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us, i'm amanda kenney. west of the blue ridge mountains a little experiment today i've like a cotton t-shirt wtvj t-shirt and a wool sock them are going to see how long it takes for this cotton shirt or this. two forties were going out- whether through the whole show my last letter hit were
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just one person is dead after a deadly crash in vinton involving two cars. it happened late last night. crews arrived at the scene on hardy road near temple drive. a vehicle traveling westbound crossed the center line and struck another vehicle head-on traveling east. rushed to the hospital with serious one of the drivers, 19 year old kayla simmons of roanoke county, died as a result of her injuries. passengers. investigators say drugs and alcohol may have played a role in the crash. we'll bring you more it both on the air and on our website at wdbj7-dot-com.
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late yesterday afternoon a pulaski county judge ruled ashley white abused and neglected her children. wdbj7's justin ward tells us what white said happened the day her son noah thomas went missing nearly a year ago. ashley white's lawyers had nothing to say friday afternoon - just moments after judge bradley finch ruled white is guilty of three counts of child abuse and neglect. finch said this was a disaster waiting to happen. white admitted leaving her five year old noah thomas and her infant alone for up to 50 minutes while she took her boyfriend to work - proving negligence, finch said. testimony revealed an abundance of smoke was present in the home too the day noah went missing. some investigators had to wear masks when they searched the home. investigators also found weed inside the home and a closet in her infant's room where white said weed was grown two years before the baby was born. finch said pictures submitted as evidence
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condition. white said on the stand she first lied that morning she reported noah missing wanting the focus to be on finding noah and not on her. she told investigators she left to take her boyfriend, paul thomas to work the morning of march 22nd with noah and her baby inside the car. she said "i was lying the whole time." on the stand white said her baby was asleep and sick on that day and she didn't want to wake her up. she said she left noah in charge who shut and locked the doors behind her. when white returned, noah let her back in the house. she went to her bedroom to watch tv followed but later decided he wanted to watch cartoons instead. she fell asleep and woke up to her baby crying - open and noah no white testified she changed the baby's and fed her before search for noah. noah was later found inside the septic tank. no one testified as to how he ended up there. ashley white will be
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in pulaski, justin ward, wdbj7 newly released video shows the two people charged with killing nicole lovell being processed into jail. david eisenhauer was the first brought to the jail on january 30th following his arrest. he is first seen in his own clothes, but then changes into an orange jumpsuit. natalie keepers was brought in the next day. she can be seen turning over her boots and socks before being led out of the room. eisenhauer and keepers are accused of killing 13-year old nicole lovell of blacksburg. they will be in court again on march 28 for preliminary hearings. the search continues for a teenager who police say crashed his car after a high speed chase. the pursuit went through boones mill and ended on route 220 in roanoke county wednesday night. state police say the 15-year old ran away from the crash that injured four other teens. thursday, police searched the woods near the crash site and developed a new credible lead. police say the teenager is a run-
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area, but he's not from here. they also say he has a hand-gun, but is not a threat to the public. smoke will likely fill the air in brookneal all weekend as a fire at the old dan river plant continues to burn itself out. firefighters have contained the flames to large piles of debris on the property. the building caught fire thursday afternoon around 3:30. at one point a thick cloud of black smoke could be seen at least 9 miles away. people who worked at the plant, which closed 10 years ago, have been stopping by to survey the damage. pat moorefield/former plant employee: "closing was bad enough, but then to see it burn was just so sad. i think even though it had shut down, we always lived with the hope that maybe something else will come in there and it will be a booming town again." investigators are still trying to pinpoint an exact cause of the fire. they believe it may have been started by a demolition crew that was trying to salvage recyclable materials from the
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no one is hurt after a fire at salem frame company. crews responded to the scene on industrial drive just after 7:30 last night. firefighters put the flames out quickly, but say it took hours to remove smoke from the building. investigators say the building was damaged by smoke. henry county authorities are looking for your help to find this 16 year old runaway. jeffrey pruitt was reported missing back on february 1st. since running away, he was last seen near his home, which is in the winnie lane area of the county. new details about a new york woman who vanished more than two decades ago. renee lamanna was 35 years old when she went missing after ending a ten year relationship with her boyfriend in queens. a countrywide search for lamanna lead different people to believe they had possibly seen her. her sister margaret has confirmed to wdbj7 that a dna test was done and the mysterious woman seen on the posters in our area is not her sister. all of the flyers of the woman have
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the family says it's back to square one in the search. overnight, we've learned a rocky mount pharmacy robbery suspect is in custody. police say joshua cundiff turned himself in last night. he's accused in an armed robbery at family pharmacy tuesday night. dominion resources incorporated has chosen a new, alternate route for the atlantic coast pipeline. it's a response to concerns from federal officials over its initial path through sensitive areas of the george washington national forests in virginia, and a national forest in west virginia. dominion says this new route would cut the natural gas pipeline's path through them by one-third. but, it will add 30- miles to the project and impact 249 new landowners- some of whom live in highland, bath, and augusta counties. time now for your first alert weather forecast insert web discussion here reportis for
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luckily it is warm and five studio winds are gusting very high a right around fifty miles per hour the roanoke regional airport that was the highest wind dust and poured around three a.m. this morning forty five opera window support around 3 am this morning, 45 opera when customer five a in in in dublin and coming ten thirty six pop darwin gospel reported you're sustained winds ranging anywhere between twenty to twenty five miles per hour higher elevations house where i live fifteen miles probably do it but any additional window on top of these cold temperatures make us feel like temperatures very low one degrees right now and roanoke with that camera just swaying in the breeze it is fourteen degrees and blacks are right now thirteen in lewisburg and twenty five and danville remember this is what the thermometer reads although on exposed skin it's going to feel like the single digits and even below zero for ninety across the region this afternoon the flow was coming from the northwest ringing in the solar air and along with
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even a few snow showers are possible across the mountain communities watching this disturbance moves from today ushering in those colder temperatures asbreezy conditions high pressure in place across the midwest and this will build an overnight keach were forecast because it means that winds will diminish temperatures will fall even quicker overnight tonight but as we focus on today look at the sunshine it will be pretty but extremely cold dangerously cold soak be sure if you do i had outside to bundle blocked temperatures will hold in the upper teens and low twenties all boats would feel more like the single digits throughout the afternoon your high in blacksburg sixteen twelve in lewisburg twenty four in lynchburg and twenty one degrees in lexington if you're heading out maybe to the mound to go can amount to go skiing or snowboarding: to be very cold life picture of wintergreen mountain back behind this image it looks like the high there are twenty three degrees mostly sunny and more noticed, especially for
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were looking at her first batch of snow to arrive late sunday night or early monday morning thinking the start time of the snow will be right around eight p.m. to about midnight and this of this stumble move through monday morning into worldly afternoon by 1 pm warmer air aloft will arrive that means any of the snow will change to sleet at the surface and that will lessen the snow accumulation totals then it by monday night into tuesday warmer air moves in and conceived whole switch over to freezing rain and the rain ending by tuesday morning preliminary snowfall amounts range between three to six inches for the roanoke and new rumor valleys social south side of the lesser amounts because they were yikes as possible the config tweak attempt to a quarter in a vintage glass of ice meanwhile the rallies vigils outside the lesser amounts because were i asked if possible the config tweak a textual quarter in a vintage glass of ice meanwhile the highlands greenbrier valley hold on to the snowfall
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acted would you have this highlighted as an impact day for your seven day planner were very cold for sunday the upper twenties and the money tuesday when they were keeping an eye out positive changes are coming to a bedford county dam. how lawmakers plan to lower the cost of
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local governments in the roanoke valley are partnering on a new regional center that will change the way minor accidents are reported. police officers will still respond to wrecks that involve injuries, traffic violations or other unusual circumstances. but with minor accidents, that involve only property
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regional collision reporting center will take care of the paperwork. modeled after a successful program in canada, the roanoke valley center will be the first of its kind in the country. howard hall/roanoke county police chief: what we anticipate this to do is free up officer time that would normally be taken with completing those reports and allow us to use them for higher priorities. elected leaders in roanoke, roanoke county and salem still have to vote on the proposal. and it could be several months before the new center is up and running in the roanoke valley. changes at the state level are lowering the cost of repairs needed for a bedford county dam. wdbj7's tim saunders tells us the change comes after a push from lynchburg lawmakers and liberty university, which owns one of the affected lakes. water levels at ivy lake in forest have been low for more than two years, because state regulators have been concerned about the lake's dam. the structure is one of hundreds across the state that were deemed inadequate to handle a
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lee beaumont/senior auxiliary services: "the old values were very unrealistic." says lee beaumont, a construction manager at liberty owns ivy lake. estimating that a maximum rainfall of 35 inches could fall during one storm at ivy lake and it was forcing l-u to make around 2-million dollars worth of changes to the lake's dam. charles spence/senior vice president for construction planning: "we looked throughout the whole state and the whole country. we couldn't find where they were getting the 35 inches." l-u leaders worked with state lawmakers like kathy byron and tom garrett to change the way state regulators view dams and their potential to fail. the result is a policy change that will impact lakes across the state. david dowling/deputy director: "from a scientific perspective it's monumentally better." david dowling is a deputy director for the department of conservation and recreation, which oversees virginia's dams. starting march 23rd, the d-c-r will be using new data collected to judge the maximum amount of rain that might fall around a lake and whether it might cause a dam to fail.
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who were previously required to make changes, might not have to make any upgrades. dowling: "we're hoping it will be very beneficial to many of them along the way." for liberty the change has lowered the cost of upgrading the dam by as much as 40 percent. beaumont: "when we saw the new values that came out and the implications for not only ivy lake but all dam owners across the state, we were very pleased." tim saunders, wdbj7. about 800 teachers were in roanoke to talk about ways to make stem courses enjoyable and understandable to students. the whole mission of the virginia children's engineering convention is to get kids interested in pursuing careers in engineering, math or the sciences. yesterday, stations were set up to show instructors that those subjects can be taught in new and unique ways. some vendors showcased items kids enjoy like legos to demonstrate hands-on, real-life problem solving. joan harper- neely/teacher: "we
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solving skills so these challenges get them to think, to collaborate, to be innovative and use their math, science, social studies, language arts they've been using to solve problems." this is the 20-th year for the convention. e sure you bundle lot it's very cold that winds are blowing on top of those cold temperatures and factor is a wind chill advisory out until early tomorrow morning around ten a.m. mainly along interstate eighty one quart and two areas the west because we could see when shelves full load zero for many hours of the day exact at this hour by hour just shows you the air temperature holding in the upper teens and low twenties with abundant sunshine and now
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zachary has her we've got a handsome feline with a famous name to introduce you to this morning on pet stories. when we return, get ready to meet garfield. and coming up later in sports, it's almost
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season. hi, i'm garfield!
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namesake, but i'll happily eat lasagna with you! i'm talkative, loving and outgoing; if you stop petting me before i'm done i'll meow to remind you to keep going. i've got long whiskers and big orange eyes that match my coat. all of your friends will be jealous of your handsome new cat! if you're looking for a special date for this valentine's day, look no further than me! garfield weighs 14 lbs, and is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and combo tested. visit garfield at the roanoke valley spca today between noon and 6 pm. fyi - the shelter will be closed to the public on monday, february 15th in honor of president's day but
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tuesday. hi, i'm garfield! i'm not as big as my namesake, but i'll happily eat lasagna with you! i'm talkative, loving and outgoing; if you stop petting me before i'm done i'll meow to remind you to keep going. i've got long whiskers and big orange eyes that match my coat. all of your friends will be jealous of your handsome new cat! if you're looking for a special date for this valentine's day, look no further than me! garfield weighs 14 lbs, and is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and combo tested. visit garfield at the roanoke valley spca today between noon and 6 pm. fyi - the shelter will be closed to the public on
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15th in honor of president's day but will reopen on tuesday. hi, i'm garfield! i'm not as big as my namesake, but i'll happily eat lasagna with you! i'm talkative, loving and outgoing; if you stop petting me before i'm done i'll meow to remind you to keep going. i've got long whiskers and big orange eyes that match my coat. all of your friends will be jealous of your handsome new cat! if you're looking for a special date for this valentine's day, look no further than me! garfield weighs 14 lbs, and is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and combo tested. visit garfield at the roanoke valley spca today between noon and 6 pm. fyi - the shelter will be closed to the public on monday, february 15th in honor of president's day but will reopen on tuesday. for more information call the roanoke valley spca at 339-wags, or check out their website.
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dot- backit's a tale of two regions in our area this
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announcing a little more cloud cover and a few for brief wine you can feel like that's up from her whistle community college camera is even according on the grasses from yesterday system and then we are noticing more sunshine towards rocky mount today that will be in the case cloud thing towards amounts below or sunshine east of the blue rage but temperatures everywhere will be extremely cold with highs only in the upper teens and low twenties feeling more like the the 2016 nascar season is just around the corner. here's sports director travis wells from the beginning of speed weeks down in daytona. no caption
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more charter schools could pop up in virginia. what constitutional amendment the house of delegates approved. several politicians visited washington and lee yesterday. how the students'
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progressing. and the 9th republican debate is tonight. how the remaining
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to face-off. two you he was scared as i is for reading very cold bitter cold was the terms of her using human dangerously cold especially as we have the overnight hours but guess who braved the cold for a straight tracy gordon went outside of bedford county capture this beautiful sunrise
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you look outside with the sunshine it will be very quiet yet whether until sunday night but temperatures there were cold and factor the year to the jordan whispered nineteen degrees and fourteen degrees and blacks were definitely not we will keep an eye out on for you as the dangerously cold weekend will not leave any time seeing the practicing record cold temperatures overnight tonight especially to places like roanoke and even in danville now we are tracking her next form system will snow arriving late sunday night and will continue until about monday afternoon at that link the snow will change to sleet and ice and we're concerned about slick slippery the house of delegates has approved a constitutional amendment that could encourage the creation of more charter schools in virginia. the vote was close - 52 to 47. the amendment would give the state board of education the authority to establish charter schools, even if local school boards disagree. delegate rob bell/(r) 58th district albemarle: this is one that will have impacts long after we're gone. you have kids who are in
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districts. you have kids who are in great school districts. charters can help them all. delegate alfonso lopez/(d) 49th district arlington: the general assembly should be focusing our efforts on giving local school boards the tools, resources and flexibility they need to find creative solutions to help ensure student success. this proposal is the wrong choice for virginia. if the senate approves the constitutional amendment, it will go to the voters in a referendum later this year. students at washington and lee university are halfway through their mock convention. representative bob goodlatte, ann coulter and dick cheney spoke to students yesterday. they talked about a wide range of topics from national security to immigration. 95 percent of students are taking part in the project. some of them say it shows just how much college students care about the real world. matthew kaiser: "we want to participate and have our voice heard, we have priorities, we want our country to go the way we want it to as well, it's definitely a way for us to show that we have a voice
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heard." today, students will hold their third and fourth session. that's when they'll make their prediction for this year's presidential nominee. the 9th republican debate takes place tonight at 9 on cbs, a week ahead of the south carolina primary. donald trump and ted cruz will stand center stage - the two have already started throwing jabs at each other. weijia jiang is in greenville, south carolina with the latest. donald trump hit the campaign trail in florida after taking aim again at rival ted cruz. (sot: donald trump/republican presidential candidate) "find out where he gets his money audience boos" on twitter, he threatened to sue cruz if he doesn't "quote" clean up his act, stop cheating and doing negative ads." (sot sen. ted cruz / r-texas) there is a reason he does the attacks because it's all a smokesscreen to hide from his record. (track 2 ) trump and ted cruz will take center stage, alongside john kasich, jeb bush, ben carson and marco rubio at tonight's cbs news debate in south carolina.
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up bridge) the group will be the smallest to take the debate stage yet... and trump will likely be the biggest target. (track 3) cbs political director and host of the face the nation, john dickerson will be the moderator. (sot: john dickerson/cbs news political director, host "face the nation") "it should be a pretty rough debate because they're all trying to use the other to take advantage." (track 4) to do well in south carolina's republican primary, the candidates also need support from african- americans... and evangelicals like annittia jackson. (sot: annittia jackson/undecided south carolina voter) "what values are you hoping line up with yours? pro life. crushing isis." (trac 5) cruz, rubio, carson and bush all spoke at yesterday's faith and family presidential forum. (sot: jeb bush/republican candidate for president) 13:40:30 "i do not believe you put your faith in a lockbox when you're in public life." (track 5) faith...just one of many issues expected to come up during the debate... as candidates fight to stay in the race. weijia jiang, cbs news, greenville, south carolina. former virginia governor jim gilmore is ending his republican
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campaign. yesterday, he said he will endorse whoever the g-o-p nominates. gilmore didn't make much traction during his campaign, failing to qualify for many republican debates. he was set to be the only remaining g- o-p candidate left out of tonight's debate. flights to cuba could be coming soon to u-s airlines. starting tuesday, airlines will have 15- days to submit applications to the department of transportation for cuba routes. back in december, the u-s and cuba reached an agreement to resume flights. once that agreement is formally signed, it could lead to more than 100 daily round-trip flights in and out of cuba. this development brings the u-s and cuba closer together, allowing airlines and travelers a chance to take part in history. when the agreement becomes official, it will be the first time in over 50 years that there are scheduled flights between the two countries. some virginia students had quite the homework assignment recently they were asked to build a satellite and
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nasa says they've become the first elementary school to successfully build and launch a satellite. as mark albert reports, the final part of the mission is just weeks away. tucked in the back of the library at st. thomas more cathedral school library is mission control. (nat/ felix pellegrino/fifth- grade student) the students in arlington, virginia, now have a satellite in space... and they made it themselves. it launched into outer space on a rocket in december... and is now aboard the international space station. (nat/joe) the tiny object - known as a "cube sat" for its size and shape - is just big enough to hold a camera. if it works, it will beam back images of earth every 30 seconds for up to a year. (sot/felix) (felix pellegrino/fifth- grade student)
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walking up to monitors at nasa) felix pellegrino's dad works at nasa and came up with the idea, and got the space agency on board. (nat/dad) (joe pointing to space station airlock on monitor) joe pellegrino thinks the project will inspire students to explore the final frontier.. pellegrino/nasa (mark albert/cbs news/arlington, virginia) now waiting for the satellite to be deployed from the space station next month to find out if the camera works. (rebecca el choueiry/eight-grade student) it's a lesson that stretches these students' imagination into the far reaches of the universe. mark albert, cbs news, arlington, virginia. (toss to lindsey)
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bitof it is cold and factual error temperatures right now running in the lower teams from the new river valley to the mountain empire single digits from bloomfield hot springs and it is in the twenties subsist on link to d'antoni in martinsville but when you factor in the waves this is what it feels like to expose scandal load zero from galax with phil bluefield and even upward hot springs single digits along the spine of blue ridge feeling like one degree a whisper and sixteen degrees right now in danville so be sure you save very warm today and right as that is her big concern over the next two days with these winds coming from the northwest ushering in this or air sustained winds will range between fifteen to twenty miles per hour throughout the afternoon and this is why we are still under a wind chill advisory that expire sunday ten a.m. very
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parts to thewest and windchill warning is out for western when berks county temperatures this afternoon topping out in the upper team from blacksburg to marion lower to middle 20s the rhone valley in south i think for central virginia the teams will do it just north of interstate 64 quarter or went slowly diminished tonight and that means strong radiation cooling all the heat or anything at all will escape to space and that means temperatures will fall very fast to nine record lows for sunday range anywhere between 15 in danville at 4 in lynchburg and i think we could break some of these especially in roanoke and even in danville where forecast low was twelve degrees in the record what with fifteen something watch out for tomorrow morning so keep it here at wj seven sunday morning overnight lows in the dropping of five degrees and blacksburg 3m bluefield online in martinsville and ten in lynchburg dangerously cold at that point our necks of some will come out of canada it's going to pay us need to the south and east bringing some snow to our area sunday night
8:41 am
system out for younext to someone, out of canada. it's going to put us need to the south and east bringing some snow to our area sunday night and monday. so what time the system out for you. it looks like the snow will begin between 9:52 pm as the system swings across the upper level when the straw the snow will continue through early monday morning into midday on monday then warmer air unlocked moves in changing any of the snow over to sleet and freezing rain monday afternoon and two monday night we just legal rain falling for overly tuesday morning to watch us time enough for you really quick it looks like monday will face no touching relations between three to six inches by monday night it will change over to a wintry mix and that means i will be a concern it will lessen our snow will melt altogether went up to a quarter of an ice possible especially for races like the piedmont and south sides and in another round of mountain snow was possible tuesday is another clipper system just to the east so those are impacting for this weekend were focusing on the cold and sets the stage up for
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early downtown roanoke landmark texas tavern is celebrating its birthday today. the beloved neighborhood stand-by has been serving up cheesy westerns, burgers, dogs and chili since 1930. today is the restaurant's 86- birthday and it's celebrating in a big way. matt bullington/owner: "it's a real special thing that's why every year on the anniversary we do 86-cents hamburgers, hot dogs and chili so next year it will be 87-cents just kind of a way to say thanks to our customers. that's why we're here, it's all about the customers." bullington says four generations of his family have worked to keep the customers of roanoke happy. you can enjoy the 86-cent specials today from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. the berglund center not only has entertainment, but art too. you'll just have to look down to see it. these trash cans were given new life thanks to art students at the burton center for arts and technology. the berglund center was going to throw
8:43 am
until they asked the taubman museum for ideas. that's where art by the students came in. ross alison: "i don't really think of my pieces being displayed that often, let alone on a trash can which actually, i like that it's really unique. i like how people can just throw something away but they get to look at something nice too. the art pieces are advertisements for the taubman museum. the museum worked with the students on creating them. carillion clinic is bringing its latest project to the new river valley. how the new center can help you with health and wellness. as more cases of the zika virus appear, more people get uneasy. health experts gathered in washington, dc to answer some of the
8:44 am
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questions. (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at the new river valley will soon have
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help. carilion clinic is opening a new wellness center on the corporate resources center at virginia tech. the campus is excited because this should attract more professionals to move and work at the c-r-c, which they say is their goal. the new wellness center will replace another fitness area, but offer much more than just exercise equipment. bud grey/vp of wellness, carilion clinic: "wellness is more than just fitness. so our memberships will include annual free flu shots, the opportunity to have screenings done. that's more about what carilion tries to do in investing in a community." the wellness center will open on april 1st once the space is renovated and brand new equipment can be brought back in. health experts from around the world gathered in washington dc to answer concerns about the zika virus. many say there is growing evidence of a link between the virus and neurological disorders. there are now nearly eighty cases in 21 states, and almost all of them involve people who
8:47 am
doctors say testing for a potential vaccine could begin as early as this summer. the virus is expected to eventually infect up to three million world. says nearly 422- thousand virginians have enrolled for through the healthcare dot-gov marketplace. the figure reflects the latest open enrollment period that ended january 31st. mcauliffe says the total this year exceeded expectations. the better business bureau is warning people about scams ahead of this valentine's day. experts say if you meet someone online, they could be a scammer - especially if you have not met them in person. the bbb says it usually starts through online dating websites or social media, and scammers will ask you to wire them money. it may not be a large amount at first, but the requests keep coming. experts say you should never send money to someone you have not met in person, or give banking information to a stranger.
8:48 am
events for people to take part in this valentine's day weekend. here's kianna price wade with a look at your hometown happenings. show love this valentine's day by singing door to door with valentining! it's just like old school door- to-door christmas caroling but with love songs instead. valentining 2016 starts at 6:30pm tomorrow at 631 allison ave sw in roanoke with valentine snacks and a singing rehearsal. then around 7:30pm singers will go door- to-door in roanoke's old southwest neighborhood. bring a flashlight and dress warm. no musical experience is necessary, just love in your heart! amrhein's wine cellars will be having a wine and chocolate pairing from 11am-5pm today and tomorrow. tickets are $10 and include 5 decadent chocolates and desserts paired with a wine or wines of your choice. amrhein's is also offering a "sweethearts" package for $25 that includes tickets for two people and a bottle of ruby! amrhein's wine cellar is located on
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the roanoke chapter of links inc and the women's auxiliary at pilgrim baptist church invite you to their red dress luncheon to educate and raise awareness about heart disease. the luncheon starts at 12 noon with a guest speaker and concludes at 1:30. the red dress luncheon will take place at the pilgrim baptist church family life center. tickets are $10. the vinton chamber of commerce presents the winter concert series with trusol true soul. dance the night away starting at 8pm. the winter concert series takes place at the woodland place. tickets are $30.00 per person and food will be available for purchase. this is a 21 & older event. join the star city roller girls for their first bout of the season. they will be taking on the greenbrier river rollers at the berglund special events center. doors open at 5:30 and the action starts at 6:00pm. tickets are $11. kids under 10 are free. to find out more about this and other things happening or if you want to submit an event go to and just click on events.
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you next saturday morning. theminke gianna if you are having outside be sure you dress warm and stage right here are my t-shirts in the beginning of the show where i got wet and then i put them out here on the weather data and earhart has rocketed in theory banging up against the desk and very very wednesday so this is just something else to show you how cold it is and how it's very important to stay dry i also have this i didn't know with materials change the fact about reasoning work on something something like that if they are whacked that. also very hard ` i hear it when i'm banging up against about jackson's stay warm outside temperatures right now or holding in the teens and single digits across the area and i will not warm up very much from their highs in the upper we have one more look at sports when we return,
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the virginia cavaliers basketball team has been on a roll lately, but they'll face a tough test later today. here's zac glover with more. good morning, i'm zac glover with your look at sports. the virginia men's basketball team will be taking their seven-game winning streak on the road to duke this afternoon, and cameron indoor is the only acc venue the cavaliers have yet to get a win in tony bennett's tenure. but with the blue devils being unranked for the first time in a long time, and the way the cavs have been playing recently, today could change all of that. anthony gill, virginia forward: "even with the games that we were winning before that, that's not the typical uva basketball that you normally would see out of us. and these last couple of games, this last stretch of games that we've been winning is because we got back to the way that we play basketball. i think that started with that darius shot at
8:53 am
don't know, put something in our tanks and gave us a lot of energy, and let us know that we can really go out here and compete with each and every team in the acc." mike tobey, virginia center: "it's always exciting to play against duke. obviously, the history in cameron is a big deal. definitely, being a senior, this being our last opportunity to go in there, hopefully go in there and get a win, but it's always an exciting thing to play." so the 7th-ranked cavaliers will tip it off with duke at 4:30pm. we'll be down there in durham, and we'll have all your highlights and post- game reaction that's your look at
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day. birthdays for
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it's february 13th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." the stadium is set for a showdown in south carolina. the republican candidates fire new attacks ahead of tonight's debate.
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arctic blast hits the northeast. the west experiences record hot weather. taking up arms against the zika virus. why thousands of troops were dispatched in south america. the pope pilgrimage to mexico and how smiles helped overcome an early security scare on his historic your world in 90 seconds. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> i do not believe you put your lirve. >> i'm saved by grace. >> republicans talk religion genetic set for our debate. in south carolina. >> we are talking about all of these problems but here is why we are having fun, because it's optimism. pope francis is in mexico city on a five day trip. >> in minutes he was wearing a sombrero. >> so cold outside!


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