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tv   Early Mornin  CBS  February 16, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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chesterfield makes an unexpected stop in blacksburg, because of the winter storm. why they have a good samaritan to thank for finding a safe place to spend the night. and after the snow stopped falling, some people were out making the most of the winter wonderland, and even making a little cash because of it. good morning, it's just after 5 o'clock on tuesday. i'm kimberly mcbroom i'm garrett turner. and i'm leo hirsbrunner. dangerous road conditions as freezing rain continues for some.
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and ice this morning. yesterday many people got lucky with yesterday many people got lucky with yesterday many people got lucky with the timing of the storm and that it fell on a holiday when many people were already off work and out of school. but that's not the case today, and this latest round of winter storm may cause many headaches for people today. wdbj-7's shayne dwyer is live in downtown roanoke for us this morning.
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morning, and most importantly how are the roads? kimberly it's downright dangerous out here. the primary roads are in as good as shape as they can be, the plow crews have been working all through the night to get those clear. but there is a lot of standing water and slush on the roads. my 15 minute commute into work this morning took me over 30 minutes. if you went slow yesterday, try to go about half that speed today. kimberly ice can come out of no where and turn a normal day into a
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power crews are very on power lines and trees. more than 14- thousand outages reported this morning. kimberly crews are very worried and for good reason this ice right now crews are reporting power outages across the area. if you can stay home today again that's probably the best option. or at least wait until later today when hopefully some of this will melt and wash away. a 47-year-old from farmville is charged with reckless driving after an accident in appomattox county that sent her and five passengers to lynchburg general hospital. three of those were children, ages two, seven, and 13. state police say it
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noon yesterday on route 460. the woman was heading west when she lost control, ran off the road, and flipped her suv. investigators say speed was a factor. the woman was also charged with two child restraint violations. the two- and seven-year-old were sharing a regular seat belt instead of being in individual child safety seats. part of interstate 81 was closed during yesterday's storm after this wreck in frederick county. it happened in the northbound lanes near the interstate 66 interchange. state police say the truck was loaded with 33 cattle, which broke free of the trailer and were wandering around the interstate. 6 of the animals died, and six others escaped the damaged trailer. police and fire crews helped to round them up. the driver is charged with reckless driving. ((cold toss to leo))
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through the next several hours a lot areas it's just plain old rain right now some that rain falling heavily at times it's the roanoke valley franklin county eastward toward the lynchburg area down toward henry county were finding freezing rain at this point time say parts of pittsylvania halifax county heavy rain all plain old rain and then on the backside another little swath of cold air trying to drive-in so western parts of taz well county you may be switching back over to some snow right now but as we head through the morning and afternoon everyone will begin to warm up but again to the ronald valley into franklin county we are finding a major ice event going on right now rain falling, temperatures are below freezing so just clinging to everything getting reports of trees coming down tree limbs coming down power outages of course as we just mentioned and he can see in around the roanoke valley up toward the northeast would most of the ice is located will continue to see this improve over the next several hours but still very dangers driving conditions. we also that worry about flooding flood advisory southwest
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with gracing county until eight forty five all that snow yesterday some heavy rain today all the drains a kino blocking all the snow so watch upper ponding the water out on the roadways ronald now up to the freezing mark thirty two but still freezing rain martinsville below freezing at thirty one but most other areas are now just above freezing even forty 40 and louisburg so that's the good news would a continue to warm over the next couple of hours of the freezing rain should eventually turn just a plain old rain showers and when you get some breaks is sunshine as we head through the day is temperatures get back into the 40s as this low. finally get that you forecast today wintry mix early rain likely warming up temperatures in the mid to upper forties and some low fifties as we head through the afternoon tonight and evening shower barely cloudy lows in the upper 20s low to mid 30s seven day planner finally wednesday thursday friday saturday would begin to dry out you deftly warm up what him and by the we can would a be hovering right around sixty degrees all of this can melt the way but i want emphasize again over the next several
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roanoke valley toward franklin county, dangerous road there may still be some slick spots on the roads this morning. but the snow and ice caused a lot of accidents in the new river valley yesterday. wdbj7's justin ward tells us how one family is trying to get home after a serious wreck yesterday morning. staff at the days inn in blacksburg were welcoming to linda northern and her family but staying here wasn't part of their plans. linda northern/mother: "i have cried so much i cannot shed a tear right now." northern was headed to chesterfield, virginia from arkansas with her two daughters and four grandchildren and into the heart of this winter storm when it happened. linda northern/mother: "i was going 45 miles per hour and this big truck came and it kind of fishtailed." "so i ended up running right into a guard rail." their struggles didn't end there. her daughter was sent to the hospital and without a car she and the rest of her family eventually got rides from law enforcement to lewis gale hospital montgomery. linda northern: "the airbag exploded and it burned my hand and
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were ok, they were fine." some of them left with bruises and cuts and with what they thought was a reservation at the hotel across the street. so they walked through the snow only to get turned away because northern said staff told her there were no clean rooms. that misunderstanding introduced them to a good samaritan who told us about their story and who helped them find a place to get warm in another motel about a block away. linda northern: "you are an angel and my family, we love you." justin ward, wdbj7 domino's and that good samaritan donated pizza for the family last night. a friend from richmond is taking them home today. law enforcement say if you wreck during a winter storm, put on your blinkers, and be patient. with a break in the weather monday afternoon, conditions improved on major highways throughout the roanoke valley. and people began to venture out in neighborhoods that were still waiting for a snowplow to arrive. in salem, we met victor bell, who was out for a walk with his dog blue.
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walking, blue was along for the ride. victor bell/salem resident: it was little deep for her. she likes it, but then she gets a little cold when the snow is dragging across her belly all the time. she does all right though. she's a good little girl. a few doors down, we found maddie fountain working alongside wilson and seth rakes. they were on their third driveway, making a little spending money when we caught up with them monday afternoon. a lot of roads are still in very bad shape this morning, with icy spots and a lot of standing water. we'll have your latest i-hometown traffic report, next. and being a muslim in todays's society a lot of negative press. roanoke muslim, understanding is the
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fear and stereotypes. conditions as freezing rain continues for some. right now we are finding winter storm warnings the good news
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been canceled from bland with carol county westward temperatures well above freezing. but the rest of us still have that until noon today still finding pockets of heavy freezing rain through the roanoke valley southward watch upper dangerous road conditions we will see that scour out that cold air as we head through the next several hours and will do see plain old rain showers but again take e the roads across our area are dangerous right now. the virginia department of transportation is asking drivers to avoid traveling until the temperatures rise safely above freezing. we're already accidents this morning. there's also thick fog in the fancy gap area along i-77 in carroll county. we're looking live at i-81 in christiansburg camera. the highways are mostly clear with some isolated slick patches. i-64 is the worst right now in rockbridge county. stretches of that highway are covered in a layer of ice. vdot crews hope passable by tomorrow.
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make that happen. muslims pkg muslims aren't always portrayed in a positive light. because of some violent events in our country and elsewhere, people sometimes look on followers of the religion with fear, or even anger. in my report, misunderstanding muslims, i found out that education could be the key to uniting all faiths in our community. roanoke is hundreds of miles away from the united nations. yet, it offers its own welcoming commitee for people from all nationalities and religious backgrounds, including muslims. local colors executive director beth lutjen says they've long been a part of our community. beth lutjen/local colors executive director: it's not that in the last few years, muslims have first come to america. muslims have been here for many, many, many years. they are a part of the american story." that story includes roanoke's masjid- an- nur mosque, whose founding members were u- s army veterans. that's a little known fact its assistant imam, arthur mcdonald brought to our attention when
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him. mcdonald's married, with two sons in roanoke city public schools. virginia's been his home for over 20 years, and roanoke for the last four. arthur mcdonald/ roanoke resident: we love mill mountain. we love going to the zoo up there. my youngest son, he loves chuck e cheese, so we're always going to chuck e cheese. mcdonald says he loves living here. his experience has largely been a positive one, with the exception of last year's vandalism at the mosque. a broken glass panel is a reminder of the hateful gesture he says that came as a shock to arthur roanoke resident: we were kind of afraid, because we didn't know next. mcdonald says islam requires prayer several times a day, yet some people have the wrong idea about arthur mcdonald/ roanoke resident:that islam hates americans and the west. i think that is the biggest misnomer. kimberly mcbroom/wdbj7: we reached out to others in the muslim community. many said they just don't feel comfortable putting themselves in the spotlight, because of the negative attention muslims often get. one man told me he wants people to know that
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sanction violence, but is a religion of peace and mercy. the muslim population is also growing sector of our population. according to 20-10 numbers from the association of religion data archives, muslims make up about seven percent of the roanoke metro area. in a gesture of community and good will, the mosque made a 25- hundred- dollar donation to the roanoke rescue mission back in december. mcdonald says that went a long way in community relations, and earned a lot of positive feedback on the mosque's facebook page. there's still a long way to go. fear and misunderstanding remain the biggest obstacles. arthur mcdonald/ roanoke resident: you know, we're just regular people. we might dress a little different sometimes, but it's nothing for anyone to be fearful of. lutjen agrees, and reminds us not to judge the majority by just a small minority. beth lutjen/local colors: what we don't understand sometimes we fear. and fear is negative. there is just not a good side to fear.
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mosque is extending an invitation to the entire community to learn more about the islam faith. he says it will be hosting an open house in the next couple of months. there are also many websites with information about islam. we've included a few of them for you on our website, wdb7-dot-com. just click on this story. if you want to see the presidents, you don't have to drive all the way to washington, dc. coming up next, we'll tell you about a home in virginia that has an interesting presidential collection. and if you want to take a ride on a piece of history, there are new excursions available on the spirit of
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a big concern this morningwere finding dangerous ice conditions across some hometowns also areas of dense fog down toward say interstate seventy seven through carol county watch upper dense fog pittsylvania halifax county ares a very dense fog same story as he head up toward the highlands a you one a slowdown for the fog we also wanted deftly slowdown
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the roanoke valley southward that warm colder air will get scour out over the next the hours and everyone should warm above freezing and then chilly we get rid of this low-pressure center and season dryer air punching in but if you look really close still find the pinks in around the region right down toward say henry county into north carolina so was still finding some heavy icing taking place dangerous road conditions here's the snowfall reports from yesterday a happier to digital broadcast an average around roanoke was 87 rocky mount six smith mountlake head to the east a little less lynchburg appomattox loving stint around five six inches down toward southern virginia one to three inches gretna bit more by southwest virginia all the way up to what wind and inches in a 1 inches in bluefield paris burn galax around 6.8 inches marling to eight inches as he head over toward morrilton now temperatures starting off right around freezing in roanoke will continue to see those warm over time and he can see wintry mix early heavy rain this morning minor
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the region so something you wanted deftly keep in mind seven day planner shows partly sunny skies by wednesday as he head toward thursday forty five and then him maker way toward the weekend, temperatures will be closing in on 60 all this mess a man in virginia celebrates president's day all- year! he lives just outside of williamsburg and has the heads of 43 presidents hanging out in his backyard. so how did he get such a collection? he found them in the trash! these sculptures dotted the landscape of a williamsburg theme park 11-years ago. but the park went bust, and the land was auctioned off. the man owns a concrete recycling business and was hired to crush each sculpture into little pieces. howard hankins/sculptures' owner: "i didn't like that idea at all. they asked me if i could get rid of the stuff and i said 'sure i'll get rid of it!'" the statues were free, but moving them cost him about 50-grand. he's now looking for a new home for them.
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they will get kids interested in america's history. all aboard. you can now buy tickets for several 611 train excursions this spring, that include the roanoke valley. the roanoker will travel from greensboro, north carolina to roanoke on april 23rd through the 24th. the powhatan will travel from roanoke to radford on may 7th and 8th. and the pelican will also travel from roanoke to radford on may 7th and 8th. prices range from around 100 dollars, up to a thousand. head to wdbj-7- dot-com for more information. it may be cold here in virginia, but things are heating up on the track at daytona. we'll have all the latest from speed weeks, coming up in
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dangerous road conditions as freezing rain continues for some. watch for heavy rain
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morning. while the weather has been cold and snowy here in southwest virginia, things are heating up down in florida as we continue to countdown to the daytona 500. here's zac glover in sports. good morning, i'm zac glover, with your look at sports. we're now just five days away from the official beginning of the nascar season. travis wells continues our coverage of speed weeks leading up to the 500 from the beach in daytona. travis wells: "here in daytona beach, florida, a pair of rookie drivers have been the toast of speed weeks thus far. chase elliott, who won the pole for the daytona 500 sunday, and ryan blaney, who's solid qualifyng effort assured the wood brothers and the 21-machine of a starting spot in sunday's great american race." chase elliott/daytona
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pole winner: i know we have a great opportunity with a great race team to have a chance next week. i have a lot to learn before then. i've never done any drafting in these cup cars at these plate tracks so that's gonna be new and like i said, just, the duels on thursday are gonna be important and i think for me, just kind of take those and learn but at the same time be smart, knowing that we are gonna be starting on the front row. we want to make sure we have this car next week but i still need to get in positions where i need to learn and hopefully speed up that learning curve and try to give ourselves a chance. whle elliott has all week to bask in winning the pole for the 500, ryan blaney can puff his chest out just a bit too. after all the chatter the past week about the wood brothers not receiving one of 36 nascar charters, the sport's oldest team prepared a lightning quick hot rod for stock car racing's biggest event. ryan blaney/starts 4th in first duel on thursday: you now we're just racecar drivers and this whole woods team, they just want to go racing. they
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other than just wanting to go to the racetrack and be competitive and i think that's what we are so it's nice for them, not only for me to get behind the wheel but for them to be working on the racecar and working together as a team. it kind of gets them back into the swing of things also so it's really neat all around to be at the racetrack. travis wells: "the cup drivers will be back in the world's center of racing tuesday to take part in media day festivities, followed by two more practice sessions on wednesday, ahead of thursday's duel qualifying races. in daytona beach, florida, travis wells, wdbj7. the virginia men's basketball team suffered a tough loss over the weekend, as duke put in a controversial game-winner at the buzzer. last night, a chance for redemption for the nation's 7th-ranked team, hosting nc state. former hoo, justin anderson in the house, and he liked what he saw from former teammate malcolm brogdon. brogdon hits the three, but uva goes into half tied at 31. but virginia goes on a run to begin the 2nd. anthony gill with the jam. then on the run-out. isaiah wilkins to devon hall, who dishes it back to wilkins. caps off a 13-2 run to begin the
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brogdon would keep it rolling. goes 9-of- 13 from the floor. pours in a game-high 22 points. london perrantes also with a solid shooting night. splashes down one of his 5 threes on the night. he had 19 points of his own, as virginia cruises, 73- 53. that's your look at sports, have a great day. your t-v might still be rocking after last night's grammy awards. which artist stole the show, winning the most trophies of the night. while we're dealing with the aftermath of winter weather, much of the south is cleaning up after a string of tornadoes. and, president obama says he will nominate a successor for the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. why he says he's not waiting for the
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make that decision. ha pa i' th li of ne ha li an we so ma li $2 le ge qu is wh li at good morning, i'm
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and i'm kimberly mcbroom. several performances rocked the stage last night at the 58th annual grammy awards. teri okita was there, and shows us the night's biggest winners and most memorable moments. pop queen taylor swift opened the 58th annual grammy awards and ruled the show -- winning the top prize. swift's "1989" earned the singer her second career grammy for album of the year. she urged young women to not let naysayers get in their way. grammy winner)) don't let those people sidetrack you." (4 sec) mark ronson and bruno mars' "uptown funk" won "record of the year". ((sot: stevie wonder)) "you can't read braille. nah, nah, nah, nah, nah." stevie wonder teased "song of the year" nominees before announcing ed sheeran's "thinking out loud" the winner. and "best new artist" meghan trainor couldn't hold back tears as she thanked her family. ((sot: meghan trainor/ grammy winner)) (sobbing) "and my always ((stand-up: teri "this year's emotions...with performances that
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of music's biggest icons. others used the mic to make a statement." (nats -- lamar in chains) "i'm african american." kendrick lamar sent a powerful message about racism with his rap that won him 5 grammys. (nats) "this is modern day slavery." the audience was brought to its feet by tributes that... honored earth, wind, & fire maurice white, eagle's co-founder glenn frey, and blues legend bb king. (nats) "the thrill is gone" (nats) "this is ground control to major tom" and lady gaga brought the late david bowie's work back to life. (nats) "we can be heroes just for one day." teri okita, cbs news, los angeles. the southeast was hit with severe weather yesterday, causing more than one-thousand flights to be delayed or canceled. at least 16 tornadoes were reported yesterday in the south. the twisters left chaos in its wake. a fire station in alabama was hit, and the roof of a school in mississippi was damaged. (bo brantley/ flomaton, al resident) "we got in the
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and our head just swelled up just the pressure and we heard all the rumble and then just like that it was all gone" meanwhile, the same massive storm system brought snow and ice everywhere from the carolinas to new york. roads froze over, causing an ambulance to flip on the way to a call. warm temperatures are coming to the northeast, but it causes concern for possible flooding. we're facing some of those same issues in our area with the possibility of standing water, flooding and freezing rain. today is already shaping up to be a challenging day for people working early this morning. wdbj-7's shayne dwyer is live in downtown roanoke this morning. shayne how are things looking right now? good morning garrett things are still cold and slippery out here. the ice this morning is coating almost everything. i let my car run for almost an hour this morning in my parking lot before i came to work and it barely did a thing to get the ice off. the major roads are clear, but still slick and very slushy and there is lots of
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but it's the secondary roads and the neighborhood roads, your driveway, apartment parking lots that are in really bad shape. garrett that ice just makes things really dangerous. shayne appalachian power is now reporting more than 18-thousand power outages across virginia right now. where are the hardest hit areas? garrett that has to be the one of the worst things happening this morning, waking up without power. right now there are many hard hit areas and we've even seen the lights flicker down here. many counties are seeing issues. garrett and kimberly if you can stay inside as long as possible
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be the best option. ((cold toss w/stinger)) exactwill slowly warming up as we speak but still below freezing still have that from we about a quarter inch of ice here to digital broadcast center that is a lot of ice a scrape off your carson to be extra time and then you have to deal with the treacherous road conditions all that freezing rain other areas just plain old rain in one what you talk about with all the ice southwest virginia seeing some rain eastern sections just rain even as he had to the north just rates mainly the ronald valley down franklin county right now where with finding the pinks leftover an and you dealing with heavy rain henry county pittsylvania county and that will be
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east these the areas one a watch out for ponting the water out on the roadways as well and far southwest virginia some colder air rushing in behind this system changing it back to a few snow showers but that should tend to fall part and everyone should see at least the steady rain come to an and over the next several hours though forget flood advisories continue until 845 taz will bland smith with in gracing county we are finding ponding water out on the roadways current temperature right at the freezing mark lynchburg roanoke danville now above freezing blacksburg above freezing good news there head over toward say bristol 39 look at richmond. right now fifty degrees we are get a see a taste of that warmer weather as we make our way through the afternoon should be topping on the mid forties later on is his finally exits the area could get a couple sunny breaks but still the clouds and cool air locked in place it will take time and then a little clipper system dives to our south late tonight early tomorrow could bring a couple snow showers to the mountains
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across the area would talk than rain likely shower return as we had the afternoon warming up highs in the mid 40s tonight in evening shower can't be ruled out barely cloudy lows in the twenties and low thirties seven day planner finally start see quiet weather wednesday thursday friday into saturday as temperatures approach xt looking into whether former new york spitzer attacked a woman in a hotel over the weekend. police were first called to the hotel, after the woman tried to slit her wrists. at the hospital, she called spitzer her boyfriend, and said he choked her. sources close to the investigation say they were arguing because the woman was planning to return to her native russia and things turned violent. spitzer's spokesperson says there is no truth to the claims. the accuser is now refusing to press charges. spitzer resigned as governor nearly eight-years ago, after a prostittution scandal.. strange things happened at the golden gate bridge in california this weekend. someone with a
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at visitors walking across the bridge. the blow darts are about four inches long, but there was no sign of poison in them. two people were hit were hit by the darts. (ofc. andrew barclay / california highway patrol): she had been struck in the knee cap in the knee cap. it had actually gone into the skin. (indy rai / newark resident) "that's very crazy, these days you don't know what's going to happen, especially in sf. the california highway patrol is investigating the situation. they say the darts were shot from a car driving northbound on the bridge. they're currently working with the golden gate bridge authority to see if any surveillance footage can help lead to the offender. pope francis continues his visit in mexico city -- today he will visit morelia, a place where drug violence has recently been rampant. yesterday, he met with several families, and listened to a teen who expressed his struggles with muscular dystrophy. the pope gave a homily in three different indigenous languages in front of 100-thousand people. his visit to this area highlights what thousands of central americans do -- try to climb onto mexico's freight train to get into the u-s. tomorrow, the pope
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from el paso, texas. with the south carolina republican primary coming up quickly, jeb bush is really trying to push his campaign forward. former president george w. bush encouraged south carolina voters to support his younger brother jeb. (george w. bush / former president) we do not need someone in the oval office who mirrors or inflames our anger and frustration. we need someone who can fix the problems that cause our anger and frustration and that's jeb bush. in the past, south carolina voters have helped the bush family rise to the top. george h w bush won the 19-88 and 92 south carolina primaries. and george w. bush won them in 2000 and 2004. south carolina governor nikki haley has not backed a candidate yet. citizens there will vote for candidates on saturday. president obama says he will be nominating a successor to take the place of supreme court justice antonin scalia. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is against the idea, saying that
5:39 am
leadership is in place. obama says he expects the senate to fulfill its constitutional duty now, instead of waiting for the next president to take over. "there will be plenty of time for me to do so, and for the senate to fulfill its responsibility to give that person a fair hearing and a timely vote. these are responsibilities that i take seriously, as should everyone. they're bigger than any one party. they are about our democracy." to nominate has had congress arguing since the day scalia died. no matter who ends up in the seat -- the choice will be a pivotal one for the supreme court. the n-double-a-c-p is delivering an ultimatum over the water crisis in flint, michigan. cornell brooks, the association's president, gave a speech in the city yesterday. he gave michigan governor rick snyder 30 days to come up with a timeline for fixing water problems. if he doesn't, brooks says he will call on his organization to protest. (cornell brooks, naacp president): "we are here to stand at the side of this community at the
5:40 am
rights crisis." brooks also wants the governor to say how much it will cost to diminish the dangerously high levels of lead. flint citizens are mostly black, with a poverty line above 40 percent. the n-double-a-c-p claims the government would do more to fix the water problems if flint were wealthier. the roads outside are dangerously icy, so we're updating you with the latest conditions in our i- hometown traffic report. u-v-a played n-c state in men's basketball last night. we have highlights coming up for you
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(scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at dangerous road conditions as freezing rain continues for some. watch for heavy rain
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morning. ice is a serious problem right now all over our area. even treated roads are slippery in many there are also several reports of trees that have fallen on interstate 81 in roanoke county at the 135 and the 143 northbound due to ice. we also have a tractor-trailer accident to tell you about already on i- 81. it happened near the buchanan route 11 exit at mile marker 162. the northbound exit ramp is blocked there and is expected to take a long time to open. this is a live look at i-64 in lexington from a virginia department of transportation camera. the highways are clear for the most part but there are still icy patches to watch out for.
5:44 am
clock to reach their goal of getting all roads passable by many neighborhood roads and lesser traveled roads have not been plowed just yet. for the virginia cavaliers, the team is following a loss from duke but it's got a definite asterick. grayson allen you traveled and you know you got away with it. just a little morning sports frustration right there. anwyays, last night, uva looked to bounce back against nc state. -if you went to bed before this one ended we got the high lights for you. -the game was all about stopping this man cat barber, who leads the acc in scoring with a little over 24 points a game. -the man commissioned with the defensive assignment was this man malcolm brogdon. -brogdon putting a hand in his face here. -brogdon stays in front of barber. barber has to bail out of the possession which then leads to a steal. defense to offense and uva finishes cutting nc state's lead by 2.
5:45 am
end of the floor brogdon pump faking state did keep it close in the first half with the score tied 31-31 -but then brogdon got into a zone, a simple shake and defensive play with having his back. senior anthony gill saw that the angle of your left handed shot was a bit off so i wanted to adjust it for you. brogdon finishes with 22, uva wins 73-53. coach tony bennett pleased with the team's second half performance. tony bennett, virginia head coach: "that ball in the second half, how we moved it and shared it, and i don't know if nc state wore down or not, but we tried to just have a level of patience and toughness offensively, and then really fight defensively. there was much more fight defensively." malcolm brogdon, virginia guard: "we played a very good team tonight. it was really good that we were able to play at home, and rebound in the right way." london perrantes, virginia point guard: "i think we all took this game pretty personal, especially coming off of that
5:46 am
probably the best thing that could come out after the duke game, was be able to play again. we got that bad taste out of our mouths, and we're just ready to move on." lower gas prices have drivers jumping for joy. why that's not necessarily a good thing for recycling centers. and a new hampshire tram got stuck in mid-air this weekend. the temperature was freezing -- and there was an infant
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warmthis is what a looks like across the roanoke valley can see a nice glaze across the power lines there about a quarter inch of ice. that's clean to the trees that's were getting some these power outages across the region still holding onto below freezing temperatures for parts of the ronald valley franklin county down toward the south but it's beginning to come more isolated as this rain scouring out that cold air is bringing down some warm
5:49 am
we will see this eventually and across the area but still finding very icing conditions and dangerous road conditions especially along the ronald valley southward and eastward as he head over toward the lynchburg area and it's beginning to lighten up. even some snow showers on the backside over toward taz well county be could see an around bedford still finding pink indicating freezing rain across roanoke city eastern parts of roanoke county western sections your temperatures beginning come up just a little bit but still some of those isolated pockets still could have temperatures below freezing and we also have to worry about some isolated pockets of flooding we have flood advisories until 845 southwest virginia that's erie really one a watch upper ponding water out on the roadways right at the freezing mark roanoke lynchburg thirty one martinsville roads actually at thirty one. 31.80 your some like that so rounded up to thirty two but still below freezing. that's also seeing freezing rain thirty five bluefield forty one in the with bill area fitness forecast not the greatest time
5:50 am
we will have some improving conditions through the afternoon is temperatures get back up into the 30s and 40s as this low fine exits the area today rain likely still finding a wintry mix this morning for isolated pockets. we will warm up temperatures topping out in the low to mid forties a little warmer toward martinsville and danville tonight evening shower can't be ruled out barely cloudy. lows in the low 30s and your seven day planner wednesday thursday friday finally quiet conditions would temperatures getting back into the forties and 50s nearing 61 by that gas prices are still falling. the bad news is that as a result, a lot of industries are getting drivers have been able to save big at lower oil prices. but recycling plastic makers find it cheaper to use oil to make new plastic instead of using recyclables. as a result, recycling centers are selling their products for less. (wayne defeo/defeo associates) "all recycling is impacted by low energy costs, plastic in particular
5:51 am
made from oil." recycling centers are losing billions of dollars because of the price drop. they end up sending plastic bags to landfills if they're unable to sell them. despite this, environmental consultants encourage people to keep recycling. passengers had a scary experience this weekend on a tram that got stuck halfway up a mountain. a tram was on its way up cannon mountain in new hampshire when it suddenly stopped in mid-air. passengers waited in freezing temperatures for two hours before rescue arrived. a couple had their infant baby with them, and they were worried about keeping her warm. (sabrina lewis/passenger) "i was like it's 20 degrees or below on this thing. how am i going to keep my baby warm." (george lewis/passenger) "the people around us were absolutely awesome. they gave us some extra jackets and feet warmers and sock warmers." the tram apparently had a mechanical engine failure. but everyone was able to be safely rescued. just ahead in your hometown health... we now know more about the nutrients in organic milk and meats. and jennifer
5:52 am
the hunger games -- she also does it in real life. how one hospital
5:53 am
5:54 am
kindness. now on wdbj7 mornin', today in history. on this date in 19- 23, archaeologist howard carter opens the tomb of king tut. in 19-51, joseph stalin attacks the united nations. fidel castro is sworn in as the prime minister of cuba in 19-59. bill johnson becomes the first american to win an olympic gold in downhill skiing in 19-84. and in 19-97, jeff gordon becomes the youngest daytona winner in history. dangerous road conditions as
5:55 am
continues for some. watch for heavy rain and ice this morning. in this morning's hometown health... acupuncture may actually help some people with chronic pain. jamie yuccas explains, plus what may help retirees live longer. researchers in britain found organic milk and meats contain about 50-percent more omega-3 fatty acids than conventional products. omega-3's are linked to improved cardiovascular health. people with chronic pain such as fibromyalgia may benefit from acupuncture. that's according to researchers in europe. they say patients with at least nine consecutive weeks of acupuncture
5:56 am
pain even up to a year later. and retirees who belong to book clubs and church groups may live longer. british researchers tracked the habits of hundreds of people after they retired. they found belonging to social and community groups was as good for health and wellbeing as regular exercise. those are some of the day's top medical stories. jamie yuccas, cbs news, new york. "hunger games" actress jennifer lawrence is doing her part to help young heart patients. she donated 2- million dollars to help build a cardiac intensive care unit at a hospital in kentucky. the facility -- which will bear her name -- will benefit children who are recovering from heart surgeries and other cardiac conditions. lawrence visited the hospital on christmas and the children there really touched her. she's asked the community to match her donation. let's take a look at what's trending this morning. #grammys is trending. "uptown funk" wins record of the year. taylor swifts "1989"
5:57 am
year. ------- #star wars: episode vii is also trending after disney announces cast additions and the beginning of production #death valley is trending. you can look at the pics of a super bloom in the desert created by the recent el nino rain storms. part of interstate-81 part of interstate-81 was closed yesterday after a tractor-trailer wreck. what live cargo the truck was carrying. another crash monday morning left a family stranded in blacksburg. how a good samaritan helped
5:58 am
5:59 am
turned them away. the winter storm's moving out, but we're
6:00 am
plenty of travel issues this morning. wdbj7's shayne dwyer will join us live from the market building in downtown roanoke with an update. walking is often better than driving when it comes to winter weather. how some people in bedford spent their snow day. and, tax season is here, and that scammers are out in the scam phone call that many wdbj7 viewers say they're getting. good morning, it's just after 5 o'clock on tuesday. i'm kimberly mcbroom i'm garrett turner. and i'm leo hirsbrunner.


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