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tv   News 7 at 6  CBS  February 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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those who dare to redefine it stand apart. the all-new lexus rx and rx hybrid. never has luxury been this expressive. this is the pursuit of perfection. >> kevin: the hawkeyes have lead by 6 and the buckeyes by 5. let's look at the capital one impact performance. >> dan: mike gesell has done it on both ends of the court. this is one of his two dunks. how many times we say he has two dunks in a game? and this is a spectacular dunk, the young man averaging over 8 points a game and 16 today. the biggest reason why the hawkeyes have the lead. >> kevin: and he is the last
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assists, passing number four on the list for assists. dan asked fran mccaffery who needed to play and he said it was his position, glls gesell. williams stays in the contest for the buckeyes. >> dan: iowa has gone back to a zone. >> kevin: weaving through it is williams. and lyle draws a double. >> dan: what a pass! >> kevin: lurfing, 3 -- good! he put it down! [cheers and applause] 4 of 6 on triples. 1-point game! [cheers and applause] [crowd yelling] >> kevin: 10 seconds on the clock, woodbury free, gesell
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woodbury had a hand on it but picked up by bates-diop. a chance for the lead for the buckeyes. [crowd yelling] >> kevin: williams. long 2! and he got it to go! they called it a 3. they're gonna look at it, i believe. what a shot! 8-0 run by ohio state! and kam williams, the top 3-pointer for the buckeyes laces one. >> dan: this is the play we were talking about. over there you can't even see him but lyle somehow finds loving who is all alone and he dox down the three -- knocks down the three. and is this a 2 or 3? but kevin, no matter, this is what we have been talking about the entire game.
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close -- sufficiently lyly close. >> kevin: he's boost arc. that is a triple. that is a triple. and i think people saw the smile on the face of thad matta ammee probably can't believe that his young team without their best player, who they lost, jae'sean tate, with shoulder surgery, -- have a look at it right here. clearly above the line -- their best player is good. a very young team that has gotten better slowly but surely, trick taking on number 8 and playing playing them right down to the wire. 8-0 run by ohio state. the last 1:58. don't you love this game? i mean, this is what college basketball is at its best in what has been a wide, wide open season. >> dan: kevin, that's just the point i was gonna make.
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it's hard to play on the road. it's hard to win on the road. and that's what we're seeing here from iowa today. this is with gesell getting up there. and it's not poorly defended. but williams, one of the top 3-pointers, as uyou mentioned, in the big ten. he has an open look and knocks it down. >> kevin: kam williams right there, a redshirt some of. he was a high school player the year in baltimore. and as you look at the replay, to my eye it looked like he was above the arc. >> dan: yeah, kevin, but i think they called it a 2. >> kevin: it was a late 3. watch the official on the right side with his late raising of his hand. uconn the foot is above -- uconnyou can see the foot -- and there's the hand up.
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it a 3, and they don't, they can't tell, it stays a 3. >> kevin: watch the official on the right-hand side. and it's late. it's a late raise of the arm to signal a triple. look at him. watch him. my goodness. >> dan: again, kevin, if it was a -- if they called it was 3, loving makes the 3, and so williams -- that made it 61. i am not very good at math but 3 more makes it 64. so if they call it a 3 and they can't tell, it has to stay a 3. it has toon be indisputable evidence. and if it takes this long, you know, you have to leave the call
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>> kevin: i see -- i see some daylight between his right foot and that line, dan. >> dan: kevin, i don't think they called it was 3. because what should happen is the official in the background, if it's a 3, he should put one hand up with three fingers in the air. >> kevin: i agree. right. he did not put both arm up. >> dan: but one to blow his whistle to stop the game and then put the other hand up, as well. so i think it's confusing signal-wise. but so, you know, we're playing at hoess so of course they are gonna put the 3-pointer on the board but i'm not soarure that's what the officials called. >> kevin: hoess has won -- ohio
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a tough loss to michigan state. and iowa has lost two straight in a terrific season where they have been a top 10 team for six weeks. but they have hit a dry spot. >> dan: at a called it a 2, kevin. and i think, kevin are, i think it was a 3. i think what happened is they called a 2 in the fis place and they -- first place and doesn't have the indisputable evidence. >> kevin: i cannot believe that's not a 3. look. his foot is clearly -- >> dan: but thad matta is going crazy. kevin, i agree with you. i agree with you, i think that was behind the line. >> kevin: and thad matta is saying, you raised both arms. >> dan: but i don't think he d. i don't think the official raised both arms. he put one hand up to stop the
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stop, stop, stop. but we sode you on the play -- and that's what he is telling talms. "i said time-out." when the player attempts a shot so let's look at the officials here. look at the official in front of the ohio state bench. that's this official, right here. syracuse i think he's putting his hands up to stay time-out. >> kevin: and so is the fastball on the other side; absolutely, not signalling a three. >> dan: the mechanics of the situation are, the official looking at it, if it's a 3-point attempt, puts three fingers of one hand up in the air and holds the three fingers up and then when the ball goes in the basket, he puts both up.
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see that and after looking at the video replay, a two point shot. okay, guys in -- guys? is >> dan: they looked at the replay and decided it was a two. they never signalled 3. >> kevin: the hawkeyes by 1. gesell under 2 to go. uthoff has the ball. bates-diop and now lyle on gesell. >> dan: big, big possession right leer. >> kevin: huge. huge. [crowd yelling] >> kevin: rebound by bates-diop. ohio state is playing like their tournament lives depend on this one. >> dan: if you are iowa, dig in defensively. no need to panic here. >> kevin: clemmons.
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off hand shot which has been good to him this afternoon. >> dan: woodbury couldn't grab the ball and as a result, out of bounds. woodbury can't hang on to the ball and clemmons couldn't recover it, either. but loving has been such a factor, taking the ball to the basket and it's just a tough break for iowa. they can't grab on to the ball. >> kevin: another thing ohio state has done, cut down on turnovers. ish it's been a while since they turned the ball over. >> kevin: lyle. williams, 3 -- good! [cheers and applause] >> dan: now they just called a double foul. they called a foul on thompson and woodbury. so thompson is gonna be out of the game.
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williams wide open in the corner. >> kevin: kam williams is the number two 3-pointer in the big ten. and williams this afternoon with 11. >> dan: and thompson is gonna be done. >> kevin: that's his fifth. >> dan: here's the play right there. that's the play right there. these two guys on the inside, as the play goes forward, they have one another. now woodbury is gonna spin him around. [laughs] >> kevin: woodbury with his third. and thompson is gone, with five. >> dan: so that's a double foul so the play picks up right where it left off. >> kevin: giddens comes in for thompson. full court. >> dan: iowa's got to get a bucket. [crowd yelling]
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of time doing it. [crowd yelling] >> kevin: jok. woodbury, doubled and puts it in! time-out, iowa. 2-point game. 42 seconds to go. 41.8, on cbs.ll, -but they're intense. -oh, yeah. small but intense like my niece, hannah. oh, yeah. and you, uh, take karate? yeah she does. show him how intense you are, hannah. -yah! yah! ah! -(karate sounds) oh, my... hey! yes! now finish him. -bow to her, peter. -i'm not gonna bow to a... bow to her, peter. (gong) big flavor in a little package. new lil' chickies and lil' doggies. and grab a burrito and drink for $3.00 delivered in two minutes-- -guaranteed. -(click)
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with back-to-back "60 minutes." and then the moves, "last vegas." the buckeyes leading by 2. they have had one of their top players, foul out. great individual performances. iowa trying to build on their resume, certainly on the outside looking in and iowa is trying to go after their first conference title but they've got to win today and the two remaining games to make it certain. full-court pressure. harris. bates-diop. >> dan: bates-diop didn't really he had ay clear lane on the basket. >> kevin: he was in a
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with a time-out taken. >> kevin: the shot clock is
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30.1 in regulation. take a look thad matta. and the staff with him. they began conference play with a young team, 6-5 and have won four of the last five in conference play. >> dan: ands this the play, everybody thought it was a 3. the officials called it 2 and decided not indisputable evidence, left it as 2 so ohio state buckeyes, only 66-64. and i'm telling you, daniel giddens, i pite foul him -- might foul him, a thrive 35% free throw shooter. >> kevin: the shot clock down to 10. loving with jok on him. with a time-out. the o'clock at 18.9. ohio state is out of time-outs.
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right now at at&t, buy one get one free on our most popular smartphones. no matter how you hang out, share every minute of it. buy one get one free on our most popular smartphones. and right now, get up to $650 in credits per line to help you switch to at&t. >> kevin: tonight on cbs, back-to-back hours of "60 minutes" and then the movie, "lost veglegas." >> dan: if you are ohio state, put the ball in the hands of loving or bates-diop. and if you are iowa, i think maybe you give giddens a chance at the free throw line. >> kevin: lyle has it. gesell defenders. the shot clock at 1! it's up.
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and out. with 7.5 to go. iowa will have the ball down by 2. buckle up. [crowd yelling] time-out. >> dan: no, not a time-out. iowa threw the ball thousand dollars and they started the clock and the clock is not supposed to start until somebody touches the ball. >> kevin: it should be 7.5. >> dan: and that's what you call home court advantage. >> kevin: i think the timer may have been blocked out. not making excuses but we'll see here. >> dan: i did not think gesell ever touched the ball. squo i don't think --
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>> dan: and he was intentionally not touching it. at a just reset it. >> kevin: there he goes. >> dan: and 7.5 is a lot of time. you know, it's not enough time to just, you know, relax. you got to go quickly. but because of that controversy, that allowed iowa a free time-out. >> kevin: would you get to half court and call another time-out? >> dan: i think you push the ball as fast as you can. and remember, only a player can call time-out. >> kevin: gesell. [crowd yelling] >> kevin: driving. got it blocked inside! picked up by loving! clemmons picks up the third foul for iowa.
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us, daniel giddens simply runs over jarrod uthoff. but that was a great play coming from behind to block the shot. that's bates-diop. the iowa bench is irate about the fact at a didn't call a foul on the uthoff screen. i mean, uthoff got -- daniel giddens just laid him out. >> kevin: bates-diop with his fifth block. fran mccaffery is halfway on the floor. >> dan: a time-out. >> kevin: ohio state by 2. 1.2 to hundred coming soon from progressive, it's "savin' u," the new hit single from the dizzcounts. cash money the biggest discount and understand...
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safe driver, paperless, paid-in-full, multi-car and joey fatone. savin' you five hundred i'm savin' you five hundred we have auto-tune, right? oh, yeah. that's a hit! all: yeah! >> kevin: moments ago. >> dan: this was not a foul, i don't think. he comes from behind. i think he gets all ball. this is where i think the foul was, right there. giddens just lays out uthoff, setting the screen. >> kevin: how about the perform by keita bates-diop? 19 points for the sophomore. bates-diop with 19 points, 6 rebounds, 5 blocks. and a beautiful swat inside on
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3-point lead. [cheers and applause] >> kevin: wow. time-out, iowa. time-out, iowa. and pure elation in columbus. >> kevin: tonight on cbs, two hours of "60 minutes"," back-to-back of the award winning show.
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and this is today in the big ten. ohio state with -- >> dan: the key thing as we have been telling you all game long is ohio state, this will be their second big ten victory against a top 50 opponent. >> kevin: huge. >> dan: but now they have more work to do. but this was a must-win. now they've got to play at michigan state next week and michigan state is playing as well as any team in the country. >> kevin: so ohio state starts conference play 6-5. they've -- if they go on to win here request would win five of their last six in conference. go to 19-11 overall. and 11-6 in big ten play. 7-2 at home. and the hawkeyes, of course work
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right now hovering over a third consecutive loss, the eighth ranked team in the country. uthoff, that's it. the upset, unranked ohio state has beaten number 8, iowa! [cheers and applause] >> kevin: one of the youngest teams in college basketball, coached by thad matta. has come up with perhaps its biggest win this year. the eighth ranked hawkeyes lose a third consecutive game. fourth in the last five. a thriller in columbus. for don bonner, kevin harlan saying good night from columbus, ohio. tonight, back-to-back "60 minutes," only cbs. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division >> now to new york and greg gumbel.
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score as we welcome you to the "road to the final four." you just watched ohio state upset the hawkeyes. joined by clark kellogg and seth davis. got to do something about the way the game slow town like freight trains. >> clark: i know the officials are trying to get the calls right and the replay one was you like to have but it's just too long, too cumbersome, yet don't takes away the come from behind win. >> seth: and ohio state, they to not have a midweek game and then play at michigan state next weekend so if you are ohio state, you like a game to stay sharp, but get healthy, whatever it is. and they are still a bubble team. i still don't think they are in but when a win inasty lancing
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>> greg: and xavier trying to win on the road at seton hall. >> seth: and coach was worried about an emotional let down. and not happy with his team's toughness, seton hall beat them on the glass, the foul line, every ucla way and even the steph curry imitation. and i think that chris mack could tell them congratulations, they are in the tournament after the collapse. and they will be a dangerous team with the high ceiling. at a have a lot of sophomores who have matured and whitehead's maturity is impressive. >> greg: and you did say beware of a letdown. >> clark: with teams that are desperate versus coasting, it's hard to ramp up emotionally to win on the road in a tough game. >> greg: and seton all over xavier.
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two back-to-back hours of "60 minutes," followed by the movie "last legasvegas."
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killed in the line of duty her first day on the job. the latest on what led up to those moments. and gop presidential candidate marco rubio prepares to take the stage at roanoke college. what's at stake for the contender ahead of super tuesday. the beautiful weather will continue for the next few days. when cooler and wetter conditions
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forecast. good evening. i'm nadia singh. we're just hours away from republican presidential candidate marco rubio's campaign stop in roanoke. wdbj7's christian heilman joins us live from roanoke college where the presidential hopeful will be soon. nadia, senator marco rubio will be speaking inside the bast center here on the college's campus. it's scheduled to begin at 8:30. his trip comes less than 48 hours before the start of super tuesday. the latest cbs news poll shows rubio still has plenty of ground to make up if he wants to do well in virginia. rubio is in second place -- trailing donald trump by 13 points. he's taken a sharper tone in over the last week or so -- calling trump a con artist during campaign stops and interviews. we talked with some folks out on roanoke college's campus this afternoon. they don't necessarily support rubio, but they're interested in what he has to say. cullen truett, coming to hear rubio " it's about doing
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citizen. everybody bases their support on what they get on heresay, but they don't actually have the evidence of what that candidate said to back it up. " patrick stone, coming to hear rubio 00594014 "it's a great opportunity. it's not something that happens that often where a presidential candidate comes to you, you know? " the bast center holds 2300 people and the college is expecting more, so they have overflow rooms set up. we're joined by wdbj7's senior political analyst dr. harry wilson. christian: what is rubio's expectation for virginia and he realistically pull off some wins over trump? dr. harry wilson answers christian: rubio has taken a sharper tone


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