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tv   CBS 58 News at 10pm  CBS  September 1, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CDT

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3 a scary situation for some milwaukee public school kids and their families.. mother says her son was put on the wrong bus bus...and he wasn't seen fo several 58's eric levy is live outside mps headquarters with more. mps couldn't give me an exact number of kids who weren't brought home in time...but a police source told me 20 calls were made reporting children missing involving a busfor three hours...shaena davis wondered where her ten-year-old son was.went to his first day at hawley
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minutes past four...panic set in. 3 we showed up here at mps just moments after they were davis told me her son was brought to an address he hasn't lived at for quite a while...even though she called to update her son's information.she says she was bus stop and what time he'd be dropped off, but thinks the information wasn't passed around to everyone.her son...tashawn...told me he tried to get on the right bus, but people at hawley environmental said that wasn't was going round and round on the wrong bus for two and a half hours. 3 tashawn carter, son "at 6:30
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about to start crying...but i knew i was gonna get home eventually."(cg in)shaena davis, mother "i almost crashed, i felt like i was gonna pass out, i was just thinking like lord, bring me my baby back." back." 3 the school district couldn't comment on this instance, but mps says all have been reunited with their families. they say drivers followed protocol...when a child isn't able to be dropped off for whatever the address, no adults home, they are always brought here to a care facility until they can reach their family.that's what happened in this instance. shaena says her son will be dropped off and picked up at school for the time being. live, el, cbs 58...b/m back to you more trouble on the first day of school... a loaded gun
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elementary school in west bend found the pistol magazine this afternoon.police searched the school and found no weapon in or on school grounds.they say there was never a threat to student safety.the school sent a letter home to notify parents. this august was the deadliest month on milwaukee's streets in 25-years... that's when jeffery dahmer was caught in 1991.that prompted a call to action... and a cry for help today from police chief ed flynn flynn we've got to punish the act of carrying the illegal gun. wisconsin doesn't do it, illinois doesn't do it, and we've got the body counts to prove it itthere's chief flynn pleading with madison to toughen penalties on people carrying illegal guns24-people died in milwaukee in august... when you factor in population... that is a worse homicide rate for the month than chicago... a city who has earned a bad rap worldwide for it's
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putting two officers in a squad car on patrol... and the unrest in sherman park have put a strain on police resources. 3 and we've got a lot of work going forward for the police department and the community. but i would urge many of those who are most vocal in their criticisms of the police department, to lend some of their energy, and some of their concern, to the extraordinary rates of violent crime that are afflicting us chief flynn also called milwaukee a firearm-rich environment... saying m-p-d seized 15-hundred firearms so far this year. activists interrupted a milwaukee common council meeting, voicing their disapproval for a proposed safety plan. plan.two groups filled the common council chambers.. and even made their way to mayor tom barrett's office.council president ashanti hamilton allowed one of the protesters from a group called "u-black" to address the council.. she said she was disgusted by the lack of public input. alderman
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1:15-1:20"some of the mplaints are coming from people who didn't even read the entire plan."50-59"280 new police officers with no mention of job creation? with no mentions of talking to the community about what it is that they particularly need?" need?" the city council ?will? be holding two public listening sessions. we're told details of those sessions will be released soon. balloons, decorations, and a red carpet welcomed kids park neighborhood. neighborhood.students who showed up for their first day of school at sherman multiculral arts?p school were busy playing on the playground. the school was chosen for the back-to-school kickoff before the recent unrest.mayor tom barrett says the school showcases the neighbhorhood in a way not seen in the past few weeks. 1:18-1:24"this is really what sherman park is all about. there's a lot of great families. there's a lot of great kids. we want to highlight the positives." positives." m-p-s superintendent darriene driver says the focus of this
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relationships between students and teachers. 3 cbs 58 is putting together a special report on violence in the city of's called 'milwaukee at a crossroads' .watch it next tuesday night -- september 6th -- at 7. 3 with polls showing substantial unfavorable numbers for both donald trump and hillary clinton in wisconsin, libertarian gary johnson sees an openining to generate some votes. cbs 58's david ade live at serb hall where johnson held a rally tonight. david. the johnson tonight's crowd was they largest they've had in weeks. johnson tried to connect to wisconsin voters by thanking them for coming even though the packers played tonight 3 he also mentioned the time he's spent vactioning in wisconisn.johnson calls donald trump and hillary clinton the two most polarizing political figures possibly ever people heard the libertarian lay out
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size of government and abolishing some federal departmentshe also wants to scale back this country's international military influence legalize marijuana and he's against building a border wall and deporting undocumented immigrants johnson was a two term oc: party 3 represent that"i think that most republicans are about small government i believe that donald trump alienates more than half of republicans. and i don't think the majority of republicans want to foist their social agendas on republican party has become to repr johnson told me he believes the war on drugs has led to a lot of the violence in milwaukee and across the
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crowd black lives matter voicing his support for some of the issues the movement is fighting at serb hall meedad ade cbs 58 news. packers in action against the chiefs for the final game of the pre-season. 58's earl arms is here with an update.... the final preseason game is where most guys are fighting for spots either on the team, practice squad or for looks somewhere else... 17-7 the score late in the touchdown. the packers though giving up 315 yard unanswered try to wrap things up in kansas city. havel n update and/or hopefully highlights coming up in sports. a wisconsin town leader is in hot water... after making a con- native colin kaepck milwaukee anyby elsesa possibility, that's it."
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john penney said those comments at waupaca county's executive committee meeting earlier this week.a large number of kaepernick's extended family lives in the new london area of waupaca county.the board chairman says penney's comment was inappropriate 53-1:05(dick koeppen/board chair) "he has a wry sense of humor and that was not the thing to say in these days and times. and for that, as head of the county board, i apologize. he didn't mean it. i apologize." apologize." penney claims his comment came other board members about recent deadly shootings in the area.he says he won't apologize for the comment, but says he's sorry if he offended anyone. 3 the milwaukee bucks have narrowed their list to three potential sites for a d-league team...two of those locations - racine and oshkosh - are proposing new stadiums... but if it's history you're after - the third option might be a winnercbs58s evan kruegel has the story... believe it or not - but
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and the sheboygan redskins lasted only one year in the leue.but theidust settles in for another night... in a long time since a basketball has gone anywhere professional team - want ?here new? i'd rather have history. for joe wolf - the answer dates back more than 70 years - to the nba's very first seaso. season.jf - olecutive director, lakefront jewel group :35:05the main event that started all this, was we had the sheboygan redskins here. and they played in the inaugural nba season. :33:53 we've had red auerbach in here losing games. we've had the new york knicks in here losing
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the years - its fallen into disrepair. the only bright lights now - are in the shooting range downstairs :38:07is it in the state we need it to be in? no, not at all. but we can get it up and running and being a jewel on the lakefront again his plan involves a complete renovation - demolishing the old stage - and adding new seats and concessions. :34:20it will seem like a new venue when we get done with it. but it will have the bones of the history, and that's what's really wolf says its up the bucks to decide what's best for them - but hopes his proposal - can bring basketball back to this small city along the lake :37:54any time your a basketball person and you walk into an arena, especially one with history, you kind of get the chills, and go wow this is pretty cool. and that's what this is, this is really cool. the renovations would be paid for by private donors - tete meaning this location would not cost residents here any
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weeks ago - they have not set a timeline for deciding between the three locations. in sheboygan - ekcbs58news. forced at gunpoint to steal from a convenience store? police say they have the video and now need your help to find the people responsible. back on august 23rd a man with a gun--he's standing in the doorway there--started shouting at people to steal whatever they could from the shelves of the b-p gas station at 35th and mckinley. you see several folks rush in and out. the man came back a second time--pointed a gun at more items. the pair then ran off. if you know anything call milwaukee police at 414-935-7360. army staff sargeant matthew thompson will be laid to rest next week--the green beret was killed by an i-e-d in afgahnistan august 23rdkristen barbaresi sat down with thompson's parents tonight and joins us in the studio with more about the fallen soldier. matthew thompson spent more than 3 years training to become a member of the elite
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told me he had a determination and a faith that gave him the courage to serve. american flags guide you to the thompson homea tribute to the fallen soldier and the family he leaves behind we know freedom isn't free. mark and lynda thompson say their son matthew knew the risks; he did his research, even gave them books about the army's special forces. lynda thompson 19;59;00 i was proud higell whenever he ma his mind, he was going to follow on the uniform, matthew excelled: an eagle scout, captain of the football team, trombone player, honor roll studenand somee who always cared about othherser wanted to be a green beret because he wanted to help people in communities and places a long ways away, that maybe didn't have a lot of hope. matthew also kept his family on their toesnat- pointing to pictures19;57;07 keep us off base. anything to
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me was guess what," and i never knew what was gonna come out of his mouth. i could expect anything and it was always an adventure, it was always fun. it's the memories-- and faith-- inas they grieve.20;08; we're suffering, he's not. and that's a big comfort.and they take comfort in knowing their son lived every day selflessly, and ed way.20;09;58 we're proud of you. you were always doing the things, that you wanted to do. you always did it with such passion and you always loved on someone else. and we can't ask more of a son. this was thompson's second deployment...he previously served in iraq.his funeral 3ill be held in the state of a special back-to-school ceremony...find out why a
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bobbleheads are a popular giveaway item at sporting events...find out where you can see thousands of these trinkets without going to a
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russ feingold: so, what do you girls want to be when you grow up? girl 1: i want to be an astronomer. girl 2: i want to be a doctor! russ feingold: do you think you should be paid the same as boys? girl 1: definitely. girl 2: yep! russ feingold: well, i raised d they agree with you - and so do i. unfortunately, in wisconsin, a lot of women make less than men doing the same job. i'll work for equal pay for women, and for paid leave so parents can care for a sick family member. discrimination against any women is flat out wrong. what you think of that? girls: good call! feingold: i'm russ feingold
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a celebration of giifng...that - to-school lesson at one area district today... all-school assembly in oakfield recognized a life- saving journey between a teacher and student...a bond that will never be broken. marshanna hester has the story. clapping natshand in hand-- jodi schmidt and natasha fuller walked to the front of the crowd. crowd."21.18 it's fantastic to
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elementary school...the place launched a them on a journey to be kidney friends forever. forever."23.51 i knew this is something i wanted to do." "33.05 she cares about kids and she wants them to be healthy so she helps them." failing kidneys kept 8-year-old natasha in the hospital alot..but her fighting spirit inspired schmidt nine months ago to give of herself by donating an organ.after transplant surgery in may and some recovery time.. time.."32.46 i'm feeling good." the reward is a dream come true. true."33.26 i got to run for the first time. i went swimming for the first time. i jumped and went hopping for the first time." "22.18 she'll be in school now everyday and she gets her friends, sleepovers and chocolate. life is good." good.""standup: a kidney friends forever banner will hang inside the school as a thank you to schmidt. she and natasha will see each other often this year... their classrooms are right next door."schmidt-- a third grade teacher -- says support from
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chance possible for natasha... and the takeaway is a lesson you won't find in any textbook. textbook."25.49 my students have a different awareness of kindness and giving and it doesnt have to be an organ but just for the greater good of humanity."reporting in oakfield, mh cbs 58 news. if you're hitting the road this labor day weekend.. you're not alone. alone.the 'oil price information service' expects 400 million gallons of gas will be bought every day over the prices are expe tthe lowest since 20-04.the wisconsin state patrol will be using all of its available resure mdrivers are wearing seatbelts, obeying , anspd driving sober. 3 to make trea er, the d-o-t is stopping most construc scheduled work will take place from noon tomorrow until 6 a-m tuesday.there will be some work on the zoo
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were hanging ten off the shores of lake michigan in sheboygan earlier tonight.most
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make the trip to washington d-c to see memorials created in their honor... but now a memorial is coming to them.
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half-size replica of the vietnman veterans memorial our nation's capitol, and it's stationed in of the vietnam vets responsible for bringing it there hopes it shows the community what veterans went through during the war. 17:30:07-15to show what we went through and war is not what they see in the movies... it's misery, it's hell... a lot of bitterness.17:29:48-56i hope that the vietnman veterans that come, it'll be a form of healing... a start on wounds. there are fourteen names of fallen soldiers from washington county etched on this wall. it will be at the germantown american legion until labor day. loud pipes save lives and they're also a hint that the milwaukee rally has begun. begun.roar of motorcycle motorcycle we were there for the start of the weekend long celebration of all things harley and davidson. five local
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stop fun and entertainment. most of the events are free. a favorite is the custom bike show at the h-d museum..but the idea is.. whether you're on two wheels or in a cage.. stop by at the various locations to soak in the culture that put milwaukee on the map. tim mccormick, harley-davidson museum: this is the biggest party of the year for us. we like to say we're inviting 100 thousand of our closest friends and family." family." bill davidson on tow us the first production motor with eight valves. four in each cylinder head. it's a great time to visit witd drool all over the chromed out bikes. we've got a series of stories about the different things you can check out at the milwaukee rally on our website cbs 58 dot com. look in the local news section. college football fans are rolling into titletown ahead of saturday's wisconsin-lsu mat. matchup.the city showed southern hospitalty to incoming fans at the airport.a marching band played the l-s-u fight song... and green bay's mayor passed out mardi gras beads. l-s-u fans say the
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one great weekend. 41-50gwen hamilton: "it is the first game of the season. the first game of the season is always the best game and to come to wonderful green bay makes it more exciting." exciting." 3 when fans were arriving... crews were out at lambeau field getting the turf ready for the game.they painted the field with the badgers and tigers' logos... filling in the yard lines... and making sure the turf is in perfect shape for the game.the game kicksoff saturday at 2-30....
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the last time the packers were undefeated in the preseason--1999. they would finish the regular season 8-8 and miss the playoffs, so it
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for the touchdown. 143 yards for callahan... cook's only catch on the night. but the packers giving up 17 unanswered points in the second quarter.... inclduing this touchdown by darrin reaves. the packers falling 17-7 in the preseason finale. whether they can sing the naanthem.... or can't make a sound at all, bobbleheads always a popular th bobbleheads wean hae to actually many bobblehead hall of fame. nothing boosts attendance like bobbleheads...the brewers have seen a 6 percent increase in sales on bobblehead days and they aren't ane..ll across the country you'll hear people unwrapping their newest toys while the national anthem gets them ready for first pitch, tip-off or of phil skylar and brad novak
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fans pack miller pan bradley center will one day ke tfl tting a bobblehead. pretty much everybody either knows someone who likes bobbleheads or has them on their desk."since november 20-14 the bobblehead hall of fame and museum has been rapidly expanding from a dream to a reality.......they've proven the museum could work with a successful preview earlier in the year.... had about 2,000 bobbleheads on display and a gift store. a lot of exhibits related to the history of bobbleheads, how they are made, sortof a mini version of what we have planned."they'ti effective fundraisers has been custom bobbleheads.....theyhund and ..orgarpeople that would never have a
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which they hope will become a milwaukee landmark...sklar: "when people think of what they w they'll open the calear........reporting in milwaukee, scott grodsky, c-b-s 58 sports.... 3 s 58 sports....scott grodsky,
10:31 pm listen to senator johnson on student loans: ron johnson: it's just kinda free money, yopeon't really, necessarily understand finance. narrator: what senator johnson doesn't understand is, more than 800,000 wisconsinites have student loans. but he wants to eliminate federal student loans
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kinda free money... narrator: with senator johnson, opportunity for middle class kids would disappear. ron johnson's not for students.
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captioning sponsored by cbs ( cheers and applause ) >> larry: thank you! thank you very much! hey! thank you! thank you very much! thank you very much! thank you! welcome to the "late show." i'm your host, larry wilmore. ( laughter ) ( cheering ) how's it going, jon. good to see you. hey, did you all see the big trump speech last night? i haven't seen that many angry white people since they cancelled a coldplay concert. ( laughter )


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