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tv   CBS 58 News at Noon  CBS  September 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:27pm CDT

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good afternoon. students at messmer prepartory catholic school will have a 4-day holiday weekend break instead of 3 after a fire this morning cancelled classes for the day. cbs 58's julie parise joins us live from the k-through-8 school near burleigh and fratney on milwaukee's north side....julie? julie:no one was hurt but several students were taken to messmer high school for pick up after the fire started here on the second floor this morning.((vo)) both a fire chief and school official tell me it appears to have been worked by something electrical - and they haven't yet been able to assess just how much damage has been done.the fire started in a classroom on the second floor just before 7am
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firefighters was ventilating the building because there was a lot of smoke.the school president here told me he's glad his schools have an :22jim piatt, school president dan lipski, battalion chiefjp "everybody handled it extremely well. we appreciate the rponse of the polie and fire dept. we energies has been outm, everyone seemed to follow protocol and do their thing."dl "when we talk about structural damage were talking about the actual framing of the building what holds the building together and the fi damage to the spces between the second floor classroom and the attic." ((tag))the fire chief estimates the amount of damage could be around 5 thousands dollars. happening right now, family and friends of a nun murdered in mississippi are saying their final goodbyes here in milwaukee.
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milwaukee area native sister margret held were stabbed to death last thursday. this is a live look inside st. joseph chapel on milwaukee's south side where the funeral mass is winding down. archbishop jerome listecki is presiding over the service. held belonged to the school sisters of st. francis. during the service, several people got up to recall their friendship with the nuns, and ask for leniency for their accused killer...a 46-year-old man who the killings but hasn't said why he did it. (tc: 9:54:22)"paula and margeret transparently gifted those who faced them. margaret and paula had looked into the face of rodney earl sanders and had already forgiven him. to look into the face of the others to respond to the need it is clear to me that rodney earl sanders never really looked into their faces.
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covering the funeral and will have complete coverage coming up on our afternoon and evening newscasts. ompson will be laid to rest next week.the green beret was ll afgahnistan august 23rhe 2006 graduate of brookfield central high sch second deployment overseas...previously serving in iraq. thompson will be buried in hi milwaukee police are investigating 3 overnight shootings including one that injured a 21-year-old man who was shot during a robbery at 86th and hampton. they're also working to confirm whether a gunshot victim who walked into a hospital was shot at this gas station near 35-th and park hill around three this morning. you can see investigators collecting evidence at the scene. the victim is expected to survive but police say he is not
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the shootings happened just hours after milwaukee police chief ed flynn announced his city in 25years. 3 we've got to significantly punish the act of carrying the do it, illino doesn't do it, and we've got the body counts to prove it it24-people died in milwaukee in august, fewer than the number of august homicides in chicago, but milwaukee's murder rate per 100-thousand people is higher. flynn says putting two officers in a unrest in sherman park have put a resources. woforwarfor the police department commity. but i would urge e most vocal?6 criticisms of the police department, to end some of their energy, and someof
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extraordinary rates of violent crime that are afflicting us 3 chief flynn also called milwaukee a firearm-rich environment. he says the department has seized anutsideeview has determined madison police did nothing wrong while arresting an 18-year-old black woman. of the arrest outside a madison mall last june appeared online and sparked protests. some accused officers force during the stuggle. police say the woman displayed a knife while confronting someone she thought took her phone. the review says police acted 'reasonably' and within department policies 3 on this kick off to the final holiday weekend of the summer sesaon...sunshine and comfortable temperatures.
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becca in wx center today: wall to wall sunshine. stays cool w 70s. wind: ne 5-15 mph. tonight: clear s. little chilly but comfortable with lows in the upper 50s. lower 50s inlan wind: se saturday and sunday with rein average in the middle and arrive on monday, labor day, humid with highs in the lower to middle 80s rebecca in wx center today: wall to wall sunshine. stays cool with highs in the lower 70s. wind: ne 5-15 mph. tonight: clear sky. little chilly but comfortable with lows in the upper 50s. lower 50s inland. wind: ne -> se 5-10 mph.labor day weekend: nsand sunday with temperatures returning teraghem on monday, labor day, becoming a little warm and humid with highs in the lower to middle 80s
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a passerby rescues two people trapped in truck following a crash in milwaukee's bay view neighborhood. the vehicle went down an embankment on the lake parkway and took out some trees near oklahoma and ellen around 11-30 who drove up to e described how he and another person worked to free two 1:35:16-25 a gentleman and wse the windshield d get the paand t
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half-hour to get the driver .hi out of the truck. the victim was taken to the hospital. new at noon the milwaukee rally women's ride is back! riders got together today for a beautiful ride along the lakefront...its part of harley- davidson's annual milwakee rally and custom bike show weekend... 113 women are riding to the 7 seas restaurant in this ride is about much more than just a scenic ride from the city to the countryside. "the ride does benefit accident scene management which is mor training. so what we're doing is raising money e able to provide specific motorcycle training to the milwaukee police department and we'll start training with some of their cadets here in the near future." participants receive a commemorative rally goodie
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program. high anxiety today for some packers players waiting to find out if they'll make the team. the team needs to reach the 53 man active roster by 3 tomorrow afternoon. a numr of those players on the n again chiefs. the only score came on a touchdown pass tight end jared cook. the final score was kansas city 17 greey record...but more serious injuries to their starters. hereon cb58. cbs peci about pac hall of famer b?"rett favre saturday night. "a football
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tomorrow night at seven. after sitting during the national anthem last week...49er's quarterback and wisconsin native colin kaepernick took a knee before last night's game. he's refusing to show pride for a flag that represents a untry he believes oppresses black people. a county official in the community where kaepernick still has family members if taking heat for his reaction 3o supeor "i id there's a possibility he might get shot if he comes back to new loon, b" aca unty supervisor john penney made those comments at k. oardchairman says penney's comment was proprie 53-1:05(dick kon/ chair) "he has a wry sense of humor and that s not the thindays and times. and for that, as head
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apologize. he didn't mean it. i ologize." ap s hieycomment came as part of a discussion with other board members about the he says he won't otings in the apologizthe e for comment, but says he's sor if offended anyone. plthe ating 'll visit a loc th3 fe
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it's day two of the new school year for students in the kenosha unified school district...and the second year of a program which rewards students for good behavior. 3 kenosha with details of how the program works. it is a big day for students here at brass community school in kenosha. they are taking a tour or matrix walk of the entire school as staff members lay out and allow students to practice the expectations set them. this is all part of in initiatlledive capbis which stands for positive
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across the country and was introduced youe in kenosha last year. it's goal is to promote and reward students for good behavior.... in places like the cahallooms just to name a few. differently at every school, here at brass community school students are rewarded with brass bucks. students can then use those bucks to redeem items in the school store known as the doghouse. there is everything in there from era to lunch with the school staff say student behavior since starting the program last year, and think their results will improve this school year. . joel kaufmann / principal "the data here at brass that this is working. the kids are changing behaviors without negative consequences"randy hoover / pbis internal coordinator"we really found that just that positive praise that's what did it for them. they just wanted to hear them tell them hey i appreciate you and you're doing a fantastic job. the great part about it is we also noticed those kids who are making poor choices really wanted to hear the same things so some of those poor chces they were making
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met there will always be some sort of issues that will arise. but they are hoping since more students are paying attention and spending more time in the classroom instead of detention at the principals office, grades here at the school will improve over theing yes as selyat oakfield l elementary in fond du lac county end with lesson in life and giving. cbs 58's marshanna hester was there teacher who share bond appeared stage to celebrate being 'kidney friends forever.' clapping natshand in hand-- jodi schmidt and natasha fuller walked to the front of the crowd. crowd."21.18 it's fantastic to be back."back at oakfield elementary school...unched a th something i wanted to do." "33.05 she cares about kids
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failing kidneys tasha in the hospital alot..but her months a give of herself by donating an organ.after transplant surgery in may and some recovery time.. time.."32.46 i'm feeling good." the reward is a dream come true. true."33.26 i got to run for the first time. i went swimming for the first time. i jumped and went hopping for the first time." "22.18 she'll be in school now everyday and she sleepovers and chocolate. life is good." "standup: a kidney friends forever banner will hang inside the school as a thank you to schdt. and natasha will see each other often this year... their classrooms are right next door."schmidt-- a third gmade t anfor natasha...lesn you wod in't finny textbook. textbook. have a different ane and it
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just for the greater good of new opical storm mi after magoryki ne hurricane st overnight in florida. at least one fatality has been blamed on the storm. hermine is bringing heavy rain and powerful winds to georgia and the carolinas as coastal areas prepare for possible flooding and even tornadoes. the mayor of charleston wants people to know is no (sot - mayor john tecklenburg/d-charleston, sc) "we're taking this storm very seriously."(sot)"we are expecting se to flash flooding." flooding."
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today: wall to wasunshine. ith ?-k?70s. wind: ne 5-15 mph. ghlittle chilly but comfortable with lows in the upper s se 5-10 m sunshine sticks around saturday and sunday with esreturning to average in the middle and upper 70s. few more clouds arrive on monday, labor day, becoming a little warm and humid with highs in the lower to middle 80s today: wall to
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highs in the lower 70s. wind: ne 5-15 ph.tonight: clear sky. little chilly but comfortathwilows in the upper 50s. lower 50s inland. wind: ne -> se 5-10 mph.labor day weekend: sunshine sticks around saturday antemperatures age averhe middle and up70s. few more clouds arrive on becoming a little warm and humid with highs in the lower to middle 80s today: wall to wall sunshine. stays cool with highs in the lower 70s. wind: ne 5-15 mph.tonight: clear sky. ttle chilly but comfortable with lows in the upper 50s. lower 50s inland.
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around saturday and sunday with temperatures returning to average in the middle and upper 70s. few more clouds arrive on monday, labor day, becoming a little warm and humid with highs in the lower to middle 80s ?ad lib? toss back
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coming up ...potential hazard.. ifone are beiold noto dangou details of an
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in today's money watch report... 3 samsung is recalling the 'galaxy note 7 smartphone' and suspending sales. the recall is in se reports of the phplodg while ch. customers who already bought for new phones. samsung says it has sold more than 1 million since the launch two wes ago says 151,000 joaugust. and the unemployment rate is wage h sled 4 point 9 t. en considerably and ca the fed will ?not? re rates for the time being. more americans are hitting the
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weeken a trip advisor survey says holiday travel is up 10 percent from last year. a majority of those will be drivingbut plane travel is also up 6 pet ere are americans destinations are beach trips, city getaways, kenational parks 3
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you'veried plenty of knee or ankle supports but theye riott. brace yourse, because the tureand eis. dr. scholl's new custom wellness center uses technology from microsoft to measure your leg in 3d... t knee or ankle support to ke comrtable. he n rest kiosk at drsch.c today: wall to wall sunshine. night: clear sky. little chilly but comfortawi
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historic third ward festival. more than 100 artists wi dispy paintings, ceramics, sculptures mixed media, jewelry and more. the art fair will be set up on broadway street between pastreets from 1 five saturday and sunday. it's free to get in. thanks for jning us.sur
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russ feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. narrator: listen to senator johnson on student loans: ron johnson: it's just kinda free money, young peopunonrstand finance. narrator: what senator johnson, more than 800,000 wisconsinites have student loans. but he wants to elimefederaus
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. >> brooke: you only just signed divorce papers. we shouldn't be rushing into th. >> bill:nding a marriage that anad-- and hav be poster boy for -- for patience,


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