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tv   CBS 58 News at 500pm  CBS  September 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm CDT

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take place.reporting live in milwaukee,hristine flores cbs 58 news. it was about three years ago that we saw the first design for the offtower hat' rising on the east end of downtown. at the t northwestern mual saidt would add 19-hundred jobs when the building was finished. as you heard from christine flores, the company's statement today offered no specifics about jobs. cbs 58 will continue to follow this story as it ve 3 and the controversial merger of milwaukee's johnson controls and ireland-based tyco officially took effect today. buses brought j-c-i employees to the wisconsin center this morning, where company officials reportedly briefed them on the merger. when the deal was announced early this year, there were questions about the future of wisconsin's largest public company. in a new interview with the milwaukee business journal, c- e-o alex mo-leen'-a-role-ee
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and he adds, quote "we're not leaving the community, we're investing in the community." 3 with the end of today's workday, labor day weekend has just begun, and as with any three day holiday weekend, law enforcement is getting ready. ready. this is a live picture from wauwatosa, where the city's police department is holding a special "street corner roll call" at mayfair road and bluemound. several other departments have joined's a reminder to everyone that an o- next three days and nights, watching the roads and discouraging drunk driving. 3 3 now a live picture from the construction work will t suspended during the holiday weekend, there some ?limited? work on the zoo interchange project today and tomorrow....and work zones ha been opened up as much as safely possible to allow for safe travel. please drive carefully and have a safe weekend. 3
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is here and it starts with gorgeous weather. drew is in the ready weather center with the details..drew? toss to drew drew tonight: clear sky. little chilly but comfortable with lows in the upper 50s. lower 50s inland. wind: se 5 mph. saturday: wall to wall sunshine. stays nice with highs in the low to middle 70s. wind: se day weekend: sunshine sticks around sunday with temperatures returning to average in the upper 70s. more clouds arrive on monday, labor day, becoming a little warm and humid with highs in the
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the citynew berlin is suing the owners of a vacant school, claiming they're not taking care of it. the city says the place is a safety hazard and police are constantly ticketing teenagers who are trespassing. trespassing. cbs 58's eric levy is outside the school with more on the 'battle that's brewing.' eric? tucked back in the tall weeds past... the playscape that
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on over'll see the school itself and the walls that graffiti artists have turned in to their easel. you think that's bad...look at these picturethe city of new berlin gave to us. broken glass...mold growth on the walls. then there is what you can't see...the asbestos and sickening air particles. mayor dave ament, new berlin 00:00:39-40 "in general it's a mess." teens are ier that mayor dave ament spoke of...even worse. police are there all the time, too... 34 times in just the last six months ticketing teens for trespassin mayor dave amt, new berlin 00:01:29-31 "they're making little bonfies in there." butt to... mayor dave ament, new berlin 00:01:12-19 "sayhere's one or three people in there and they get overcome by smoke...what could happen after that?" the building is considered a nuisance, and the city attorney filed a lawsuit against the owners to recoup the money the city is spending to board up the building. because it's now private property, the city needed a
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new berlin 17:48:57-49:01 "it's just a big eyesore, it's dangerous, it's inviting vandalism." carolyn lohr drives by it all the time, her grandson christian lives across the street and has walked by with others... christian lohr, new berlin 17:50:09-16 "we were reading some of the messages on the outside, and i don't wanna talk about them, but they're really bad." butt to... mayor dave ament, new berlin 00:03:28-31 "nothing good can come of this thing sitting there like that." regular patrols property continue as the city tries...and get in touch with the owner. live i new berlin, el, cbs 58... mike/michele back to you. 3 cbs 58 is checking for any repeat of yesterday's issues with the buses serving milwaukee public schools. on thursday, police took about 20- emergency calls from parents whose kids didn't turn up in the right place. there was
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in at least one case, to a child riding the wrong bus for hours. mps ha't said much about the problem....except the children involved were reunit with their parents. an electrical problem may be to blame for an early morning scfirehool n milwaukee. milwaukee. it started just before 7 in a second floor classroom at messmer preparatory catholic school near fratney and burleigh. no injuries reported, but fire offials say there appears to be some structural damage. the fire started well before the start some students were already the. messmer has two other campuses, which helped in this case. "because we were able to get communication out so quickly, the few dozen kids that were here after being dropped off, we were able to put on a bus and take them over to the high school, which is just two miles away." away." class was canceled for the day at messmer prep.. sh liv a life devoted to others. today mourners celebrated the life of sister margaret held....a milwaukee
5:07 pm 58's kristen barbaresi was at the funeral for a nun who was described as modest and compassionate. she joins us live with more... . standing room only as people gathered to remember sister margaret. she worked as nurse practioner, providin healthcare to some of the poorest communities in was that work and her selflessness remembered here today. nat- hymnsister mary 00;03;04 i think margaret attention. those who knew sister margaret held best, say she would want the focus of her death-- to the s shiue devoted her li to, caring for the poor and sick.jean knoll, margaret's sister sister00;1he8;48 sdid wt she kenw was righ and benefio gos cial tpeople who lacked basic healthcare and soemtimes the most simple things that we all take for granted 00;19;04 nat-- her
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to lawerence welk.sue zuern, sister00;16;41 margaret savored life. whether it was a wisconsin bratwurst, blue cheese, a piece of cheesecake or a turtle sundaenat- archbisop listecki's message friday-- sister margaret's li and work was not undone or stolen when she was killed.ap archbisop01;30;10 the who came to take them and their very lives could not find anything. why? because they spent their lives in love for the peoplethey were dedicated to in the name of jesus chrt. and though all the people she touched are ieving, the archbishop reminded them toalso gteful. grateful.christian held 00;26;52 thank you god for letting me know he for he 7 s i lived. lived.sister semary 00;08;33
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touched and loved. throught the day there was also a lot of talk about forgiveness for the suspect, now charged with capital murder.friends sayister margaret opposed the death suspect mercy. live at the st joseph center kb cbs final preparations are being made at the vatican for sunday's ceremony that will recognize india's mother resa as a t. catholic nun earns this rare honor only 19-years after her death. she dedicated her life to working with the poor in calcutta, and she created an organization that served the poor worldwide.a group of pilgrims from a church named after mother teresa in waukesha county will be part of the crowd watching sunday's 'canonization ceremony.' the west nile virus is back on the local radar....with the discovery of an infected bird in milwaukee county.'s the first
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department has been testing since may first. for most people, the mosquito-borne rus is ?t? a critical infected. most of those who do --only suffer "vague" symptoms. but there is a group that's more vulnerable. "it's that one percent that we really get concerned, because their symptoms are extreme muscle fatigue, paralysis, coma. these are people who are elderly and who have medical conditions that might make them more susceptibl" susceptible." no person has wisconsin so far. still, the health department encourages north shore and milwaukee county residents to be extra vigilant about applying mosquito repellent. green bay certainly considers itself a football town, but what's happening there this week is kind of a new experienc. experience. tomorro afternoon, lambeau field will be filled with ?college? football fans as the wisconsin badgers and l-s-u tigers square off in their season-opening game. technically, this is a neutral
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thousands of l-s-u fans have also made the trip to green bay. they were greeted at the airport with music and mardi gras beads. and look who's back in town representing his old school. "it should be a very big treat and i'm the honorary captain for the college team." team."packer fans should recognize jim taylor, legendary fullback from the lombardi era championship teams. he was born and raised in baton rouge, stayed in tow u where he was an you'll have to forgive him if he's not rooting for the badgers. 58's scott grodsky is in green bay. we'll hear from him coming up in just a bit in sports....and scott will have live reports tonight at 9 and ten. 3 next at five, a political candidate stops for ice cream in milwaukee...and he gets his licks in about his opponent for u-s senate. 3 and some thrill seekers went
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today. we'll tell you why when the cbs 58 news at russ feingold: so, what do you girls want to be when you grow up? girl 1: i want to be an astronomer. girl 2: i want to be a doctor! russ feingold: do you think you should be paid the same as boys? girl 1: definitely. girl 2: yep! russ feingold: well, i raised my two girls right here,
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isconsin, a lot of women make less than men doing the same job. i'll work for equal pay for women, and for paid leave so parents can care for a sick family member. discrimination against any women is flat out wrong. what you think of that? girls: good call! feingold: i'm russ feingold
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-nats rolling bikes- it's day two of the milwaukee harley rally and this morning, women took their turn in the two-wheeled spotlight. more than 100 women jumped on their bikes at the harley museum for a ride out to holy hill. if there are any stereotypes left about riders, these women are out to break them. "we;re making that total statement that women can ride just as good as men. well, yeah i'm gonna get in trouble for that it's the sharing the joy, either you get it or you don't get it." it."the harley rally continues through labor day. tomorrow and sunday brings the custom bike show to the rley museum featuring some of the wildes designs from the top professional bike builders across the country. 3 the 2016 campaign trail led to a cool spot in milwaukee today for senate candidate russ feingold.the ?former? senator who's running against republican incumbent ron
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door ice cream shop in milwaukee's walker's t neighborhood this morning. he visited the owner of purpledoor, and called the small shop an innovative, upbeat business. feingold also usinof a symb for the one hewas to set during his campaign. "i think wisonsin people are very posite. and even though there are some concerns, they want to also talk about the good things that are happening. i think if you want tosent reprehe peop of the state you can't just be negative or om and gloom. youi gotta say look at all this good stuff that's happenin. feingold accuses ron johnson of using a "negative approach" to campaigning. in the marquette po released earlier this week, feingold leads johnson among likely voters by 3-percentage points. 3 rom the presidential race, the f-b-i todareleased notes from its interview with hillary clinton regarding the use of her privail em server when she was secretary of state. the bureau made the information public in response to several requests under the freedom of information act. among the questions that came up was clinton's account
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no evidence of that, but it can't be ruled out.also released a report that details how the server was set up in the basement of her new york ho. home. watch for more on that story on the cbs evening news with scott pelley at 5-30, right after this newscast. many schools punish bad student kenosha, they're in the second year of a program that rewards ?good? student behavior. behavior.the program is called "positive behaviors intervention and support"...p-b-i-s for short. cbs 58 got an explanation today at brass community school in kenosha where students are rewarded for good behavior with "brass bucks", which they then can use in the scho's store. the principal says the program is working. "students still can get in trouble and do get in trouble. we all make mistakes, i have children myself and when they make mistakes there are consequences. but we are taking it to the next step of now reteaching the appropriate behavior, making sure that they understand what they did
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results." the coordinator of the p-b-i-s program says some students who've made what he calls "poor choices"...have changed their behavior. 3 3 3 tonight: clear sky. little chilly but comfortable with 50s. lower 50s inland. wind: se 5 mph.saturday: wall to wall sunshine. stays nice with highs in the low to middle 70s. wind: se 5-15 mph.labor day weekend: sunshine sticks
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temperatures returning to average in the upper 70s. more clouds arrive on monday, labor day, becoming a little warm and humid with highs in the lower to middle 80s. 3 tonight: clear sky. little chilly but comfortable with lows in the upper 50s. lower 50s inland. wind: se 5 mph. saturday: wall to wall sunshine. stays nice with highs in the low to middle 70s. wind: se 5-15 mph.labor day weekend: sunshine sticks around sunday with temperatures returning to
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clouds arrive on monday, labor day, becoming a little warm and humid with highs in the lower to middle 80s. 3 for some people, it's not enough just to go ?inside? miller park. these folks strapped themselves to the outside of the building and
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ground. they had permission from the brewers to do it. in fact, this was a fund raisi event r special olympics. people who raised enough money got the chance to go "over the edge".....and for some, the hardest part was taking that first step. "that was a little nerve-wracking, y'know just to have complete trust in all thisthat gear 'm completely unfamiliar with, that was a little nerve-wracking." nerve-wracking." jo donner from the milwaukee county sheriff's department says rappelling has always been on her bucket list. now she can cross less than a day away for the badgers and l-s-u at lambeau 3 field. 3 3...
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in lessha24 urs, it's gonna get real at lambeau field. that's cause actually be playing on the field tomorrow. that's after they get it together.... but as the fans arrive from both wisconsin and lsu, our sct grodsky arriving from milwaukee. he joins us live tside ambeau, scott? hottest tickets around 400
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wiscconsin the fi and grounds crew getting their final preparations in getting their final preparations in but while the badgers are practicing for tomorrow, lineback not. he's back moving and practicing wi the team this week but, despite some optimism, he will not play tomorrow against lsu. coach pa chryst talked abou progress though coming into the weekend. when you see him do some things you're encouraged and in talking to him, aye how that feels after and it's been
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give you an accurate timeline even if i have to. more coming up in sports. from lambeau field in gb, sg cbs 58 3 sports. vikings quarterback and greenfield joel stave says he's ok after leaving stave says he's ok greenfield joel quarterback and vikings vikings quarterback and 3 greenfield joel stave says he ok after leaving yesterday's preseason finale agianst the l.a. rams. h
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night on 18 throws. stave hoping to be on the roser once final cuts are made morrow. it's not often your punter is one of ur focal points... lasbuinnight's packers preseason finale, jake schum had eyes on him. picked up from tampa bay this week... he got eight chances last night and made the most of them. 45 yards a kick, with three inside the 20. it was juts his first week in pretty good weather, but still enough for packer fans br
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tonight: clear sky. little chilly but comfortable with lows in the upper 50s. lower 50s land. wind: se 5 mph. saturday: wall to wall sunshine. stays nice with highs in the low to middle 70s. wind: se 5-15 mph.labor day weekend: sunshine sticks around sunday with temperatures returning to average in the upper 70s. more clouds arrive on monday, labor day, becoming a little warm and humid with highs in the lower to middle 80s. 3 thanks for joining us.the cbs evening news with scott pelley is sure to join us
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captioning sponsored by cb >> dubois: hermine's kckout blow. >> i can't see! >> dubois: florida's first huicane in 11 years knocks out power for hundreds o thousds, trek up the east coast, 43d million people in itsat clinton told the f.b.i. in its criminal investigation of her e-mails. a former college swimming star gets out of prison after serving just three months for sexual assault. new photos reveal the wounds he received that night. and chloe's special guest for show and tell. >> what brought me here today to talk to your class was an act of


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