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tv   CBS 58 News at 10pm  CBS  September 2, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm CDT

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a crime of opportunity on the city's east side ends with a 13-year-old boy in handcuffs. 58's marshanna hester is live in the studio to explain the violent crime he's accused of... marshanna? 3 3 milwaukee police say the 13-year-old boy is an armed robbery suspect.they arrested him with a gun-- just hours before the first day of school. 3 "44.10 its sad. it is."tim kunert moved into his east side home three years ago because the area was safe-- but that mindset is quickly cha. changing...39.11 the robberies, the assaults. i mean they're on every block around here."milwaukee police say a man and woman in their 20s were the latest targets. they were walking near astor and pleasant early thursday
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a gun-- stealing a wallet and other items before taking off. "41.34 they say come in groups and things like that, but it doesn't help. when they have a gun what are you gonna do." officers say one of the culprits is just 13 years old. they caught him with a gun just hours later near humboldt and commerce... less than mile away from the armed robbery. it's unclear how the teen got the weapon-- but the chief says nearly 2-thousand guns have been taken off milwaukee streets so far this year. "38.49 in terms of gun seizures milwaukee is a week -- we told you about a string of overnight armed robberies in the brady street area.police say the suspect approached unsuspecting victims with a knife or gun, robbed them, then ran away. kunert says hopelessness and fear is not how he wants to live his life... life..."42.37 it's getting to be more and more and more, something has to happen." 3 milwaukee police are still looking for the other suspect
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investigating if they are responsible for other armed robberies in the area.michele back to you. 3 also new tonight... a stabbing on milwaukee's south sides sends two people to the hosptial.milwaukee police tell us one of the people hurt was stabbed... trying to break up a fight near 9th and lincoln. that was around details yet about how the other person hurt or about their injuries. 3 3 two men are charged in the stabbing death of a milwaukee chef.shawn ostrom was killed outside "thurmans 15" on pulaski and monday morning.'imed chabbough' and 'hussain sami' are charged with first degree reckless homicide and aggravated battery.according to the criminal complaint, a witness says he saw two men assaulting ostrom. an autopsy report states ostrom was stabbed multiple timies. milwaukee plans to hire more officers -- and give police more money -- after the deadliest august in years. mayor tom barrett said today that the police department budget next year will be "significantly" larger than
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announcement comes after the city had 24 murders last month. that's the h ighest monthly total since july 1991... when the victims of serial killer jeffery dahmer were discovered. 3 cbs 58 is putting together a special report on violence in the city of's called 'milwaukee at a crossroads' .watch it next tuesday night -- september 6th -- at 7. law enforcement is getting ready for a busy holiday weekend.... of enjoying the weekend responsibly. several departments held a special "street corner roll call" this afternoon in's a reminder to everyone that an o-w-i task force will be out through the next three days and nights, watching the roads and discouraging drunk and impaired driving. 2:50:50-51:06big day for travel, obviously. everybody's goign the last weekendup north, closing their cabins, so it's not only that we're worried about the people that are driving impaired, but there's also the people that are doign their family vacations, gettogethers, and we want to get that word out
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well police say have designated drivers or have a plan to get home safe, if you plan on drinking. those who knew her say she would have been embarrassed by all the praise.. praise..but they felt compelled to pay tribute to sister margaret held and the selfless way she lived her life.the wisconsin native was murdered along with a fellow nun paula merrill in their home in mississppi where the registered nurses had been caring for those without in milwaukee friends and family joined her order "the school sisters of st what a down to earth person she was and her love of wisconsin bratwurst and her seven year old nephew. christian held, nun's nephew: all i was really wanting to say was, thank you god. for letting me know her for the seven years i lived." lived." mourners packed st. joseph's chapel on layton blvd today where celebrant..archbishop jerome listecki..said the beauty of the chapel was
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life devoted to jesus christ. an update to a story we told you about earlier this week about an 86-year-old new berlin man who lost 1-thousand dollars because of a group of bogus contractors. contractors.the new berlin police department says a woman from bayview saw our story wednesday night and she made a donation to help him.police say the scammers come to people's homes... telling the homeowners they need roof repairs.they then steal hundreds of dollars during the fake repairs. northwestern mutual says it's evaluating its workforce...a process that could lead to job cuts..although there's no timeline for the layoffs. this is a troubling notion says the group "citizens action of wisconsin" considering the 54 million dollars in incentives for its new downtown milwaukee tower and another 18-million for its office in oak's now lead to a push that companies prove they're creating jobs becfore they get taxpayer money to fund construction projects. 00-11kane: without really
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group, can a company of this size really lay off a large number of its staff and then still receive the same amount of tax break? northwestern issued a statement that read in part: "to maintain our strong financial position and serve our clients' needs, we are evaluating our operations to ensure we have the skills and digital capabilities we need to take us into the future. we're streamlining processes and identifying new ways to work efficiently." excitement is growing in green bay... tomorrow afternoon the dg field... cbs 58's scott grotsky live at lambeau where the number of lousiana fans could rival badgers faithful. scott. 3 lsu wisconsin might be the game of the year for the badgers, but that's only one of the reasons why fans from across the country are here in green bay... some are coming to get a live look at college gameday, others just want to see legendary lambeau field....but
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louisiana are two of the biggest tailgating states in the country with two very different styles. we stopped by an lsu tailgate. they had alligator on the grill and gumbo brewing. some badgers fans stopped by and everyone was everyone on both sides was very welcoming and least until kickoff i will tell you th is, when we get ready to play tomorrow, going to be game ain't a game for babies tomorrow night night ad lib sports teaselive at lambeau field, scott grodsky, cbs58 sportsgrodsky, cbs58 sports 3 3
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fans.... cbs is airing a special about brett favre."a football life: brett favre" will air ?tomorrow? night at 7 right here on cbs 58.... so tune in! a report shows unsanitary ?and? unsafe conditions inside wisconsin's largest veterans ho. home.documents from the wisconsin department of health and human services reveals vets at 'the wisconsin veterans home at king', in waupaca county, suffered injuries and even iss practices.reports of poor conditions at king have lawmakers calling for an audit of the veterans home. 3 1:18-1:30rep. peter barca "it's sickening to read about some of these stories [skip the other stuff] it cries out for immediate attention." sen. luther olsonthis isn't how wisconsin runs, this isn't how we take care of people. i'm appalled this is going on. on. veterans at the home have reported minimial problems. along with an audit - a number of lawmakers are also calling for a ?federal? investigation
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police are constantly ticketing trespassing teenagers at a vacant school in new berlin....and now the city is suing the school's owners, claiming they're not taking care of it. the city says the old prospect hills elementary school is a safety hazard.the city attorney filed a lawsuit against the owners to recoup money the city is paying to board up the berlin's mayor says something needs to be done. 26-37"they're making little bonfies in there." "say there's one or three people in there and they get overcome by smoke...what could happen after that is not a good thing thing regular patrols of the property will continue as the city tries to get in touch with the owner. about 32-hundred patients were notified about the possiblity of their medical information being accessed through an unauthorized third party. party.the medical college of wisconsin said earlier this summer it noticed unusual activity on an employee's email account.they discovered a third-party had accessed the account, which had names, medical information and
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idenity theft or fraud, but they notified patients as a precaution. 3 the f-b-i- released nearly 60 pages of documents on its now-closed investigation of hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state. state.the private notes of f-b-i agents lay out the details of clinton's interview with law enforcement officials. the documents reveal that clinton told f-b-i agents she couldn't recall any training or guidance on the handling of se clinton said she relied on her aides to use their judgemeent when emailing her on her private account. 27-43(james comey/fbi director)"although we did not find clear evidence that secretary clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of the classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified in" information." the report also found clinton used 13 smartphones to access her emails.while investigators
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gain access to clinton's server, the fbi found no evidence they were succesful. 3 donald trump's campaign released a statement on clinton's emails...saying clinton's reckless conduct shows she cannot be trusted with the presidency.trump spent the day in philadelphia for a roundtable with black leaders... and he'll visit a predominately black church in detroit this weekend.minority voters and clinton's emails are expected to be major topics when trump and clinton meet in their first debate on september 26. the 2016 campaign trail in senate candidate russ feingold stopped at the purple door ice cream shop in milwaukee's walker's pont neighbhorhood. he visited the owner of purple door, and called the small shop an innovative, upbeat business. 2:27:39-53it gives me a very good feeling about milwukee and about the state... and i think people are lookin gfor that. i think pepole are tried of the negativity in politics and want to see some emphasis on the positive on the things that are happening 3
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to campaigning. in the marquette poll released earlier this week, feingold leads johnson among likely voters by 3-percentage points. 3 coming up...a new kind of blackmail...people using explicit photos to back you -- or your kids -- into a corner.... 3 and things were looking up at miller park today...find out why these people were going
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shouldn't knee and ankle supports comfortably fit your knees and ankles? dr. scholl's new custom fit wellness center measures your leg in 3d... ...and recommends our custom-fit support that's right for you. new dr. scholl's custom fit ankle and knee supports. find the nearest kiosk at a warning a warning tonight people are online looking for ways to blackmail you and possibly even your children. children.a lot of this centers around explict picturescbs 58's david ade explains.
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most cases... it's someone who they thought was an online friend or love interest who turns around and backs them into a corner. the headlines from around the globeman blackmailed by facebook friend with nude picturespolice warning as crooks blackmail men over online naked picturesman sentenced for blackmailing girl to strip onlinea threat to release nude pictures on social media is at the heart of almost all these types of money or some type of sexual act.wisconsin attorney general brad schimel says it's also happening in this state."this isn't one of those fictional things we're making up to scare people, it has happened. schimel says giving someone naked pictures or videos can obviously give them the ammo they need to blackmail you.but there's another layer this warrant filed in waukesha county shows someone photoshopped the face of an
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isn't explicit and it can be turned into it. we really need to watch who we're communicating with. i know young people want to make as many friends as they can but they really need to be selective about who their friends are on the internet." schimel believes online blackmail or sextortion goes widely unreported in wisconsin saying the cases law enforcement see is probably just the tip of the iceberg.schimel says that's because many victims believe if they go te potentially embarassing pictures of videos victims are trying to hide will then become public anyway."my heart goes out to someone trapped in that situation. i hope they know that law enforcement is well trained in sensitivity and to protect their identity." as waukesha county district attorney... schimel prosecuted one of the most notorious sextortion cases in the
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stancl was sentenced to 18 years for posing as a female on facebook... tricking male classmates into sending nude pictures... then blackmailing them into sex.even this case wasn't broken by victims coming was exposed when stancl's computer was seized after he made a bomb studio... david ade... cbs 58 news. a dead bird tests positive for the west nile virus in milwaukee county. county.the north shore health department says this is they started testing on may 1st.the health department is encourging north shore and milwaukee county residents to remember to apply mosquito repellent. "birds are an early indicator for the trasmission of west nile into humans from mosquitos to humans so we use it as some sort of bell weather for us to know what potential impact it's going to have on the population." population." last year only nine people in wisconsin became infected with the west nile one has tested positive in
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local pilgrims will be among the tens of thousands expected to gather in rome sunday to see the lated mother teresa cannonized as a saint in the catholic church. church.a group from the 'blessed theresa of calcutta parish' in north lake will watch pope francis preside over the ceremony.teresa became a nun at 16 and spent a life devoted to the poor of india..for which she received the nobel peace prize in 1979. her charity remains under scrutiny, though, amidst allegations of sub standard care. 3 the first hurricane to hit florida in more than a decade has weakened into a tropical storm as it moves across the carolinas and into the mid- atlantic.tropical storm warnings now stretch from georgia to new jersey. storm watches continue on through connecticut.hermine came ashore early this morning in florida's panhandle as a hurricane, downing trees and knocking out power to thousands of homes. 3
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da anniversary of v-j day, or victory over japan veteran who witnessed the japanese surrender lives in wis. wisconsin.his name is otto wilkinson.he's 91 years old and lives in juneau county. otto served on the 'u-s-s missouri' during the war, which is where the surrender took place.he remembers the day like it was yesterday. 27-39macarthur, yes. he came aboard... i was topside and he was on a destroyer, he came aboard from a destroyer over
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otto is one of only two veterans still alive that witnessed the japanese surrender in 1945. 3 a unique training exercise is sending loud figher jets high above tomah's called 'northern lightning' and it's designed to help fighter pilots train in a variety of's intense but exactly what you need to prepare for battle. 14-25capt. austin kennedy:"like a mock, a mock war. we get to go out there tr do it, if we actually had a war. going out there and getting that training is very valuable, because you don't want to have the first time you're doing this, be when you have to do it for real." real." volk field in tomah is known for its laser guided target technology.units from as far away as washington and idaho took part. rewarding kids for their good behavior is the focus a program in the kenosha unified school district. district.the initiative is called 'positive behaviors, interventions, and support'.at brass community school, students are rewarded with "brass bucks", which they can
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and so far, the program seems to be working. 1:13-1:24 the great part about it is we also noticed those kids who are making poor choices really wanted to hear the same things so some of those poor choices they were making stopped happening" happening" students can reedeem their "brass bucks" for everything from erasers to games, to even lunch with the school's principal. they've broken the mold when it comes to the image of bikers and they've done it together as sisters on steel. steel.we here for the ladies rideroar of motorcycles motole the all women's ride marked day two of the milwaukee rally. 113 lady riders signifying each year harley davidson's been rolling.they left from the museum for holy hill making stops along the way enjoying lunch and a lot of laughter. carrie davidson, stilletos on steel: everybody's who's curious about riding or they always had a hidden desire to ride, give it a chance. now's a great time. take a class come to one of the rallys. try out one of the bikes bikes
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simulator at several of the local dealerships over the labor day weekend. money from this ladies ride will help train milwaukee police cadets.. bringing extra meaning to a day filled with fun and celebrating sisterhood. the brewers are out of town... but that didn't stop some fans from taking "over" the ball park. people strapped themselves to the outside of the building... rappeling from the roof to the was all to raise money for the special olympics of wisconsin. people who raised enough money got the chance to go "over the edge". "that was a little nerve-wracking, y'know just t have complete trust in all this gear that i'm completely unfamiliar with, that was a little nerve-wracking." nerve-wracking." if you're curious -- miller park tops more than 300 feet up... and 330 feet at the peak
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underdogs to lsu tomorrow. in part because of heisman trophy hopeful leonard fournette. but scott grodsky is in green bay and he tells why that's not the only thing the badgers should be worried about. you already met a few of the 30,000 or so lsu fans who are coming to lambeau for tomorrow's game, now let's talk about the one tiger who is coming back to wisconsin. former badgers defensive coordinator dave aranda will make his lsu debut against his old team. aranda turned wisconsins defense into a national juggernaut with the badgers finishing first in total defense and second in scoring defense over his 3 year stint. now he gives the 5th ranked tigers a boost... i know he cares very much for
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the players he used to coach. i'm not speaking for him but i know he respects wisconsin extremely well. live at lambeau field, scott grodsky cbs58 how about yasiel puig for ryan braun! ken rosenthal from fox sports reporting the brewers claimed the dodgers outfielder off waivers yesterday and tried to make ryan braun a part of the deal to get him here. the los angeles dodgers though deciding to keep puig before yesterday's waiver deadline. tonight though... junior
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list, he'd go 3.1 innings... gets the strkeout of gregory polaco to end the third. one of three strikeouts for him. the brewers with just three hits... but scooter genett made his count, his double in the fifth over the head of andrew mccutchen scoring domingo santana. that would be the only run too.... as tyler thornberg and the bullpen give up just two of the pirates seven hits tonight. 1-0 your final.... two in a row for the
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there's going to be plenty of labor day cookouts and picnics this weekend... but maybe not one like this.nathan's famous hotdog's broke the guiness world record for the world's longest line of hot dogs.they lined up over 19-hundred of them... which was more than 950 feet was to celebrate nathan's 100th anniversary. 3 the third edition of the "presidential pig race" saw hillary the pigs, named for presidential candidates, wear blue or red jerseys for their political parties... and the piglet named clinton looked like she kind of shoved some of the other racers out of the way to win... but it's all for fun.the races are held during election years at a rib cook- off in nevada. 3 tonight: clear sky. tonight:
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comfortable with lows in the
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russ feingold: so, what do you girls want to be when you grow up? girl 1: i want to be an astronomer. girl 2: i want to be a doctor! russ feingold: do you think you should be paid the same as boys? girl 1: definitely. girl 2: yep! russ feingold: well, i raised my two girls right here, and they agree with you - and so do i. unfortunately, in wisconsin, a lot of women make less than men doing the same job. i'll work for equal pay for women, and for paid leave so parents can care for a sick family member. discrimination against any women is flat out wrong. girls: good call!
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