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tv   CBS 58 News at 10pm  CBS  September 3, 2016 10:00pm-10:29pm CDT

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"on first and 15, harris gets out of that trouble... and puts himself in some more!" more!"in titletown -- it's on wisconsin.the badgers topple the 5th ranked tigers from l-s-u. the badgers are on top tonight...after a battle between two of college football's best programs. programs.and they did it at one of football's greatest now...earl arms has more on this historic victory. 3 the badgers heavy underdogs coming into today's game.... but they make their first-ever game at lambeau field one to remember. the badgers up 6-0 in the first half... and they're the first to get into the end zone in the third quarter. senior running back corey clement barely getting the ball over the goal line. badgers up 13-0. but in 67 seconds, the badgers commit two turnovers
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here's the second... brandon harris to travin dural to take the lead from bucky. fourth quarter--rafael gaglianone making two field goals before this 48 yard attempt.... make it three! this for the lead with just over four minutes left! tigers driving... harris escaping pressure but the badgers junior safety d'cota dixon comes up with the game- clinching interception. he'd take a hit from josh boutte. he dixon ok and the badgers more than ok. their first win as an unranked team over a top 5 opponent since 1985. 16-14 as the badgers take the lambeau leap. let us now leap to kevin holden who's live in green bay, kevin. nearly half of the players on the badgers roster comes from wisconsin. so for them, just
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dream come true. winning at lambeau field? they might need a new word to describe it. d'cota dixon's interception in the final minute triggered a celebration of packer-esque proportion, and once the clock hit zeroes, the lambeau leaps began. wisconsin players and fans turned this green and gold house red for one very special afternoon. 3 it was a great atmosphere. we appreciate everything the packers organization did, the fans that came, d pretty special. special.corey clement: (playing at lambeau field is a dream, how about winning at lambeau field.) that was a dream as well. and i did nothing but dream about it. especially going out to practice every day and just working for a true purpose, and we knew the challenge that we were up against. challenge answered. packers president mark murphy proclaimed major college football at lambeau field a big success. and with a house
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all spending money in this area, it looks like the team and the city have picked up a new hobby. later in the show, how the badgers slowed down the number five team in the country and finally won a major season opener. live at lambeau field, kevin holden, cbs 58 news. 3 thanks kevin....well -- heat keeps coming down on 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. the santa clara officer's association is now threatening to boycott all events at california's levi stadium.this -- after kaepernick did not stand for the national anthem during a game thursday night.kaepernick said it was his way to "speak out" against unequal treatment of african americans.the officer union called his actions "insulting." 3 flags are flying at half staff around the state honor of staff sergeant matthew thompson.governor
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executive order to remember the fallen green beret. beret.his funeral was held today in 58's kristen barbaresi spoke with thompson's parents earlier this week. 20;08;25-29 matthew's in paradise, there's absolutely no paradise, there's absolutely no doubt. he's in heaven. we know he's there. 3 sgt. thompson was killed in afghanistan on august 23rd. thompson's family asked for a private mourn and out of respect for his military comrades...hompson's parents say he was a god- fearing man who could do anything. he wanted to learn at every turn, what can i learn? what can i do? how can i get better at it? show me what to do... do... he knew that he believed in god, he had jesus with im and he wanted people ot see jesus without him having to say hey there's this guy i know. he just lived it. it.sgt. thompson was just 28 years old.he graduated from
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university. riders on the patriot tour ended their nationwide trek today...they rode 14-thousand miles in honor of our country's service members. members. 3 (motorcycle nats) nats) that's the sound of dozens of motorcycles heading to madison.riders on the patriot tour made a pit-stop in milwaukee today -- on their way to madison.100 days ago -- on may 28 -- more than 500 riders (from took the american flag on a 14- thousand mile journey across the country. chris daly, rider nation of pats patriotsthis is for military families around the us. it's strictly volunteer. no fees are charged. it's strictly whatever the riders want to donate. and funds are determined in each state who they go to. they try to find families in need. patriot riders are working to hit a $200-thousand dollar goal for families this year.
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()two other families also said goodbye today... after two teens -- best friends -- were laid to rest. ()they were killed in a crash one week ago on milwaukee's north 58's evan kruegel has more on how those closest to the teens are remembering them. at the mason temple church.... a celebration of life - honoring two teenage b car crash last week. week.alesha colbert - cousin "it's hard for everybody. it's hard to stay strong. and it's only the beginning" 15-year-olds latrey hale and demetrius batchelor were best that lost control - crashing r into a tree near 35th and keefe. geovonnie brooks - friend :44:10 "i woke up to the news,a at work and she was crying, and she said that demetrius was gone, and i just started breaking down." the driver -
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also a cousin. according to a criminal complaint - witnesses say he was driving fast and eratically - before losing control of the car. but family members say they have no hard feelings against him. "we don't want to hold no grudge against him, because we know that it was all an accident, and we know he's hurt too, because he ddn't mean for it to happen that way. nobody did." instead - today was a chance to tell stories - and say goodbye for him and his momma, and all of the memories we do have of him. and i'm glad that we know there ain't no doubt about it that he went to heaven." tomorrow would have been demetrius' 16th birthday - the family tells me they plan on celebrating with a party and balloon for the driver - he remains in jail tonight - facing two counts of a group of people are refusing
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deadliest month in milwaukee in 25 years. years.more than 100 people showed up to a "rally for peace" event at 39th and hampton this afternoon.they hope their actions will inspire change in their neighborhoods...making it safer for everyone who lives there. "education is a big key to it. also, getting the kids into extracurricular activities, involved into job programs; things that will keep them busy, more positive things with theirself." 24 people died last month...the highest mark in a single month in milwaukee since the jeffrey dahmer killings were counted in 19-91. cbs 58 is airing a special report on violence in the city of milwaukee...'ll hear from local leaders trying to fight the issue and families who've lost children because of it. it's called 'milwaukee at a crossroads' and you'll see it next tuesday, september 6th at
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you'll join us. 3 meterologist michael schlesinger is getting your ready for labor day weekend with a holiday forecast... forecast... forecast...tonight: fair, comfortable. low: 59sunday: great day. high: 79monday (labor day): mostly sunny, warmer. high: 84tuesday: risk of showers, storms (especially afternoon and evening). high: 87wednesday: more storms possible. high: 85forecast...
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low: 59sunday: great day. high: 79monday (labor day): mostly sunny, warmer. high: 84 tuesday: risk of showers, storms (especially afternoon and evening). high: 87 wednesday: more storms possible. high: 85forecast... tonight: fair, comfortable. low: 59sunday: great day. mostly sunny, warmer. high: 84 sweorms (especially afternoon and evening). ssib: . high: 85 thanks michael.people kicked f the labor day weekend with art...and helping animalsanimal festival started today.more than one hundred artists...including 30 from ay onnevy important organization...the humane society. paul schwartz, milwaukee public market market "we block off three blocks on broadway in one of
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historic third ward in the entire city. you couldn't ask for a better festival. the market is sponsoring three different beverage areas where we're selling beer, water and wine and all the proceeds are going back to the wisconsin humane society." the free festival closes at six tonight...but reopens tomorrow at 10 a.m. 3 donald trump african american community for support in detroit. meantime...hillary trying to distance herself from the email scandal. craig boswell with more tonight. (nats singing)donald trump clapped his hands while a choir sang gospel music during his visit to an african americrcvothe black community across america. (sot donald trump) trump)i'm here today to learn so that we can together remedy injustice in any form. its the first time trump has addressed a large black audience since
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nomination. the pastor wrapped a special shawl around trump. (sot)i've prayed over this. protesters gathered outside with signs saying "no hate in the white house." (nats please sir, don't do that) security set up barricades and exchanges got heated between trump and hillary clinton supporters. (sot) woman: hillary clinton is a liar, she should be in guess what. donald trump should be in jail too. on friday, the fbi released 58-pages from its investigation of clinton's use of a private email server while she was secretary of state. the documents show clinton's memory was spotty classified emails from her personal account. (graphic ) many she didn't remember. clinton didn't "recall receiving any emails she thought should not be on an unclassified system" and lyate official classified information. clinton's campairovwhy the
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trumps support among black voters is under 10-percent. 3 me for celebration -- but so one for safety.after the break -- some tips to keep yonjoyable. 3 plus...trouble continues for those on the east coast as tropical storm hermine moves through... 3 3 ???break??????break???
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tonight is considered to be the most dangerous for duis over the entire labor day weeke. weekend.because of that ?we? want to help you -- look ahead. police are reminding you about how to be safe on the road...?and? at 58s amanda devoe joins us now to explain.amanda? more officers are on the roads this ekendmao e =
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the grill this weekend. typically... labor day weekend is associated with cookouts .. tailgating and family fun. but fun.. can take "our advice is to get the word out whether it's alcohol related or drug related." 35 agencies in southeastern wisconsin teamed up to crack down on drunk driving...through the o-w-i task officers continue to keep a watchful eye on the roads this "unfortunately, the stats that we're getting from dot, say that the p er he last couple years, when it comes to owi impaired driving." agencies also want to remind families to be safe when firing up the grill this weekend. according to the national fire protection agency an average of 8,900 home fires are caused by grilling each year... and close to half of all injuries involving grills are thermal bu.
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after you do things for a while and we don't have a problem with it, or we don't have any bad consequences, sometimes we get too comfortable."the north shore fire department stresses cleaning grills.. and keeping them away from buildings.. to prevent fires and injuries. they say fighhaven't grilling... teaching families about fire safety. "it's a great fun thing to do, just make sure you do it safely. " patrolling the roads throughout the weekend.eric -- back to you. 3 shot and killed by a minnesota police officer back in july.he was from st. louis, but worked at a school in minnesota.he was pulled over and shot to death during a traffic stop. the incident made national headlines after castile's girlfriend live-streamed the aftermath on facebook. police
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charge eclight sentence to a standford university swimmer charged with rape. rape.michele dauber -- who works at standford -- launched a campaign to remove judge aaron persky from the bench. persky sentenced brock turner to six months in jail.he was released in three and is now on probation.the 20 year old was charged with raping an unconscious woman outside a campus fraternity house. (dauber)judge persky's bias is a threat to the rule rs of law and we will continue until he is no longer a judge. judge.persky -- also a standford grad -- reassigned himself to civil caseshe now has his own website defending himself against the recall -- which has support from many california law professors. an earthquake rattled thousands of people this morning... right here in the mi. midwest.the 5-point-6 magnitude quake hit pawnee,
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but people reported feeling tremors as far away as iowa. the u-s-g-s says there were actually 11 earthquakes in the area today... though the rest were much smaller.while there is damage to some buildings... there are no reports of any injuries. two people are dead and hundreds of thousands in the dark as tropical storm hermine moves up the east coast.some who in new york and new jersey ge be news correspondent wendy gillette reports. tornado on skidaway island in savanah georgia, damaging a dozen homes.the storm also toppled trees into homes in charleston, south carolina and left several hundred thousand people without electricity from florida to virginia. virginia.(sot: gov. rick scott/ r-fl) i expect every city and county official to aggressively fix that problem. problem. (standup: wendy gillette/seaside heights, nj) "the storm is predicted to hit the jersey shore sunday night.
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waves and dangerous conditions here." natannouncement: "the beach is officially closed at this time after that announcement, lifeguards locked the gates at seaside heights... nats locking gate ...closing down the beaches, more than 24 hours before hermine arrives.double red flags were posted, warning of the danger. danger.(sot: lucas fogerty/lifeguard, seaside heights, nj) "we'll have 60mph winds and 10 to 15 foot waves so it's going to be even worse. basically just one big clouds didn't ep crowds away g from the boardwalk. dan moyer brought his family from sy for a day at the beach. (sot: dan moyer / visitor)"we didn't think it would be this bad with the waves being this tall. i would imagine the undertoul see why they would be concerned." there is concern here - this is the same town where sandy knocked a roller coaster into the ocean in 2012. hermine is not predicted to be anywhere near sandy's severity, but the storm could stick around for a couple of
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3 forecast... forecast...tonight: fair, comfortable. low: 59monday (labor day): mostly nny, warmer. high: 84tuesday: risk of showers, storms (especially afternoon and evening). high: 87wednesday: more storms
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tonight: fair, comfortable. low: 59sunday: great day. high: 79monday (labor day): mostly sunny, warmer. high: 84 tuesday: risk of showers, storms (especially afternoon and evening). high: 87 wednesday: more storms possible. forecast... tonight: fair, low: 59sunday: great day. high: 79monday (labor day): mostly sunny, warmer. high: 84 tuesday: risk of showers, and evening). high: 87 wednesday: more storms possible. high: 85 thank you michael!there is a
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high: 85storms possible. wednesday: more evening). high: 87wednesday: more storms possible. high: 85 thank you michael!there is a
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milwaukee's north side. angela moragne "the first year we moved here we gave everybody salsa for christmas and they were like whats this for? oh just to say hey - they come over and hang out and the kids pick the tomatoes here and bite em off and thats what its there for so you know that you can grow stuff." stuff." tomorrow on cbs 58 sunday'll meet a milwaukee family creating healthier, happier and more productive neighborhoods through food.angela moragne helped start "that salsa lady". it's a home grown business that supplying fresh produce and salsa to area farmer's's grown outside her home near 47th and capitol. angela moragne "i've never seen so much or felt so much generosity than what i have by entering the food business. // everyone comes to the table over food 3 you can the watch entire story plus much more on cbs 58 sunday morning with mike strehlow.that's just ahead of cbs sunday morning from new
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beginning at seven a-m. it's a win the badgers are gonna remember forever 3 how the badgers pulled it off--kevin holden has the answer next.
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dan krebbiel: i'm dan krehbiel -- a vietnam combat veteran. we don't need politicians playing games with attack ads. there's a better way. i've read russ feings he combines targeted military force with better human intelligence. and, he'll work to get middle eastern states to take on the terrorists in their own backyard. russ feingold offers a tough, russ vo: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world full of possibilities. connecting with family, friends and the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. if a member of your household is a snap participant,
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visit to learn more. the wisconsin badgers will be celebrating this win for a long time.... it's their biggest non-conference win since the 1970's when the beat fourth-ranked nebraska, then in the big eight conference.kevin holden with
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the badgers hoped for when they started opening their seasons against college powerhouses. wisconsin got to show the world that they can hang best, and they got to do it at wisconsin's football shrine. 3 3 thdiene inin this big win, dominance on defense. the badgers put pressure on brandon harris all afoo running back leonard fournette. fournette. tj watt:we knew we were going to have to come in and stop the run at first, to make them throw the ball and create takeaways. i think we definitely succeeded in some areas, but we can definitely get better in other areas, but a great starting point for us moving forward.on offense, corey clement gave the badgers something that fournette could not give lsu... a rushing touchdown in the third quarter. quarter.clement:leonard is a great running back, but i looked at today on more of a
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more respect for my team and my lineman up front to know that we could put forth a great effort today.add in three big kicks from rafael gaglianone, and the badgers pick up a win that could help define the 2016 season. season.jack cichy:i don't think it's program-defining by any means, but i think it's a tribute to what we do as a program. we're resilient and we're able to bow up when times get tough, and it was an all-around team win today. since we're at mbea i'll use a the badgers have some things toakron and georgia state. kh, cbs 58 sports. reof the cuts the packers made on offense. the surprise that's not on the list--quarterback joe callahan.
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teamthfirstu name the brewers in pittsburgh down 1-0 in the h te and there goes the baseball. leading 31st home run to take the le part of


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