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for a little background.. laborfest is free and open to the public. the event is put on the milwaukee area labor council..local usinesses and non profits. of course as with most festivals there's live music and entertainment for all ages. while laborfest is full of family fun.. organizers want folks to remember the importance of having strong workforce here in the area. while local leaders have stressed bringing more jobs to areas like sherman park.. organizers here say ey stronger worforce.. no matter the zip code. 3 "the folks that are unemployed, the folks that are still looking for work. the people that have been out of work for a long time. we work for them and they may not even know it. we do everything that we possibly can to grow the workforce. because if you have a workforce that's growing you have a labor movement that's dying and we're not about that. 3 the festival ends in less than an hour. organizers estimate that about five thousand people made it to today's event. live in mke. ad cbs 58
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a warning tose celebrating labor day on the water.there's a "small craft advisory" in effect -- as well as a warning to swimmers about possible dangerous conditions.winds could be whipping up to 25 miles an hour...creating waves up to five feet high.the coast guard has issued a "high swim risk" in sherboygan and ozaukee counties until eleven tonight. small craft advisory from 10am until 11pm for ozaukee and sheboygan counties. look for high wind, waves, and rip currents.tonight: warm and humid. winds: sw 15-25 mph. tuesday: hot and and humid with lowss around 74. winds: sw 5-10 mph.this week: scattered showers and storms arrive on wednesday and into early thursday morning. highs for both wednesday and thursday will be in the 80s. more rain and storms possible for friday with cooler highs in the 70s.upcoming weekend:
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3 a motorcycle crash sent a 51- year-old man from atlanta to the hospital early this morning. he was taken by flight for life. this is just one of several motorcycle accidents in the past few days...during a motorcycle ridership is being celebrated. cbs 58's julie parise has more on an effort to keep motorcyclists safe. here at harley davidson today the ref is on display -- that stands for transportable high end rider education facility. facility.the ref team comes here every year to teach beginner riders the basics of safety.the goal is to provide training and education not just to motorcycle drivers but
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accidents happening just over the weekend, we asked a coordinator here what the best advice is for anyone riding a motorcycle to stay safe.he said one of the keys to staying safe is to ride within your means. should not go 90 in a 60 mile an hour zone, you should not go 80 in a 50 mile an hour zone, we see a lot of that and that's one of the primary causes of crashes in the state of wi and nationwide. nationwide.the ref will be here today until in oconom in jp cbs 58 3 hillary clinton and donald trump are laboring on the campaign trail today.the democratic and republican nominees are focusing on the battleground state of ohio. cbs' mark albert has the latest on the race for the white house. "i am so happy to have all of you with me...."hillary clinton welcomed reporters aboard her campaign's new airplane as she headed to a
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cleveland.we're going to say yes to workers rights, yes to good jobs and benefits yes to the american dreamdonald trump is also in cleveland, meeting voters at a diner, and talking with labor leaders. he said he's the only candidate who can save american jobs from moving overseas. overseas."we'll get our jobs back, and we're going to stop companies from leaving. it's going to be so easy." easy."there are just two months left in this grueling campaign. and both candidates are trying to shake off voters.the latest cbs news battleground tracker polls shows clinton leading by eight points in pennsylvania, and four points in north carolina... but the survey of all 13 battleground states finds her lead just two points. that might be because more than nine in ten voters feel the same or worse about clinton's explanations for her email server. and trump is still drawing fire for his shifting plans on immigration.
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november is going face a very challenging landscape - not only politically - because they're come in very, very damaged."the first presidential debate is three weeks away. mark albert, for cbs news, the white house. president obama is leaving the g-20 economic summit with no peace deal in syria...and no resolution with china. the president had hoped to broker a deal with russian president vladimir coordinate air strikes against isis in syria. but at the last minute -- russia pulled back. the president said the alliance would have meant big progress in fighting isis. and right now -- the u-s doesn't have a diplomatic backup plan. "if we do not get some of buy-in from the russians on reducing the violence and easing the humanitarian crisis, then it's difficult to see how we get to the next phas" phase."
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main mission at the bridge tensions with china whose aggressive military expansion in asia has raised some concerns. 3 thre's much more ahead as we
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3 more now on our top story...the oance fencing removed from milwaukee's sherman park after aispud between county leaders. leaders.the latest fence was installed yesterday under the order of milwaukee county sheriff david clarke...its removal today... ordered from a courtroom. 58's jacob kittilstad is live at sherman park with our top story...jacob? well... as you can see around
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employees maybe two hours to co theteake-down. the move is signaling a return to normal for the park... that some community member say was unfairly restricted following unrest. nat. open grill - sequence with tight on meat) ribs cook at the grill at a labor day picnic... surrounded by fencing that some neighbors say reminds them of prison. 11;21 "the fence is orange and that's what color the men's orange suits is that the mans where downtown in jail." 6;15 "we don't care what the sheriff say. we going to barbeque and have a nice time." (nat. sequence - fence take-down) and a milwaukee judge tends to agree with picnickers... issuing a temporary restraining order on sheriff clarke's estrrtions on sherman park... restoring the area's regular operating - judge david hansher called for the fencing to ras soon as 7;05 "i sh the sheriff and the county executive would have worked something out but the sheriff seems to thing thate's above the law and decide what he wants to do. as i said, by not showing up here i think that it's a contemptuous act." (nat. sequence) and even though the fence came down quickly... some people barbequing say the sheriff department has already sent a clear message to neighbors - and they don't like it. 8;28 "i don't think
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that's what they 3 we've reached out to sheriff clarke for comment and he has not returned our messages. sherman park will now be open until 10 p-m... in-line with other milwaukee county parks. sherman park hours have been shortened since the weekend of august 13th, when violence broke out involved shooting not far from the park.the sheriff ordered the park to close every night at 6 ... and as you've heard, residents in the area have been complaining about the continued restrictions, weeks after the disturbance. the sherman park fence was a symbol of the disagreement among local leaders over how to reduce violence in milwaukee.there are others, like the debate over whether milwaukee needs more police. a report over the weekend said mayor tom barrett is ready to
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more officers. 58's david ade joins us live with that story and more....david? mayor tom barrett and his office say they are not ready to talk about details for next year's budget today and that includes the report that barrett is going to put more money into the police department budget. i also spoke with i also spoke with some elected officials about the milwaukee council safety report from two weeks ago.this is the report that came out of alderman bob the same committee which asked a number of criminal justice system officials to testify over the last few months. milwaukee county district attorney john chisholm says he agrees with the recommendation to increase pay for assitant d-a's but says a lot of the other suggestions would be better if they were thoughtout more questioning the recommendation for boot camps. milwaukee county executive chris abele is more critical of the plan saying it will cost a couple hundred million dollars and will lead to more
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abele 3 3 3 i called alderman bob donovan this afternoon to get his reaction to abele's comments donovan told me he has no comment.soc cbs 58 is airing a special report on violence in the city of'll hear not only from local leaders but families of young victims of cr. crime. amanda: 02:15:37 when the dia, when the people, when the family members you didn't expect -- when people go away, when the funeral is over what
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ramona: 02:15:56 your food tastes different, you see the world different. you have on a red dress right now, but if i am in that state of mind it might look pink. 02:16:05lisa: 02:17:33 it's a movie. every birthday, when it happened, my birthday... :02:17:40 02:17:44 it's a movie that plays over and over again. 02:17:46 'milwaukee at a crossroads' airs commercial-free tomorrow night at 7.we hope you'll join us and become part of the sports fans across the state have been talking about two things since saturday....the badgers upset of l-s-u....and the packers decision to cut josh sitton. sitton. and how's this for a worst-case scenario for packer fans....sitton is not only gone from the packers-- but he's going to play for the bears!cbs 58's kevin holden is in the studio with the latest.... josh sitton was in football limbo for a little more than 24 hours before the bears
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guard and signed him to a three-year contract. sitton had just one year and around six-million in salary remaining when ted thompson made the decision to cut the 30-year-old. why sitton was let go is a mystery - one n- f-l expert says sitton's play began declining last season, and remember, the packers had four offensive lineman in their contract years, so some tough decisions would've been made after the season anyway. going to chicago, ug stings, and the bears saw enough of sitt dominance that they didn't hesitate to welcome him across the state li. 3 3 pace: we had to act quick on th. mean, he's right up e road. there's a lot of teams interested in him. let's just have him drive down and get on this right now, and be aggressive and be decisive. and think the ability to be that way came from our preparation.mccarthy: it was tough, and it's great to see him actually get an opportunity so quick and coinue to reach the goals
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among those goals will undoubtedly be revenge, and josh sitton's trip bato lambeau field as a bear will be broadcast right here on c-b-s 58 on thursday, october 20th. later in the show, the lineman stepping up to fill sitton's big shoes. tropical storm hermine is still wreaking havoc along the eastern united states. states. the storm that came ashore as a hurricane in florida last week is now off the northeast coas..keeping swimmers and surfers out of the water. a third victim was a man in south jersey governor chs ristie says hermine won't come close to having the same destructive power as superstorm sandy in 2012. still, he's urging everyone to stay away from the ocean and not take chances. 3 fans who attended the wisconsin badgers-lsu tigers game at lambeau field were asked for donations to help victims of the recent flood in louisiana....and a tweet from
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from the fans. the money will go toward red cross relief efforts in and around baton rouge. 3 3 3 small craft advisory from 10am until 11pm for ozaukee and sheboygan counties. look for high wind, waves, and rip currents.tonight: warm and humid. winds: sw 15-25 mph. tuesday: hot and and humid with lowss around 74. winds: sw 5-10 mph.this week: scattered showers and storms arrive on wednesday and into early thursday morning. highs for both wednesday and thursday will be in the 80s. more rain and storms possible
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in the 70s.upcoming weekend: clearing for the weekend with highs in the 70s. 3 highs in the 70s.weekend with clearing for the upcoming weekend: in the 70s.with cooler highs possible for
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dakrebbiel: i'm dan krehel a vietnam combat veteran. we don't need politicians playing games with attack ads. thers a better way. i've rruss feingold's plan. he goes after the terrorists' oil money and arms supplies. he combines targeted military force with e'll work to get middle eastern states to take on the terrorists in their own backyard. russ feingold offers a tough, realistic plan to protect america. russ vo: i'm russ feingold and i
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last year at this time, the packers were getting ready to hit the regular season with star receiver jordy nelson out for the year. 20-16, it's star lineman josh forever after being released saturday. sitton's loss is lane taylor's gain. mike mccarthy named taylor the starting left guard today. the fourth year player started a game for the first time in his career last year at detroit, but now he'll be an every week starter barring a collapse, and mccarthy believes ylor is ready for the role. 3 3 mccarthy: i have all the confidence in the world in lane. he's earned this opportunity. i think he's done a very good job, particularly
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his game. the pass protection and some of the things with it, particularly how we do it and what we do, is something he just needs some game experience at. the other main question for packers fans in the preseason - jordy nelson's health. he missed all of last year and much of this preseason with knee injuries, bu mccarthy calls nelson a full go as game-week preps and practice begin. nelson resumed practicing in full about a week ago after his left knee setback early in training camp. sounds grt and for all the pack's receivers, for week one. there's still four weeks of baseball left. and the brewers may not be playoff bound, but they'd love to spoil the end of summeror the bs. chicago's holidatrip to milwaugot off to a great start - for the home team. chris carter's home run binge continues - and he's up to 33 homers on the season. near the end of this one, ryan braun padded his home run totals too... his 25th of the year. but those two homers were all
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in between it was all chicago. chicago.7-to-2 in the opener of this three game set. the brewers need three more wins to avoid a one-hundred loss season, and they've got four week to get there. feeling good about that one. that big badgers win wouldn't have been possible without the brazilian kicker rafael gaglianone. e badrs kicker coolly drilled a 4yarder in the final minutes, one of three field goals for the newly-named big ten special teams player of the week. the other two field goals, 30 48 yards, and rafael was perfect on the day. paul chryst reflects on the post-euphoria of that win at lambeau. 3 3 chryst: a good win versus a really good team. what i'm also excited about is that there are a lot of areas where we can get better and need to get better to be the best team that we can be. that's the challenge you have every week is how can you prepare and take full advantage of the opportunity you get to play a
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drew is back with a final check of the forecast small craft advisoro and sheboygan counties. look for high wind, waves, and rip currents.tonight: warm and humid. winds: sw 15-25 mph. tuesday: hot and and humid with lowss around 74. winds: sw 5-10 mph.this week: scattered showers and storms arrive on wednesday and into early thursday morning. highs for both wednesday and thursday will be in the 80s. more rain and storms possible for friday with cooler highs in the 70s.upcoming weekend: clearing for the weekend with highs in the 70s.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> quijano: the sprint to the finish. reaching out to african-americans. >> why wouldn't they vote for me. >> quijano: while clinton invites the press on to her new plane. >> i'm so happy to have all of you with me. i have been just waiting for >> quijano: also tonight hermine ruins labor day weekend for millions. >> no ocean for us. >> quijano: a young boy's murder may be solved, but why did it take 27 years. and going up, life without limits. >> what does it feel like when you got to the top? >> it felt really cool. just like i was flying or


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