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tv   CBS 58 News at 500pm  CBS  September 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:29pm CDT

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3 new tonight....a troubling report about the death of an inmate at the milwaukee county . 58 extensively covered the death of terrill thomas, he's the man accused of firing a gun inside the potawatomi casino. since april, we have been awaiting the results of his autopsy. today we heard from the medical examiner and the cause of thomas' death raises some serious questions. 58's david ade is live at the county jail with the story....david? the medical examiners office is calling terrill thomas' death a homicide and says the cause is dehydration. today i spoke with thomas' family over the phone. "right now we're angry... we're very very angry."today terrill thomas' family learning more about how the 38 year old died in the milwaukee
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is anybody being charged? our family has been given little to know information since the date of his death."in a report released by the milwaukee county medical examiner's office it shows thomas was kept in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day in a cell that was "almost completely empty" because of thomas' "destructive behavior"the report also shows thomas' mother was suspicous of a cover-up and asked for a second autopsy.tonight thomas' family want people held accountable."th care... who were responsible for making sure he had water... who was responsible for checking on him. and ultimately the sheriff because that building is under him. he has authority over it." going forward thomas' family wants to know their loss will spark some type of policy change at the jail. "we lost one of our core members to this incident. our family is devastated... we are heartbroken. so what can we do to prevent another family from having an incident like this? that's our only
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the milwaukee county sheriff's office says they will not comment until all investigations are complete. the milwaukee police department confirms they are still investigating thomas' in downtown milwauke david ade cbs 58 news. also new at five, word that the son of milwaukee county's medical examiner has died of a possible drug overdose. 58's jacob kittilstad joins us live with more on that story...jacob? according to a report from the medical examiners report - a friend called in the overdose report on monday... emergencies responders delivered narcan but it did not work.that man who died - adam peterson - was just 29-years-old. now i've reached out to people who know or work with the medical examiner and this is all shocking to those i spoke to because many people know the medical examiners office as the place that provides a lot of information
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community...and for the medical examiner's son to die of probable overdose - that serves as an example of how addiction ?and opioid dependency? can cut through demographics... age... and race.> one local group that runs group homes for men in recovery - known as god touch milwaukee - says - unfortunately...this story is not a rare one.> a report recently showed there were 71 overdose deaths in milwaukee county in the last seven weeks. > > marty calderon / god touch milwaukee> 4;12;11> "by no means are we getting use dying because of this drug - but being in the position that i am i get it from all angles. right now i'm working with a young lady who could have been the number 13 on the weekend where all these people died of the heroin overdoses. she's in the hospital right now." > brian peterson...> the milwaukee county medical examiner...> is not commenting on the situation at this time. > live in milwaukee...jacob
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two crashes involving school buses and investigators are still trying to make sense of i. it. milwaukee police say this bus was empty when it collided with two other vehicles this morning near 64th and villard. two people were hurt, including the bus driver....they were taken to a hospital but the injuries were described by police as minor. 3 and three people were hurt in the town of okauchee when a school bus and a car crashed at about 7-30 this morning. this was the scene at bayshore circle and lake drive. they're all ok. injuries to the two drivers were described as not life-threatening. very pleasant conditions on this mid-september day. drew is is getting us ready for what's ahead tonight...drew? toss to drew
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toss to drew
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3 which road projects will get attention first, and which ones will have to wait in wisconsin?the governor outlined his proposed transportation budget today, and not everyone's happy with it. 3 many drivers will be pleased to hear the budget includes ?no? increase in the state gas tax or vehicle interchange project here in milwaukee county, the governor says the "core" of the project will be completed during the upcoming budget....but the north leg of the project is ?not? included in the current will have to be approved later. later.this budget would delay some work on i-94 in racine 58's jocelyne pruna has been getting reaction to the spending plan and joins us live....jocelyne? 3
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interchange that's already started ?will continue..south of milwaukee that's not the case..racine county is seeing some project delays. county executive jonathan delagrave says it will affect the i-94 corridor in racine county. he says it could affect potential businesses to move into their county who may be looking for easy on and off access from the interstate. at the local level delagrave says they'll be getting more money for roads, bridges and potentially culverts.the racine county's public works department listed som biggest impacts they will notice with this budget are those projects that were scheduled to be completed by 20-21. 21.such as the seven mile road interchange, the highway k interchange, parts of the mainline hwy 20 interchange... there are supposed to be 4 lanes of through traffic along the mainline i-94 through racine county, but they only have 3. "there are some aspects of the transportation that are good for racine county but the big issue with i-94 is a disappointment because that
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long-term economic development plan that we had wanted to put in place." 3 delagrave hopes to work with legislators and the governor to show them how important this is to their county and see if it can somehow be added to the budget before it's finalized. live from interstate 94, jocelyne pruna, cbs58news. governor scott walker answered questions today about a report in a british-based newspaper that suggested "pay t politics involving companies that 'once made' lead paint. paint. as cbs 58 reported yesterday, the guardian report cited documents leaked from a now-closed john doe investigation into the walker recall campaign several years ago.when asked about the report today, walker called it "old news" and pointed to the results of the investigation. "if there was actions that they thought violated the law, they would have acted on it. it's not just one court, multiple courts have said that. people who failed to win
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chosen to leak bits and portions of things to try and win in the court of public opinion without giving people full perspective. 3 today wisconsin attorney general brad schimel tweeted this message about the guardian report..."currently reviewing available options to address serious legal questions raised by the leak and publication of these sealed documents." 3 we've been telling you all week about the discovery of advanced credit card skimmers at some local g as pumps. tonight we can report an arre surveillance video in elm grove showed two guys tampering with a pump at the jilly's station on bluemound road.. they installed a box that helps them lift debit and credit card information.after seeing this, elm grove police placed an alarm on the pump. the pair came back yesterday to retrieve the skimmer only to find it had been removed.a worker scared them off and brookfield police later caught up with them for the arrest. milwaukee county's boerner botanical gardens will soon 'light up' like you've never
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before.artisans from the other side of the world are putting together the "china lights" display, which will run through the entire month of october. they've been at it for a couple of weeks already and gave us an early peek at their progress. even at this early stage, it's pretty spectacular. "there are 38 in total huge sets of lanterns and one of them being the dragon over here and it's six school buses long. some lanterns might be smaller but they're equally beautiful, yeah." yeah." the lantern has a long cultural history in china, and these artisans are helping to bring that culture to the rest of the world.the china lights display opens on october first. 3 -nats-"did you burn that house!?" "no sir." sir."ahead at five, the trial of a milwaukee man for a deadly fire is now in the hands of the jury. we'll take you live to the courthouse when we come back. 3 and a bold and shocking jewelry store robbery is caught on video....we'll tell
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breaking news from midtown manhattan in new york city. an nypd officer was attacked by someone with a meat cleaver thethis afternoon.this is a live look at the scene. the suspect was immediately shot after the attack..and his condition is uknown at this time... the officer who was taken to the hospital. 3 it's back to the campaign trail for democrat hillary clin "welcome back to stronger together." "how are you doing?" "i am, i am doing great, thank you so much." much." the democratic nominee talked with reporters on her first day of campaigning since she took time off to recover from pneumonia. she was last seen sunday at a 9/11 observance, where at one point she lost her balance.her return comes as the presidential race tightens. the latest cbs news poll shows clinton with just a two-point lead over donald trump in a four-way race with
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3 the trial of michael morgan is almost over. the man charged with setting a fire that killed two children at the home of his ex-wife, took the witness stand again today, before closing arguments were to be presented. presented. cbs 58's lindsey branwall has been covering the trial all week and she joins us live from the courthouse...lindsey. the jury is deliberating on the 9 charges michael morgan rt and all afternoon the jury heard closing arguments.jury heard closing arguments.and things got heated "nine year old kevin little. that's who he wants you to think ....did you burn that house down?no" no"this morning started with michael morgan finished his testimony on the stand. during closing arguments: the prosecutor's final words were
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tactic.the defense pointed out there's no evidence that put at the crime scenethroughout the trial, the gallery has been full. the family of the two children that died in the fire have listened to every witnesstoday we spoke with the parents of tae'najah morgan. they say they miss their smart, happy two year old that loved to take selfies. lakeashah morgantae'najah's motherit's been a real rough year for me real rough. i mean like i said i'm heartbroken. i'm not myself anymore i just got to find a way to get back much and i carry her everywhere i go24 seconds everywhere i gocarry her everywhere i go24 seconds michael morgan's michael morgan's parents did not want to comment on camera. the jury is (whatever's happening ...still deliberating/has been
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news. everything seemed normal at a jewelry store in an upscale shopping mall in houston texas. an employee was helping a customer try on jewelry when suddenly everything changed. changed.four men dressed in black stormed the store using hammers to smash glass display cases and windows. a surveillance camera shows them grabbing as much jewelry as they could as everybody else scattered. they were gonss than a minute after they showed up, getting away jewelry worth millions of dollars. law enforcement experts say these men may be part of a gang, targeting high-end stores around the coun. country. how do you feel about the place where you work?the milwaukee business journal released a list of the 44 best
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among the biggest companies, the winners include aurora health care, la causa incorporated and marquette univ. university.the next largest group of companies include the milwaukee bucks, divine savior holy angels high school and pyra max bank of greenfield. greenfield.and among the smallest companies on the best workplace list are 88.9 radio milwaukee, the lamacchia group interior designers and c-c-b technology of racine. 3 tonight on the cbs 58 news after the game -- 3 drawing people off the freeway for decades...come to mars cheese castle for a slice of america's dairyland!now, that mecca for cheese lovers has announced plans for a huge expansion. evan kruegel takes us to kenosha to find out all about for his report tonight on the cbs 58 news after thursday night football. 3 3
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3 3 3 -nats-"she can also go all the way up on one foot...very good, beautiful." tiny dancers joined the real thing as the milwaukee ballet read to milwaukee kids and then encouraged them to give it a whirl.this is a chance for members of the dance company to connect with the community.after some books, there was a chance to show some moves and the costumes they up close look most don't get to enjoy..a delightful morning for the kids and dancers alike. "a lot of our dancers in
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lot of experience doing this so when they first start out they're kind of shy. and then by the end of the year they've just grown so much as people and teachers and the connection they make with the community and it really impacts them and the community which is awesome. awesome. the milwaukee ballet held story time sessions today at two different libraries.. as part of a community outreach program that's been going on for some 15 years. football means football means injuries... and the packers ?and? badgers with a couple concerning ones. 3... ... but we see about the status of sam shields ahead of
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russ feingold: so, what do you girls want to be
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russ feingold: do you think you should be paid the same as boys? girl 1: definitely. girl 2: yep! russ feingold: well, i raised my two girls right here, and they agree with you - and so do i. unfortunately, in wisconsin, a lot of women make less than men doing the same job. i'll work for equal pay for women, and for paid leave so parents can care for a sick family member. discrimination against any women is flat out wrong. what you think of that? girls: good call! feingold: i'm russ feingold
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the packers dealing with an unhealthy set of corenrbacks... sam shields going through concussion protocol and josh hawkins dealing with a hamstring. hamstring.that leaves three healthy corenrbacks for the packers game against minnesota this week. it's a defense that gave up 300 yards passing to jacksonville last sunday. before practice today... coach mike mccarthy talking about why the vikings defense is so good.... they scored two touchdowns last week in their win versus tennessee. this is a young number of years. when players get a chance to play 2-3 years together, it's the equivalent of playing 5-7 years a decade or two of playing 5-7 years a decade or two ago. no matter how good this vikings defense is or has been under coach mike zimmer... he knows one thing, the packers still have number 12. aaron rodgers showing last week why many consider him the best quarterback in the nfl with some awesome touchdown passes.
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defending division champs after beating green bay at lambeau field last year, zimmer knows what he's up against. he's got great vision, he's smart. he's a competitior. he's got an unbelieveable arm, can throw the ball from anywhere anyplace. and when h starts scrambling he can throw that sucker deep. the ninth-ranked badger football team preparing for their matchup with georgia state on saturday--but they're doing it with some ailing players, including senior running back corey he's now listed as questionable with a leg injury. he tweaked his ankle during the akron game last week and missed the entire second half. if cleemnt can't go...that would mean senior and milwaukee native dare ogunbowale would start. paul chryst talking about clement's status after practicing earlier this week. he was able to do some stuff on monday but hasn't done a lot since. that's why we don't know going into thursday's practice so that's why we don't know. if guys can play, they're gonna play. we need to pay them. they work too hard
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play them. the chicago cubs with a chance to clinch the national league central tonight... so the brewers sending jimmy nelson to help spoil the party. nelson though... he's got a national league-worst 14 losses and he's 2-8 in his last 10 decisions. mike mongomery will pitch for the cubs. 7:10 the start from wrigley field and don't forget... thursday
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by cbs >> pelley: she's back. ? i feel good ? >> pelley: hillary clinton returns to the trail as the race tightens to a tie. also tonight, the death of a muslim recruit. the the marines call it sued. knows why. >> all evidence that have been provided so far indicate that his religion may have had a major role. >> pelley: a desperate call to 911 from the home of an alleged killer. >> pelley: and the wrigley field of dreams transplanted. >> see how my grass is doing


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