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tv   CBS 58 News at 4pm  CBS  September 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm CDT

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we begin at four with breaking news...the department of justice is finished with its investigation into the death of syville smith...the man shot by a milwaukee police officer. the shooting was followed with days of unrest and violence in the sherman park neighborhood. police say smith was running from a traffic stop when he pulled a gun on a milwaukee police officer...who then shot and killed him. unrest followed with businesses burned and others damaged. the d-o-j is now handing their findings over to the district attorney's office which will ultimately decide if charges should be brought against the officer. the d-o-j also saying today they will release the details of their investigation...including the video evidence once a decision on charges has been made. 3
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released a statement confirming that it received the investigative file and that.. "our office will begin the review of this matter, conduct any follow up investigation we deem appropriate and necessary, and consult with the family of mr. smith, in order to make a decision as soon as practicable." 3 look for more coverage of this breaking news coming up on the news at five, nine and ten as well as on our website cbs 58 dot com. now to our top story...a death at the milwaukee county jail is now raising questions about treatment of inmates at that fa. facility.the medical examiner's office determined yesterday 38-year-old terril thomas died of dehydration. thomas, who suffers from mental illness was being held in solitary confinement. 58's april dovorany spoke to a mental health expert today...she joins us now live with
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terrill thomas was in jail just 9 days before he died...with a report from the medical examiners office saying items were being withheld from him because of his behavior. his family says he had long suffered from mental illness-and that me report shows he had been diagnosed with manic type bipolar disorder. thomas was placed in solitary confinement, reportedly in a nearly empty room with no blankets, mattress and the water shut off to his toilet. when correction officers found him he was lying naked on hicell floor...a behavior they said was common. but this time he was found unresponsive and after life saving measures dehydration. a death peter hoeffel with the national alliance on mental illness says was totally preventable. "i think that if the person was being monitored, assessed properly and given access to medication, i mean the water not being shut off-to become dehydrated in a facility where there's people watching you, to the point of dying, yeah it could have been prevented i think anyone would say that." 3
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director of legal aid milwaukee- to find out if this practice of withholding items from prisoners is common. live in mke ad cbs 58 news. a person was found dead inside a burning truck in kenosha county this morning. of wheatland firefighters were called just before eight this morning for a car fire in the parking lot of a business. they learned on their way to the scene there was someone inside the truck. bystanders tried to get them out. when crews got on scene...they say the car was engulfed in flames. 3 suspicious death just because of the fact that it was parked in a parking lot and we're in the early stages of the investgation we're not releasing any information on the person that was in the car. q: but you know who it is?a: we're not sure." sure." investigators not saying much else about the cause of the fire...they say they'll release more information in the coming days. cbs 58 with the only tv news
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jury verdict is read in the arson fire that killed two chil. children."as to count 7 we the jury find the defendent michael morgan guilty of first degree reckless homicide in the manner of form he was charged regarding the death of kevin little" little" michael morgan convicted on all counts with the exception of criminal damage to property. morgan denied setting fire to his estranged wife's home... killing his 10 year old step son kevin little and his niece..2-year-old tae'najah morgan. sentencing is scheduled for next month. new today at four --- milwakuee police say two armed men robbed a clothing store on the city's south side yesterday.'s a look a the suspects. police say it was around one in the afternoon the suspects rushed into the store on 32nd and burnham. one of the men is seen wearing a ski mask holding a gun. another with his hood pulled up over his face. the men took money from an employee...and got into a getaway car waiting outside. that's described as a silver honda civic...with a rear spoiler.
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police also want help identifying this woman. they say she kept a lookout during a burglary last friday. around 2:15 in the afternoon a man kicked down the door of home near 87th and mill. this woman kept watch outside. the pair then took off in a dark colored ford fusion. if you recognize her or could help 414-935-7241. a 45-year-old man is expected to recover after being hit by a car overnight...but the search is now on for the driver. atkinson and capitol. the man, who had reportedly been drinking was trying to cross the street...when a car hit him...and then took off. when police arrived the man was unresponsive...he was taken to the hospital. and is expected to live. police say they're looking for a maroon or red four door car. chief meterolgist drew burgoyne joins us now to
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3 3 a traffic alert to pass along this afternoo.. warning ofdelays in excess of five miles on i-43 southbound. this is because of a crash earlier...that's since been cleared. the delays extend from silver spring drive to south of the marquette interchange. the
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in the wake of a report showing tens of thousands of properties in milwaukee have lead pipes that supply drinking water to homes...the city formed a new task force to keep the public informed about the safety of drinking water. they met for the first time 58's julie parise has more. 3 today was the first meeting of the water quality task force. the group discussed how to manage lead in water service lines and indoor plumbing. plumbing. mostly informational. headed up by alderman jim bohl, the committee also includes includes two other council members and representatives from the milwaukee water works, the department of public works, the milwaukee health department, and a medical professional.there was discussion about how to perform water testing and water filtration systems for residents.alderman bohl said he doesn't want to water concerns to cause fear for people living here -- but he does want everyone to be inform. of the things i think this body has to convey is an education and an accurate, proper education
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problem is... i'm not trying to draw alarm cause we find it food, we find it in soil, we find it in dust in our homes. homes.the committee said looking at children for lead testing is a priority and they encourage parents to do so. this committee will meet regularly moving forward. reporting in milwaukee jp cbs 58reporting in moving forward. meet regularly moving forward. reporting in milwaukee jp cbs 58 3 coming up --- it's new venue...we'll tell you about "rock the green" after the break. 3 plus --- chief meterolgist drew burgoyne will return with your full readycast...stay
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they provide healthcare and now food for the hungry.. hungry..molina healthcare passed out five tons of free groceries in racine today. their focus was on folks living with a disability or trying to cope with an economic straing.this site just one of many mobile food pantries for molina healthcare. "difficult for me, meeting my ends all the way through the end of the month all the time, so this is a great pickup for me and i hope everybody that is in need like me will take
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opportunities." molina workers also fit in some help and information about good nutrition so there's a lasting impact on those they meet today. it's a festival dedicated to raising awareness about sustain. sustainability...and they do it with the power of music. the third annual "rock the green" festival is tomorrow in milwaukee. they're setting up at reed street yards this year near the harley museum. we got a sneak peek at the preperations this afternoon. the entire festival is run on green and no plastic bottles sold on site. instead everyone will get a refillable aluminum water bottle when the arrive. "with the mission of rock the green we always go back to our sustainability and the importance of if everybody just pitches in a little bit collectively we'll all have one big impact." impact." organizers say the average festival attendee creates 16 ounces of waste. the goal of
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down to one ounce per attendee. the festival starts tomorrow at one...and goes until eleven at night. we've got a full list of performers on our website cbs 58 dot com. 3 local artists creating magnificent works of art from their civil war era home in waukehsa county... county...i have always thought that kind of what we do is a historical thing becuas eit is a hand crafted item - pretty unusual in this day and age - our methods are the same methods from many many years ago ago this weekend on cbs 58 sunday morning - we travel to the tiny community of monches to showcase a husband and wife team of artists who've been producing stained glass and sand-carved creations for they've stayed in business..and loving pracitically every minute of it.. nats - it's the most amazing
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life. it works. 3 you can watch the entire story plus much more on cbs 58 sunday morning with mike strehlow... that's at 7-am just ahead of cbs sunday morning from new york...we hope you'll join us 3 the i-phone seven officially on sale today...people lined up at the at and t store in greenfield this morning to be some of the first to get their . phones.but be warned if you didn't pre-order...the more expensive seven plus is already seven in jet can order all models online. you'll just have to wait. other retailers and wireless carriers may have them in stock. like this a-t and t... "a lot of buzz and excitement around the great new features that are on the iphone 7 this is just a fine time, the excitement of the customers makes this day very enjoyable." enjoyable." the new phone...comes with wireless upgraded camera and it's water
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a warning now to stay away from another new cell phone. the consumer product safety commission is wants samsung galaxy note seven users --- to ?turn them off immediately?. cbs' kris van cleave has more. natsas this demonstration shows, even a small lithium ion battery can cause blistering flames if it malfunctions.the government's consumer watchdog calls the samsung galaxy note seven phone a "serious fire hazard." samsung's es thursday."we did not meet the standard of excellence that you expect and deserve. for that, we apologize."the f-a-a says the ?only way to fly? with the phone is by turning it off -- keeping it unplugged on board... and out of checked baggage. "i've never seen a single product singled out like this as "do not turn this phone on a plane, we strongly suggest this. if we're an airline were not going to let you use this phone on our plane."dan
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fumbled... and strung out a crucial recall. "the whole recall process really took longer than anybody thought because samsung kind of tried to do it kind of by themselves at first."elliot kaye with the consumer product safety commission agrees.he said samsung should have brought in ?the government? right away to handle the recall. recall. "it's not a recipe for a successful recall, for a company to go out on its own. 97-percent of the million or so phones sold in the u.s. have the defective battery. so far, about 130-thousand have been retd exchange for fixed device. there are reports the cpsc is looking into other samsung devices that have had reports of fires.kris van cleave, cbs news, bethesda, md. 3 your full readycast with chief meterolgist drew burgoyne is
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3 they'll be making a big splash in milwaukee this weekend how you can see olympic rowers up
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close to a thousand rowers from college, high school, rowing clubs and olympians from rio in town this weekend for the 16th annual "milwaukee river challenge".alyssa remington, race director alyssa remington, race director joins us live in
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we've got more information about the river keeper challenge on our website cbs 58 dot com.
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mike strehlow joins us live from the newsroom now with a look ahead to an all new story coming up tonight on the news at five...mike. bill, we've got new information about katie ann blanchard...the army leiutenant who once lived in fond du lac. blanchard was working at a health center at fort leavenworth in kansas when she was attacked by an employee she used to supervise. police say the 54-year-old man doused blanchard with gasoline, set her on fire and tried stabbed her with a scissors. witnesses say blanchard had expressed some fear of this guy before. the story has touched a lot of people around the country who've sent in more than 43- thousand dollars to a gofundme page. lt. blanchard's road to recovery is long one. we spoke with blanchard's sister today about the recovery...hear what she had to say coming up on the cbs 58 news at five. 3
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firefighers personal belongings ?stolen? right out of the fire house while they were out on a call... 3 and --- a man is now charged with shooting his girlfriend's son with a shotgun...after arguing about loud music....a live report is ahead. 3 we've got much more news and weather headlines...coming up as the cbs 58 news at four
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thanks for looking in --- a 61-year-old man has been charged in the shooting death of his girlfriend's son. son. police say jessie james was arguing with the 21-year- old about loud music...before killing him with shotgun. 58's marshanna hester joins us live now with more...marshanna. bill and michele-- it's been four days since that apartment
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today-- we learned why the suspect pulled the trigger... he said he was being disrespected in his own house. 61-year-old jessie james appeared in court on the first degree reckless homicide charge this afternoon.court documents show the victim -- 21-year-old mannix franklin junior -- had recently been living with his mom and james. james.investigators say franklin and his mother got into a heated argument when james told stop talking back.ignoring him-- the victim put on loud music, refused to quiet down and leave.james told police he got so angry that franklin kept pushing his buttons-- that he loaded his shotgun with one shell and shot the man. man.when determing bail-- his attorney argued james doesn't have a lenghtly criminal record. "i do not belive he is a flight risk that he would not return to court. he's had no
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justice system in the last 13 y" years." but given the serious charge-- the court commissioner set a 100-thousand dollar cash bail, gps monitoring and a no contact order with his girlfriend.coming up at 5-- why james could get more prison time for the weapon he in downtown milwaukee, mh cbs 58 news. a milwaukee fire station is broken into while firefighters are out on a call.the thieves stole personal belongings - but left all of the city's equipment alone. 58's evan kruegel joins us now live with new details...evan? police tell us firefighters were sent out on a call early yesterday morning - when they returned - someone had broken through a window here at fire
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that includes a firefighter's cell phone - and a lap-top. police say the thieves did not steal any firefighting gear or city equipment. police believe multiple suspects entered the building by cutting through a screen on a window that was left open as firefighters left for that - police tell us they're looking into the possibility that someone placed a fake call - to lure firefighters away from the building - allowing the suspects to break-in. crimes like this are not uncommon at fire stations around the country... we'll have more on that coming up at 5.for now, live on milwaukee's north-side - ekcbs58news. 3 two men now charged with five counts of attempted idenfity theft -- after a skimming device was found at a local gas station.josue garcia money and richard rivera garcia, both of miami, were in a waukesha county court today. police suspect them of putting a device that steals your
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information at at least two different gas stations.the two face up to 15 years in jail if convicted. 3 3 3 3 3 and thursday.arrive wednesday and storm chances before more
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and storm chances arrive wednesday and thursday. 3 we are continuing to follow a traffic alert this afternoon...the d-o-t is warning of delays in excess of
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this is because of a crash earlier...that's since been cleared. the delays extend from silver spring drive to south of the marquette interchange. the d-o-t is advising drviers to take another route. a man involved in a robbery...which led to a fatal officer involved shooting was in plea hearing. gregory rounds' accomplice shot at officers with a gun bought in an illegal straw purchase. cbs 58's kyle aevermann has more from the milwaukee county courthouse. facing charges of felony murder and bail jumping gregory rounds was in court for about 10 minutes for his plea hearing this morning. how do you plead? guilty. guilty. as you heard rounds pleaded guilty. and could face a maximum sentence of 55 years
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police say gregory rounds and burt johnson were behind an armed robbery and officer-involved shooting at an o-reilly auto parts back in may. it happenened at the store on 76th and mill road. burt johnson, rounds' accomplice, was killed by police during the robbery after he fired his gun at the officers.johnson's girlfriend, la toya james, was the one who purchased the gun used during the robbery.johnson told james which guns to buy.a week after purchasing the guns she gave them to her boyfriend. boyfriend.rounds will be sentencing 3 cbs 58 is re-airing our special presentation about gun violence in milwaukee.hear from families who have lost children in gun violence and lawmakers trying to find a fix for the problem. "milwaukee at a crossroads" re-airs tonight at seven on w-m-l-w the "m". 3 president obama is stepping up efforts to prevent opioid drug
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this summer... 3 and encouraging news ahead in your health watch...more children are surviving childhood cancer. 3 but first --- we're looking ahead to a huge fundraising event for children's hospital of wisconsin...briggs and al's walk and run. some live guests in studio next to tell us all about it. ?including? a young patient who benefits from the event...that's coming up after
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we are looking ahead thi afternoon to one of the largest fundraising efforts for children's hospital of wisconsin. the briggs and al's run and walk is tomorrow. i'm joined in studio this afternoon by meg bryzski nelson, of children's hospital foundation. matt peoppel of briggs and stratton and lakelyn, one of children's lakelyn, one of and stratton
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of children's champions.
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register for the briggs and al's run and walk. it starts tomorrow at 10:30 near 12th and wisconsin. we've got all the details on our website cbs 58 dot com. meg, matt, lakelyn thank you for joining us. 3 in today's health watch -- opioid overdose deaths have become a milwaukee county. just yesterday we learned the milwaukee county medical examiner, brian peterson's son had died from a possible overdose. now preesident obama is pushing a new plan to fight the deadly heroin and opioid addiction affecting so many families. cbs' hena daniels has more. natswith the heroin and opioid epidemic killing almost 100 americans every day... the obama administration is now renewing its strategy to fight the public health crisis. the
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reportedly call for law enforcement to:-identify links between over-prescribing doctors ?and? distribution networks across the country. -prosecutors are being urged to more readily share information across state lines. attorney general loretta lynch told usa today: "there is no one magic bullet for this." president obama's plan comes as opioid deaths, whether caused by pain pills or heroin, jumped 372-percent from 2000 to 2014. west virginia, new mexico, new hampshire, kentucky, and ohio had america's five deadliest rates.the president spoke about the epidemic during a heroin summit in march:the only way that we reduce demand is if we provide treatment and treat this as a health problem, not just a criminal problem.according to usa today, the justice department directive will be sent to all 94 u.s. attorney offices next week.hena daniels cbs news.
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the chances of surviving childhood cancer are improving. from 1999 to 2014 there was a 20 percent drop in cancer deaths among children and adolescents. the study also found that leukemia is no longer the leading cause of cancer deaths in children and young people.three out of ten cancer deaths are now from brain cancer. "the progress has lagged behind in brain tumors. we have to redouble our efforts to really improve the outcome for those children" children" the study found cancer deaths remain more likely among boys. with rates 30 percent higher than girls. 3 a female hormone may protect women from the worst effects of the flu. researchers from johns hopkins also found that the hormoe "progesterone" appeared to reduce inflammation and help repair damaged lung cells. progesterone is found in most forms of hormone-based birth control. 3 the f-d-a has sent out warning letters to 55 retailers for selling tobacco products like e-cigarettes to minors. about
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enforcing new federal regulations making it illegal to sell the products to anyone under 18. 3 your full readycast with chief meterolgist drew burgoyne is next...stay tuned. 3
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narrator: listen to ron johnson on social security: johnson: social security is a legal ponzi scheme. narrator: as senator, johnson's been working to turn it into one. he wants to privatize social security putting benefits at risk. and he attacks medicare -- would turn it into a voucher program, costing seniors thousands out-of-pocket. don't let ron johnson turn social security into a johnson: ponzi scheme. narrator: senator johnson. not for seniors.
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and thursday.arrive wednesday and storm chances before more
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and storm chances arrive wednesday and thursday.
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3 we are continuing to follow a traffic alert this afternoon...the d-o-t is warning of delays in excess of five miles on i-43 southbound. this is because of a crash earlier...that's since been cleared. the delays extend from silver spring drive to south of the marquette interchange. the d-o-t another route.
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the finalists for this year's toy hall of h announced --- on that list...everybody's favorite packing material. that story after the break.
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if you love to play with bubble wrap -- then you'll be thrilled to know it's in the running to be inducted into the national ?toy? hall of fame. the "strong national museum of play" announced this year's finalists. which also includes: pinball, rock 'em sock 'em robots and dungeons and dragons just to name a
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wrap in 19-57 trying to make wallpaper. but they soon found it was great for packing... and a lot of fun to pop. we've got the full list of 20- 16 finalists listed on our wesbite cbs 58 dot com under the newslinks section. the inductees will be announced in
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breaking news tonight related to the officer involved shooting that killed sylville smith in milwaukee last month. the state justice department says it has completed its investigation of the shooting evidence to milwaukee county district attorney john chisholm. he will then decide on criminal charges. the doj did not share it's conclusion and said no audio, video or photo evidence would be made public at this time. 3 information and answers are critical after the shooting at 44th and auer was followed by a weekend of fires and looting in the sherman park neighborhood. that unrest led to the early closing of the park and a curfew for teenagers. teenagers.the d-a's office
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"office will begin the review of this matter, conduct any follow up investigation we deem appropriate and necessary, and consult with the family of mr. smith, in order to make a decision as soon as practicable."watch for more on this breaking story tonight on our news at nine on wmlw "the m" and on the cbs 58 news at ten. 3 the latest now on a developing story, the dehydration death of an inmate at the milwaukee county jail. jail.many questions linger after thursday's ruling that the inmate was a vicof homicide.38-year old ter-rell' thomas was in the jail's solitary confinement unit at the time of his death...and we're told he suffered from mental illness. was he getting the proper treatment? county officials are saying little so 58's april dovorany has been talking with experts and she joins us live with a report...april? the medical examiners report says terrill thomas died of "profound dehydration" and said he suffered from manic-type bipolar disorder.
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theres nothing tying those two things together. 944 dismayed that this could happened in a system where on paper, theres the staff and procedures for this to not happen. its an obvious human failing at some point to pay attnetion to someone in distress.terrill thomas was in solitary confinement because of the crime he committed back in aprilfiring shots at potowatomi casino. but in the medical examiners report-it says-that was also due to his beha executive dir of nami greater milwaukee says-should have been an indictation that thomas was dealing with severe metnal health issues. (sot peter hoefffel/exec. dir nami greater milwaukee) 4435 putting someone with mental health issues in soliatry confinement is torture.the medical examiner found thomas unresponsive9 days afte r arrving at the county jail. he was naked on the floor of his cell-which correctional officers described as "normal behavior."sot peter koneazny/legal director legal aid milwaukee1457 its not normal for somonee to be naked in their cell..if someone is naked in their cell the co should be contacting physciatric staff... so they can tend to it. also noted by


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