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tv   CBS 58 News at 10pm  CBS  September 21, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CDT

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we start with breaking news tonight -- an infant found dead in west allis.the milwaukee county medical examiner called out to a home near 84th and orchard around six tonight.police emphasizing there is no danger to the public.but they're not releasing the circumstances or what kind of injury the baby suffered.a neighbor tells us she could hear screaming, but knows in updates throughout the night, on our morning news and on the web at cbs-58-dot com. an update now on a story we broke at four..a 9-year-old milwaukee boy is in the hospital after an accidental shooting inside his home... home...according to the family - the shooter - is the boys younger brother.cbs58s evan kruegel live outside childrens hospital more on this developing story.. 3 family members tell me that boy is alive but in serious
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was shot in the back by his six year old brother 3 it was just before 4:00 - when neighbors say a single shot went off inside this home off 20th and hadley. within minutes - police were on scene - rushing a 9-year-old boy to the hospital.:20:36just shock and then my feelings is real hurt cause it's sad when a kid gets hurt. according to family, the 6-year-old found a gun somewhere inside the home - and accidentally shot brother in the remains unclear how the boy got his hands on a loaded 6:30 - police led a woman out of the home in handcuffs. they did not tell us her connection to the incident. family members tell us the boy lives with his mother - and a step father.:20:44it's sad when a kid goes in his momma's property or fathers property and get a gun and play with it. you know guns is not even safe especially if they know how to take the safety off, a 6-year-old shouldn't even know how to remove the safety on a gun. so apparently the gun wasn't on safety
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was able to get his hands on that gun. live outside childrens.. ekcbs58news. 3 a young boy was taken to children's hospital this afternoon.. after becoming wedeged between a bunk bed and a happened at a home near 101st and jonen in milwaukee.a cousin tells us the boy was trying to get off the bunk bend when he fell.the boy stopped breathing, but medics were able police say the child has serious injuries. 3 3 happening now --a man shot and battling to survive. here's a live picture from charlotte, north carolina... where officials say gunfire rang out during a protest. at first, the city first said the victim died.. but now says he's in critical condition..police say he was ?not? shot by them. after the shooting... protesters began throwing bottles at police officers. police fired flash grenades
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night... after a black man was shot dead by police.police say the man had a gun... but his family says he was holding a book. police looking for a man who they say robbed a gas station in waukesha late last night. night.take a look at this photo.... it shows a man with a red bandana over his face. police say he entered the p-d-q gas station on south west avenue and les paul and demanded money.the clerk complied and handed over the cash.if you recognize him... contact waukesha police. 3 police in franklin are hoping you can identify this man who they say robbed the north shore bank on 76th and rawson on monday.they say he took an undetermined about of money from the bank can see he's wearing a striped shirt, red coat, and white basketball cap.if you have any
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414-425-2522. 3 beans and barley says it was a known shoplifter who broke windows to get inside the restaurant early this morning. a neighbor saw the commotion and called police around six this morning.responding officers found the 57 year old man inside with some stolen owner with the eastside cafe and market tells us the suspect is a known panhandler who's tried to steal from them before. 3 milwaukee police are asking for help in identifying two armed robbery suspects. surveilliance video from the domino's pizza on oakland avenue near u-w milwaukee's campus shows the duo.the robbery happened just after midnight last tuesday.from the video you can see the men take cash from the register then leave.if you know anything, contact milwaukee police. a new mural on milwaukee's east side is causing depicts an african-american man in an orange prison jumpsuit.
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hester is here to explain the mixed emotions arising from the artwork. the artist wanted to raise awareness about the huge disparity of mass incarceration of black men in our community...but others see it as a symbol of continued oppression, exploiting an already marginalized i took the issue right to the source-- inside the house of correction-- to hear what inmates think... 3 "28.18 it doesn't mean its over when i see orange. i see those words coming from a man who sees himself in this mural... a mural i showed him on my phone inside prison walls.38-year-old andre hudson says he's been incarcerated on and off for 16 years. "29.51 i made mistakes my whole life always blaming society for certain things. now it's a different outlook on life for me."the artwork is part of a
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arts destination on the east side.dennis walton compares the emotional controversy to what's going on with colin kapernick."7.58 captivating people's attention in a way you wouldn't expect."he says emotions may be strong-- but the focus should be on finding solutions.walton works with men who are incarcerated through the milwaukee fatherhood initiative..a 13-week workshop at the house of correction helps inmates become better fathers... 17.33 we know that if you're a stronger father or a better father you're going to a stronger community. 17.39 andre is one 25 inmates now graduating from the nurturing fathers program... ready to use the tools he's learned with his four children... "30.46 i get out right before christmas."hopefully ending a cycle... so one day this, will no longer be reality....10.58 it really hits home for those who are suffering from this issue. so far-- walton says 150 inmates have graduated from the nurturing father's program.
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about the mural and the black cat alley project on cbs 58 dot com. it's opioid awareness week... and the milwaukee county medical examiner tweets a scary projection about drug dea. deaths...this afternoon the office tweeted that the county expects to see 320 drug deaths in 2016.that's a 25-percent increase from 2015... and a 114-percent increase from 10 years ago 3 governor scott walker will be the state's pain killer epidemic.he'll also highlight walgreen's safe medication disposal program, which allows people to safely dispose of any unused, unwanted, or expired medications. 3 news from the campaign trail....donald trump appears to be closing the gap on hillary clinton's lead in wisconsin.... that's according to the latest marquette university law school poll. poll.clinton has a two point lead over the republican among the state's ?likely? early august.... that lead had
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director charles franklin expects the candidates to re- focus some of their effort back onto wisconsin. 53-1:05"if it doesn't come here between now and november... i'll be very surprised because i think the balance we're seeing in our data and other people's polling here shows a close race" race." franklin says the upcoming debates could have a huge impact on poll numbers not just here in wisconsin... but around the country.the first debate is next monday night. unemployment dropped in most of wisconsin's largest cities last month. month.the state department of workforce develoment reports unemployment fell or stayed the same in 28 of the state's 32 largest cities from july to august.racine had the highest rate of at 6 point 7 percent. the rates aren't seasonally adjusted, so they can't be compared to the state unemployment rate... which stands at 4 point 2 percent. a wisconsin veteran's home will undergo a review of its conditions after questions
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legislature's audit committee approved the review at the wisconsin veterans home in king.a state auditor will look at the number and needs of residents, complaints about care, and staffing levels. every day, about 1-thousand people suffer cardiac arrest in the u-s.of those cardiac arrests seen by another person, less than half receive c-p-r before emergency responders arrive. 100 teachers and staff members at menomonee falls high school were trained in hands only c-p-r today. an important skill to know... and they could end up saving a life. 06:02:15-20there's more to this than the education...we are responsible for these kids everyday... and everything that might happen to them 06:03:13-23you could be anywhere and to be able to have that opportunity to have an impact and have a positive influence... and have the confidence to step in and save somebody... is a very powerful g feeling the american heart association and the menomonee falls fire department helped trained
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church in milwaukee makes extra cash by charging music fans going to 'the rave' for parking in their lot... but now, the city says the church needs a permit. permit.1:35-1:46"as this area is growing and more of a destination point of we hope that this parking is just an extra resource for them to use." 3 the church applied for a permit, but until it gets approval, people are parking for free.the church thinks the concert venue issue..we reached out to 'the rave' for comment, but have not heard back. 3 the packers are putting sunday's loss to the vikings behind them... and looking ahead to the lions coming to 58's sports anchor kevin holden has more from green bay... including what aaron rodgers says he has to do to get the offense back on track. 3 kevin: it was a tale of two different scenarios wednesday in green bay, as the packers put that vikings loss behind them, and prepare to face the lions here at lambeau field. on the practice field, all business. green bay trying to
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caused them to lose at minnesota for just a second time in this decade. but in the locker room, frustration on the face of aaron rodgers. rodgers.rodgers: i don't change. i do the same thing every week and just try to execute a little bit better the next time around. is there such a thing as setting the bar too high for yourself? that's a ridiculous question. you know what, i'm going to do my job. i'm going to do it as well as i can every week, and everybody's got to do their job as well. i know i've got to play better you put yourself in when you play as well as he has in the past. people expect perfection from him. him.kevin: the offense looks for its rhythm, and the defense looks to replace some key starters that are missing time already this week. we'll talk about them later in the show. at lambeau field, kevin holden, cbs 58 news. 3 couples left high and dry days before they say 'i do'...a warning for anyone planning for their big day.... 3 and, bad new for the bucks.... a player sidelined with an injury... just as the pre
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the weather is starting to get the heart of "wedding season." season."with all of the time, effort and ?money? put.. can you imagine being left without a critical component of your big day? day?that's what happened to some local couples, when a well-known d-j suddenly went out of 58 morning news anchor kate chappell investigates in this savy consumer report. 3 dancing and music a wedding should be the first step to
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spencer-- it was almost anything but. "i got the email and i immediately started freaking out. "the email was from dj's couture cancelling services 3 days before their wedding. "he said.... unforseen tragedies."// "she was upset, i was furious. we felt completely taken advantage of." dj's couture informed the better business bureau it was going out of business on june 29th.they accepted payment from the spencers august 23rd. "he was speaking as though he was so excited, everything was good. never made mention at all about anything changing." multiple emails show communication between the spencers and djs couture confirming services?after? june 29th. and the spencers aren't the only onestwo couples have filed complaints with the bbb. "we received a complaint in july and another complaint in
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of vital image in muskego, says he's heard from multiple brides-to-be. "i would say between calls and emails, i've received probably 12-20."// "immediately my staff and i got together and said, ok we need to do something to make this right."vital image says they were able to offer discounted rates to all of the couples who contacted them about djs couture. but others- like the spencers- say they're still out a lot of money. "he owes us $1,500. we're $2,600 in debt because of this now." we wanted to find owneranchor on cam: "this is the address listed for djs couture in milwaukee. it took us to a mailbox at a pack and ship store in waukesha." dj's couture also has a listing in texas turns out it's another mailbox at a strip we tried to reach him by phone instead."hello, you've reached djs couture texas. at the tone"we did not receive a call back.neither did the bbb "we're still waiting to hear what's going on from him." vital image..."i haven't heard a thing" or the spencers... "we blew up his phone, all weekend, his email, facebook
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got nothing back." anchor on cam in studiohe did however reach out to the couple on facebook. about two hours after he saw me trying to contact them through a post on djs couture's page.he urged them ?not? to post negative feedback online or to let anyone speak on their behalf in order to execute payment. there are ways to make sure this doesn't happen to you.. you..the b-b-b says to get a nt ask about the cancellation and refund policy.. make sure that's in writing, too. and pay with check or credit card. never cash. a milwaukee-based restaurant is expanding west. sobelman's announced it's opening a restaurant in waukesha.this will be the second sobelman's franchise. the franchise owners currently own bosco's social club and spurs saloon in downtown waukesha.the owners plan to open sobelman's in the spurs saloon later this year.
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oriental theatre for the start of the milwaukee film festival. festival.late word tonight is that tickets are still available for the screening and the ticket includes the after party at uw milwaukee. the festival runs through october 6th.and while its drawing major star power this year, including a visit from native son and oscar winner ridley scott, organizers say this is a festival of and for the city. reporter: is the goal to become the next sundance? cara ogburn, milwaukee f festival: i think sundance has a different set of goals. really people descend on park city and take it over. we want to make sure milwaukee still gets stil gets to go to our festival and bring films that milwaukee otherwise wouldn't get to see." see." we have a link to the milwaukee film festival website on our website cbs 58
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3 next summer, jets will again be roaring along the lakefront in milwaukee, thanks to waterstone bank.the bank helped secure the return of the milwaukee air and water show after last year's absence. air and water show organizers
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sponsorship... but they're still hoping for more sponsors. the air show will take off july 15 and 16. it took a lot of strength... and some teamwork.... but some future firefighters completed their task of pulling a fire truck 75 feet. 10:12:57-13:01the first initial pull is tough, it's all teamwork, and that's just what we do here 1,2,3 pull pull it was a practice run for an event called "hero's haul"..which raises money for "operation warm" that provides new wi kids.and in case you're wondering.. the truck weighs roughly ?80 thousand? pounds. 3 take a look at these brand new wooden boats....all built by milwaukee area middle and high school students..during a summer camp sponsored by the southeast wisconsin carpentry training center. a non profit group called "all hands boatworks" supplied them with tools, blueprints, materials and instruction. "all of us, adults included, we get excited about learning
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we're unaccustomed to. learning by using the intelligence of our head and our hands and our hearts all working together to build these beautiful boats." boats." today's rain kept the students from launching their rowboats as planned. .but dind't dampen their sense of pride. 3 students spent their school day jamming on summerfest stages.they were participating in summerfest's 'jazz education day'.the day featured music clinics and performances from milwaukee jazz musicians.and the students received instructional dvd's and books... plus summerfest ticket.
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disaster struck the milwaukee bucks at the worst possible time....just two weeks before the pre-season opener leading scorer khris middleton tore his hamstring and is expected to miss six months! months!middleton had his breakout last season from 13 points a game to 18 and at 25 years old is still getting better....the bucks need to find someone to replace his scoring.....for now general manager john hammond says they'll rely on their depth to fill his shoes by committee... on a much happier note, the bucks made a splash earlier in the week signing giannis antetokounmpo to a four year, 100 million dollar extension......with that signing wrapped up hammond tells me they can turn their attention to jabari parker....the bucks other 21
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and five rebounds a game last season... 3 3 3 hammond: "well you hope so. we hope that a year from now we are sitting here with jabari and talking about a contract extension for him as well." sam bradford has never had a winning record in seven seasons........... but he lit the packers up like a christmas tree sunday and kevin holden tells us that's just the start of the problems on defense... 3 3 kevin: scott, there were some pretty prominent packers defensive players listed on wednesdays injury report. in fact, several of them including clay matthews, and morgan burnett, did not practice on wednesday. damarious randall and company will need to step up their game. the lions offense is averaging 400 yards a game. it means an increased role for players like micah hyde, and more pressure for young players like blake martinez. and by the way, after two games as a rookie, martinez is not a fan of losing martinez: i think if you're in this profession and you don't feel that feeling you should not be playing professional football. that. you see the guys around
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sure it doesn't happen again. hyde: i mean it's part of football. you deal with injuries every year. towards the end of the season, you've got to go next guy in.kevin: sam shields, also not a participant in wednesday's practice. he continues to go through the concussion protocol and if the packers rest shields this week, they'll have an extra week to rest him up as well. week four is the packers bye. at lambeau field, kevin holden, cbs 58 sports thanks kevin......the vikings are in first in the n-f-c north but they are in trouble on the depth chart....adrian peterson will have surgery on his torn meniscus...he'll miss at least 3 months and possibly the entire season... jimmy nelson hopes to leave fans happy in his final start of the year at miller park.... instead his struggles continue early and often as andrew mccutchen tees off in the first inning....nelson's e-r-a
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innings later milwaukee gets on the scoreboard with a jonathan villar r-b-i single.... but they can't get anything going from there.....the brewers lose 4-1.....
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russ feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. narrator: listen to ron johnson on social security: johnson: social security is a legal ponzi scheme. narrator: as senator, johnson's been working he wants to privatize social security putting benefits at risk. and he attacks medicare -- would turn it into a voucher program, costing seniors thousands out-of-pocket. don't let ron johnson turn social security into a johnson: ponzi scheme. narrator: senator johnson. not for seniors.
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cbs 58's michael schlesinger tried his hand at bartending tonight in the blu lounge at the pfister raised tonight will go the trinity dance company..which tours all over the world and is recently back from japan.many of the dancers are from wisconsin..and after all.. we're half way to st. patrick's day. 3 flash flood watch until 7pm thursday 3
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