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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  September 26, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: campaign 2016's biggest night, the candates meet for their first debate. >> we asked our panel to describe the campaign in one word. >> distasteful. >> messy. what's driving a big jump in the crime rate? we'll remember a rising star in baseball. >> got him! >> pelley: jose fernandez killed in a tragic accident. >> he watched kids play little league. that's the joy jose played with. >> pelley: and one of the legends of golf, arnold palmer. then we'll end tonight with
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this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. reporting tonight from hofstra university in hempstead, new york. >> pelley: in a race that is approaching a tie, tonight could be a decisive moment. hillary clinton's poll numbers peaked in mid-august, and ever since her lead has been slipping with donald trump rising. now, as they meet in the middle, they will meet on this stage to break the crowd, millions of americans who say they don't trust either one. but with the mix of politics, celebrity and anything can happen unpredicteddability, the audience could set a record. we'll have the entire debate right here live on cbs tonight, but in the meantime, we have extensive coverage and we'll begin with nancy cordes covering hillary clinton. >> reporter: scott, clinton often says that she likes to do her homework, and today she did it right up until it was due,
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hotel near her home. her campaign says it's worried that trump will be graded on a curve, rewarded just for keeping himself in check. >> i've given my answer, lying ted. >> reporter: clinton campaign aides tell cbs news they're increasingly convinced trump will be murched than in the primary. >> don't worry, little marco. >> reporter: so they've adjusted their strategy, arguing that demeanor isn't trump's only achilles heel. >> we are trump may lie. >> politifact rated him the liar of the year last year. >> politifact calculated he lice about every three minutes. >> reporter: in debates it helps to be an underdog. but that's not an option for clinton. >> this is a phony attack. >> she's participated in more bitheir debates than any other modern presidential candidate. voters expect her to win, and she needs to a win to halt her recent slide.
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predicted the format will be trump's undoing. >> the thing about 90 minutes is you can't hide. donald trump likes to say, i'm going to build this wall, and i'm not taking any question. >> you have 90 minutes, ad many rater and two of you on stage. you can run but you can't hide. >> reporter: clinton's aides say she will be less focused on landing zingers than on describing her vision for the country. they say she'll never have an audience this large again, and shes opportunity to drum up some much-needed enthusiasm. >> reporter: i'm major garrett. donald trump arrived at hofstra university much like he prepared, non-chelan and upbeat. advisers said the g.o.p. nominee spent the day relaxing and holding short, informal sessions about the debate, no briefing book, no mock debate. thin preparation for the biggest moment of the general election campaign. in new hampshire, running mate
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for a trump victory. >> there is going to be a match that will make history in america. we're excited. tremendous momentum in this campaign. >> reporter: during the republican primary debates trump's facial expressions often stole the show. >> yes, you did. >> reporter: possibly an advantage against many rival, perhaps a disadvantage in a one-on-one format. trump also prided himself on his improvisation skills. >> excuse me. >> jeb, more energy tonight. i like that. >> reporter: counter-punching and labeling opponents before they could label him. >> that's matter of principal. >> you are a liar. you probably are worse than jeb bush. you are the single biggest liar. >> reporter: and trump had no fear saying what had never been said before. >> he referred to my hands, if they're small, something else must be small. i guarantee you there's no problem, i guarantee you. >> reporter: trump released
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protectionist trade policy, scott. republicans have not embraced that philosophy for decades, but it's part of the trump g.o.p. transformation that finds its biggest stage and biggest audience tonight. >> pelley: major garrett tonight at hofstra. major, thank you. joining us now is john dickerson, our cbs news political director and the anchor of "face the nation" and a moderator of two of the primary debates. john, million, tens of millions of people are going to watch of hillary clinton and donald trump are not likely to have their minds changed. what are the candidates trying to do here? >> so we talk about debates in terms of winners and losers, but the vast majority of people watching have their winners and losers. they pick them before the debate. they know who they will be. there are two audiences. one is the awed yasians of enthusiasts. both candidates want to make them more enthusiastic, that means getting them out to vote. there are a lot of people who are not sure whether they're going to vote at all. the others who are enthusiastic
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volunteer. so it's going to be give people a reason to believe. there's a much smaller group, which is the swing voters or undecided. that's very small people going back and forth, and those people are likely to keep going back and forth. >> pelley: now, the voters are likely to learn a great deal about the candidates tonight. this campaign seems to have been going on forever. what are we going to see tonight that we haven't seen before? >> voters can look up issues on web sites and things like that. what you get to see in a d are the habits of mind, not just what they believe but why they believe it, how the brain wiring works. the reason that's important is when you get into the white house, you're constantly surprised. it's those habits of mind you're inquisitiveness, your adaptability, your ability to think about problems in a new way, your ability to communicate, take complicated problems, break them down, explain them. those are the things presidents do, and you get to see some of that in a debate. >> pelley: tonight we'll get to see them. john, thanks very much.
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cbs news live coverage of the debate beginning at 9:00 eastern. of course, that's 8:00 central and 6:00 in the west. and cbs news will be fact checking during the debate on twitter @cbs news and we already know how most states are going to vote. their either reliably democratic or republican. the election will be decided by about a dozen states that could swing either way, inclg manuel bojorquez is listening to voters there. report anne soeder and stephen spaulding are friends on the court but opponents in this election. spaulding is voting for clinton. soeder supports trump. we sat down with them and other north carolina voters this weekend. >> as far as national security, i don't feel safe. i think it's getting, our country, i think it's getting worse.
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donald offers is that he wants to put a hold on bringing people into the country until we can get a better handle on who we're letting in. >> reporter: but when it comes to defeating isis, he has not revealed a plan. >> i don't think anyone anywhere has. >> what's the most important issue for you? >> tone. it comes down to i believe the president is the chief setter of tone in america for race, for hope. >> reporter: race was a large part of our conversation. mariah hurt is undecided. >> we do not have the same type of privileges people who are white have. >> why do you feel in this day and age that you do not have the same opportunities as a white child? >> schools that my area, that we go to and schools that privileged children or white children would go to, there was
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>> i wish we had better choices. >> reporter: shiloh bouldin is critical of donald trump's attempts to sway the black community. >> when you're trying to win someone over, who starts with the line, "what do you have to lose?" >> trump. >> you're coming off gate wrong way. >> reporter: for college student aspen turney, immigration is the top concern, she's voting trump, although she thinks building a border wall is going too far. >> i think that' t but i think we need more strict policies on who will come in and stronger border patrol. >> reporter: how many of you feel this is the most important election you will have voted in? all of you. we asked our panel to describe the campaign in one word. >> embarrassing. >> distasteful. >> dramatic. >> ugly. >> messy.
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answers to the questions, not avoid them and talk about other things. >> i would like the see two adults talking and not two children. >> >> reporter: substance? >> substance. >> reporter: polls indicate a tight race here in north carolina. scott, trump has visited the state seven times since accepting the nomination. clinton has visited twice as the nominee and is scheduled to be here in raleigh tomorrow. >> pelley: manuel bojorquez, thanks. in houston today, man described as a randomly at drivers outside a strip mall. six people were hit by bullets, one was critically wounded. three others were hit by flying glass. police shot and killed the lawyer, who was dressed in military clothing with old nazi emblems. this of course comes just days after a gunman opened fire at a shopping mall in burlington, washington. five people there were killed in about one minute.
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police say he has already confessed and mireya villarreal is following this. >> reporter: arcan cetin entered a packed courtroom filled with grieving family members. >> do you understand the charges? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: cetin charged on five counts of premeditated murder has still given no motive into friday night's attack. cetin is a naturalized u.s. citizen from turkey and has expressed an interest in guns through social media. his steper spoke after the hearing. >> our son has mental health issues that we have been trying to work on with him. that's all i can say. >> reporter: just before 7:00 on friday night, 911 calls poured in from mall customers. they describe mand walking into macy's with a gun. court documents describe cetin's alleged attack. he originally shot a juvenile victim near clothing racks.
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where he shot an adult male victim and then three adult female victims. the entire attack took one minute. 24 hours after the killings, police found cetin 30 miles from the crime scene. the victims includeed sarai lara, a 16-year-old cancer survivor, chuck eagan, a maintenance workers at boeing. belinda galde, a probation officer and her 95-year-old mother, beatrice dotson. this memorial continues to grow. some who have come here knew the victims, most are complete strangers, moved by the loss. scott, cetin's next court hearing is later in october. >> pelley: mireya villarreal for us tonight. mireya, thank you. in charlotte, north carolina, the midnight curfew has been lifted. the violence that broke out last week after police shot and killed a black man has died down. protest marches continue, however. 11 people were arrested overnight. the police say that keith scott was shot after he refused to drop a gun.
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footage do not provide a clear image of the shooting. the f.b.i. reported today that violent crime went up last year and it included a sharp increase in murders. so we asked jeff pegues to look into this. >> reporter: police in los angeles are looking for whoever killed man in a weekend burglary in the hollywood hills. across the country, the f.b.i. report shows a spike in violent crime up nearly 4% i compared to 2014. murders and manslaughter increased nearly 11%. some studies pin the blame on poverty. fewer police officers and gang activity. >> i was a police officer for 34 years. >> reporter: ronald serpas, a police chief in washington state, says more high-powered weapons are also a factor. >> young men who choose a dangerous lifestyle are choosing more lethal weapons that deliver
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louisville, kentucky, murders are up 50% from last year. and with just under three months to go, chicago already has 44 more homicides than it did all of last year. but some cities that saw an uptick in the murder rate last year are now experiencing a decrease. according to a brennan center study, in 2016, baltimore's murder rate is projected to decrease nearly 10%, washington, d.c.,'s nearly 13%. attribute the spike in some cities to the so-called ferguson effect, where some police have been more cautious on patrol because of high-from file officer-involved shooting. scott, despite the recent spike, it is important to note that crime has been at a historic low. >> pelley: jeff pegues reporting from the washington newsroom. jeff, thank you. well, tonight thousands have fled homes and businesses in cedar rapids, iowa, to beat a flood.
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it's nearly reached the bottom of several bridges. 250,000 sandbags have been filled to protect downtown. the river is expected to kreft tomorrow morning about seven feet above major flood stage. coming up on the "cbs evening news," players honor one of baseball's most promising players killed in a tragic accident. and a special bond between first families. asbestos-containing gaskets, packing, or equipment? if you or a loved one have an asbestos-related disease, you may have a right to vote on a plan to reorganize and pay claims in the garlock/coltec bankruptcy. garlock's and coltec's products were used in industrial and maritime settings, including where steam, hot liquid or acid moved in pipes. votes must be filed by december 9, 2016 call 844-garlock or go to
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feel secure in your dentures... feel free to be yourself all day. just switch from denture paste to sea-bond denture adhesive seals. holds stronger than the leading paste all day... without the ooze. feel secure. be yourself. with stronger, clean sea-bond. >> pelley: there's a baseball game tonight in miami. you can't blame the marlins if their hearts are somewhere else. pitcher jose fernandez was killed early sunday, a sudden and shocking end for a player who had completed a remarkable journey to america and to the big leagues. here's david begnaud. >> three hitters, three strikeouts. >> reporter: he was precise
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>> got him! >> reporter: at 24, jose fernandez was electrifying, a two-time all-star who had quickly become one of the game's brightest stars. >> there's a capsized vessel. >> reporter: that light dimmed early sunday morning. the coast guard found this boat flipped upside down, crashed on a rock jetty. officials say fernandez and two friends died. authorities believe the driver was speeding. nobody was wearing a life jacket, and the cause of the accident is under investigation. outside marlins' park, flowers and written tributes. inside the marlins' locker room, manager don mattingly was almost inconsolable. >> you watch kids play little league, something like that, that's the joy that jose played with. and the passion he felt about playing. >> reporter: in 2008 at 15, fernandez defected from cuba. he was shot at and jailed for trying the leave the communist country three different times. he finally succeeded on his
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five years later he became a baseball sensation, winning rookie of the year. the day before that announcement, major league baseball cameras recorded a surprise reunion with the grandmother who helped raise him and stayed behind when he fled. >> so help me god. >>. >> reporter: last year fernandez because a u.s. citizen. >> sow achieving it, it's a really amazing thing. >> reporter: a week ago jose fernandez announced he and his girlfriend were expecting their first child. scott, at tonight's mas' game in miami, everyone at the team is going the wear number 16, fernandez's number. >> pelley: david begnaud, thanks. next we'll remember one of golf's all-time greats. colitis, the possibility of a flare was almost always on my mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go... and how to deal with my uc. to me, that was normal. until i talked to my doctor.
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that you never know. get the deeper story of you at ancestry. get started for free at >> pelley: president obama says arnold palmer was the american dream come to life. the golfing legend died yesterday at 87. jim axelrod looks back.
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palmer was called "the king" for a reason, though it went far beyond the company he kept on the course. he had a royal touch in business. >> pennzoil helps keep the equipment in shape. >> building a $700 million fortune. but that wasn't it either. nor was it the medals and trophies that made him a hero to his army of fans. >> and there goes the gallery. look at them race for position. >> reporter: the son of a greenskeeper from western pennsylvania, arnold palmer was a charismatic king with a common touch who never forgot where he came from. signing every autograph by hand, even when no one was looking. cigarette dangling and going for broke, palmer was the ultimate mid-20th century man. >> the line is perfect. >> reporter: but his class and grace were timeless. jim axelrod, cbs news, new york. >> pelley: the debate tonight has inspired many americans to
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party. bars all over the country are holding them, the apollo theater in harlem says its party is a sell-out. tonight is the 56th anniversary of the first presidential debate between richard nixon and john kennedy, produced by legendary cbs producer don hewitt, the audience estimated at 70 million. tomorrow on "cbs this morning," the guests will include vice presidential candidates tim kaine and mike pence. we'll be rightk. l dad of you, try mucinex 12-hour. only mucinex has a unique bi-layer tablet. the white layer releases immediately. mucinex is absorbed 60 percent faster than store brands. while the blue extended release layer lasts a full 12 hours.
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history and culture. they do have a special bond, the democratic obamas and the republican bushes. we saw it at the memorial service for the fallen dallas officers when mr. bush and mrs. obama held hands and swayed to the music. and president obama has often expressed gratitude for the bush's kindness during the transition, including the advice the bush daughters gave his daughters. >> they themselves with loyal friends, never stop doing what they love to, slide down the banisters occasionally. >> pelley: by all accounts, the families have grown closer overthe years. this picture went viral. we can only hope the sentiment is just as contagious. and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. we'll be back at 9:00, 8:00 central with full coverage of the debate. for all of us at cbs news all
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? this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- an early-childhood educator from fairfax, virginia... an attorney from towson, maryland... and our returning champion, a phd candidate from chicago, illinois... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny.
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we are just two weeks into it, but already our returning champion, seth, has help get this 33rd season off to a great start -- not only for us, but for himself, as well. he's won a lot of money. but today is another day. dennis and jocelyn are hoping it's another day for them. good luck. here we go. let's find out what today's categories are. for the first round... we haven't seen clouds for a while. uh-oh. p-a-l in quotation marks. all right, seth, you're the champ. you go. sean connery & burt reynolds for $200. jocelyn. who's dr. no? correct.


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