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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 1, 2016 4:00am-4:30am CDT

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continues. for others, check back with us a little later for the morning news and "cbs this morn ? it's tuesday, november 1st, 2016. just one week until the presidential election, this is the "cbs morning news." with the finish line in sight, the presidential campaigns kick into high gear. for trump that means keeping the focus on clinton's e-mail scandal. >> if hillary is elected, she would be under protracted criminal investigation likely followed by the trial of a sitting president. >> and for clinton, she's painting her opponent as destructive and dangerous. >> i am running against a man who says he doesn't understand
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weapons. captioning funded by cbs good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. with the election just one week away, the storm over newly discovered e-mails continues to cloud the campaign. the fbi has begun sorting through e-mails belonging to hillary clinton's top aide huma abedin. the justice department says it's working to conclude the the latest nbc news/survey monkey tracking poll finds even after the announcement, in a four-way race remains at 6%. in a two-way race, 4%. hena daniels is here. >> good morning, anne-marie. hillary clinton heads back to the crucial state of florida today amid the fbi's
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of course, provided more fodder for rival donald trump who used the issue to blast clinton's judgment. >> reporter: hillary clinton chris crossed the battleground state of ohio monday trying to put the focus back on donald trump. >> i want you to be able to say i voted for a better, fairer, stronger america. >> reporter: yesterday, fbi agents began scrubbing through what could be hundreds of thousands of e-mails. belonging to top clinton aide huma abedin. searching for messages that came classified information. the e-mails were found on huma abedin's estranged husband anthony weiner's laptop. >> there is no case here. >> reporter: clinton's campaign is accusing fbi director james comey of a blatant double standard, for disclosing this probe to congress but staying silent on the trump campaign's alleged ties to russia.
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a position to defend his actions in the face of significant criticism. >> reporter: campaigning in michigan, trump praised comey. >> it took guts for director comey to make the move that he made. >> reporter: before using the fbi director's decision to blast clinton. >> if hillary is elected, she would be under protracted criminal investigation likely followed by the trial of a sitting president. >> reporter: with the election department says it will commit all resources necessary to review the e-mails quickly. after giving a speech against obamacare in d.c. today, trump will campaign in pennsylvania and wisconsin. president obama will campaign for clinton in ohio later on today. anne-marie. >> hena daniels here in new york. thank you so much, hena. well, this morning, the clinton campaign is responding to a report in the online magazine "slate" outlining an alleged connection between
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in the report unnamed scientists claim to have picked up irregular pings between a server in trump tower here in new york city and two servers belonging to a bank in moscow. ultimately, however, there was no evidence that e-mails were ever exchanged between trump's camp and russian hackers and no evidence of a smoking gun. despite that, clinton's campaign says of the report it raises even more troubling questions in masterminding of hacking efforts that are clearly intended to hurt hillary clinton's campaign. meanwhile, "the new york times" reports the fbi looked into any possible thread between trump and russia. that search turned up nothing, find nothing direct link. donna brazile, the interim democratic national committee chairwoman will no longer be a political commentator on cnn. cnn cut ties with brazile after
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tipped off the clinton campaign about questions in the primary debate. cnn said we are completely uncomfortable what with we have learned about her interactions with the clinton campaign while she was a cnn contributor. coming up on "cbs this morning," we'll discuss the homestretch of the campaign with john heilemann, managing editor of bloomberg politics. well, three people were killed when a truck rear ended a hay ride full of kids celebrating halloween in small town about 80 miles east of jackson. early last night, two children and one adult, all related, were killed. and at least seven others were injured. >> it's a small community. i mean, this is a bad thing to happen anywhere. but when it's local, it really hits home. you know, these are good people and our hearts go out to them. >> the cause of the crash is under investigation. and at least one person was killed when a gas pipeline exploded in eastern alabama.
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was not far from where the colonial pipeline leaked thousands of gallons of gasoline in september. it's believed a work crew hit the line with a piece of equipment. at least six others were injured. september's leak led to fuel shortages and price hikes in several southern states. transit workers are in strike in philadelphia this morning, forcing some 900,000 commuters to make alternate plans. nearly 5,000 transit workers walked off the job overnight in a dispute over health care, their pensions and scheduling. about 60,000 students rely on the system to get to school. and at least 13 coal miners were killed by a gas explosion in china. rescue crews are searching for 20 others who are missing in southwest china. their fate is unknown. rescue workers worked ted mine at the privately owned mine. but debris is preventing them from enter something sections. it's unclear what caused
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iraq's prime minister has a simple message for isis extremists, hole up in mosul, surrender or die. iraqi special forces are fighting on the outskirts of the city and preparing to enter the isis stronghold. it's been two weeks since the offensive to retake iraq's second largest city began. about 60,000 iraqi and kurdish fighters with support from the u.s. are involved. the city of orlando released audio recordings between police and the gunman who murdered dozet as kenneth craig reports, gun during a three-hour standoff, gunman omar mateen explained his motives. >> what are you reporting? >> this is omar mateen. >> what? >> i want to let you know i'm in orlando, and i did the shooting. >> reporter: that was orlando nightclub shooter omar mateen, in his own words confessing to a police dispatcher that he
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shooting in modern u.s. history, that left 49 clubgoers dead. on monday, a judge released the audio recordings moments after the city dropped its objection. transcripts of the call were released in september. the first 911 call made by mateen came in at 2:35 a.m. on june 12th. >> i pledge allegiance to abu baghdadi. of the islamic state. >> reporter: 30 minutes later he made another call this time negotiated. >> you have to tell america, they're killing a lot of innocent people. what am i to do here when my people are getting killed over there? >> reporter: mateen said his attack at pulse nightclub was revenge for a u.s. air strike that killed an isis leader. >> that's what triggered, it okay? >> okay. they shouldn't have bombed and
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>> reporter: throughout the three-hour standoff, the negotiator repeatedly gets mateen to share information on what's coming on inside the club and come out. eventually, police breached a wall in the club and killed mateen in a shoot-out. kenneth craig, cbs news. well, coming up on the "morning news," backlash against a yogurt maker. why help for refugees have led to calls for a boycott. plus, a white house thriller. how the first family and friends celebrated halloween. this is the "cbs morning news. halloween. this is the "cbs morning news." .
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those are some of the headlines on the morning news stand. the philadelphia inquirer says bill cosby wants to stop 13 women from testifying against him in a trial. his lawyer says the memories of the women have been tainted by their age and media coverage. a hearing that starts today will determine what evidence can be used during cosby's trial next june. "the new york times" reports on threats against chobani yogurt and its founder because he helps immigrants. he employs about 300 refugees in o well, the "times" said breitbart and other conservative websites have published misleading stories about chobani and there are calls in social media for boycott. the number of children harmed by pain prescription painkillers. the number of children hospitalized due to opioid
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researchers those most at risk are toddlers accident tale swallowing parents' medication and teens using the drugs or attempting suicide. the seattle times reports on research apparently showing bias among uber and lyft. the ride sharing services in seattle have longer wait times than whites. uber drivers in boston cancelled rides for men with black sounding names more than twice as often as others. the atlantic reports on an eruption of support on facebook for the oil pipeline protesters in north dakota. users activated facebook's check-in feature to make it seem like they were at the site of the demonstrations. the surge followed reports that said that police were using facebook to identify and target protesters. and adele opens up about her personal struggles in "vanity fair." the singer said she battled postpartum depression after the birth of her son four years ago. adele said she stopped smoking and cut way back on alcohol because of her son and her vocal
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? ? i want candy ? a father made sure his daughter could trick or treat yesterday, even though they were flying from boston to san francisco. he gave candy to everyone on board. and then he asked them to drop it in the little 3-year-old's bag when she came down the aisle. one passenger who tweeted about it calls him dad of the year. yeah definitely winning at halloween. on the "cbs moneywatch" blackberry is moving to a major automaker's dashboard. and the white house prepares for a social media transfer of power. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, jill. good morning, anne-marie. traders are watching the latest developments in the presidential election and also waiting for the federal reserve meeting that starts today. the stocks mostly unchanged yesterday.
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the nasdaq lost yearly a quarter of a point. ford signed a software deal with blackberry. blackberry typically sells technology to the auto industry. this is the first time that blackberry signed a deal directly with a major automaker. the new move to lead to enhanced vehicle display, security and infotainment. as ford develops increasingly automated cars. >> it's reported that the ex-ceo and chief financial officer of the pharmaceutical company valeant are the focus of an federal criminal investigation. authorities are looking into an alleged accounting fraud. bloomburg news said the company has been under investigation for about a year. valeant has been the focus of a lot of scrutiny over the years following dramatic price hikes. there will be a lot of changes for president obama once he leaves office including the new social media handle. mr. obama will no longer use the handle @potus. the white house announced all administration's social media
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president's @potus will belong to the next president. the new accounts will start fresh. the obama accounts will be store ted national archives. and it's starting to look like the holidays at starbucks. an anonymous barista leaked the photo of this year's holiday cups. they won't actually besed until later this month. it's more about holiday theme than last year's when a solid red cup sparked backlash because it didn't feature any holiday images or symbols. anne-marie. >> yeah, outraged by last year's cup. the pressure to make sure you deliver this year. that looks like a decent looking cup, i think. >> you know, much ado about a red cup. i usually focus more on what's in it, right? >> exactly, just high caffeine. that's what we need at these hours. jill wagner at the new york stock exchange, thank you so much, jill. still ahead, tackling food waste and hunger. we go to london to learn about the experiment that allows
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. forecast in some cities around the country. a grocery store in britain lets customers pay whatever they want because the products were going to be thrown away. teri okita finds out what activists are doing about the >> reporter: this is the third time in two weeks that sarah glover has shopped at what's being called anti-supermarkets. anti-because of these products have expired sell by or best-buy dates. >> we don't appreciate what the earth gives us. >> reporter: each week, as much as 20,000 pounds of groceries arrive at this warehouse in england. the real junk food project
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food is being discarded from supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and cafes, places that donate the items to the store. do you think a concept like this would work in the united states? >> yeah, i think this concepts would work anywhere. whatever food is wasted. >> reporter: keith edelman helps run the markets and notes britain is the biggest offender in the european union. >> what we want to do is get the food out and just offer it to people. >> reporter: they test for ty visually inspecting the food. if it's bad, they throw it away. since all of the items are donated, customers pay whatever they want. >> brilliant, isn't it? absolutely brilliant. to think that all of this stuff is being saved from going into landfill. >> reporter: the real junk food project hopes this is the start of a global movement getting consumers to think twice before tossing. teri okita, cbs news, west yorkshire, england. we are getting a close up look this morning at the moment
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here's another look at this morning's top story. the fbi has begun sorting through e-mails belonging to hillary clinton's top aide huma abedin retrieved from her estranged husband's computer. fbi director james comey is taking heat for revealing the close to the election. the white house says it doesn't believe comey is trying to influence the election. >> he's in a tough spot, and he's the one who will be in a position to defend his actions in the face of significant criticism. >> donald trump praised comey's decision. next tuesday is election day but millions of americans have already cast their ballots. marlie hall is in the
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>> i voted for hillary. >> reporter: ohio resident april merwin cast an early vote for hillary clinton. >> i'm tired of hearing about all of the awful things in the news. and i just want to be able to get my vote in there. >> reporter: ohio is one of 36 states that allow voters to cast their ballots before election day. linda spivey also voted early for clinton. >> it's just more convenient. you work every day, five days a week. it's just more convenient to come on my off day aot >> reporter: that might sound like good news for clinton but election officials believe it's too early to tell. >> a lot of early voters are in urban areas, rather than major cities, therefore, they tend to have more of a demographic vote. >> reporter: officials say more
4:27 am
cuyahoga county will cast their ballots early this year but that's down by 10% from last year. clinton and donald trump are in a dead heat in ohio, while no votes are counted until election day. the early vote may actually be good news for trump. >> we just don't whenever democrats are are returning ballots or democrats. >> reporter: trump needs ohio's 18 electoral votes. >> unless he picks it up somewhere else in pennsylvania or wisconsin or michigan places where he's trailing even further than ohio. then he has no shot at getting total college majority. >> reporter: ohio has voted for a winning president in the last 14 elections. marlie hall, cbs news, cleveland, ohio. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," legalized marijuana on the ballot. we will find out how voting in five states could have a ripple effect on national politics. plus, we'll look at whether snapchat encourages users to take dangerous risks behind the wheel. and we'll meet the man who
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for kids who need help paying for sports equipment. >> i can have this glove. >> that's the "cbs morning news" for this tuesday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green.
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now at 4:30--- the packers release ?another? running back ... who they traded for... less than two weeks ago. we'll tell you ?who? it is... coming up! 3 and - cash for candy!where your kids can get rid of that some money! 3 good morning's tuesday, november 1-st. i'm jessica tighe. tighe.and i'm kate chappell we're following a number of stories for you this morning... including, your biggest brett favre questions answered. the author of his new biography... will be in our area today.details coming up in just a few minutes. 3 but first--- november is kicking off on a ?warm? note. we both did short sleeves today!meteorologist ?michael


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