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tv   CBS 58 News at 500pm  CBS  November 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:29pm CDT

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5353 actaully the last texts i got from her was asking what my son would like for christmas. (sadness....) yeah she was just very thouhtful with a special love for travel...her nephew...and her friends--her family devastated/ . her life was jsut starting...its ke all the hard work to get to where your lifeis she did it and she was there and now its just gone...820 i wish she got to live that life. and hopes her death sends a message to those who drink and drive--and those who see it happen--and do nothing. 920 maybe its ok to step in. eve y the person to say hey lets have a conversation...please dont drive. kim is just one of three people from ritzholman who died. we reached out to the firm-they say-they will have grief counselors standing by for their employees for as long as theyre needed. also new at five, a man charged with killing a woman and stuffing her body in a storage bin entered a not guilty plea today. today. 22-year old justin
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courtroom, and a judge bound him over for trial. according to a criminal complaint, sykes has told police he was 'high and drunk 'and did not mean to strangle kayla 'bauske' after he hired her for sex. he was trying to keep her quiet after they had an argument. sykes will be back in court next wednesday. we're continuing to gather information on that tense stand off in kenosha this morning..after a man walked into a bank, claiming to be wearing a bomb.we showed you his arrest on the cbs 58 news at noon.. 58's amanda kenosha with the latest amanda. police ended up blowing up the suspicious device.. and say it's safe.but this morning's incident left people here on edge. we were going to go and get soup here and all of the streets were all blocked. you couldn't get anywhere near here. we were very surprised. i don't think anything like this has ever happened here in a long time, if ever. nats nats
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man walked into this bank ..he gave the teller a note saying he had a bomb and wanted one million dollars. police evacuated the bank while the man stayed inside.tactical teams and the f-b-i responded. after a couple of hours of negotiations... with tactical teams and the f-b-i.. the man walked out wearing only boxers.. so officials could see that he didn't have anything else strapped to him... and was taken into custody.employees at the nearby mall were told not to leave. owner soup depot restaurant barbara go he think he was going with a bomb? but we saw them bring him out. they went in, they brought him out, stripped him, down and put him in a police car and we thought it was over. so we were getting this ready to open up and ready to go and they were like no, no get away from the windows. then they started blowing up the little bombs in there. the last one was really big, it scared us. representatives with the bank tell us they're glad everyone inside made it out safe. live in kenosha...
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fa for his r fatal shootingofa little lwaukee girl.'s five ears for pau farr who toitte ylah petersen was murred ere as she sat on her grandfathter's lap. it turns out the shooters targeted the wrong house. both will be sentenced next month. 3 a disgraced milwaukee officer pleads not guilty to sex assault and prostitution charges.dominique heaggan- brown was fired from the force. he'll be back in court next month in this case. heaggan-brown is investigation for the fatal shooting of sylville smith in august in milwaukee's sherman park neighborhood. no decision on charges in that case so far. a promising young milwaukee brewers player is apologizing to the fans for his arrest in f. florida.according to police in tampa, keon broxton was drunk and refused to leave after a fight outside a bar last night. he was arrested for misdemeanor treassing and his mug shot appears to show injuries to his face. the
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commenting while they gather in. information.broxton released his own statement today....apologizing to his family, the brewers organization and fans and to law enforcement officials for what he called his "lack of proper judgement." judgement."he said "i will learn from this incident and i will certainly make better decisions moving forward. i owe that to myself and all who have put their trust and faith in me as a person." 3 3 toss to drew drew tonight: mostly cl saturday: plenty of sun and mild temps. highs around 65. wind: sw 5-15 mph.weekend: beautiful weather both saturday and sunday. mostly to completely sunny both days with high temperatures in the middle 60s. might be the last great weekend to see good fall color. slowly cooling to start next week but still
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3 2016 is just ahead...and the question wisconsin still in play for the presidential race? democrats feel confident about a hillary clinton victory here, but they're taking no chances...and that's why vice president joe biden made a campaign stop in madison today. cbs 58's david ade has
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hillary clinton has not campaigned in wisconsin since the primary this week's marquette law school poll showed her leading donald trump by six her campaign is trying to wrap up the state by leaning on big- name surrogates.-nat biden introduction-the last weekend of campaign 2016 starts in wisconsin with a visit from vice president joe biden. "45:20 we're now on the verge of resurgence today at madison's orpheum theater biden spoke for hillary clinton and senate candidate russ feingold.-nat- biden slammed republican presidential candidate donald trump saying he rooted for the housing crisisthat he's already hurting foreign relations and that he's thoroughly unqualified to be president.biden lumped republican senator ron johnson and trump together saying they won't move america
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want to do is litrally move it backward.state election officals estimate voter turnout to be around 70 percent similar to 2008 and 2012 general madison david ade cbs 58 news. 3 republicans still think they have a chance in the badger state. tomorrow vice presidential nominee mike pence will make a campaign stop in mukwonago with senator ron johnson. then sunday, donald trump will be back in the state...he'll appear at st will be there... 3 and of course we'll also have full team coverage on election night -- we'll bring you results and reaction from the key state and local races as well as the race for the white house. did you know that the milwaukee police department has a partnership with the state department in washington? washington?through that partnership, mpd provides training in police techniques to law enforcement departments from other parts of the world. today, a group from the western european country of
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certificate to milwaukee police. they've been here three times for workshops. chief ed flynn says that training is good for ?his? department as well. "one of the best ways to learn is to teach. and obviously the time we spend teaching other agencies is time we spend learning actually more about ourselves as well as learning the things we do in fact have to offer other agencies." agencies." police from egypt, police from egypt, norway, panama, iraq....even other american cities have to to milwaukee to learn from the 3 next at five, they call it the second city but chicago's cubs are number one...and cbs 58 was there along with others from wisconsin for today's celebration. 3 and we'll show you the newest resident at the milwaukee county zoo. she's a little sleepy, but still a hit with families.keep it right here. 3"reopen"
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3 "my dad was a die-hard cubs fan and he passed away in january. he just missed it but we believe that he helped the cubs win the world series."
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it's that kind of pent-up generational enthusiasm that brought thousands upon thousands out to watch the chicago cubs victory celebration today....massive crowds turned out along the parade route and at grant park, where the parade was scheduled to end.the scenes were sometimes a little scary...some people were seen doing "trust falls" from a statue in the park...and the celebration has been going on for hours. 3 when they opened the gates at grant park today...this is how fans reacted...literally running to get the best possible spot to see their baseball heroes.some of those cubs fans may be from wisconsin. cbs 58 and telemundo wisconsin reporter christine flores is with them in chicago. things maybe wrapping here but there's no denying that cubs fever brought fans from milwaukee and even further. vo more than 5 million fans filled chicago's streets. it's a day people say they've been anxiously waiting for for more than 100 years and it's finally here. so of course milwaukee fans say they
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don't realize how important this is to every cubs fans. it's not just a game of baseball for us. it's more than that and it means a lot to each one of us. monica: the people are feat! we love the city. we love coming home to it. and there is a lot of positive energy a lot of love for this team. the parade ended here were the team gave that winning ball to their owner tom rickets. reporting in chigo, christine flores cbs 58 news. exclusive look at a new device that's helping police catch criminalsand can put juries into crime scenes. watch for it tonight at ten.
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3 tonight: mostly clear. lows in the 40s. wind: sw 5 mph. saturday: plenty of sun and mild temps. highs around 65. wind: sw 5-15 mph.weekend: beautiful saturday and sunday. mostly to completely sunny both days with high temperatures in the middle 60s. might be the last great weekend to see good fall color. slowly cooling to start next week but still above-average.tonight: mostly
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sw 5 mph.saturday: plenty of sun and mild temps. highs around 65. wind: sw 5-15 mph. weekend: beautiful weather both saturday and sunday. mostly to completely sunny both days with high temperatures in the middle 60s. might be the last great weekend to see good fall color. slowly cooling to start next w above-average. 3 week but still cooling to start next
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-nats horse rings bell with mu- music- that's tinker, the horse who works for the salvation army, reminding you that the organization's annual red kettle christmas campaign is now underway. they officially kicked off the drive this morning at the milwaukee public market. you'll see salvation army volunteers through the holiday season, trying to raise 4-million dollars for dozens of the army's programs and services. 3 meet josie, an earn rhino who just arrived a week ago at the milwaukee county 58 got a first look at the 4 year old female today....josie has a couple more years before she's mature enough for breeding. breeding is important because black rhinos are threatened by poachers in the wild who want the keratin in their horns. "the rising middle class in vietnam has used it to cure anything from cancer to use as
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price of gold." gold." for her first 30-days at the zoo, josie will be quarantined in the indoor part of her exhibit. eventually she'll be allowed outdoors. what do you feed a rhino? they tell us josie's favorites include pumpkins, watermelon, cantaloupe and romaine lettuce. he missed last week's game...but it looks like ty
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packers pass rusher datone jones fined over 36-thousand dollars for this hit on matt ryan. it was flagged as a roughing the passer penalty in the game. the fine more than double his 17-thousand dollar
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hit washington qb kirk cousins. that means he's gotta watch himself come sunday because he's gonna get a lot of chances at andrew luck. the colts quarterback sacked 31 times this year--that's the most in the nfl. despite that.... luck still has about 500 more yards passing than aaron rodgers. so this packers defense knows what they're gonna get when he and the colts come to lambeau. rollins: he knows how to get the job done ,obviously he's a leader. they go as he goes. so we just have to be ready and on our game when you play quarterback like him.gunter: one of the best in the league and you just want to get him out of his comfort zone so anything to get him out of his comfort zone will help us in the back end. ty hilton a small speedy receiver but they just don't have time to throw the football. despite being sacked so many times, andrew luck still has some targets, including two-time pro bowler t.y. hilton. our former packer gary ellerson tells us if the packers have any worries against the colts tonight during chalk talk on the cbs
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eighth-ranked wisconsin trying to keep their big ten and college football playoff hopes alive against northwestern. but since 1999... the badgers have played four times at ryan field...and four times, they've lost, including the last time in 2014. so cornerback sojourn shelton says anyone that thinks the badgers are in the easy part of their schedule doesn't really know what they're talking about. i think it may be easy to buy into the going through the gauntlet. we see it every week a top team playing a team they should beat and someway, somehow that team loses. the bucks a game over .500 after their win last night... but how about thon maker? first nba action coming off the bench in the final minutes of last night's game.... hits not just one, but two three pointers! fellow rookie malcolm brogdon playing almost 20 minutes a game and coach says they've been productive.
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he's never satisfied. his basketball iq is high especially as a rookie. i think his teammates and coaches trust him so those are all positives. admirals hosting chicago while the milwaukee wave open their season in kansas city.
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putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. when i come home and dinner's not ready i go through the roof. grab 'em by the p****". when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. more accusers coming forward to say they were sexually assaulted by donald trump. i'll go backstage before a show... yes.. and everyone's getting dressed. donald trump walked into the dressing room while contestants, some as young as 15 were changing. standing there with no clothes.
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she ate like a pig. a person who's flat-chested is very hard to be a 10. do you treat women with respect? uh... i can't say that either. alright, good.
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we're following breaking news: greenfield police say they've arrested a man in connection with three strong armed robberies citizens.police picked up a 56-year-old milwaukee man near the intersection of 60th and green tree this afternoon. he's accused of robbing three people in october including an 82-year-old woman. police say he pulled a gun on her in a parking garage after she was returning home from bible study.we're working to get more information on this story... watch for the latest on the cbs 58 news at 9 and 10. tonight: mostly clear. lows
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saturday: plenty of sun and mild temps. highs around 65. wind: sw 5-15 mph.ekenwe beautiful weather both saturday and sunday. mostly to completely sunny both days with high temperatures in the middle 60s. might be the last great weekend to see good fall color. slowly cooling to start next week but still above-average. 3
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the final weekend. the final push. >> this is one of those make-or-break moments for the united states. it is in your hands. >> you have to get out and vote on november 8. >> don't boo. vote! news on the front lines of the battle against isis. >> everybody okay? >> pelley: the harvard men's soccer team is shut down for making sexual comments about the women's team. and steve hartman-- the election turns brother against brother. >> you have a governor of north


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