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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  November 6, 2016 9:30am-10:00am CST

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captioning sponsored by cbs dickerson: today on "face the nation" it's down to the wire as campaign 2016 finally comes to a close. >> on this last weekend before election day the end can't come soon enough. the tension stays with us until the end. >> by the way,?r folks, while we're at >> dickerson: donald trump was rushed off the stage by the civil service in reno. >> nobody said it would be easy for us. but we will never be stopped. >> dickerson: and last minute dashes across the?i country to sewer up support in a flurry of final photo ops. last pleas for votes. >> i want to be the president for everybody.
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people who don't agree with me. people who vote for me. people who don't vote for me. >> dickerson: and for the democrats a parade of appearance'owith high profile celebrities and musicians. despite the tight polls and jittery supporters, both candidates are trying to stay up beat and keep calm going into tuesday. >> stay on point, donald. stay on point. >> dickerson: we willea tim kaine, and a report from the head of the republican party. plus new battleground tracker numbers for two must win states for donald trump, florida and ohio. we have a update of terror and hacking threats heading into election day and what to look for on tuesday. it's all ahead on "face e nation." >> dickerson: good morning and welcome to "face the nation." i'm john dickerson. two days until election day.
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40 million people have casted their ballots. there were long lines in north carolina and ohio as early voting came to a close. our last round of tracker poles before the election show a dead heat in florida where the candidates are tied at 45% of the vote. in ohio donald trump has a 1-point edge for hillary clinton. 46 percent to 45 percent. we din with?r two cbs news correspondents who have folded themse i airplane seats and rental cars across the country to be with both candidates across the way. i want to start with you, major, what happened at the trump rally last night. >> here are the facts, john. they're from the secret skefrbs and reno police. two-thirds through donald trump's speech there was a composition, a protestor set a upon by other trump supporters.
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shouted out erroneously that they?r thought they saw a gun. they which is canned trump off stage and the commotion tuned. this protestor said he was set upon by trump supporters he hel a sign that said "republicans agnst trump" he was detai detaid and then released. there was no threat to >> dickerson: as if we needed more drama. where is trump positioning himself. he's heading into minnesota and michigan. that's not a traditional play. what is going on? >> they see tightening in both states. they see michigan and minnesota possible hedges for virginia. they have a stop in minnesota. the minnesota event advertised
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20,000rsvps. >> dickerson: nancy, what does the clinton campaign make of this. are they worried, she is going and the president are going? >> they are worried. they see the tightening poles and donald trump making a play for michigan. they're not just sending secretary clinton but bill clinton and president obama as well. there are fewer and fewer states that it makes sense to they don't want to send her to states where they have done the bulk of voting by early voting. she is going to states in the closing days where people vote primarily on election day like here in pennsylvania, new hampshire and michigan. >> dickerson: who is she trying to turn out in pennsylvania is who should we watch for on tuesday? >> she needs to run up the score here in philadelphia, john, and
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this is the key to her. en pennsylvania is key to her voting strategy. she needs to win this state. she won't do as well in western pennsylvania. there is a transit strike here in philadelphia. if it takes you long tore get to work you may not fit in a stop at the polling place before. that the campaign insists they have volunteers at the ready to get people to the poles and then to work. without pennsylvania, it's unlikely hillary clinton can win the election. >> dickerson: and donald trump is closing argument, what his final case, major? >> his final case is?? he's a change agent. hillary clinton is ethically disqualified from the presidenci and who meyer the country in count less?r criminal investigations. for the first time the trump circle is saying they will win. they believe they will win pennsylvania and michigan?r closely.
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enthusiasm they see in the trump movement. >> dickerson: okay. thank you, major and nancy, for being with us. we go to virginia senator and hillary clinton's?? running mate tim kaine in milwaukee. the trump campaign is feeling they may win with a comfortable margin, how do you see things??6 we take nothing for tkprapb it. we are working hard. we see tremendous?irg registration requests for absentee ballots and early vote across the country. what we know about the early vote in the?i states that have , wisconsin for example. they set a record in early vote. we're excited about what we see. >> dickerson: you mentioned you thought hillary clinton was the underdog there. how? the name, the money, she has been in politics before, her opponent hasn't. what makes her the underdog. >> i told hillary, i encouraged
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we talked about. that she hadn't decided yet. i said no matter what the poles say and what you see in a editorial consider yourself an underdog. if it was easy for a woman to be president of this?i country we would have one. consider yourself the underdog until they call you?r winner. that's what i consider for every race i have ran including in virginia. i'm the underdog until they call me the winner. that gives me the discipline to do what i need to do until the polls close. >> dickerson: the president will be in michigan. there seems to be a nervousness in the campaign those rust belt states, midwestern states are one traditionally democrat, donald trump is making inroads. are you worried. >> we feed good about where we are but we are taking nothing for granite.
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well but making a play there. we want to do the same here. the poles look favorable to us, polls can be wrong. we don't take any for granite. i'm excited to be doing events in three different cities in wisconsin today before heading to north carolina and virginia tomorrow. >> dickerson: a week ago the fbi director released a letter about new e-mails found. there is debate about the effect on the campaign. what effect has that had? is it responsible for the tightening ? >> what we saw, john, was polls tightening before the letter came out. i view that as a natural tightening. excuse me, at the end of a race undecided voters with a democratic or repuck i will can lean tend to go back to their team. we are seeing that happening at the end. i will say one thing we have seen since the letter came out and the director backtracked on it a day later and subsequent
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turmoil. we see an add to the energy. people view the campaign important. the stronger together message is important. people don't want it to be distracted. there is an up tick in energy. >> dickerson: has it helped the campaign? >> i wouldn't say -- think at the end of the day it's a net wash. there were some concerns. as more information has about internal turmoil in the fbi it again rated energy. more than anything i think hillary's point of view is not let's get distracted. we're making our case about a nation that's stronger together and promotes the right view of american leadership in the world. that's what voters want to hear about. we will stay focused on that until the end. >> dickerson: there have been tough things said about the fbi director. can hillary clinton work with
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>> i worked with him when i was mayor of richmond. he was head of the criminal division in the eastern district of virginia. we have had a solid working relationship. it has been puzzling and troubling. the decision to release the letter violate two protocols. the protocol of not releasing controversial information on an eve of an election and pending investigations. stories questions why that would happen. those are questions for later. we have to focus on making the case why hillary will be the best president between now and tuesday. that's what we're focusing on. i was in florida here yesterday, a close state here at the end. the energy and responseo( the collision of voters that hillary clinton is putting together. it's a reflection of peoples positive views about her.
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>> dickerson: i didn't hear a yes she would be able to work with him. >> that's just -- that assumes something we're not ready to assume. we're not assuming anything about the outcome tuesday. we're focused on doing all we can to do to win on tuesday. then we will think about what happens later. >> dickerson: let me ask you about information out this week. when hillary clinton became secretary of state she said she would let the state department know if a major donation was it turns out a major donation of a million dollars was given by the government of guitar. that wasn't mentioned, why not? >> the agreement was the clinton foundation would alert state department if anyone gave a donation materially different from what they gave before hillary clinton was secretary of state. the government there was a donor
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great work around the world before she came skrelt of state. the fact they're a donor is known. they were a donor before she was secretary of state. >> dickerson: this is in keeping with the memorandum of understanding. even though they gave a million dollars to the foundation she felt no obligation to let the ethics of the state department to know. >> they were clear about when notice would be required. that is if a tkpoft decided to significantly different from what they had been doing before. the government there had been giving to the foundation. the tpoufpgs does great work around the world. the different write bigs of aids drut?hr' the united states, the distribution of drugs to battle opiete additions. there was a clear understanding. >> dickerson: thank you, senator kaine, for being with us.
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dickerson: we are joined now by the chairman of the republican party. welcome back. donald trump is going into democratic states, basically. what do you see there. >> we see probably the same things the clinton campaign sees. we go into the states with consumer data, voter data. a 3000 person sample, i'm sure they do similar things. we see a dead heat. we see it all over the country. there is a lot of surprises here in the end. i was surprised myself. last night we pulled ahead of the democrats in vote count in colorado by 100 ballots. it's not a lot but it's a little bit of a surprise. everyone involved that donald trump is closing with the momentum going into tuesday. >> dickerson: one of the things that happens late in the presidential races is campaigns see a?i state, they think it los
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for a reason. they have an electorate that sets up well for the democrats. this happened to mitt romney in pennsylvania. sometime is spent and it's matched. it's time wasted in a state that maybe should be somewhere else. >> he's a different candidate too. it's a different day and different year. i don't think anyone can say 201 has been normal. it's been a wild political year. >> dickerson: yes. >> we have a candidate that appeals to a lot of voters that haven't he appeals to people in the midwest. i'm from wisconsin. i know what it's like to lose factories where i grew up. that's how people feel in michigan. he gives the people?r hope. the other piece is hillary clinton has a heck of a bad narrative cooking up the last ten days. it's playing her campaign. >> dickerson: if michigan and the midwest was such a place that works well for donald trump why not spend more time in michigan and minnesota?
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effort then nevada and colorado, that are less likely? >> let me hit that point,?? qui. underground in the operation, get the votes out efforts and all of that. we have massive organizations in michigan and wisconsin twofpl of the best political parties. these are two -- they're very good ob rations. we have spent millions and millions of dollars in. you are also seeing it and we believe that pennsylvania and michigan, wisconsin could quickly move onto our board. >> dickerson: you mentioned donald trump is a different candidate appealing to different voters. the early vote in nevada and florida he's driving away the voters you talked about attracting after the 2012 election.
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they vote. you can see it's happening from the data. >> dickerson: do you think he will do better with latinos then people think? >> i think he will do better than people think. in florida, today, we are 7000 ballots down. four years ago we were 104 balance on doubts. all of thisxd these are great anecdotes. the clinton campaign can cheri pick all they we're ahead in early vote then we were four years ago by a mile. we are ahead, we were down in north carolina four years ago and won north carolina. >> dickerson: let me ask you this before people get lost on the numbers. la taoeb owe vote was something that republicans saw they needed to catch up with the future of the country. as this grows doing thing donald trump hurts or helps that effort?
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i can tell you about the growth and opportunity report. we have put in millions of dollars -- >> dickerson: the rnc report? >> -- that's right. we didn't show up six months ago. we are in puerto rican communities, cuban communities, hispanic communities. we have been their four years talking about our party and what we believe. in jobs, economy, choice, where you want to go to school, sba >> dickerson: if donald trump doesn't turn out latino voters it's his fault? >> no, first of all we need to give him credit for his attempts. he's going into?i little haiti n miami. we did a round table. he went to detroit,?i cleveland. he's doing well in black communities. he has been talking about school choice and money for small business owners and getting people back to work.
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and black voters, white voters. it?i appeals to all of us as americans. >> dickerson: there are times in the race when donald trump has called out the establishment. >> we have our own arguments. dickerson: do you worry if things don't turn out his way on tuesday? all of the work you did with him, he may turn around to blame you. >> it's politics. i don't care. i care about winning. i care about keeping the house and senate and winning the white house. post tuesday i'm not about that. i think we're winning. i also think that if, if you would of said two months ago, i think most people, if you're being honest, that we would be here today arguing over michigan and pennsylvania, i think people would of been shocked. here we are. it's a tight race. we will do all we can. we need our voters to get out and vote. >> dickerson: before we leave, we're out of time. we have to finish after the
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>> thank you. dickerson: we will be back in one minute with what we were
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>> dickerson: we're back now with more insight as to why the race is tightening with anthony salvanto in our new?? york stud. anthony, our last meeting before election day. what do you see with the numbers out of florida and ohio. >> even in florida. he has gotten a few of the previously unsure voters. there weren't a lot to start with. they have moved towards donald trump. one of the reasons, i think, we asked people how?i they saw each candidate relative to the political system. the majority says they feel hillary clinton is what is wrong with politics. now they see trump separate from
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right. you can imagine some unsure voters on the fence have moved towards him because of. that whether that's enough to carry into a win we will have to see. it comes down to turn out. >> dickerson: that why he's hammering the change message in the final stretch. in florida the latino voters. clinton campaign enthusiastic. did that show up in the numbers? >> it do they are strongly for hillary?r clinton. she will need that to win. vote, the one cast so far, it looks like an uptick in latino turn out in florida. larger then it?m was in 2012. that's a good sign for her. the tough part for her is what is out there, what is outstanding. looks a little younger then the rest of?i the electorate. that means goat the rest of the collision she needs in florida she needs a strong turn out come
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>> dickerson: early?r and absene voting in the states, does it look like in your numbers republicans vote for the republicans and democrats for the democrats. >> democrats for democrats and republicans for republicans. one thing bolstering donald trump he has some republicans coming back to him?i now.?i we have followed the story of reluctant republicans and not getting that base. they're starting to come home. he's ticking up w both states. that's moving the needle for him a little bit. >> dickerson: how about tuesday, what do you look for? what do we pay attention to? >> it's the map versus momentum, in some sense. the map favors even if narrowly hillary clinton. you have states reliably democratic. we think they will be in her camp. the trend line some some national poles and the states is donald trump.
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he can start to either flip some of the democratic states and we will know that fairly early. you will get an early closing in virginia. an 8:00 o'clock eastern closing in places like pennsylvania. those are states that hillary clinton all about has to win. if you see the states tight and competitive they can't be projected early that could be the sign of a good night for donald trump. if hillary clinton hangs on she will do so with theel hispanic voters and the help of? college, college degrees. that's a big part of her collision so far. i?i think you will see a large gender gap. if you don't see that given donald trump's strength with men, that could be a very good sign for him. >> dickerson: okay,?i anthony. see you tuesday night. >> thank you, john. dickerson: we will be back in
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news election coverage. starting at 7:00 eastern. our entire team will be there. all night long to get you and the rest of -- to get you the latest results and tell what you it all means. i will start writing an election blog today at the blog updates through tuesday night and we will tweet it from
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>> dickerson: some our cbs staugss are leaving us now. for most of you we will be back with more "face the nation" including an update on the election day terror threats and our political panel. stay with u
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