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tv   CBS 58 News at 10pm  CBS  November 6, 2016 10:30pm-10:56pm CST

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i thought i could teach you to do what i do. (chuckles) you want to teach me... to be a private eye? i think you'd great at it-- you're smart, you know how to read people. you were a great help when we were looking for the bensonhurst bomber. we would not have been able to find him without you. i was a help because i'm an ex-con. that don't mean i'm good at detecting stuff.
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estment firm which backed yvette ingram's lawsuit. we've been chatting for almost an hour. i think she's a hair's breadth from sending me a list of the individuals who profited. from sending me a liprty low. well, it is and it isn't. i mean, i chose her based on certain beliefs she's espoused on social media. for example, she started her own chapter of the ayn rand appreciation society because the new york chapter was too charitable, so, you know, when wade fails to meet her for line dancing tomorrow night,
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oh, i spoke to shinwell tonight. and? you're right... not a detective. not for everyone, watson. in fact... (computer pings) oh. the biscuit is in the basket. sorry. that's just something that wade would say. his would-be girlfriend has sent a list of investors. tell me you don't have to catfish any of them tonight. i don't think any additional subterfuge will be necessary. one of these names is quite familiar. you met him the other day. you should know, i've advised my client not to answer any questions. bell: that's okay, he can just listen. we know you lied to us the other day, mr. lerner. when we said there was evidence that suggested your brother-in-law was a sex predator, anyou knt. when we said there was evidence that suggested having an affair. your brother-in-law was a sex predator, we're guessing he told you the truth about what he was doing. holmes: the timing was quite fortuitous.
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being brought by a woman named yvette ingram. and those depositions were not going as you'd hoped. so you created a phony trueromantix profile for yvette's former boss, jack mcgill, and struck up a conversation with one of damien's alter egos. not long after, damien assaulted mcgill, and posted a video that branded him a sex predator. a big cash settlement for yvette went from being a long shot to a sure thing. you made your money back times ten. damien was a loose end, however, you tied him up. garrett: wait. what do y-- what do you mean?
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creating a phony profile, okay, in the name of the new defendant, to g damien to go after him. there's cameras at the library. our ugh, go see. i'm-i'm telling the truth.
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russ feingold: in the senate there's a choice- you can go along with the rigged system, or you can stand for something that matters. i stand with wisconsin working families. going to all 72 counties, i know how hard you work and how wages aren't keeping up. -tax loopholes for billionaires, tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. i'll take on the rigged system. and work to build an economy that works for everyone. i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because you deserve a senator who stands up for you. watson: how'd it go at the library? yes, well, it turns out i took out their copy
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and they refused access to their security footage until i settled up. $463 later, marcus and i were able to confirm garrett lerner's alibi. he did not kill his brother-in-law. watson: i had a feeling it was going that way, so i dug back into the men that damien novak shamed. and? well, you and i both don't like jack mcgill for the murder, so i put him to the side. jerome chun is still in a coma, and reuben welker is still in prison. so that just leaves ignacio gomez and shane fitzhugh. both of whom fled the country. yeah. that why you were crying, watson? excuse me? you've been crying sometime in the last hour. okay, first of all, i did not cry, i teared up, and second of all, it wasn't because we weren't able it was because of these. oh, these are the statements from the women hurt by fitzhugh and gomez. oh, the toughest one to read
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he was her j.v. field hockey coach. over the course of a year, he abused her over a hundred times. she was 14. 20 when she wrote this. yeah, it took her that long to come forward. when she was a kid, he convinced her that no one was gonna believe her and it was all her fault. when she went to college, she knew better. hmm. told you it was tough to read. ms. swain writes that for years she's required a daily cocktail of anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication. who knows how long she's gonna have to take those for? (sighs) is there a problem? well, the problem is, i don't just know who killed damien novak, watson. but i liked her. miss parsons, please have a seat. if you need more data from trueromantix, i can't help you. i gave my notice two days ago. no, that's not why we asked you here. so the other day, i, uh, misunderstood
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u were eavesdropping because you didn't like him, but in truth, you wanted to know how much the police knew about damien novak's murder. i'm sorry. um... damien novak? the man you shot the other night. we know your real name is nadia swain. we also know that in 2009 you were victimized by a man named shane fitzhugh. last year, you worked up the courage to tell the new jersey police about it.
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n into mr. fitzhugh. they took what you said very seriously. but after so much time had passed, there wasn't any evidence. bell: it took them a few months, but they managed to identify second girl he'd hurt... then a third. holmes: so they were on the verge of making an arrest, but the man who cost you a shot at fitzhugh was anonymous. all anyone knew about him was that he set traps at trueromantix. so y dropped out of college. all anyone knew about him
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you got access to their files, and then all of a sudden, this hunter, he becomes the hunted. and when you saw he was going to meet winston utz at a motel a few nights ago, you acted. i wanted him to understand what he'd done. i wanted to shame him. y ow i wanted him to understand what he'd done. he was on hiway to that man's room when i came up behind him and put the gun to his back. (crying) made him tie his own hands but then, when he turned around, when he saw me he said
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(crying) i didn't mean to kill him. (footsteps) isn't that where shane fitzhugh fled to? indonesia has no extradition treaty with the united states. i loh anuntries. isn't that where shane fitzhugh fled to?
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ed by the balinese police tomorrow morning. did he hurt someone there? gonna find ten kilograms of uncut cocaine in his home. your friend is gonna plant it. itsevere. gonna find ten kilograms of uncut cocaine in his home. if y feel i'm acting rashly... i didn't say anything. (indistinct voices in distance) bang!
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hey, if i can find it, so can your parole officer. why are you here? heard about your new friend, ms. watson. i understand you two been spending a lot of time together. what do you care? (laughing) you are aware that she works for the police, aren't you? you and me, shinwell, we got big plans. be a shame if you die before we see them through. (door opens) (door closes) [ bells jingling ] whoa. the holidays are coming. [ barks ] you're right. we need to get ready for the big show. what's up dudes? lots to do. hey iron man can you run up for the lights?
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? definitely taller. it's starting to click guys. woo-hoo. yes. [ instrumental music ] we're gonna make this... [ barks ] yeah, spectacular.
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get anything going... the defense didn't have any luck either as the green and gold lost to indy.hi there i'm eric . levy.good evening i'm amanda porterfield.the losing streak stands at two... the record -- four and 58 sports director kevin holden breaks it all down for us right now... kevin? 3 the packers have been a strong team in the second half of the season during aaron rodgers career. this year, they'll need a strong finish after a 4-and-4 first half. the packers played from behind from the opening
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kickoff back 99 yards for a colts touchdown, and the packers trailed by 14 aty 14 at 8 inlfthe final quarter. give rodgers credit t- 96 yard touchdown drive to end the first half.letroy guion pretty devastating. the defense has to get off the eld.. evwas really the difference. they started early we didn't. that's what it came down to.sot coming up in sports--missed opportunities on offense as well. took them awhile to wake up... scott grodsky with more coming up in sports. in gb ea
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the loss has fans at "leff's lucky town" in tosa scratching their heads too... trying to figure out if this team can make it to the post season. season."i don't know. every game's off and on, hot and cold. i mean, i've stayed with them every year. i just don't k" know.""i'm sad and mad... about the packers."
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ceainly what people are talking about tonight... during the game, the record breaking warmth was the story. cbs 58's jacob kittilstad has more on that from lambeau. no green and gold ski masks... but there's still plenty of green and gold face paint. "got a lot of pictures with random people. even the colts fans love us. so..."zach schneider already is sweating off what on his nose..."i picked the right date."but he's looking forward taking his girlfriend to her first game.amber dittman's also wearing paint. paint. hopefully get on the jumbotron because we got endzone tickets."wide-"we had matching shoes but his dog chewed it." "basically, make her stand out for her first time. go all out. let here enjoy it and know what it's all about." "it's wisconsin. we do have our indian summer right now so it's warmer weather so it's so nice. i had to take off my extra layer." even with a good breeze...rob roskum - from seymour, wisconsin - doesn't feel it.there's not even a shake on his uprights. uprights."this is // hey, i dressed up a little bit warm. whatever - it's working, it's
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"every week i try to add something new to this outfit." "it's kind of alright. it's right about in this area but otherwise, it's all good. it's all good."(nat. rolling)it's just a part of the deal for ?these superfans?... posing for pictures..."we' been to poland, england, -we've been visiting the world today. - canada, california." ...and if they're going to be hot... they're going to be hot together."our friend rob started this -i started it -then we joined in. -they joined in. -and we have fun." "but i'm sure later on as the sun goes down it will get colder. but we l with the weather." "it's definitely a milestone for a future in our relationship. i'm happy to do anything for some heart pounding pictures of a serious crash along 41 this afternoon.the tosa fire department tweeted the pictures. can see a big rig on the side of a hill near swan boulevard in wauwatosa.a
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the crash happened around 1:45 but it was cleared by three o- bad as the crash looks...nobody as hurt. 3 a south milwaukee man suffered burns when his garage caught fire this afternoon.the south milwaukee fire department tells us he was hurt trying to put out the fire... and that his injuries are pretty minor. he was taken to the hospital for treatment.the garage itself though... is in pretty bad shape.there's no word yet on how it started. 3 a 35 year old man was shot after a fight on milwaukee's north happened inside a home near 41st and police tell us the man has serious injuries, but he will survive.if you know where the gunman the milwaukee police department. a hit and run driver still at large tonight... after hitting a little girl who was on her way to church. church.thasunerse the street to get in the car" that's when a driver hit the girl, and didn't stop."they actually slowed down after the accident and they continued to speed past"pastor radontae ashford was at church."got a
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a tragic accident and immediately rushed here." ashford and the little girl were cousins"just havea and as her mother mourns, he pleads. "if you know anything please just have a heart and come forward." forward."at this time, the family is asking only for prayers, but they say a memorial fund for the 5 year old will be set up in the coming days. no charges coming for hillary c.
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fbi director james comey... who alerted congress this afternoon. in a letter, director comey told lawmakers new emails do ?not? warrant any charges.the benew probe just one week ago... after finding the emails argl to see at foas er matter is resolved." resolved."the rank and file special agents at the fbi won't let her get away with her terrible crimes. crimes.right now she is being protected by a rigged system. system.trump went on to say the fbi could not have thoroughly examined the roughly 650-thousand emails found in just eight days. 3 hillary clinton's running mate
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presidential candidate spent the afternoon in green bay... bay...he also stopped at hillary clinton's organizing office in milwaukee.tha'ts where kaine told supporters to keep pushing and not to rely on the 58's david ade spoke one on one with kaine... and asked him why the democratic nominee hasn't been back to wisconsin since the spring primary. "it's just there's so much ground to cover and the good news is, she was here very vigorously so pre-primary, and there's just a lot of ground to cover. but you know somebody and do a couple, my wife has been here, vice president biden has been here, president clinton has been here, chelsea clinton has been here. so we're giving a lot of attention to the state." state."a recent marquette law poll released last wednesday shows clinton with a six point lead over trump. 3 the national president of the naacp was in milwaukee too... cornell brooks spoke to the congregations at "saint mark's a-m-e church" and "greater galilee baptist"... giving a passionate plea and reminding them just how important their votes are.
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ask us, 'are you up to the moment? are you up to the hour? are you up to the day? are you up to the moment in his" history?'"brooks says african americans and other minorities cannot allow their voices to silenced by outside forces. 3 cbs 58 will have live team coverage of what happens on election night. we will have the results in local and state races. plus - reaction to the presidential election. sure to join us on tuesday night. 3 3 tonight: clear sky. a little fog possible. lows in the lower 40s with a few 30s possible. wind: sw 2-5 mph. monday: a little cooler but still above-average and warm with highs in the lower 60s. still lots of sunshine with clouds increasing after sunset. wind: sw 5-10 mph. election day: lots of clouds
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in the upper 50s.week ahead: sunshine returns starting wednesday and lasts through the weekend. cold air begins to funnel in. still slightly above-average through thursday with highsn the middle and upper 50then right around average with highs in the upper 40s friday and saturday


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