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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  November 7, 2016 2:00am-2:30am CST

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g him. they skipped the sleep deprivation and electric shock elements of the program, went right to the free skate-- waterboarding. they've been at it for three days, but he won't crack. they can waterboard him for three months. he won't crack because he didn't do it. i don't know if he did it or not-- i'm telling you. and we know how good your word is. look, the point is, it's a matter that needs to be decided in a court, not a torture chamber. he did tell them something. what? that the president's still in danger and whoever shot him will be back to finish the job. (projector and camera shutter clicking)
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do you wanna come talk about grant's actual condition? because this whole he's-halfway-to-doing- push-ups-on the white-house- lawn bit is wearing awful thin. the man you're torturing in the pentagon isn't the person who shot president grant. but he knows who did, and he can help sally find her. you mean your employee, who you were harboring in your office. we gave you a hell of a break on that one. thank you. but the fact remains you have the wrong person in custody, and he will die at your hands rather than confess to a crime he didn't commit. and you and sally can't get the media bump without thessie conf, so-- why on earth would i release him? the charade that fitzgerald grant is awake? i wasn't elected yesterday, olivia. i know political kabuki when i see it. president grant's life is still in danger. i know it's a leap of faith-- leap of faith? it's swallowing tacks and expecting to puke up a unicorn. these are your experts, sally. you called them, not me. so why don't we listen to what they have to say? gentlemen. the prisoner was the star ofhe b-613 program. which means? that the united states government funneled millions of dollars into teaching him how to execute a target
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one of the best trackers the agency has ever seen. his dossier, ma'am. and you are telling me that none of the literally thousands intelligence agents i have at my disposal can do what this man can do? read the summary on pages four and five, ma'am. (pages rustle) (papers rustle) how would we go about it? (muffled screaming) (buzzer sounds, door opens) (huck groaning) ohh! (door closes) hello, gentlemen. where the hell do you think you're going? me? i'm not going anywhere. but you all might want to pack it in, because, fellas, you're back on amerin soil. (huck continues groaning) by executive order, this man is to be released. what? president sally langston has ordered
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and let him go immediately. (huck panting) (car departs) we don't have a lot of time. (panting) (projector and camera shutter clicking) what is this? a transfer form requesting the president be moved i need you to sign his name. why are we moving him? you don't need to know why we are transferring him. you just need to sign. several reasons. it's safer, it's a lot easier to control the guest list, and the press has no access to the place. it takes him out of the capitol. it makes him look weak. he's unconscious. he is weak. (sighs) (pen clicks) (scribbling continues) thank you. (door opens)
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me? i'm fine. (sighs) it's not easy living a lie, pretending everything's perfect when it's not. i learned that lesson a while ago. (sighs) i keep asking myself, what am i gonna do? i mean, i-i can keep this ruse going for so long until... but if he never wakes... what am i gonna do? what are you gonna do? do you ever wonder that? what you're gonna do without him? mellie, you need to pull it together. you have one job here-- holding off sally. i'm doing everything else, so get a grip. okay? fine. (projector and camera shutter clicking) i'm not trying to be difficult, senator. exactly what is your role here anyway? i'm simply telling you the president isn't accepting visitors. on whose authority? when olivia gets here-- you can ask me yourself. thank you, harrison.
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i've been working. you haven't been home in two days. i have been working. you're not taking any of my calls. again-- liv. every third time you call, i answer. so you have a system for avoiding my calls? that's why you're here? because i haven't been answering my phone to your satisfaction? i'm here to see the president. he's not accepting visitors. you're a visitor. i'm his-- you're his what? i'm his friend. yeah. you should go. i'm not leaving until i see him. you're not seeing him. with the press and the american public, but sally langston is whispering to anyone who will listen that all is not right here in camelot. sally has a right to her opinion, but i'm not gonna dignify it with a response. olivia, if that letter from president grant was forged, there will be joint congressional hearings and letters of impeachment. the chief justice of the supreme court will turn the senate chamber into a courtroom, and you will be the star witness for the prosecution. forging that letter or helping whoever did forge that letter is staging a coup. it's an act of domestic terrorism.
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i am the leader of the senate. i won't hesitateption to prosecute you to the full extent of the law. and guess what. i make the law. so you talk it over with whomever you need to talk it over with and then you let me know when the president is ready to see me. good-bye, edison. i have been working in oral health care for the last 12 years. there is a perception amongst dentists that whitening toothpastes are not good for people with sensitive teeth. some are quite abrasive. what we've developed in sensodyne true white is a product that is 10 times less abrasive than many of the whitening toothpastes that are out there, and especially designed for sensitivity sufferers.
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blackberry complex. younger looking skin can start today. absolutely ageless? from aveeno?. itz to camp david. their mamas didn't raise no fools. it's amart play. hide him away from media scrutiny, run out the clock. something has got to be done. this uncertainty is bad for the country, bad for the markets, bad for our image around the world. we look weak to our adversaries, confused to our friends. ing's gotta be done. hollis? plauble deniability, madam president. i'm handling it. don't you worry a bit about it. (door closes) the president is in fact doing well enough that preparations are underway to move him to camp david, where he will be able to further recuperate as well as be briefed on the events of the last few days, including the situation in east sudan. the first lady will undoubtedly...
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p) hey. yeah, i'm watching it right now. (reporter continues indistinctly on tv) (projector and camera shutter clicking) i'll be ready. (projector and camera shutter clicking) (baby fussing) wash your hands. yeah, i was just-- i-i don't need to be in here or get in the way. i only wanted to look at her through the glass, and--and she wasn't there. she's over here in the back, so you have to come in. in. she needs to be held. she needs to bond with you. (fusses) you know what? i probably shouldn't. i mean, all the papers aren't signed, and i-i was just stopping by. you're gonna be her father, right? come and meet your daughter. it's fine. (cooing) oh. would you like to hold her?
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(fusses) she's clearly very intelligent. yes, she is. (whispers) hi. hi, cutie. (baby voice) hi. (speaks indistinctly) that's right. that's a good smile. that's right. i'm gonna be your daddy. yes, i am. yes, i am. yes, i am. yes, i am. (projector and camera shutter clicking) (projector and camera shutter clicking) map ofhe motorcade route, courtesy of the secret service. thanks. you might also find this interesting. what is this? the number we pulled off hollis doyle's burner phone. if it's becky's, we'll have our proof that hollis is the one who hired her. huck, is there any chance--
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t hollis on this number, she'll spook. liv? i won't let you down this time. promise.
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(clicking) (projector and camera shutter clicking)
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(cell phone rings) (ring) (beep) voice) hi, becky. (scoffs) they're not moving him to camp david tonight, are they? no. and by the time i reach for my gun, you'll have put four bullets in me? five. one for the dog. (man) drop the gun! get on your knees! show me your hands!
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(men shouting indistinctly) (man) put the gun down! it's kate. what? my real name... (man) all right, move it in. it's kate. okay. (grunts) what's your name? does it matter? (handcuffs click) (man) all clear. take 'em down. (man) clear that weapon. (man) in five... four... three, two... my fellow americans, for the past week, our nation's law enforcement agencies have been working tirelessly around the clock, searching for those responsible for the grave and cowardly attack on president grant. the search is over. i can report tonight that we have in custody the assassin who allegedly killed britta kagen and shot president grant nearly to death.
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that the assassin worked alone. (knock on door) was that a kck? someone check on the door. got it. your prayers. i also ask that while the attorney general and her capable team finalize their investigation, that we not resort to baseless speculation or rumor. in this time of uncertainty, i can assure you that our government is functioning to its fullestbility. we have informed our friends abroad of this situation and have their complete support. we're releasing him to your custody. thank you. let us show the best... (handcuffs clicking) of our nature in thanks for these blessings. (keys jangle) whatever the motive behind this brutal attack, i pray that we might find comfort in psalm 27. (door opens) "the lord protects me from all dangers. i will never be afraid." (door closes) and we will not be afraid. this country... welcome home. is strong, and all those who seek to harm our leadership
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should remember that at the foundation of america is a resolve for justice, and we will get justice for these sad events. thank you, good night, and god bless america. (projector and camera shutter clicking) (knock on door) (door opens) madam first lady, come right in. acting president langston, thank you for inviting me down. i see you've been redecorating. oh, i just moved in some family photos and set aside that dusty old ship fitz had on the desk. oh, that dusty old ship was a gift from george bush sr., but whatever. it'll all be going back soon enough. mm. some light reading? it's the east sudan briefing. there's only so much "what to expect when you're expecting" one can take, and the president likes me to stay up on things. especially now, i'm sure. how do you mean? well, as he recovers his full capabilities.
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unbelievable, one might say. modern medicine. i've just done some fascinating reading myself. mm? on graphology. it's-- the study of handwriting. yes. much of it is rather dry and somewhat impenetrable, but other insights are fairly easy to digest. for example, the "t"-bar. i'm not familiar. well, it's quite elegant in its simplicity, really. you see, when a right-handed person writes the letter "t," they make the cross at the top go from left to right. "t"-cross, it goes from right to left. now the president is left-handed, but his first lady is not. (paper rustles) fitzgerald thomas grant. three "t's" in all, as it happens, (chuckles) there's an old saying-- an expert is someone who's read one book. i'm quite sure i could find
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particularly given that he's still recovering his full motor skills resulting from a gunshot wound to the head. and will you also find a doctor? because i have a sworn affidavit from one of presides at james madison hospital saying that your husband has iled to so much as open his eyes. madam first lady, you will withdraw this letter of reinstatement, or i will have no choice but to reveal it for the humiliating forgery it is. cyrus? there's no miracle. what? fitz-- he's not awake. he's not talking. he's not anything. there's no miracle. we lied. report it. don't report it. i don't care anymore. it doesn't matter.
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i'm not a report anymore. i'm not chief of staff anymore. (sighs) let's go get our baby. let's. okay. (cell phone rings) (sighs) (ring) (sighs) cyrus beene. (the staple singers) ? oh, man, you heard enough ? ? trying to live a risking life ? did you need something, quinn? ? don't go out and buy a cadillac ? i do. i need to know why you aren't on the phone right now with the fbi, telling them about hollis doyle. i'm pretty sure he blew up cytron and killed my boyfriend and ruined my life. and don't say he didn't, because i really, really think he did. and he hired an assassin to shoot the president of the united states, and you' not doing a single thing about it.
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? that's one reason there are so many people ? okay. okay? ? lord ? okay. let's talk. ? i'm not trying to tell you how to do it ? ? i'm only saying put some thought into it ? (cell phone rings) ? be what you are, my fend ? (ring) (beep) hello? someone wants to talk to you. ? be what you are, my friend ? ? and live the life ? hi. ? be what you are, my friend ? hi. ? and live the life ?
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>> dickerson: welcome back to "face the nation." i'm john?? dickerson. u.s. intelligence warn this week about a possible al qaeda terror attacks. how real is the threat? senior news analysis fran townesend and washington post's
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more. how serious is this? >> it's important this is corral saisaicoreal qaeda. i'm told this?? came after the killing of a key al qaeda operative, an operation planner in the provence of northeastern afghanistan two weeks ago. his discussion of plans is where this begins. it is taken seriously. it's specific. it snakes three states and a time. one reason an official says we're not?i in panic mode about this is core al qaeda is a great distance away. it has a difficulty organizing and is not a top threat. what is the most is the lone
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someone with a gun going to a polling place, motivated by all stuff?i on-line. in terms of this threat it was specific and disseminated. the reason officials think it's not a three alarm fire. >> dickerson: the reason is the ability to carry out an operation is degraded the last three years from a stacks of al qaeda. >> this is a key operation planner who survives, now dead but survived in his conversation with the question is the ability to carry out the plans. people think that's limited. >> dickerson: fran, what happens on the homeland security end with this operation? what can be done what?i is being done? >> first of all, john, they have a dent phid over a dozen operatives that have been deployed. they have been trained over the course of three years in the


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