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tv   CBS 58 News at 500pm  CBS  November 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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things are starting to pick up just a bit here at this polling or 7 in brookfield. here's a look inside right now, but we're being asked to stay out of the room itself to give voters some privacy. leaders here say there was a busy time when the polls opened, and another burst around ten this morning. it's probably going to be busy as we get deeper in to the evening as people get out of work. the waukesha county clerk to earlier today... in lisbon. some spots ran out of ballots, but new ones were printed swiftly and delivered. voters were offered a touch screen machine during that time. she expects 80 to 85 percent of registered voters, if not more, to cast ballots in the county. something to consider, if you're in line at'll be able to vote. if you get here or any other spot 8:01 you won't. for now, the
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getting in and out rather quickly. at the public safety building right now, el, cbs 58... bill and michele back to you. 3 the biggest reason the polls today is the race for the white house. house. both donald trump and hillary clinton are in the state of new york today. today. trump cast his ballot in new york city this morning, saying it should be an interesting day. he trails hillary clinton in the most recent national poll by 4 points. in wisconsin, the most recent polls showed clinton with a six point lead. but as they say, the only poll that really counts is on electin day. (theresa mitchell) 10:47:54 i think hillary will make a difference whereas trump i see him as for himself himselfsot paul cattan, voted
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because we do need change in washington and because of all the corruption that's been going on.all the coverups. coverups.9:20:21 i'm exhausted, so glad its over. over. some polling places have already closed at 5 central time in indiana and kentucky, so it shouldn't be long before we starting seeing some vote totals. scott pelley will have more coming up after this newscast. if there's one race that could keep us up all night, waiting for a winner, it's the tight duel between incumbent senator ron johnson and former wisconsin senator russ feingold. feingold. tonight, cbs 58's kristen barbaresi is live in oshkosh, where johnson's supporters will gather tonight. we'll hear from her after we check in with mike strehlow, live in middleton, where feingold's supporters will wait for the results....mike? 3 hours before the polls close...3 hours before this watch party begins. russ feingold thanked volunteers this morning and hopes to
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about an hour after polls opened...feingold stopped by a volunteer office in madison to thank those who made 2- thousand voter contacts yesterday alone. it's the kind of grass roots ground game effort this janesville native believes will make the difference by building on the momentum from an record turnout of early voters...especially in areas that bode well for his chances of winning back the seat he lost 6 years ago.. (((russ feingold/d-candidate for us senate")))51:40 i could look down drive in middleton and even though tons of people have already voted in middleton there was a big old line outside of the police station before they even opened the doors :47 so this is the moment and i kept my remarks short here because we want people to get out and vote, we dont want them to listent o me today the watch party doesn't begin until 8. among the notable democrats who'll be here is democratic us senator tammy baldwin. the incumbent feingold is
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and that's where we join cbs 58's kristin barbaresi. you can see set up underway here at the oshkosh convention center where ron johnson's supporters will wait for tonight's results senator johnson is hoping to retain his seat for a final term.i sat down with johnson last week- he says he wants to go back for 6 more years and as chariman of the homeland security committee he wants to work on securing the borderdefeating isis.and he says he's prepared to work with whoever is elected president.another priority johnson told me-dealing with the affordable care act and bringing down healthcare costs. 09;18;24 so the best thing would be to repeal it. go back to where premiums were half or a third of where they were,
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allow individuals to purchase across state lines, eliminate the individual mandate and the cadillac tax. johnson defeated russ feingold in 2010 by about five points and polls show this rematch will be tight-the two separated by just one point in the final marquette law school poll. could be a long night. live in oshkosh kristen barbaresi cbs 58 news 3 3 weather not an issue for voters today. morning voters.although the chill is noticeable.chief meteorologist drew burgoyne is here to tell us how the rest of the night is shaping up? 3 toss to drew drew tonight: partly cloudy,
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30s and lower 40s.wednesday: mostly sunny and mild. highs in the mid 50s. 3 he's spent almost two decades in the house of representatives and he's now one of the most powerful leaders on capitol hill. hill. house speaker paul ryan is up for re-election tonight against democrat ryan solen...and while most
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slam dunk for the incumbent, it's hard to take ?anything? for granted in this crazy political year. year. cbs 58's david ade is live in janesville, where ryan will join his supporters tonight. david? paul ryan is undefeated in the first congressional district dating back to this race is more of an afterthought to many of ryan's supporters.over the weekend ryan said he intended to west allis... but trump cancelled that ryan has spent most of his time over the last month campaigning for other republicans.... including senator ron johnson.over the weekend... ryan told me about the strategy. "if our nominee was going to come to wisconsin, and i also
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i was going to attend because i think republicans need a unify. i think we need to unify so we can re-elect ron that we can defeat hillary clinton... i think it's important that we unify so yeah... i was going to campaign with our nominee if he was in wisconsin." we're expecting to hear from ryan when his race is called later on in janesville... david ade... cbs 58 news. 3 3yo hours to vote...and remember, if you're going, bring the photo i-d, you'll need it. also--- if you need to ?register? at your polling place you'll ?also? need "proof of residence." residence." when you walk into your polling place--- have your i-d ready. ready. poll workers will ask you to ?sign a poll list?... then they'll give you a ?voting number?... and hand you a long as you're ?in line? by eight tonight--- you ?will? be able to vote. our election coverage is just begining..join us tonight after the polls close for complete coverage of the key local and state races... as
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presidential race--- you'll see it all right here on cbs 58. 3 next at five, progress to report in the case of a hit and run crash that killed a child. the car that was involved has been found. 3 and some businesses just wanted to say cheers to those who voted...but now there's a crack down on election
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it was breaking news at 5 monday, milwaukee police releasing this video of a car they believed was involved in the hit and run crash killed a five year old in milwaukee. tonight, not only has the car been found, but one person has been arrested in connection with the tragedy. cbs 58's lindsey branwall joins us in the studio with the latest.... days after a 5 year old was struck and killed by a car while holding her mother's hand, police say they know who was driving. 3 3 "so whoever did it. i beg you to please turn yourself in because my baby didn't deserve "
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rickyia langham's mother last night. today milwaukee police announced they have one person in custody.police are person they've identified as the driver of the porche cayenne at the time of the accident.that car was recovered last night on milwaukee's north side.the news is bringing closure.the family tells us rickyia's mother is at peace now that police know who did this.they say now they can concentrate on getting ria rest properly. again, police know who the driver is and they're searching for that person. the family invites the community to join them at 6:00 off 65th and hampton -- where this happened. they will be remembering the life of rickyia.reporting live in the studio... 3 you first heard about this car vs. pedestrian accident on our cbs 58 news last night.
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pedestrian, 19-year-old "lavonta mcmath" of kenosha was killed. .mcmath was trying to cross "washington road" near 55-th avenue... when a car hit him.officers say... he was ?not? in a crosswalk at the time. mcmath died at the scene.the 20-year-old driver is also from kenosha. folks turning out to vote at local polling stations eager to tell us why they're exercising their right. right. "at my age, i'm glad to 'bout that? 95. and i hope i can come back next year. i'll be 96 then, right? right? we met that veteran in brookfield...speaking out to us-- so nobody offers up any excuse for "not" casting a ballot. 3 some of you may have heard about free food and drink offers from restaurants if you show one of those "i voted" stickers.well the milwaukee
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let them know that it's illegal to offer promotions related to voting that are worth more than a dollar. it's a relatively obscure state law thatmany restaurant workers say they didn't know about. david sapp / general manager, drink wisconsinbly5;13;50"we definitely did not. entities bigger than me didn't know. the journal sentinel, onmilwaukee - they both did huge pieces. we heard a piece on the radio on the way back." back."bel air cantina ?was? offering free margaritas for voters today.instead, they'll be give away free ??to anyone?? over 21 tomorrow...who asked for celebrate the end of
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3 tonight: partly cloudy, cooler. lows in the upper 30s
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sunny and mild. highs in the mid 50s. winds: n/w 5-15.week ahead: we top out in the lower 60s for thursday. a cold front moves through for friday with highs in 3 the upper 40s. 50s return for the weekend.
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we have a ?programming note.? because of election coverage tonight--- jeopardy and wheel of fortune will ?not? be seen 58.instead you can watch the shows on our ?sister station?--- w-m-l-w "the m"... at 7 and 7-30.both shows will return to their regular time ?tomorrow?... here on cbs 58. from miller park to lambeau field, scott joins us now with sports and a very frustrated packers team.... ... ...that frustration is starting to build....we heard
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disappointment in the locker room after sunday's game.....he wasn't any happier 24 hours later...find out what he thinks the key is to getting back on
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the packers limp to the midway point of the season at 500 for the first time since president obama's first term....they're doing anything they can to try and right the ship.... they worked out long time lions running back joique bell and former panther brandon wegher (way-ger) but the fact is, one november signing won't fix this mike daniels thinks he knows what will...daniels wants his teammates to get angry... oc: all held accountabletrt: :15daniels: "nobody in this locker room should go home and have a good night's rest tonight, or the rest of this week. so we have to come together and figure this thing out. we should have played much better, done a lot of things better and we didn't. we didn't and we are all held accountable." the newest college football playoff rankings come out tonight and the badgers should be on the move.... move....after cruising by northwestern, wisconsin will likely jump one spot to
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clear path to the big ten title game ..... if they win out they are in....seems easy with illinois, purdue and minnesota on the schedule....but wisconsin knows better than to underestimate anyone....the illini are up next, fresh off of their first win against michigan state since 2006... 3 3 3 fumagali: "this group has done a great job of this every week. just not being complacent and coming out and finding new things to improve on and getting better." musso: "november is probably the hardest month for a lot of sports teams. that's where a lot of teams prove more than anything just because bodies start to hurt and mentally school starts to weigh on people a little bit. so really we have to focus on this week and getting through november before anything else." the badgers will open next season in primetime...the big ten just announced their friday night schedule with wisconsin and utah state kicking off the year september first at camp randall.... the u-w milwaukee womens'
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night...the panthers host western illinois sunday to start the regular season....they're hoping to build off of last year's 19-13 record that brought the panthers to the post season for the first time in a decade.... swan: "it's been amazing, just to see the growth of the players and even the coaching
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3 3 3 thanks for joining us.the cbs evening news with
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: now it's up to you. >> go vote. >> pelley: tonight, americans have the final word of campaign 2016 as they choose the next president of the united states. >> i feel fantastic. very optimistic. i'm praying. their ballots. >> i'm so happy. >> tough decision. >> pelley: it's election day in america. this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: it's the first tuesday after the first monday of november, and the last hours of the last day of voting. for the next president of the united states.


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