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tv   CBS 58 News Election Special  CBS  November 8, 2016 9:00pm-9:38pm CST

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critical and very tight race for u.s. senate. the republican incumbent ron johnson trying to defeat russ feingold, the democrat, who wants the seat back that he lost six years ago. voter turnout has bee robust. many saying it is in line with the last presidential election. might even surpass in some areas waukesha county in particular as many as 85%. that's what they're putting voter turnout prediction so far tonight. bill: cbs news leading fol could be a lot of surprises ahead of us. it appears donald trump in the race for president out performing in many states what at least the pollsters thought would happen. lots of states right now too close to call. michele: congressman ryan in his victory speech in janesville moments ago as you saw live here crossing his fingers saying it might be a good night for his party. we shall see. bill: all right.
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here. i think we can send it to kate for a look at the electoral map. kate: the electoral college of course is of vious concern. you need 270 electoral votes to win and those numbers are starting to come in with cbs news projecting a bulk of midwestern states for trump. we are going to check in a little bit now on the scenes out there out and about in wisconsin this evening. stronger america. mr. trump: make america great again. >> these elections are about the desire of the people. >> i have and i've gotten real results. announcer: this is a cbs 58 news election special. >> so it all comes down to tonight. bill: yes. florida too close to call. north carolina too close to call. pennsylvania too close to call.
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hillary clinton or donald trump and the presidential race. michele: wisconsin still considered by national pundits as a key battleground state and it's not being called any time soon. we're following a number of important local races. david ade is in janesville with paul ryan who just accepted victory. bill: also between senator ron johnson and russ feingold. michele: joining us now in studio cbs 58 morning news anchor kate chapel. looking very interesting and taking shape since the last time we took a look, kate. kate: that is correct. 270 the magic number to win. as it stands, donald trump leading electoral votes 137-104. you can see a number of states have been called at this point. you'll see a lot of red on this map early on but, again, none of those major battleground
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really the election is anyone's game. a couple notable wins for trump so far. by size anyway. texas 38 electoral votes. not shocking since texas has voted republican in the last nine elections. he also took indiana. that has 11 electoral votes. again no surprise. that is typically a red state and also governor mike pence's home state. also electoral votes. as for clinton, she has wins in several east coast states. not a big surprise to see a lot of blue up there. alsoll votes. illinois voted democrat in the last six elections. it's also where clinton grew up. we know a number of polls have yet to close and a lot of battleground states are up for grabs at this point. for now, back to you guys, bill and michele. michele: thanks so much. cbs news is saying from its exit polling that florida voters are leaning clinton.
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carolina. in ohio showing that donald trump has the edge. bill: one race locally that was not considered close was the race in the district 1 house speaker paul ryan handily won his re-election bid. let's send it out to cbs 58 david ade with supporters of ryan in janesville. david? david: bill, we talked about all these races too close to call. this one here, the first congressional district, in just over 30 minutes from the time the wisconsin polls cl, and really not a surprise to supporters here of paul ryan. he has won every race he's run in the first congressional district since 1998. he got up on stage, made very cr, trd here in sviljane, then mentioned he is l ngcould a good night for america. not directly talking about that presidential race but i think people here seemingly got the
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about on that race. he also said he'll go watch more of the returns and he mentioned specifically the race in the senate, ron johnson and his rematch vs. former senator russ feingold. ron johnson in that very tight race. just a one-point race. that is a race paul ryan has spent his last five days focusing on, on that ron johnson bus tour campaign, the final boost he may have needed to push him over the top and beat russ that was paul ryan's tracking right now. he also before that was working to ensure house republicans maintained the majority and cbs has projected that will indeed happen. paul ryan looks to succeed in helping republicans maintain the u.s. house majority. aside from that we haven't heard much from paul ryan on the national races. we may expect to hear more from him within the next coming hours or maybe even tomorrow.
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david ade, cbs 58 news. michele: i was surprised how short his acceptance speech was. bill: didn't have much to say. michele: yes. it's going to be a long night bill: he probably wants to follow the results as much as the rest of us. michele: absolutely. the latest marquette poll out last week showed the race between ron johnson and russ feingold was going to be a close one. bill: that is certainly true tonight. the latest numbers from the cbs 58 website johnson with about an eight-point lead, over feingold. just 27% of the vote reporting. michele: you see, that's interesting because the cbs network from its exit polling was indicating it thought feingold had the edge. bill: yes. but as we're seeing some eskenazi it polling, some projection -- exit polling, some projection models are turning out to be off tonight. michele: that's why you have to count the votes. mike strailo is at the middleto?
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the convention center and 30 and spent 45 minutes mingling with supporters. he left. not sure when he'll come back. his staff said they don't know. he is kind of planning toom but he is in the building watching these results with the rest of us. before he got to oshkosh, senator johnson spent much of the day making final campaign stops around southeast wisconsin, including in milwaukee. r- this campaign cycle the final marquette law school poll showed this a dead heat with johnson down by just a point. this is a rematch from 2010 when johnson came in running as a political outsider who spent his career in manufacturing. he unseated then senator russ feingold who served three terms in the senate.
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closely tonight. control of the senate is up for grabs and it's going to come down to a few tight races, including our senate race here in wisconsin. republicans hoping to defend their majority as pressure that was not lost on the johnson campaign throughout this election. >> i would take that pressure and turn it into excitement. we've always known it would be a tough race in wisconsin. the fact is wisconsinites are used to close races and wisconsin republicans are used to tough fights. chief of staff is taking the stage and speaking to supporters right now. we'll listen to what he has to barbaresi, cbs 58 news. bill: thank you. former senator russ feingold hoping to win back the seat he held for three terms before he lost to senator johnson in 2010. michele: there is a hopeful crowd gathered for a watch
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there. mike: as the results rolled in feingold staffers and surrogates are not only watching the overall tally but where those numbers are coming from. the specific regions of the state where feingold might be over performing or perhaps under performing against ron johnson. shortly after the polls closed feingold tweeted this message. if you're still in line at your polling location, stay in line. you will get to here at the marriott in middleton, it's pretty subdued. i haven't heard one cheer go out yet. they're watching the national coverage here of what's happening in the race for president. and right now they're not too excited about some of the early returns but they know, i've spoken with some of them, that this is still very early. as far as the race they're here to see, their hopes for rematch victory have been bolstered by heavy turnout here in da
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milwaukee. this is the finisneor a campaign that started some 18 months ago. one in which democratic state representative chris taylor says feingold really connected with voters in all 72 counties. >> russ feingold has always been a champion for the people. not the big corporate special interests. he has always had the people of the state's backs. i think people understand and know that and i do think he will prevail. ron johnson is really more about special protecting this very rigged economic system that helps multi-millionaires like ron johnson. it doesn't help working people. i think people do understand that really the champion of the people is russ feingold and i think he will come through tonight. johnson who made an appearance at his watch party, russ
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away here in middleton, with his wife, two adult daughters, and two grandchildren as well watching the numbers roll in. once he feels comfortable enough to come over here conces time will only tell. i know that is very trite. speaking of concession speeches, it was right behind me. six the political ads, feingold was
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he was talking about a rigged system that helps the elite, the already wealthy. and he tried todays of the camp. this 37% reporting. donald trump winning the popular vote but as we all know it's the electoral college, the states.wsecd onald trump has wo missouri. so donald trump and trump will get that state's 10 electoral votes. michele: polls are already closed for more than half of the united states. at the totch the hour polls closed in iowa, nevada, utah, mont, iowa,es. bi moning
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for more on the re onnight so far. hello. all right. we apologize earperhaps 2000 in particularly on social media.
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facebook and twitter and social media tonight? all right. you know, this is the fun of the election night. isn't it? bill: a lot of unexpected things happening. michele: we'll hang in there. all right? we hope you will hang in with us for the rest of the evening. agaiet .nu 48.9%. hillary clinton7%.
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district six glenn grothman the incumbent. jeff dahlke the independent getting 5.2% of the vote again with 42% of precincts reporting. now this is interesting. these are the first numbers we're seeing trying to break down the presidential election in the state of wisconsin. 28% of precincts reporting, donald trump with 51%. hillary clinton 43.8%. gary johnson the libertarian with 3.7%. quite interesting consider the last marquette poll which showed clinton with a convincing lead over a convincing lead over trump. bill: just now from the green party pulling in 1% of the vote here in wisconsin. let's stay with this presidential race because a lot of things have- the experts, so-called experts did not expect are happening tonight. michele: the thing about the polling is that was registered voters who have voted before
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new voting generation might take charge, might step in. they're not counted in the polls, per se. so this might be what we're seeing. of course we really won't know until all is said and done but it is certainly intriguing and seemed to be something we thought might happen that the polls might not jibe with what actuly happens on election day. bill: cbs news telling us donald trump, vastly over performing in the cleveland suburbs. cleveland a blue bastion for democratic but donald trump over performing ay some of the areas that the democrats thought they had in thean hding
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wisconsin. ron johnson supporters are gathered in oshkosh. russ feingold in middleton. there you see the gathering here. we're beginning to find out just how close will this be? the polls showed it was neck and neck, a virtual tie. maybe one point which really doesn't t margin of error. bill: a lot of people are going to point to the fact that at least in the marquette law poll about three months ago i believe feingold had an 11-point lead. and the rli money out of wisconsin, thinking that the wisconsin senate race was for all intents and purposes over. michele: we look live, ron johnson, the supporters gathering in oshkosh ron johnson continuing to advocate he says for the working man and woman. he says as a business leader it positioned him exclusively to tackle these kinds of issues
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of course russ feingold with a congress that was not very productive and he triedo t wisc come back over and return him to capitol hill. bill: all right. a more festive mood right now at the johnson camp. michele: with 31% of the precincts reporting he has 53.1% of the vote the democrat feingold with the libertarian with 2.6%. i think we had a feeling this was going to be a tight race and of course those wow counties, waukesha, ozaukee, and washington county, until those results are in you probably wouldn't expect the republicans to make any kind of statement. feingold supporters are going to hold on to see what dane county and the madison area brings in until every last vote is counted. you heard mike strehlow has covered russ feingold throughout his career, mike
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him, keep in line. stay in line. don't go away just because 8:00 has struck. if you were in line by 8:00, you are allowed to vote and your vote will count. bill: we did hear rumblings from wisconsin republicans that milwaukee may not be such a democratic stronghold this time around. cbed ts 58 iight by the assistant political professor from marquette university. anchor the cbs morning news some analysis. >> thank you, bill. an update now. 104-150 in the electoral race. trump is leading. at 150 right about voter turnout because that is playing a big role in this election. people are showing up in record numbers in some places and all eyes right now are on florida and that is crucial. some pundits say because of the
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that is inhis election. >> absolutely. one thing early on in the early votes before election day the number of people voting was really high. we saw really high turnout numbers that looked pretty good for clinton coming into election day. but on election day, itself, what we're seeing is high turnout in areas where donald trump wopg boost turnout and it looks like he did. for instance in the florida panhandle and some of the rural areas across the his numbers. katyu vote up more than a hundred percent for latino voters right now in florida specifically. so it is incredible. you mentioned some of the rural places as well. that has kind of been trump's message getting the blue collar voters out there. it seems at least at this point his message is holding true. he is actually getting people to the polls. >> absolutely. the fact that he is able to boost -- really makes up for a part or perhaps all of the
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both in the early voting and perhaps on election day itself as well. katy: some campaign. she set up a lot of offices in many states. she's been making a lot of phone calls. whereas trump has relied more on social media. how did that impact voter turnout and really the campaign a is a whole? >> this is really interesting. surprising to li reers, but this time we've seen at least in terms of the traditional ground game a total difference between the two campaigns. i mean, a clinton campaign that put a lot o?z?,?3f emphasis on and a trump campaign that was really way behind on all of the metrics you usually use to look
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it shows the power ofn nontradi is working this election. katy: how important are campaign stops? aw tru hern wionsin several times. hillary clinton has not been since april but sent many of her supporters here. her daughter has been here several times. and trump especially has been campaigning a lot in wisconsin, michigan, the last few elections though have more democratic. why is he spending so much time here and how will that impact the results in wisconsin, minnesota, and michigan? >> i think the upper midwest wa, into minnesota as well. because, you know, i think he was thinki, weyo -- you know, y lose states like virginia possibly, north carolina, then out west, new mexico, maybe even arizona, he has to make up
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he put a lot of emphasis on the upper midwest. so far, we don't know how wisconsin is going to go, how michigan is going to go but given how close they are it looks like it was a pretty smarto, to see how much celebri has played a role in this election. hillary clinton has had people like beyonce, jay-z, jon bon tevi, lady gaga at veens spt an the that much. we've seen in ct pe distancing themselves from erdentl>> cou know, i think fro trump perspective, his celebrity has helped him out a
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campaign as well. he's been able to harness the media in a way that i think someone who wasn't a celebrity, more of a traditional politician wouldn't be able rea herself with obama given that obama's approval rating is so high and democrats really, you know, like him. so i think his campaigning for hillary clinton does actually b much as what trump has beenisco. it's a tight race. but i want to ask you what are the other senate races if you could that we're watching closely that could really shift congress? >> a couple you really want to pay attention to and votes are still coming in, pennsylvania and new hampshire. you know, republican held seats that democrats were really
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able to get and build a senate majorityro katy. . sure. we sawin interesting. president losing his home state and going to the white house. i think only polk, wilson, and richard nixon have henry clay henry clay won james polk's home state of tennessee. very interesting stuff here tonight. bill: we'll send it out to david ade live at the paul ryan campaign watch party. dabill, yeah, the like paul ryan said he was
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very brief speech up on stage after winning the election. the a.p. called this race about 30 minutes after the polls closed here in wisconsin. he gave some brief remarks and did talk about what he is going to do next. take a listen. michele: all right. we will be working to get that information to you. this is special election coverage of campaign on wmlw and we are also with our cbs 58 viewers. we will be going to network coverage shortly on cbs 58 but we'll be here for the full hour on wmlw. >> l g u.s. president. this is just the popular vote. donald trump leads the popular reporting.
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news projects hillary clinton has won the old dominion. this was a state that was lean edge, it wase it was toss-up, ne electoral votes clinton's column. 13 electoral votes. >> why did it jump around so much? because-- and this will happen in other states over the night and people should know about this-- there are those place where's the democrats do well, those cities which have a lot of votes in them. if it takes a while for those votes to get cast, hillary clinton can be behind and then come back. so that's what happened in fairfax county. ame in from fairfax county, it went to hillary clinton, and that, again, inturk of washington, d.c., and that
9:29 pm
the top. >> pelley: this is the very first of the battleground states that we have been able to estimate a winner in. let's have a look at the battleground map now. hillary clinton goes updona trump' 150. asou know, 270 needed to win the presidency. still much too close to florida, and cbs news is making a new projection for the state of ohio and we'll have that up for you here in just a moment. and there is the state of ohio, cbs news is counted, donald trump will win ohio. now, this keeps his hopes alive. ohio was a very win. he needs to win ohio. he needs to win florida. right now, florida is too close
9:30 pm
but donald trump is leading in the vote. and there's the electoral vote count right now. hillary clinton 122, donald trump 168. john, what does ohio mean? >> well, ohi was one of those states-- they're falling into the traditional patterns. ohio was ateta that donald trump had a chance to do well in because there was a big noncollege-educated voters. there's a low portion of the electorate that was to to put it onght one to go i. virginia air, more diverse electorate, also a larger share of college-educated voters, that has gone to hillary clinton. those are ones that have sorted in a way that we would have expected before tonight, which is a change since so much has happened tonight which is unexpected. >> it's also a state where hillary clinton pulled out all the stoms in terms of star power that she brought to ohio.
9:31 pm
endorsement don't necessarily mean victory on election day. >> that's for sure. unless you're a celebrity yourself in donald trump's case, and that seems to have helped him in the state of ohio. >> this is going to be a very close election because if donald trump goes on to win florida,thf but is one's going right downnn. to the wire. >> in fact, i spoke with a top clinton campaign o asked about what's ing on in ige ha they felt very strong because they had banked a lot of early vote and at this point we have it edging to republican. this top official telling me it's very tight invaew hampshire, and nevada. >> and michigan becomes even more important now. >> great point. >> demarco morgan is with
9:32 pm
but he had to get this pattern in order to actually pull it off. and he did. so in that sense, our preelection poll looks like it rgin, les ill oolose t take you toxpecte are there's lots to talk about, how the rest of this night will go. charlie rose is with the political panel. >> i'm with three women, peggy noonan, michelle morris, and ruth marcus. we want to talk about women, and there is a number of divisions that we can speak to. one college educated, versus not college educated, young-old, african american-white, and "b,d have been women. so we'll figure that out as the
9:33 pm
that having been said, mr.mpwo i think very much in the lead nowa language towards women, been so alienating.ra, had not he put a lot of them off. i'm sure it cut down on the number of people who are vote ago. >> you're almost saying if he hadn't been d.n.a. that with respect to women and latinos he would be much closer to being president. >> yes, actually. i a landslide." >> a weren't behaving as donald trump behaved he would have amud the right to vote he would almost certainly be president because we still see a significant gender gap here. a ce wom pt th with men. she is up 14 points with women
9:34 pm
can't afford to fix the windshield, put food on the table, can't afford to send their kids to college and she there's also a question about the young women, and how we still haven't seen precisely those numbers whether they were as mothers. >> not woman would be historic. i evening did not believe donald trump might win this election and now you all three think it's possible. but it seems like that path is not as narrow as it speaking in the room, i think all of us feel that changed in the pastt a half, we started to see wait a second. expectation in addition the polls are not being boash out by the numbers we're seeingn
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>> not nasty women. >> not nasty stt and norah. >> fascinating discussion, really interesting. >> pelley: one of the interesting things, norah, is that since the nomination of the two candidates, donald trump has never led in the cbs news poll, never beenhe and hillary clinton were nominated. anet keeping up quite well. >> well, if there was a time to get ahead, this is ( laughter ) if there's a tim -- >> it's all pretty academic. >> let's roll out the old cliche it's only poll that matters is the one on election day. >> finishing strong indeed. we have a lot of data still ahead to share with you, including the hispanic vote and what is happening in the west. we are also getting closer to a call in florida before we get to florida, let's go to anthony mason on that hispanic vote.
9:36 pm
earlier in the evening, norah, the hispanic vote makes up about 12% of eligible voters but in a, is higher than that.lorado, let's see how much higher today. as you can see, coming in, arizona it's about 16% right now. colorado 13%. nevada 18%. interestingly, this is actually a little bit lower than four years ago. let's look at nevada, where hillary clinton has a significant advantage among hispanic voters, 59% to 27%. bu he won hispanics with 71% of the vote. so she's significantly underperforming obama among hispanics in nevada. that's discouraging for the democrats. gayle. >> all right, thank you very much, anthony. you know, to follow up, charlie, on your panel with the women who made it very clear they are not nasty women. we're now thinking about pathlook like? in the beginning of this evening, norah, kellyanne conway
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pathways to victory. atnsvaa-- excuse me, oflori, that they cou t spt up the battleground states. throwinner oo. 100% mil-ie, that orni troam
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>> pelley: welcome back to election night on cbs, and what an election this is. it's already having ramifications for the american economy. have a look at this. the dow futures are now off 632 points. that's about itrnds rightow. dehe past few thro win by cbs news two of the five. so they are watingable 's one ofhe to 270. are they confident tha virginia colorado were always so strong
9:42 pm
well ey'rg elty good out their ph,ut ainly notthey hopedt wod b g beelingcordes, tha good inside the republican nominee's campaign headquarters. >> reporter: they're feeling much, muchet the florida director for the trump campaign has told them count on florida. we're going to win florida. i was just texting with paul manafort, former campaig though not officially. he believes trump is going to win north carolina. wat he's looking a a little behind hillary clinton in lakawana county, he believes trwiin pennsylvania. another trump official i tds-up. another trump official i tds-up. when we coack or president of whatever this is!
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coverage here on cbs 58.'s been a busy day at the polls across wisconsin -- and the country... as we come here's how the presidential race stands at the top of the hour.... 3
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3 we're also following some important local races.... including the close senate race between senator ron johnson and russ
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racine with his democratic opponent, ryan solen. 3 inhe presidential


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