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tv   CBS 58 News at 10pm  CBS  November 12, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CST

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an armed suspect... in custody tonight after leading police on chase down i-43.... i-43.... the chase -- ended in a crash -- causing ?this? backup near daphne -- police say the suspect took off on foot... through a glendale comm. 58's amanda devoe new details from police tonight...she's live with more.... 3 i-43 is back running smoothly but that wasn't the case for more than an hour.when we first got to the scene around 7... traffic was nearly at a standstill. glendale police tell me an armed suspect led them on a high speed chase on i43 after officers tried to pull the car over near nicolet high school. the car crashed on the highway near port washington road. that's when police say the suspect took off on foot and ran through
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glendale. officers put up a perimeter around the subdivision, and used k9s and were heavily armed to help track down the suspect. after an hour of searching, police say they were able to find the suspect, and take that person into custody. while all of this was happening... a school play was going on at nicolet high school. 3 high school. police are still investigating. we'll be sure to let you know. live in glendale, ad cbs 58 news. the packers are in need of a win... and they'll need to do it on the road.they face an up- and-down tennessee titans team. cbs 58 sports director kevin holden is in nashville ahead of tomorrow's game. every football season has a gut check time. and for the
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could well be defined in the three week stretch that starts here in the deep south tomorrow. tomorrow. the pack have to break a two game losing streak first, a stretch where they're allowing 32 points a game. an injury- riddled defense let andrew luck and the colts put up 31 points last sunday, and that trend can't continue against marcus mariota and the titans, who are 8th in yards per game in the nfl. it's a big game, but don't tell aaron rodgers it's a must win.rodgers it's a must don't tell aaron rodgers it's a must . win. i've never liked that term. ww2 was a must-win. football is football and this is the next one. there's a lot of strewss in this game and you balance it into something
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character teams come together in adversity. we have the guys to do that. we're not worried about scheduling or anything, we're worried about the tennessee titans. the flight here was at least half green and gold. packers hats all over nashville today. fans have taken over this city, and they'd like to keep the saturday night party rolling right into sunday. scott grodsky on the packers plan to take over this game early, that's later in the show. kevin holden, cbs 58 news. helping a grieving freshly cleaned car at ame langham was killed crossing the street.tonight...her family is trying to figure out how to pay for her 58s evan kruegel takes us to a fundraiser for the family. cars have been lining up here all day - dropping off donations for rickyia's family ... they are still grieving - hoping to give that 5-year-old girl the funeral she deserves...there is no amount of water or soap that can wash away the pain of losing a
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of rickyia langham - this was a start - of rickyia langham - this was a start - as they look to raise money for a funerl funeralthis is so painful, so hurtful, it's almost ripping your heart out your chest painful for the whole family, entirely.rickyia's cousin exia manned the grill outside - as others worked inside - washing cars with the memory of ?this? porsche - still fresh on their minds. on thursday - police - wanted for killing rickyia and fleeing the sceneit's not like the loss of a loved one that has lived a full life, it's the loss of a loved one that's a child, that hasn't even begun lifethe sudden death has placed a sudden burden on the family...we would love to have enough money to get a plaque and pay for full burial services so we're doing everything we can to make that happen a long
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cause..we say five o'clock, but if the cars keep coming we're gonna wash cars until midnight if we have to to if youd like to donate weve got more information on our website... as for the suspected driver - he's behind bars - expected to go through intake court in the next two milwaukee ekcbs58news. developing tonight....the search is on for whoever pulled the trigger.... killing a 33 year old man... man... was shot overnight on milwaukee's north side. investigators say the victim was found outside of his house near weil street and meinecke. medics tried to save his life...but it was too late.if you know the milwaukee police department. outrage continues ?around the world? against president-elect donald trump.protesters took to the streets in berlin germany today. today. "are we fed up with trump? (cheers) that's right!"
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marched against the next u-s's happening before next year's elections in germany where an anti-immigrant party...known as gaining support. 3 "i think it's terrible, the things that he's done and the things that he's said, and it's completely criminal, some of the things that he's doing, and the racism and the sexism, and the things that he's said, it's disgusting. so we have to demonstrate." here at home....protesters remain in streets tonight across the country as vets possible cabinet members for his new administration. administration.roxana saberi has the latest from new york. a fourth day of protests against president-elect donald trumpfrom los angeles (nat) to new york. 3 york.(chris mordente - ny (woman) )he's racist, homophobic, sexist, not for
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)(rox) what do you say to those people who say this is the way the system works and donald trump won?(eric) i think it's time to change the system. (vo day - night trump tower)the crowds ended up on trump's doorstep and stayed into the night. (bridge - roxana saberi -)"some of these protesters have been out here in front of trump tower for hours. they say they want trump to look out his window, see them and hear their voices." (erica lazarus - new york )"kinda tell him, look, we'll keep you in line. we're going to make sure you won't make any drastic decisions. i'm a millennial, you know, it's our future. s also in the crowd a few trump supporters. (dave - didn't want to give last name ) "obviously you can tell by the hat, i like donald trump. i think the guy had to say what he said think the guy had like donald trump. i tell by the hat, i like donald trump. i think the guy had to say what he said to get here. and we should give him a chance. that's all there is to it." (vo 60 minutes)in his first post-election interview trump told 60 minutes he owes his victory partly to social media. (sot donald trump) "in terms of numbers with facebook, twitter, instagram, et cetera, i think it helped me win all of these races where they're spending much more money than i spent. and i won." trump had no public events on saturday but he did tweet once saying: this will prove to be a great time in the lives of all americans. we will unite and we will win! roxana saberi, cbs news, new
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lesley stahl interview with trump and the next first family on 60 minutes tomorrow night at six -- right here on cbs 58. 3 voces de la frontera is holding several anti-trump meetings here in three o-clock tomorrow afternoon...they'll gather at the ascension lutheran church on layton boulevard.another meeting will happen in racine at five o-clock.they'll host a meeting in madison on monday... and say there are plans for many more in the coming weeks. 3 3 3 3 tonight: clear sky. little
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20s. wind: sw 10-15 mph. sunday: lots of sun and warming back up. highs in the upper 50s to 600. breezy with a wind out of the southwest gusting to 30 week: temperatures stay fairly mild for this time of year with highs mostly in the middle to upper 50s until next weekend. stays sunny on monday before a few clouds return with an isolated rain chance on tuesday, especially in northern areas. mix of sun and clouds the rest of the week until a stronger storm system arrives next weekend with rain showers and a few snowflakes
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their efforts are helping to fight local local students picked bags filled with food to donate to hunger task force... teens from whitnall high school loaded the bags into this semi- trailer....earlier this month - - they gave them to residents asking people to fill them with non-perishable items.the items will be the hunger task force on monday. let's talk about's one of the best things about fall...and today was all about ?who? can make the best bowl. bowl. it was the 16th annual chili cook off fundraiser! nearly a dozen local fire and police departments competed against each other today for a trophy, and of course -- braging rights....the money goes to the greater milwaukee fire and police pipes and drums... they're the first responders in southeast wisconsin who
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events...including police and fire funerals and memorials.... jeff gauthie/bass drummer drummer"everything that we raised today helps cover the cost of transportation, transporting all of our equipment out to the events and lodging for our members so we can get as many members out to represent the milwaukee area as possible." cbs 58s michele mccormack served as a judge for the event.her son is in security fo w enforcement with the u-s air force. 3 crash and grab--!surveillance video catches theives in the act... robbing a popular restaurant...more on this video... next.... 3 plus...a concert hall finally reopens ... after a deadly terror attack in paris... justin -- 3
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the neighborhood of eastern mosul today. a statement by iraq's joint operations command claimed that iraqi forces had killed 30 isis fighters and destroyed nine car bombs in the neighborhood. 3 a suicide bomber killed four people today in afghanistan. nato officials say the blast happened at the largest u-s military base in the country. the taliban released a tweet claiming responsibility for the quote "strong attack." blast was planned about four months ago.the bomber is believed to be one of those least 14 people were injured. 3 the concert hall at the center of the terror attacks in paris last back open. open.sting hepled reopen france's historic bataclan concert hall in paris. it's part of a series of events in observance of the first anniversary of the coordinated attacks that struck the concert hall, a soccer stadium and nearby cafes.130 people died...hundreds of other people were hurt.
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charged with murder in the shooting of an unarmed black mo. motorist.yasmin amer reports. 3 judge megan e. shanahan: "by reason of your inability to reach a verdict, i declare this case a mistrial."after jurors deliberated for more than 25 hours ..a hamilton county judge declared a mistrial in the case of former ohio police officer, ray tensing.. accused of murdering sam stop in wouldn't be long before demonstrators took to the streets in protest. protest.tensing was an officer for the university of cincinnati when he fatally shot dubose.the shooting was recorded on tensing's body cam. tensing testified on tuesday that he pulled dubose over for a missing license tag.the officer said he reached into the car to grab the car keys from the ignition but was dragged by the arm after dubose tried to take off.. and that's when he reached up and
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tensing wasn't being pulled by the car and didn't need to open fire.following news of the mistrial, cincinnati mayor john cranley says he hopes the prosecutor will retry the case. john cranley / cincinnati mayor: "this case is not over. i think we've learned throughout this process how deeply prosecutor deters feels about the case and about what is right and what is wrong. so i expect that he will continue to find a way to bring justice to this case." received a nearly 5 million dollar settlement from the university.. including undergraduate tuition for dubose's children, a formal apology and an on-campus memorial.i'm yasmin amer reporting. the jury was tilting toward a voluntary manslaughter conviction and an acquittal on the murder charge...but ultimately couldn't agree.the prosecutor said he'll decide within the next two weeks whether to try the case again. 3 take a look at this.... suspected thieves crash this
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illinois....arlington heights investigators say two men drove through -- then ran inside to steal a bunch of items and moneythe stolen pickup was later found in hanover park.police are asking anyone with information to call them. 3 a new business near philadelphia is giving women the know-how to work on their cars - and do it with style. the garage doors were officially raised friday night on the girls auto clinic.the shop, which emp f female mechanics, will not only repair cars, but show women how to do it themselves. there is also a salon that offers manicures and blowouts
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tonight: clear sky. little chilly with lows in the low to middle 30s with a few isolated 20s. wind: sw 10-15 mph. sunday: lots of sun and warming back up. highs in the upper 50s to 600. breezy with a wind out of the southwest gusting to 30 week: temperatures stay fairly mild for this time of year with highs mostly in the middle to upper 50s until next weekend. stays sunny on monday before a few clouds return with an isolated rain chance on tuesday, especially in northern areas. mix of sun and ou until a stronger storm system arrives next weekend with rain showers and a few snowflakes possible.tonight: clear sky. little chilly with lows in the low to middle 30s with a few isolated 20s. wind: sw 10-15 mph.sunday: lots of sun and warming back up. highs in the upper 50s to 600. breezy with a wind out of the southwest gusting to 30 week:
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for this time of year with highs mostly in the middle to upper 50s until next weekend. stays sunny on monday before a few clouds return with an isolated rain chance on tuesday, especially in northern areas. mix of sun and clouds the rest of the week until a stronger storm system arrives next weekend with rain showers and a few snowflakes
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thank you justin!some folks are on a mission construct a world of potential...and acceptance...for individuals with down syndrome. syndrome.kevin: 'yep you believe that these kids can achieve and be wonderful kids." 3 coming up tomorrow on cbs 58 sunday morning...a special place for kids to learn and play... you'll meet the people behind "gigi's playhouse" in fox point.hear the extraordinary story of how this achievement center for children with down syndrome found a home in the milwaukee area. jennier northouse "i think often there's a misconception that people with down syndrome can't do this or they're limited to do that. and this is a celebration of their life and what they can do and to help them achieve they're highest potential really" 3 you can watch the entire story plus much more on cbs 58 sunday morning with mike
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cbs sunday morning with jane pauley from new york.please join us beginning at seven a-m. the salvation army is making sure kids, who have parents behind bars, have the best holiday season possible. volunteers wrapped gifts as part of the salvation army's prison toy ministry program. parents who are in jail requested holiday gifts for their kids...found in a catalog that the salvation army put together.the program is a way to keep parents and kids connected during christmas.the program started 62-years ago...last year, it to children. 3 arthritis. its a disease that affects people at any age..and still needs a cure. joshua dahlen was the start of todays jingle bell run. he was two years old when suddenly he couldn't walk. josh is one of 300 thousands in the country with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. but he and others helped the arthritis dressing up,
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spreading good cheer. more on the badgers big win over illinois ... 3 what the win means for wisocnsin... plus some of the
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football games certainly a lot easier when you can force the other tema to turn the ball over--and the badgers doing that to perfection today. today.they forced four interceptions off illini quarterback jeff george, jr. two of them by senior leo musso. the four interceptions would turn into 17 points for the badgers, who are now two ns trip to the big ten title game. i thikn it brings our team a lot of momentum, not just the defense. but the offense as wella nd special teams. anytime you can win the turnover margin, that's huge. you never know how these games will play out but credit to the players. they played well in a players. they played well in a lot of areas.
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chance to clinch the game with a minute left... all they gotta do is convert on fourth down--can't do it! pitt gets the ball back and they get into field goal range for chris blewitt. 48 yard attempt.... he would not blow it! 442 number two clemson loses. the packers gave up two touchdowns to colts running back frank gore last week. that's two more than any packers running back has all year. it's a part of the many reasons the packers look like an ave best, and that's not good enough. scott grodsky in nashville with more ahead of the packers and titans. something has just been off about the packers all year... they are 500 at the midway point for the first time in a decade and at times they just look disinterested in the bay limped out of the first half against the colts digging themselves into a 24 to 10 hole....the pack picked up the pace in the fourth quarter making it a one score game but it was too little too late...they can't afford to sleep-walk through
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kicking off a three game road trip against the titans.... (runtime :45) adams "it's definitely not something that i think will happen again based on how everyone felt after the last game so we just have to come in fired up. evy time we've done that we start fast." nelson "it's very important obviously put ourselves in a tough situation losing some home games so we need to get a win. its a nice stretch on the road to go do that, we will have some challenges but there's games we play well execute and that willut us in a position to win." rodgers "you know we have november and december football which is when you figure out where you're slotted coming down the stretch so we have to make sure we are putting ourselves in a position to be in the conversation, and it starts this week."the last time the packers were the last time the week."and it starts this week."
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the last time the packers were under .500 was 2013. they'll try to go over .500 at noon tomorrow. sg cbs 58 sports bucks and memphis back and forth at the bmo.... giannis antetokounmpo steps back... knocks down the deep jumper... up five after three quarters, then the bucks start the fourth quarter on a 10-2 run. malcolm brogdon to jabari parker.... parker with 16... giannis th 27 points, x reounds, five assists, four blocks, four steals bucks win by 10... they're now 5-4 on the year. the admirals down 3-0 at one point... but they made their way all the way back. adam pardy finds the puck right in front of the net.... and with just over a minute left--ads force overtime! that where the fun would end... joe hicketts of grand rapids with the winner. 4-3... admrials four game win streak snapped.
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