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tv   CBS 58 News at 500pm  CBS  November 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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unforgettable christmas this year for my family." 3hat you need to know. once the ag files s emergency motion we'll be waiting on the 7th circuit court of appeals.if we don't hear an answer from that court by friday, brendan dassey will likely walk out of this prison. reporting live... 3 brendan dassey was convicted in 2007 of being party to fideomice for the murder of photographer teresa halbach.his in prison.then the netflix cumeary "making a murderer" came out last year, inspiring a new look at the august, a judge threw out dassey's conviction, saying investigators coerced hiconfession.... and giving the state 90 days to decide whether to retry dassey.
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decides whether to retry the case. and as you just heard, the attorneraney gehas again challenged that order. stay th cbs 58 as sts thiy continues to unfold. new tonight, a former kenoa county sheriff's officer, bound over for triaon sexual assault charges. charges.73-yeaold clarence mielke is cused of assaulting a 50-assisted living cenowned by his wife. at his preliminary hearing today, a motion was denied four charges against him..probable cause was found and he was ordered back to court for arraignment on december 7th. 3 3 toss to drew drew tonight: few clouds. lows in the 40s. becoming breezy. wind: se 10-20 of the
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highs in the upper 60s getting close territory. still warm on friday with highs in the fore through. a few rain showers may be possible on friday turning into tperatures on saturday 20 sunday. today: sunshine returns with a mix of sun and clouds. mild with highs in the middle 50s. wind: n -> se 5-10 mph.tonight: few clouds. lows in the 40s. becoming breezy. wind: se 10-20 of the week: very warm thursday with highs in the upper 60s getting
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still warm on friday with highs in the 60s before a we have news from the packers t. tonight.injuries have taken a toll on the pack's ground game...but reports say the team's picked up a new running back.earl arms joins us with the story... the packers just picked up running back christine michael off waivers. just cut by the seattle seahawks... t he was their leading rusher before was tting cut yesterday. bre injuries at running back one of the big issues for the packers this year with eddie lacy and james starks battling injuri... speaking of, the ck, n jackson on inured reserve.
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bay. an ad for a bar in milwaukee's walker's point neighborhood has created a firestorm for its treatment of teen pregnancy. pregnancy. cbs 58's david ade spoke with the tavern owner today joins us live...david? the ad is from sabbatic bar you can see that bar behind me. it's a punk-rock bar theme and tells me its customers like over-the-top and extreme jokes. he says that's what this ad was supposed to beyocan see... it says "our back alley... where 50 percent of bradley tech pregnancies start and end." bradley tech high just a block away from the milwaukee public schools and the mayors office are condeming the ad. the bar's owner apologized to students and teachers at bradley techbut says this ad was also meant to call attention to problems business owners are having here in this area things like theft vandalism and harassment.and
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students are causing some of those issues.the owner who did not want to be shown on camera for safety concerns. called on the mayor's office to talk to shop owners here in walker's point. voice of: jay stamatessabbatic owner"you know what, i will go on record right now saying i will never make a crude or tasteless joke ever again. now if the city of milwaukee and it's high officials can make me the promise that they will take my concerns regarding my safety, my property, my rights seriously, then i think we're good to go." the milwaukee police department tells us they don't have record of bradley tech students committing crimes at the bar.the bar's owner countered saying most issues are going in walker's point david ade cbs 58 news. the city of milwaukee's warrant forgiveness program turned out to be ?very? popular. today was the last day and the line stretched outside the municipal court building as the sun came up. up.three judges offered to
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warrants. the idea was to help people who might otherwise be afraid to show up for those warrants to get their lives back on track.well as you ca see, residents responded in bireached out to the court administrator to see if the program might be extended ....but obviously, they're pretty busy and we haveard n't heck yet. no new appointments announced yet from the donald trump sitich otoday's coverage focused on reports of turmoil h the ct refuting with tweets raer national media directly. 3 trump seeking to communicate with voters directly called the process "very organized" and lashed out at the new york times for reporting otherwise. messages coming from trump's advisors and supporters vary. kellyanne conway / trump good about the transition. i y actually would ay it's not goin newt gingrich / formerse speaker: the beginning of any t turmoil because that's just the nature othe process. inside trump tower tod, e
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blasio. new tonight, onegheshonors for bucks legend kareem abdul- jabbar. 3prident ama has named the hall of famer as one of 21 recipients of the presidential medal of freedom. i had the chance to talk with the nba's all-time leading scorer last year for a cbs 58 sunday morning story. kareem was not only a great athlete, but he's long been an articulate spokesman for social justice..and now he l receive the nation's highest civilian honor. honor.this year's list of medal of freedom winners also includes bill and melinda gates, bruce springsteen, tom has and another nba legend...michael jordan. the medals will be presented at the white house next tuesday. 3 the milwaukee bucks are ?not? commenting on an espn report nbtethat are refusing to h stay at trump hotels. the sports network names the bucks, the memphis grizzlies and dallas mavericks as the
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mark cuban hasn't commented on the report, but he ?was? a strong supporter of hillary clinton during the presiden campaign as is bucks co-owner marc lasry. 3 and ta look at this video. it shows the dayton university basketball team getting off of a plane mondathat still had hillary clinton's campaign slogan, "stronger together" on it.turns out thiswasn't a political statement. the charter company sent the old clinton campaign plane....and the team didn't have any say. 58 that its team has also flown on that very plane because ?that's? what the company sent for them. tonight on the cbs 58 news at ten...this may be the season of giving...but for savvy consumers, it's also the season to keep an eye out for scammers. "ask the organization to send you a copy of their 990 which is their tax form, to send you a copy of their annual report so you have more information." information." how to double check your charities...tonight at ten in
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next at five, we'll tell you why deer hunters are crossing their fingers for a change in the weather this weekend. 3 and if you're interested in taking home a little piece of milwaukee can do it...and help out milwaukee's domestic animal shelter at the same
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"it's really 90 years in the making. ohhhh....big eeze.he kn" it." th pab theater group and his furry friend are talking about the sets of rs taken from the recent renovation are being auctioned online. these chairs date back to 1927 and 100- percent of the proceeds go to madacc....milwaukee's domestic sheanaler. madacc does the most animals. the ones that are 's forgotten, or pets that are lost, that are injured, that are being mistreated, they come here." here."
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website. again, 60 pairs of chairs will be sold to the highest bidders. if you want more information or if you want more information or if you'd like to make a bid, we've got this site linked to ?our? website, cbs 58 dotcom. 3 as mild as our weather has been, it's hard to believe weather has been, it's hard to believe that in just three days, hundreds of thousands will take to the wisconsin woods for the start of the state's gun- deer hunting season. you don't have to be a hunter to know just how important that nine day season is what's ahead for the hunters? cbs 58's jacob kittilstad reports from burlington. unseasonably warm weather today...?tomorrow? we could be seeing record high temperatures...deer hunker down when it gets that hot.but hunter remain optimistic - looking at saturday forecast for cold weather.(nat. work) there's already plenty of work at artisan taxidermy in burlington...22;04;31 22;04;31"yeah, i want to say right around 30 or so. and then probably a good hundred
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...but owner joel chic says this about the current bowhunting season.21;48;50 21;48;50"so it's been hit or miss with the whitetail but this weekend's supposed to be cold so i'm anticipating the deer gun season is going to be boomer."21;31;58 21;31;58"what we've seen is reports from the public that people are seeing more deer out there. the mild winter has obviously helped the deer." marty johnson is a wildlife biologist for the wisconsin d-n-r...(walk and pan)21;44;03 "so this is something that we started last year. it's a kiosk box."he's also trying to get hunters to donate their deer heads to test for wasting disease.last year there was a drop in the number of samples they received.21;37;8 21;37;38"for example, locally, we have stations in burlington and waterford where hunters can drop off heads or have lymph nodes removed by technicians." 21;56;01"it's right..."joel is one of those technicians...saying people should tell their processors about the program....instead of cutting necks short.21;58;19 "yeah, if they knew how to do it i think they would leave it for us. but i just don't think
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or they don't want to waste their meat."21;55;21"we would have had more. i mean, we've had guys coming in here that we've had to turn away every few days anyways and it's kind of unfortunate that they're willing to do so but they couldn't"(-live-)the gun season last 9 day - through the sunday following thanksgiving.we'll put a link to information on that chronic wasting disease program on our 58 news dot com. in burlington...jacob 58 news. when it comes to fighting the flu, public officals in waukesha are leading by example. example.-nats-"little band aid on that?""k hurt." you may recognize waukesha mayor shawn reilly...he got his flu shot this morning. leaders are trying to let people know that it's not too late to get the vaccine. "all of us in the field of public health are trying to keep the influenza year at a light year and definitely the influenza shot will help with that and it saves lives, so we really need to remember that." that." officials in waukesha encourage you to get a flu
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walk in clinic at the waukesha county public health department on riverview avenue. 3 3 3 tonight: few clouds. lows in the 40s. becoming breezy. wind: se 10-20 of the week: very warm thursday with highs in the upper close to record territory. still warm on friday with high the60s before a powerful cold front swings through. a few rain showers may be possible on friday turning into a few flurries on saturday. temperatures on
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sunday. brr!today: sunshine returns with a mix of sun and clouds. mild with highs in the middle 50s. wind: n -> se 5-10 mph.tonight: few clouds. lows in the 40s. becoming breezy. wind: se 10-20 of the week: very warm thursdaw highs in the upper 60s getting close to record territory. still warm on friday with highs in the 60s before a powerful cold front swings through. a few rain showers may be possible on friday turning into a few flurries on saturday. temperatures on
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with only 30s for highs on sunday. brr! 3 sounds of the wind as michele travels at lightning fast speed
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how was your "work-o" this morning?i spent mine at the pick n save along greenfld near moorland in brookfield stuffing bags as fast as i could for feeding america eastern wisconsin.a whole bunch of members in local media took part in a friendly competition.i want to thank my partner..carrie.. the store manager.we were at eight bags when the winner had already reached ten.the only number you edmember is five dollars for a bag you can donate next wednesday and help "stuff the bus" so everyone enjoys thanksgiving. the packers new running back cod 'bigs' to block for him. scott grodsky with more form
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brings you oser to your foundation d anchstine chaelmor boys up front. 3 tretter are all injured and all missed the end of the game
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corey linsley, rookie jason spriggs, and don barclay all in the starting lineup sunday night in washington."barclay: "i mean we're confident, whatever obstacle comes i think we've been pretty strong with next man up over the past years. people come in and fill their roles. we're going to attack it and we're excited about it."spriggs: "i feel like i've definitely improved and that's a testament to the guys and the coaches and how they've worked with me on fundamentals and plays."
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offensive line and i'm very five."scott: "all of the entries here in green bay have not stopped fans from criticizing head coach mike mccarthy and aaron rodgers says he thinks the criticism is getting a little ridiculous for his super bowl champion head coach. of course there's one way to get rid of that criticism and that's to win, reporting in green bay scott grodsky cbs 58 sports." after two games at home, the bucks... beginning a two-game road rip tonight in ata against memphis saturday. the but they'll be without dwight howard. the hawks center with a quad injury. uwm at memphis tonight at 7:00--the first road test for the panthers, playing against
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we have a crew on the way an will bring you more information as we get it. 3 one week from today,ll collecting your donations at force.the brewers community foundation also helping out. ..that's next wednesday from 5- am to 6-pm 3 3 3
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the word comes down from the tower. the president-elect tweets the transition is organized and smooth. even his opponents say so. >> i'm confident on day one everything will be in good hands. >> pelley: jon stewart weighs in in his the election of donald trump. >> i don't believe we are a fundamentally different country today than we were two weeks ago. >> pelley: government safety experts give pilots a visual lesson in midair collisions. and the library of congress honors the motown sound of smokey robinson, calling his


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