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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  November 21, 2016 7:00am-8:52am CST

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good morning. it is monday, november 21 of 1s 2016. > mo t buries the country and more than a foot is on the way. we'reracking your thanksgiving week forecast. a huge hunt in san antonio for a man that ambushed and killed a police detective. one of four of police shootings in 24 hours around the country. >> president-elect trump appears close to making several major appointments to his cabinet and demands an apology for "hamilton's" cast members sharp message to the vice president-elect. we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener.
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>> we're seeing tremendous talent. people that will make america great again. >> trump continues building his cabinet. >> every american would be inspired by the leadership that our president-elect has shown from hours after this election was called. >> on several different issues, donald trump echoed the views of democrats. this is a kumbaya moment here. >> president obama is back at the white house after completing his last scheduled overseas trip as president. >> my know what you care about and what you stand for. fight for your principles. even if it's a hard fight. >> t morni commute, bundle up. get that winter gear on. >> thanksgiving week travel is beginning with a major winter storm for much of the northern u.s. >> i thinkt's absolutely crazy. itwent to bed i woke up and as wter wonderland. >> it's time for senseless violence is unacceptable. >> a police officer murdered in
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>> everyone's worst nightmare. >> pole and otesters are facing off near the dakota access pipeline. >> toys "r" us is halting sales of a toy truck that caught fire and destroyed a customer's pickup truck. >> all that -- >> a big win at amas. >> i'm trying not to cry. >> takes the deep shot. a home run ball. 70 yards. >> how do you like me now? >> and all that matt >> president obama talked about life after the white house. >> my intention is to finish my job and then after that to take michelle on vacation. >> on "cbs this morning." >> the "saturday night live" opening sketch shows the president-elect in a series of meetings painting him as seriously out of his league. >> sir, being president is not going to be easy, but we'll get through it if we work hard
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and mike, you're going to do everything, right? >> yes, sir. >> this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this mornin" the first major snowstorm of the season is sweeping through the northeast.pdangero conditions o sent drivers sliding off roads in new york state. snowplows arecrambling to keep up. >> parts of the northeastld tomorrow morning. we go to watertown, new york, which is digging out from several inches. tony, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. if you can believe it, less than a day ago or just about a day ago this park was crammed with people in shorts and t-shirts en record heat. the snow is falling and there's a half foot on the ground here. these residents joining millions of other americans facing the prospect of a white thanksgiving. high winds and hea snow
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sunday night stranding some drivers on the roads and sending several others careening off of them. watertown, new york, was blanketeduring the day with more than a half foot of snow. it was a chilly contrast from the day before when the town was basking in a record high 72 degrees. the masse shift in weather was caused by the first significant lake-effect storof the season that dropped more than a foot of snow in the region. the storm slammed michin as i late saturday night,niversity of michigan celebrated a big win in snowy ann arbor as the cheerleadersade snow angels ond. binghamtonw nc snow and east of >> i'm not ready for it. it's too soon.
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>> reporter: and pre-thanksvivele tra shouldxpect deys. biggest travel dayf year starts today and 48 million americans are expected to hit the road. ma of them in weather like this. >> all right, tony. your m caid put on your gloves, son. thank you very much. good to see you. wcbsckin t stm. haveo get ready. >> winter is one month this is a pre-winter snowstorm that we're dealing all said a done, watertown,, wi of snow. what you look at right now, this this storm.e a result o if y go back to last we, colorado, one day last week w d snow. en it rumnto northern northern minnesotathisght purple shade. international falls picked up onfoot, two feet of its.
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you're tond up w tfootfoot and going to be more to there's that's the snow that's already on the g picturrit now, it' sti relt of -effnowg to be a caus wha this time of year you get cold air coming inrom canada.ov thel. tehe tha. thatir the rnd nd and i just as you get tothanksgiving, here albyd be dealing owe. anouh the travel day lst m beco d be sno area lie, ove at least frfi cotry targeting law enforcement. gunm ambushed a st. lasis n
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the sergeant is eected to surve.e police. her ceas shot and citying a traic stop. the gunman was killed at the shoong a sa flida, for policeicer ding a traffic maunis under way for a mbushed a ive.dect was force. we go outside pol wherth shootinook e.antonio morning. >> reporter: good morning. there is awingemorial of polics foth as only a few hundred yards away from where we' standing conducting a traffic stop when he was shot kill. that's not the only crime scene. vestigators were seen dusting e f for right in front
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>> i've got anffn in front ofheadarters. i right now. >> reporter: ttall for helpame c m aft the san antonio detective was shot. poce hav released photo ey bel me m ding who informatioabouthe ting. exemely dangerousnd clear threa officers and the public. tectthdee pulledver a drivern of police at t s whenctard bere. his vehicle behind the patrol car and aroached the drer's side window where he was sitting. the suspect allegedly shot him twice in the head before running back to his vehicle and driving off through the headquarter's south parking lot. >> the fact that he did what he did to a police officer. a police officer sitting in his
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ul.titeco >> he was pronounced deadt the hospital. as a word to say about ben. >> repte pice say sullanceootage capture this bedpeedingwayfr t ffern t lookout. >> repter: flowi sunday vience, officers were ordered not to attempt any traffic stops unless they we accompanied by another officer. what would you tell that suspect right now? >> give yourselfup. we're going to catch eventually. e d rep pol't lieve the origina was pulled over f tra stop a the spe h any relat onisoi a hr 58 officers have been killed tin of duty b last y that num39.many. thank yo violence ernight
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pipelinet ab0+h dto tri to push past?t alockdgaded b protesters srted a dozen fires hit i theead with a rock.cer was ar ldedru iloso was rord morning. presenpt oec clu door at h golfouspec ca calling.
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foer new york city mayor rudy atisad nation's top cre of ot cd diplomat. >> governor romney is under active and serious consideration to serve as secretary of state of the united states. >> he is the real deal. >> general james "mad dog" mattis is leading candidate for defense secretary. trump in a tweet called the retired marine corps general a true general's general. other leading cabinet candidates include billionaire investor wilbur ross for secretary of congressman and steve minuchin for secretary of the treasury. michael flynn will be national secured adviser.
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pompeo is pick to head cia in line with mr. trump he caused enhanced interrogation techniques like water boarding constitutional and withi the law. alabama senator jeff sessions is trump's choice for attorney general. pompeo and sessions will require senate confirmation. and on sunday, mr. trump took to twitter to compliment chuck schumer soon to be the senate's top democrat. i've always had a good relationship with chuck schumer before taking a shot at reid. he's far smarter than harry r. and has the ability to get things done. good news. yesterday schumer had to say about the president-elect. >> when he's opposed to our values, we're going to go after him tooth and nail. >> while the president-elect is planning his own moves during the transition, the first lady will remain in new york city. trump confirmed yesterday that melania will remain in the city with their 10-year-old son barron until right after the
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presidential inauguration. presidential inauguration. >> mr. trump's transition team insists the president-elect will separate his business dealings from the government. mr. trump reportedly met with three business partners from india last week the same time he was planning his cabinet. mike pence played down the concerns on sunday's "face the nation." >> should employees of the trump businesses be involved at all in the people's business, in government business, >> i think during this transition, it's very helpful. >> how about during the presidency. >> for the president-elect to -- well, i think during the presidency, there will be the proper separation. what i can assure you and all of your viewers is that all of the laws pertaining to his business dealings as president will be strictly adhered to and he set
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unprecedented but unlikely he is breaking any laws. the 1978 ethics and government acts places limits on senior personnel but much of it does not apply to the president or vice president and bans members from congressng their official positions for personal gain. >> vice president-elect mike pence responded to a controversial message delivered by one of the cast of "hamilton." the cast represents americans worried about a trump administration. >> i wasn't offended by what was said. i'll leave to others whether it was the appropriate venue to say it, but i want to assure people who were disappointed in the election results, people are feeling anxious about this time in the life of our nation, that president-elect donald trump meant exactly what he said on election night, that he is going to be the president of all the people of the united states of
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cheers from the crowd. president-elect trump called his treatment harassment. he said the cast should apologize. in our next half hour, "hamilton" star brandon victor dixon who delivered those remarks will do his first television interview with us right here in studio 57 to discuss the reaction and criticism surrounding his curtain call speech. >> john heilemann is managing of bloomberg politics and co-host of "the circus" on showtime, a vi >> happy monday. here we go. >> here we go. thanksgiving is this week. >> yes. >> a lot to be thankful about. >> that is right. >> what do you think of the transition so far? >> well, i think it's -- obviously, they have some stumbled and more chaotic and everybody i observed is this is a president-elect and a team that did not expect to be president-elect and having to do what they are doing at the level of trying to staff up this government, 4,000 jobs to fill
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somewhat of a herky jerky way and not -- >> why? obama didn't announce hi iany of his appointments until december 1st. this is a transparent process. he is parading all of the people in front of the cameras says here is who i'm looking at. >> i'm talking about the fact is that on the levels of appointments at the cabinet levels, he is not behind at all and what i was going to say a second ago. but i think the reality is for a lot of the agencies that were still waiting for the letters that allowed to be actually proceed with the transition, they stillav of those letters of the major government agencies. they are behind in terms of the broad scale thing, filling 4,000 jobs. they are not behind in terms of the appointments to the cabinet. >> also transition teams? >> in the middle, yes, showing a little bit of chaos along the way. but -- >> let's talk about the picks so far. we just heard our vice president-elect say that donald trump will represent all of the people of the country. but when you look at the picks so far, there are some troubling signs some say about lack of diversity. should people be concerned or is
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that? >> it's, obviously, early in the sense there is still a lot of jobs to fill. i think it's -- you were a nonwhite american, many nonwhite americans have concerns about this administration from the get-go in terms of the way the campaign was prosecuted and so on and looking at at the current array of choices it is a very monochromatic group and not just that but a hard line group ideologically and steph sessions and steve bannon and general flynn have made comments that raisco so i think it would be a smart thing for the trump team to move to get some diversity in order to kind of reassure the many millions of americans are worried -- >> some names than others? >> yes, right. >> let's talk about the job of secretary of state. is romney, in your judgment, from your sources, a serious contender as mike pence said? >> yes. >> what does he bring to the table? >> how would he then turn to a man who supported him as
7:18 am
you but i believe romney is better? >> i think donald trump has had some hard conversations with people in the past and i think he could probably have that one. other jobs are out there but the problem is rudy giuliani made it clear the only job he wants is secretary of state. that will be a difficult conversatio but i think romney may be the front-runner. >> what mitt romney said about him during the campaign how will they reconcile that? >> we are seeing a lot of republicans who said nasty things about donald trump get on board his train. >> thank president obama's final foreign trip of his administration is over. he returned overnight from peru. he predicted rising trade tensions under the next administration but he told other world leaders that president-elect trump will have to compromise. >> what i can guarantee you is that reality will force him to adjust how he approaches many of these issues. >> the president also spoke on
7:19 am
with russian president vladimir putin. president obama said they talked about ukraine and syria and called the conversation candid and serious. >> bomb in afghanistan. shiite moss were targeted in a mosque in kabul. dozens others were hurt in the attack. the latest in a series of bombings targeting the country's shiite minority. there is a new warning about parking dangers as we head into the holiday shopping season. first on "cbs this mor," data showing how distracted driving can be just as dangerous at 5 miles an hour as it is at 50 miles an hour.
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the news is back in the was the "hamilton" cast monologue to mike pence appropriate? >> ahead and first on "cbs this morning," the actor who delivered the remarks, brandon victor dixon talbout his decision.
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>> tomorrow, jon stewart talks this is a cbs 58 morning news . update.good morning everyone i'm jessica tighe with this cbs 58 news'7:26. 3 milwaukee police will seek charges against a driver involved i?ddly crash? over the weekend. theytell us... an 18-year old woman ?sped away from police?... after they tried to pull her over.they didn't chase he-- but she continued on and eventually slammed into another car at 27-th & capitol. one man was killed. six hers were hurt--- but are expected to surve. in an terview you'll see ?first? on cbs this morning--- hamilton sr on isudio 57... td the curtain call meage delivered to vicpresident- elec"mike pence" after a performance over the weekend. monday morning-- let's get a traffic update witandy brovelli. brovli. 3 3 roads are in good shapehis morninatheweshould not have an impact on your morning
7:27 am
94 will be a slow one due to thzipper merg as ach day goes by, drivers get more used to the delays. plan on using alternates. will have those as ll as a look at your drive times coming up. 3 highs in the mid 30s. north winds up to 10mph. tonight...partly cloudy. lows in the mid 20s. northeast in the afternoon. highs in the lower 40s. southeast winds up to 15 mph. tuesght.daninot as cool. light rain. lows in the upper 30s. southeast winds 5 to 15 mph. chance of rain 90 percent. wednesday.light rahighs the mid 40s. soutwinds 5 to 15 mph. chance of rain 90 percent. wednesnight...cloudy with a 50 percent chance of light rain. lows in the mid 30s. thanksgiving d.mostly cloudy. highs in the lower 40s. 3
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>> perfect timing. e. >> hello, sir. i heard you went to see "hamilton." hothatw was >> it was good. i got a free lecture. i love you, mike you're the reason'm i ner going to get impehed. >> sir -- >> "saturday night live" never misses a beat, do they? >> they ar very quick. >> theonversion everyone is talking about. ulcome o "cbshis moin coming up in this half hour,he real president-ele donald trump is demanding an apology from the cast of "hamilton" for its speech to on vice esident-elect mike pence. actor brandon dix mad the
7:31 am
morning with his response plus,oliday shoppin about to get under way, parking lots angarages are set to become more crowded. ahead new rearchhowing how tens of thousands of people are injured and killed every year. time to show you some of the the globe.headlines from around "usa today" repts tt the overall averagwas more than 3%. that more than 225,000 people in aleppo, syria, w ishout hospital care. a neurosurgeon says, quote, we are living in hell. the bonmbings in that aa have destroyed the hospital. air strikes by the syrian government on friday hit more hospitals. "time" reports that c are searching the records of a passenger train that derailed yesterday in northern indiana.
7:32 am
at lea 145 passengers were killed and more than 200 were hurt. it was one of the worst crashes in years. the cause is not known. the government says train accidents in indiaill about 15,000 people every year. the chicago sun times says hundred of o'hare airport woers will maken announcement this morng about lkout byanitors a .the baggage handlers couldome during thanksgiving weekend. the cityt does expecr t majo the workers want. the right to unionize. fortune" reports on hummas could have a listeria bacteria it was found in plant but not in finished product. they have a best before date january 23rd, 2017. ifou have it,hrow it out.
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broadway from "hamilton." >>e ar w the dse america who are alarmed and anxious tha your new administration will not protect . our planet, children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inn rights. >> donald trump called the show overrated and demand the cast apologize for what he called its harassment of pen. the vice president-elect praised the performance and said he was not offend i about the friday's speech. he added mr. trump wouldbe, quote, president of all the pople of the uniteates. "hamilton"ctor a brandon victor dixon here firn "cbs this morning" to talk about this and he delivered the cast's statement. thank you for beingere. >> my pleasure. >> why did you decide to make the statement on behalff "hamn" procer and cast in
7:34 am
inherententlinherently american community. by the we are women and women of different colors and orientations and the resident nature of the world throughout the global community demands that we make statements when there are important issues, i think, facing us as a community so we wanted to stand up and spread a message of love and of unity considering all of the emotion outpr since the election. >> wnaldhedorump tweeted this was harassment of his vice president-elect your response was? >> harassment or rather conversations not harassment. you know? and i was really appreciative that vice president-elect pence stood there and lped to what we had to stay. i know some people have said that a one-sided conversation or lecture is not a conversation eregnion, i hope, that we
7:35 am
says -- ? ? talk less smile more ? i'm not doing it justice but a lot of people are criticizing you and the cast. they said that was not the place to do it. one member of bruce springsteen' said you w to protect the guest and no single them out on. some say you could have asked him to come back stage and had a coersation on him and reported on that. stage.s welcome to come all of the guests we have are welcome to come back stage and speak to us. >> i realize that but he wasn't given the option, though. >> oh, no. he certainly hat option. i think -- >> you all invited him back stage and he didn't co? >> i don't know wt coersaons happen before the show with the producers but i do know on a regular basis, political figures, celebrities, people who want to come to the show, we know they are coming and we know it's an option they can come back and speak to the cast and talk to us and take pictures. he absolutely uld have done
7:36 am
the time, i say to him, vice president-elect mike pence, please come and have coersation with us. you know? >> why you? in other words, didou ask to do it, to d theeliver message? >> no, i did not. the produr jeffrey sellers called me an hour, hour and a half before curtain and said this is something that we thought we wanted to do and asd me if i would be willing to do it. i'm not sure why they decided to ask me but i was happy to. i was honored to represent our cast and our show in that and, you know, for me, i think the most important thing with respect to all of the emotions that everybody is feeling after is election is to make sure that people recognize that we are not alone. we are here together and we need to listen to one another and speak to one another and those of us who feel their voice is margalized or might become marginalized need to recognize there are allies all over the place. >> you didn't know he was comino an hwo hou bef
7:37 am
in crafting this statement? >> yes. >> how did that come about? >> before jeffrey called me, our director and jeffrey, himself, they collaborated on what they thought the message should be and shared it with me and i read it to the cast and myself -- >> they wrote it and y shared it with the cast and says does everybody stand behind this? >> after that, me and some other cast members made adjustments to it and after that we went out and made the stement to the show. >> demanding an apology. >> i heard. >> we assume no apology is forthcoming? >> there is nhing to apologize for. >> there is reports that someone disrupted the show in chicago on saturday. a trump protester and said something along the lines get over it, we won and let's move forward. are you worried now you've set a prt n disrupting shows and speaking out in this manner? >> no. i'll tell you that is certainly not the first time nor will it be the last that somebody went
7:38 am
inappropriately or stand up and interrupt a show. >> before you made that statemt you did ask the audience to bring out their phones to record the message? >> yes. >> why did you do that? >> it was important for us. >> you wanted it? >> we wanted it. when you have platform, art is meant to bring people together and meant to raise consciousness and when you have a plaorm like that, i told jeffrey sellers afr the show, i applaud you all for not throwing away youshot, for taking a moment to spread a message of love, to spread a message of unity. we are not here to -- here to cheer everybody on. >> would you like donald trump to come see "hamilton." >>hye welcome him. ould you want him to see it? >> i think the power of our show and the way we tell it is undeniable. i think it's important for everybody toee a show like ou. >> what else, in time of where there is great change andlso important fo theater itself to be a place of where ideas are discusseand debated. >> absolutely. >> and taking place and
7:39 am
will bring them on. >> lin is using his platform fo >> for ideas as well as diversity. >> >> absolutely. certainly raised another level of the conversation. ank you, brandon. thank you for joing us at the ble. >> my pleasure. thank you for having me. drivers in parking lots and garages could be just as distracted as drivers on the highway. >> reporter: how well do you think people drive in parking lots? >> not very well not very well at all. i thinit's cutthroat. >> i the garage? ah first on "cbs this the new warning about the dangers that led to hundreds of deaths every year serious stuff. we invite yo this is a personal invitation to subscribe to our "cbs this morning" podcast. you'll g the news of the day, extended interviews, and what, norah? the best of all podcast? >> oh, yes! download it. over a million and a half times.
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? first on "thisorning surprising new numbers show how dangerous it can be to walk through aarking lot. wow. more than 137 milon americans n day anmond the national safy council says up to two-thirds of drivers may be distracted as pa rkingspace. the insurance industry says 1 out of every 5 accidents actually happens in a parking lot. kris van cleave is at a crowded station at a metro station in arlington, virginia. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. no surprise here. the number one call for a distraction in a parking lot is the cell phone. experts say we all have a false sense of security because of the slow speeds cars are traveling in parking lots, but the
7:45 am
video ctured the moment a speeding driver struck a mher rollast month.-month-old baby's cortez died maria cruz gonzalez her baby survived. wisconsin police released this video of a driver who lost contl of his vehicle, slammg into nine cars before coming to a stop. amazingly, no one was seriously injured. but the national safety council found, on average, at least 60,000 are injured and more die in 50,000 crashes and accidents in parking lots and crashes every year. >> it's as dangerous to be distracted in a parking lot going 5 miles an hour as it is to be going 50 miles an hour. >> reporter: deborah hersman runs the national safety council. >> people have their heads down and they are in their fonds whether they are behind the wheel or whether they are pedestrians. there is a lot of inattention out there. >> reporter: a recent survey found 66% felt comfortable making calls while driving in a
7:46 am
roughly half of drivers were okay with sending e-mails, using social media, taking pictures, or watching video. 42% said they would video chat. joys was more focused on her phonthan thears around her. do you think you givemounfinsa ntion you, like, give the road? >> not really. >> reporter: why do you think that is? >> we think there is not a lot of traffic in the parking lot, pbut actually, there is. i think people should aware of this. >> reporter: on average every year, 51 people die in parking lot accidents that involve cars baing you. experts say particularly this time of year where it's gettin dark earlier and people are increasingly wearing dark winter coats, it's worth taking a secondo double-check before you backup or use that backup camera. >> boy, that is such important information. everybody is busy. you're rushing to get out of the store, get home. >> you think you're driving slow in the parking lot so it's ok.
7:47 am
in the back of the car. >> me too. >> and when it beeps when you're about to hit ather car! >> that happens to you a lot? >> double parking a lot in the new york city area. i get it. t. donald trump's home an ing unprecedented challenge. ead a look insid of the challenge of securing a er commissioner of nypd comp telligce and counterintelligence. you know john miller. he is ck and he'll be with us. howne of thes in the nfl happened before the
7:48 am
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this is a cbs 58 morning news . update.good morning everyone. i'm jessica tighe with this cbs 58 news's 7:56. 3 six games left in the season... and he packers still ?show no signs? of stopping their descent. the pack gave up a flurryof late touchdowns last night... and ?lost to the washington redskins?--- 42-24.aaron rodgers passes--- but it wasn't nearly enough. despite the packers ?four? game losing streak--- they're still just ?two games out of first place? in the n-f-c north division. green bay's next division. green bay's next game is one week from today... against the philadelphia eagles. ahead on cbs this morning--- a look inside "vatican television."seth doane is in rome to show us... how the church is ?shing its modern day message.? the new work week is starting off with some slowdowns for the morning mmute.andy
7:57 am
roads are in good shape this morning. weather should not have an impact on your morning commute. once again, your travel time along westbound i 94 will be a slow one due to the zipper merge. as each day goes by, drivers get more used to the delays. plan on using alternates. i will have those as well as a look at your drive times coming up. 3 hi winds up to 10 mph. tonight...partly cloudy. lows in the mid 20s. northeast winds up to 5 mph. tuesday.mostly cloudy. a 20 percent chance of light rain in the afternoon. highs in the to 15 mph. tuesday night...not as cool. light rain. lows in the upper 30s. southeast winds 5 to 15 mph. chance of rain 90 percent. wednesday...light rain. highs in the mid 40s. south winds 5 to 15 mph. chance of rain 90 percent. wednesday night...cloudy with a 50 percent chance of light rain. lows in the mid 30s. thanksgiving day...mostly cloudy. highs in theower 40s.
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? it is monday, november 21st, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning.? three days before thanksgiving. there is more real news ead, including the massive security effort around the tower homeelect and his trump john miller is in studio 57 to show us how big a challenge that is with millions visiting the city. first, here's a look at today's >> the snow is falling and hf a foot on the ground and million of americans facing the prospect of a white thanksgiving. >> winter is one month away. this is a pre-winter snowstorm we are dealing with. >> a growing memorial outside of police headquarters for detective marconi who was conducting traffic stop when
8:01 am
open administration spots came calling. so far the trump cabinet is stocked with loyalists. >> there are other jobs out there. the problem rudy giuliani has made it clear the only job he wants is secretary of state that is a difficult situation but i think romney may be the front-runner. >> conversation is not harassment and i was appreciative that vice president-elect pence sat there and listened to what we had to say. >> he's in trouble. the throw is there for the touchdown. >> he throws under pressure. >> give him a ten on the pass and, i don't know, maybe a five on the front. >> the judge says that's going to go long. >> boy. >> touchdown! >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. the northeast is getd th mo
8:02 am
some areas of new york and upper new england could receive nearly 20 inches of snow today. >> oh, boy. get ready. high winds and heavy snow hit overnight across new york state. the storm created dangerous conditions on the roads. watertown, new york, could end up buried under two feet of snow. other parts of the region are seeing more than a foot from the lake-effect system. over the weekend the storm also blanketed much of the midwest. another round of wintry weathero the upper midwest before thanksgiving. president-elect donald trump is expected to announce more weekend meetings.week after he met with several potential nominees including james mattis a leading candidate for defense secretary, ae met with mitt romney, who was a har critic of mr. trump and now is in the running for secretary of state. rudy giuliani is still the favorite for thapost. other top candidates is the trump's campaign financial chairman steve mnuchin for
8:03 am
securing the arearound trump tower is new york is called, a quote, unprecedented challenge. police officers now surround the skyscraperfifth en. parts of new york city.usiest an area visite millions of tourists every year. john miller is the nypd's deputy commissioner of intelligence and counterterrorism. he also, as you probably know, is a former senior correspondent so we love it when john miller returns to the table. >> tnks for sang my old chair. >> good morn >> what can you tell us out the secret bunker? >> just that it's secret and that there is a tunnel. >> this is auge challenge. what is the biggest challenge for you guys? >> well, the biggest challenge is trying to blend thewo things that we have to make work as a police department. one is securing the president united states e's h new york or right now the president-elect. and the other is doing it on
8:04 am
basis at what we consider practically the center of the earth, which is 57th street and fifth avenue. >> a big shopping area. i'm thinking about the stores. the people who want to go there and people that live in the area. >> the people that live in the area! >> right. >> so, yeah, the president-elect has complained about some of the neighbors, one in particular! >> how do you balance it, though, john? holy people now are -- charlie was saying just to come take pictures of trump tower. >> well, people have been taking pictures on fifth avenue at 57th street, you know, since the beginning of time. but first thing you got to do it figure out what were the traffic laws there in the first place? one thing i learned was fifth avenue is no commercial traffic street. it just wasn't very enforced because it's kind ofiv let live environment. so you're going to see strict enforcement there. we are going to lose a blo o
8:05 am
we have lost a block for water main explosions and, you know, ays we alwrk around it. water main exosions are temporary, though, john. >> predent-elect trump has announced that melania and barron trump will not immediately move to the white house. does that change the security picture? >> not there. they all have -- the trump family is spreut in different residences and there's a program with the secret service ed of tm. >> so it won't change? >> think the real answ there, norah, is that the big footprint here is the president-elect, or the president, whoever that is, when they move, it comes with aot of movg parts. >> want to talk abouisis a some of the threats that a magazine has made about macy's thanksgiving day parade. can you you tell us about that? >> this came o last weekend in
8:06 am
a larger argument based on the nice, france, attack where the terrorists used a large truck to run over -- in celebration. trying to pick other crowded venues that other would-be terrorists would use. i think what you're seeing here is that isil is still struggling with complex sternal attacks in the u.s. or their ability to launch them but th propaganda to do is something low-tech, low-cost and potentially high impact. the idea of renting a big truck and ramming it into a crowd is something they find attractive. from our standpoint for the thanksgiving day parade, it was pictured and they had a caption saying excellent target. this isn't something we thought of last weekend. for the last several years, we have had blocker cars at every tersection on that route very much the w wdo when the
8:07 am
moves through town. so -- you put a police car in the middle of the ? >> it's more than a poli car. you take vehicles end-to-end across that street. you take the route and you make it basically sterile to ide traffic. in this case, u know, kind of reviewing it, based on that article, we have ordered up 81 sand trucks which you can ram a new york city sanitation sand truck with a lotf things but >> let me ask you something jeff pegues is reporting this morning. cbs news has learned law enforcement across the country warned of an attack ahead of thanksgiving and the upcoming inauguration. what are some of the concerns? >> i think what you're seein there is a little bit of what we just talked about, norah, which magazine callingn peop to do what they could with what was in frt of them. the same weekend, al qaeda came up with its magazine with its kind of review of the chelsea bombing that occurred here in
8:08 am
and a section on how to do one of those better. so i think what the fbi and the department of homeland security is reacting to is there is a churning in the terrorist world, asking people to act on their own. >> given president-elect trump's comments about muslims and banning them, he has changed that position a bit and some of his advisers. have we seen any uptick in chatter? >> no. i wouldn't connect those two thin. what we have seen is kind of a discomfort in muslim communities. we as the nypd have reached out and so has mayor de blasio's office. it was said on this show when candidate trump made those comments, both police commissioner bratt and myself and the mayor separated new york city frothose comments
8:09 am
communities. d toe herend i'll get very . back to yo the secret service. younow my number. pop star b mars iswn for his style as much as his music. he tald about his unique fashion and ip fro"6
8:10 am
the catholic church is taking television to a new level to reach a modern day audience. seth doane went to the vatican to show us how. >> one the oldest institutions neechnology on the planet. we will take you behind the scenes of vatican television coming up on "cbs this mning." ? tomorr's the day we'll playething besis video games. every y is a gif peally for people but toy there's entresto?- a brkthrou medicine that can help makeore
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8:14 am
? american bishops to the prestigious post of cardinal over the weekend and their responsibilities include electing the next pope. news of the prohe
8:15 am
when the new american cardinals joined pope francis for mass in st. peters squarsunding , it was covered by 12 cameras, includin two sweeping jibs. the cameras had long arms. closing of the holyoor were carefully choreographed and all transmitted to the world at the highest quality ible yo b level that most of us cannot imagine. most of us have never seen cause our tvs aren't that good. >> it's the very first time. >> reporter: a first for the vatican. stephone is the head of vatican tv. he explained the technology they used 44k-hdr. >> it is more broad and more
8:16 am
it. >> reporter: workers from sony in japan were there for the debut and we peeked into the high production mobile vans parked in the shadow of st. peters basilica. you describe vatican tv almost like a all about rlab fortelevi >> because it's easier for the factories and to work with >> reporter: ctvas just 21 ll-time employee >> vatican teln ievisio like the mouse thatroared. okay? it's a tin yoperation, if you look at the number of people, but the quality is really grea this ione p -- >> rorter: greg burke is a former fox news correspond he now runs the vatican pres office you're a tv guy. wh ytperation at vatican television, what do you
8:17 am
>> reporter: it's unparalleled access allows viewers a chanc to see t world and the crowds as the pontiff does. vatican tv is hardly an independent observer. rather, it's parte of th church's massive pr apparatus. reminders of its mission are on screen and off. the material is hard to beat at setting, scale, theatrics. va tvtican is digitizing and archiving decade of material. >> you see some -- >> reporter: this room holds enough memory to sto 28,000 video cassettes. this isn expensive eration, vatican tv is. why dedicate so many resources
8:18 am
helps get the pope's message out, you know? the better you can tell that stor the color is quite clear. >> we can see that. thank you very much, seth doane. we are aor >> solutely. >>eth has brought the same curie >> he is multitented, that seth doane. thank you again,se always good to see. > psuperstar bruno mars takes "60 minutes" on a trip back to his childhood. ahead, in part of the interview you did not see last m on minutes" how his dad helped shape the man we seetoy. you're watching "cbs thi morning." we will be right back.
8:19 am
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? ? ? ? i a dangerous m with ney
8:23 am
there he wasn stage last my at the american music awards. he has six nber one hitnd soldore an 170 million singles. >> wow. >>ow is ght. lled 24 carat mag overheweand ys he tk la logan back to where it beg on "60inutes." partf the story y notouid see last night he tracea sense ofis sty to upbringing >> rorter: where does your personal style comefrom? >> my personal style? from mer,y fath my dad. patton lther pete. >> reporter: patent leath pete? >> right. >> reporter: tt is so cute. is that where you get t hair? >> everything. know? the pinkie rings. >>eporter: >> reporter: the suits? >> the sui. >> repter: s shoes?
8:24 am
that was just sometng i grewup out lstood e sor thumb in wa. waii.dresses le i that but athe be silk everhing and that ijust w he coming fm klyn,know and making some money out here. he was -- he was hy. a little extra razzledazzle. >> reporter: yeah. >> and it's so weird use when i was a ki dad, why do you dress like that? that!y elsnts e pareess like and here i am today! t looks like paten leather pete taughhim well. i love lara's piece. he says as good as he is rig now, the people say he still is not where hwants to be. i think is awesome. "24 carat ma is a good album. >> it is catchy.
8:25 am
8:26 am
this is a cbs 58 morning news . update.good morning i'm mike curkov... c-b-s 58 news time is 8:26. jermarro dantzler hears his sentence for sexual assault today in mwaukee. the former operator of a childrens home for nearly 15 years pleaded no contest to a charge of assaulting a 15 year old boy back in 2015. danztler faces up to 64 years in prison. sentencing is scheduled for this afternoon. milwaukee police will seek charges against a driver involved in a ?deadly crash? over the weekend. they tell us an 18-year old wan sped ay from police after they tried to pl her over...and even though they did not chase
8:27 am
one man was killed....six otheere hurt, but are expected to survive. ahead on cbs this morning--- actors mark wahlberg and peter berg are in studio 57 to discuss their new movie, "patriots day" 3 3 3 3 highs in the mid 30s. north winds up to 10 mph. tonight...partly cloudy. lows in t mid 20s. northea winds up to 5 mph. tuesday...mostly cloudy. a 20 percent chance of light rain in the afteoon. highs in the lower 40s. southeast winds up to 15 mph. tuesday night...not as cool. light rain. lows in e uppe30s. southeast winds
8:28 am
rain. highs in the mid 40s. south winds 5 to 15 mph. chance of rain 90 percent. wednesday ht...cloudy with a 50 percent chance of light rain. lows in the mid 30s. thanksgiving day...mostly cloudy. highs in the lower
8:29 am
8:30 am
? get out your coats, your hats, your long johns and your hand warmers and toe things, charlie. your long underwear, rah. look at those pictures from watertown, new york. >> it's >> snow has arrived. even in the eye of the beholder, winter is here. welcome back to "cbs this morning.? coming up in this half hour, the dramatic new movie about the boston marathon bombings that is called "patriots day." the star and producer mark wall wahlberg h just arrived and the direor is here ithe toyo green room to talk about the pressure. there they are. where are you going, mark? >> i'm here. sorry. >> the pressure they both felt
8:31 am
hi, peter. the man who recorded the assassinatn of john f. kennedy could be one of the first journalists. his daughter how he changed the way we understand news. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. toys "r" us stopped selling a tonka dump truck after one caught fire. it burst into flames friday as a washington state couple took it home in their truck. they were not hurt but their pickup is a total the store and the manufacturer are investigating. "people" saysi gig hadid is getting mixed reviews for her immigration of the first lady. >> melania trump impression. i got to get t faceright. >> okay. >> i love my husband! president barack obama. >> the model mocked mrs. trump
8:32 am
michelle obama. hadid was a co-host of the american music awards last night in los angeles. >> she is getting some hits this morning. not so nice. "the new york times" reports on how frozen fruits and vegetables compare with fresh produce. researchers say when it comes to nutritional value, there are no consistent differences. the impact of freezing varies by plant. for the best of quality frozen produce look for fruits undergone no frozen. how about this? a humpback whale was seen in hudson ratiniver e fish near a manhattan pier and the third such sight in less than a week and officials don't know if it's the same whale. more than a hundred whales have been spotted around new york city this year. >> how about this? "the washington post" reports on two young pandas born in the united states. struggling to adjust to tir new home in china. this month, the 3-year-old sisters were returned from
8:33 am
d are addicted to american crackers! they are replacing the homesick panda's american food with chinese bread. >> our crackers aretty od! buttery and put a little peanut tter on them and a banana, good to go. actor mark survivors and the police who tried to catch the terrorists behind the attack. >> how many total wounded? >> three fatalities that we know. one is a child. >> what are they doing? >> that is an 8-year-old skid under there. >> we can't move the body. tell them to clear out of there. >> you. >> bomb residue on the boy's
8:34 am
him. >> what are you going to tell their parents? >> he is upset. "patriots day" is distributed by a division of the cbs corporation. mark wahlberg is in the movie and peter berg, what do you do with this movie? >> pardon me? what do i do? i'm a director. >> that was a trick question. >> you got me. he is already an honorary bostonian after making this movie. >> i get it. i understand a lot of conversation between the two of you how and why to tell the story and why are you wondering whether it's too soon to tell the story rightnow? >> it was a debate goi back and forth. we felt like everybody that is happening all over the world it's not soon enough because this is a message of love and pele coming together. and so we felt like, you know, it was -- it was very important to do this. but do it right and of course, me being from boston and knowing i would be held accountable personally, lot of pressure. certainly more pressure than i ever felt. >> was it added pressure?
8:35 am
show my face and be welcomed with open arms. you know, everybody knows somebody who was directly affected by this. it's such a small community. so, yeah, i felt an enormous amount of pressure but i knew, based on my work and experience with pete, that he s the right guy for the job because of how much he cares. >> it said yo chaled hlenged hi all along? >> yes, yes. i was extremely worried. i would calm him at 4:00 in the morning and be at his hotel door. >> the third film that we have one of the hardest working people i know and he always works hard. think on this one he and all of us worked a lot harder. i felt his pressure and all of us wanted so much to get it right for the men and women of that boston community, the police officers. >> did you appreciate the pressure? >> very much so. yes. >> sounds like it was a lot of pressure. >> when you meet the men and
8:36 am
immigrant who escaped from those brothers and quite possibly saved a similar explosion in new york or the police officers that worked, we meet these people and the victims and the survivors. you meet those families, you can't help but feel it. >> you also said you wanted to be unapologetic in its support for law enforcement? >> i think something we both feel sprtrongly about. i think the brush is a bit wide of late and happy to push back and remind people what we saw i here in new york and we saw in tampa or san bernardino are examples of the very best of law enforcement and reminder when we are in trouble, these are the men and women we call and i and appreciative and we are not ashamed of that message at all. >> mark, your character, a cop is a composite but a lot of the other characters are based on real pe. in that scene we just saw is a really emotional seen.
8:37 am
young boy who was killed, his sister lost a leg and his parents were also injured. did you meet with them? did you talk with them? >> absolutely. you know, we met with bill and his wife and pete, and, you know, he was very clear about what he was comfortable with and not comfortable with and he didn't want anybody depicting his children and initially it was part of the script and pete and i said, absolutely, whatever you wish. we took it right out of the script. we wanted to honor he was asking us. and it was -- >> how did you know that story? i didn't k having covered it, you know, that the fbi wanted to clear the scene and the boston cop said, we got to stay here. >> these are just horrific situations. you know, what -- at the end of the day, the boston police, you know, honored martin richard
8:38 am
his body until it was, you know, the time for his body to be moved. >> it was interesting to see the debate in the movie between the local boston officials and the fbi who said, no, you can't show a picture of these two suspects. the boston police went hard-core, yes, we must show it and must show them now. mark, it was veryey scene for you. >> i mean, that all really happened. there were two extraordinary men who, you know, and everyone talks about my watch. thank god it didn't happen on my watch. for ed davis who was a commissioner of the boston police department, the top cop and rick de lowerian, top fbi agent it did happen on their watch. these were the two guy at the end of the day, a horrific explosion goes off and the governor and they call and say what do you need and you have to solve it. there was a lot of pressure but at the end of the day we i just with them at a screening in los
8:39 am
bothers. at the end of the day, they put aside those differences and worked together and it was an extraordinary job they did. >> what do you hope people leave the theater with? >> you know, just hope, optimism, you know? i think we are ling in a crazy may continue to happen.hings but, you know, if people continue to come together, love will always be, you know, the outcome. >> love beats hate. >> the movie sums that up beautifully at the end when you i was so glad that we got to see them and hear from them and who had actually lived it and i thought that was very, very powerful. >> it was great to he themnd a reminder tos and, you know, really what thisilm is about is about those real people and, you know, as great as everything else i think is in that film and the performances are really strong and there is a lot of these real people who went eat
8:40 am
of the film. >> it proves, boston strong. thank you. >> thank you. >> mark wahlberg and peter berg, thank you. "patriots day" opens in select cities december 21st and nationwide janry 13th. ahead how a econdilm changes the way the world sees news. see the story behind this film
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
? it has beenalled the most important 26 seconds of film ever recorded. a dallas dressmaker captured the 1963 assassination of president john f. kennedy in horric detail. his granghter i sharing the story behind the lens. jan crawford is at the museum in washington with the short film news unfold. jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there arexamples here of regular people, recording key moments in our nation's htory bue fitizen journalist and his granddaughter told us that film is an accident
8:45 am
shooting of a president from beginninto end. >> president kennedy died at 1:00 p.m. central standard time. >> reporter: the zapruder was the first of its kind. >> reporter: alexandria grew up with her grandfather loved making home movies and wanted to record the president's visit for his wife and children. with an eight millimeter came he stood on this concrete ledge on the grassy knoll. >> when he saw them come around the corner, he started film. >> reporr: he was the eyes for america on that horrible day. >> that's right. in many ways, the film, in many ways, is america's memory of this event. >> reporter: but the story of the zapruder film is far more
8:46 am
alexandra rekrounts in hcounts new book. her father was thrust into a media storm. >> opened it up and i kept it ke this. >> reporter: t government took coes of the film but left zapruder with the original and he wanted the film to be protected out of respect to the kennedys and released it t "life" magazine after she agreed it shouldn't be sensationalized. >> their role was torotect the american people and the keedy's which in today's world is unfathable. nobody protects anyby. the whole concept of privacy is practically obsolete. >> reporter: the next 12 years ago, "life" kept the original under wraps. >> if you're at all queasy, then don't watch this film.
8:47 am
public fueled conspiracy eoe government had something to hide. >> the film wasn't shown as a film to the american people for 12 years. now, it wouldn't be 12 seconds before it was up on youtube. that is the other part of e story that is as to fascinating is the story of technology, changing technology. >> reporter: we talke to zapruder your grandfather he was kind of the first citizen journalist in a way? >> he was. i think the black lives matter movement and a use of the cell phon waye ao record something, it's a form of resistance and become something even more powerful. >> reporter: but still the zapruder film carries with it its own power. by accident or fate, it changed how we saw the worl. >> world.
8:48 am
an instant. smiling on a beautiful day and jackie looks to beautiful. >> and in a matter of seconds, it's over. and everything is over. >> reporter: everything is different. >> their lives changed. my grandfather's life changed the culture changed and the society. >> reorter: america. >> america, the world, everything changed and there it is on film. >> reporter: 26 seconds. >> 26 seconds. >> that is what is so powerful about the film which, of course, is also extremely in 1990 the family was agreed to pay $16 million and now preserved in the national archives. if you do a quick search on the internet you can find that film. it is almost, i think, inconceivable to think that today, a video like that could be kept out of the public view for so long. gayle? >> alexandria is right. that would never happen today and kept in secret and in privacy. thank you, jan. >> reminded me of clint hill who was in the secret service agency
8:49 am
>> he thought he didn't do enough. >> traumatized his life for a long time. >> a big piece of our history. ahead the world record attempt never seen before in basketball.
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
? the best long-range shooter check out these guys. they took a shot from the top of the dam in switzerland and the ball fell nearly 600 feet and hit nothing but net. the group is well known on youtube under "how ridiculous." they made the shot on the third try and that is a new guinness record. >> nicely done. nothing but net is pretty good. >> that does it for us.
8:53 am
we will see you tomorrow on "cbs this morning." >> take it easy. shouldn't knee and ankle supports comfortably fit your knees and ankles? dr. scholl's new custom fit wellness center measures your leg in 3d... ...and recommends our custom-fit support that's right for you. new dr. scholl's custom fit ankle and knee supports.
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