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tv   CBS 58 News at 10pm  CBS  November 21, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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fighting to keep brendan dassey in prison..only on the cbs 58 -- attorney general brad schimel explains his stance.the cbs 58 news at 10 starts right now 3 3 new at 10 -- sheboygan police shot and killed an armed robber as he left a tavern locked and loaded. loaded.but now the bartender and his girlfriend are suing. they say the officers put "them" in harm's way that 58's april dovorany is live with the latest. bill/michele/... according to the paperwork filed today...the two are each seeking3.3 million dollars in total from the city...saying this shooting has greatly impacted ?both of their lives. its shocking video-july 17th-kevin higgins-a man known to sheboygan police-went into this bar and robbed it-rifle. when he opened the door to leave-he was greeted by two sheboygan police officers-who shot nd killed him. but just behind higgins-stood bartender kurt klessig and his
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klessig-reportedly grazed by a bullet in the chest....and struck in the hand. in court in the hand. chest....and struck in the hand. in court documents filed monday by both- they say-the officers acted negligently-because-as innocent parties-they were clearly visible whenthe officers decided to open fire saying...."officer hamilton and officer kehoe knew or shold have known that by positioning themselves as they did, kurtklessig and mary heitzmann were in the officer's field of fire"in a statement monday, a family spokesman told us the couple "feels awful for all parties involved but this has taken a toll not only on their relationship, but also has caused extreme mental and physical suffering." he says they filed paperwork because they believe they're not getting all the evidence necessary to go forward with their claims....both are both seeking 2.5 million dollars in damages, plus 800-thousand dolalrs in legal fees. the claim was sent to the finance committee tonight. the city has 120 days to respond.....and family tells us there will e another
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the fierce legal battle over brendan dassey is now at a brief standstill... his family hoped he'd be home for thanksgiving...but dassey will remain in jail while his appeal is decided.. .which could take months. months.the murder of teresa halbach... and the men convicted for it... gained international attention from the netflix series "making a murderer"and one of the takeaways many fans had from the show... is that dassey... the nephew of steven avery... got a raw deal from the criminal justice system.some wonder why current attorney fighting so hard to keep dassey locked up... i have approach this from a perspective of the family of teresa halbach, and they they've got no opportunity to hug her on thanksgiving, and this is, until we sort out with certainty whether that jury's verdict against brendan dassey will stand or not, we need to keep him where he is." is."schimel says the state will argue that dassey's confession was obtained
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if dassey's confession is permanently confession is permanently thrown out. newly released pictures show the gruesome aftermath of a deadly officer-involved shooting in wauwatosa. they show the car where jay anderson died and it was his own family who released the photos. cbs 58's marshanna hester is here to tell us why..marshanna. michele-- the family says it's important for them to keep this case in the forefront-- and update the community about the investigation.but ultimately er person they want to make sure never forgets what happened. 3 it just made me sad."these are the pictures we can show you, on air, of jay anderson junior's car.busted out windows, glass covering a child's shoes, bullet holes in the head rest...there was alot of blood delarosa, anderson's fiance fiance it was hard cleaning his blood up. to actually have his blood on my hands as i was wiping it off the material, off the seat, off the armrest off the seat belt. it was just
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star delrosa had no idea the car would be returned in the condition it was.their attorney says it's not uncommon for that to happen-- in fact-- not cleaning it allowed his investigators to collect their own forensic anal. analysis.we know some of the trajectory of the bullets because there are bullet holes in the seat"five mongths ago-- anderson was shot dead by a wauwatosa police officer while in his car.authorities say he had a gun in the car... but attorney jon safran say investigators failed to get pict it was. was. we see from the video, quite clearly he had his arms in the air a number of times and it didn't seem to me he was lunging for, reaching for, touching that handgun if it was in the front passenger seat"delarosa has repaired the car and now drives it..having a peice of jay back gives the family some comfort-- and they hope releasing the pictures sends a message in their fight for justice. justice. i want joseph to be charged with murder. he
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a decision on whether to file charges against the officer is still under review by the milwaukee county d-a.meanwhile --- the family is still waiting for the rest of jay's belongings to be returned. michelle? 3 the name of the wauwatosa officer who shot and killed anderson hasn't officially been released.but he has been connected to a second fatal police shooting.the anderson family attorney says it happened in july 2015-- when a 29-year-old man was shotte confronting police with a sword.the anderson family attorney says it would be worth looking into what the officer did between these shootings..including whether the officer may may have applied for disability. 3 milwaukee police need your help finding this teen..junior z. moreno.he's wanted for burlgary, car theft and bail jumping.police say he's got a record and has been a suspect in more than 20 cases in milwaukee. if you know where he is -- call 414-935-7221.
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because she refused a man's adv. advances.milwaukee police say the woman was walking to a bus stop on teutonia and keefe avenue sunday morning.the victim's sister says she was beat to the ground and kicked several tiimes...this was actually the third time the woman has been assaulted. t's frustrating. it's scary. my sister, her only means of transportation is the city bus. so to know that she's traumatized and feels like she can't leave her homeit's frustrating. and it scares me. the family, along with city officials, are asking anyone who may have seen anyting or have any information on this case to step forward. 3 21-year-old jonathon brown has been charged with attacking and raping three women earlier this month.all happened around 76th and good hope.according to the criminal complaint, brown threatened to kill the women if they didn't have sex with him.he faces six counts of second degree sexual assault. a federal court says wisconsin's voting districts
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live with what's next. kristen. 3 a republican controlled state house... senate.. .and govenors office drew up the maps in 2011.if this decision holds... it could force maps across the country to be redrawn 07;28; they packed all the democrats in to as few districts as possible so that as many districts would be dominated by republicans or most likely to be republican. political expert mordicai lee says in the past- courts ruled packing voters based on race or ethnicy was unconstituional...but never based on political party.that is until monday's decison...which states the maps " intended to burden the representational rights of democratic voters the decision cites recent election cycles as evidence.07;28;48 in the elections two years ago, republicans got fewer votes than democrats but republicans still had a majority of a statement-- an attorney for the democrats who brought the lawsuit said "this decision will finally give
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they deserve to shape their democracy"but attorney general brad schimel will appeal the decision to the u-s supreme court and said it "...does not affect the results of this month's election or any prior election and legislative district boundaries remain unchanged until the court rules on any remedy."it will be up the high court whether or not they take up the case. 07;35;38 if they accept the decision about wisconsin, then practically every state legislature in the united states is going to e redistricted because there's been more and more partisan gerrymandering by both parties in today's ruling the court did not propose a solution-- instead they requested both parties to submit briefs with possible remedies within the next 30 days. the wisconsin supreme court rejects calls to investigate the leak in the john doe invest. investigation.the court saying it's a matter for the executive..not the judicial..
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schimel requested a special master to figure out who leaked evidence about the case to a newspaper.last year, the state supreme ordered the end of the investigation into alleged coordination between governor walker's campaign and conservative groups. president-elect donald trump's newly appointed national security adviser was at ripon college tonight.he told students to embrace patriotisim and individual righ. rights.17:02:05-22 all the rights that we have... to bear arms, to peacfully assemble... all the we're able to do. it's a coutnry that's bulit to protect individual rights. rights. lt. general michael flynn also encouraged students to take risks and turn their weaknesses into strengths he used to help troubled teens..but today - jermarro danzler got 18 years behind 58's amanda porterfield is live at the courthouse where he was
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in the last year charges seemed to keep piling up for jemarro danzler. but today - a man who used to help troubled teens was sentenced for second degree sexual assault of a child..perjery and bail jumping. despite his last efforts to change the judges mind. jermarro danzler cried in court - as he tried to defend himself one last time. last year, the 38-year-old was arrested and charged for grabbing a boy on danzler used to run a group home for troubled boys in milwaukee.after that charge.. teens from that home came forward saying they'd been touched too.dantzler - a married man at the time says he was set up by his male lover. and begged the judge to see that. but in the end - he was sentenced to 18 years in prison. 06:00:24 mr. danzler presents as a positive individual who would never hurt anyone. however this writer sees an
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know that i was wrong for engaging in any sexual acts with any child your honor i am not a rapist. i would never rape anyone. that's not who i am. in addition to those 18 years in confinement..danzler will have years of supervision. and will be placed on the sex offender registry list. in milwaukee amanda porterfield cbs 58 news. 3 the man who cut off his g-p-s bracelet and left ht estate in the middle of his trial will spend 15 years in prison. 31-year-old robert dorgay was convicted of sexual assault and strangulation.during his trial this summer... he cut off his g-p-s monitoring bracelet... and took off. dorgay was captured a few weeks later in mississippi. a 17-year-old girl is killed in a violent crash in waukesha . county.deputies say 17- year-old brielle beres was driving a ford taurus when the car hit a telephone pole in pewaukee this morning.two
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girl and 20-year-old man from hartland, were injured but are expected to survive. 3 some fans seeing red after the fourth straight loss for the packers.but those who sell packer gear aren't worried about losing green.. fact, the owner of jeff's sports inc in brookfield says they just bring out the vintage stuff. fans tend to veer off making new purchases with the current roster and instead stick with legendary names and momentoes like starr and favre. 2-15 eddie lacy has been one of my top sellers for e really big years. well this year he got hurt early in the year so i don't sell a lot of eddie lacy stuff right now. it's directly linked to how they're playing on the field as far as their sales and memoribilia off the field." field." there's been a drop in ticket sales with the current record.. kevin holden on what the team's saying today about bouncing back in time for philly..that's coming up in sports. 3 elementary school students are rewarded for perfect attendance... by spending some time ?away? from the classroom.
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a bomb threat caught on camera... now the f-b-i is asking for help in finding the
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3 a bomb threat inside a local bank - caught on camera in menominee falls...and tonight - the f-b-i is hoping you can help find their man mancbs 58s evan kruegel has our latest fbi unsolved robberies.... 3 he entered the bank and opened his jacket - telling workers they had 30 seconds to hand over the cash.... but while he took the time to strap up his chest - he left his face uncoveredit's october 18th -
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falls... a man enters the bank - nudging a bank employee.... :22:07 "he states thirty seconds, i have a bomb." moving on to the teller - he repeats his threat... unzipping his jacket to reveal a white object.... :17:35 "when he approached the teller counter, he engaged with the teller at the open window and told her the same thing. that he had a bomb, give him all the money, 30 seconds, or he was going to detonate." cameras clearly capture his face - covered only by thick glasses. video shows him pacing from side to side.... he says hurry up, or i'll set it off." growing impatient - he reaches for the cash... making off through the front door....:20:10 "the individual was not masked, so we're hoping that someone in your viewing area is able to provide the tip that will lead to his arrest."if you've seen this man - call the f-b-i.... you could receive a reward.... in menominee falls - evan kruegel - cbs58news.
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community. the district has a program called m-p-s cares, or "community and recreation engaging students."it's an initiative aimed at improving access to resources for students and shows how they can make a difference outside the classroom. 22:34:38-41students have a voice, even though we're young 22:34:49-54it lets us know that we get get involved in our community and we can make changes in our schools too, in a postive way way "m-p-s cares" also offers twilight centers... after- school programing so kids have pope francis has extended indefinitely the power of priests to forgive abortion. an apostolic letter made public just today, pope francis still calls abortion a grave sin... but said quote "there is no sin that god's mercy cannot reach". milwaukee catholic leaders call it nothing short of historic. 42-1:00 when the church fosters someone being more comfortable to return, being more comfortable to feel that sense of forgiveness, to hear
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that actually helps us reaffirm the depth and the power of the challenge to our society where abortion is so so common." common." before the pope's year of mercy which ended this week, special permission from a bishop was required to absolve the sin of abortion. 3 milwaukee county is investing one-point-two million dollars into south shore park.the money will go towards re- constructing the parking lot and boat launch.. along with new storm water treatment systems... fish cleaning facilities and landscaping.the will come out of the county's
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tonight...increasing clouds late. lows in the mid 20s. northeast winds up to 5 mph. tuesday...mostly cloudy. a 20 percent chance of isolated showers in the afternoon. highs in the lower 40s. southeast winds up to 15 mph. tuesday night...not in the upper 30s. southeast winds 5 to 15 mph. chance of rain 90 percent. wednesday...light steady rain. highs in the mid 40s. south winds 5 to 15 mph. chance of rain 90 percent. wednesday night...cloudy with a 50 percent chance of light rain. lows in the mid 30s.
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3 3 there's some good news for drivers who use the zoo interchange.starting tomorrow morning... the zipper merge on eastbound i-94 from sunn road through the interchange is ending. d-o-t crews finished this phase of the project early.... just in time for holiday travel. 10-20 we know there's a lot of very early flights. we did not want to have the freeway closed and potentially impact some people trying to catch flights out of mitchell or hitting the road early for the thanksgiving weekend" weekend" there ?is? one change for black friday shoppers at mayfair fall.starting tomorrow morning... drivers won't be able to get onto i-94 from highway find the best alternate route, visit our
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college students making sure those in need will have food this holiday season. season.for weeks upper iowa university students have been collecting food for hunger task force. today was collection day ahead of the annual drive-thru food drive at miller park. 3 if you're heading out to the store to pick up last-minute items for thanksgiving dinner... pick up some extra food for wednesday's drive-thru food 58 is once again teaming up with the brewers community foundation to collect your donations for hunger task force. yo wednesday... from 5 in the morning until 6 at night at helfaer field at miller park. hundreds of milwaukee families will now have enough food to put a hearty thankgiving meal on the table. table.aurora family services prepared bags of groceries for pre-registered families.120 families came to get their meals tonight just in time for the holiday.they get enough food for a family of 4 -- a turkey plus all the fixings like potatoes, stuffing, and green beans... and all groceries were bought with donations. some young bucks fans took in
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tonight. 08:44:28-31i'm a real bucks fan, i like them a lot lot more than 100 students from towsend elementary school were rewarded for perfect parent we spoke to says he hopes programs like this teach kids the importance of setting goals and staying in school. 08:41;58-04it shows that hard work pays off... and i fyou stay dedicated to your goals, you can get anything you need to get accomplished 8:57:54-58:04some of them would probably never come to the game... but to affoth here and we're very exicited.. .and to see the glows on their faces and the excitement... i'm excited as well. well. real estate firm "phoenix investors" donated the tickets so the students -- and their
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3 3 3 kevin: chalk talk with gary ellerson, 105.7 fm the fan. gary, a lot of people have rehashed already last night, we know it wasn't pretty. the third and seven, late in the game, five point game, but instead of trying to get the first down, kirk cousins goes deep downfield and picks up, what was it, 50 yards plus. what about that play?gary: well, what about all the plays fifty yards plus that they had that night. i think they found something that they had a mismatch with their receivers and our defensive backs, and they weren't afraid to take advantage of it. and i think that's one of the sore spots right now for the green bay packers defensively, is that
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but i think if you look even more in-depth, you're playing with your third and fourth corners. the green bay packers to me, and ted thompson, made a miscalculation when they let casey heyward and davon house walk. what you have is a glut of youth in your secondary and no real veterans when guys go down and get hurt.kevin: aaron rodgers is still throwing touchdowns. he threw three of them against washington. what do you think of what rodgers has done despite all the other issues?gary: i'm not sure what to make of that, either. i think i'm very indifferent on that. the first possessions, they go three and out. i just don't know what you're seeing, if it's the truth, if that's really tangible in what you're seeing with the offense. are they playing prevent defense? are they letting them score? you just don't know.kevin: gary ellerson, 105.7 fm the fan with chalk talk, how excited are you do to some eating on thanksgiving.gary: i'm indifferent about that too. kevin: really? why's that? gary: i'm just not happy right now.
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jabari parker to start taking more threes... tonight's your night. parker got aggressive from beyond the arc against the magic and it paid off... five triples on the night, the most threes from jabari in a game this year. and the bucks pulled away from an 85-all tie late... matthew dellavedova's three gives milwaukee the lead. and then giannis antetokounmpo, the greek freak, puts the exclamation poi. point...on a bucks win. giannis scored 21, jabari 22 for the bucks. ui that's where greg gard and the badgers are spending the next three days...'s not just vacation. they're playing in a tournament against tennessee. and going up 17 early with bronson koenig's three. tack on a little exclamation point from vitto brown on the dunk... dunk...u-w fought off a late comeback for a win. they've
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1;20-1:24bell ringing ringing 3 that's the sound of a new world record.more than 600 handbell musicians were spreading some christmas joy at the mall of america.they broke the record for the largest handbell choir.the group had been practicing since july for their performance. 3 a christmas tree worth 1 point 8 million dollars is adding some extra sparkle to a jewlery store in downtown
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of 42 pounds of pure gold processed into thin stands about 6 and a half feet tall.the tree ?is? for sale... but the jewelry store owner says most people just enjoy looking at it. 3 tonight...increasing clouds late. lows in the mid 20s. northeast winds up to 5 mph. tuesday...mostly cloudy. a 20 en highs in the lower 40s. southeast winds up to 15 mph. tuesday night...not as cool. light rain, mix possible. lows in the upper 30s. southeast winds 5 to 15 mph. chance of rain 90 percent. wednesday...light steady rain. highs in the mid 40s. south winds 5 to 15 mph. chance of rain 90 percent. wednesday night...cloudy with a 50 percent chance of light rain. lows in the mid 30s. thanksgiving day...mostly cloudy. highs in the lower
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> on friday night, vice president elect mike pence went to see the musical "hamilton." the next day he saw "the lion king." ( applause ) >> stephen: we had a guest in the audience this evening. vice president elect mike pence. sir,, i have a message for you. we welcome you at the lion king. as scar, i want to say you being booed add "hamilton" does not represent all of broadway. you will always be welcomed here at the lion king because i believe, together, we can kill simba! hear me out! you will now have access to an army and nuclear weapons and we can kill the son of my brother


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