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tv   CBS 58 News at 500pm  CBS  November 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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family blames the landlord for not having, the milwaukee common council is considering an ordinance that could prevent a similar tragedy from happending in the . 58's lindsey branwall joins us live tonight with the details.. we were supposed to know today whether landlords in milwaukee will be required to put screens on windows, but before a decision was made, it was sent back to committee. the mother who lost her child is ?nat? terry harris-lockhart is still grieving for her son."i miss him, my daughter"in august, two year old michael woke up from a nap and crawled out a woke up from a nap year old michael in august, two daughter""i miss him, my son. grieving for her lockhart is still terry harris-?nat? ?nat? terry harris-lockhart is still grieving for her son."i miss him, my daughter"in august, two year old michael woke up from a nap and crawled out a window, only to get stuck.4:06 "i heard the story of little mikey and i saw the anguish of the family." alderman khlif rainey saw change was needed when he heard what happened,
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"i was devastated to see something occur that could have been prevented."going before milwaukee's common council today, rainey's resolution would require screens on all openable windows in a rental property. harris-lockhart said her family had been asking the landlord to put screens on the window. "we had been 3 "right. fight for what's and they'll both today."have been with us little mikey would home and maybe installed in that would have been screen windows maybe those screen windows would have been installed in that home and maybe and maybe little mikey would have been with us today."and they'll both fight for what's right. " the proposed ordinance will be heard in the zoning, neighborhoods and development committee in the coming weeks. alderman rainey invites all to attend the session.reporting
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the man charged in the hit and run death of a five-year-old girl is headed for trial. sherman liddell pleaded not guily in a milwaukee county courtroom this morning. prosecutors say he was driving his girlfriend's suv when he hit rickyia langham on november sixth.. and then drove off.the little girl was holding her mother's hand and walking to church s liddell told police he panicked. police say he pushed his girlfriend onto the track where a train severed her arm. but brandon calkins is only being prosecuted on unrelated 58's jocelyne pruna explains. "investigators are trying to figure out if brandon calkins will face additional charges. in the meantime, he was arraigned on 3 misdemeanors at the waukesha county courthouse.""not guilty subject to substitution and
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appearance he faces resisting an officer, misdemeanor battery and disorderly conduct. according to the criminal complaint on november 14th calkins girlfriend fell on the train tracks and was seriously injured after being hit by a train. her left arm was amputated in that accident.the criminal complaint states before that happened the victim called her mom to tell her calkins pushed her down and she hit her head. her mom was going to meet her but she never arrived. her mom told caused her daughter to lose conciousness and fall on the train a youcaring page her family set up a fundraiser for the victim and say it will be a long recovery. officials are waiting to review video of the incident to decide on additional charges."district attorney kevin osbourne says he expects to have a decision by the end of next week. in waukesha county, jocelyne pruna, cbs58news." 3 new at five...west allis police recover two guns including this one, lots of
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arrest two men following a chase early this officer tried pulling over the stolen car near 76th and national. it eventually crashed when 'stop sticks' were thrown in front of it.two men got out and ran, but officers with west allis and west milwaukee p-d were able to catch them. 3 it felt warmer today.. but there are showers in the forecast.cheif meteorologist drew burgoyne is getting you ready toss to drew drew tonight: mostly cloudy with rain and a light mix possible. lows in the upper 30s. wind: se 5-15 mph.wednesday: rain likely, mainly between a quarter and a half of an inch. highs in the low 40s. wind: se 5-15
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it drew crowds like those you would see for a blockbuster movie. wednesdays folks with minor violations..were given a second chance. all, 15-hundred-77 people with warrants showed up to the milwaukee municipal court building.three judges there..withdrew more than 4- thousand warrants as long as the fines get paid within 90 da. days.there were more than one thousand people with driver's lecenses suspended..and nearly three-thousand had those suspensions vacated. vacated.the judges said they wanted people who were afraid
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working with the system. smokeless tobacco is now banned at all sports venues in milwaukee... including miller p. park.the common council overwhelmingly supported the legislation 14 to one.alderman michael murphy introduced the proposal..major leage players can now be fined up to 250 dollars for using smokeless tobacco at miller park. alderman murphy said he wanted the ban to be an example for children that tobacco use is not o-k. 3 a plan to replace lead water service lines in milwaukee is now on hold.some 70-thousand homes and daycares in the city have lead laterals... mostly in homes built before mayor tom barret's budget....the homeowner would cover one-third of the cost to replace the line.. the city would cover the rest.this morning, the common council debad passing a 'substitute ordinance.' 1:28-51 if we consider this a public health hazard and
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for the streetcar, bucks arena we can clearly find money for the health and safety of our residents especially our young . children. the common council will talk about the substitute ordinance again at its next meeting. around the nation -- shocking allegations against the tennessee school bus driver involved in a deadly crash.. one mother who lost one ofr three children says the driver asked the students if they were ready to die. die.:32-40 my daughter said, right before the bus flipped, that he was speeding around the curb." curb." the bus flipped over on its side and wrapped around a tree yesterday in chattanooga.. there were 35 woodmore elementary school children on board.. one boy and four girls died. police arrested the bus driver, 24 year old johnthony walker and charged him with 5
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"the most unnatural thing in the world is for a parent to mourn a loss of their child, there are no words that can bring comfort to a mother or a father and so today a city is praying for these families.' families.'federal investigators are on the scene.. looking at the onboard arrest affidavit says walker was driving well above the posted 30-mile- an-hour speed limit. 3 much more on this story coming up on the cbs evening news th coming up right after our show. a local high school band is in new york city ahead of the famous thanksgiving day parade. there's excitement throughout the city, but also safety concerns. the greendale high school marching band tweeted out this picture last night saying they wrapped up their first day in new york with this incredible photo in times square. square.nypd is as vigilant as ever in the wake of recent threats against the city, including an article in an isis magazine naming the macy's parade as an "excellent
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32- 47 we're gonna have a very large detail of cops out there that day, over 3000 cops will be assinged to security there. nowhere along the entire route will be any cross streets so everything's gonna be closed, we're closing 42, and 57 streets this year which hadnt' been done in the past.trt:13 trt:13more than 80 sand-filled trucks will be 'strategically placed' along the parade route to act as additional barriers. the goal is to prevent any vehicle bombs from getting into the 2-and a-half mile parade route. next, celebrating the holidays.. with beer.the local breweries offering some special brews. 3 plus, trouble in toyland..the easy way to check at home and figure out if a toy is dangerous for your kids.
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black friday.for some it means doorbuster deals on tv's and cell phones. but for many others here in milwaukee it means one thing: beer! cbs 58's jacob kittilstad has the latest on what's brewing. 9;59;05"i'm here at lakefront brewery where, of course, they'll be unveiling their black friday beer on the day
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thing that really draws people into these seasonal brews is not only how good they are - but also the limit quantities in which their produced." brewers produced only about 4- thousand bottles of black imperial stout that ages for 10-months in bourbon barrells.they will start being sold at 8 a-m this friday.typically there's a long long.russ klisch - president of lakefront brewery - expects to sell out by 11 a- m.9;56;01"it's interesting. someme and they take it and maybe it's too much. but for the people who have the refined palate and like specialty craft beer - we all think it's execeptionally heavenly." another notable beer...this belgian double named elf's lament produced by milwaukee brewing company.brewers there produced only a thousand bottles of the beer with flavor notes including graham cracker, plum, and cinnamon. 9;59;54"the black friday beer is $15 a bottle. you'll get a
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three of them. also, the milwaukee brewing company "elf's lament" beer - that will be made available in specialty liquor stores as well." 3 making sure the toys your kids play with are the past year, 44 toys were recalled.. but a local group was able to find 16 of them for sale online. online.many of the toys either have lead, the batteries and chargers can overheat...or they're a choking hazard. choking is actually the leadinus than 72 children died in the past year by choking on a toy. there's a simple test to find out if the toy could be hazardous. 25:00-16 if a part of a toy or the toy itself fits into this cylinder then it is not safe for children under 3. an example of something that passes this test, this ball does not go into the cylinder so is therefore not as much of a choking hazard. hazard.
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have a link to it on our website, cbs 58 dot com. 3 a big donation to hunger task force..alverno college students dropped off 280 turkeys this morning.the food drive was organized by the athletics department as part of a competition among schools in their conference.they've been doing this for seven years.alveo winning six all, the school delivered more than two-thousand meals. 3 we hope to see you tomorrow at the the hunger task force, cbs 58 'drive-thru food drive.'for the 5th year in a row, we'reteaming up with the brewers community foundation to collect your donations for hunger task force. you can donate all-day tomorrow rom 5 in the morning until 6 at night at helfaer field at miller park. 3 3
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today...mostly cloudy. highs in the lower 40s. southeast winds 5 to 15 mph. .tonight...not as cool. chance of light rain in the evening... then light snow likely late in the evening.
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3 3 scott joins us with sports... giannis picks up his first triple double of the season for the bucks last night. ... ...not just any old triple double...the greek freak did something only michael jordan and hakeem olajuwon have ever accomplished...find out what it
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was a must win game and thank god we got it." giannis antetokounmpo might have gotten a little bit carried away calling a november game against a team that hasn't made the playoffs in four years a "must win," but at least it was a win....milwaukee snapped their three game skid 93-89 over the magic with giannis picking up his first triple double of the season....21 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists, 5 steals and 3 blocks is turning into just another day of work for the greek look easy don'think for a second that it actually fact hakeem olajuwon and michael jordan are the only other players to ever put up those numbers...of course after the game giannis didn't want to talk about that, he wanted to talk about his bench... giannis: "they did a great job, what can i say they helped us a lot in the first quarter and in the second half. i hope they help us for the rest of the season, they did a terrific job tonight." it's been a tough year for pewaukee native j-j
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people realize.... realize....watt wrote a post for the player's tribune today talking about his last quote healthy turns out that in 20-15 he had a broken hand, two torn abs, three torn adductor muscles and two herniated discs...and that wasn't the worst of it....watt says he could have lost his leg if a team doctor didn't notice a staph infection...the article gives a great look at watt's incredible drive, you can find a link to it on my twitter page... jared cook is finally back from his injuries and he wasted no time showingon may have been the only bright spot in sunday night's disaster....the big tight end had 6 catches for 105 yards and a touchdown....basically he did exactly what green bay wanted when they signed him this off-season... bennett: "anytime you add an additional weapon like jared out there it certainly helps overall. obviously there were some really good high notes. just overall i would say we need to continue to cleanup
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defense can add another name to the injury report....rookie linebacker blake martinez will reportedly miss a few games with an m-c-l sprain....joe thomas and carl bradford are the only healthy middle linebackers on the roster though clay matthews could move inside... 3 the badgers basketball team takes on georgetown in today's maui invitational semifinal.... semifinal....the winner at maui has earned a lot more than a vacation in hawaii over the past decade.....every winning team has made the n-c- double-a tournament with three two eventual national champions...the badgers were tested by tennessee in yesterday's 12 point win to open the tournament and that's the point... koenig: "i thought they did a pretty good job of getting up and pressuring us. trying to speed us up. it's early in the year, that was a good test for us. it showed us what we need to work on. we need to slow down, not let them speed us up and play at our pace and
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