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tv   CBS 58 News at 4pm  CBS  November 23, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm CST

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thanks so much. [applause]3 thank you for joining us for the ws at's an exciting day here at cbs 58. for the fifth year in a row we're out at miller park collecting food donations for the hunger task force drive thru food drive. drive.volunteers and donors have been braving the wet weather to help get food to local families this thanksgiving. we've had the cbs news team out thell burgyone there... there...along with michele
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3 as promised a few surprise guests from the brewers stopped by this morning help collect donations. donations.we spoke with ryan braun about his plfo thankgiving holiday. and the brewers general manager about why they want to help out the hunger task force. "what are your personal plans for thanksgiving this year? we're hosting about 30 people at my offseason house. so we'll have our hands full. luckily my wife can cook, my mom can cook and her mom can cook cause i can't but i'm looking foward to it it'll be a lot of fun."//"why did you decide this is important, i've got to be out there? there?it's a great time of year to reflect on how fortunate we all are and to be thankful for what we have but
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those who are less fortunate and it's a wonderful time of year to help them out." out." and here's a look at some of the cbs 58 crew posing with ryan braun. he also surprised a few people driving in to make their donations. if you're planning on heading to miller park to make a donation.. rebecca will let you know what weather you need to prepare for. 3 tonight: rain ends by midnight and the wind eases up as it shifts to a light westerly flow. lows in the lower 30s. wind: s -> w 2-5 mph.thanksgiving: dry for the
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little sunshine is possible. wind: w 5-10 mph.thanksgiving weekend: a few flurries are possible for black friday. some sunshine returns for saturday with dry weather. temperatures start to warm up becoming slightly mild sunday in the upper 40s and even a few 50s with sun. rain showers
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3 drew is also out at park this afternoon helping out with the drive thru food's it going drew?
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3 we're going to have much more from miller park thoughout the show as the drive thru food drive continues. if you'd like to make a donation we'll be there until six o'clock. just stop by helfaer field...and who might even see yourself on t-v!
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now to a developing story out of new berlin... where two people were killed inside a hom. 58's david ade joins us live with the details. neighbors are shocked here... they tell us while the couple usually kept to themselves... they never expected this. police say it was a 76 year old man... and his 71 year old wife who were both found shot in their home this morning. police say they are not looking for any suspects... and sa anyone forced their way inside the house.when police got here... they found the 76 year old man dead... and his wife still alive... she later died at the hospital.police say they got a 911 call around 6- 30 this morning. 3 "the dispatcher asked him for more details... and he just repeated help was needed here and that's all he said."// //"it's a shock to me. this kind of thing should not
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to think." think." a neighbor says the couple didn't have kids... but many of the neighbors we spoke to knew this couple because of their three dogs.police say all of the animals inside the house are in new berlin... david ade... cbs 58 news. milwaukee police are looking for the gunman who shot a man in riverwest last night. it happened right outside of the "high dive" bar on center and pierce. the 36-year-old victim was approached by the suspect...who shot him for an unknown reason. the vicitm expected to survive. 3 new today at four -- milwaukee police have released photos of a robbery suspect. they say this person took a purse and car keys from a woman in the brewers hill neighborhood last sunday. the suspect then got in the victim's car and drove off. if you regonize them you're asked to call milwaukee police at 414-935-7360. 3 here's a live look at miller park where the hunger task
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in full swing...we'll check in with our crew out there after
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3 cbs 58 is so excited to be partnering again with the
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for the drivrufood drive at miller park. park.the hunger task force is also getting some help from a number of corporate sponsors who want to take part in their efforts to feed local families. for more on thmiat.lele...
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"triple-a" is expecting 48-point-7 million people to travel for the thanksgiving holiday. many of them are at the airport or out on the road ?right now?. cbs 58's kyle aevermann tells us how officials are keeping things moving smoothly. this is the command center. it's staffed 365 days a year and they are monitoring more state. staff here look at those cameras to monitor weather conditions, travel speeds and travel times.they also look for any incidents or accidents on the an effort to clear them and alert other drivers of road conditions.they are able to update the electronic signs across the state almost's a lot of work, but because of partnerships with state patrols and other law enforcement, they are able to keep up with what is
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on the radio and through our inner cad, which is a computer aid dispatch, so we are able to stay in touch with them, and they point out incidents, we point out incidents so it's a really good partnership." they are anticipating the busiest time of day between 3 and 7. they also say slow down and just give yourself plenty of time. 3 before you hit the road, download the free cbs 58 weather app.... where you can keep an eye on real-time traffic maps along with your it's available for both apple and android phones. "orbitz" says chicago's o'hare airport will be the busiest in the country for the thanksgiving holiday. far-- there haven't been any reports of major problems at the rport.but officials say travelers should prepare for long lines... and arrive at least an hour and half early if you're flying domestic. "we are seeing an increase in the number of flyers this weekend and we're seeing an increase in the overall number
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million from this time last year so it's a signfigant increase over last year." year." back in the spring-- travelers coming through o'hare experienced massive delays at t-s-a check make sure that doesn't happen again...t-s-a added more employees and opened ?all? security checkpoints to speed up the process. 3 and here's a live look at mitchell airport in milwaukee. things are busier than usual this to their thanksiving destinations.but-- much like o'hare-- the increase in travelers hasn't caused any major issues at the airport. at last check almost all departures were on time. it's not just the roads and airports that are busy today. meijer says this is one of their busiest days of the year. with people buying up their last minutes ingredients for their thanksgiving meals. 58's lindsey branwall joins us live from the meijer in oak creek...lindsey. i've been here all afternoon
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pretty steady flow of people. some grabbing last minute items, some with a full cart, i even spoke with one person preparing for a christmas dinner already! anyone who's helping make a thanksgiving dinner -- pull out your grocery lists. meijer has compiled a special list to make sure you've got what you need -- the top 5 forgotten items for thanksgiving dinner. meijer has tracked their history and sales on thanksgiving day.finding, cream cheese, cream of mushroom soup, celery, butter and sweet potatoes are the most common items people forget to buy. it's one of the busiest shopping days of the year in their grocery section. "meijer as a midwest retailer is going to sell approximately 1 million turkeys as a company this season. today it's all about butter. we sell 22
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any other day of the year year to take a look at those forgotten 5 foods, visit our website - cbs 58.comand meijer isn't the only place getting ready for thanksgiving, coming up at 5 we take a look at other grocery stores in the area. 3 the turkey is obviously the center piece a thanksgiving putting you or your family in any danger when you make it. firefighters respond to 14- hundred cooking fires on thanksgiving that's three times an average day. their advice...don't ever leave cooking food unattended. if a fire does break out...don't douse it with water or flour. get the extinguisher. and if you like to deep fry your turkey...make sure its away from your house, not on a porch or in a garage. the turkey should be defrosted and
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3 let's take another live look at the hunger task force drive thru food drive. michele and
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3 tonight: rain ends by midnight and the wind eases up as it shifts to a light westerly flow. lows in the lower 30s. wind: s -> w 2-5 mph.thanksgiving: dry the low to middle 40s. a little sunshine is possible. wind: w 5-10 mph.thanksgiving weekend: a few flurries are possible for black friday. some sunshine returns for saturday with dry weather.
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becoming slightly mild sunday in the upper 40s and even a few 50s with sun. rain showers
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3 3 the hunger task force drive thru food drive is in full
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of the cbs 58 news team are out there collecting donations...and we still need more help to reach our goal so please come on out and make a donation...we'll have much more coming up after have much
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for thft helping collect donations at the hunger task force drive thru food drive at miller park. it's been going on all day despite the dreary weather. weather. people have been very generous with their donations-- and there's still time for you to give too.michele mccormack and drew burgyone are there now helping collect donations...let's check in with michele to see how things are going...
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3 if you're planning to donate's some of the foods the hunger task force is most in need of.. thanksgiving essentials like turkeys, hams and other festive holiday foods. they also need peanut butter, cereal, macaroni and cheese and pasta.they're also accepting cash 3 the drive thru food drive lasts until six tonight...remember you don't even have to get out of your car to donate...just drive on up to helfaer field and our crew will be there to collect your donations. meterologist rebecca schuld joins us now to get you ready for your evening...rebecca. 3 tonight: rain ends by midnight and the wind eases up
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lower 30s. wind: s -> w 2-5 mph.thanksgiving: dry for the holiday with average temps in the low to middle 40s. a little sunshine is possible. wind: w 5-10 mph.thanksgiving weekend: a few flurries are possible for black friday. some sunshine returns for saturday with dry weather. temperatures start to warm up becoming slightly mild sunday in the upper 40s and even a few 50s with sun. rain showers
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the way y racine is changing...and city leaders hope it will bring more people to the 58's amanda devoe explains. 3 it's a common issue for people and businesses here in racine -- metered parking, forcing people to pay with change...they often don't have. it's something some businesses say is causing them to get shortchanged. the city is bringing digital parking meters to the downtown area. people can use an app on their phone to pay for parking. right now much of downtown racine relies on street parking where people have to
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parking. there are parking decks nearby where people can use credit cards, but city officials say that's not convenient enough. some local businesses say metered parking is keeping shoppers out of downtown because some are afraid of getting tickets. they say the new meters is just what the city needs. needs."i know it'll be helpful to a lot of our customers because a lot of times, moms come in with babies, all of a sudden they need a diaper change. or they need to nurse in back. when your nursing a baby or you need to go i need to go pay my meter." meter."the city says digital parking will be here by march, but in the meantime, they recommend stopping in local businesses to make change for your dollars. in racine, ad cbs 58 news. president-elect donald trump wants south carolina governor nikki haley on his team. team.haley says she is accepting trump's offer to be the u-s ambassador to the united nations. haley and trump have not always seen eye-to-eye. early on she endorsed senator ted cruz. and
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trump even though she was "not a fan."trump's former rival ben carson has also told fox news he's been offered the role of secretary of housing and urban development. 3 the f-b-i is going to be on high alert during the thanksgiving holiday-- after concerns were raised about a potential terror big focus will be keeping the thousands of people who attend the macy's parade' kenneth craig reports on how they plan to do it. paul siegel lives near the start of thanksgiving day parade. this year he says he feels safer than ever. i see how hard, how vigilant police are, and i see how they go out of their way to make us feel safe the nation's largest police force is securing the route with concrete barriers, bomb-sniffing dogs, and officers - both in uniform - and plainclothes. while there is no specific or credible threat, the fbi has alerted authorities it is concerned about the potential for an atta.
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no matter what precautions and i'm glad they're thinking ahead"new this year - more than 80 dump trucks like these will be filled with sand to block intersections . ."you can ram a new york city sanitation department sand trucks with a lot of things, but you're not going to move it" it,"for the first time in 90 years... police are banning vehicles from crossing the parade route along the entire 2 and 1/2 mile stretch. but the concern isn't limited to new york city. transportation hubs across the u- we are always concerned in large travel periods and are always concerned when you have large gatherings of individuals.but some visitors here say they're not letting those concerns ruin their thanksgiving holiday."i think if you're scared and you live in that fear and you don't go out into the world, then they win."kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. 3 when we come back...we'll check in with our crew at the
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force drive thru food drive...your donations are appreciated! we'll be right
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3 this is a live look at helfaer field at miller park. where the hunger task force drive thru food drive is in full swing. drew and michele are there helping collect donations for the hungry. we'll get another check in with them in just a moment. dessert is one of the most important parts of the thanksgiving meal. and curtis ambulance is making sure everyone gets their fill of sweets tomorrow. tomorrow.curtis ambulance apple pies at saint benedict moor and the milwaukee rescue mission this morning. they'll be served at their thanksgiving feasts tomorrow. "usually the people that take advantage of the meal programs that people that are heavy users of emergency services so this is our way of reaching out to the people we help every day of the year, in a nicer way, it's not when they need us for an emergency it's to help their holiday be just a little bit nicer." nicer."
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thanksgiving meals to hundreds of local families over the years. it wasn't thunder that ecohed across the milwaukee area this was the sound of fighter jets taking off from mitchell international airport. cbs 58's julie parise has more on the iconic "blue angels" visit to milwaukee. 3 just moments ago we watched an f-18 take off from the 128th air refueling wing.nats nats milwaukee to give people a taste of what they can expect when they return to the milwaukee air show next year. the aerobatic demonstration team does a lot of public appearances like this. community outreach is a big part of their role within the military, but these f-18s require years of training to fly -- and the aircraft is serious business. hey are combat proven highly sophisticated and really good at what they do. both air to air and air to ground missions
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here and flew back to their training facility in pensacola florida. the air show returns to milwaukee next july.on the 128th air refueling wing i'm jp cbs 58 despite the rainy weather...members of the cbs 58 team, the brewers organization, hunger task force and many many others have been out at miller park all day collecting food donatio. donations. yeah, so many differgr effort to feed families this thanksgiving. michele is with one of those groups right now...michele.
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as it shifts to a light westerly flow. lows in the lower 30s. wind: s -> w 2-5 mph.thanksgiving: dry for the holiday with average temps in the low to middle 40s. a little sunshine is possible. wind: w 5-10 mph.thanksgiving weekend: a few flurries are possible for black friday. some sunshine returns for saturday with dry weather. temperatures start to warm up becoming slightly mild sunday in the few 50s with sun. rain showers
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3 there's still time to make a donation at the hunger task force drive thru food drive. drew and michele will be out there for another
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do is drive don't even need to get out of your car. you could even see yourself on t-v! the food drive runs until six o'clock. o'clock.that's plenty of time to get out there and make a donation. for everyone who's already donated...thank you! we'll have much more from the hunger task force drive thru food drive coming up on the cbs 58 news at five.
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"open" 3 one hour left for the cbs 58 drive thru food drive for hunger task force. this is a live picture from outside miller park, where we've been taking donations from all kinds of generous people. once again this year, we've asked for your help and you haven't let us and drew burgoyne are out here right now....we'll hear from them in just a couple minutes. 3 but tonight's top story -- a husband and wife are dead after shots ring out in their quiet new berlin home. 58's david ade has been covering this story all day long and joins us live in new berlin....david? 3 right now new berlin police
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neighbors in that area tell us the couple lived in the neighborhood before many of the homes were built.. -nat-"it's a really quiet neighborhood."-nat- -nat- 3 "this kind of thing should not happen here i don't know what to think."this partially secluded new berlin neighborhood rocked this morningat 6-30 police got a call call 3 "he just repeated that help was needed here. that's all he said."when police got to this house they homeowners a husband and wife shot inside. inside."we are not looking for any suspects at this time."a 76 year old man was already dead.paramedics and doctors tried to save the 71 year old wifeshe died later in the morning at the hospital. hospital."it's a shock to me." we talked to some neighbors who say the couple was known for their dogs their well maintained landscaping but were never really part of the tight-knit neighbohood. neighbohood."i've seen them out cleaning doing some yard
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other. we don't know the person." police tell us they won't release any new information until at least friday. live in new berlin, david ade, cbs 58 live in new berlin, fray. live in new bedavirlin, ade, cbs 58 news while we prepare our homes for a big thanksgiving celebration, law enforcement officers are making preparations of their own. we look at the d- local traffic cams, we'll tell you that officers on the o-w-i task force are taking roll call right now. they'll be out in force through the holiday weekend, trying to stop drunk drivers and make the roads safer for all of us. some say the night before thanksgiving is the biggest drinking night of the year. if you're going out tonight, please be an uber or a cab if you're drinking....remembe r, these officers will be watching for you. 3 earlier today, cbs 58 got a


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