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family wants to know what happened the moments before she was hitthe cbs 58 news at 10 starts right now. 3 today marks five months since jay anderson was gunned down by a wauwatosa police officer officertonight his family has a request... ?stop? shopping at wauwatosa businesses... including mayfair mall.that's where cbs 58s evan kruegel is lve tonight with the details. 3 it movement called justice-or-else - boycotting holiday shopping at certain stores...and tonight anderson's family joined a handful of community leaders - asking people to elicit change - by keeping ?their? change in their pockets (nat shoppers) as thousands hit the mall to score black friday deals - linda anderson will be staying at home celebrating her first christmas without her son jay. jay. 26:35 my son will not be
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and it's the worst thing ever. five months later - video of that shooting has still not been released - prompting this announcement from the family. 24:29 we're asking the citizens to join us in having them release the footage. until that time we urge people not to spend a penny in wauwatosa. do not spend a dime the goal - put pressure on the city by eliminating revenue - a request echoed at is tuesday night - as community leaders urge people to ?only? spend money that will go directly into black communities. :09:09:40 we must withdraw our economic support. we must redistribute our pain the spending boycott is also being supported by the families of sylville smith and dontre hamilton - sylville smith and the families of being supported by boycott is also the spending pain the spending boycott is also being supported by the families of sylville smith and dontre hamilton - nate hamilton: i ask you to speak out with your dollars hoping you can influence change - by keeping your nickels and dimes - at
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this boycott officially starts on friday - and runs through january 2nd.meanwhile the anderson's say they have still not heard back on potential charges against the officer involved in that in milwaukee ekcbs58news. 3 a postal worker is attacked by two men and robbed of the packages he was happened in the 1600-block of arlington place near warren avenue last thursday.according to the criminal complaint filed in federal court... the suspects knocked and ran away.he chased the men... and was attacked by one of suspect is facing charges of 'theft of u-s mail' and 'assaulting a government officer'. 3 milwaukee police are looking for the gunman who shot a man in riverwest last night. it happened outside of the "high dive" bar on center and pierce. the 36-year-old victim was approached by the suspect... who shot him for an unknown reason. the vicitm is expected to survive. a chase ends with a car
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greenfield.this police video shows the scene just after midnight near 76th and layton. police say the pursuit started in hales corners.another car was also hit injuring two men inside. their conditions unknown tonight.the driver who started it all-- a 20 year old man --was checked out at the hospital and then arrested. 3 also in greenfield.. police are hoping you can help identify two armed robbers ... one wearing a "ninja turtles" mask.the man and woman walked into the at loomis and howard around 6-30 monday night. nobody was hurt. but police sure would like to get these two off the streets. if you know greenfield police. a waukesha county woman--- hit by a train last monday-- is making strides in her recovery. kelsey bilicki's boyfriend is charged with three misdemeanors connected to the i. incident.police say he pushed her shortly before she was hit by the train, but it's still unclear how she ended up on the tracks.cbs58's kristen barbaresi spoke with the
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with with more. kristen? kelsey bilicki is still in the hospital tonight-- and in fact doctors aren't sure when she'll be able to leave-- but on the eve of thanksgiving, her sister told methe family is just grateful kelsey is improving every day. 3 01;06;23 we're very thankful kelsey's still here and we can hold her and love her and cry with her and get through this with her thursday won't be the thanksgiving the bilicki's 22-year-old kelsey recovers from being hit by a train her left arm was amputaed above the elbow, bruses cover her many surgeries her family lost count.01;01;06 probably the worst (long pause) pain you can ever think of. hearbreak. and still- so many unanswered questions about that night. police say-- kelsey called her mom that night and said her boyfriend, brandon calkins, pushed her and she hit her head...her mom went to pick her up, but kelsey never
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conciousness and get hit by the train.investigators are waiting on survailance footage to see what happened01;04;33 i'm just trying to give every body the benefit of the doubt. i don't want to feel like this was purposeful. haley says kelsey has not talked about what happened, but has amazed everyone with her strength-- and positivity.01;05;48 what i've realized is that tragedy brings people together, unfortunately, and it creates a sea of love and that sea can drown out anger and sadnessand although this thanksgiving will haley says what matters-- is it will be spent together. 01;06;31 i mean that's the most important thing, is family. and i still have mine. there is a fundraising page set up for kelsey to help with medical expenses-- we put a link up on our website cbs 58.commeanwhile the prosecutors say they expect to know by the end of next week is calkins will face additional of now-- he remains in jail. 3
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signed a stipulation and order for scientific testing to proceed in his case..kathleen zellner wants d-n-a evidence from teresa halbach's murder re-examined.avery and his nephew, brendan dassey were convicted in her murder a decade ago.zeller posted online that avery says it will quote -- be a happy thanksgiving after all." a new berlin woman accused of robbing two banks appears in court today. today.melissa jeager is charged for robbing 'bank mutual' in menomonee falls.she also matched the descrpition of sp in west the criminal complaint... jeager denied robbing the menomonee bank... telling police she was at mcdonald's.she waived her preliminary hearing today... and will return to court for a status conference next month. the dodge county sheriff's office has identifed the hunter found dead in a cabin in reesville. reesville.46-year old james greevers junior was from milwuakee. his father, james greevers senior remains in the hospital tonight. investigators were sent to the cabin by concerned family members. investigators are still looking into this, but
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3 heroic attempts to save an elderly couple found shot in their new berlin home this morning.police say when they got to the home... a 76-year- old man was already dead. paramedics tried to save his 71-year-old wife... but she died at the hospital.police say they aren't looking for suspects, but don't expect to release names or details until tomorrow at the earliest. thanksgiving eve... is considered one of the biggest bar nights of the year.but police say drunk driving is nothing to celebrate. celebrate. is live in waukesha county with more on their message.. eric? 3 35 agencies between milwaukee and waukesha counties are part of this effort. tonight...we went out with officer rob kreiser who is in his 8th year with the village of mukwonago. > (nats of officer kreiser)> > in his 8 years on the force, officer kreiser has a keen sense of when something just isn't right...> > officer rob kreiser, village of mukwonago pd 23:24:45-51 "you know they're deviating from their
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stop signs."> > and he'll pull someone the name of safety... > case and point... this person from new york who turned on red where it wasn't allowed...> > officer rob kreiser, village of mukwonago pd 23:42:18-26 "how many drinks have you had, any? uh, i had one about two hours ago at my mothers. okay."> > to be safe, a field sobriety test was done which he passed and was able to continue on. > but that's what all of these officers and more are looking for...> > lt. gary gabrish, wauwatosa pd 22:58:29-37 "this is our tenth year for the southeast wisconsin impaired driving task force."> > impaired driving.> they're looking for not just drinking an gabrish, wauwatosa pd 22:58:37-42 "we've changed the name over the last couple years because of how many drug involved accidents and arrests that we've made."> > if you're driving too fast, or have a headlight out, they're cracking down on that hard.> > lt. gary gabrish, wauwatosa pd 23:02:06-12 "for those that don't wanna to adhere and really don't have to lose, they're gonna test the waters and we're gonna arrest them." during last fiscal year, the owi task force alone arrested
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the other efforts of other officers...that number jumps to 2,000. outside the village of mukwonago police department right now, el, cbs 58 b/m back to you. 3 it was a busy day on the roads and in the skies... with triple- a saying nearly 49-million people are traveling for the thanksgiving holiday.there were long lines at o'hare in chicago... the airport is one of the busiest in the milwaukee... the d-o-t's command center was busy monitoring more cameras across the state.the command center can monitor weather conditions, look for any accidents on the roadways and update electronic signs. 3 a group of citizens rallying together in downtown milwaukee... asking for a 'hand count' of wisconsin's votes from the presidential ele. election.the group, "ignite my cause" believes technology used to count votes could have been hacked... and want to make sure the number of votes cast equal the number of votes tallied.this comes after computer scientists at the university of michigan urged hillary clinton to seek a
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and pennsylvania. 7:17:45-58 not out here to cast or tip the election in one way or another... but if in fact our voting system, our electoral system has been compromised... we should know tt that u-w-m political science professor mordecai lee says a recount is part of the election process ... but says the claims against wisconsin are based on statistics. 23:24:43-57these professors ran some data and they said there are some of these isolated outliers.... this area have so many fewer democratic than another... i think that's not necessarily proof that something hinkey is going on. on. lee adds sometimes the results from election night are slightly different than the official count because of errors or mistakes. president-elect donald trump urging americans to unite following the bitter election. he said that in a thanksgiving message to the country.trump also said nothing is beyond the country's reach when the
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11-22it is my prayer, that on this thanksgiving, we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country, strengthened by a shared purpose and very, very common r. resolve. trump also announced more picks for key positions in his administration.south carolina governor nikki haley accepted the position of ambassador to the u-n... and republican party donor betsy devos of michigan will be trump's secretary of education. 3 a bounty of generosity at the at miller park..wait until you hear just how much food is headed to hunger task force.. 3 plus, what adjustments the green and gold will have to
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it was a record setting day for us here at cbs 58 with a huge increase in donations at our drive thru food drive for hunger task force. was a team effort that we were so proud to be a part of..and humbled to witness the generosity of so many of you. 3 mike:good morning! it's been an unbelievable start.." start.." morning anchor mike curkov thought it might be a good day when the cars were before the sunrise. sunrise.jessica: we still have hank bobbleheads and they bark how great is thathopes were high that we could surpass the 100 thousand pounds of food hauled in last year during the drive thru food drive for hunger task force. force.ryan braun, brewers left fielder: cbs 58 and the brewers community foundation do such a great job, it's fun to be a part of it.brewers left fielder ryan braun gave us a solid lead in the early many boxes does
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over 15 thousand boxesand yes..people were still showing up at the hunger task force warehouse looking for food in these final hours before thanks. thanksgiving.sherrie tussler: i got a thank you note from a senior citizen who told be it was wonderful to sit down with a meal for the entire gang. our business partners soon rolled in to give us that little extra boost. boost.brian cass martinizing cleaners: ya know it's a family deal and it feels really good.. cheered on the brew city bruisers and greenfield fire department..we entered the home stretch with great anticipation.. anticipation..michele: h d sherrie: we brought in 131 thousand pounds of food. that's amazing. it's incredible! cheering thank you one and all ..this year's haul included several hundred turkeys..just an unprecendented amount of food and most encouraging of all the well wishes shared by all involved. ambulance drivers spent the day making sure everyone will have a sweet treat to go with their thanksgiving meals. meals.curtis ambulance crews
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pies at 'saint benedict the moor' and the 'milwaukee rescue mission' this morning. the pies will be served during tomorrow's thanksgiving feasts. 1:16:27-39the things is these people at st bens and at the milwaukee rescue mission... they do this every day of the year... we remembe rit usually on thanksigving and christmas, but these guys are in the trenches every day of the year helping those who are less forte fortunate curtis ambulance has donated thanksgiving meals to hundreds of area families over the years. if you went to the grocery store today and thought it was busy... you're not a. the day before thanksgivign is one of the busiest grocery shopping days of the year.they say there are 5 items people usually forget -- cream cheese, cream of mushroom soup, celery, butter and sweet potatoes. "meijer as a midwest retailer is going to sell approximately 1 million turkeys as a company this season. today it's all about butter. we sell 22 percent more butter than we do any other day of the year
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when you're cooking your thanksgiving meal tomorrow... make sure you're not putting you or your family in any danger when you make it. firefighters respond to 14- hundred cooking fires on thanksgiving -- that's ?three? times more than an average day. their advice...don't ever leave cooking food unattended. if a fire does break out...don't douse it with water or flour. and if you like to deep fry your turkey...make sure its away from your house, not on a porch or in a garage. 3 new york city is for the 90th macy's thanksgiving parade.volunteers were busy inflating balloons today -- like charlie brown, hello kitty, and snoopy.about 300-thousand cubic feet of helium.. needed.. to inflate the balloons.and, if you watch tomorrow... look out for greenfield's marching band... which will be performing in
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3 tonight: rain ends by midnight and the wind eases up as it shifts to a light westerly flow. lows in the lower 30s. wind: s -> w 2-5 mph. holiday with average temps in the low to middle 40s. a little sunshine is possible. wind: w 5-10 mph.thanksgiving weekend: a few flurries are possible for black friday. some sunshine returns for saturday with dry weather. temperatures start to warm up becoming slightly mild sunday
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few 50s with sun. rain showers
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46-52this is the trophy of a lifetime. i said to my wife last night, you could live 10 lifetimes and not have this happen to you." you." 3 a wisconsin hunter thought he'd shot himself a large buck... only to discover it was actually an 8-point ?doe?. wayne douville first saw the deer two years ago... and spotted a few days ago hunting
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d-n-r says a deer with antlers three inches or longer is considered an adult buck. 55-1:07(jeff pritzl, district wildlife supervisor for the wisconsin department of natural resources) "i would say probably about a one in 100,000 chance. it's just a matter of a higher level of testosterone hormone than a normal female would have, and it expresses itself in a masculine way."1:16-1:24(wayne douville/shot 8 point deer) "there was no way to analyze this thing, obviously. it was just i saw the deer, the horns, i knew it was the deer i was after, and i took the shot shot 3 displaying the deer in his living room -- if his wife will let him. 2-million dollars is coming to milwaukee's sherman park neighborhood to remove and restore homes. homes.the money will pay for the demolition of 100 homes... and fix-up 100 homes.the initiative will also promote home ownership, with people able to buy or use lease-to- own options on the fixed-up homes.and, some of the money will be used to pay wages for people in construction training programs.the funding
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institutions. there will soon be a new way to to pay for parking in downtown racine. racine.the city plans to install digital parking meters that let you pay with a phone owners were complaining that the current parking meters were causing problems -- saying people had to rush out of their stores to put coins in their meters. 37-46 we do have customers who occasionally have to run to their meters but the problem is when you're in the middle of a massage you can't just get off the table and run and plug your meters." meters." the parking meters will be installed in march. fighter jets took to the skies over milwaukee today. today.the iconic "blue angels" were in town reminding people that the "blue angels" will be back for milwaukee's air and water show next summer. "we're here to inspire. we're here to inspire a culture of excellence. and we're gonna do that through community outreach and that's really why we;'re here. we talk about recruiting and recruiting's a big tool for us." us.". the air and water show was cancelled this year because of a lack of sponsorship.but waterstone bank has stepped up
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hundreds of sick kids at children's hospital received a special gift today -- all thanks to a burlington boy. boy.vance wilks has been collecting toys at his school at a drop box at browns lake golf course this fall.he and his family dropped off the toys this morning.this is the third time the wilks' family has donated to the hospital... this year, ?975? toys were donated. 3 lambeau field is getting ready for the holiday season.the packers are hosting the 11th annual festival of lights next saturday. event is free... and features holiday movies, music, and card making.families can also decorate sugar cookies and take photos with santa.there's also a tree lighting ceremony - - the tree will stand outside lambeau field and was donated by a green bay mother and daughter. 3 did president obama spare
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3 we think about those guys a lot. they're a part of what we've accomplished here and we have missed them this season. missed may be an understatement. without sam shields, the packers defense has given up 265 yards a game in the air... including the 364 they gave up to washignton last week. they activated corner makinton dorleant to help with the seocndary...
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new running back christine michael. gives us two tradiitonal running backs but changes the face of our offense with jared back in tyhe offense. it just takes one--we roll off one under our belts and then we cna run the table. i think form what my mm would make. the cranberries were the ebst, i thought they were pretty good. good. hornibrookloves his mother's cranberry sauce... but i'm sure he and the badgers would love a win against minnesota saturday. he'll have to avoid a gopher pass rush that sacked northwestern seven times but hornibrook says he'll be ready for the rush.. and his first axe bowl. they definitely acclimated me to the rivalry real quick. growing up i didn't participate in it but this week it's been a big stress from everyone about what theis
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maui inviational final between number sixteen wisconisn and fourth-ranked north carolina. right now the badgers down double digits to the tar heels in the seocnd half the admirals, winners of thier last three, hosting grand rapids... and well on their way to number four. trevor smith... opens the scoring with his fourth goal of the year. he'd score his fifth in
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3 10-25when somebody at your table tells you can''t have any more, i hope you respond with "yes we cran", that was go. good. 3 president obama full of puns at today's turkey pardoning. the president's nephews joined him in the tradition.usually his daughters, malia that they were sick of his thanksgiving puns.presidents as far back as abraham lincoln have spared turkeys... but george h-w bush is credited with starting the tradition. the president and the first family also spent this afternoon serving meals to veterans. 3 if you were a turkey, ?now? would be a good time to run and hide... but a turkey named "gobbles" is doing the opposite."gobbles" has been spotted roaming the campus of
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mischief.... blocking traffic and chasing students."gobbles" even has his own facebook page... with more than 15 hundred friends who capture his every move. 3 thanksgiving often means big eating... going back for seconds -- or even thirds.the average american is expected to eat more than 45-hundred calories and consume more than 200 grams of fat tomorrow.and that ?doesn't? include appetizers and drinks. tonight: rain ends by midnight and the wind eases up as it shifts to a light westerly flow. lows in the lower 30s. wind: s -> w 2-5 mph.thanksgiving: dry
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more on the cbs 58 morning
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> and now a "late show" thanksgiving message. >> hi, i'm a thanksgiving turkey here with a special holiday message. but first, i'd like to get something off my breast. would you please stop using your t it's a highly inaccurate depictionave turkey. i mean, look at me. i'm an abomination, a freak of nature, four stubby feathers. and where where's my waddle, my sole means of attracting a mate. without it i'll die alone and never know the sensuous touch of a hand. by the way, why do you even draw


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