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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  November 28, 2016 3:00am-4:00am CST

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return to star power. we're breaking down rory and lorelei's reunion by the numbers. >> >> plus, legendary news woman connie chung unleashed. >> inside her network showdown with barbara walters and diane sawyer and what video had her saying this. >> oh, my god. >> now, "the weekend insider" tracking hollywood from the inside out. ro the "gilmore girls," hollywood riding a wave of nostalgia. welcome to weekend "insider." >> lots to be thankful for this holiday starting with my visit to the this is us" set. since the megahit is all about family, i had to see what life was really like for the popular pearson brothers. >> hello? >> yeah. justin. >> all right. >> the resident heartthrob is here. >> is that me. >> it's. >> you this is great.
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the heartthrob. >> well, i wouldn't know anything about that. ? >> what's my favorite ice cream flavor? it changes from day to day. today is me and tomorrow will be somebody else. that's fun. it's better than being resident a hole. >> the guys at the gate told me this is the nicest cast in television. >> it is. >> how are your driving skills? >> i'd say b plus. but you know, you got to earn the plus. >> acting is an driving is a b. >> b plus, yeah. >> whoo. >> what's the biggest change to life so far? >> i drive beautifully women around in golf carts. weird, you know? >> heartthrobs. >> and finally we arrive to justin's just as sexy and down right charming co-star emmy winner sterling k. brown. earlier in the day, justin told me when i said you are such a heartthrob and babelicious that he was like you're actually
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title. >> so untrue. >> it's true. >> it's justin. >> i see this like tight sweater, all the muscles and stuff. >> i try to be fit. okay? i do. but like i look at justin and i get a little googly eyed. >> no. >> like it's sort of like the teeth are so white. the hair's perfectly coifed. i have to touch him from time to time not inappropriately but every once in awhile i brush up against him and it's like brushing up against a >> i am pumped. my mom and biological father eating at the same table? how great is this. >> huh. >> isn't this great. >> thanksgiving at the pearsons table got pretty awkward this year. but for brown, the story of his you character rekinding with his birth dad is nothing short of cathartic. >> you have spoken about how this show, it really has helped you in your own personal life sort of dealing with the early death of her father. >> my pops passed away whether
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i've tried to glom on to surrogate fathers. so to be playing ran doll and him looking to connect with his biological father for the first time in his life, it's almost kind of like therapy because i know my dad is watching this whole thing. and is like, that's a good story to be telling right now. i love those guys. they really are so great. if you are not on board yet, it is the holiday weekend. you can bench watch all the episodes. vi you never knew you always wanted. new kids on the block, paula abdul and boyz ii men are hitting the road. guess who was in the middle of all that pop royalty? i'm so jealous. >> this guy right here was. it was awesome. this isn't first the time boyz ii men and nkotv have toured together. it's a first for the new ladies on the block. >> the fact i haven't performed on stage in 25 years. >> reporter: knew this is just the right timing for me.
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>> but can this 54-year-old icon get her cold hearted moves back. >> you have to get in stage shape. with you already there? you look amazing. > i have to talk to my body. come on now. you can do it. ? >> paula will definitely hold her own in this over 40 boys club when the total package tour kicks off may 12th. ? >> we constantly are trying to up our game. when you bring artists like this with you, it's not easy to go on stage after boyz ii men or paula abdul. but the fans should expect nothing less than the best. >> the best was yet to come during my interview. paula celebrating 25 years of her hit "rush rush" and sharing this embarrassing moment with her co-star keanu reeves. >> i went to go introduce myself and his door was slightly open.
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i kind of pushed it. he was air guitaring in his underwear and had headphones on. that was like. >> nice. >> it was awesome. >> 25 years a little song, i don't know if you ever heard it. ? ? to the end of the road ? >> it's kind of at number one for a while. >> yeah. i heard only like 13 or 14 weeks. >> it was special, man. special time, special thing. >> and knight posted this message to diehard new kids fans. >> i'm still on my vacation. but my heart is back in new york with everybody on this amazing day. i'm super, super excited about this tour. i cannot wait. it's going to be amazing. >> and john had a very special reason to be absent but he was not forgotten. >> happy for john. we're very happy for him. and he is in africa right now
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weekend. >> he has a flat new kids paula abdul and boyz ii men he's carrying around with him. >> i got your back. look at me. i'm already in the group. >> i'm not sure about that choice. >> leave me alone. should i say moving back the stars diehard "gilmore girls" fans i'm sure are watching right now bingeing it on netflix. >> here is everything you need to know about it by the numbers. we have limited should we script town tour? >> we'll keep it short. >> we live in town and walk around the gazebo in circles. we drink a lot of coffee and we still eat food we could never eat in real life. >> it feels like we never left. >> it's been nine years since lorelei and laurie palled around town. >> it felt good. >> the mother/daughter team telling us they were thrilled when they read the first 156-page script and found star
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too different in the longer format. but it felt familiar. >> we pick up where any fan might imagine. time's been good to them i think. >> over a dozen of the main cast members are returning for the four 90-minute episodes including dragonfly and shep. >> it was important graphic supply got so sentimental for it. it felt fantastic. like we all -- it just, i don't know, it just felt like it fel it felt right to see everybody again and to be on the sets. i think it's going to be something else. >> also returning all three of rory's boyfriends. >> he's in at least one of the four episodes. that's as much as i can tell you right now. >> matt czuchry and mile low vent meia. >> i'm excited for the fans. they get the last little bite of
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and i'm excited for them to get it. >> fans are also hoping lorelei and luke's rocky love affair has stood the test of time. >> you can expect sparks to fly. you can expect some volume maybe. you can expect beating hearts. and elevated levels of adrenaline. never a dull moment with those two, is it? >> my heart, i can't take it. luke and >> one of my favorite shows. >> coming up. >> in 1991 when you mentioned aids, people freaked out. i thought that people were going to treat us like lippers. >> on the 25thfry of magic johnson's shocking retirement, his wife cookie opens up on their faithful day. >> then is the star's secret to buvl skin a laceser to the face. >> it does penetrate deep enough to cause collagen accumulation.
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ugly. connie shung on her relationship with barbara and diane. >> i always felt like i was playing whack a mole. i would pop my head up and one of them would go. >> i loved how she barked three
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because of the hiv virus that i have attained, i will
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today. >> hard to believe it was 25 years agoing this month that l.a. lake areas legend magic johnson announced his retirement due to his hiv diagnosis. >> at his side his wife cookie who had her own news to share. the 357-year-old opening up about the day her family's life changed forever in tonight's profile. >> i'll never forget the day of the announcement. i was in the hair salon that morning crying to my hairdresser. i gotel we're going to do this. >> we are still waiting. the anticipation is getting worse and worse. >> i put on a white suit. i didn't want anybody to think we were in mourning or think of death. i wanted people to think life. he said, i'm going to be around a long time. so come say hello to me and every reporter right after that said he's in denial. >> 25 years later, you know, praise the lord.
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>> celebrating a quarter suchbt love and life in her new memoir "believing in magic." while that announcement will be one of the most powerful moments in sports history. >> the career of one of the world's best known athletes is over. >> few people realizes on that day magic's wife of 45 days was inspecting that first child. she had spent 12 agonizing is days waiting to hear their own fate. >> took the test. it took almost two weeks to find out if i was okay. she's negative. so no problem with her. >> and the way it works is if the mother doesn't have it, then the baby does not, will not have it. and so e. j. was completely fine. >> days after her test results, magic made his diagnosis public. despite his wife's objection. >> it was because in 1991, when you mentioned aids, people freaked out. and i thought that that was going to happen us. i thought people were going to
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the stigma was horrible. but that didn't stop irvin. he said i have to do this and i'm not doing it just for myself. i'm doing it to save as many people as possible. when he decided to do that, i said okay, then i'm with you. 25 years ago, they told me he was going to die. but look. god is so amaze. god is so amazing. he's still here. what an incredible love story. >> they are such a special couple. coming up iid hollywood trends, the laser facial. >> i got my face burned off with a layser. >> but does it work? and connie chung was once the queen of network news. where is she now. >> i've been just hanging and i'm sponging off of murray. >> i've been just hanging and i'm sponging off of murray. >> my goal was to finally get in shape. not to be focusing on my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis. so i made a decision to talk to my dermatologist about humira. humira works inside my body to
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>> i got my face burneded off with a laser. and if this isn't the face of
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know what is. >>ch chelsea handler putting it out there about hollywood's latest beauty craze. this sounds painful. >> michael, beauty is pain. for some getting something lasered off your face sounds extreme. so is it? i was with the woman who gave chelsea that will youthful glow. tonight's beauty confidential star laser secret. ? >> any celebrity walking that red carpet that you go ooh and ah to their skin, they're doing >> melissa brown is the laser guru who smoothed chelsea's face. >> what is the pro fractional laser. >> the laser is a resurfacing laser. you're breaking the skin. you're kind of sanding down that skin. it really does improve color, acne scars, tem tour and tone. >> your skin is insane. >> it's so the beautiful. >> it takes a beating. thank you for saying that. >> naomi watts loves to layser.
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microdermabrasion. >> so does sophia vergara and jen fla dejuan tatum. >> it made its way to the ballroom. >> fi my face burned off and then it looks an amazing. >> i've had acne scarring and it's amazing. > why are laysers all the ranl in hollywood right now? >> it's low down time. it's collagen stimulate package. it's smoothing the skin and getting rid of fine lines, reducing pore size and image improving migment. it cause collagen accumulation. the 20-minute weekend cat peel has only a three-day down time but can take up to two weeks to recover from deeper treatments. >> we do offer topical numbing as well as oral pain management when needed. >> how expensive is this. >> what you can accomplish with a lifetime of creams can be done in one day. 507 for one peel. >> her wait list is over six
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the spring. >> wow. >> let's move on to journalism legend connie chung, one of the few female anchors who worked at all three major networkses and she got a lot off her chest during the interview. >> she did. including her dog eat dog relationship with diane sawyer and braush ba walters. first i had to know where you been. >> we missed you. where you been. >> the face has been dropping. i got the gels now. i'm like a dog. down? >> no. >> i've been just hanging. >> just hanging. > yeah. and i'm sponging off of murray. >> this serious journalist clearly has a sense of humor. married to maury povich for over 30 years, connie made a name for herself as one of the first women to anchor a network newscast. >> updates tonight on two of our eye on america reports. >> after taking time away from the business to raise her son matthew, connie moved on to a high profile gig at abc where
3:21 am
epicenter of competitive tv news. >> i think at abc, what was challenging was that i was up there with barbara walters and diane sawyer. it was rough. i was playing whack a mole. i would pop my head up and one would go whack a mole. >> so you were competing for the say stories. >> uh-huh. >> more air time. >> it was dog eat dog. fights. >> are you kidding? we were so gracious. >> so nice in their face. >> so nice. >> connie did return to tv again with her husband in 2006 for msnbc's weekends with murray and connie. it lasted six months but we got this gem of a moment. >> thanks for the memories. ? we came to do a show ?
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>> oh, my god. you know, i think that's what did it. nobody will hire me because of that. >> if you got offered a job back on tv today, would you take it? >> depending on what it was, but yeah, sure. but you know, i'm 70. it's not happening. it's hard for us to get arrested at our age. >> by the way, connie's been asked to do "dancing with the stars." she admits she has mean rhythm but she said no. >> come on, hd >> coming up, hollywood mr. clean gets tough on dirt and grime and grease in just a minute mr. clean will clean your whole house and every room that's in it floors, doors, walls, halls he's so tough, he cleans 'em all mr. clean! man: i accept i'm not the deep sea fisherman i was. i accept i'm not out on the ocean wrestling marlin. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat
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monday on the "insider" the kardashians thanksgiving weekend drama. how the family is rallying around kanye in the wake of his mental breakdown. then -- >> five golden rings.
3:25 am
lynch and kate flannery's not so the sentimental christmas. >> well, there's always a disastrous christmas story. what is yours. >> but what led to this. >> use that as the promo. >> that's monday on the "insider." >> travel consideration provided by -- >> you know, before we go, we hope everyone out there had a happy thanksgiving. >> yeah, and we leave with you what the stars are most grateful for this year. bye, everyone. >> i'm thankful for my family. i'm thankful for the love that i have in my life with my family and friends. and my significant other. >> thankful for a lot.
3:26 am
a lot. >> i'm just so thankful to be surrounded by my friends and family and honestly with everything that i do, it's so important that i stay close with them and that i've got the support and stuff. >> health and family. >> my family and you know, and my just health and the fact that we're all so close. >> i'm thankful to have my family and my sisters and everybody. and i just want everybody to be thankful for. >> i've been very lucky with work and all of those things and my kids. i'm grateful for every day. >> i'm thankful for everything. honestly, i mean my family, the good. the good of existence. thank you, god. it's awesome. >> my life. my. my marriage, my husband, my children. everybody. >> you know, it was an explosive year and i was very excited about everything i did
3:27 am
life, they were for the best. i'm grateful for na. >> i'm most thankful for my kids. i can't imagine my life without them. >> thankful for my family, my wife, my kids. be's healthy. so much to be grateful for. but mainly family. >> i am thankful for my amazing family. always. every year. i have an incredible family. i live on the same street as my family. i love my family and i'm all about the holidays. my favorite time of the year.
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welcome to the "overnight news." i'm meg oliver. president-elect donald trump is back at trump tower in new york city, steaming mad over efforts to overturn his election victory. hillary clinton has now joined green party candidate jill stein in calling for recounts in sevest republican. clinton leads in the popular vote by nearly 2 million votes. but she lst the electoral college 290-232. and she'd need every state at issue to come close to toppling mr. trump. errol barnett reports. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump fired off a tweet-storm sunday oaf the pending vote recount in wisconsin, where he won by 27,000 votes. hillary clinton conceded, he
3:31 am
said we owe him a chance to lead. clinton's general counsel said on saturday they would participate in the recount, which was initiated by green party candidate jill stein. she has raised $6 million for the effort and may pursue recounts in michigan and pennsylvania. trump calls it a scam, and today his chief of staff went further. >> and it's ridiculous. this is a fund-raising notoriety-driven fraud by a person who won 33,000 votes in wisconsin to president-elect trump, who won 1.4 million. >> reporter: also today the transition team's debate over who should be secretary of state spilled into public view once again. governor mitt romney and mayor rudy giuliani are among those being considered. trump campaign manager turned adviser kellyanne conway appeared on several sunday programs to slam governor mitt romney. >> he gave speeches against
3:32 am
did he go and intervene in syria where they're having a massive humanitarian crisis? when i say intervene like offer to help? >> reporter: the president-elect is wrapping up the family vacation at his mar-a-lago resort in florida and his transition team says he's been contacted by more than 40 world leaders. meg, more cabinet and staff announcements are xpt expected monday. >> all right. errol barnett, thank you. 21-gun salutes will fire in cuba's largest cities monday as the island nation begins a week-long choreographed farewell to its long-time leader fidel castro. the communis his animosity toward america as long as his trademark beard, died friday at the age of 90. manuel bojorquez is in havana. >> reporter: meg, cubans are grieving today as the death of fidel castro has started to set in. while a divisive figure abroad, on this caribbean island castro was admired by many. as flags flew at half staff over havana some cubans could not
3:33 am
victor manuel said he felt like he had lost a patriarch, the father of our family, the father of the revolution he said. havana's normally bustling revolution plaza was quiet. workers were preparing for two davis tributes to the dictator who led the country for half a century. thousands of cubans will pay their respects in the shadow of the monument to national hero jose marti and a skurpculpture revolutionary leader che inside the cathedral lettisia fonseca prayed and reflected. castro was someone who helped us a lot she said, especially the cuban community of the lower class. on saturday at castro's former university dozens of students chanted "i am fidel." pedicab driver lanzaro alonzo said he hopes cast troes death would not slow progress in cuba. "we continue to work hard," he said. "there will be great moments
3:34 am
people here will gather for official state memorials starting tomorrow, with the largest expected on tuesday at revolution square, where castro delivered some of his most fiery speeches. his remains will then be taken from havana to santiago, essentially retracing in reverse the steps he took in victory with the revolutionary army. meg, his funeral will be next sunday in santiago, known as the cradle of castro's revolution. >> manuel bojorquez, thank you. about 225 miles n havana it's a very different mood. more like a party in miami's cuban-american neighborhood little havana. david begnaud is there. >> reporter: this is the second day that people have taken to the street here in little havana. as one woman said, we're not celebrating the death of fidel castro but we're celebrating the potential for freedom in cuba. it's still front-page news. i want to show you the front cover of the miami herald. the picture of fidel with one word. "dead." it's still all people are
3:35 am
and they're blaring music in front of cafe versailles. tanya madrigal came to the united states when she was 9 years old. tanya, why did you want to be here? your parents came with you. they are now deceased. why is it important for you to be on the streets tonight? >> to support my cuban family. to support -- all these people have come here today to celebrate and to teach my daughter there is a moment in history. and the reason why i'm here, for freedom. i left when i was 9 years old, cuba. and one day i will go back. when i go there with my american passport. because i'm an american. >> reporter: thank you, tanya. we appreciate it. we also spoke with a republican congresswoman, iliana ros-lehtinen, who herself came to the u.s. when she was a child. what's the rest the country to make of all that's happening outside of versailles? >> i know. i know people are looking at these visuals and they're thinking are these people nuts? they're celebrating someone's death. and we're not. we're celebrating an opportunity of a new beginning.
3:36 am
and we are a hopeful, optimistic people. we're never going to stop dreaming of a free cuba and working toward one. >> reporter: we noticed today that people were taking small cuban flags and bringing them to nearby graveyards, where their relatives are buried. as one woman said, i wanted to put a flag at the grave of my mother and father, who didn't live long enough to see this day come. meg? >> david begnaud in miami for us. thank you. florida senator marco rubio is the son of cub he discussed his views of the death of fidel castro with john dickerson on "face the nation." >> senator, what would you like to see change in u.s.-cuba relations now? >> well, i'd like to see more of a democratic opening on the island of cuba. things like, i don't know, free press. stop putting people in jail because they don't agree with you politically. stop helping countries like north korea evade u.n. sanctions. don't invite the russians to open a military base 90 miles from our shores. allow independent political
3:37 am
that you find in virtually every country in the western hemisphere except cuba and now increasingly venezuela. that's what i'd like to see, and i'd like to see our foreign policy geared toward accelerating that. i believe it is in our national interest to see democracy take hold on the island of cuba. and so we should examine our foreign policy including all the changes that president obama made in that lens and through that lens. >> why not just reverse? >> well, as i said, there are key elements that are more important than rs here's the thing people don't understand, and i've said this repeatedly. i am not against changes in u.s. policy toward cuba. i just want to make sure that those changes are reciprocal, that that's a reciprocate by the cuban government. that was not part of what president obama did. and i want to make sure they're the kinds of things that help create a pathway toward democracy in cuba because while fidel castro was 90 years old his brother's 85. there is going to be a generational leadership change in cuba over the next five to ten years, hopefully sooner, and
3:38 am
foreign policy toward cuba incentivizes and makes it easier for there to be a (coughs) cough doesn't sound so good. take mucinex dm. i'll text you in 4 hours when your cough returns. one pill lasts 12 hours, so...
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but just one mucinex lasts 12 hours. let's end this. i did everything i could to make her party perfect. almost everything. you know, 1 i n 10 houses could get hit by an expensive septic disaster. but for only $7 a month,
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fidel castro was a thorn in the side of ten u.s. presidents. he died friday at the age of 90. martha tieshner looks back at his life and legacy. ? >> this is the sierra maestra on cuba's southern coas ? these are the jungle fighters, the rebels of sierra maestra. >> reporter: at first he charmed us. ? it's hard to believe now, more than 50 years after the fact. >> with fidel castro here are former clerks, technicians, students, townspeople and the simple campesinos. >> reporter: up in the hills with his rebels fidel castro looked and sounded like a
3:41 am
>> there are thousands of men who would gladly join us. >> reporter: not the pogbogey m he became to so many. >> we suffer rain and the hardship of life in the mountain. this is only the beginning. the last battle will be fought in the capital. you can be sure of it. >> reporter: but there was no battle. on new year's day 1959 dictator general rogenceo batista, the bloated corrupt embodiment of cuba's problems, fled the country. fidel castro was born in 1926, one of five children. his family was prosperous and owned this sugar plantation in eastern cuba. educated by the jesuits, he became a lawyer.
3:42 am
into a revolutionary. >> fidel castro, at the age of 32 you now have in your hands a great deal of power and a great deal of responsibility. >> reporter: a month after taking power interviewed on cbs by edward r. murrow, castro said exactly what americans wanted to hear. >> tell me, fidel castro, are you concerned at all about the communist influence in cuba? >> oh, i'm not worried because really there is not about communism here in cuba. >> reporter: it's still not clear whether he changed or whether he lied. but when castro began executing opponents, when castro started nationalizing industries and aappropriating u.s. property in cuba, it didn't matter. the u.s. response -- sanctions. the economic embargo that exists to this day.
3:43 am
a million cubans have left. most of them landed in miami with nothing but their lives and the fierce determination to bring fidel castro down one way or another. in april of 1961 an army of cuban exiles backed by the cia tried to slip into the bay of pigs and liberate the island. the invasion was a disastrous and embarrassing failure. with a david to the u.s. goliath, a role he fine-tuned for the rest of his life, with help from the soviet union. >> this is the cbs news extra. >> reporter: the following year, in 1962, u.s. spy planes spotted the russians installing nuclear missiles in cuba. >> those are russian-made, russian-manned ballistic missiles. >> reporter: this was the cold
3:44 am
suddenly, cuba seemed very, very important. >> i have directed the armed forces to prepare for any eventuality. >> castro did not blink. it appealed to him to play this role that he would harbor these missiles that could threaten the great imperial -- that he could do this. >> reporter: jay taylor represented u.s. interests in cuba in the 1980s. >> the world teetered edge. teetered on the edge of a nuclear war. we're talking about the world. millions. millions dying. >> it shall be the policy of this nation to regard any nuclear missile launched from cuba or against any nation in the western hemisphere as an attack by the soviet union on the united states, requiring a full retaliatory response on the soviet union. >> reporter: for a couple
3:45 am
played chicken until khrushchev backed down and the missiles were removed. but that wasn't the end of soviet involvement in cuba. ? the russians pumped something like $5 billion a year into the cuban economy, propping it up, while the united states kept tightening the screws, toughening sanctions, with the expectation would fall. the cia repeatedly plotted to kill him. but still he hung on, jailing dissidents, neutralizing political rivals, speaking for hours on end before vast crowds bused in to hear him. which brings us to 1980. the mariel boat lift that year
3:46 am
castro's claim that cubans were happy and content. told they were free to go, 125,000 did. risking their lives, piling onto small boats and makeshift rafts for the 90-mile crossing to florida. >> it did hurt his image. but in the end the fact that the united states then had to stop this flow having said we would not turn our backs on them, suddenly we did, and we said boats, that castro then i think felt that he had emerged still even from that politically the victor. >> reporter: especially when it became clear that 10,000 to 15,000 of the refugees he sent our way were insane or criminals turned loose from prisons and asylums. if life in cuba was bad then, it got worse when the soviet union collapsed in 1991.
3:47 am
was gone, along with the oil cuba received in exchange for sugar. cubans were literally starving. anti-castro interests in the united states thought surely the end was in sight. but in 1993 fidel castro, the crafty survivor, did something startling to prop up the cuban economy. he legalized the u.s. dollar, which meant that if your relatives inia money you could afford to eat. today those payments bring in $3 billion a year. castro also invited foreign investment. suddenly cuba looked like one big construction site. you name the country. canada, france, spain, mexico, the netherlands, israel. everybody but the united states was there building massive
3:48 am
2 million tourists who now visit cuba every year. in 1998 when fidel castro welcomed pope john paul ii and let the pictures do the talking, the world saw cuba surviving in spite of the u.s. trade embargo. it was political theater on a grand scale, the kind castro loved. remember the custody showdown over elian gonzalez? the small boy rescued after his mother drowned trying to escape cuba with him. castro won. the boy was returned to his father in cuba. >> he milked it in every way to make the cuban community in miami look bad and the cuban community in miami frankly fell right into the trap.
3:49 am
marisele perez estabele is a sociology professor at florida international university. >> the revolution was simply claiming a son for his father. >> reporter: the revolution does have its supporters, who give castro credit for raising the literacy rate in cuba to nearly 100% and for providing free health care to all. cuba turns out highly skilled doctors, respected throughout latin america. in february 2008, illness, fidel castro officially transferred cuba's presidency to his younger brother raul. >> today the united states of america is changing its relationship with the people of cuba. >> reporter: it was raul who agreed in 2014 to a restoration of diplomatic relations with the united states. it was raul who welcomed president obama to cuba in march
3:50 am
faded fidel castro appeared at a communist party congress. "soon i will be 90 years old," he said, "in what seemed like a farewell address." stating "everyone's turn comes. but the ideas of cuban communists will remain." he turned 90 on august 13th, the day of his last public but even in death he remains a bogey man to some. >> castro will always be remembered as the cuban, latin american revolutionary who stood up to the united states and won. won in terms of his health brought him down, not anything that the united states ever did. >> reporter: the man the united
3:51 am
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?living well? rise above joint discomfort with move free ultra's triple action joint support for improved mobility and flexibility, and 20% better comfort from one tiny, mighty pill... get move free ultra, and enjoy living well. so how will history judge fidel castro? is there good to weigh against the bad? according to the cia's latest fact book, cuba's infant
3:54 am
births. that's lower than the 5.8 recorded here in the united states. average life expectancy in cuba is 78.7 years. just a tenth of a year shorter than here. cuba has 6.72 doctors per 1,000 people. more than double the number per thousand in our country. weighed against these pluses are the negatives of decades of though there's no hard number, political executions by firing squad total just over 3,100, according to the non-profit think tank cuba archive. human rights watch reports 6,200 arbitrary detentions during the first eight months of last year. and there's that flood of cuban refugees to the united states to consider. more than 1.1 million cuban
3:55 am
united states.
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3:57 am
president-elect donald trump is already getting pushback from congress over his immigration plans. mr. trump has vowed to build a wall along the u.s.-mexico border, have mexico pay for it, and deport medals of people in the u.s. illegally. the federal government used large-scale deportations twice in the p carter evans has the story. >> reporter: huge numbers. unbelievably huge numbers. >> reporter: immigrants are joining the anti-trump protest worried that the president-elect will soon follow through on his promise to deport millions who came here illegally. sisters fluor and victoria martinez were brought here illegally when they were just 1 and 3 years old. they're allowed to attend school and work, protected under president obama's dream act. if they're deported, their family will be ripped apart because their two younger
3:58 am
birth. >> if we have to go back, we wouldn't want them to go back with us because they made it here. >> reporter: former u.s. congressman esteban torres knows the pain of being separated from family. >> it's a tough feeling not to know the person that was your father. >> reporter: his father was one of an estimated 2 million immigrants who were part of a government campaign called mexican repatriation. during the great depression they were herded onto trains and ed it was an effort to save american jobs. >> rounded them all up and shipped them back to their home country. >> reporter: just 3 years old, torres was allowed to remain in the u.s. with his mother and brother because they were born here. >> i remember living in shacks, you know. my mother couldn't afford anything better. you know, all the days of standing in line for relief, of getting government-issued tennis shoes and canned food.
3:59 am
his father again. >> it's a really dark part of u.s. history. >> reporter: ucla professor raul hin joes o. ojeda said it happened again in the 1950s when a quarter million more immigrants were sent back across the border during operation wetback. >> these round-ups did break up families that have consequences even today. >> reporter: torres not only lost a father. his brother had to be raised by family friends. >> my mother had to make a choice really. couldn't sustain us both. you know, it scares me because it could happen again. >> reporter: but he's hoping that dark chapter of american history will remain in the past. carter evans, los angeles. that's the "overnight news" for this monday. for some of you the news continues. for others check back with us a little later for the "morning news" and "cbs this morning." from the broadcast center in new
4:00 am
captioning funded by cbs it's monday, november 28th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." grief and joy following the the communist nation prepares to say good-bye to fidel castro, cuban exiles are hoping for change. >> it's ridiculous. a fund-raising notoriety driven fraud. >> and election officials in wisconsin are get ready to recount the ballots triggering a twitter storm by the president-elect. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news


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