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votes.00;21;05 the cost, while it would be reimbursed, may not be the biggest challenge. it may be finding enough individuals to schedule them to december when they did not plan to on evenings and weekends.00;21;16 right now-- president election donald trump leads hillary clinton by 22,177 votes-- a number the commission doesn't expect to chge much.00;30;46 it will be very interesting to see how many over 300, if that, were in approrpriat i nothing else this will give us a very good audit it's going to reassure wisconsin voters that we have a fair system the stein camp says they want the ballots counted ving machines weren't hacked or malfucntioning.something the commission says is extremely unlikely.10;55;24 among those reasons are it is not connected to the internet we have a number of different systems in place in the state, we have a very decentralized
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to enter the lockabdevi is located 00;02;31 each presidential candidate can send observers to every county to oversee the process and the public is alos welcome to observe. reporting in madison, kb cbs 58 ne and this just in, th wisconsin elections commission says a recount will cost estimated 3-and-half million dollars. 3 walworou nteerso recount those c put the word out today, they're seeking 'tabulator ntee must be at least 18-years olwe ha information on how to sign up he's acced of slamming into a car with a caledonia henow, officials say that driver had been drinking at a strip club before getting behind the wheel.. cbs 58's amanda devoe has the latest tonight.
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court today, a local lawmaker tells me friday's crash is a prime example why certain laws need to be changed. 25 year old levi ruohonen stood before a judge today after being charged with two counts of homicide by intoxicated use by vehicle. he's also being held on 50 thousand dollar bond. kevin and emily dalley were killed friday night on the way home from visiting family. kevin's six year old daughter who was also in the car was injured, but is expected to be ok. this is ruohonen was charged with an owi once before. local lawmakers are working on making stricter laws for repeat offenders, of owis a person can get before having a felony from five before having a a person can get the number of owis a person can get before having a felony from five to four. "every time a person takes a key, and put it in the ignition of an automobile, they now have the opportunity to exercise the power of life
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see these happen, like we did in caledonia, that just really brings this all to the forefront." ronan is due in court again on december 7th. lawmakers plan to move this proposed legislation forward in january. live in racine, ad cbs 58 news. 3 a milwaukee woman charged with reckless homicide.. after a deadly crash..police say 18-year-old samira coleman-wilks didn't have a drivers license and was going more than 50-miles over the speed limit at the time. it happened back on november 19th.police say they tried pulling her over for expired tags.. but she took off and hit another car at 27th and of her passengers, shawn oliver died.. and mario harrell was seriously injured. if convicted, she faces up to 46 years in prison. developing tonight -- at least nine people hurt when a man purposely drove into pedestrians then started stabbing them with a butcher knife at ohio state university. the school was put on lockdown after the attack this morning. we're told three undergrads, four graduate students and a
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an officer who was near the scene to investigate a gas leak shot and killed the man. one student explained what he saw after hearing the crash. :19-34 and then, people were like really running, and like really screaming. i'm like this is, somethings going on. then i heard the three gunshots and from about that same area, and i was like uhhh crap, what do i do." 3 officials say the attacker was an 18-year-old somali refugee who was a legal permanent resident. the police chief says they're looking into whether this was an act of terror. terror.much more coming up on the cbs 58 evening news with scott pelley.dean reynolds is on the scene with the developing details. 3 in milwaukee county --police are hoping you can help them identify several people wanted in conneciton with an armed robbery at a local george webb. surveillance video shows them in the restaurant near 21st and mitchell street last tuesday.police say they stole money from the cash register..
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phone from a customer.they all left in a black four-door car.. if you know who these people are, call 414-935-7360. 3 that's also the number to call if you know anything about an armed robbery at roman's foods. back on the 17th.. milwaukee police say two people walked into the store on 18th street and robbed two workers and stole money from the cash register.a getaway driver was waiting outside in a gold chevy impala.if you can help police with either robbery.. give them a call. a cudahn setting fire to his waukesha workplace because of a spider makes his first court appearanc. appearance.according to the criminal complaint, 24-year-old kevin butler lit a spider on fire at the 'a-l schutzman company' back in october.the fire then spread... causing more than 10- thousand dollars in part of his 5-thousand dollars bond, butler is not allowed to use any 'incendiary devices' like lighters. he'll be back in court in january. 3
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passenger pleaded not guilty during an arraignment hearing this morning.devon kraemer and her partner were flagged down by a milwaukee county bus driver last march to get the unruly man off the bus. the three ended up rolling around on the ground, and kramer told police she shot the man because she feared for his safety.he survived but lost part of his lung after several surgeries. a nine-day period of mourning is underway in havana cuba.. for fidel castro who d and her family left cuba in 1960..her father.. a doctor who worked for the state had to stay about a month longer. longer.21:30:03-23 he was one of the last professionals to leave cuba.. after my father left they shut the doors. doctors engineers, so he was one of hte last let go and because of that he was declared a because of that he last let go and because of that he was declared a traitor
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growing up in cuba was wonderful.. she and her friends spent their summers at the beach.but her family fled to south carolina when she was 14.they eventually made their way to milwaukee where her father worked for the v-a. castro handed control to his brother raul ten years ago. on wednesday a procession will carry castro's ashes to santiago. his funeral is planned for sunday. 3 a nasty mix of rain, wind and chilly temps. chief meteorologist drew burgoyne is getting us reaor ahead...drew? toss to drew drew tonight: rain to start then a slow clearing overnight. lows in the lower 40s.tuesday: sun and clouds, breezy and mild. highs in the middle to upper 50s. wind: sw 10-20 g30 mph. extended: a cold front arrives on wednesday with highs back in the 40s and again on
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possible on thursday with colder air coming for the weekend, including a slight chance for some wintry mix on sunday and possibly on monday. the packers hope to snap a 4-game losing streak, keep their playoff hopes alive and restore some measure of respect when they play the eagles in philly tonight. kevin holden is here with a preview...kevin? the packers in prime time? yes, please. and a strong performance tonight on the
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losing streak in the past and help the pack focus forward on the winnable n-f-c inactives fo out within the hour... but we already know five packers who won't be playing tonight. rookie linebacker blake martinez leads the list. he's shown some great maturity for such a young player, but his knee won't let him go tonight. two big names still missing along the offensive line, including t-j lang who hasn't played since the tennessee game with a foot injury and center j-c tretter. those absences mean corey linsley and so larger roles tonight. just as big a story, a few players who haven't been ruled out. damarious randall is questionable, but if he plays, it's a world of difference for the secondary. clay matthews isn't even on the injury report this week, so he's good to go. they fit a whirlwind tour of new york city into just a few days..and capped it off with an appearance at the macy's thanksgiving day parade. the greendale high school
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wisconsin tonight.the school applied to march in the parade two years ago.they were one of 7 chosen out of more than 170 student told us she was grateful for all the support.. but very surprised so many made the trip to new york city. 3:18:59-19:18 it was really cool seeing all the people, all the greendale people i was so suprised about how many greendale people were there, because when you see it on tv it just looks very crowded and full of people from new york. you could see greendale signs so really cool seeing that supp. support. 270 students went on the trip.. before the parade.. they toured ellis island, the 9-11 memorial and central park. 3 next...buying online..the best deals to be had on this cyber monday. 3 plus, we thought with winter we didn't have to worry..but another state dealing with
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to confirm a locally- transmitted case of zika virus. the woman lives in south texas, near the mexico border - - but says she hasn't traveled circulating.e c-d-c belirus is that a mosquito with the virus bit the woman..officials there are now trapping and testing the insects.florida is the only other place with locally- transmitted cases of zika . 3 if you didn't get your fill of holiday shopping over the weekend..there are still 6-plus hours left on this cyber monday. monday. offering big discounts.. including amazon.we visited the massive 'fulfillment' center in kenosha today.they told us last year more than 54- million items were ordered on cyber monday, and they expect to surpass that this year. usually, electronics are big sellers on the monday after thanksgiving.but amazon says so far.. the "most-watched deal" on its website? the 'mermaid tail blanket.' a plea from the salvation army tonight..just weeks into the
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down.f this campaign supports more than 80 programs across milwaukee's hoping hire 50 bell ringers between now and christmas eve to work daytime hours. 13:25:40-49 this is an open opportunity for anyone who needs a little extra cash for the holidays, we will consider anyone who wants to come incut to --13:25:55-26:00 if you think you're up for standing on your feet for 8 hours in the cold we'd love to have you. you. you need a photo i-d and social security card to apply.. then attend a simply instruction session..we have the information on our website, 3 a holiday tradition is back in downtown milwaukee..the b-m-o harris bank's lobby is all lit . up.this year's theme is "an up north holiday". the 150 life-size animals are all dressed in carefully crafted designs.. including flannel, plain and blaze orange costumes.. playing hockey and having snowball fights. the
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donate 5 dollars to feeding america eastern wisconsin for every person who comes to visit the display while it's up through january 3rd. 3 3 3 tonight: rain to slow clearing overnight. lows in the lower 40s.tuesday: sun and clouds, breezy and mild. highs in the middle to upper 50s. wind: sw 10-20 g30 mph. 3 extended: a cold front arrives on wednesday with highs back
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40s and again on thursday. flurries are possible on thursday with colder air coming for the wnd including a slight chance for some wintry mix on sunday and
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to kickoff... they mind if we start this one early? i'm
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3 3 3 kevin: it's chalk talk time, gary ellerson, 105.7 fm the fan. this is a rare thing for us, gary. we get to talk about a game ths just a couple of hours, so a quick true or false here. if the secondary pls to packers win tonight.gary: yeah, they do. no doubt about plays, and that's really what's been killing them here the last four weeks is just their back end's not very good. of course, no clay matthews, he was out for two or three weeks, so that hurt them a lot. what ends up happening is a double team, they double team him or they slot the line to him, and those other guys are gonna get
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significant role tonight.gary: yeah, i don't know. you know, the packers are very weird that way. because they want guys to know the system and learn the system. and really, their passing game is very complicated, so we'll see what he brings to the table. you've got james starks, you've got ty montgomery, but i'd like to see what he's got.kevin: true or false, 50 pass attempts from the packers tonight.gary: false. i think they would like to keep it under 50. i feel like they need a run game, i know they need a run game, and i think if philadelphia, they're very suspect in the back end. kevin: you get to do a score prediction with me on a monday, instead of earl on a friday. what do you think? gary: i've been picking the packers for the last four weeks, so why stop now? i mean, at some point, this streak has to end, right? they've lost four in a row. this is a team they can beat. the nfc is not very good. well, it's parity at its best. the detroit lions, who would ever have thought would be leading this division. they're not very good, so i think the packers can go to philadelphia and they can get a win, 32-24.
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championship week begins now, and the badgers still have all their goals in front of them. the big ten championship game happens saturday, and with a win and a little favor from the playoff committee, wisconsin could be among college football's top four teams. it's exciting in badgers camp, but they're anything but overwhelmed by this moment. 3 3 chryst: to me, the more they stayed consistent in their approach and the way they competed and played, that's when i felt like it's neat group right here.shelton: that's the standard, no matter who the coach is. players are going to work hard, we're going to come to the stadium every day just ready to work. and that's the goal, to get to the big ten championship. could khris middleton return to the bucks before the end of this season? he sure hopes so. middleton tells beat writer el he's doing some shooting, trinsurgery is supposed to sideline middleton
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for the last dozen or so of the gumaybe
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: attack at ohio state. >> we have man with a knife running around killing people. >> o'donnell: a student from somalia targets pedestrians as others rush to safety. >> i heard a loud noise, like a crash, and just saw people running. >> i'm charlie rose in havana on a day of remembrance and reflection on the fiery and controversial leader of the cuban revolution. >> o'donnell: a warning on i was gone.: thieves are >> o'donnell: tossed 30 feet enter a drainage h.


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