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tv   CBS 58 News at 10pm  CBS  November 28, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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a chance encounter with an unlicensed driver costs a young man his life. the cbs 58 news at 10 starts right now. 3 he dreamed about serving his country--but we'll never know what would have been for 19 year old shawn oliver. oliver.killed in a car crash caused by a woman who didn't even have a license. license.his family is breaking their silence... and only to cbs 58's april dvornay who joins us live tonight. 3 shawn oliver died at the scene of the crash near 27th and capitol-and his family tells us...he was in the wrong place at the wrong time....because this was his first time meeting the driver. 528 he was lovedby everyone. he was loved. he was a good kid. the family of 19 year old shawn still coming to terms with the fact that he won't be here to celebrate his december 1st birthday. :16 ....he'll be 20 years old and he was excited about his birthday. november 19th....shawn and two friends
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year old samira coleman wilks. after unsuccessfully trying to pull her over-officers stopped....and seconds later.... later....heard a large crash sound and observed a large cloud of smokeoliver died in the crash. a second passenger, mario harrell-gravely injured. the criminal complaint show coleman wilks was traveling at 83 miles per hour with the throttle at 100% jstu before imt impact455 nothing she could say or do to bring shawn back. and i just want to ? why so fast. you have a car full of people. oliver's family and friends-even more upset eto learn she also has never had a valid driver's lice. license.912 if you knew you didnt have a license why did you get in the car? 354-- life...she deserves life. she tooklife and she needes life...with nothing.oliver's family says-he had dreams of being in the military-dreams that were taken away from him. they want to make sure coleman- wilks never drives again-so no one else will feel the hurt...that they are feeling.
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took him fromus. i dont care-we will never see sean again. oliver's funeral will be held on the 30th. harrell's family tells us-he's still fighting for his life at a local hospital. live ... ad cbs 58. there's renewed talk about tougher drunk driving laws..after a caledonia father and daughter were killed in a crash on friday. friday. drunk driving arrest for 25-year-old levi ruohonen who appeared in court today on charges of homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle. police say he was drinking a strip club and and drove his pick up into the back of a car driven by 39 year old kevin dalley..killing him..his nine year old emily ..and injuring his six year old daughter.the family car had slowed down to pull into the subdivision where they lived. 48-1:06"every time a person takes a key, and put it in the
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to exercise the power of life and death. for everybody they come in contact with. when we see these happen, like we did in caledonia, that just really brings this all to the forefront." 3 in january lawmakers plan to push for legislation that would make the fourth drunk driving offense a felony. right now it's the fifth. ruohonen's defense attorney says he's being closely monitored by mental health professionals and is due in court again next week. 3 clarke wrapped up a meeting with president-elect donald trump tonight.when leaving trump tower he did not answer any questions... but did give the cameras a thumbs up.he declared on the cbs 58 news at four months ago that he was interested in homeland security...a source close to trump tells political reporters he could find a place in the president elect's cabinet. wisconsin's presidential recount will start thursday... only if the green party's jill stein can cut a check for 3.5 million dollars by 4-30
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another lawsuit requiring the recount be done by hand. law, the recount needs to be finished by december 13. the elections commission revealing today that it's giving county clerks until 8 p-m december 12th to finish. president-elect donald trump had a little more than 22- thousand votes over hillary clinton.while unlikely to change the outcome, the recount could confirm if the machines worked properly or were hacked. 1:22-1:4110;55;24 among those reasons are it is not connected to the internet we have a number of we have a very decentralized system, and an individual would need to have unfettered access, physical access to voting equipment and be able to enter the locked cabinet where the memory device is located 3 clerks in most of wisconsin's 72 counties are now said to be looking to hire temporary workers to help. 3 33-47the cost, while it would be reimbursed, may not be the biggest challenge. it may be
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during december when they did not plan to on evenings and weekends.00;21;16 3 local green party leaders say they are confident everything will be in place to start the recount at 9 thursday morning. 3 walworth county is looking for volunteers to recount those votes.the county clerk put the word out today, they're seeking 'tabulator volunteers.' we have information on how to sign up on our website, cbs 58 dot com. 3 and tomorrow night... the green party is hosting a training session for recoun'll be a the "suburban bourgon" in muskeo starting at robert fritakis will host the traning.he's a member of jill stein's legal team and was involved in the 20-04 recount in ohio. 3 a local ohio state student speaking about the campus attack that hurt at least ten..and ended with the 18 year old attacker.. shot dead by police. cbs 58's jacob kittilstad is live in the
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ohio state officials originally notified students this was an active shooter situation...but we now know a suspect plowed into a group of people with a out...and started stabbing people with a butcher's knife. we connected with one student from milwaukee about what she saw. 3 14;40;52"one of the students came into our building. somebody let her in. and she actually saw one of the students get stabbed. so she and she saw a student fall on the ground." 26-year-old jazelynn goudy (gowdy) is a first year graduate student studying dance at o-s-u.her building is just steps away from watts hall - where the attack started. she's also from milwaukee...and a graduate of uw-whitewater. she's been getting calls all day from home. (jazelynn) 14;42;35"yeah my mother called. my minister called. well, my minister texted me. my grandmother called. i have
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not try to be a part of that scene. they tried to get away from it which is the right thing to do. so i'm very, very pleased with the reaction of everybody." authorities identified the suspect as abdul razak ali artan...a business student recently featured in the student newspaper's feature "humans of ohio state" where he spoke of media bias against muslims. authorities are currently investigating his motivation. most of the people injured here were hurt by the least two people were stabbed. one person had a fractured skull. unsettled by the whole situation...coming on the monday after a long holiday weekend.she said otherwise student reactly calmly after the situation was under control.jacob 58 news. a brown deer police officer charged with shooting and wounding an unruly bus passenger enters a not guilty pa plealast march, devon kraemer and her partner removed a disruptive passsenger from a county transit bus.they wound
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kraemer shot the man in the back.he survived but lost part of a lung.the d-a charged her.. after outside experts determined her use of force was not justified. community members and cops in milwaukee are talking "one-on- one" to build trust and ease tension. but the conversations may have to come to an end. 58's amanda porterfield is live tonight to explain why.. amanda? 3 listening circes between the community and police be happening in higher crime neighborhods since the spring. and tonight was the last one for the year. leaving many hope they can get funding for them to keep going. they say you can learn a lot by just listening.07:25:57 in the beginning its awkward until you hear the police side of the story. :59by sitting in a circle next to different officersand talking for two hours 17 year old laresha love has learned a lot
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listening session said they never used their gun before butt 07:26:48 he had been on the force for 14 years, and he hd ever used his gun before that was amazing. 07:26:54this meeting is the last of 6 in the amani neighborhood. a high crime area with tension. 0:45:20 flynn i think the biggest theme you hear from the community and police at the same time, is what does it mean to be treated with respect. 06:45:2707:33:53 pastr this is not intended to be a one shot solution to this very significant problem between the community and police. its part of the puzzle. 07:34:00the ziedler group put the listening circles together along with ones in harambee and metcalfe park.and if they get funding to keep this goin next year.. the goal is to expand. maybe even to sherman park.07:28:25 i feel that me and m community and the officers are maing a difference. people dont always see the change that we are making but as long as the community sees it we will be fine. 07:28:35 the ziedler group is applying
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website. i did speak to the sherman park neighborhood association and they say they area interested in possibly having these sessions there too. a nine-day period of mourning is underway in havana, cuba.. honoring former president fidel castro who died friday. a local woman says she and her family left cuba in 1960 for south carolina.lucia bravo- bakemeyer said growing up there was wonderful..but when cuba was crazy as many were trying to get out. 21:29:19-26we were not supposed to say anything about us not returning. i mean we left with 150 dollars... that's all we had.21:29:34-42 they were putting spies to make sure... to find otu what the heck we were doing and where we were going going bravo-bakemeyer says her father.. who was a doctor.. was one of the last proffesionals to leave cuba and because of that he was declared a traitor to the
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eventually made their way to milwaukee... where her father worked for the v-a. 3 the first commerical flight from the u-s to hananna in more than 50 years landed in cuba today.cubans saulted the american airlines flight by spraying water from firetrucks above the plane as it taxied along the runway.on thursday, delta air lines will begin its commercial flights to cuba.u-s tourism to cuba is still illegal.americans need to fit one of twelve "authorized travel" categories to go... including travel for athletic competitions, educational 3 an area bank... targeted twice by bank robbers...and now the f-b-i wants your help in finding the suspects... 3 and the brewers... making a surprising move... getting rid of one of their top performers from last season...
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a group of thieves caught on camera hitting the same west allis bank shows them climbing over counters and pushing bank employees... now authorities need your help in finding 58's evan kruegel shows us in the latest in our series of fbi unsolved robberies 3 the fbi says it's quite uncommon for bank robbers to get physical with tellers ... (camera push).... but video allis - doing just that... :12:36 "these guys are not only violent, they're physical." it's november 23rd - 2015 - at an equitable bank in west allis... :08:26 "immediately upon entering the bank, they announce the robbery, demand that everybody in the bank get down on the floor."climbing over counters - they rummage through drawers - stealing cash and fleeing in a gold car.... :08:53 "they were very deliberate about their time in the bank. they were very
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less than two minutes."but less than two months later - they're back:10:52 "they followed the same method of operation."robbing the ?same? bank at a similar speed... this time - video shows one shoving a teller to the ground. but in their haste - one may have made a slip-up 10:11 "one of the subjects says to the other one, cmon "roady", let's go. another witness thought the name might have been revo. now the fbi hopes roady or revo is....13:46 "a takeover style bank robbery is the most violent type of bank robbery." if you recognize these crooks - call the fbi. in west allis - evan kruegel - cbs58news. 3 milwaukee police are asking for help in identifying several people wanted in conneciton with an armed robbery at a george webb. surveillance video shows them in the restaurant near 21st and mitchell street last tuesday.police say they stole money from the cash register.. and also took money and a cell phone from a customer.they all
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they're also asking for information about an armed robbery at roman's foods.back on the 17th.. milwaukee police say two people walked into the store on 18th street and robbed two workers and stole money from the cash register.a getaway driver was waiting outside in a gold chevy impala. if you can help with either crime -- call 414-935-7360. milwaukee residents concerned about lead in their water can pick up filters from the city starting tomorrow. the city says the filters should last about a yean to those who have lead in their water.the city recommends children who live in a home with lead pipes get tested for lead can pick up the filters at the 16th street community health center tomorrow and wednesday. milwaukee public schools are reviving an initiative that will create more resources for its schools and its students. leaders and m-p-s alumni are restarting the 'm-p-s foundation'.one of the organizations helping the foundation are the milwaukee bucks.bucks president peter feigin says it's the team's duty to support the community
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1:56:49-57:02i think this is a great community where peopel want to chip in and help community... and we've seen great support so far... so after tonight we're looking to really ramp it up and really collec capitol, create resources and programs that help us get to the next level level some of the things the foundation hopes to fund are projets for teachers, field trips for students, college scholarships, and drivers ed classes. 3 3 tonight: rain to start then a slow clearing overnight. lows in the lower 40s.tuesday: sun and clouds, breezy and mild.
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50s. wind: sw 10-20 g30 mph. extended: a cold front arrives on wednesday with highs back in the 40s and again on thursday. flurries are possible on thursday with colder air coming for the weekend, including a slight chance for some wintry mix on
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texas is now the second state in the continental u-s to confirm a locally-transmitted case of zika virus. officials say lab results confirmed the virus in a non-pregnant woman last week. the woman has not traveled to an area where the virus is circulating.texas officials insects.florida is the only other place with locally- transmitted cases of zika . online sales could hit at least 3 point 3 billion dollars for cyber monday. monday.that's nine percent more than 2015... and a nearly 27 percent jump from 2014. retailers were offering deep discounts today -- like amazon which is rolling out new deals throughout the day. 2-thousand employees are shipping out packages at the amazon distribution center in kenosha. and if you're looking for a job... they're still looking
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season. the greendale high school marching band is back in wisconsin after a whirlwind tour of new york city... including an appearance in the macy's thanksgiving day parade. the school applied to march in the parade two years ago.they were one of 7 bands selected out of more than 170 groups. one student told us she was grateful for all the support.. and very surprised so many made the trip to new york city. when you see it on tv it just looks very crowded and people from new york. but every few blocks we passed you could see greendale signs so really cool seeing that support. support. 270 students went on the trip..and got a tour of all the major attractions in nyc..hoping to have left a lasting wisconsin impression on the big apple. the salvation army of milwaukee county needs your help. the organization is hoping to hire 50 people to ring bells for its red kettle campaign. they need bolunteers to help during the day between now and
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to fill.the salvation army says if there's not enough volunteers... it may not reach its fundraising goal. 43-57"we do have a goal of raising 4 million dollars and it's critical we hit that goal because the money used from the red kettle campaign is used to support 80 plus programs and services that we provide to milwaukee county throughout the entire coming ye. year. if you are interested in becoming a bell ringer, we have information posted on our website... cbs 58 dot com. 3 with cold temperatures on the way, health officials are community agencies to create "more" warm and safe places for the homeless.they're calling on all community agencies to offer up their spaces as temporary warm shelters this winter. "no one--let me repeat no one in milwaukee should spend the night in the cold weather in this cold winter." 3 milwaukee county says it cut chronic homelessness 75- percent last year.the goal is to get that number to 100- percent this year.
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"up north style". style".that's the theme of this year's holiday display. 150 lifesized animals are dressed up in plaid and flannel and blaze orange costumes. the display features the animals doing a variety of winter activties like ice fishing, hockey, figure skating and even a sports- themed snowball fight. 39:06-20on the one side they're dressed in traditional wisconsin favorite sporting players -- the packers, the badgers and the brewers... and rivals from neighoring states.. maybe the cubs... maybe the vikings vikings for every person that visits the display... the bank will donate 5 dollars to feeding america eastern will be open through january 3. 3 the badgers getting ready to face penn state in the big 10 championship game... but they say they're not about to get overwhelmed playing on such a big stage...
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nothing beats january football... mostly because it means the team you're rooting for is having a great season. for the packers to play january football...
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3 i don't want to look past the current game just yet, but the packers next game is on c-b-s 58. green bay hosts the texans at noon sunday, and remember, the pack's last win was on 58. october 20th against the bears. the brewers had the national league's top home run hitter in 20-16. the key word there is 'had'. 'had'.several reports tonight say the brewers have non- tendered chris carter... essentially they're not offering carter a contract for next season, making the slugging first s agent. carter spent just one season with the brew crew, and he also led the national league in strikeouts by a large margin. a large majority of college football teams are sitting at home this week, some hoping for bowl bids, some looking to next year. but as conference championship week begins, the badgers still have all their goals in front of them. the big ten championship game happens saturday, and with a win and a little favor from the playoff committee, wisconsin could be among college football's top four teams. it's exciting in badgers camp, but they're anything but overwhelmed by
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3 chryst: to me, the more they stayed consistent in their approach and the way they competed and played, that's when i felt like it's a pretty neat group right here.shelton: that's the standard, no matter who the coach is. players are going to work hard, we're going to come to the stadium every day just ready to work. and that's the goal, to get to the big ten championship. could we see khris middleton again this season? middleton tells beat writer gery woelfel he's doing some shooting in end of the regular season.
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0-3 fans and stuff so it's kind of an honor for us."1:15-1:18 "we're calling it the rally tree so hopefully we can get some wins out of it." it." 3 the 35-foot tall 'rally tree" has a new home outside lambeau field.a green bay family entered a contest... and their tree was selected for the green and gold's "festival of lights" celebration.the tree will be decorated with more than 10-thousand lights and decorations. 3 people in northern japan could be getting their pizza
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helpers.domino's pizza says it's testing different delivery options with reindeer... perhaps by using a delivery case or attaching sleds. the reindeer will even have g-p-s devices so customers can track their locations.but so far all we've seen is them trying to rain the deer in the parking lot.
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