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tv   CBS 58 News at 4pm  CBS  November 30, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm CST

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make the most of it. stunning new developments in the death of a milwaukee child. ?four people? are now in custody after the child died at children's hospital this morning. morning.police say the 7- year-old arrived yesteday with severe injuries. 58's lindsey branwall joins us live with the latest...lindsey. police say the child was taken to the hospital from this block. they confirm being called to this address yesterday. and while they won't say what for, neighbors here say the 7 year old lived here with his mother and another woman. police say the 7 year old was brought to children's hospital with numerous injuries this was around 11 a.m. tuesday -- he died a few hours later, and the medical examiner says they are investigating this as a homicide.police records say officers then went to this apartment around 3 p.m. tuesday on a follow up call. they kicked down the door to
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answered, and asked neighbors if they had ever heard any abuse or children crying. 3 3 "it's like something we wouldn't have seemed coming. even though the people weren't staying there that long, they seemed like they were alright. especially the kid, the older one was probably like 10. i wasn't used to seeing the other one, but the older one, he seemed like he was in real good spirits all the time." time." again, four people have been arrested in connection with the boy's death. the case will be referred to the d-a's office in the coming days. reporting live on milwaukee's south side, lindsey branwall, cbs 58 news 3 shots rang out in downtown milwaukee this afternoon...not
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buildings. cbs 58's kyle aevermann with the story behind the scare. just to give you a better understanding of where this all took place. on the otherside of my camera sits the milwaukee county jail...and police have confirmed one person is now inside of the jail because of this reported shots fired incid. incident.milwaukee police tell us they were called to the intersection at 9thand state around 9:30 this morning. police say a 45 year old man fired several gun shots at a 27 year old man and 24 year old woman.fortunately no one hu hit by a bullet. police say that it appears the suspect and victims knew each other. and this apparently stemmed from a dispute related to a criminal court case. case.i spoke with a few people off camera here this morning some say they cannot believe this would happen in the heart of the city, others say they really aren't surprised. ka cbs 58 news. 3 new details this afternoon about a bomb scare at a food plant in germantown. police
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were found. they got a call around 9:30 this morning from a gehl foods plant employee. they said someone may have come into the plant with an bomb. the building was cleared out..the bomb disposal unit moved in. nothing was found .all sixty employees back at work..just after the noon hour. meterologist rebecca schuld joins us now to get you ready for your evening...rebecca. today: generally cloudy with a spotty light mix arriving late this afternoon. temps in the upper 30s through the evening. wind: wsw 5-15 mph. tonight: mostly cloudy with light snow possible. a dusting of snow especially on grass
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lower 30s. wind: sw 10-15 mph. week ahead: temperatures cool a little the rest of the week near average in the upper 30s and lower 40s. flurries thursday with clouds and sun friday through saturday. on sunday a chance for snow returns with an inch or so of accumulation possible. 3 new today at four --- anthony
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ransacking his car. according to the facebook post... it happened just before ten this mg morningtake a look... you see what appears to be two young men get out of a black four-door... and enter a white s-u-v.pettis says he is offering a reward for info on the identities of the two. m-p-d confirms that they are investigating a theft... and are searching for the suspects. this is the second time in about a month that pettis has been targeted... someone set two of his cars on fire back in late october. investigators to start two cars on fire... and the flames spread to a third car in the driveway.this is the last thing pettis needs right now... he is training for the main event at u-f-c 206... the winner between him and max holloway will get a featherweight title shot next year. who wants to drive around in circiles while christmas shopping?mayfair's got an app that just might ease any potential holiday tension in the parking lot.. 58's jacob kittilstad is live in wauwatosa to tell
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even on a wednesday evening the lots around mayfair mall are very full...and it's only expected to get more crowded as we get closer to christmas. this new app hopes to point customers in the right direction. natson your wishlist to santa...finding a parking space - at times - might be near the top.mayfair mall in wauwatosa expects tens of thousands of customers to come through their doors this season - one of the reason's for this app: "ggp malls". just have your passenger plug in mayfair's name and you'll figure out which lots are the least busy. busy."so they're going to see the parking fields that will be color coded based on their current status - how many parking spaces are available. so it's really easy to use." chris jaeger is senior general manager of mayfair mall. he says the new app will let you select what store you're headed to - then direct you to the least busy lot figured out by sensors. "heat maps but it's something that throughout the day we're constantly evauluating the lot levels. so it's something that we do in
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mark your space on the app so you can find it after a long day shopping...and so you can free it up for another customer."and finding that perfect parking space continues to be a major pain point for our shoppers. so the idea behind this is to create a hassle-free shopping experience for our guests." that app is free...again you'll have to type in ggp malls to find the app.that's the group that owns mayfair. and just a quick reminder - please, don't try to use app if you're driving around. live in wauwatosa...jk cbs 58 news. winter parking rules in milwaukee go into effect tomorrow. cbs 58's juilie parise has a refresher on where you can and can't park your car over the next few months. those winter parking rules start tomorrow morning as soon as the sun comes up -- so when you park your car tonight, make sure you're in
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and questions this time of year about the changes - here is what you need to know. know.most residential streets will require alternate side parking - though there are some exceptions to that rule. posted signs do take precedence - so look and see if there are signs posted where you want to parkdpw says if you're unsure about you can park on a certain side, you'll want to take a look and see if any other cars are parked on that side. if you don't see any other cars , you probably can't park there.people who live and work here on the east side say they dont exactly like the changes - but its part of living in wisconsin. wisconsin.if you aren't aware of what side of the streets to park on you're either going to get towed or a ticket. i know i've gotten towed and ticketed in the past. i know that for most people inthe milwaukee area get over a hundreds dollars in tickets in a month
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parking is not allowed on most big streets and bus routes. depending on that violation, you can be ticketed or towed. the towing fee is 105 bucks, plus 20 dollars a day for a storage fee. 3 3 3 no charges against the officer who shot and killed a man with a traumatic brain injury..we'll tell you why. and...and how is it that we can get netflix without wi- fi..all will be answered..when we come back. 3 plus --- meterologist rebecca schuld will return with your
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president elect-donald trump makes more cabinet picks... picks...and a major announcement about the future of his business empire. cbs' marlie hall has more from trump tower in new york. president-elect donald trump is getting closer to filling out his cabinet positions. he named wilbur ross, a 79-year-old billionaire to lead the commerce department and steven mnuchin, a former goldman sachs partner to be
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expected to play a major role in crafting mister trump's tax reform plan. plan.i know what it takes to make sure that we can make loans to small and mid-market companies. and that's going to be our big focus. mister trump also tweeted he plans to step away from all of his businesses to focus on running the country. but the watchdog group, crew released a statement critical of mister trump's decision saying.... what he does not seem to realize, or does not want to admit, is that the conflicts arise from his ownership of the trump organization. organization. president-elect's to-do list selecting a secretary of state. retired general david petraeus, rudy giuliani and former gop nominee, mitt romney are all said to be on the short list.marlie hall, cbs news, new york. 3 president-elect donald trump keeping a campaign promise and protecting a thousand jobs at a carrier plant in indiana.the company had planned on moving the jobs to mexico.but now comes word of a deal that will be officially announcement in indian tomorrow by the
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governor mike pence. 3 the death toll now at seven...after more bodies are pulled from the ashes today left behind by devestating wildfires in tennessee. tennessee.all that's left is burnt out homes, businesses...and acres of wildlife destroyed. thousands of families have taken shelter in camps set up by the red cross. and are weighing their next move as hundreds don't have homes anymore. more than 400 emergency workers are putting out hot spots and removing debris. and heavy rain moved in overnight...helping efforts to get the upper hand. facebook is clearing up some confusion after posts made by the socail media site's founder were ?deleted?. facebook is calling it a system error. error.both posts had to do with the backlash facebook is recieving about fake news circulating on the platform. both posts were deleted yesterday. but a spokesperson says it wasn't done on purpose. the site says mark zuckerberg's account was not hacked and his posts are back up. facebook has taken criticism for not doing more
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news stories on its site. 3 netflix is giving its users the option to watch their favorite shows...even if there isn't any wi-fi. netflix announced today...members will have the option to download movies and shows they can later watch if they're offline. so even if you don't have access to wi-fi, you can still access netflix. a north carolina district attorney says keith lamont scott was undoubtedly armed when police shot and killed him in september. scott's death sparkeot and added more fuel to the national debate over the use of deadly force by police. but mecklenburg county district attorney andrew murray says the officer who fired the fatal shot "acted lawfully." therefore, officer brentley vinson will not face charges. following the shooting, scott's family insisted he did not have a gun.they maintained he was sitting in his car, reading a book while waiting for one of his children to come home from school. every officer present reported seeing mr. scott holding a
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video repeatedly commanding mr. scott to drop the gun. the idea that mr. scott was unarmed does not explain why officersacted defensively, had their guns drawn and ordered him to drop the gun. gun. in cell phone video from scott's wife, she repeatedly tells police scott does not have a gun and that he suffers from a traumatic brain injury. the district attorney pointed to surveillance video from a nearby store...that showed a bulge in scott's pant leg consistent with a gun in a hols your full readycast with meterologist rebecca schuld is next...stay tuned.
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3 today: generally cloudy with a spotty light mix arriving late this afternoon. temps in the upper 30s through the evening. wind: wsw 5-15 mph. tonight: mostly cloudy with light snow possi a of snow especially on grass may be possible. lows in the lower 30s. wind: sw 10-15 mph.week ahead: temperatures cool a little the rest of the week near average in the upper 30s and lower
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clouds and sun friday through saturday. on sunday a chance for snow returns with an inch or so of accumulation possible. 3 today: generally cloudy with a spotty light mix arriving late this the upper 30s through the evening. wind: wsw 5-15 mph. tonight: mostly cloudy with light snow possible. a dusting of snow especially on grass may be possible. lows in the lower 30s. wind: sw 10-15 mph.
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a little the rest of the week near average in the upper 30s and lower 40s. flurries thursday with clouds and sun friday through saturday. on sunday a chance for snow returns with an inch or so of accumulation possible. 3 3
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women trapped in abusive relationships because they don't want to leave their pets to make their there's the safe keep program..and we've got a live guest in tell you all about it next. 3 if you're living in wisconsin, and covered by medicare and medicaid, here's something important to know. now you could get even more health benefits than you already have. it's the unitedhealthcare dual complete lp plan. and since you have both cards, you may be eligible for it. call now to talk with us and learn more. medicaid gives you benefits
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you can count on us to be there all along the way. with a dual complete lp plan you'll have a wide choice of doctors to choose from, prescription drug coverage... dental care, and rides to your doctor... all at no additional cost. you have medicare. you have medicaid. you may be eligible for dual complete. so call the number on your screen now to see if you're eligible or to enroll... in a dual complete lp plan from unitedhealthcare. time now for our stories..our chance to devote extra attention to the people and
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community and giving us all a complete perspective of the place we call home.this afternoon lynn olenik from haws is here to talk about the safe keep make sure pets are taken care of when their owners face a
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for more information about this program you can visit our website cbs 58 dot com. lynn, thank you for joining us. 3 coming up...the presdiential recount effort is about to get undeway in wisconsin...we'll to cost and how it'll work... 3 and move over jodry nelson...the packers talk about aaron rodgers' new "go-to" guy. a report from lambeau ahead. 3 and how much would you pay for a chair? more on the auction that helped raise more than 30-thousand dollars to help stuggling animals in our 3 we've got much more news and weather headlines...coming up
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the presidential recount starts tomorrow. each ballot cast in wisconsin will be tabulated for a second time... this after green party presidential candidate, jill stein forked over three and a half million dollars. 58's david ade is live at the milwaukee county courthouse with how this process is going to work. the recount starts at nine
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will count by hand... like kenosha and dane counties. milwaukee county will use likely counting machines. clerks from wisconsin's 72 counties were given one last round of instructions from the wisconsin elections commission. also today... more than 400-thousand milwaukee county ballots were taken to a warehouse for the recount.... they are now under 24 hour surveillance by the milwaukee county sheriffs office. starting tomorrow, about 130 people will begin the recount in milwaukee more than 440,000 ballots need to be counted again. "we don't have really any concerns. we are excited about this, and i know that our staff is ready for it, and we have contacted all of our municipal clerk's and they have their staff al ready for it, and we accept the challenge" challenge." many of the recounts... including milwaukee's... will be open to the public. also, the wisconsin elections commission will post an updated recount tally every
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milwaukee county david ade cbs 58 news. 3 stay with cbs 58 as we continue to cover this developing story and track the results of this recount election. the health of nearly 600 hundred veterans is in question -- because a dentist at the tomah v-a failed to meet proper cleaning standards. standards.the veterans will get free screenings for hepatis b and c ?and? h-i-v. the v-a says a dental assistan for not cleaning equipment in keeping with v-a standards. "this dentist was fully trained in the procedures of the va. he went thru direct observation and direct observation of his work results thru a 90 day evaluation we do with all new providers he passed that and was fully aware of the rules and regulations of the va and fully aware of how to use the instrumentations so this was a purposeful act." act."
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year. the v-a is stressing the risk of infection is extremely low. the trial of an oconomowoc woman charged with killing her husband will stay in waukesha c. county.that decision from the judge today after amy van wagner's lawyers argued for a change of venue.police say van wagner shot her husband stanley multiple times last may, and then hid his body in the basement of their home. the trial is scheduled to begin in late february. meterologist rebecca schuld joins us now to get you ready 3 today: generally cloudy with a spotty light mix arriving late this afternoon. temps in the upper 30s through the evening. wind: wsw 5-15 mph. tonight: mostly cloudy with light snow possible. a dusting of snow especially on grass
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lower 30s. wind: sw 10-15 mph. week ahead: temperatures cool a little the rest of the week near average in the upper 30s and lower 40s. flurries thursday with clouds and sun friday through saturday. on sunday a chance for snow returns with an inch or so of
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aaron rodgers may have a new "go-to" guy when it comes to the passing game. one can deny the packers success on sunday had a lot to do with devante adams. cbs 58's sports director, kevin holden reports on the team's breakout star...from lambeau field. the packers knew they needed to start fast to break that four game losing streak, and that's exactly what they did in philadelphia monday night. thanks to davante adams. he had two touchdown catches on and lately he's been the packers go to guy at receiver. receiver. i'd like to think that i can get a spark going or our team. i don't know if that's a 100% accurate stat, but i like to come up with some energy and i feel like when me and aaron click early, it sets up things for the rest of the game. game.he's just now finally healthy, and when you're healthy, you're more confident, and the more confident, the more plays you make like he made on monday and he's been making most of the season.
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health with his resurgence in 2016. coming up at five, the health status of two key green bay packers players, aaron rodgers and clay matthews. at lambeau field, kevin holden, cbs 58 sports. 3 the packers hoping to keep this momentum alive going into sunday. they'll play the houston texans right here on cbs 58. kick off is at noon. then keep it here for our hour- long cbs 58 sportszone postgame special, with reaction from aaron rodgers, mike mccarthy, and the locker room. that's at 4 p-m sunday right here on cbs 3 now that the packers have broken their losing streak...a man in green bay is free to put his pants back on. glenn seefeldt said he would only wear shorts until the green and gold came out on top -- no matter what the thermostat says. and with their win over the eagles monday night...he's free to dress more appropriately for the weather. ?but? seefeldt is feeling a little superstitious... "i decided, i think my shorts are good luck. so i'm gonna wear shorts as long as they
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even with temperatures on the decline...greenfeldt says he's got no problem wearing long as the packers keep on winning. riverside theater's historic chair auction brought in some 30 thousands dollars for milwaukee animal control and we were there when they delivered the check.. check.. able to help out our friends at madacc" madacc" some 32 thousand dollars was raised when the riverside decided to put up the old chairs for auction during renovations.. instead of throwing them away.every penny of the proceeds is going to madacc...which will use that money to bring animals back from the was the case with a badly burned dog brought in just after thanksgiving.brought in just badly burned dog the case with a badly burned dog brought in just after thanksgiving.
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take care of those animals and we struggle so much so it's so meaningful to get this money and not have to worry where we're going to get money to help her caues now we have it." it." more than six-thousand people visted the auction website for these chairs. and they were gone in less than a week. a wisconsin police department has been donatio. donations.the neenah police give a child a stuffed animal to hold after going through a tough or traumatic situation. they say they've recieved ?so many? toy donations lately...they're going to start just giving those stuffed animals away... "it's a great experience. we can turn around something that potentially could have that negative long-lasting effect on the children, and they can turn around it and think of us in a more positive way." way."
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enlisted the help of a neenah dry cleaner. they're washing the donated stuffed animals at no charge and getting them back to the police department cleaned and ready to hand out to children. does the type of exercise you do make a difference when it comes to fighting heart disease? new research says yes. i'm rylee carlson in london with that story. story. 3 controversial needle exchange programs appear to be working...that's in your health watch. 3 and...did is a her tracks by faking her abduction? what investigators have to
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california officials are rejecting speculation that a mother abducted while out for a making the whole
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haven't found her captors and are still trying to piece together where she was for three weeks. cbs' mireya villarreal has the lastest on this developing story. investigators are analyzing the clothes sherri papini was wearing when she was found on this northern california highwa. highway."she was in different clothing than she had been reported missing in and the evidence that was recovered may contain dna detectives are now reviewing private security cameras that may have caught papini's abduction. they've served over 20 search warrants on cell phones, cell towers and computers."the biggest piece of evidence is literally sherri at this point."cody salfen is one of the private investigators keith papini hired to try to find his wife. "there's all sorts of forensic aspects that have to be investigated and that includes the restraints that she was found and things like that."in a statement obtained by people
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body was..."covered in multicolored bruises, severe burns, red rashes and chain markings." she was "branded" and weighed only 87 pounds.he also pushed back against those who have questioned her story accusing them of "malicious, subhuman behavior".for the naysayers or those people that think this is a hoax, we don't have that information.talking to her three times. has ever been a point to her story has changed?not to my knowledge that's essential?it is. is.deputies are looking for two latina women who are described as armed and dangerous. investigators say they hope to release more clues about the physical descriptions of these suspects in the near future. mireya villarreal, cbs news, reading, ca 3 in today's health watch ---experts says needle exchange programs are reduce the spread
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specific to african-american and latino drug users. both groups saw at least a 50 percent drop in the rate of h-i-v diagnosis between 2008 and 2014. blood borne diseases are up, though, in areas hardest hit by the nation's opioid epidemic. 3 here's yet another reason americans should get more sleep. a new report finds lack of sleep among workers in the u-s costs the economy up to 411-billion dollars a year. researchers say lower productivity and higher risk of death from sleep deprivation have a big impact on the economy. 3 we all know that being active keeps us healthy. but researschers have now found ?which? activities and exercises do the most for our long-term health. cbs' rylee carlson has the details. when barbara karayi heads out on her bicycle, she knows she's getting more than just fresh air. obviously i know it's good for my heart, and i can feel after
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research published in the british journal of sports medicine reveals cycling might pay off big in the long run. researchers studied the exercise habits of more than 80-thousand adults for over a decade. they found people who took part in certain sports didn't just lower their risk of dying from cardiovascular disease -- they lowered their chance of dying from any health problem. those who cycled routinely cut their health risks by 15 percent. this is really the first time that scientists have been able to look at particular sports sports have a proven benefit. when it came to cardiovascular disease - people who played racquet sports cut their risk of death by more than half. swimming by 41 percent. and aerobics by 36 percent. while experts aren't ready to prescribe ?specific? sports just yet - they say consistent exercise is's really finding a sport that's good for you and
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if you see me cycling, i've always got a big grin on my face.rylee carlson for cbs news, london in today's entertainment news..."rogue one: a star wars story" isn't even in theaters yet and it's already breaking r. records."it's um, rogue, rogue " one" pepole are excited about this one...the pepole are excited about this one...the hollywood reporter says the movie has sold the most pre-sale tickets than any year. variety adds the first stand-alone "star wars" adventure is tracking to open above the 130-million dollar mark when it hits theaters december 16th. 3 and more "rogue one" news from twitter. the social media site will hold a live-stream event for the film. fans will get a sneak preview of never before seen footage from the new movie. there will also be a question and answer session with the cast and director. if you want to take's happening this friday. 3
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"hamilton" is making history...the hip hop musical set a record for the most money ever made in a single week by a broadway show --- grossing 3 point 3 million dollars just last week. 3 your full readycast with meterologist rebecca schuld is next...stay tuned.
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tomorrow's the day we'll play something besides video games. every day is a gift especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto?- a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, i want to see teddy bait his first hook. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto? was proven to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto?. death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto? with an ace inhibitor or or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine, don't take entresto?. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high potassium in your blood. tomorrow, i'm gonna step out with my favorite girl. ask your heart doctor about entresto?. and help make the gift
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today: generally cloudy with a spotty light mix arriving late this afternoon. temps in the upper 30s through the evening. wind: wsw 5-15 mph. tonight: mostly cloudy with
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may be possible. lows in the lower 30s. wind: sw 10-15 mph. week ahead: temperatures cool a little the rest of the week near average in the upper 30s and lower 40s. flurries thursday with clouds and sun friday through saturday. on returns with an inch or so of accumulation possible. today: generally cloudy with a spotty light mix arriving late this afternoon. temps in the upper 30s through the
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light snow possible. a dusting of snow especially on grass may be possible. lows in the lower 30s. wind: sw 10-15 mph. week ahead: temperatures cool a little the rest of the week near average in the upper 30s and lower 40s. flurries thursday with clouds and sun friday through saturday. on sunday a chance for snow returns with an inch
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terminal illness stop him from completing a marathon...the story of struggle and
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a seattle man has proven that nothing can stop you from pursuing your dreams...not even a terminal disease.
4:55 pm
battling pulmonary fibrosis and pulmonary hypertension.. and yet..he completed all 26-point-2 miles of the seattle marathon..with his oxygen tank in tow and his wife at his side.wilson says it was a triumph of a lifetime..which raised money
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3 3 the ballots are being gathered and county clerks are getting their instruction. the recount of presidential votes in wisconsin begins in less than 24-hours., we'll have the latest on the preparations. 3 3 but our top story developments related to the death of a 7-year milwaukee.on our news at noon, we reported two people were comes word of additional arrests.let's go live to 19th and national on the south side and cbs 58's lindsey branwall.... police first found out about the ?numerous? injuries this child had, after the 7 year old showed up at the the hospital yesterday morning..a few hours later officers came to this house for a follow up call. victor iano diez neighbor13:28 i heard the door when they
4:59 pm
banging on the door. bang bang bang nobody open and you heard a big giant bang they busted in. in.that's when victor iano diez first heard about what happened. he says police kicked the door in where the boy was living. saying a man leased that apartment for years. recently his girlfriend and a mother and two sons moved in.the 7 year old was brought to the hospital around 11 am on tuesday, and died a few hours later. at 3 p.m. that day, is when police kicked apartment. records show they went there for a follow up call. officers also asked questions to the tenants. 12:45the police were asking me questions like did we hear anything, did we know the people personally. personally.diez was also asked if he heard or saw children being beat or crying. the two women were arrested for the two women the two women were arrested for physical abuse of a child. the two men were arrested for failing to act to prevent bodily harm, meaning they didn't do anything to stop the abuse.those preliminary
5:00 pm
da receives the case in a few days.reporting live... 3 gunfire erupts just steps from the sheriff's office, police heaquarters, jail and courthouse in downtown milwauke. milwaukee.police say it happened around 9-30 this morning. the shots fired at a man and a woman. they were not hit, but bu an unoccupied parked vehicle. a 45-year old man was quickly taken into custody. that suspect apparently knows the two people who were targeted. early indications are the shooting stemmed from an argument over a criminal court case. new tonight, for the second time in a little more than a month, someone has targeted mixed martial arts champion anthony pettis at his milwaukee home...and this time the incident is caught on 58's bill walsh joins us in the studio with


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