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created equal..the perks and pittfalls..the cbs 58 news at ten starts now. 3 3 3 by the truck load and under police guard..ballots have arrived for all county clerks in wisconsin to recount. recount.and they'll have the option of doing it by hand or machine..but its a tight 58's kristen barbaresi explains the process tonight.. inside this warehouse behind recounting milwaukee county's ballots--at 9 am.a process county officials say will take right up to the 8 pm december 12 deadline. deadline. i guess we could call it controlled chaos. it obviously was not something we were expecting. but milwaukee county election officials are ready to count the more than 444-thousand ballots. ballots. we've contacted all of the municipal clerks and they have their staff and they're ready for it and we accept the challenge.
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time to come and count their votes-- every day about 130 people will be working. working. the tabulators basically consist of poll workers who worked at polling locations. in milwaukee county those tabulators will make15 dollars an hour.thursday morning there will be a public test of voting machines and training for workers.then the count starts. starts. if there are any decrepencies what they should do is let the board of canvassers, bring that to their attention and they will make a final milwaukee, machines will likely be used for the count... according to the elections commission 47 counties will machines and hand count, and 12 will just use least 2 sheriff's deputies will guard the ballots at all times during the recount--and in the end- county officials expect to see little change in the results. results.11;31;51 that would be extremely rare. we have confidence that our voting equipment is accurate the recount is open to the public-- you do need a photo id to get in.presidential candidates will also have observers presentdaily updates will be posted on the
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kristen barbaresi cbs 58 news 3 cbs 58 news will be covering the process when it begins tomorrow ..december nine in the morning.results are due by 8 p-m on december 12-th.certification of those results will take place the next day. 3 stay with cbs 58 as we continue to cover this developing story and track the results. 3 rain could turn into snow..soon..this is a live look over downtown lw burgonye is getting you ready for december.. drew? tonight: mostly cloudy with light snow possible. a dusting of snow especially on grass may be possible. lows in the lower 30s. wind: sw 10-15 mph. week ahead: temperatures cool a little the rest of the week near average in the upper 30s and lower 40s. flurries thursday with clouds and sun friday through saturday. on sunday a chance for snow returns with an inch or so of accumulation possible.
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don't forget to download the cbs 58 ready weather can watch live radar and upload pictures right from your smartphone or's free for apple and android. two women accused of abusing a child..and two men arrested for not doing anything to stop tonight, a seven year old boy is dead.mpd is investigating this as a homicid. homicide.milwaukee police say the child was taken to children's hospital yesterday
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then went to an apartment near 19th and national for follow up questions. when nobody answered, neighbors say they kicked in the door. 16:07-10 when police came over we were in shockbutt to 15:34-45 the police were asking me questions like did we hear anything did we know the people personally, we didn't hear nothing, i would have called the police police the two women who were arrested are in their 40's. their relationship te new tonight -- another incident at anthony "showtime" pettis' milwaukee home..this is actually the ?third? crime committed in recent weeks.. weeks..the mixed martial arts champion posted video this morning showing two young men get out of a black four-door car outside his home.they try opening the doors on one of the cars in pettis' driveway.. then are able to get into the white s-u-v.last month, two cars were set on fire.. and the flames spread to a third in the driveway.alderman mark borkowski says the neighorhood is normally very quiet and
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to me that this isn't random when it's 3 times at the same locaiton then the definition of considence goes out the window, so i would think that whoever's doing it has some kind of connection to mr pettis. pettis.connection to mr pettis. pettis. pettis says he is offering a reward for information on the the identities of the two people from this morning. 3 milwaukee police are asking for help in idenfying this man. they say robbed a outside a citgo gas station on the city's northwest side early this morning.the man showed a gun.. which turned out to be fake.. and demanded money.the victim didn't comply and the two got into a struggle where the suspect grabbed cash out of the other's pocket and ran off. a 14 year old caught breaking into a sheboygan garage armed with a butcher knife. police say he admitted to two other gargage burglaries. burglaries.just last week, police arrested three 13-year-olds for burglarizing and vandalising the cargill
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are in the thousands of dollars. 3 in milwaukee county -- west allis police arrest a boy for making the bomb threat that shut down lincoln intermediate school yesterday. they won't say what grade he's in..nobody was hurt during the evacuation..andno device was ever found. city officials are pushing for charges.mayor dan devine tweeting out tonight.. "just dont do it kids" public housing is going smoke-free..that's the new rule from the u-s department of housing and urban developmen. 58s eric levy is live tonight with more on ho are getting ready for the change. bill...with in the next year and a half... housing authorities will have to develop a plan on the new smoking rules and how to enforce them.but the hud mandate is being met with applause "i have a grandchild that has asthma, so i think it's a good thing, i think it's positive." rachel banks already smokes outside for that reason... so the public housing smoking ban won't cause her to change her
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for the kids health, if you're living with children."the housing authority in milwaukee calls it an interesting transition, but a good one... one..."we have been preparing our residents because ever since this draft came out a year ago, we've been telling our residents that this is a possibility."enforcement is going to be key..."we have the experience of other housing authorities who have gone smoke free to learn from and we have 18 months to develop a policy. we'll probably develop it sooner than that."there are a little more than four- between milwaukee, racine, waukesha and washington counties.milwaukee deputy fire chief aaron lipski says 37- percent of public housing units without a smoking ban are occupied by kids taking in secondhand smoke... smoke... "sudden infant death syndrome has been inextricably linked to secondhand smoke." "we rival the death rate of third world countries in the city of milwaukee with
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this the public housing smoking ban..."this is an enormous boon for public health, it's an enormous boon for fire safety...which i'm partial to." the rule only involves smoking... but milwaukee may look at whether e-cigarettes will be added.outside the milwaukee housing authority, el, cbs 58...michele... back to you. milwaukee county is on pace for record-setting year of opioid overdose deaths.. deaths..according to the medical college of wisconsin.. 191 died of heroin and opioid overdoses through septmeber of this year... that number could hit 250. it was 176 last year. year.the medical exmainer's office says fentanyl deaths are up 200-percent this year.. 56 o-d's through september..
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of last year.. year..and 16 in big problem.. many users end up mixing drugs and may not even know it. 1:51:16-29 it's far more potent than morphine than the heroin is, so when you mix the two together you don't realize the dose needs to be reduced in order to receive the same effect. 3 milwaukee alderman michael murphy will introduce legislations to create a county wide task force to combat the problem. a big win in philly... but today clay matthews was talking about a big hit from a former packer... eagles right tackle allen barbre.clay matthews says because of the hit the pain in his shoulder is lingering... and he's not a fan of that block from barbre barbrei mean, i've got a lot more to say about it, but i'm going to say it behind closed doors. it was cheap shot, but it is what it is. i hate it. "unfortunately, i landed on my shoulder, and that's kind of what i've been dealing with sin"
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penalized on the block in the first quarter... matthews said that the refs probably didn't throw a flag because he's not a quarterback. matthews said whether he plays against houston will be a quesiton of "pain tolerance."cbs 58's kevin holden has more tonight on the teams new breakout star.. devante adams. 3 the packers knew they needed to start fast to break that four game losing streak, and that's exactly what they did in philadelphia monday night. thanks to davante adams. he had two touchdown catches on the packers first two drives. packers go to guy at receiver. receiver. i'd like to think that i can get a spark going or our team. i don't know if that's a 100% accurate stat, but i like to come up with some energy and i feel like when me and aaron click early, it sets up things for the rest of the game. game.he's just now finally healthy, and when you're healthy, you're more confident, and the more confident, the more plays you make like he made on monday and he's been making most of the season. 3 lambeau field, kevin holden, cbs 58 sports.
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the packers and texans kick off at noon sunday at lambeau can watch the game right here on cbs 58.then stay with us for an hour-long cbs 58 sportszone postgame special... with team reaction and analysis. 3 you probably thought they were all the worst..the pros and cons of store credit cards.. and what you need to watch out for. 3 plus, taking the hassel out of the malls..don't want to drive around aimlessly looking for parking -- there's an app for that. 3 and a reopening celebration.. open?what people want done with the domes when we come
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as you head to the stores to shop for the holidays..its almost guaranteed they'll offer you a credit card. but you could pay a price for that split second decision at the counter. cbs 58's amanda porterfield shows us how you can be a savvy consumer when it comes to store credit. it happens all year round but holiday deals can make a credit card seem tempting. but which is the best - major
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things you need to think about before signing on the dotted line. [nats - credit card swipes-:02] while more americans carry major credit cards like these.. we talked to shoppers in wisconsin who say - store cards are their favorite. maryann kohls, home depot, menards. donna klepfar pennys, boston store and kohls.. butt they usually have the best sales. maryann fechhlem you get a lot of perks with them. especially with kohls, one of the best around, you get a lot of coupons and stuff like that. donna boston store has boston store has the bonus buys. they may be popular but financial experts say store credit cards are riskier than your ordinary ones. 04:33:33 bbb guy even putting all your personal information out there to another source is increasing your risk. 04:33: 37 kathryn crumpton, financial expert generally your visa, master or discover cards are going to have a lower interest rate. 23:34:58 than store cards. the comparison service credit cards dot com says store cards tack on an average of 23.23 percent. while major cards - average out to nearly
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kathryn crumpton when you buy something on sale, you get the sale price, but if you don't pay it off then you actually are adding interest onto that sale price. you may not have saved yourself that much money in the first place. and during the holidays, when stores throw the deals out to reel you in? 04:32:44 instead of saying a quick yes or no they should have the information, what the annual percentage rate. are there any other fees, how is this going to affect my credit rating. get information before you sign up for that card. 04:32:57 remember - everytime you apply for a card - whether it goes through or not.. an inquiry goes onto your credit report. and your score could go down. 23:36:11 kathryn crumpton best thing to do if you're going to take advantage of that offer is pay that credit card right off. 23:26:13 when the bill now here are the store cards nerd wallet says are the best to get. best for fast shipping: amazon prime store cardbest for everyday items: target redcardbest for clothes: gap inc. visa card best for home improvement: lowe's consumer credit card best for discounts: tjx rewards credit cardif you want more information and links, head to our website cbs 58 dot on savvy consumer. back to you. it's one of the most
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app hopes to point you in the right direction. direction.mayfair mall in wauwatosa is using "g-g-p malls" this lets shoppers know where there are open parking spots by using heat on the map means there are lots of spots.. yellow means the area is getting full .and red means a mere ten percent of spots is left or less. "heat maps but it's something that throughout the day we're constantly evauluating the lot levels. so it's we do in person as well. and finding that perfect parking space continues to be a major pain point for our shoppers. so the idea behind this is to create a hassle-free shopping experience for our guests." guests." the hope is people will use it on the weekends when the lots fill quickly. more details at cbs 58 dot com. 3 what to do with the mitchell park domes..all three are back open tonight after structural concerns..but now the question
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of reviewing three options -- repair the current domes.. replace them with similar structures..or build new. roughly half of the people who took a county survey want the domes demolished and new ones built on the property.that includes state representative josh zepnick. the glass and domes as they are constructed are very energy inefficient, we're burning a ton of money just paying for heat and electricity for heat and electricity 3 both sides say cost will be a huge factor in the tomorrow the county is hosting a grand re-opening event from 9 until 5... admission will be free all day. it's beginning to look and feel a lot like winter..and starting tomorrow you have to start following milwaukee's winter parking regulations. most residential streets will require alternate side parking..look for signs to be sure.the rules take effect at sunrise tomorrow. nats of music music
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miller valley's holiday lites are back... along with the annual fireworks display.we got a sneak peek at the lights tonight.. it includes nearly 600-thousand lights synchronized to holiday music. as well as a beer keg featuring 150 barrels.the display opens up to the public this friday and continues on the weekends through the month of december.this is the largest of its kind in the midwest. 3 3
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3 hand made by our nation's veterans we got an up close look at flags of valor tonight. tonight.this one is called "welcome home. " they use all american materials..from the wood down to the tools.each flag has characteristics unique to the veteran who crafted it.based out of virginia, flags of valor was founded by a veteran who served eight consecutive delpoyments and was the guest of the greater milwaukee association of realtors..which felt the company embodied american values and dreams. 3 milwaukee's domestic animal shelter took center stage today..when presented with a check for 32-thousand dollars!
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seats removed from the newly-renovated riverside theater ..and among those to celebrate madacc's good fortune one of the animals its bringing back to health..a dog named maddy..who still has a loving disposition while recovering from severe burns. "we get in animals just like her that have been burned, shot, stabbed, starved, injured and we never have enough money to take care of those animals and get them well and get them adopted.and we struggle so much." much." extremely popular with 60- pairs of the chairs sold in less than a week. thanksgiving is over.. december is tomorrow.. many people are putting up their holiday decorations.but one school is outlawing santa. santa.the hillsboro school district, outside of portland, oregon, says it's a way to respect all religious beliefs. staff is still allowed to decorate for the holidays.. but are told to refrain from religious themed decorations -- like santa claus.some
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if you're going to put a giant cross on the window that's one thing, but i think santa claus is more folklore and american history than a religious simple at this point.butt to i'm from that generation where we believe in santa, and my kids believe in santa, and they should be able to celebrate it. it. several other school districts in the portland area have similar policies. 3 this could be a holiday treat for the wendy's lovers in your life.the restaurant chain will be giving out free junior frosty's next year to anyone with a key tag.the tags are two-dollars and available at most locations.. they've already sold out online. wendy's will donate nearly half of the cost of the tags to the dave thomas foundation that helps children in foster care.we'll be right back..
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shouldn't knee and ankle supports comfortably fit your knees and ankles? dr. scholl's new custom fit wellness center measures your leg in 3d... ...and recommends our custom-fit support that's right for you. new dr. scholl's custom fit ankle and knee supports. find the nearest kiosk at the packers have had some pretty scary injury reports this's might "and" clay matthews are both listed for the first time this . year....on the bright side head coach mike mccarthy thinks both will play sunday....matthews says there's some bruising and pain with his injured left shoulder but that nothing is for rodgers, he does not expect the hamstring injury to limit his movement like the calf injury a few years ago....sports director kevin holden tells us that fortunately for all 12 of the packers on the injury report today's schedule was different than usual... 3
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kevin: scott the packers did something today in green bay that they almost never do on a wednesday. actually it's something that they didn't do. they didn't practice. but mike mccarthy says this change wasn't recent; it's been in the works for sometime. mccarthy: we're coming off a monday night game on the road on the east coast, and before that it was a sunday night game on the road. the stress adds up. frankly this plan was in place in the spring when the schedule came out. rodgers: we got back at 3 o'clock in the morning on monday, or tuesday, yesterday. short week, hello! i think it's appreciated but there is going to be a lot of mental stuff we do today. nelson: taking care of bodies. it's a long season. coming off a monday night game, and a bunch of road games, tonight games. making sure we get recovered. kevin: two issues the packers face this week that they will not face again in the regular season. a short week with a game monday night in philadelphia and sunday here at lambeau. and also
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had played two of those in a row in washington and philadelphia. at lambeau field, kevin holden, cbs 58 sports. thanks kevin......remember to watch the packers and texans sunday right here on c-b-s 58....kevin and i will be at lambeau and be sure to stay tuned for our hour long post game special at 4.... the bucks 17 point win over the n-b-a champion cavaliers was huge....there's no denying or downplaying that..... that.....but 24 only goes in the standings as one win....with the party over the bucks know they have to put that in the rear view mirror and turn the headlights on tomorrow's game at brookyln... 3 giannis: "i know we are a young team, we are really excited about the game. no one can not be excited. but we know that we have two games going forward against brooklyn and we have to have them. people say it's a big win, it's just a win. we have to move forward and try to get brooklyn."forward and try to get brooklyn." marquette hosts western carolina and this one was over before it started....the
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gets pushed up to jajuan johnson for the slam....before the catamounts could blink it was six zip....a few minutes later it's 41 - 13 as the golden eagles shot 72 percent in the first half....they were just as good from distance hitting 8 of 11 .... marquette rolls 90 - 44 the panthers are home for the first time in three weeks against jacksonville...much closer game here, up four with two minutes on the clock brock stull fires away from downtown.....the pride of boylan picks up a double leading scorer with 17, jeremiah bell is right behind him with 15.....the panthers hit their free throws from there winning 72-67... and major league baseball and the players association have agreed to a five year collective bargaining we will have baseball in 20-17.... 3
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3 everyone gets a little anxious..but this baby goat now has her happy place -- a duck costume!polly's owner says she suffers from severe anxiety.and for whatever reason.. when polly puts on the costume she's as happy as can be.. even smiling her goat smile.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> hi, stephen. >> oh, hi lauren cohan from "the walking dead." thanks for being on the show tonight. >> my pleasure. you look really down is there a question? >> of course,. >> stephen: i've been fighting this one zombie pretty seriously for months and he has never once tried to eat my brain or rip out my guts. i guess what i'm asking is how do you know when a zombie is into you? >> stephen, what zombie wouldn't want to eat your flesh? >> stephen: i am well marbled-- >> besides, if this zombie doesn't want to tear off your face, you know what? there are plenty of zombies in the sea.


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