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tv   CBS 58 News at 4pm  CBS  December 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm CST

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let's go get robin. >> all announcer: michele: this is the cbs 58 news at 4:00. michele:-- this is the cbs 58 news at -- 5:00 -- 4:00. michele: we begin at four with breaking news a decision on charges has been in made in the police involed shooting death of jay anderson. the attorney for the family is preparing to address the media. this is a live picture from jonathan safran's office. anderson was shot and killed by wa the officer said he felt threatened. anderson's family insists he was probably just leaving. as we reported today at noon the , family met with the district attorney this morning. bill: this news conference called by the family's attorney will talk about whether there are still charges pending for the of -- police officer. we have video of the family entering the offices of the district attorney. after the meeting, the family
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where their attorney will talk about what they heard today. according to an injury filing jay anderson jr was shot and , killed june 23 at madison park. family says he was sleeping in his car. an officer approached, leading to the deadly shooting. safran says the officer claims anderson lunged for a handgun when he was told to put his arms up. the attorney for jay anderson junior's family says from what they saw the video, that's not the case. different version of dashcam video showing this officer involved shooting. they said it did not show anything new. their attorney renewing their call for the wauwatosa police department to release that video to the public. this news conference should start momentarily. we are standing by. we will bring it to you live when it begins. michele: of course, that issue was just eight minutes of conversation that mike clement,
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says, is not consistent with the written report. we will wait and see if we look at the release of the video, and perhaps more clear confirmation of what exactly transpired in madison park those months ago. stay with cbs 58 as we continue to follow this breaking news story. we will bring the news conference when it comes. bill: for now, we go to other news. the presidential recount continues in wisconsin. six counties have now completed their ballot recount and the in both clinton and trump lost 20 votes each in the six counties that have completed their recounts. trump won wisconsin by about 22,000 votes. as of now, the result is not going to change. the wisconsin elections commission also says no significant issues have been reported after four full days of recounting. it says any changes found in the recount have been due to human error.
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a judge issued an order this morning for state election officials to begin counting ballots. trump won michigan by less than a percentage point, or fewer than 10,000 votes. the recount in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania all need to be done by 8 p.m. december 12, so the results can be certified by the 13th. stay with cbs 58. we will continue to track the recount in all states. michele: temporary check of the forecast with leader oligarch -- rebecca: we are keeping the interest of all the viewers. it is the day after the first official snowfall for milwaukee. we picked up over an inch and a half. some inside melting after it hit the pavement. we certainly had higher snow totals, a record snowfall
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medicine. chicago also breaking a record. it was a pretty snow. not a ton of wind. a lot of really nice pictures after the snowfall. guess what? if you send us a photo through our mobile weather app, we will put you in a drawing to win a full backyard weather station. we will give one away every friday at 10 p.m. still a little snow on building tops. 34 degrees. milwaukee with a south wind at 10 miles per hour. lots of cloud cover. possibly a touch of drizzle. it is dry in the greater milwaukee area. a little wind up there making it feel like the 20's across the area. as we take a look at the winds, higher wind is along the
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air temperatures have not moved much at all today. we don't expect them to move much. as they continue into the evening we might see the numbers spike into the upper 30's along the lake. we have more coming up in your ready weather. michele: the first big snow of this season brought with it several crashes on the roadways. dozens of accidents were reported across southeast wisconsin yesterday. cbs 58's amanda devoe joins us ve it's more than weather releated . reporter: officials say the reason for many of those crashes is because of need on the slippery roads yesterday. washington county had quite a few accidents yesterday in linger. three cars crashed in the same section of i-41. germantown police responded to seven crashes which left two , injured. police say most of the snow fell later in the day, and there was
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crash numbers would have been higher, but instead they were not. >> the higher-speed roads tend to be more susesptable when it's snowing. like i41, we have about six miles in our jurisdiction, the higher traveled roads. it's that speed. just because it's 70 miles an hour, doesn't mean you have to 70 when it's snowing. you can drop that speed way down. reporter: the wisconsin dot are not aware of any echo local law enforcement agencies by saying it is important that you need to slow down. in germantown, and then to develop, cbs 58 news. michele: thank you. a wisconsin state trooper is recovering today after his squad car was hit during that snowfall yesterday. the trooper was responding to an accident in washington county near slinger when another car slammed into his cruiser causing serious damage. the trooper is expected to be okay. the family in the other car was taken to the hospital. bill: much more news and weather
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of jay anderson junior's attorney. j anderson junior, the man shot
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michele: the death toll continues to rise after a warehouse fire in california. the scene is still unstable and difficult for crews to navigate. cbs' danielle nottingham has the latest from oakland. reporter: crews have resumed the painstaking process of sifting thru the debris of this burnt out oakland warehouse in search of more victims. an unstable wall forced workers support -- called their search just after midnight. officials say the wall is leaning three inches. >> for us as firefighters and , potentially collapsing exterior wall, is extremely dangerous. reporter: carmen brito lived in the warehouse. she described the chaos of trying to get out when flames erupted. >> i was shouting for help and people started to run toward the fire. they were grabbing fire extinguishers to try and put it out. people who were there for the event, nobody knew what was going on. reporter: officials say they don't know exactly how many peole they're looking for. as many as 100 people could have
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complaints that people were living there. >> it was cluttered, it was filthy. there was crime, there was guns. there was drugs. reporter: shelley mack says she use to live in the warehouse. she says she was lured by the art and tea brand, but says they were electrical hazards. >> it was always overloading. you turn on a heater and everyone's electricity would go off. reporter: officials have pinpointed where the fire started. there are questions and concerns about how the city missed such er danielle nottingham cbs news , oakland. michele: so far bodies have been , 36 recovered. 11 of those victims have been identified, including a 17-year-old. a madison musician was supposed to perform at the warehouse on friday night. joel shanahan performs as "golden donna" and was scheduled to play an electonric set inside the warehouse. a long-time friend of shanahan says he posted on facebook saturday letting everyone know he was safe.
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he's ok, and very sad that and rough this, it's a nightmare. he's an incredibly kind and empathetic person, so he's obviously very worried for people. michele: shanahan said in his post, he does not have the words to describe the terror and heartbreak that he feels. bill: president-elect donald trump has spent the entire day holding meetings in trump tower as he prepares to move into the white house next month. cbs' kenneth craig has the details from new y reporter: former vice president al gore visited trump tower to discuss climate change with ivanka trump. mr. gore also met with president-elect donald trump. >> i had a lengthy and very productive session with the president-elect. it was a sincere search for areas of common ground. reporter: other notable visitors include billionaire tech mogul
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california, and former florida congressman allen west. >> we talked about national security issues, and how i may continue to serve my country. reporter: monday morning, mr. trump tweeted he's picked dr. ben carson to be the new secretary for housing and urban development. >> we are excited to have dr. carson as our intended nominee for housing and urban development. reporter: the president-elect also appears to be expanding his search for secretary of state. new names on the list include former chinese ambassador jon hunstman, democratic senator joe manchin, and exxon-mobil ceo rex tillerson. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. bill: japanese prime minister shinzo abe will go to pearl harbor with president obama it is -- later this month, making him the first japanese leader to visit the site of the attack. the joint trip comes after obama went to hiroshima with abe in may, making him the first sitting american president to visit the atomic bomb drop site. abe says he'll visit hawaii on december 26th and 27th to pay tribute to military
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about 2000 americans americans were killed in the pearl harbor attack. michele: sergeant bowe bergdahl is asking president obama to pardon him. a white house official confirming the former american prisoner of war's legal team has asked for clemency. it was president obama who secured bergdahl's release from the taliban in 2014. bergdahl was exchanged for five guantanamo bay detainees. it was later reported that bergdahl left his outpost in afghanistan of his own free will. he now faces charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. the man accused of killing nine people in a charleston church has decided not to represent himself. dylann roof has asked a judge to reinstate his defense attorneys. roof filed the motion in a handwritten note, asking that his lawyers represent him only in the guilt phase of the trial. last week roof told the judge he , wanted to represent himself. no final decision yet from the judge. bill: your full readycast with
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michele: you felt the chill in the air today. bill: rebecca is standing by. rebecca: you are right. feeling kind of like a gray, yucky winter day. we will be begging for the 30's in mid-february. the temperatures did not move much at all today. 35 was the high. 34 the low. the normal is 36. warmer than where we should be to start off, and pretty close to averages by the afternoon. 68 and 14 below, a large spread
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not much sunshine around here for the late afternoon. temperatures have been very steady, 30's across the board. we have a self wind in place. eventually, that takes a turn to the northwest and will try to tap some of the cooler air to the west. it will be in the forecast later on in the week. as we look at conditions here with ready doppler, we have a of snow. this located across the western great lakes, and will give us a light wintry mix tomorrow. most of us should stay dry tonight. i would not be terribly surprised if there's a little bit of patchy drizzle, as we continue to look at the radar. that is something we will be tracking for tomorrow. we will take a better look at the readycast.
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the press conference with j anderson's family is going on. let's go there life. >> junior's mother, linda anderson, as well as the mother of his child, and other family and friends and supporters are also here. after a lengthy meeting this morning, which included me, the anderson 3 3 3 3 3 3 and happening right now...that press conference with the family's attorney is beginning let's listen in.. 3 3 3 3 stay with cbs 58 as we continue to follow this breaking news story. we'll bring you thre press conference when it begins. and we're going to have another live report coming up later in
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later in the
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he did not hurt anyone. it is unfair that i have two kids by him, that will never know him. never. my baby asks about him. >> i have seen the video again today. i think joseph mensa should come clean. i think he knows he killed my son. my son. my son was not doing anything. he never picked up a weapon. and now he's going free. it's disgusting that this man gets to walk the earth, and my son is dead. >> did the video offer any more clarity to you today? >> no. from day one when i saw it, i
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before the enhancement came out, i said that he never lunged for the gun or touch the gun. his hands were up.when we buried him , his nose was broken. he hit the steering wheel pretty hard. i've been saying this from day one. he never touched anything. he never went that way. the video is nothing, i've been saying it since day one. >> and the video is provided by the fbi we had the opportunity to say. that it was not any different. the state provided video that was enhanced. this is video from the police officer squad car facing jay anderson's vehicle. it is from one windshield into the second when chilled depicting mr. anderson -- windshield depicting mr. anderson. it is pretty clear from what i've been able to see and
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>> i'm very disappointed. we asked questions today. some of the things they were saying, it was like they didn't even care. the only thing they want -- they justified it by his hands going down. if that's what we have for our police officers out here, and the district attorney said here, it said. -- it's sad. >> attorney will be looking at this. can you expand on that? >> the way it normally works, 3 wait for the local jurisdiction to make a decision. although they may monitor, they will not get any of the investigative materials. they want to anything actively as far as investigation until the district attorney's office makes the decision. that was the reason i contacted
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expedite the process. they will contact the district attorney's office, they will get their investigative materials, and decide what should be done from a further investigation standpoint. they are the agency that makes the criminal charging decision. just like the district attorney's office, the u.s. attorney's office and department of justice will utilize the fbi and their investigative agency to determine what else needs to be done, if anything, you're what the investigative materials are they will review it and make a determination. that is as to whether or not there are federal criminal civil rights charges that will be filed against the officer. >> do you feel like this was timed in any way, going into the holiday season, colder weather, to avoid demonstrations or anything like that? >> i do. even thursday, they knew their decision on thursday. we had a meeting set up already
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to have the weekend to do anything. >> how does that make you feel? >> it makes me feel like i felt from the beginning, that these people don't care about anybody's life. that's how i feel. they just care. >> i will tell you, when the meeting was scheduled less thursday for us to look at the fbi video,, i got a subsequent request that the meeting be asked if he could be there. we did not know if a decision would be made today. we knew that he was going to be available from the email, so he would be available for questioning and answers. but obviously, you heard what linda feels, and that is certainly her belief. >> i noticed jay anderson senior
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planning to do? >> from the family's standpoint, other than having me involved and trying to get materials, we will cooperate, the family will clip free, and hopefully meet attorney's office department of justice. they can tell you themselves, they want there to be the ongoing criminal investigation. from an accountability standpoint, they want ee charged criminally, whether it be in state court or federal court. that's what they are looking for. that's the accountability they want. the decision will be made after that as far as what proceeds. > does does the family want any action involved as far as marching or demonstrating?
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involved. i think the family -- i speak with the family daily. i visit and sit down almost daily. we will continue. there's no stopping. >> we must also remember that in this case, the gun was removed. there were things done that are very suspect. even in terms of being out the at the end of the day, they don't care whether his hands were up. we don't know. that officer, i will maintain this, he is not consistent. it is not consistent with what he gave. it was inconsistent with what he
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>> one thing i want to make clear. i'm not trying to speak for the family. they are devastated by the decision that was made today. as we have seen in other cases, we don't want this community or others to do anything from a violent standpoint. we don't want to see what happened in sherman park happen again. there was a lot of frustration. sure the family agrees, we do not want there to be any type of actions like that. civil disobedience we understand. people are frustrated, people have a right to demonstrate, a right under the constitution to express their opinions. we want to make sure that nothing happens in any way that would be violent or cause those kinds of problems.
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when you watch the video, did you realize -- [indiscernible] >> i seen the video over and over again. it really won't make a difference. it's just to let everybody else see what i've seen. at shot. i'm reliving that day with that video for the rest of my life. it really won't make a difference. i want everybody to see it, that he did nothing wrong. his hands were up.
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mother lives in wauwatosa. we talked about this over and over again. where does it end? two victims in 11 months? this officer is dangerous, period. not just because what he did but the manner in which he did it. when you watch how cold and callous he is on the situation, he is completely cool. like nothing happened. his mannerisms are not shocked or shook up. he was just like, no big deal.
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the district attorney's office they have no objection. i'm sure the attorney's office feels the same way. wauwatosa has indicated once the district attorney's office has made a decision they will release it. i will stand by their word. it has been a long time. around the country this is become a big issue. many other jurisdictions have made a decision that this video sh it is one part of the investigation but i think it is important for the public to see it. or the news media to have it, the family to know that people have had an opportunity to draw their conclusions. we think it's very important. we ask that wauwatosa would agree to release it. we hope they do not number of additional months. >> do you think there's any reason why they should not be releasing the video during that
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away. any other questions? otherwise, thank you. >> this is been cbs 58 live coverage from the press conference of the family of j anderson as the da makes a decision not to charge the wauwatosa police officer who shot and killed anderson. >> we are going to hear from the wauwatosa police depart. news conference at 5:00. we will bring you that it is entirely as well. >> stay with us as we continue to follow this breaking news story. we will have complete coverage and reaction as it comes into our newsroom on the air and online at cbs we will be right back.
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an breaking news. >> the family expressing disappointment. anderson shot and killed june 23 at madison park. the family says he was sleeping in his car. the attorney says the officer involved claimed anderson longed for a handgun he was told to put his arms up. the family disputes that interpretation of the video.
4:38 pm
police department of wauwatosa. they are holding a news conference at 5:00. we will bring that to you live. new today at 4:00, a potawatomi worker dies after feeling short of breath while on the job. >> now there are questions whether he was working in a place against a doctor's recommendation. the milwaukee county medial examiner's office says the employee who died was just 20 years old. doctors cannot revive him. the mother says his son -- her son has severe asthma and was working in the smoking section of the casino you know he had a doctors note saying he's being a non-smoking section. the end he -- the me hasn't ruled an official case of death.
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schuld joins us now to get you ready for your evening. meteorologist: a cool and damp set up out there. clouds not going to move much at all through the rest of the evening. a pretty look into downtown. winds out of the south. dew point at 31, so that's an important were -- an important number to remember. as the temperature falls down to that dew point we become fog billed for tonight. in the meantime, we are looking cloudy. we have possibly a few flurries taking aim to western sections of the fond du lac county. the night should be fairly tame. a little windy as i showed you. it is driving chill factors down into the 20's for some spots.
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your location. air temperatures lower half of the 30's and as we continue into the evening, check this out. any southeast windy will bring lakeshore spots up this evening. water temperatures in the 40's and climbing into the upper 30's. a week weather maker moving through and along with that, patchy fog in the morning. temperatures will riseo there is the chance for a little bit of light precipitation, some patchy drizzle. we will talk more about that in the 10 day forecast coming up. >> we will see that. the man who bought baseball back to milwaukee spoke for the first time about his induction into the baseball hall of fame. reporter: bud selig already has a permanent home outside of miller park but he will soon
4:41 pm
in history books for the rest of time. the 82-year-old spoke at a press conference where he was presented a hall of fame jersey. he was voted into the national baseball hall of fame over the weekend. it was back in 1970 when he bought seattle and move them to these -- to his hometown of milwaukee and renamed the team the brewers. he served as 22 years of he implement it important changes throughout the game. he extended the sport from 26 to 30 teams. he is the first commissioner to reach the hall, something he is truly grateful for. >> when i brought basil back to milwaukee and all the things that have happened, i didn't
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well last night did, today has, and i'm sure the rest of my exsistance will be. it is an absolutely magnificant moment in one's life. and i am just today very grateful. reporter: he will be inducted july 30, his 83rd birthday. at miller park, kyle a vermin, cbs 58 news. singer-songwriter has a new
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anchor: it's that time of year again when we catch up with old friends and talk about this classic events we love that have a new twist. joining us, local singer-songwriter.
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every time this year, a new christmas song. tell us about your new song and the inspiration. >> lots of times during the holidays, many of us can't be together with our loved ones. maybe we have families living in different parts of the country, others have family members who serve in our military or maybe we have someone who is no longer with us. my new christmas song is about always finding a way to share christmas with the ones that mean the can't be together. >> ? it's the time of the year when friends and family get together. but as we grow we learn what matters. anchor: what's an appearance you are excited about? >> i will be at the uw in
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i will be there again to sing for the milwaukee admirals. in february i will do the anthem for a marquette game at the bradley center february 7. in april i will be some amy national anthem for a chicago bulls game at the united center in chicago. april is also the month i will be with my band in kenosha the autism benefit. anchor: your christmas song performance is coming up for enchantment in the park. >> this saturday. anchor: it's so wonderful and exciting. think of the success you have achieved. >> we are just thrilled. this is our eighth year. every year it grows and we are serving about 27 different nonprofits.
4:47 pm
attendance keeps climbing. it's a great event. anchor: you suggest a $10 donation if you can't get a bag of food together. was your device for folks about arrival times and how it works to enjoy everything? >> its best on weekends to get there as early as possible. there are slave rides, santa, and on busy weekends the lines get long. we open at 5:00 -- there rides, santa, and am busy weekend the lines get long. it is in west bend. it's on the corner of park and main street. anchor: tell us about your partnership with the local musician. >> we have tried to get as many
4:48 pm
professional , excellent show. we love that we are able to bring a local professional. outside of that, it is mostly fifth and sixth graders. we are thrilled to have eric here. anchor: you can look up eric on his website. the name of the new song is -- >> "christmasing with you. anchor: merry christmas guys. >> merry christmas. anchor: don't go anywhere, your full weather cast is straight
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anchor: the snow this weekend is
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move in. >> let's go to the ready weather center with meteorologist rebecca schuld. meteorologist: a bit of a bumpy ride on the temperatures over the next 10 days. for now, very typical out there for what you might expect to find this time of year. 30's across the area, a south windy in place. makes it feel like more like the 20's. things are relatively quiet. lots of cloud cover out there. two week -- two weak lines out there, and as it moves overhead temperatures are getting closer to 40 degrees. we could be looking at a mixture of flurries and some patchy drizzle. that will continue through your afternoon.
4:52 pm
, not a lot of movement expected. going down to the low 30's early this evening and then any swing to the southeast for wind will drive to the upper 30's. a little bit warmer lakeside. into tuesday morning notice flurry activity getting closer. some flurries possible for western spots, transitioning to a little activity. temperatures up to 40 and behind that two cold fronts. temperatures will be stuck in the lower part of the 30's. that's where we sit tonight around that freezing mark. fog the biggest concern tonight, something to keep in mind for tonight and your commute
4:53 pm
20's on friday and we scoop up for the weekend. both days have a chance for a snow or snow mix, back in the mid-30's on sunday. then back to the 20's we go, but
4:54 pm
anchor: just minutes away from the wauwatosa police chief talking about the district attorney's decision to not
4:55 pm
shooting. the family says he was sleeping in his car. the family held a news conference minutes ago expressing their extreme disappointment in the decision. the wauwatosa police chief repairing to give his response. stay with us, we are told the news conference will happen at 5:00 but we do hope to have it for you in its entirety. >> thank you for keeping us here -- for keeping it here at cbs 58.
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