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the milwaukee county d-a won't charge the officer who shot and killed jay anderson.and new tonight the dash cam video of the deadly encounter. encounter.there are some very different interpretations of the video and anderson's family now wants federal charges against that officer.. officer..anderson was shot nearly six months ago..the district attorney determined the officer followed state law and justifiably used deadly force.we have decided not to name the officer since he was not charged. 3 on the 58's amanda porterfield sat down with jay anderson's family about what's next..but we begin with cbs 58's kristen barbaresi.she's been taking a closer look at the video and joins us live outside the wauwatosa police headquarters... in the wake of the decison not to file charges-- wauwatosa police released a 28 second dash cam video--the officer involved activated the camera after the shooting-- preserving the moments leading
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disturbing. 00;03;31 step it up, he has a gunthat's the radio call that went out from the officer who responded to madison park just after 3 am june 23...03;08;29 when he investigated he observed a semi automiatic handgun on the passanger side of that vehicleinvestigators say the officer ordered anderson to put his hands up-- this dash cam video shows the seconds leading up to the fatal shootingat first anderson's amrs are raised-- but you see his right arm go down toward the passanger again-that's when the officer fired-- six shots???00;04;37 304 shots fired, shots firedit happened one minute after the officer initially radioed about the gun.03;09;40 i've watched that video at least 20 times, in slowmotion, forward, backward, frame by frame. i could take all the time i needed. the police officer had less than 1second to make the decision.investigators say the
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one in the chamber...they also say anderson had a blood alcohol level of .114 and marijuana in his system...and was in possession of 12.41 grams of marijunana.wauwatosa police chief barry weber says though it was justified, the shooting is a tragedy for everyone involved.03;12;49 for anyone to lose any family member in any incident is horrible. it's hard on the police department, it's hard on the family the officer involved will tu know exactly when but the chief says it will probably be before the internal investigation concludes. anderson's family disapointed and is now hoping for a new inv. 58's amanda porterfield just back from sitting down with them in their home..she continues our team coverage in the newsroom..amanda? 3 after hearing no charges - jay anderson's family cried..they were angry..but they promise
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say the next step is a federal investigation by the department of justice. 3 3 he didn't harm nobody and its just so unfair that i have two kids by him who will never know him. jay anderson's family..emotional at a news conference today after hearing the man who shot him..wont be charged. ((nats))tonight - we sat down with them at their family home. they're letting this murderer walk away. we are very hurt, and they're talking about their don't care about us, our son is dead. 08:49:26 linda anderson its been a game from day one and i am sick of it. we are not going to stop fighting for my son. :32a federal investigation into the case has been granted by the department of justice. the family says they've seen better video than what was released today..because they don't believe this - from wauwatosa police shows what really happened. and they want that other video out there. 08:55:40 jay anderson sr he was not going for no gun.
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and he was going down. not lunging. 08:51:07but the main concern is that the officer will be back on the streets. this is the officers second deadly shooting in a year.. something anderson's young son says scares him. 08:52:06 how do you feel about them letting the officer go that killed jay, how do you feel about that? what if he kills another person. 08:52:12 jay anderson's family had the or community to be peaceful..but say they want people who disagree with this officer not being call the da's office and wauwatosa police to complain. 3 we have each media conference in its entirity on our website including the chief talking about threats to the officer in the case.. the dash cam video is also on our website
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isn't letting recent crimes at his house stop him from preparing for one of his biggest fights. october someone set fire to two of his cars in his driveway.. the flames spread to a third.then last week, he post a video on his facebook page showing two people breaking into another car.but he hasn't let them interfere with his goal of winning 'u-f-c 206'. 3 staying focused on the task at hand plus dealing with everything back at home. i don't wish a fire on anyone, deal withinsurance, and changing things, and fixing things up. but luckily for me i didn't have to move out of my house. i stayed in my house the whole time, business as usual. 3 pettis says milwaukee is him home and has no intentions of leaving it. his upcoming fight is this saturday, december 10. 3 they call 'em porch pirates and in one week in whitefish bay..thieves have stolen deliveries from seven different homes. it's going on all over milwaukee county. cbs 58's
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one victim's story in hopes you're not next.april. brazen thieves---hitting homes in the milwaukee county area in the middle of the day...stealing packages and in at least one victims case-taking christmas presents for her grandchildren. 5221 most of us jsut want to have our things on the porch when we get home. convenient-and its why terri griffin decided to buy presents for her grandkids online. and in the nearly 25 years shes lived in bay view-theres never been any issue with getting packages...until an incident last week. 5027 i got a text message saying my package was delivered at 1233 and got home at 235 and it was gone gonewhoever stole this package had to open the gate, walk through and take the pacake from the front door door5120 it was only about a $42 value but they were christmas presents. so now i have to decide am i not going to give that or reorer? whats more frustrating is she says-she went back and forth
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both the post office and police. 5046 squad called and said they dont do anything about theft of packages from homes heres how you can make sure it doesnt happen to you. fedex, ups and usps all allow you to hold packages at a nearby location. they also allow you to monitor delivery online, and in most cases- decide a window of time for delivery. and finally-both amazon and ups offer "lockers" --holding your package at a nearby location-until you can pick it up. advice terri says- personally now wave the post office holding packages bc theyre someplace safe. a potawatomi casino worker dies while on the job.and his family says he shouldn't have been working in the smoking sec. section.the medical examiner hasn't ruled on a cause of death.but the report shows the employee's mother said her son had severe asthma.she also
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sure he wasn't working in a smoking section.the 20-year-old employee died on the way to the hospital last friday night. 3 in dodge county.... the sheriff's office is investigating what they're calling a suspicous death in the city of fox lake.right now, they aren't releasing any information excpt to say they're looking for a blue 20-16 dodge ram was last seen in fox lake over the weekend.if you have any information... call the dodge county sheriff's office. the presidential recount continues in wisconsin. six counties have now completed their ballot recount and the margin between donald trump and hillary clinton has not changed.. the wisconsin elections commission also says no significant issues have been reported after four full days of recounting. it says any changes found in the recount have are because of human error. michigan is moving ahead with its own presidential recount. a judge issued an order this morning for state election officials to start counting ballots. trump won michigan by less than a percentage point...or fewer than
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green party presidential nominee jill stein is asking a federal court to force a recount in pennsylvania.she moved to the feds after a state judge said a recount would cost one-million dollars. stein claims the state is using its bureaucracy to obstruct voting integrity. 3 the recount in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania all need to be done by december 12 at 8 p-m so the results can be certified by the 13th. stay with csb 58 as we continue to track the recount here in wisconsin. milwaukee county executive chris abele wondering out loud today if sheriff clarke has the time to address concerns about the jail. abele said there was a lack of accountability as the investigation continues into four deaths behind bars including that of a infant..born to an issue ..if the trips to new york for talks with the president' elect's team are a county business.. "the amount of time the sheriff spends seeking attention because he's in
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hardly a service to the public and it's hard to imagine that if he got the position the same guy who's essentially been spouting off on things for so many years would be any " different." the sheriff has said recently criticism is sour grapes because he supported donald trump. so far, no direct response from the sherif to abele's latest comments. a washington county man under arrest for not paying a nearly 500-doar packers game. game.the sheriff's office says a cab driver drove the man from green bay to a richfield truck stop.the man apparnetly said he was going to get money from the a-t-m... but snuck out the back door of the gas station.deputies found him about an hour later at a bar. they say he admitted to getting drunk at the game... and took the cab after he lost his phone and his friends. 3 a train spreading holiday cheer.... and giving back to
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yes viriginia there is a santa claus and he gets a lot of help from local emergency responders..rebecca? more chill in the forecast coming up next in your ready weather forecast shouldn't knee and ankle supports comfortably fit your knees and ankles? dr. scholl's new custom fit wellness center measures your leg in 3d... ...and recommends our custom-fit support that's right for you. new dr. scholl's custom fit ankle and knee supports.
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it chugs along the tracks..raising millions of dollars for the hunger task for. holiday train rolled through the amtrack station in 58's lindsey branwall takes us to the holiday sights and sounds for 18 years, the canadian pacific holiday train has rolled through town, often giving kids their first taste of holiday spirit and a glimpse at santa claus. pkg: ?nat of train.. whistle??it only comes around once a year, 19:45"when it turns the corner and you can see the light coming down the tracklogan monfre (mon-free) has been waiting since last decemeber. 13:10"i get to see santa."and
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favorite things.24:23"up and down up and down" ?nat ... santa? or band??logan's grandpa ted works along the platform 19:04"every year travels the whole length of the railroads territory with this train, and every stop they donate money to the food pantries. not only do they get to see the train but it helps the food pantries in every location they stop"today they donated food, as part of the holiday train tradition.14:44 14:44"some easy mac and noodles, mashedta think"riding the track since 1999, the train helped collect 4 million pounds of food?nat?? and spread plenty of holiday cheer?nat of logan watching the train? train?tagthe holiday train makes 12 stops this december, the next one will be in wauwatosa tomorrow at 4 p.m. reporting in milwaukee. a right of passage for the
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protect the streets of milwaukee milwaukeewe got to meet the new recruit class of the milwuakee police department. they were sworn in at the police academy along teutonia. common council president ashanti hamilton serving as the class sponsor. proud family ..more than willing to share with us the pride they feel ..especially at a time when there are tense community officer relations. 3 : we are all so very proud and i wish him luck and that he take care of the city.y nephew i can guara t be a great officam so very proud ya know. he has been 3 although we budgeted 65 we ddin't hire. we made the decision we'd hire fewer than hire people who aren't appropriate for this job. job. 46 men and 12 women now wearing the badge and embraking on critical training at a crucial turning point in their careers. lawmakers are debating the best way to pay for the state's roads. roads.assembly speaker robin vos and other g-o-p leaders have said tax increases ?should? be considered to fill a nearly one-billion shortfall in the transportation budget.
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?lower? taxes.saying lawmakers can't turn their backs on the people who placed their trust in them. an assembly committee is holding a public hearing tomorrow to discuss the budget. the first snowfall of the season led to a number of crashes on area roads yesterday. washington county.... three cars crashed along the same section of i-41 in slinger.two people were injured in seven car crashes in germantown.police say the slick roads -- combined with people driving too fast -- are to blame. 8 miles an hour doesn't mean you have to go 70 when it's snowing. you can drop that speed way down."1:05-1:18"i understand other drivers may not accept that, or may go at higher speeds or may be frustrated with slower speeds, but you're better off putting up with that frustration and driving slow so you don't crash."trt:18 trt:18the chief says after months of nice weather... sometimes people forget about how to drive in snow... and don't realize that even a little bit of snow can make
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rest of today: temps in the 30s with an overcast sky. south winds 5 to 15 mph. tonight...mostly cloudy with areas of fog. lows in the lower 30s. south winds 5 to 10 mph. tuesday...mostly cloudy. highs in the upper 30s to around 40. afternoon flurries or drizzle possible. south wind turns west 5 to 15 mph. tuesday night...colder. partly cloudy. lows in the lower 20s to lower 30s. west winds 10 to 15 mph. wednesday...colder. partly sunny. highs in the upper 20s. west winds 10 to 15 mph. cloudy. lows around 18. thursday...cloudy cold and breezy with a chance for flurries. highs in the mid 20s. thursday night...mostly cloudy. lows around 16. friday...partly sunny and frigid. highs in the lower
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milwaukee residents can learn more about a new system that would replace broken or leaking lead pipes. pipes.the city's proposed policy would require property
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service lines whenever they's a break or maintenance work. the city would offer financing and pay for a bulk of the replacement costs.the meeting starts at 10 saturday morning at north division high school. a wisconsin town has a new way for its residents to pay their parking tickets... while giving back to the community. community.instead of paying cash... people in menomnie can donate non-perishable items for area food banks.for every item people donate... police will take two dollars off their fines.and if some donate can be paid for. 40-49brenna long menomonie pd crime prevention specialist: "people are all of a sudden way more excited to pay their parking tickets. 'cause they can feel like they're helping people out this holiday season and contributing to a need that's within our community." community." the department has collected nearly 200 dollars worth of donations. some special kids in waukesha got a chance to go on a shopping spree -- not for themselves, but for their famil. family.4:24:24-34what did he help you pick out?this, and a pencil and a coloring book and
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we get for your dad?a packer hat hat meijer in waukesha hosted "shop with a hero".kids were paried with police officers, e-m-t's and firefighters... and went around meijer to pick out christmas presents for themselves and their familiy. the kids were excited to shop with their heroes... but police say it's all about giving back to the community. 4:14:37-45none of us back here really think that we're heroes... really this is about the community, partnership, this is getting together and doing something tt' season 30 kids took part in 'shop with a hero'.complete with wrapping stations so everything is just right.we also have wonderful moments from this past weeken's shop with a cop in milwaukee county on our website cbs 58 dot com. 3 a scuffle on the court.... the bucks go down to the last second against the spurs at the bradley center.... we're
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the bucks are on fire.......giannis antetokounmpo is the eastern conference player of the week and they've won 4 in a row.... to make it 5 they'll have to break another streak.....they've dropped 8 straight against the spurs... spurs... giannis won't slow down for anyone......he's called the greek freak because it sounds good but seriously....he's a freak.....giannis is all over the place with 16 points, 5 rebounds and 2
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points at recess taking a 13 point lead...the spurs went back in front in the fourth, but here comes jabari....the second half of the dynamic duo scores four straight giving them a 3 point lead with a minute to go...san antonio goes in front on a goaltending with 10 seconds left this is for the game!!!!! mirza teletovic can't get it to fall! fall!and the bucks lose a heartbreaker 97-96.....earl arms just left the locker room and is live at center... 3
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3 giannis: "for the last play of the game i thought we ran the play well. mirza was open. we did what we had to do. we didn't win the game so we just keep building habits and hopefully next game we get it." 3 bud selig has spent a lifetime earning a phone call...yesterday the news came in that selig will be inducted in the baseball hall of fame....
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back to milwaukee in 1970 buying the seattle pilots and turning them into the brewers....selig was the team's owner for more than 20 years before taking over as the m-l-b commissioner selig added the wild card, oversaw expansion and gave the league an unprecedented financial boost... 3 3 3 selig: "to be included in the hall of fame in a sport that i love is, it really has left me almost speechless. i'm never speechless, but i'm almost speechless. this is an in one's life and im just very grateful." the packers beat the snow and the texans to climb back to 500....plenty for kevin holden and gary ellerson to talk about in today's chalk talk... 3 kevin: "well that's two in a row for the green bay packers. gary ellerson at 105.7 fm the fan, we get to have a couple of happy chalk talks. back to back games with 13 points allowed by this defense. it's just what they needed. is it something you think they can
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that's the million dollar question if they can keep this winning streak going. of course the seattle seahawks are sitting there. ready for sunday's game at lambeau field. if you look at this game first, it was a boring game, must i say. but all in all it's a win. i think the wind conditions, the weather conditions, the field. i think all of that played a part into why the offense wasn't as sharp as you would have liked to have been. all in all when you look at lambeau field."kevin: "and that win, of course every win, pushes the packers closer to the playoffs. i know it's a little early. we might get some jim mora if we talk playoffs right now. but do you feel a lot more confident about the playoff chances knowing they've won these back to back games."gary: "no i don't. i really don't at all. i think for me the litmus test for the green bay packers is sunday. because if you look at
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the nemesis for the last 4 or 5 years and i think they have to beat them." and u-w milwaukee splits their trip beating montana state after losing to montana earlier in the week...
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the mayor of "leroy" is decorating the city with his santa collection .steve dean has been collecting santas ever since he saw his grandparents collection... and he now has 1-thousand santas. they're on display at an old fire station so the whole town can see... in exchange for a small donation to charity.the collection has santas dating back to 1885. 3 rest of today: temps in the 30s with an overcast sky. south winds 5 to 15 mph. tonight...mostly areas of fog. lows in the lower 30s. south winds 5 to 10 mph. tuesday...mostly cloudy. highs in the upper 30s to around 40. afternoon flurries or drizzle possible. south wind turns west 5 to 15 mph. tuesday night...colder. partly cloudy. lows in the lower 20s to lower 30s. west winds 10 to 15 mph. wednesday...colder. partly sunny. highs in the upper 20s. west winds 10 to 15 mph. .wednesday night...mostly
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thursday...cloudy cold and breezy with a chance for flurries. highs in the mid 20s. thursday night...mostly cloudy. lows around 16. friday...partly sunny and frigid. highs in the lower 20s.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: breaking news. greenport candidate jill stein announced she will drop recount efforts in pennsylvania. for more on this story we breaking news, green party candidate jill stein said she's escalating efforts in pennsylvania, not dropping them as she previously said. news appears to be breaking again. jill stein says she no longer believes pennsylvania is a stayed but a twin of ohio. breaking news! jill stein says she now believes


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