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tv   CBS 58 News at 500pm  CBS  December 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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so now the wisconsin election commission will focus on errors made on election night, and retrain people to ensure those mistakes don't happen again. live in madison... david ade,.. cbs 58 news. 3 donald trump and vice president-elect mike pence are scheduled to visit state fair park in west allis tomorrow night. the rally starts at 7. trump canceled two previous west allis appearances including one du days before the election...but everything is still a go at this point. 3 cbs 58 will bring you team coverage of the visit. kristen barbaresi and david ade will be in west allis. look for coverage beginning tomorrow at four p-m. we're all enjoying at least a few days' break after a weekend of snow. :but authorities believe that heavy snow was a factor in one man's death in milwaukee. he was shoveling snow when he collapse. 58's lindsey branwall joins us live with more....lindsey
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brought him here, to froedert hospital, where he was pronounced dead. it happened before six this morning... on 23rd and keefe... the medical examiner says the man collapsed after shoveling snowshoveling is a risk for people who aren't in good shape... and even if you are in top shape... doctors say you should go slow, take breaks, and if you're out of breath or el stop and ask for help shoveling.treat shoveling like any other workout, stretch out and warm up.dr amar ambardecker from aurora says even with a snow blower... shoveling snow is more physically active than you think dr. amar ambardeckeraurora health care"it's very demanding on your heart to shovel heavy snow so it can lead to a heart attack and if you're out and alone and it's snowing it can certainly lead
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last year cbs 58 reported on five snow shoveling deaths in the milwaukee far, this is the first death this winter.reporting live froedtert hospital, lindsey branwall, cbs 58 news. 3 the man who fell into icy lake como on friday has been identified. cbs 58 covered the intense search for 44-year-old michael montemayor of burlington. we're told he walked a few hundred yards onto the thin ice before falling in. dive teams searchor before his body was spotted and recovered. more than two-dozen police and fire agencies helped search for montemayor. it could have been a tragedy on the freeway early this morni. morning.the sheriff's office says a wrong way driver slammed into a county plow truck it happened on the bypass eastbound at 51st street just before 2am.the truck driver, who was not hurt, estimates the driver was traveling about 55-miles an can see the heavy damage to both vehicles. the front end of the chevy cruze
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off, and the engine was laying on the road. road.the driver, identified as 51 year old joann quesada from west allis, was treated and released at froedtert hospital.. she was then jailed for d-u-i -- her first offense....and recklessly endangering safety. she told authorities she had been out doing karaoke with friends before the crash. while many see the snow as an inconvenience or worse....that's not a universal view. view."oh love the snow, every time we see snow, people dread it we see money." -laughs- -laughs- and says his company answered about 350-calls over the weekend...a strong start to their busy season.if you want to avoid calling drivers like edwards, he suggests you make sure your gas tank is filled before you head sure your battery is in good shape and double check your tire pressure. those three things are especially important in the bitter cold...chief meteorologist drew burgoyne is getting us ready for the deep freeze...drew? toss to drew drew
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shower or flurries after midnight. lows in the single digits and teens with wind chills nearing 0. wind: sw 5-15 mph.tuesday: turning sunny and very cold. highs in the teens with winds chills around 0. wind: w 10-20 mph. week ahead: it stays very cold through thursday with highs around 100 and lows around 00 but feeling colder with the wind chill. chills likely staying below zero tuesday through thursday. chance for snow is increasing for friday into saturday with accumulating snow possible.
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3 morgan geyser and anissa weier, the two suspects charged for the slender man attacks in waukesha will be tried separately. we learned that in court today. 3 today geyser was in a courtroom with her attorneys. both she and weier are charged with stabbing a classmate to please a fictional internet character called "slender man" back in 2014, when they were 12-years old. both defendants have pleaded not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect....and today a
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the court for geyser...that report was sealed with the stipulation that the two girls be tried separately.we don't know when that trial will happen, but we ?do? know that they'll be tried in adult court. 3 two women were bound over for trial for a severe child abuse case today. 47-year old mary martinez and 44-year old etter hughes are charged with for their treatment of 7-year old trevon willingham, who died after he was dropped off at st. lukes hospital 11 pounds underweight with bruises all over his body. police say the child was sent to live with hughes by his mother, even though she had already done time for a child homicide in 2003.two men have also been arrested for trevion willingham's death, but they have not yet been charged. it was a crime spree pulled off in just half-an-hour...and police need your help finding the suspects. suspects.they've released these surveillance photos from last tuesday. they show three suspects accused of stealing from the family dollar store
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for a theft at walgreens at 91st and appleton, and a strong-armed robbery at a store on 102nd and silver spring. all three incidents took place within 30-minutes. minutes.if you can help, please call the district four police station at 414-935-7241. how many people talked to you about the packers game today? today?most fans never saw it coming...a dominating performance by against one of the nfl's best gives packer nation a new perspective on the playoffs....kevin holden is here with coach mccarthy's perspective....kevin? all it takes from here is the packers to run the table - win their last three games - and have the lions lose one other game, and green bay's in the postseason. still a longshot? maybe, but not if the packers dominate their next three games the way they controlled the seahawks sunday. aaron rodgers is a key, and his health may decide the fate of this season.
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playing but did a lot of limping... a situation that's not new to his coach. 3 3 mccarthy: the positive of him hurting his calf is we've been through it before, if there's a positive in him getting hurt. but the challenge is, and i tend to err on the side of conservative when it comes to him, and see he wants to push it. so you just kind of find a common ground there. the common ground is the wins have to keep on wins before he starts talking about the playoffs. the packers would have to sweep their last three games to get to ten wins. 3 next at five, new legal trouble for a 'former' packers player. find out why santana dotson is being sued. 3 and how much road salt does it take to keep the streets safe? one ship brought a load today...and there's more on
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-nats of wind whipping- whipping- it looks and sounds a little
5:11 pm's actually the port of milwaukee, where this morning the latest shipment of road salt was delivered. about 20-thousand tons of salt loaded into a storage dome....a delivery that happens more often than you might think. "usually about once a week, twice a week. this time of year they'll start slowing down a little bit, but we expect probably three or four more before the end of the year" year." this salt came from ontario, canada on a 700 foot ship.the port of milwaukee takes in every year. it's used by communities within a 90-mile radius of milwaukee. he helped the green bay packers win a super bowl two decades ago. now santana dotson is facing legal action....over what one woman says is a ?big? debt he owes. cbs 58's christine flores joins us in stuido with details. this complaint, filed friday, names dotson--the former packers defensive tackle and claims he owes a mukwonago
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the complaint, while very vague, says he refused to pay the loan when asked.. it alleges dotson borrowed at least 290-thousand dollars from a woman named kristin c. magolan back in 2014. it also accuses him of making unauthorized purchases on her credit cards of quote merchandise and services. the nature of the relationship between the two is not clear. while the case is still in its early stages, a local attorney explains the next potential steps. thomas simon/attorneysimon: information in it. typically in a contract dispute there'd be a copy of the contract or some allegations with more specifics in it. this is a really sparse complaint; it doesn't go into any great detail about the relationship between the plaintiff and the defendant santana dotson. as the case unfolds simon says there could be more things that could be filed and more information that becomes public.stay with cbs 58 as we bring you the latest in this developing story. in the studio, christine flores, cbs 58 news.
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morning serves as a reminder, as we move into the coldest weather of the year. "this is a time of year when people use a lot of space heaters. and they don't understand that space heaters draw a lot of current through old tired wirin" wiring." and an electrical problem was blamed for a fire that damaged a house on south clement street. everybody got out of the home safely. there ?was? a space heater in the home, but in ?this? case it may not have caused the fire. however, it's important for everyone to be very careful sources in winter. don't use stoves or ovens to heat your home....and if you use space heaters, make sure your wiring can handle the extra current. 3 3 3 3 tonight: increasing clouds with a chance for a
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midnight. lows in the single digits and teens with wind chills nearing 0. wind: sw 5-15 mph.tuesday: turning sunny and very cold. highs in the teens with winds chills around 0. wind: w 10-20 mph. week ahead: it stays very cold through thursday with highs around 100 and lows around 00 but feeling colder with the wind chill. chills likely staying below zero tuesday through thursday. chance for snow is increasing for friday into saturday with accumulating snow possible.
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our weather is really good for freezing ice skating rinks.and we just got word today that the "slice of ice" ice rink at red arrow park will open tomorrow at 3pm. then on december 21st from 4 until 7 -pm, they'll celebrate the start of the season with
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and goodie bags for the first 100 families who show up. five young blood recipients have created handmade holiday cards to say 'thanks' to their donors. "the spontaneity and creativity is there and i think they really speak from the heart so they're great original designs from the kids themselves and they're the best people to say 'thanks'." a gesture from the heart from young people who are fighting battles many of us can't even imagine. 12-year old steven seraphine is battli 'platelets' help give him the strength to recover from chemotherapy. starting today, anyone donating blood at all bloodcenter of wisconsin donor centers and community blood drives, will receive one of these special holiday cards. a convincing win for the packers... now they just have to keep it up, kevin! if they do, we might have playoff football in green bay after all.
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history made by aaron rodgers and one of his receivers yesterday. it's next.
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aaron rodgers aaron rodgers picked apart the seahawks sunday with surgical precision - a blowout with just 23 pass attempts... but it's what he did in tandem with jordy nelson that made history. c-b-s 58's scott grodsky has the details. 3 3 scott: "the defense's 6 turnover masterpiece took center stage in green bay but one day later let's look at some offensive history...with 2 tds jordy ls rodgers have connected for 6 57 times tying them with brett favre and antonio freeman for the most in team history." jordy: "it means we've been successful, we put in a lot of time so this is another thing that will be able to look back on at the end of the season and at the end of our careers. to see what we were able to accomplish it's just a reminder of the time in the work that we both put in individually and together." rodgers: "i think he has been a consistent player his entire
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basically pointing to me where to throw the football, so that is a smart football player and a guy that is played at a high-level for a long time. i'm fortunate to have been able to play with him and connected it so many times."scott: "long way to go to reach the number 1 spot...peyton manning and marvin harrison had 114 touchdowns. for now rodgers and nelson would settle for 3 more wins and a trip to the playoffs. reporting at lambeau field, scott grodsky cbs 58 sports" thanks, scott. julius peppers is up for a pretty big honor through the n-f-l. peppers is one of eight finalists for the art rooney sportsmanship award. the honor recognizes fair play and respect for the game and opponents. players vote on the award winner along with their pro bowl votes. charles woodson won this award last year.
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brought us one of the most memorable moments in recent franchise history. history.december 12th last year, the golden state warriors came to town with a 24-and-oh record - the best ever to start a season. and then the young bucks hung the first loss on golden state, a 108-95 thriller that gave us a glimpse of what the bucks could do. turns out the warriors unlucky number wasn't 24-and-oh, it was 3-to-1. sorry. the bucks tip off in an hour in toronto. you're not dreaming this... jeff fisher had a contract extension ago. and today, the rams fired fisher after an embarrassing loss to the falcons yesterday. fisher was 4-and-9 this season, 31-and-45 in his time with the rams, who have three days to get ready to face the seahawks without their head
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the teens with winds chills around 0. wind: w 10-20 mph. week ahead: it stays very cold through thursday with highs around 100 and lows around 00 but feeling colder with the wind chill. chills likely staying below zero tuesday through thursday. chance for snow is increasing for friday into saturday with accumulating snow possible. 3 thanks for joining us.the cbs evening news with scott pelley is sure to join us
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(announcer) here's a dose of reality; driving under the influence of prescription painkillers is just as illegal, and just as deadly, as driving drunk. in fact, drugged driving deaths in wisconsin have increased nearly 200 percent over the past ten years. help prevent drugged driving and let's achieve zero preventable deaths on wisconsin roadways. driving on pills...kills.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: new calls for a hacking investigation. the c.i.a. says the kremlin tried to swing the election to donald trump. he says... >> i think it's ridiculous. >> pelley: also tonight, cbs news rebels are outgunned and outnumbered. >> this is an opposition group. the government can launch attacks. >> pelley: he's fighting for compensation after spending half his life in prison. >> for a crime he did not commit. >> pelley: and she lost the love of her life in the oakland


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