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tv   CBS 58 News at 500pm  CBS  December 13, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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with winds chills between -5 to -15. wind: w 10-20 of the week: it stays very cold through thursday with highs around 80 and lows around -20 but feeling colder with the wind chill. wind chills could be -25 below thursday morning. chance for snow is increasing for friday afternoon saturday with significant
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3 the incoming cold weather ?also means? a run on certain items at local hardware stores. stores. cbs 58's jacob kittilstad joins us live from waukesha with that story.... jacob? it's really cold right now... and with the forecast showing even colder temperatures later this week... people working at local hardware stores say many cold-weather items are close to selling out. (nat. ding) when the snow came... the obvious items went first. 3;36;23 "there has been a big run on scrapers and snow brushes." in the shovel aisle... lots of hooks hang empty. the klondike pusher... the promo poly 18-incher...all of them are sold-out. 3;27;12 "it's kind of a surprising
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year. we all wonder where they were last year or what happened to them." dennis kummrow is a salesperson at tomchek ace hardware in waukesha.... 3;35;02 "this is a quick fix." he says he hasn't helped anyone with frozen pipes yet... but that could be coming soon. (-gfx-) allstate insurance reports the number of burst pipes jumps dramatically during the holidays specifically. the median cost of a burst pipe claim - according to their survey - was $5,500. 3;32;33 "also you get the hand warmers, toe warmers, body warmers, peel and stick." heat is also a hot seller... 3;29;29 "we had a few people in here already today looking for space heaters to but under the office desk. that type of thing where secretaries are getting cold feet." ...those boxes come labeled with reminders not to leave them on-and-unattended because of the fire risk. kummrow says - in waukesha - its something to think about but most customers are pretty prepared. 3;34;30 "people are pretty well prepared for the cold weather in that it's not really something that they got to run
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and - listen to this - on saturday alone that ace hardware sold ?19 snowblowers?. that's a lot of business by pele waiting until the last minute. live in waukesha... jacob kittilstad... cbs 58 news. 3 with more snow in the forecast later in the week, the city of milwaukee has taken a step to make clearing alleys easier. city 'not' plow alleys and anyone who ?does? plow them needs a license first. that license is now available for a lot less. officials have sharply reduced the fee for a snow plowing 'equipment license' from 50- dollars to ten dollars. that's effective today. 3 to stay up-to-date on the latest weather alerts and track winter weather... just download the cbs 58 mobile weather app. it's free for android and i-phones. president elect trump thanking
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it's happening at state fair park and we begin our team coverage with cbs 58's david ade adewho's live inside the expo center, where trump will speak...david? check out this crowd...we got used to seeing large crowds for donald trump's wisconsin stops during the campaign season...but tonight's stop obviously has a different energy.this is cebr trump... his supporters... and political allies.i've been told he'll be joined by a full lineup of prominent wisconsin republican officials... also we've seen trump bring his cabinet picks up on stage during some of these thank you stops. this morning trump named exxon mobil ceo rex tillerson as his secretary of state pick, we don't know if tillerson will also join shop here in west allis.this thank you stop gets started at 7
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a recap for you coming up on the cbs 58 news at nine and 10. live at state fair park in west allis david ade... cbs 58 news. you heard david refer to donald trump's selection of rex tillerson to be his secretary of state....if early reaction is any indication, this may be one of his more controversial picks. picks. tillerson has no foreign policy experience, though he has negotiated deals with governments around the world. his friendship with russian president vladimir putin is raising some red flags on capitol hill, even from congressman reid ribble of wisconsin. "president-elect trump has to recognize that russia's not necessarily a great friend of the united states and has never been held accountable for some of the actions in ukraine. it has to be both intrigued and a bit troubled." troubled." house speaker paul ryan tweeted his congratulations to tillerson, calling him a "proven leader." donald trump's supporters gathered 'early' out in the cold, waiting for the doors to . 58's krten
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coverage live in west allis....kristen? the doors opened about an hour ago-so for the most part everyone is inside and so far no protestors here just before 4-dozens of people standing in line- braving the cold to geta front row spot to hear from the president elect.some people in line told me they saw trump speak du election-others didn't get the chance, in part because he cancelled two appearances scheduled here at the fair grounds.supporters say they hope to hear trump talk about the same policies and positions he pushed during the campaign. sue schmidt, trump supporter in: i own a small business outcue: that's why i'm here
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online- there is chatter of people showing up to protest the president elect(but so far we haven't seen any/or we see them approaching?)i did speak to one of the security officers here who told me protests will not be allowed on the fair grounds. we'll be here and bring the latest from outside trumps rally online and later tonight on the cbs 58 news at in west allis kristen barbaresi cbs 58 news you can watch tonight's donald trump rally live at 7 on our sister station, wmlw. that's 'over the air' channel 49.1...time warner and at&t channel 7; charter channel 8; and direc-tv and dichannel . 3 nearly 24 hours after a 15-year-old girl was killed, family and friends are honoring tmory of melanie johnson ... she was hit inside her me by gunfire om outside.
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branll joins us live on milwaukee's noh crowds gathered about a half hour ago. melanie johnson's family has asked for the community to join them in saying goodbye to the 15- year-old, who was inside her home when someone it's the first day melanie her bright personaty. 16:45 "there wasn't a day you can go without melanie making you smile, melanie making you laugh."and the daylight shows off last night's bullet holes ?nat?"oh my god i'm going to miss her" her little cousin spoke with us about the moment he'll never forget11:46"i'm numb to the siation but on the insides it's eating me up.
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get shot and die in my face." keyonta davis says the whole family was together, when the bullets rang through the window7 13:27"we was just all in the kitchen talking melanie just hit the f?????? ground. i drag her in the hallway, try to ke her hold her breath. she couldn't even do that." melanie's younger sister was also there to the end19:06 19:06"her last words were, 'i'm trying' because my sister was like, 'stay with us,' she when she died."older sister kendra rushed home from work after she heard the news. 18:22 18:22"i never expected to see my little sister on the news or have to put my little sister on a tshirt. this can happen to anyone anywhere. please put the gun. s down please" (short explanation about what's happening currently at vigil -- lighting candles, singing, praying etc) police
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was ndom, and are searching for suspects.reporting live... a new deloent inst ey tr has sa chd wi r viewers and facebook fends. poce are prestingir case the d-a the fatal stabbi of ee coed aersymbol ofhope in thhomeless ity.coun 44 year old ans punched and abdi hola ekend. ha very close to him who he had taken in. whitefish bay police are putting out the word about another coyote attack... attack...they say two coyotes killed a small dog early sunday morning while the dog's owner was shoveling snow. police will only say it happened in the eastern part of the village. village.the dnr is looking
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october near estabrook park. police are warning residents not to leave small dogs unattended and not to let cats roam outside. outse.residents who see a coyote in their neighborhood are asked to call whitefish bay's non-emergency police numb?fer, 414-351-9900. 3 when we come back, another voice in favor of an outside ination of the milwaukee county jail. and a downtown theater vacant for years, cld and mozart.we'll tell you why the milwaukee symphony orchestra wants to move in. 3"reope "reopen" 3
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another live look at state fair park in west allis, where tonight, president-elect donald trump will make a appearance. . t's tonilly, tour" is scheduled to start at 7. you'll be able to watch it live on our sister station, wmlw "the m"....that's over the air channel 49.1, time warner and at&t channel 7; chter chnel 8 and direc-tv
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milwaukee county board members will consider a proposal to call for an outside investigation of the deaths this ye at the milwaukee county jail. 3 two supervisors are behind the proposal which would require outside investigations of deaths in the jail under certain circumstances. four people have died there this ar including an infant. the sheriff's office is investigating three of those incidents and the police departmentis investigating the fourth. county executive chris e suppts the push for outside help. "i'm not sure how much legally we can mandate it. i think state statute is sort of ambiguous about that. but i think everybody can agree, four deaths in jail in a relatively short period is something that does demandaccou" accountability." a county board subcommittee will consider theproposal at the milwaukee symphony orchestra has played at the marcus center for the performing arts since 1969.but that could change in just a
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working on a deal that would convert the hisric grand theater on west wisconsin avenue intoa concert hall r m-s-o. this is a theater that was built 1930 and has been vacant for decades. the president mark neius says this is to address what's developed into a a croed hedule "it's a beauful hallit's in high demand, so much so that it's now hosting, or it's home for the allet, the opera, symphony anthe broadway series and it's hard for one room, uihlein hall to serve all those rog 3if the dealan be worked out, the goal is o have the orchestra playing in its new home by the fall of 2019. 3 tonight: more cold. few clds with a sw wind tween to 15 mph. subzero wind chill
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wednesday: partly cloudy and very cold. highs in the teens with wds chills between -5 to -15. wind: w 10-20 of the week: it stays very cold through thursday with highs around 80 and lows around -20 but feeling colder with the wind chill. wind chills could be -25 below ursdaymorning. chance for snow is afternoon and evening into saturday with significant accumulating snow possible. tonight: more cold. few clouds with a sw wind between 10 to 15 mph. subzero wind chill readings too. lows near 7. wednesday: partly cloudy and
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with winds chills between -5 to -15. wind: w 10-20 of the week: it stays very cold through thursday with highs around 80 and lows around -20 but feeling colder with the wind chill. wind chills could be -25 below thursday morning. cnce for snow is increasing for friday afternoon and evening into saturday with significant accumulating snow possible.
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"i want to thank you guys for having me here today. and on behalf of the packers, we're gonna do the best we can to continue scoring touchdowns." -- applause- muc to a packers from tight end jared cook today. we caught up with him where he helped sargento use cheese present a 39 thousand dollars check to the food pantry.sargentsays it wouldn't mind writing some more checks..matching e packers touchdown with a one thousand dollar donation. the brewers ke turning over roster. roster.anotherrade for dav
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a change of catchers is time. 3 3 shouldn't kn ee andankle supports comfortably fit your knees and ankles? dr. scholl's new custom fit wellness center measures your leg in 3d... ...and recommends our custom-fit support that's right for you. new dr. scholl's custom fit ankle and knee supports.
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entering the day, martin onado was the second longest tenured of the current brewers - behind ryan braun, of course. maldonado will ends the day...
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organization that drafted him 12 years ago. the brewers traded maldonado to e l-a angels in a three player trad ending a career that started in 20-11. maldonado hit just 2-oh-2 last season, but spent a lot of time as the crew's starting catcher after jonathan lucroy's trade to texas. pitchers will have an almost entirely new group of catchers to work with this spring. here's how the trade breaks down. the brewers get catcher jett bandy from the angels. he hit eight homers with the angels in 20 platoon behind the plate. e crew also gave up 26-year-old rever drew 'gahn'-yo. the packers have a win streak, and they have an answer of sorts at a key position of need. who would've thought the . words...running back ty montgomerywould even be spoken, let alone prevalent in the packers vocabulary? montgomery has been the packers leading rusher the last two weeks, and while the green and gold aren't exactly grindi out winonhe gr see dee tosperatind repcents
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man of the year, for fiel the field gets narrowed down to three ninees and the winner'sannounced the night before the super bowl in houston. elliott works with local schools and youth programs in wisconsin, arizona and his home state of ohio. tonight: more
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of ohio.
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10 to 15m. subzero wind chill readings too. lows near 7.wednesday: partly cloudyand very ld. highs in the teens with winds chills between -5 to -15. wind: w 10-20 ofhe week: it sts very cold throh thursday with highs around 80 and lows around-20 but feeling colder
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ptioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: a big o man tops the trump cabinet. exxon-mobil's c.e.o. with stro secretary of state.he choice for and rick perry could head a department he'd just as soon forget. >> i can't. sorry. oops. >> pelley: also tonight, the final words from a doomed freighter, and angry words from a widow. >> i would have thrown the captain overboard and tried the save myself and the ship. >> pelley: a fmer pro football player faces criminal charges in an alleged health insurance fraud exposed by cbs news. >> how much are they making? >> oh, millis. >> pelley: and a woman who


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